Top 10

DANCE TITLE CHOREOGRAPHER MUSIC SUGGESTION S S.A. Stroll Alan G. Birchall San Antonio Stroll S & A Boogie Samantha & Born In The Dark Altie Majors No News Hog Wild S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Lisa M. Johns Saturday Night Night Special Larger Than Life Evangeline SB-Prom John Rowell Pecos Promenade SBMB Sally Blair Mercury Blues Chattahoochee Old Enough To Know Better S.B.S. (Shuffle Ira Weisburd Honky Tonk Boogie Soul) SCBU Blues Charles Bowring Black Label & White Lies S Club Beat A. Jay Don't Stop Movin' S.H.A. Jenny Stephenson Sweet Home Alabama & Nicola Lafferty S & J Two-Step Denise Moneypenny Mr. Jones S.K. Shuffle Unknown Black Velvet S Kickin' Terry Walters Superman's Daughter S.N.A.P Michael Weeks & Outa My House Betty Why'd You Lie To Me Robinson-Weeks S-N-S Judy McDonald Redneck U She Likes To Rock, But I Want To Roll S.O.S. Jo Thompson Walkin' The Country You Walked In When I Think About You Tee-Ni-Ne-Ni-Noo The Way She's Looking You're Too Good Lookin' Love Gets Me Every Time SOS Carole Daugherty The Sound Of Sex Still Believe In Love Delicious Surprise SOS Mike Camara SOS Don't Cha S.O.S. Again Cathy McDaniel Yes-o-Yes It's S.O.S Again S.O.S. Please Angela McCoy & S.O.S. (Rescue Me) Jill Babinec SOS (Rescue Me) Teresa & Vera SOS (Rescue Me) S. O. T. B. (Sex Tom Clarke Sex On The Beach On The Beach) S.O.U.L. Steppin' Rob Fowler Soul Steppin' S & M Michael Vera Lobos The Last Word & Stephen Paterson Spinning Around S & S Shake Sue Gerrits & The Shake Sonja Palmer S-S-S Ali Crawford & Saddle-Up Chris Hodgson S.W.C. Alan Livett Shoulda Woulda Coulda The Boy Is Mine Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word S.W.E.A.T Some More The Double Team A Taste Of Boogie (Daz & Matt) S W F Sue Halliday Single White Female S.W.F. Jan Brookfield The Hotstepper Single White Female S.X.E. Rob Fowler Just A Little Sacred Christine Mui Sacred Sacred Trust Craig Cooke Sacred Trust Sacred Trust Gaye Teather Sacred Trust Sacred Trust Chris McKnight Sacred Trust Sacrifice Pauline Mason Sacrifice Sad Eyes Mike Yoong Sad Eyes Sad Movies Warren Fleming Sad Movies Sad Movies Kenny Teh Sad Movies Sad Side, The Jan Wyllie The Sad Side Of Town Sad Side Of Town Glennys Croston The Sad Side Of Town Sad Songs Bob Sykes Sad Songs Saddle Creek Boogie Sheila Still Walkin' Saddle Slap, The Barry Amato A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action Eugene You Genius Saddle Rack N' Roll Rita Archer She Wants To Rock Saddle Sore Karen Rose, Ron Surf Medley & Barbara Hitchen Saddle Sore Jan Wyllie Back In The Saddle Saddle Tramp John Sharman I Ride A Horse Saddle Up Peter Metelnick Riding Alone Saddle Up Liam Hrycan Saddle Up (Country Style) Saddle Up Christopher Spicer Pony What's It Gonna Be Saddle Up Joseph Hanks Save A Horse...Ride A Cowboy Saddle Up Michael W. Diven Saddle Up Shawty Saddle Up And Ride Jo Thompson Saddle Up Saddle Up, Giddy Up! Julia Freer Saddle Up, Giddy Up Straighten Up Should've Asked Her Faster Saddle Up Hoss Curtis Marting Fresh Coat Of Paint Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothin' Saddle Up Shawty Guyton Mundy Saddle Up Shawty Saddle Up Debi Dillow Saddle Up Your Horse! Saddlesores Larry Bass That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me I'm Not Listening Anymore Tonight Is The Night Million Dollar Cowboy Saddletramp Mark A Smith Why Haven't I Heard From You Sadie The Diana Bishop Sadie The Cleaning Lady Cleaning Lady Safe In The Arms Lynn Dryden Safe In The Arms Of Love Of Love Safe Sex Roger "T" Tillman Keep Your Hands To Yourself If It Will, It Will Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine Safety Dance Johanna Barnes Safety Dance Safety First William Sevone Safe In The Arms Of Love Saffron Ann Thomson-Buhler Mellow Yellow Safronia B Norma Jean Fuller Safronia B Love You Too Much Hi-Heel Sneakers Love Made Me Do It Ain't Livin' Long Like This Safura The Girls (Maureen Drip Drop & Michelle) Sag, Drag & Fall Frank Trace Sag, Drag & Fall Wastin' Time With You Sagebrush Unknown Honky Tonk Walkin' Said Daaaaave... Neville Fitzgerald As Good As I Once Was Sail Away Ron Kline The Last Waltz The Last Cheater's Waltz Saturday Night Sail Away Audrey Watson Sail Away Not Counting You Sail Away Cha Scott Blevins The Mating Game Sailing Michael Vera-Lobos Sailing & Noel Bradey Sailing Jo & John Kinser Sailing Sailing Away A.J. & Scott Sailing Herbert Sailor Way Gaye Teather The Leaving Of Liverpool Sailor's Dream Hank & Mary Dahl Blue The Dance The Sailors Hornpipe Barbara Lowe The Sailors Hornpipe Sailor's Serenade Jan Wyllie Sailor Saint Marmalade Roberta Fisher & Lady Marmalade Fiona Hay Saint Tropez Katharine Daley Saint Tropez Sajangé Jos Slijpen Sajangé What We Don't Have Two Teardrops Sally Ann Margaret Wilkinson Short'ning Bread Sally Lee Johnny Montana Fat Sally Lee Ghost Riders Sally Shuffle Rita Ensminger The Two Step Is Easy Lonestar Sallylee Shakedown Heidi & Dan Coombs Fat Sally Lee Sally's Waltz Sal Gonzalez Saturday Night I See It Now Honest Love One Ride In Vegas Salome The Lady In Black Salome Saloon Bar Stomp Eddie Earle Playing Every Honky Tonk In Town Saloon Scissors Silke Henke I Love You Cause I Want To Stomp Saloonatic Silke Henke Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under Old Enough To Know Better Mi Vida Loca Salsa The Girls (Maureen Cuba & Michelle) Hot Summer Salsa Salsa Crazy Lorraine Susan Livin' La Vida Loca Taylor Salsa Fever Frank Cooper Salsa Fever Salsa Latinno Elle-Jay Tres Deseos Wild One Salsa Strut Rona Raye & Maria Gina Paul That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me Salsa Valio La Pena Marjorie Valio La Pena Barnabas-Shaw Salsa With That? Tan Candy (Do You Want) Salsa With That? Salsaria Max Perry Como Me Duele Perderte Salt In My Tears Tracey McIntosh Salt In My Tears Salt Shaker Gloria Johnson The Salt In My Tears Salt Water Cowboy Yvonne Hammond Salt Water Cowboy Saltbush Country Edith Whelan Dust Dries On My Car Salty Dog John Elliott Bob Robert's Society Band Salty Dog Monte Higgins Cherokee Boogie Salty Dog, The Kevin Richards Salty Dog Blues Blue Moon Of Kentucky Salty Dog Blues Vera & Teresa Salty Dog Blues Deep River Blues Salty Dog Blues Andy Monks Salty Dog Blues Salty Tears Amanda The Salt In My Tears Harvey-Tench Saltydog Stomp Val Reeves Salute Mecky Martino Salute Salvation Tom Glover Pray Sam Cookes Michele Perron Cupid Samantha Knows Willie Brown Secret Samba Unknown Macarena Samba Amor Jenifer Reaume Mama Africa #2 Copa De La Vita Vames A. Bailar Samba Dance Unknown Mambo Swing Bamboleo Samba De Brasil Chris Hodgson Disco Samba Part II Samba De Brasil Gordon Timms Brazil Samba De Janeiro Liam Hrycan Samba De Janeiro Maria Samba-Loco-Mambo Kathy Hunyadi Tú Me Vuelves Loco Samba Ramble Dynamite Dot El Baile De Osito Samba Slide Ron Kline Genie In A Bottle Bailamos Samba Sway Paul Chapman Dance The Night Away Crying Shame Samba Swing Annette Wright Do You Love Me Boy Come Here You True Always Late With Your Kisses Samba 2010 Lyne Camerlain E Se Questo Fosse Amore Sambacha Barry Durand & Cha Cha Raymond Crum Sambalera Rob Glover & La Vida Es Un Carnaval Russell Jackson Sambarosa Gordon Timms Rosas y Espinas Sambastic Michele Perron Dia De Los Niños Sambuca Shuffle Bev Costantino The City Put The Country Back In Me No One Needs To Know Same Boots Shuffle Page Banfield You Turn Me On Love Happens Like that Same Boots Same Heart Swing Max Perry Same Hearts Same Ol' Love Carmel & Ernie Same Ol' Love Hutchinson Same Ol' Love Lorraine Turner Same Ol' Love Same Ol' Love DJ Dan & Wynette Same Ol' Love Miller That's Okay Same Ol' Thing The Girls (Maureen Brand New Bow & Michelle) Who's Cheatin' Who Same Old Line Meg Dorrington I'm Outta Here Same Spot Susan Puruleski Same Spot Same Thyme, Stephen Rutter Help I'm A Fish! Same Plaice Doo Dah If I Fall You're Going Down With Me Same Thing Shuffle Bonnie Savo Same Thing Happened To Me Samlesbury Strut Ted Bowring The Closer You Get Sammy Strut Valerie Phillips Livin' On Love Samoan Soul Violet Ray La'u Hani San Antone Rose Mike Sliter I'll Be Your San Antone Rose San Antone Slide Isabel Wilkie Fly Like A Bird Mister Blue San Antonio Baby John Warnars San Antonio Baby San Antonio Bay - B Gaye Teather San Antonio Baby San Antonio Rose DJ Dan & Wynette San Antonio Rose To You Miller San Antonio To Go Peter & Alison San Antonio Baby San Diego Shotgun Unknown Swing the Mood San Diego Stroll Unknown San Francisco Kath Dickens San Francisco San Francisco Cha Kathy Hunyadi San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair) San Rhumba Barbara Thompson Smooth Sanctuary Michael A. Repko Sanctuary Sanctuary Mick Herbert Sanctuary Sand Boot Boogie Dianne Olsufka Trying To Get To New Orleans Sandringham Samba Rae Dekock I Love To Love Sands Of Time Ria Vos The Sands Of Time Sandstorm David J. McDonagh Sandstorm I Like It, I Love It Sandstorm Lindsay Howard Sandstorm Sandstorm Tony Willis Sandstorm Desire Sandy Who Dianne Joseph Linda Lou Sandy's Dance Sandy Fatone Tres Deseos (Three Wishes) Un Momento Alla La Isla Bonita Santa Blues, The Peter Metelnick Santa Claus is Back in Town Santa C. Boogie Bill Bader The Santa Claus Boogie Find Out What's Happenin' Definite Possibilities Trashy Women Santa Claus Boogie Amanda, Dan & The Santa Claus Boogie aka Tractors Boogie Sarah DeLisle Santa Claus Boogie Bryan McWherter Santa Claus Boogie Santa Fe Joyce Nicholas Que Baja Que Sube Santa Fe Cantina Lana Harvey Wilson Santa Fe Cantina Tonight We Ride Island Santa Fe Express Nichola Hill Santa Fe Express Santa Is Coming Joyce Nicholas Santa Claus Is Coming To Town To Town Santa Poco Arthur Smith Everybody Hoe-down Now Santa Shuffle Hot Pepper Who Says There Ain't No Santa Claus Santa's Coming Over To Your House Santa Clause Is Coming To Town Hangin' Round The Mistletoe Santa Slide Janice Guerrero Mrs. Santa Claus Santa Claus Boogie Santa Suzanna Stroll Maggie Gallagher Mary's Boy Child All The Same To You Sue Ann Ehmann & I'm Gonna E-Mail Santa Dancin' Terry Santana Jackie Snyder & Smooth Marcie Weston Santana-Branch Cha Bryan McWherter The Game Of Love Santana Stroll Paul J Badrick Smooth There Goes My Heart Tonight The Heartache's On Me Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under? Pizziricco Bury The Shovel Lets Get Loud Canned Heat I Need Somebody Santa's Box Mary Kelly Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy Sap Michele Perron Hi Sapphire Tango Dougie D. Blue Tango Sara Sara Hosey Sara Sassy Michele Herson Sassy Chris Hookie Dancando Lambada Lambada Macarana No News Be Bop A Lula Bubba Hyde No One Else On Earth Love On The Loose, Heart On The Run Back In Your Arms Again Sweet Little Shoe Sassy Attitude Ramona Davis Insensitive I Fell In Love Again Last Night Lucky Little Red Corvette Sassy Cha-Cha Carolyn Buntrock Blue Rodeo Barometer Soup Sassy Cowboy Jim & Judy Wells Rock Bottom When Our Backs Are Against the Wall Sassy Lady Shuffle Evelyn Barrington Man I Feel Like A Woman Sassy Lass, The Mary Jo Holland Oh No All I Wanted You Win My Love Sassy S Sharon K.Davis Tell Me About It Sassy Scuffle Brenda Rowsell Party Town Sassy Shimmy Janet Lee Pierce & Any Man of Mine Tracy Rinzema Sassy Stuff Sharon & Dan Ross No News Love To Burn Who's That Girl I'm Outta Here You Win My Love Sassy Sue Claire Gent Honky Tonk Song Hello Life Is Good Sassy Walk Levi J. Hubbard Lyin' To My Heart Satellite Lucy Strack & Satellite Betty Maddox Satellites Cha Cha Rafel Corbi Satellites Satin Sheets Michael Walmsley Satin Sheets Satin Wings Diane Kale Love Is Like A Butterfly Satisfaction Tom Mickers Music Satisfaction Lance Pritchard Love Is Our Business Satisfaction Alison Biggs More Of Your Love Guaranteed Satisfied Matthew Jacobs Betty's Apple Pie Satisfy Me The Bounty Hunters Elvis v JXL (Radio Edit Remix) Little Less Conversation Satisfy Me Nancy A. Morgan A Little Less Conversation Saturday Feelin! Daniel Whittaker Set Me Off Saturday Matinee Evelyn Khinoo When Pay Day Rolls Around Saturday Night Donna Lawrie Saturday Night Saturday Night Lisa Hawkrigg & Saturday Night Alison Holmes Saturday Night Kevin Richards Saturday Night Little Good-Byes One Honest Heart Saturday Night Maria Hennings Saturday Night Hunt Saturday Night Dale & Tanya Curry T-R-0-U-B-L-E Boogie Wild Weekend Saturday Night Joanne Harris I Love To Boogie Boogie No One Needs To Know Saturday Night Fever Maggie Cadwell Staying Alive Saturday Night Fever Joy Alan Night Fever Saturday Night Fever Gordon Timms Saturday Night Fever Saturday Night Live Marlene Rutherford Stuck On You San Antonio Rose On The Sunny Side Of The Street The Way She Shakes That Thang Saturday Night Slide Debra Siquieros Saturday Night Cryin' Game Touchy Subject Road Man Saturday Night Kevin Day She's My Saturday Night Special Special Saturday Night Teree DeSarro Why Haven't I Heard From You Special You Still Got It Every Night's A Saturday Night Saturday Night Stomp Val Hodge Texas Saturday Night Saturday Night Waltz Judith Saturday Night Godleman-Watson A Saturday Peter Giam Saturday Night Night Waltz Saturday Night Waltz Gerald Biggs Saturday Night Saturday Stomp Bob & Genevieve Saturday Night Quinton Queen Of Memphis Saturday Stroll Sharon Hubbold San Antonio Stroll Saturday Waltz Pete Harkness Saturday Night This Woman Needs Saturday's Road Enola Lewis Another Saturday Night This Road Saturday's Waltz Jan Wyllie Saturday Night Saucy B&P Mark & Jan Caley I'll Take Texas Party Crowd To Make You Feel My Love Savage Animal Mark Hood The Animal Song Savage Garden Dan Morrison I Want You Savanna Irene Hawkins Guitar Town Fais Do Do Save A Horse Anita McNab Save A Horse Save A Horse - Jamie Marshall & Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy) Ride A Cowboy Bob Watters Save A Horse Robbie Halvorson Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy) (Ride A Cowboy) Save Me Marina Halman Come And Save Me Save The Horse John Dembiec Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy) Save The Horse Beverly D'Angelo & Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy Johnny Montana Ain't It Funny Save The Last Lewis Lee Save The Last Dance For Me Dance For Me Save The Moment Gordon Timms Save The Moment Save Tonight Sue Ann Ehmann Save Tonight Save Us Jill Babinec & Man With The Hex Barry & Dari Anne Amato Save Your Kisses Lorraine Susan Like I've Never Been Gone Taylor Save Your Kisses David Sinfield Save Your Kisses For Me Save Your Kisses Yeo Yu Puay Save Your Kisses For Me For Me Save Your Love Teresa Lawrence & Save Your Love For Me Vera Fisher Save Your Love Maria Tao Save Your Love Saved Ian Dunn Saved Saving Grace Tim Gauci What If She's An Angel Saving Grace Shaz! Walton & Saving Grace Paulette Hylands Saving Grace Michael Vera-Lobos Saving Grace Savior Bev Carpenter Saviour Saviour's Day Yeo Yu Puay Saviour's Day Savoy Shuffle Larry Bass Darlene Sax-O-Cha Gordon Timms Sax-O-Loco Say Again.....? William Sevone Rumbunctious Boy Hot Rod Heart Wrong Night Say G'Day Jenny Leigh His Name Was Blue Say Hey Teresa & Vera Hit Me Up Say Hey Ingrind Kan Say Hey (I Love You) Say Hey (I Love You) Larry Schmidt Say Hey (I Love You) Say Hey I Love You Lyne Camerlain Say Hey I Love You Say Hey Love Bracken Ellis Say Hey (I Love You) Potter Say It! Gavin Brewer Say You love Me Say It 'Lady In Black' Say It Now Inside Out Say It Gwenda Rooke I Wanna Hear You Say It Say It In Spanish Tony Wilson I Don't Know What She Said Say It Loud Lorraine Harvey Say It Loud, Say It Clear Say Maybe Unknown Say Maybe Say No! Nancy A. Morgan I'm Not In The Mood (To Say No)! Say No More Kathy Brown & If You Ever Feel Like Loving Me Phyllis Whipple Say No More About It Terry McHugh Kiss And Make Up Say Nothing John Jordan When You Say Nothing At All Say Nothing Fred Knopp When You Say Nothing At All Say Nothing Lenore Richards When You Say Nothing At All Say Wat U Want William Ambrose Say What You Want Say What Curtis of the Tribal Dance Neon Ramblers Twilight Zone Dancin' Shoes Hog Wild Say What? Alan Livett I Say, You Say Say What? Carole Daugherty Ooh La La Say What? John Dembiec And She Said... Say When Denny Hengen When Say When Bill Larson When Say When Say Now !! Alan Robinson Real Gone Lover Callin San Francisco Say Yes!!! James Gregory & Down Into Muddy Water Jean Garr I Like It, I Love It Maybe Someday Baby Say Yes Tracy Brown Yes! Say Yes! The Girls (Maureen Come Into My World & Michelle) I'm Not In The Mood (To Say No)! If You're Not In It For Love! I'm Outta Here! Say Yes Paula J. Graves Yes Everytime I Get Around You Wait A Minute Playing Every Honky Tonk In Town Say Yes Pat Potter Love Story Say You Love Me Bryan McWherter In His Touch Say You Love Me Maria Tao Santa Lucia By Night Say You Will Gaye Teather Say You Will It Don't Get Better Than This Say You'll Stay! Frederick Williams Say You'll Stay Until Tomorrow Say You'll Stay Vicky Chapman Say You'll Stay Until Tomorrow Say Your Prayers! Darren Martin Pray Saying Something Jan Wyllie Something Stupid Stupid Sayonara Jordan Lloyd I'll Be In The Sky Says Who? Kumari Tugnait Who Says You Can't Go Home Sazza's Skip Sally Singleton Witch Doctor Scandalous Neville Fitzgerald Scandalous Scandinavian Rock Eddie McIntosh Scandinavian Rock Scandinavian Twinkle María Lippe Polska Från 1814 Scarborough Fair Sandy Kerrigan Scarborough Fair Scarecrow Charles Thornhill Change Scarecrow Thinkin' Knox Rhine If I Only Had A Brain Scarecrows Peter & Alison Along The Way And Devils Scared Craig Cooke Scared Scarey Situation Pete Burdack & Two Pink Lines Kayla Cosgrove Scarlet's River Run John Rowell Tennessee River Run Maneater Take It Back Scat-Mania Rose Grant Popstar Schafer's Shuffle Vickie Powell One, Two, I Love You I Need a Margarita Scissor (Free)ze Karen Holland We Shall Be Free Scoobie Stomp Group Working Man's Ph.D. Scooby Doo Robbie McGowan Do The Cha Cha Cha Hickie Lover Please Scooby Snax Chris Kumre Girl On TV Tell Me Why Scooch, The Jo Thompson C-O-U-N-T-R-Y Giving Water To a Drowning Man I Don't Need No Lover Boy Scooch And James Gregory & Honey Hush Honey Hush Jean Garr Scoop Jamie Davies She Got The Rhythm Scoot, The Unknown Hillbilly Rock Some Kind Of Trouble Honky Tonk Attitude Scoot Your Sonny Klemm Nude Boot Scootin' Boot'y Nude Scooter's Hop Missy Rainey I Love The Nightlife Scooter's Shuffle Joanne Brady No Options Here Scootin**Tyme Michele Burton All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Rodeo Rock Fallin' In And Crawlin' Out Scorcher Gloria Johnson Steam Renegade Lightning Does The Work Scotch Mist Jackie Snyder & Scotch Mist Doug Miranda Scotia Girl Tom West The Hucklebuck I Got A Girl Don't Leave Me On My Own Get In Line Crash Bam Boom Cowboy Boots Honky Tonk Girls Scotia Samba Liz & Bev Clarke Dance The Night Away Scotia Shuffle Durline Melanson Who's Cheatin' Who There's Your Trouble Scotia Stomp Marg Jones Walkin' The Country What You Gonna Do With A Cowboy Scotland Yard Derrick Walker The Road Of Scotland Scottish Cowboy John Pannell Rhythm Of My Heart Scottish Dream Lucy Love Amazing Grace Scott's Place Iris M. Mooney She's Not The Cheatin Kind Why Would I Say Goodbye Boogie Woogie Baltimore My Girl One Heart Ache At A Time Whiskey Under The Bridge Scrambler Connie Britton American Honky Tonk Bar Association Texas Tattoo Scrap It Kathy K Scrap Pieces Of Paper Scrap Paper Sheila Lyttle Scrap Piece Of Paper Scrape Ya Boots Keith Cross Sea Of Cowboy Hats I Like It, I Love It Scrapped Warren Mitchell Scrap Piece Of Paper Scratch This Guyton Mundy The Itch Scream Shout Jodie Binstead & Scream Shout Jo Thompson Screamin' Blues Gabrielle Hancock Wake Up Screaming The Big Bad Beat Screamin Guitar Nicky Capper A Little Less Talk A lot More Action Scrub Shuffle Robin Sin No Scrubs Hot, Hot, Hot Scrubbashin' Dianne Joseph Scrubbashin Doctor Scrubs Gerard Murphy No Scrubs Wild Wild West Miami Scrumdiddlyumptious Barbara lowe Candy Man Scrumpy Sandra Speck I Am A Cider Drinker Scuff It (2003) Anna Balaguer The House Of The Jack Built Tennessee River Run Scuffed Boots Terry O'Farrell Johnny Come Lately Step Right Up Scuffle Lana Harvey Linda Lou If It Ain't One Thing Don't Threaten Me Scuffletown Rock Norma Jean Fuller Paint The Town Redneck Roll Back The Rug Mony Mony Who's Your Daddy Neighbourhood Little Red Ridin Hood Scuffletown Shuffle Shirley Batson Scuffle Shuffle Claire Adshead Satin Sheets Tell Me Ma Scuse Me Jeff Allen Excuse Me Sea Of Cowboy Hats Veronica Birch Sea Of Cowboy Hats Sea Cruise Stella Wilden Oee Oee Baby Sea Cruise Ginny Sheridan Sea Cruise Sea Legs Chris Cleevely I'm From The Country Mony Mony Sea Of Heartbreak Teresa & Vera Sea Of Heartbreak Sea Of Heartbreak Ellen Kiernan Sea Of Heartbreak Trip Around The Sun Tear Drops Will Fall Big Time Sea Of Heartbreak Niels Poulsen Sea Of Heartbreak Sea Of Love William Sevone Sea Of Love Sea Of Love Andy Chumbley Sea Of Love Sea Of Tears William Sevone Please Remember Me Sea Sick Ronnie Fortt & Heave Away Tracey D'Angelo Sea Wolves Jan Wyllie Talk To The Sea Seacruise Tom Glover Sea Cruise Seal Our Fate Doug & Jackie Seal Our Fate Miranda Sealed With A Kiss Alison Austerberry Sealed With A Kiss (S.W.A.K) "Seal"ed With A Kiss Dan Testa Kiss From A Rose Search For The Hero Sandy Snyder Search For The Hero Search'in Elaine White Where I Come From Seaside Stompin' Raycountry Don't Let's Talk About Lisa (Ray Bus) Seasons Ann Thomson-Buhler Seasons Of My Heart Seasons Jan Wyllie Blue Umbrella Seasons Of The Heart Phil Johnson Seasons Of The Heart S'Easy William Sevone Young Love Back In Your Arms Again Even If I Tried Ain't Your Dog No More I Can Help Right Plan, Wrong Man I Feel Bad Some Kind Of Trouble A Real Good Way To Wind Up Lonesome Bop XXX's And OOO's Three Nickles And A Dime It's A Little Too Late Sea-Tac Stomp Skippy Blair Let It Rock Seattle Skies Knox Rhine & Putsumstankonit Robbin Murphy It's A Shame When It Rains Sunshine In The Rain 2nd Avenue Stroll Barry Amato Daddy's Money All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Gone Second Chance Tim Croghan & Back In Your Arms Again Daphne Hickman Second Chance Adrian Churm Walk Right Back Second Chance Dave Harris What Kind Of Fool Second Chance Michael Vera-Lobos After A Kiss Second Chance Yvonne Anderson Second Chance Second Chance Waltz Michael Barr I Don't Want This Song To End You Make The Moonlight Second Chance Second Fiddle Robbie I Want To Be The First One McGowan Hickie Second Fiddle The Girls (Maureen I Want To Be The First One & Michelle) Fire That's The Thing About Love Second Hand Money Ed White Money In Your Pocket Just A Little Bit Of Love Second Hand Love Second Hand News Marg Jones Second Hand News Gettin' Me Over Mountains How Do I Get There From Here Second Look Dan McInerney Deja Vu Second Love Jan Wyllie Love You Every Second Second Place Maureen & Without You Michelle Jones Second Step Anne & Steve Every Second, Every Minute Second Thoughts Michele Perron And I Love Her (Mi Gran Amor Le Di) In The Still Of The Night California Blue Las Golondrinas Moonshadow Road Second Thoughts Jan Wyllie On Second Thought 2nd Thoughts Mark A Smith Why Didn't I Think Of That Second Time Around Cindi Talbot She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy Jazz Machine Echa Pa'Lante Second Time Around Peter & Alison Let's Just Fall In Love Again Second Time 'Round Terry Hogan I'm Gonna Change Everything Second To None Alison Johnstone & Friday Night Cowgirl Wanda Heldt Second Wind A.J. & Scott You're Only Human (Second Wind) Herbert Secondhand Heart Jan Wyllie Used Heart For Sale Secret Emotion Roy Hadisubroto If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask Secret Giggles Julie Murray She Said Secret Love Michael Vera-Lobos Secret Love A Secret Love! Kelvin Deadman Secret Love Secret Recipe Deb Crew Take That Love Thing Mama's Green Apple Pie Secret Rendezvous DJ Dan & Wynette San Jose Miller One Step Away World Without Love I Should Have Been True Secret Sign Robyn Buller If The House Is Rockin' Redneck Rhythm and Blues I Love You Cause I Want To Secret Storm Brett Jenkins Concrete Angel Secret Waltz Jan L'Argent Flora's Secret Secrets Emma Thompson No One Needs To Know Secrets Sylvia Priestley The Night Will Only Know Sedona Simone V. Topham Sedona Seduce Me Michael Vera-Lobos Stop It I Like It Seduced Unknown Seduced Seduced Ira Weisburd I Want To Be Seduced Seduction John Dembiec French Kissing See Clearly Now Joseph Yip I Can See Clearly Now See If I Care Ed Lawton See If I Care See Jane Dance Amanda Andrews See Jane Dance See Jane Dance BJ The DJ See Jane Dance See Tennessee Vic & Carla Tennessee In My Windshield Woolnough See The Light Teresa & Vera I'm Beginning To See The Light See The Lights Caroline Rankin See The Lights See The World Mark Hood The Pascagoula Run See Ya! Allan Hocking Goodbye Innocent Bystander Wrong Night See Ya! Jan Wyllie See You Later Alligator See You Again Sue Hsu & See You Again Kathy Chang See You Later Patrick Fleming Space Cowboy Bye, Bye, Bye Down In Muddy Water See You Later Yvonne Anderson See You Later Alligator Alligator Seeing Double Peter Metelnick Seein' Double Jon Michael Syarto There's Your Trouble Trouble Seems 2 Be Sharon McNaughton Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word Seize The Day Maureen & John Will My Arms Be Strong Enough Rowell Selective Hearing Jan Wyllie She Don't Wanna Hear Self Control Dottie Wicks Self Control Seminole Alan G. Birchall Seminole Wind One Night In Heaven Seminole Beans Hillbilly Chris Seminole Wind Seminole Stomp Lana Harvey Seminole Wind Swingin' Seminole Wind Seminole Wind Bob & Lana Down To Your Last One More Harvey Seminole Wind Seminole Wind Schubel Jackson Seminole Wind Seminole Wind Val Reeves Seminole Wind Seminole Wind Jan Wyllie Seminole Wind Semper Fidelis Jerry Cope Semper Fidelis Stars & Stripes Forever Time Marches On All My Old Flames Have New Names Walking The Floor Over Me Achy Breaky Heart Take These Chains From My Heart Sempre Amore Philip Price Sempre Amore Send It Packing Stephen Turnbull Boom It Was Over Send Me Someone Johanna Barnes Please Send Me Someone (Anselmo's Song) (Bill's Song) Send Your Love Alan G. Birchall Send Your Love Send Your Love John Dembiec Send Your Love Sending Signals Jo Kinser & SOS (Rescue Me) Bryan McWherter Sengo's Dance Kathy Blasen You Turn Me On Senora Gitana Del Dennison I've Got Mexico My Maria Senora Shake Susan Read Shake Shake Senora Senorita Tracie Lee Senorita Margarita Senorita Tom Glover Senorita Mas Fina Senorita Maggie Gallagher Senorita Senorita Craig Bennett Senorita Senorita Margarita Karen Hunn Senorita Margarita Un Momento Alla Senorita Margarita Sue Bearsley Senorita Margarita Senõrita Mas Els Asbroek Senõrita Mas Fina Senorita Shuffle Karen & David Dance The Night Away Stretch Senorita Sway Michele Perron Dance The Night Away Limbo Lady At The Party To Be With You Senoritas Sway Donna Bilodeau Dance The Night Away I'm From The Country Senseless Liam Hrycan Open Up Your Heart Bang Bang Bang I'm From The Country This Kiss All Out Of Love Senseless Cha Neville Fitzgerald Love Me Senseless & Julie Harris Senses Jan Wyllie Annie's Song Sensitive Dee Musk Sensitive Sensual Jeremy Doss One More Time Shackles Sensual Rhythm Gloria Davis Rhythm Divine Bailamos Shake Your Bon-Bon Sensual Summer Alan Robinson Another Summer Night Sensuous Woman Jan Wyllie Woman Sensuous Woman Sentimental Cliff Thomas & Sentimental Elaine Eley Sentimental Rachael McEnaney Sentimental Senza Una Donna Gordon Timms Senza Una Donna (Without A Woman) Separate Directions Paulette Hylands One Separate Ways E.T. Koenwijk Separate Ways Separated Jenny Leigh & Separated Adrian Lefebour Separation Blues Jan Wyllie Land Of Empty Dreams Separuh Jiwaku Meiske Pamaputera Separuh Jiwaku Pergi (My Soulmate) September Jo Thompson September September Needs Rosie Multari I've Got You Let The River Run September Free September Night Pam Peterson The Heat Is On Celebrity September Waltz Rose Grant & Two Doors Down Ken Small Froze Over Serenity Masters In Line Never, Ever & Forever Sergeant's Jam Donna Eidinger Didn't Your Mama Tell Ya? Cleopatra Sergio And John Michele Burton & Please Baby Don't Michele Perron Serious Ria Vos Serious S'est La Vie Warren Mitchell C'est La Vie Set Jim Hart Yippy Ti Yi Yo Da Dip Set Me Free The Lady In Black I'm Outta Love & Jennifer Paisley Smith Set Me Free Emma Thompson You Keep Me Hanging On Set Me Free Marilyn Griffin I'm Outta Love Set Me Free Helen D'Aguiar Can't Get You Out Of My Head Set Me Free Kate Sala Take These Chains Set Me Free Jacalee Can't Get You Out Of My Head Set Me Free Patricia E. Stott Take The Chains From My Heart Take These Chains Set Me Free Ron Kline Unchain My Heart 40 Days And 40 Nights Set Me Free John Dembiec Free SetOnU Gloria Johnson Ain't Nothin' No One Can Do The Life For Me Set Me Off Joyce Nicholas Set Me Off Set Me On Fire Suzanne Wilson Tangled Up Set On You Maggie Gallagher I Got My Mind Set On You Set The Place Jon Peppin Didn't We Love Afire (Mrs J) Settin' The Rick Smith Setting The Woods On Fire Woods On Fire Settin' The Woods Unknown Settin' The Woods On Fire On Fire Settin'n The Sue Coats Setting The Woods On Fire Woods On Fire Settle Down Robyn Groot, Settle Down Linda Wolfe, Cheryl & Gary Parker Settlin' Moses Bourassa Jr. Settlin' & Barbara My Oh My Frechette Settlin' Junior Willis Settlin' Seven Day Fool Michele Perron Seven Day Fool Seven Day's Barbara lowe Seven Days A Week (I Never Go To Work) 7 Digits Morgan Ratcliffe Can I Get Your Number 747 John H. Robinson Deep River Blues (Chicago Shuffle) When The Lights Go Out Bolingo 7-8-9 Stroll Max Perry 634-5789 Knock Yourself Out Seven Lonely Days Ir Torre Seven Lonely Days Seven Nation Army Kevin Stouthandel Seven Nation Army & Hannah Berglund Seven Seas Wanderer Jeff Allen I Don't Care If You Love Me Anymore I'm A Long Gone Daddy "Seven Sheets" Liz Clarke Lightin' Strikes A Good Man To The Wind Fisher's Hornpipe 7Up! Janet & Joanne Bring It All Back Billington, Your Cheatin' Heart Joy Layer If This Is Love Seven Up Adrian Churm Don't Stop Movin Seven Wonders Ian St. Leon Ain't Got Nothin' On Us Seven Year Ache Chris Peel Seven Year Ache Seven-Year Ache Robert Pearson Seven-Year Ache Seven-Year Ache Alice Daugherty Seven-Year Ache & Tim Hand Seven Year Glynn Holt Seven Year Heartache Heart Ache Sevens Jan Wyllie Seven Lonely Days Sevens Rhumba David Millington Two Pina Coladas 17 In Abilene Audrey Watson 17 In Abilene 7th Wonder Cha Daniel Whittaker I Need You Neon Moon Sex Bomb Jan Brookfield Sex Bomb Sex Bomb Leanne Leis & Sex Bomb Chris Watson Sex Machine Scott A. Blevins & Sex Machine Rachael McEnaney Sex On The Beach Stompin' Steve Sex On The Beach Sex Trap Tim Ruzgar, Sex Bomb Rob Fowler, Paul McAdam Sexercise Jan Brookfield Sexy Eyes Blue Southern Nights What's In It For Me? Sexual Lover Kathy Brown I'll Be Right Here (Sexual Lover) Sexual Rev's Craig (sexyfeet) Sexual Revolution @ Double C Stompers Sexy Raymond Sarlemijn Just A Little Bit Sexy Babe William Sevone Get Sexy Sexy Babe 2 William Sevone & Get Sexy Candy Tan Sexy Baby Raymond & Line If You Want My Body Sarlemijn Sexy Back Raymond Crum, Jr. Sexyback Sexy Bitch Birgit Kjerside & Sexy Bitch Michelle Dam Vendelborg Sexy Bum Jan Wyllie C'est Si Bon Sexy Cha Cha K C & Rosemary Ang Sexy Music Sexy Chick Maggie Gallagher Sexy Chick Sexy Crazy Cinta Larrotcha Crazy It's Only Cause Your Lonely Cest La Vie Sexy Eyes Carol Lightfoot Sexy Eyes Sexy Eyes Tony & Carol Sexy Eyes Rimmer Sexy Fever Barbara Lowe & Fever Patricia Laming Sexy Got Skillz Derek Steele She Got Skillz Sexy Little Jerry Colley Sexy Little Christmas Thang Christmas Dance Sexy Little Irene Taylor Sexy Little Christmas Thang Christmas Dance Sexy Little Max Perry Sexy Little Christmas Thang Christmas Thang Sexy Love Kash Bane Sexy Love Sexy Lover Bastiaan Sexy Sexy Lover van Leeuwen Sexy Lover Geri Morrison Sexy Sexy Lover Sexy 'Ol Lady Unknown Sexy 'Ol Lady Sexy Ole Lady Carolyn Laporte Sexy Ole Lady Sexy Ole Lady June Shuman Sexy Ole Lady Sexy Oreo Barry Amato, Do Ya Think I'm Sexy Jackie Miranda & Maurice Rowe Sexy Sarawak Rep Ghazali Seksis Sexy Stir Fry Guyton Mundy & Memphis Women And Chicken Chris Spicer Sexy Thang Sheila Vee & Sexy Little Christmas Thang Carol Hick Love Gets Me Every Time It's Just Love Sexy Thing Dominic Femino Balia Morena Sexy Tractor Bob Bonett She Thinks My Tractors Sexy Man I Feel Like A Woman Sexy Tractor Mady W. Segal She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy Sexy Tractor's Marie Sørensen She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy Sexy 'X' Marilyn Griffin Just A Little Sha La La Audrey Watson Show Me The Way To Amarillo Sha Na Na Mark Cosenza & Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay Glen Pospieszny Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Shaba! Amy Christian Sexual Healing Shackled Lynn Mackenzie Shackles Baby Don't Go Una Noches Shackles Nicola Hoskinson Shackles Shackles Pete McCreery Shackles Shackles & Chains David Cheshire Chains Shaddup You Face Simon Ward Shaddup You Face Shade Deeper, A Maureen & A Deeper Shade Of Blue Michelle Jones Shades In The Dark Rob Fowler Shadows In The Night Shades Of Blue Carl Allford Deeper Shade Of Blue Shades Of Blue Michelle Watkins A Deeper Shade Of Blue Shades Of Blue Celeste Chee Still Got The Blues (For You) Shadfly Shuffle Maureen Oh Susanna Bruce-Payne Shadow Nancy Morgan That's What I Get For Thinking That Girl's Been Spying On Me Put Your Heart Into It Shadow Cinta Larrotcha No News Billy B. Bad Shadow Cha Mark Cosenza Shadow & Jimmy Tragedy Shadow Dancer Jack & Mary Jane Shadows In The Night Hassett A Man This Lonely Shadow Dancing Trevor Smith Shadows In The Night Shadow Dancing Max Perry Shadow Dancing Shadow Waltz Michael A. Repko Shadows Deb Crew Shadows In The Night Shadows Norma Hull Shadows In The Night Shadows Minna Moffatt Shadows In The Night Shadows Ros Brander- Shadows In The Night Stephenson Shadows Cha Cha Bill Van Pool Where Is My Baby Tonight My Old Love In New Mexico Shadows In The Night Shadows Cha Cha Barry Durand Shadows In the Night Shadows In Derrick Goh Shadows In The Moonlight The Moonlight Shadows On The Rise Madeleine Jones Shadows On The Rise Shadows On The Wall Gordon Timms Help Me Make It Through The Night Shady Cha Birgit Kjerside Cuando Me Miras Asi Thankful Shady Lady Janeen Kenny Shadows In The Night Shag, The Dave Ingram Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard Shag-Adelic Max Perry Soul Bossa Nova Shaggin' Marty & Vince Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard Hannah Shaggin Speedo Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard Shaggin Evelyn Young Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard Shaggin In The Sun Barry Amato Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard Get In Line Shaggin' On Jo Everhart Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard Shaggin' On Linda Oates Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard The Blvd. Shaggin Swing Switch Deana Johnson I Love Beach Music Shaggin' The Line Don Deyne Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard Shaggin' The Moon Bill Morgan Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard Rhythm Is A Dancer Turn The Beat Around Shaggy's Love Victor Watts & He's A Heartache Jodie Page Shag'n Violet Morgan Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard Shaka Samba Henry Damen Ciega Sordomudo Shakalaka Baby!!! Livio Shakalaka Baby Shakatak Kate Sala Ciega, Sordomuda Shake Vicky McCulloch The Shake Shake Alison Smith Shake Shake Guyton Mundy Shake Shake, The Bobbi Allen The Shake Shake, The Mark Simpkin The Shake Shake, The The Buffalo Girls The Shake Shake, The Noel Bradey & The Shake Jan Wise Shake, The Gail Smith The Shake Rip Off The Knob A Little Less Talk Shake, The John D'Amico & The Shake Jill Dalton Shake, The Jane Schomas The Shake The Hippy-Hippy Shake Shake, The Dale Wall The Shake Shake, The Sandy Plummer The Shake Shake, The "Hillbilly" Rick, The Shake Denise Reynolds & David Hoyn Shake, The Melanie Painter The Shake Shake, The Stephen Rutter The Shake Shake, The Victor van The Shake der Meer Shake!!!, The Lisa M. The Shake Johns-Grose A Girls Gotta Do What A Girls Gotta Do Shake A Leg Greg Underwood Cat Walk No News Knock Yourself Out Shake A Leg Ann Napier Wastin' Time With You Shake-a-That Ass Geoff Langford Blues About You Baby Shake Again Gaby Neumann Driving My Life Away Shake And Twist Nancy A. Morgan The Shake Shake 'Em Down Barbara Wallace Shake 'em Down Shake It! Don Deyne The Shake Who's Cheatin' Who Shake It Barry Durand The Shake Shake It Brett Jenkins Shake Your Tail Feather Shake It, Deborah Bates The Shake Don't Break It Shake It, Don't Vicki E. Rader Shake It Up Break It If I Had A Cheatin' Heart Shake It Down Dee Musk Shaken Shake It For Me! Jordan Lloyd Wiggle It Shake It Like That Craig Cooke Move It Like That Shake It! Shake It! Aggie Marler Built For Blue Jeans Shake It Up Patrick Etri & Thump Factor Kathy Sharpe Rock The Boat Super Love Shake It Up Barry Amato The Shake Shake It Up Jim Kollars The Shake Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard A Little More Love Shake It Up John H. Robinson That's For Her To Know What They're Talking About Knock Yourself Out I Got It Honest All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Sweet Miss Behavin' Shake It Up Shake It Up! Pat & Lizzie Stott Yassou Maria & Stephen Rutter Shake It You Crazy Sherrin Lovell Crazy Little Thing Called Love Lil' Thing Shake Loose Carole Daugherty Shake Yourself Loose Shake Me Janet Jones You Still Shake Me Shake Me Timothy Regester You Still Shake Me Shake Me Goombay Kathy Brown Back To The Island (Part 2) Shake My Will Craig Shake My Shake My Tree Patrick Rock This Planet Latendresse Shake 'N Bake Ephraim & Sexy Movimiento Katherine Earthquake Kirkland Mambo Do What You Do Super Love Shake, Rattle, Jo Thompson Shake, Rattle, & Roll & Roll Shake Rattle & Roll John H. Robinson, Shake Rattle And Roll Cindy Becker, Jackie Lewis, Bonnie Mathews, Joyce Miller Shake, Rattle & Roll Kim Swan Shake, Rattle & Roll Green Door Honky Tonk Song Shake-Shake Annie Murphy Shake Up The Party Play Don't Tell Me I Am A Simple Man Shake That Thing The Lady In Black Shake That Thing Shake That Thing Kristoffer Juhlin, Get Ripassa Miss Miss Fritte Mikkström & Ida Wahlström Shake The Bom Bom Ria Vos My Dream Shake The Snake Eddie Ainsworth Rattlesnake Shake Shake Ya Body Dee Musk Are You Ready Shake You Down Barry Durand Shake You Down Shake Your Bon Karen Farndon Shake Your Bon Bon Shake Your Bon Bon Pam Pike Shake Your Bon Bon Shake Your Bon-Bon Joanna Alyse Shake Your Bon-Bon Akerboom Shake Your Bon-Bon Tim Gauci Shake Your Bon-Bon Shake Your Bon Bon Michelle Hatton Shake Your Bon Bon Shake Your Bon Bon Tom Kendrick Shake Your Bon Bon Shake Your Booty Jo Kinser & Shake Your Booty Amy Christian Shake Your The Lady In Black Shake Your Groove Thing Groove Thing Shake Your Rump Unknown A Mover La Colita Shake Your Dancin' Mamas La Tortura "Shakiras" Shake Your Maggie Gallagher Shake Your Tail Feather Tail Feather Shake Yourself Loose Kathy Hunyadi Shake Yourself Loose Shakedown David & Susan Any Way the Wind Blows Groeschel Shakedown Karen Hedges Western Girls The Shake Shakedown, Rattle Bill Bader The Shake N' Roll Shake, Rattle and Rollin' In The Country Hot, Hot, Hot Shakee Legs Charyle Hartje & Talk Back Tremblin' Lips Gary Clayton Shaken, Not Stirred Mike Traubel & The Shake Kelly Wills Shaker Nina Annand The Shake Shakespeare In Love Tony Sin Shakespeare In Love Shakey Ground Robert C. Weaver Shaky Ground Amarillo The Blue Collar Rock Shakey Ground Andy Williams Shakey Ground Dance With Me Shakin' Gloria Johnson The Shake Shakin' All Over Peter Metelnick The Shake Shakin' It Up Harry & Susan Thump Factor Brooks All I Want Shakin' It Up Jim & Tina Ray The Shake Shakin' That Knox Rhine & Shakin' That Tailgate Tailgate Jill Dimarzo Shakin' That Knox Rhine & Shakin' That Tailgate Tailgate Gently Jill Dimarzo Shakin' The Shack Jo Thompson Shakin' The Shack Shakin The Shack Jenifer Reaume Shakin' The Shack My Babe Mamas Green Apple Pie Brand New Whiskey Shakin' Things Up Joey McCauley Shakin' Things Up Shaking Those Blues Vivienne Scott So Unhappy All Work No Play Rocket To The Moon Shakira Andrew Palmer & Whenever, Wherever Simon J. Cox Secret The Middle Of Nowhere Shakira Simon Ward Whenever, Wherever Sha-La Shuffle Christina Walker Sha-La-La-La-La Shalala Dynamite Dot Shalala La La Shalala Derrick & Terry Shalala Lala Shalala Lala Eileen Stapleton Shalala Lala Sha-La-La-La-La Stuart Poindexter Shalala Lala Shall I Stay Peter Ng Can't Help Falling In Love Shall We Dance? Pushkina Diana We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This Shall We Dance Gordon Timms Sway Sham Rock Shake Robert & Regina I'll Tell Me Ma Padden Swamp Thing Cotton Eye Joe Shama Lama Paula Baker Shama Lama Ding Dong Heart's Desire No Shoes, No Shirt Shama Lama Violet Ray Shama Lama Ding Dong Ding Dong Shame Liam Hrycan Shame On Me Shame On Me Bill Lancaster Shame On Me Shame On Me Shelli Blake Shamey, Shamey, Shame Shame On Me Anna Balaguer Shame On Me Shame On You (Fy!) Raymond Sarlemijn Shame, Shame, Shame & Kelli Haugen Put Some Drive In Your Country Shame On You John H. Robinson Shame I Will Survive Hey Goldmember Shameful Annie Moore What A Crying Shame Shameless Fred Buckley Ain't That A Shame Shamey, Shamey, Carol McKee Shamey, Shamey, Shame Shame Shamrock Shuffle "Rodeo" Ruth Mull River Shuffle Shamrock Style Val Reeves Tell Me Ma (Freeze) The Shanghai Squat Shanghai Squatters Toilet Bowl (Jo Kinser, Jennifer Choo, Janice Khoo, Rosie Multari & Marilyn McNeal) Shanghai Surprise Jo Thompson Jumpin The Jetty Szymanski & Rachael McEnaney Shania' Party Audrey Watson Party For Two Shania's Moment Nathan Easey From This Moment On Everything I Ain't There's Your Trouble Shania's Shoes Peter Metelnick Shoes & Alison Biggs Shania's Shuffle Stewart Gimson Man I Feel Like A Woman Shannan Shuffle Doug Lee Hello There Baby Hard Working Man Shannon's Request Tammy Hampton & What About Me (What About Me?) Raelene Brown Shanty Doodle Gaby Neumann Boys From Ballymore Tell Me Ma Shaolin Dance Henry Costa Xin Lan (Blue Heart) No News Shape I'm In Jim Watt The Shape I'm In Shape Of My Heart David J. McDonagh Shape Of My Heart Shappens William Sevone It Happens Share My Love Alan Haywood Have I The Right Shark Attack Emma Thompson Don't Want You Back Shark Bait Stephen Sunter Car Wash Sharon Elicia Roberts Sharp Dresser Joyce Warren Sharp Dressed Man Sharp Shuffle Lana Harvey If You Love Somebody Even If I Tried Honky Tonk Habits Sharpen Those Claws Nicole George Mean Girls Shattered Jeni Roution & Dance With Me Melissa Reimer Sh'Bang Frank Cooper She Bangs Sh-Boom Bill Bader Sh-Boom This Thing Called Love Guacamole Sugar Moon Cuba Sh-Boom Karl-Harry Winson Sh-Boom She Ain't Mine Nancy A. Morgan She Ain't Mine She Ain't You Harlan Curtis She Ain't You She Ain't You Larry Schmidt She Ain't You She Bangs !! Sue Johnstone She Bangs Love Me, Love Me She Bangs Alan Clarke & She Bangs Nikki Hack She Bangs Sho Botham She Bangs She Bangs Laurel Ingram She Bangs She Bangs William Ambrose She Bangs Maria She Bangs Glennis Robb She Bangs She Bangs Alright Kelcy Gardner She Bangs She Bangs, Megan Boxwell She Bangs She Moves... She Bangs Tango Peter Heath Dance With Me Love Is The Drug She Bangs She Be The One Elle Jay She Be The One She Be The One Rebecca Ewan She Be The One She Believes Sharon Hutchinson She Believes (In Me) She Believes In Me Maureen Reynolds She Believes (In Me) She Can't Fix Grits Lesley Clark She Can't Fix Grits She Can't Let Go Andrew & Sheila She Can't Let Go She Cat Gloria Johnson Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing She Dances A Lot Lynne Flanders She Dances A Lot She Dazed Me Derek Steele & I Will...But Tiffany Benbenek She Devil Carrie, Dave & Devil Woman Helen of KAOS She Does Helen O'Malley, She Does Edward Lawton & Lee Brik She Does Kevin & Maria She Does Smith She Does Tracy Brown She Does She Doesn't Know Paulette Hylands She Doesn't Know She's Got It She Don't Get Gordon Elliott She Don't Get The Blues The Blues She Don't Know Eddie McIntosh What She Don't Know I'm Ready For Love She Don't Love Me Larry Hayden Tragedy Jezebel She Forgets Julie Easter Sometimes She Forgets She Got Away Ann Thomson-Buhler The Woman That Got Away She Is Lana Wilson She Is She Is Mine Joyce Nicholas The Girl Is Mine She Is (The Queen Jean Jones Queen Of My Heart Of My Heart) She Knows The Way Ed Kazarian She Does She Lied Steve Knowles Hello She Lied She Likes To Dance Linda Pink Movin' & A Groovin' She Looks Good Pat Laming & Do Wha Diddy Barbara Lowe Fame You've Got What It Takes Heads Carolina, Tails California She Loves To Rock Rebecca Armstrong Pink Guitar She Makes Me Rosalie Mackay She Makes Me She Never Makes Steve Mason She Never Makes Me Cry Me Cry She Said Yes Mick Herbert Yes! What About Now She Said Yes..... Mark Simpkin Yes She Stole My Kathy Heller My Baby Stole My Honkeytonk Honkytonk She Used To Say Robert Pearson She Use To Say That To Me She Wants Noel Bradey & She Wants Jan Wise If It Ain't One Thing Primitive Man She Wants Chris Sander She Wants She Wants To Rock Tonya C Moore She Wants To Rock (But I Got To Roll) She Will Be Loved Michel Cabana She Will Be Loved She Will (Sometimes) Maggie Gallagher Sometimes She Will She Wolf Carol Reid She Wolf She Wolf Michael Beck She Wolf She Wu Rep Ghazali She Wu Shebang Kickin' Kate Sala She Bangs Shebang Lu Olsen She Bangs She'll Have To Go Rafel Corbi She'll Have To Go Shelly's Shuffle Louise Young Think Of Me When You're Lonely Shenanigans Peter Metelnick & Too Close Alison Biggs Sheppy Tanja Viitamäki Cowboy Boots Cowboy Cadillac Sheri Shuffle, The Sheri Gay Same Thing Happened To Me No One Needs To Know She's A Beauty Jessica Haugen Beauty On The TV Screen She's A Firecracker! Sylvia Schell Firecracker Please Man She's A Lady Nancy A. Morgan She's A Lady She's A Lady Ed Lawton She's A Lady She's A Mess Malene Jakobsen Dance In The Dark She's All I Got Yvonne Hammond & Don't Take Her She's All I Got Lisa Foord She's All That Martin Ritchie She's All That That's What I Get For Losing You She's All That Tim Gauci She's Still Got It She's Always Right Johnny S' The Nearest To Perfect Burning Bridges She's Back Rep Ghazali She's Back Family Affair She's Been Spyin' Bonnie & John Wall To Wall Newcomer That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me She's Better Looking Susan Amacker She's Better Looking When You're Lonely She's Country Lia Andrus & She's Country Al Dykstra She's Double Trouble Alan Turner She's The Kind Of Trouble She's Everything Maggie Gallagher She's Everything You Want She's Everything Myrtle Guice She's Everything You Want You Want She's Fooled Dan Morrison Bubba Hyde Tryin' To Get To New Orleans She's A Fool She's Going Home Carol McKee She's Going Home With Me With Me She's Gone J Peppin She's Gone Gone Gone She's Gone Kevin & Maria Gone For Real She's Gone Violet Ray Big Blue Note She's Gonna Fly Sylvie Audet Never Comin' Down She's Got It Karl Cregeen She Doesn't Know She's Got It She's Got My Number Pete & Mel One Night At A Time Ostrander She Knows All My Tricks She's Got The Rhythm Chris Peel She's Got The Rhythm (And I Got The Blues) Trying Not To Love You She's Like The Wind Craig Bennett She's Like The Wind She's Like The Wind José Miquel, She's Like The Wind Roy Verdonk, Wil Bos She's Lying Mark & Jan Caley Ain't No Doubt Must Be Love She's Madonna Kjell Magnusson She's Madonna She's Mine Michelle & She's Mine Rob Fowler Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight She's Mine Rebecca May She's Mine Cropper She's Mine Roy Verdonk Un Gaou A Oran & Wil Bos She's Mine All Mine Terry Dunbar It's About Time She's My Babe Eddie Ainsworth My Babe Tumbleweed Love You Too Much She's My Girl Andy Chumbley Candy Girl She's My Only One Alison Johnstone If Tomorrow Never Comes She's No Angel Mike O'Brien You Are No Angel She's Not You Norman Dery She's Not You She's Not You Know Chris Cranwell She's Not Just A Pretty Face She's Not Yours Audrey Watson Like She's Not Yours She's Out Of Sight Matthew Jacobs & The Big One Sylvia Pope She's Poison Kim Ray Poison Ivy She's So Hot Pedro Machado & She's So Hot Tom Mickers She's Something Chris Shiells (She's Something) You're Everything She's Still Johnny S' She's Still In Dallas In Dallas She's The One Haydn & Rosalie She's The One Mackay She's The One Carl Sullivan Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman She's Ugly Matt Atkinson She's Ugly She's Walkin' On Me Sebastiaan Walkin' On Me Holtland Shhh, It Happens Gail Smith It Happens Shiddle-ee-dee Jim Woolsey Shiddle-Ee-Dee Shift It Dave Munro Shiftwork Shifter Lisa Collingwood No One Needs To Know Shiftin' Gears Kathy Sharpe Drive My Car Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothin' Shiftwork Rafel Corbi Shiftwork Shiftwork Aggie Marler Shiftwork Shiftwork Shuffle Kevin Richards Shiftwork Shiloh Shuffle Sonny Klemm Dancin' Shoes Shiloh Turnaround Unknown Adalida Shim Sham Boogie Susan Clark & Tuxedo Junction Bonnie King Getting' In The Mood In The Mood Shimmies And Hips Marg Jones Love Shack Shimmy Coco Betsy Baugess Louisiana CoCo Shimmy Jimmy Mary Kelly Lyin' Cheatin Horsin' Around Shimmy Me Timbers Deb Crew Dance With Me Tonight Shimmy 'N Shake Joanne Brady & Shake That Thing Kathy Sharpe-Arrant Shimmy On Down Chris Cleevely Meat & Potato Man True Love Sittin' On Top Of The World Down On The Farm Shimmy Shack Justine The Love Shack Shuttleworth Be Bop A Lulu & Simon Ward Shimmy Shake Kate Debbie Small Sister Kate Shimmy-Shimmy Judy Smith Baby Likes To Rock It Dumas Walker Have Mercy On Me Shut Up and Kiss Me Men Shimmy, Shimmy, Rick & Deborah Dance The Night Away Shake Bates Neck Of The Woods Hello Walls Shine Cathryn Proudfoot Shine Shine Billy The Kid Shine Your Light Shine David Mee Sweet Freedom The Last Thing I Do Shine Geri Morrison Shine To Love A Woman Shine My Shoes Anne Herd Shine My Shoes Shine On Peter Metelnick Shine On There Goes My Baby Honky Tonk America True Maybe I'm Right Angel Street Dreams Shine On Anne Harris & Shine On Steve Yoxall There Goes My Baby Shine On Lawrence Brown Shine On Shine On! Brett Jenkins Shine On Shine On William Brown Shine On Shine On Forever Audrey Watson Shine On Forever Shine On Me Audrey Watson Your Love Will (Shine On Me) Shine On Shuffle Julie Humphreys Shine On Shine Your Light Michael Vera-Lobos Shine Your Light & Noel Bradey Shine, Shine, Shine James Gregory & Shine, Shine, Shine Jean Garr Shiner's Waltz Michael W. Diven Let The Light Shine On You Shining Buckles Wrangler Wild Shine Them Buckles Shinola Toni Holmes Shinola Tangled Up Shiny Balls Emma Wlkinson Shiny Balls Shipwrecked Debi Dillow Rocky Top '96 Championship Mix If You're Not In It For Love You're Too Good Lookin' Shipwrecked Hedy McAdams Shipwrecked Do Ya Shire Buckles Sylvia Pope Wanderer Shirley, The George De Virgilio Sugar Daddy Let Your Love Flow Brand New Man Shirley's Shuffle Unknown I Should Have Been True Shirley's Thriller Levi J. Hubbard Thriller 2002 Shirlie Boogie Shirlie & Julie Born To Boogie Willson & Friends Third Rock From The Sun The Fireman Big Time Shirt Tales Sherrie Poppa You Look Good In My Shirt Shit-Kickin Unknown Pink Cadillac Vicki Vance Gotta Dance Shiver Gil & Brenda Platt Feelin' Good Train I'm Not Listening Anymore Cold Outside Shiver & Shake Scott Blevins Shiver & Shake Sho' Enough Ron Kline Sho' Enough Honky Tonk Song/Honky Tonk Sho'Nuf Jamie Davis ShoEnough Shock Steven Hinerman Super Love Twilight Zone Shock Wave Stephen Sunter & Thank God I'm A Country Boy Tony Wood Wild Wild West Shame About That Shock Waves Mary Kelly Baby One More Time Shocker Rob Fowler Livewire Shocker Loose Boots I Might Even Quit Lovin' You Bye Bye I Like It, I Love It Shock'N Pepper Siquieros If I Were Jesus Shockwave Joy Brazil Shoe Shine Boogie Knox Rhine Boogie Shoes Shoe Tap Renate Guetlich Heart Is Right Shoefly Pie Joy Huggins Shoefly Pie And Apple Pan Dowdy Why Don't We Just Dance Shoes Of Another Man Jo Thompson Shoes Of Another Man Szymanski Juke Joint Shona Shuffle Shona Tolmie Dance Shoo Bee Do Dan & Sharon Ross Shoo Bee Do Bee Do You Should Be Dancing I Belong To You See Rock City Rio Dio Noches Shoo Bop Andy Chumbley Hello Stranger Shoo-Da-Bop Karen Bleuer & Wait 'Til I Get Home Ron Kline Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Lynne Collier Sugar Town Shooga Kelli Haugen Sugar-Sugar (In My Life) Shooga Mama JP Potter, Marry For Money Patrick Fleming & Bracken Ellis Potter Shoop Swing Kings Shoop (Roy V., Ray S., Darren B., Pim v. G. & Dani T.) Shoop Shoop Jo Thompson The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) Shoot Me Stupid Jessica Haugen Stupid Cupid Shoot Out The Lights Dianne Wilson Small Town Saturday Nights Shoot The Dog !! Livio Shoot The Dog Shoot The Rooster Rob Fowler Shoot The Rooster Shooter Trish Davies Shooter Shooters Mike Bannister & Shooter Denise Stone Shooting Double Nancy A. Here For The Party Morgan-Fletcher Shootin' Doubles Moses Bourassa Jr. All My Friends Say & Barbara Frechette Shootin' For Lana Harvey Cowboy Blues The Heart Love Rustler Shootin' Star Maleah Green 40 Days And 40 Nights Back In Your Arms Again Shootin' The Blues SanDee Skelton New Train Black Is Black Shootin The Dance Nancy Morgan Big Time Wild One Shooter Shopping Steve Healy Shopping Shore Thing Hot Pepper Genie In A Bottle Live, Laugh, Love Ready To Run When My Dreams Come True Pink Cadillac A Shore Waltz Shy-Anne Hewitt The Sea Shores Of Old Mexico A Short Bus Ride Group Let's Get Retarded Short But Sweet Heather Frye Because Of You Leave Me Alone Short Cut Iris M. Mooney High Lonesome Sound I Ain't Never Are You Gettin' Tired Of Me Is The Magic Still There Old Hippy Short Man Walk Shannan Short Short Man Short N Sweet Allan & Karen Burr I'll Be There If You Ever Want Me Short Samba Raymond Sarlemijn El Baile De Osito Short Shuffle Rosie Multari The Fear Of Being Alone & Slide You Keep Me Hangin' On Believe Me Baby (I Lied) One Way Ticket Short Skirts Suzanne Pinder Man! I Feel Like A Woman Short Skirts! Ann Napier Man! I Feel Like A Woman Short Skirts Vicki Wenc Man! I Feel Like A Woman Short Stuff Christopher Petre Mama's Little Baby Miss Kiss Kiss Bang Shortenin' Bread Judy McDonald Shortenin' Bread Shortenin' Bread Larry & Terri Shortenin' Bread Boezeman Shortenin' Bread Rita M Kyle Shortenin' Bread Shortenin' Bread Louise Hodson Shortenin' Bread Shortening Bread Joe Lazano & Shortenin' Bread The CLC Kickers Shortenin' Bread Unknown Shortenin' Bread Shortening Bread Unknown Shortening Bread Shortenin' Bread Shirley Batson Shortenin' Bread Stomp Shorthorn Boogie Debi Hite, She Don't Talk To Us Anymore Terri McClurg, & All My Rowdy Friends Cheryl Stransky Shorthorn Shuffle Sandra Mailman Lifestyles of the Not So Rich and Famous Shot A Bullet Rep Ghazali Bullet Through My Heart Through My Heart Shot Of Make Believe Kim Danek Bartenders, etc... No Way Out A Shot Of Tequila Bob Davies Tequila Makes Her Clothes Come Off Shotgun Carol Fleming Born To Boogie Shotgun Unknown Blue To The Bone In A Letter To You Shotgun Carolyn Robinson Shotgun Shotgun Levi J. Hubbard Hurt's So Good Shotgun Blast Jane Newhard Shotgun Boogie Who's Your Daddy Shotgun Boogie Lisa-Rose Shotgun Boogie Shotgun Boogie Linda Yanders Shotgun Boogie Shotgun Twist Unknown The Twist Shotgun Waltz Stephen Paterson Shotgun Rider Should Have Debbie Moore I Should Have Been True Should Have Stayed Lu Olsen One Of Those Days In Bed! Sittin' On Go Should I Jan Smith Should I Should I Do It? Mark Cosenza Should I Do It? Shoulda Dun This Kevin & Maria A Little Too Late Shoulda Shut Up Bud & Marsha Shoulda Shut Up Bailey Shouldn't Be Mike Sliter We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This Doin' This Should've Been Caroline James I Should've Been A Cowboy A Cowboy Shout Michael Vera-Lobos Shout It To The World Shout Rachael McEnaney Shout Shout It ! Rick & Deborah Shout It To The World Bates Givin' U All That I've Got Love Or The Lack Thereof Shout It To Glynn Holt Shout It To The World The World Shovellin' Sunshine Jan Wyllie Shovellin' Sunshine The Shovelin' Kip & Lisa Sweeny Shovelin' Sunshine Sunshine Line Dance Show, The Charlii C The Show Show Her You Care Alan Haywood Like She's Not Yours Come On Out Of The Rain Show-Me Barbara Cole Bootscooter's Boogie Show Me Heaven Lesley Clark Show Me Heaven Show Me Heaven Wrangler Wild Show Me Heaven Show Me How Julie Dowse Show Me How Show Me How Knox Rhine Show Me How You Burlesque Show Me The Funk Moses Bourassa Jr. Show Me The Money & Barbara Ziz Zap Stop Frechette Bacco Perbacco Show Me The Meaning Luke Vandermeer Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely Show Me The Way Phyllis Whipple You've Got A Way Show Me Your Gail Smith Teeth Teeth (Smile !) Show Me Yours Maggie Gallagher Show Me Yours Showaddywaddy William Sevone Hey Rock And Roll Showdown Peter McIntosh & Hard Lovin Woman Laurie Glenn Live Until I Die Showdown Clive McKenzie Company Time Showdown Tracey Carter Showdown Kate Sala Showdown Shower With Love Dianne Evans Shower The People Showstopper! Harold Grimshaw The Show Showtime Ty Barton A Girl Like You Showtime Elaine Chant The Show Oh Lonesome Me Shrek Bill Govett I'm On My Way Shrek It Out Fred Knopp I'm A Believer Shrek's Best Rita M Kyle & Best Years Of Our Lives Joan O'Quinn Red Hot Salsa Sh-Sh Shake That Susan Webb Disco Inferno Shu Shu Shuffle Warren Fleming Lifestyles Of The Not So Rich & Famous Shuck & Jive Veda Holder Women Do Know How To Carry On Shucks Scott C. Hucks Bus Stop/Electric Slide Shuffle, The Rick Bates Singin' The Blues Lost In The Shuffle Honky Tonk Truth Shuffle And Rock Alan Haywood Rockin' All Over The World Shuffle City Victoria Jones Dancing Shoes Love At First Dance Tie One On What The Cowgirls Do If I Ain't Got You Shuffle, Honey Rose-Mary Fournier Only In America If It Don't Take Two Shuffle 'N' Rock Jan Brookfield That's How Much You Mean To Me Talking To A Stranger Shuffle 'N Rock Mary Kelly I Don't Know Buddy Holly Shuffle "0" Phyllis Harrison Pink Cadillac Shuffle Rock Max Perry No More Protecting My Heart Shuffle Up Maxwell Steppin' Stone Shuffle With Carla Kaufman Love Gets Me Every Time An Attitude Man, I Feel Like A Woman! Shuffle With Margaret McDougall You're Never Alone The Texan Shuffle Your Feet's Ingemar Kardeskog Shuffle Your Feets Sunshine In The Rain Shuffleboat Gaby Neumann One Dance With You Green Door Third Rate Romance Shuffling Dion Thomas Passionate Kisses Shufflin' About Rosie Multari I Am That Man Just Let Me Into Your Heart Lovers Live Longer Believe Me Baby, I Lied Shufflin' Along Lana Harvey Wilson Baby Your Baby Linger Awhile Fallin Nola She Lays It All On The Line Shufflin' & James Krywko Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under A Rockin' Shufflin' Around Rosie Multari My Maria Believe Me Baby (I Lied) Shufflin' Hillbilly Ray & Mary Corde Hillbilly Rap Vidalia All I Want Is A Life Me Too Shufflin' Home Lana Harvey Holly Jolly Christmas (For Christmas) I Only Want You For Christmas Xmas In Jail Let It Snow Merry Texas Christmas Y'all Paris, Tennessee Knock Yourself Out National Working Womans Holiday Hey Baby All I Wanted Shuffling On... Nancy Morgan Lost In The Shuffle I'm From The Country Shufflin' Over Gloria Johnson We've Got To Keep Meeting Like This Shufflin' Shortbread Candy Hennon Shortenin' Bread That Don't Impress Me Much Shuffling Sky Karen Parker Marry For Money Just Got Started Loving You Shufflin' To Victory Liam Hrycan Victory Shufflin' To Victory Liam Hrycan Victory (alternative) Shufflnuts Gloria Johnson Claudette Shuga Rush Seth Lilly Sugar Shuggie Bear Shuggie McCardle Ten Feet Tall And Bulletproof Bare Essentials Shunt, The Mary Kelly Devil Woman I Knew The Bride All Clapped Out Shut It!! Craig Cooke Shut Up Shut My Mouth Trent & Mary Honky Tonk Badonkadonk Cummings Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed I Hear You Knocking Shut Up! Christopher Godden Shut Up Shut Up And Dance Jo Thompson Street Talk Love Certified Hog Wild Yippi Ti Yi Yo Shut Up & Dance! The Girls (Maureen Shut Up And Dance & Michelle) Waiter! Bring Me Water! Shut Up And Dance Michael Diven Shut Up Shut Up And Dance Lynn Luccisano, I Ain't No Quitter Kevin Geoffrey & Peter Brotsch Shut Up And Drive Michael Vera Lobos Shut Up And Drive Shut Up And Drive Pauline Hobson Shut Up And Drive Something Stupid Shutters And Boards Karen Tripp Shutters And Boards Shuttin' Randy Pelletier Shuttin' Detroit Down Detroit Down Shuttle, The Justine The Losing Side Of Me Shuttleworth Shy Dreamin' Knox Rhine Waiting On A Slow Dance I'll Two Step Alone Shy Kind Of Girl Shy Guy Mark & Jan Caley Shy Guy Lovey Dovey Big Way Amigo Shy Waltz Anne Hewitt The Last Waltz The Door Of Life Si Ya Barry Porter & Si Ya Se Acabo Carol Clements Si Ya Samba Max Perry Si Ya Se Acabo Siamsa Mary Kelly Even If I Tried Siamsa Siamsa Linda Dube Siamsa Siamsa William Ambrose Siamsa Siamsa Jig Kirsteen Warren Siamsa Siamsa Reel Angie Shirley I'll Tell Me Ma Siamsa Sian's Waltz Dianne Evans Christmas Card Queen Of My Heart Sicilian Waltz Phil Johnson The Godfather Waltz Sick And Tired Kevin Winn Sick And Tired Side By Side Justine By My Side Shuttleworth Side By Side Patricia E. Stott We Work It Out Side By Side Arthur J. Fate Side By Side Side Hitch Shirley Babcock Chains Of Gold Goin' Gone Eighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses Side Saddle Ruth Elias Side Slidin' Boogie Sonny Klemm Back Seat Boogle Side Slidin' Chris Hookie Boomerang Love Boomerang Just Enough Rope Side Steppin' Jill Doornik Side Steppin Side To Slide Derrick & Terry Bus Stop/Electric Slide Side 2 Side Adrian Lefebour & At Your Side Tamara Shiels Sidekick Lady Alison Johnstone & Psychic Lady Iain Chalmers Sidekickin' Larry Bass Sweet Little Shoe No News Sidepocket Unknown Rock Me In The Rhythm I Ain't Got No Business Men Sidesteppin' Marg Jones Black Eyes, Blue Tears Love Gets Me Every Time I'm From The Country Sidesteppin' Jan Wyllie Texas Sidestep Sidesteppin' Boogie Sharon Ross Cain's Blood Black Dresses I Break For Brunettes Easy As 1 2 3 You Ain't Much Fun Sea of Cowboy Hats Sidewalk Swing A. T. Kinson & She Can't Fix Grits Jo Thompson Sideways Harry Westervelt Sideways & Gail Leach Sideways Sean Flaherty Sideways Sideways Kathryn Sloan & Sideways Jackie McIlrick Sidewinder Jim Ferrazzano Sidewinder Mike Marshall Redneck Rhythm & Blues Honky Tonk Truth Sidewinder Unknown 1982 Sidewinder Swing Beg Honky Tonkin' Einstein More Where That Came From Sidora Slide Nancy A. Morgan Til The Dawn Party For Two Sierra Rose Unknown We Both Walk Siesta Salsa John Rowell Good To Go To Mexico Last Time Uh-Huh Papa Don't Ask, Mama Don't Know Sightseeing Jan Wyllie See Rock City Sign Your Name Alan G. Birchall Sign Your Name Signed, Sealed, Noel Bradey Signed, Sealed, Delivered Delivered Silence Tracy Simnett You Have The Right To Remain Silent The Silence Val Parry The Silence Silence Is Golden Mary Nolan Silence Is Golden Silence Is Golden Joyce Nicholas Silence Is Golden Silencio Glynn Holt Silencio Silent Love Jackie Brennan Love Goes Without Saying Silent Memories Kathy Brown Only Time Will Tell Silent Night Eva Pau Silent Night Silja Line Dance Jorma Leitzinger & Sea Of Cowboy Hats Marja-Liisa Tiainen Silk & Satin Evelyn Khinoo Island The Chair You Have The Right To Remain Silent The Cowboy Rides Away Silky Smooth Larry Bass There Goes My Baby Commitment My Deja Vu Silky-Smooth Chris Hodgson There's Your Trouble A Little Bit In Love Silly Beggar Boogie Brian Sharp Don't Make Me Beg Silly Billy Margaret Murphy (You Hit The Wrong Note) Billy Goat Silly Boy Francien Sittrop Silly Boy Silly Filly Tytti Palin Everybody's Doin' It Silhouettes Joanne Silhouettes Taylor Smith Silver Sarah Corner Hi Ho Silver Silver & Gold Steve Mason Silver Threads And Golden Needles Silver Bells Andy Chumbley Silver Bells Silver Bells Waltz David Cheshire Silver Bells Silver City Strut Coastal This State Of Mind Boot-Scooters Silver Cloud J & J One Of You Silver Cowboy Lorraine Silver Cowboy Susan Taylor Rhumba & Roses Silver Dollar Dee Russell Down To My Last Teardrop Thump Factor Silver Dollar Larry Duprey Men Express Don't Go Near The Water I Feel Lucky Silver Dollar Strut James A. Potter Honky Tonk Attitude Silver Fox Shuffle Allan Wright I Don't Even Know Your Name Silver Horseshoe Unknown Silver Saddle Bump Larry Bass See Ya Caribbean Queen Silver Shadow Shuggie McCardle Silver Shadow Silver Star Diana Dawson Silver Stars Audrey Watson Haley's Medley Anyway The Wind Blows Silver State Special Knox Rhine Fly Like A Bird When I Come Back Pickup Man Long Legged Hannah Silver Steppers Carol Pound On My Own Cha Cha Silver Threads Jan Smith Mighty Oak Silver Threads Jules Langstaff Silver Threads And Golden Needles Silver Wings Jerry Cope Look At Us Silver Wings Strong Enough To Bend High Lonesome Sound She's Got The Rhythm Take It Back Silver Wings Peter Metelnick Silver Wings If You Ever Feel Like Loving Me Again Tragedy Stand By Your Man Silver Wings Cha Cha Terry Dunbar Silver Wings Silverado Shawn Hazel You Win My Love Honky-Tonk Heaven Silverado George Wallach, What's It To You Dan Krohmalney & Wild Ride Johnny Montana Down On The Farm Silverado Julie Molkner Down At The Twist And Shout Simona Cha Lynda Blackwood 1973 Simp - Liz - Ity Liz Carr I'm A Simple Man When Love Comes Around Simple As That Carol Feldman Cain's Blood Wild Angels Simple As That Simple Changes Ganean De La Just Enough Rope Grange Small Up and Simple Down Simple Hearted Andre de Werdt Enamorado Simple Life, A Karen Hunn The Right Place Simple Life Kathy Hunyadi Simple Life Simple Life Andy Williams Simple Life Simple Life Denise Brault Simple Life Simple Little Nancy A. Morgan Having Too Much Fun Cha Cha Simple Little Dance Richard Chantry I'll Take Texas Simple Man Sam & Ruth I'm A Simple Man Armstrong Same Thing Happened To Me Simple Pleasures Mark Simpkin & I'll Go On Loving You Robin Imms Simple Truth, The Roxanne Smith You're Gone Simple Truth, The Johnny S' The Simple Truth Simplemente Kate Sala Simplemente Could I Have This Kiss Forever Simplicity Jan Wyllie Stealing My Heart Simplicity "PJ" Badrick A Taste Of Boogie 2 Times Can't Get You Out Of My Head Simplicity Cha Tony & Lana Wilson Simplicity Your Man Simplicity Waltz The Girls (Maureen Right Where I Want You & Michelle) Tattoos Of Life When I Said I Do I Still Believe When The Love Factor's High Children Simply Blue Annie Saw Blue Finger Lou Simply Country Roy & Judy Clark Every Time I Roll The Dice I Feel Lucky Sweet Little Shoe Just Enough Rope Simply Country John Sinclair I Want You Bad (And That Ain't Good) Work In Progress Why Me? Fast Girl Old Country/New Country Simply Does It Barbara Lowe Get Happy Doing What Comes Naturally Simply Irresistible Alan Livett, Simply Irresistible Jo Thompson, Burning Love John Robinson & Homespun Love Robyn-April Bad Moon Rising Simply Irresistible Peter Metelnick I Hope You Want Me Too Cha-Cha Never Be Lonely If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask! You've Gotta Talk to Me Never Givin' Up on Love One Night Simply Let It Be Maureen Bullock Let It Be Simply Loca Ronnie Fortt Living La Vida Loca Simply Mambo Val Myers & Tequila Deana Randle Honky Tonk Town Southern Boy Eddie Cochrane Medley Simply Mine Jo Thompson Wanna Make You Mine Here Lately I Should Have Been True Simply Nightclub Val Myers & Living For The Night Deana Randle Simply Pure Allan Hocking Pure & Simple Simply Pure Keith Cross Pure And Simple Simply Rad! Moses Bourassa Jr. Bad For Me & Barbara Frechette Simply Red Barry & Stars Dari Anne Amato Simply Rock Val Myers Rock This Planet Just Enough Rope Does My Ring Burn Your Finger Simply Samba Terry Hogan Manana (Is Good Enough For Me) Simply Shuffle Val Myers Diavolo In Me - A Devil In Me Grain Of Salt I Hope You Want Me Too The Lucky One From Paris To Berlin Voodoo Child World, Hold On (Children Of The Sky) Simply Shuffle Shaz Walton Something Stupid Release Me Simply - Sunrise Alan G. Birchall Sunrise Simply Sunrise Max Perry Sunrise I Can't Go For That Simply Tom! Liam Hrycan Ain't That A Lot Of Love Sex Bomb Sin Can Can Narelle & Trent Definite Possibilities Duncan Sin City Swing Gary Lafferty Viva Las Vegas Sin Miedo Michael A. Beall Sin Miedo Sin Wagon Lou Ecken Sin Wagon Sin Wagon Sheila DiNardo Sin Wagon Since 13 Phil Marson Since 13 Since When Jerry Colley Since When Since When Chris Peel Since When Since You Brought Rainy Dae Since You Brought It Up It Up... Since You Brought Rachael McEnaney Since You Brought It Up It Up Sinful Sandi Leroux I Feel A Sin Coming On Tangled Up In You The Sinful Dance Debbie Grimshire I Feel A Sin Coming On Lot Of Leavin' Left To Do Sing & Tell Maddison Glover Sing (Tell The Blues So Long) Sing It Back Terry McHugh Sing It Back Sing It Out Claire Gent Bone Dry Heart Dum Dum Sing Sing Sing Rafel Corbi Sing Sing Sing Sing The Blues Paige Megan Singing The Blues Fitzgerald-Ford Sing To Me Clare Macklin You Sang To Me Sing With Glen Ephraim Kirkland Sing Singalongmysong Michele Perron Singalongsong Think Of Me All That Heaven Will Allow Singapore Indian Chee Kiang Lim Linedance For Young Children Singapore River Felicia Tan Moon River Singapore Swing Bill Bader You Walk By Trouble Tuff Enuff Deep Water Singapore Swing William Sevone Party Cocktail Stay The Night Lightning Strikes A Good Man Mr. Know-It-All Singaporean Beer Jan Wyllie There's A Tear In My Beer Singing In The Rain Michael Haigh Singing In The Rain Singing In The Rain Jean Cook Singing In The Rain Singing In The Rain Ira Weisburd Singing In The Rain Singing The Blues Bev Randall Just Like A Rodeo Singing The Blues Singin' The Blues Kickin' Country Singin' The Blues Line Dancers Singing The Blues Tracy Brown Mr Blue Singing The Blues Maggie Gallagher Singing The Blues Singing The Song Pim Humphrey This Is The Life Single And Lookin' Henry Costa Fast As You Single Girl Blues Christine Bass Single Girl Blues Doo Dah Single Girl Swag Rep Ghazali Goodbye Single Ladies William Sevone Single Ladies Single Ladies Barry Durand Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (Put A Ring On It) Single Moment, A Aiden Montgomery Couldn't Last A Moment Without You Single Or Double Mike Cook She's Actin' Single (I'm Drinkin' Doubles) Cha Cha Single Two Step Unknown Reggae Cowboy Single White Female Anita Ludlow Single White Female Sink Or Swim Charlie Milne Sea Of Cowboy Hats Sink Or Swim Mark Simpkin I Want You Bad Sink Or Swim Polka John Dembiec Don't Cross The River Sinner's Strut Jan Wyllie Heaven's Just A Sin Away Sir Duke Peter Metelnick Sir Duke Sister At The Wheel Sandy Kerrigan Choo Choo Cha' Boogie Sister Kate Ria Vos Sister Kate Sister Shake, The The Sisters Jam The Shake Black Dresses Sisterheart Phil Carpenter Sisterheart Sisters! Amy Christian Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves Sit Down Honey Marilyn Sutton Movin' Out To The Country Sit In Line Pam Pike I Feel Lucky Sitting And Cruising Jacqui Peel Cruising Sitting Bull Stomp Gabrielle Hancock Indian Outlaw Running Bear Sitting Down Here Sue Reynolds Sitting Down Here In A Heartbeat Sitting It Out Anne Herd In Between Dances Sitting It Out Anne Herd In Between Dances Stand Together Anne Herd When We Stand Together Stuck On You Lorraine Shelton & Stuck On You Anne Herd Stupid Cupid Anne Herd Stupid Cupid Sweet Revenge Anne Herd & Blown Away Chris Watson Sittin' On Go Narelle & Trent Sitting On Go Duncan Sittin' On The Fence Charlie Milne Take It From Me What A Crying Shame Sittin' On Top Kathy Brown We Can't Get Any Higher Situation Niels B. Poulsen Situation The Situation Scott Schrank & Give Me The Meltdown Carole Daugherty 6 AM Cha Liam Hrycan Lola, Lola Gracias Por Pensar En Mi One Night At A Time That Was Then One Night Six Corners Unknown Honky Tonk Bar Association Liza Jane Down at the Twist & Shout Even the Cowboys Like to Dance Too Much Honky Tonk Superman Heartbroke Out of My Mind Sold Six Days on the Road Vera Anderson Six Days On The Road Six Days On The Road Pauline Hobson Six Days On The Road Heads Carolina, Tails California Lord, Have Mercy On The Working Man Put Your Heart Into It Love Ain't Easy 6,8,12 Masters In Line 6 Months, 8 Days, 12 Hours 649 Judy McDonald Swing Baby Swing Six Gunnin' It (Curtis) Hoss Wild Wild West Marting Six Hours Kathy Hunyadi Long Way From Brooklyn To Brooklyn 6 Months And 18 Days Gaye Teather I Have Been Lonely Talking To A Stanger Six Pack Joyleen Secomb & Six Pack Of Memories Lorraine Daniels Six Pack Summer Dan Albro & Six Pack Summer Mike Camara Six Pack To Go Tony & Lana Harvey Six Pack Summer Wilson Six Ribbons Waltz Andrew Blackwood Six Ribbons Six Shooter Larry Poteet Men Man On Her Mind Jukebox With A Country Song Six Shooter Shuffle Ronni Booth Country Boy's Heart Steady As She Goes 666 Rob Fowler & Devil In Disguise Paul McAdam Six Step Terry Walters Born To Boogie 634-5789 Michele Perron 634-5789 Yes Indeed! Respect Yourself Sixteen Annie Ziolkowska You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful (And You're Mine) Sixteen Once Hanneke vd Heuvel You're Sixteen Sixteen Tons Jo & John Kinser Sixteen Tons 64 Mustang Unknown 65 Mustang Maryann Ziegler Kiss Me In the Car 65 Mustang Gary Lafferty Kiss Me In The Car 65 Roses Jan Wyllie 65 Roses 65 Roses Bob Bonett 65 Roses Sixty Minute Man Dancin' Terry Sixty Minute Man 69 Matt Jenkins & Summer Of '69 Darren Bailey Size Don't Matter Mare Dodd Girls Lie Too Size Matters Simon Ward & Big Enough Barry Amato Size Matters Rafel Corbí Size Matters (Someday) Sizzle & Sin Gaye Teather Heatwave Sizzling Country Stella Wilden My Woman Drinks Whiskey Hitch I'm Outta Here Skater's Cha Kathy Dula When You Talk About Love Live Close By, Visit Often Skedaddle Lana Harvey Heartbreak School Honky-Tonk Dancing Machine Sittin' On Go My Poor Old Heart Ski Bumpus Linda DeFord Ski Bumpus/Banjo Fantasy Boot Scootin' Boogie Cowboy Beat Thousand Miles From Nowhere Feelin' Kinda Lonely Tonight I Don't Need Your Rocking Chair Meet In The Middle Good Times Hard Lovin' Woman Just Another Hill Hard Time String Of Bad Love Dancin' Cowboys Walk On Faith Bobbie Ann Mason Thank God For You Born In The Dark Black Velvet Ski Country Kathy Gurdjian Put Your Heart Into It I'm From The Country Skid Boot Sharon & Sue Hold Your Horses Mello Skiddilly Diddilly Denis Flanagan Skiddilly Skiff-A-Billy Bastiaan Skiff-A-Billy Line Dance van Leeuwen Skiffle Billy Bop Sandy Russell Skiffle Billy Bop Skillz Guyton Mundy She's Got Skills Skin Deep Simon Ward Under Your Skin Skin Tight Polyester Gerard Murphy Celebration Be My Lover Skinless Edward Lawton Rock DJ Skinny Dippin' Dougie Laing Skinny Dippin' Skinny Dippin' Jonathan Flynn Skinny Dippin' Skinny Dippin' Carolyn Robinson Skinny Dippin Skinny Dipping Gillian Butler Skinny Dipping All Night Long No One Needs To Know Skinny Girls Jan Wyllie Skinny Girls Skinny Jeans Helen A.Walker Skinny Genes Skip Unknown Long White Cadillac One Step Forward Wild Wild West Skippers Daughter Louise Elfvengren Drunken Sailor Skips A Beat Peter Metelnick & When My Baby Ruth Lambden Skiptomylou William Sevone O'h Baby (We've Got A Good Thing Going) Little Drops Of My Heart Shortenin' Bread Poor Boy Singing The Blues Billy B. Badd Skoal Ring Bob & Marlene Skoal Ring Peyre-Ferry Sky Full Of Angels Yvonne Anderson Sky Full Of Angels Sky Is Blue, The Donna Laurin I Love You Sky Of Angels Mat Peper Sky Full Of Angels Sky's The Limit, The David Sinfield Spirit In The Sky Skyview Wheelchair Susan (Zumbo) Which Bridge To Cross Waltz Gordon Did I Shave My Legs For This Slam Unknown Cotton Eyed Joe Funky Cowboy Dunkie Butt Slalom Sami Pihkala I'm Looking Under A Skirt Slam Dunk Lorraine Everett Slam Dunk Da Funk Rhythm Nation If You Want To Touch Her, Ask Slap City Bill Bader Out Of Habit Rockin' Robin White Lightnin' I'm From The Country Slap Happy !!!! Dottie Wicks Somebody Slap Me Down To Your Last One More You'd Better Think Twice Slap Happy Ron Holda Somebody Slap Me Slap Happy Gail Smith Somebody Slap Me You're Too Good Lookin' Slap Happy Peter Metelnick I'm Holdin' On To Love Somebody Slap Me You're Too Good Lookin' All Lit Up In Love Slow Hurry Almost Saturday Night Slap Happy Country Gamblers Poor Me Coming Back To You Slap Happy Bob & Carmen Brown Eyed Handsome Man Santiago Slap Jack Samantha Campbell The Big One Slap Me Denny Hengen She's Got The Rhythm Somebody Slap Me Slap Me Silly! Ed & Cherie Somebody Slap Me Blevins Slap Me Silly Vicky McCulloch Somebody Slap Me Lucky Me, Lucky You The Way She's Looking Slap Shot Jane Newhard Small Up & Simple Down Kick A Little Jukebox Junkie Slap, Stomp, & Roll Jamie Davis Love Gets Me Every Time God Bless Texas Hillbilly Rap Claudette Slap Them Boots Terry Mandzuk No Shirts, No Shoes, No Problems Boot Scootin Boogie Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under Slap Your Grandma Kevin Winn Honky Tonk Badonkadonk Slapped Crazy Mike Marshall One Of Those Nights Slapping Leather Gayle Brandon Tulsa Time Swingin' Backroads Slappin' Leathers Unknown Redneck Girl T-R-O-U-B-L-E Bible Belt Slave Raymond Sarlemijn Slave Slave For You Sharon May Slave For You Slave 4 U Livio Slave 4 U Slave To The Habit Diana Randall Slave To The Habit Slave To The Habit Jan Pratt Slave To The Habit Slave To The Habit Christopher D. Slave To The Habit Westrick Slave To The Habit Kathy Brown Slave To The Habit Slave To The Music Diana Bishop Slave To The Music Slayer, The Mike Marshall I'd Rather Ride Around With You How Your Love Makes Me Feel Sleazy Slide Unknown No One Else On Earth Talkin' Bout Men Super Love Bobbie Ann Mason Sleazy Slide Unknown Sleazy Slide Unknown Sleep William Sevone Sleep Sleep On It Charles Thornhill Maybe We Should Just Sleep On It Gettin' Out The Good Stuff Perfect Love Sleep Over Jamie Davis & Stay With Me Tonight Ron Kline Sleep Walking Steve Lescarbeau Sleeping With The Radio On Sleep Walking Andrew, Simon Sleepwalking & Sheila Sleeping Child Maggie Gallagher Sleeping Child Sleeping Light Anita Ludlow Sleeping On The Foldout Sleeping On Helen D'Aguiar Sleeping On The Foldout The Foldout Sleeping With Vivienne Scott Sleeping With The Past The Past Hammerhead Stew Sleepless For Leslie Jolene Pearly Vun Mou Sam Sui Min Sleepless Nights Stephen Sunter Sleeping On The Fold Out Ten Pound Hammer Down In Dallas Sleepless Nights Sandy Hawkins Walking Away Sleepover Gaye Teather Spend The Night Teardrops Happy Ever After Sleepwalk Joanne Brady Can't Help It Bubba Hyde This Thing Called Love Sleepwalkin' Jean E. David On A Good Night Sleepwalkin M C Russell Sleepwalkin' 3rd Rate Romance Sleepwalking Robert Lindsay Sleepwalking Slice Of Spice, A Heidi Leigep Wannabe Slicin Sand Sandy Jackson California Girls Black Dresses Slicin' Sand Gerard Murphy Slicin' Sand Slick Michelle (Shelley) Stone Cold Country Silva Ragtop Slick, The Louise Woodcock Sold Slick Moves Bryan McWherter Come On Over & Amanda DeLisle She's All That The Kind Of Mood I Think I'm In Love Slick Nickel Suzanne Wilson Super Love Cat Walk Slick Nickel Johnny Montana Little Miss Honky Tonk My Kind Of Crazy You Ain't Much Fun (Since I Quit Drinkin') Slick Willy Dorsey Napier My Kind Of Girl That's My Story Little Miss Honky Tonk Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues Big Heart Slide Line, The Rick Bowen Sweet Little Shoe Slide N' Scoot Lana Harvey Men In Black Get Ready 4 This Strike It Up Last Time Uh Huh Why Haven't I Heard From You Slider C.J. Evans The World Slidin' Home Jo Thompson Alright Already Honky Tonk Attitude Slip 'N Twirl Mary Logan & Million Dollar Cowboy Laura McKie Slip Away Shuffle Philip Clinch Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away Slip Out The Back Geri Morrison 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover Maneater Slipaway John H. Robinson & The Most Beautiful Girl Debbie Siquieros Slipped And Fell Mitchell Burgess I Slipped And Fell In Love Slipped & Fell Dave & Shirl I Slipped & Fell In Love Springett Slipped & Fell Rob Fowler I Slipped And Fell In Love Slippery Love Georgina Haskins I Slipped And Fell In Love Slippery Nickel Unknown Wink Ghostbusters Slippery When Wet Guyton Mundy & The Extreme Team Slippery When Wet Slipping Harry Seddon Slipping Through My Fingers Slippin' And Slidin' Unknown Chains Slippin' Around Jan Wyllie The One You Slip Around With Slippin Away Rachael & Gill Precious Time McEnaney Slippin' Through Dan Morrison Slippin' Through The Cracks The Cracks Slipstream Barry Watson Bellissima SLO Cadillac Chris Hookie Pink Cadillac Mi Vida Loca Sloopy-Do Steve Lescarbeau Hang On Sloopy I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do Slosh Unknown Sloshed Agin' Dougie D. Too Much Blood In My Alcohol Level Slow & Steady Madeleine Jones Slow & Steady Slow Boat To China Michele Perron On A Slow Boat To China Slow Burn Kathy Hunyadi & Fire John H. Robinson Slo Love Slow Country Waltz Peter Heath Tucson Too Soon Leave Me A Picture Of You Slow Dance Michael Vera-Lobos Maybe Not Tonight & Noel Bradey Slow Dance Leonie Smallwood Slow Dance Slow Dance, A Kurt Glover Slow Dance Slow Dancing Dave Munro Slow Dancing With A Memory Slow Dancing Keith Davies Slow Dancing At Midnight At Midnight Slow Down Peter Metelnick Slow Down Slow Goodbye DJ Dan & Wynette Slow Goodbye Miller Slow Hand Rosalie Mackay Slow Hand Slow Long Harold Grimshaw Slow Goodbye Slow Me Down Dee Greenberg Slow Me Down Slow Motion Iris Mooney You Walked In Down To New Orleans Slow Poke Norman Gifford Slow Poke Slow Romance Debbie Small Make Her Fall In Love With Me Song Slow Slow Dance Rebel Roz Like She's Not Yours Slow Tears Giles Redpath There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight Slow Temptation Kathy Brown Too Close Slow Travelin' Bev Costantino Crazy Heart Oh What A Thrill What A Crying Shame Slow Waltzing Terry McHugh Slow Dance Cheaters Waltz Their Hearts Are Dancing Slowing Down Terry Hogan Slow Poke Slowly But Surely Ian Dunn Slowly But Surely Slue Foot Stomp Unknown Slumdog Amy Christian-Sohn Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny) Sly Fox Jane Gruening Trashy Women Smack Dab Rick & Deborah Pick Up The Tempo Bates Smack Dab Don't Leave Her Lonely Too Long Smack Dab Ray Graham Smack Dab Smack Dab In Lana Harvey Smack Dab The Middle 40 Days And 40 Nights Every Time It Rains Smacked Around Rick Marton Smack Dab Small And Humble Debbie Greaves Wherever, Whenever Small Apology Michael Lynn Apologise A Small Café Andrew Blackwood What I've Got In Mind Small Stallion Rep Ghazali Stallion Battalion Battalion Small Talk Carl Gorse Elvis vs. JXL Small Town Boogie Norma Venette Daddy's Money Too Much Fun Small Town Dreamer Julie Talbot & Small Town Dreamer Eddie Harbin Small Town Girl Harry Westervelt Small Town Girl & Gail Leach Small Town Girl lindy Bowers & Small Town Girl Janis Graves Small Town Lance Marr Small Town Saturday Night Saturday Night Messin' With My Mind Small Town Shuffle Tim Phillips No Man's Land Small Town Rafel Corbi Small Town Southern Girl Southern Girl Small Town Strut Su Swanson Nobody Gets Off In This Town Small Town USA Donna Myers & Small Town USA Byron Blocker Small Waltz Unknown Saying Goodbye I See It Now Small World, A Jan Wyllie It's Such A Small World Smart 2 Cha Shabeda Turn To Me Come Crying To Me Smarten Up Gerard Murphy Don't Be Stupid Pipe Dreamz Smarter Women Louise Elfvengren Man Smart, Woman Smarter Smash It Barry & Dari Anne Superstar (Smash It) Amato The Smell Of Your Simon Ward Billie Jean Sweet Perfume Smell The Roses Tom Glover Paper Roses Smell The Whiskey Dave & Lynne Wake Up And Smell The Whiskey Gillett Chattahoochee Cherokee Boogie Little Bitty Karma Chameleon Smile Michael Clark Where's Hank Williams Smile Dorothy Petras Smile Smile Luc Vandermeer Smile Smile Kathy Heller Smilin' Song I'm Good Smile! Gaye Teather Your Smile Smile And Rumba Dawn Sherlock & When My Little Girl Is Smiling Phillip Austin Smile Like The Sun Lana Wilson Smile Smile On Your Face Audrey Watson Put A Smile On Your Face Smiles Jan Wyllie Smile Smiley Face Dee Musk Smiley Faces Smiley's Slide Karen Smiley There's Your Trouble Smiley's Turn Karen Smiley Honey I'm Home Smilin' Chris Peel Smilin' All You Really Need Is Love Smilin' At Me Rodeo Rick Legault Together Again Smiling Song Michelle Risley Smilin' Song Smith 'N' Western Gail Smith No News She's Waiting Claudette Lucky Me, Lucky You Smoke A Little, M. Clements Smoke A Little Smoke Drink A Little Smoke A Little Smoke Gail Smith Smoke A Little Smoke Smoke A Little Smoke Marlow Cooper & Smoke A Little Smoke Susan Hunt Smoke Em If Bob Izral Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette You Got Em Smoke Rings Ray Graham Smoke Rings In The Dark Smokey Diane Kiggins Highway Patrol Smokey Mountain David Eddison Smokey Mountain Queen Queen Smokey Places Michele Perron Smokey Places Traces Something Stupid Cry To Me All That Heaven Will Allow Smokey's Bar Doug & Julie Laing Pick Up Man Third Rock From The Sun Smokie Night Carol Lightfoot And The Night Stood Still Smokin' Mick Herbert Ashes By Now Smoke From An Old Flame Smokin' Judy McDonald The First Thing Smokin' Smokin' "A" Susan & David I'm A Cowboy Groeschel Smokin' Cha John Robinson & No Smoke Without Fire Jo Thompson Szymanski Smokin Cowboy Ruth Lambden I'm A Cowboy Smoking Dogs Joanne Brady Squeeze Me In Smokin' Drinkin' Diana Dawson Smokin' Drinkin' Dancin' Again Dancin' Smokin' Gun Debbie Brink Queen of Memphis Regular Joe T-R-O-U-B-L-E Smokin' In The Mick Herbert Smokin' In The Boy's Room Boy's Room Smokin' 911 Kathy Brown First Thing Smokin 911 Smokin' The Hive Mark Simpkin Smokin' The Hive Smoky Boots Swing Christien Oklahoma Swing van Londen Smooch Elizabeth Connolly I Only Wanna Be With You The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll Smoochin' Linda Burgess Oyeme Smooth Jeannie Woolman & Smooth Friends Smooth Elle Jay Smooth Smooth Jill Richmond & Smooth Stuart Woods Go Away Margaritaville Smooth Debi Dillow Smooth Pizziricco Smooth Unknown Smooth Raine T. Webb Smooth Smooth Sofia & Frances Smooth Johnson Smooth Jim Morrison Smooth Smooth As Silk Debbie Mackerwicz No One Needs To Know 4 To 1 In Atlanta Smooth As Silk Roz Morgan Smooth When The Lights Go Out Smooth Blues Mike Cook Smooth Yodelin' Blues Smooth Cha Cha! Barry Porter & Smooth Paul Hulatt Smooth Criminal Barry Porter & Smooth Criminal Paul Hulatt Smooth Geneva Luce Scott Goin' Down Geneva Smooth Smooth Heat Cathy Jones & The Heat Nelson Clarke Smooth It Up Andrea Scharf If You're Gonna Straighten Up Summertime Fever Smooth Kick Michel Cabana Entre Mis Recuerdos Smooth Moves M&L Productions Ragtop Cadillac Trashy Women Son Of A Preacher Man Lay Down Sally Smooth 'N' Easy Karen Hunn Makin It Tonight Smooth Operator Peter Metelnick I Wanna Be Your Man (Forever) Big Time Operator Smooth Operator Michael Barr, Smooth Operator Ruben Luna & Scott Schrank Smooth Sailing Norman Dery Smooth Sailing Smooth Scoot Dianne Joseph It's Over My Head Smooth Shuffles Gary Maxwell Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye By My Side Unchained Melody Fooled Around and Fell in Love The Inside Story She's Got the Rhythm Blue Smooth Talker Terry Hogan The Lady Takes The Cowboy Everytime Smooth Teardrops Michele Perron If The Jukebox Took Teardrops Sincerely Smoothie Kickin' Kate Sala Smooth Bailamos Mi Chico Latino Smoothinnit Gaye Teather Wings On My Heels September '99 Sara Smoove Dara Jereb That Don't Impress Me Much You Are The One Smotherin' Me Andrew & Sheila Smotherin' Me Snake Eyes Kelvin Elvidge Gettin' To You Lucky In Love Snake In The Grass Annette Maidment Snake In The Grass Snakebite 2000 Kip Sweeny Spiders & Snakes Snakebite John Elliott Lost and Found Snap Carrie Groeschel Super Love Snap, The Barry Durand If You Want To Touch Her, Ask Lovey Dovey Snap, Clap -N Wink Natalie Hillier Wink Homespun Love I'd Love You To Love Me Man, I Feel Like A Woman Love Gets Me Every Time Snap Happy Diana Dawson I Want A Girl In A Pickup Truck More Where That Came From Jack Is Back You're Gonna Miss Me Snap Jack Jo Thompson Snap Your Fingers High Low And In Between Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing Been There, Done That Snap Jack Mike Mader Dog On A Toolbox The Fever Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye Snap 'N Time Knox Rhine My Rifle, My Pony and Me Time Marches On Little Drops of My Heart Snap Out Of It Simon Ward & This Woman Needs Kurt Glover Snap To It Lynn Warden King Of The Road Ragtop Cadillac Unbelievable Love Snap To It!!! Kelvin Elvidge You're Takin' Too Long Line Dance Party I'm From The Country Cowboy Cadillac Our Love Who's Baby Will You Be Tonight Bring On The Teardrops The Want To Snap Your Finger Charlotte Snap Your Fingers Improver + Neckelmann Snap Your Fingers Moses Bourassa Jr. Snap Your Fingers & Barbara Frechette Snap Your Fingers Rachael McEnaney Snap Your Fingers Snappin' Joanne Brady Snap Your Fingers Have Mercy Sneaker Night Glen Pospieszny & Sneaker Night Jill Babinec Sneakers Night Maria Maag Sneakers Night Sneakin' In Toni Holmes & Creepin' In Steve Jeffries Stompin' Jagged Edge Of A Broken Heart Sneakin' Under Nancy & Jerry Then What? Just Between You & Me Sneaky Moon John Bishop Sneaky Moon Sneaky Moon Vicki Shiel Sneaky Moon Sneaky Moon Rita Kyselka Sneaky Moon The Ghost Of Hank Williams Sneaky Pete Peter Metelnick A Real Good Way To Wind Up Lonesome Three Words, Two Hearts, One Night I Like It, I Love It If I Ain't Got You Sneaky Snake Bobbie Ann Whitt Down To My Last Tear Drop Snigger Jan Wyllie Who's Laughing Now Snow Angel Gail Smith Heaven Help My Heart Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard For A Change Snow White Waltz Ogasawara, Somebody Loves You (That's Me) Ogura & Okuda River Of Tears Snowball Shuffle April Kemp Winter Wonderland Snowbird Chris Hodgson Snowbird Snowbird Maria Tao Snowbird Snowbird Shuffle Prairieland Elvira Dance Club Born To Be Blue Hooked On Country Snowflake Simon Ward Last Christmas Snowflake Waltz Claire Gent A Picture Of Me Still Only Me Between Now & Forever So Addictive Scott Blevins 4 My People So Blu Jamie Marshall So Blu Complicated So Close Siu Selfridge So Close So Close To Me Thomas C. Tam Tan Cerca De Mi So Confused Sue Cee Out Of Reach So Conspicuous! Sarah-Michelle Yeah Rowlands & Stacie White So Cooool William Sevone Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress So Do I Fedor K. As The Crow Flies (Kurt Fluger) So Do Something Candi B Nothin' 'Bout Love Makes Sense Hey Good Lookin' No Mississippi So Easily Kim Ray I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You) So Far Dianne Evans Out Of Reach Mister Right If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body So Fine Max Perry You're So Fine So Fine Cha Max Perry He's So Fine Don't Mistake Me Until You Come Back To Me So Freaky!!! Chris Hodgson Freaky So Glamorous Francien Sittrop Glamorous So Good Audrey Watson So Good So Good Dee Musk So Good So Good Warren Mitchell We're So Good Together So Good Annette Phillips It Feels So Good So Good In Love Lisa Firth & You Look So Good In Love Janet Halls So Good In Love Lyle & Sue Hoffer You Look So Good In Love So Happy Together Joyce Nicholas So Happy Together So Hot Rob Fowler So Hot So If You're Lonely Ann Wood Whistle For The Choir So, I'm Dancing Karin Blaschke I Don't Feel Like Dancing So Incredible Rossella Just Let Me Be In Love Corsi-Lord So Into You JJ Dancers I Love You So Inviting Marjorie Hello Stranger Barnabas-Shaw Strangers In The Night So Kiss Me David J. McDonagh Kiss Me So Lonesome Debra Jacobs Lonesome Wins Again So Long Gloria Johnson Way Gone So Long Phil Carpenter Gonna Get Along Without You Now So Long Cowboy.... Jan Wyllie The Cowboy Rides Away So Long, I'm Gone DJ Dan & Wynette I'm Gone Miller So Mean Bev Pournelle & You're So Mean Dancin' Terry So Much Better A.T. Kinson, What's The Matter With You Baby Anne Harris, Monkey Around Steve Yoxall So Natural 2010 Christine Mui Natural So Now Goodbye Linda Hegarty So Now Goodbye Corazon Espinado So On & So On Chris Cleevely Every Day People Bury The Shovel So Quiet Salpi It's Oh So Quiet So Rattled !! Alan Robinson I Get So Rattled So Rattled!! John & Bonnie I Get So Rattled Newcomer Mr. Know-It-All !!So Sad!! Thomas O'Dwyer What Do You Say I Nearly Cried So Scandalous Zandra & Stefanie Scandalous Varnham So Smooth Anthony Lee Smooth So Smooth Michael Walmsley So Smooth Rachel Shepherd Smooth So Smooth Bob & Marlene He Used To Say That To Me Peyre-Ferry So Smooth Dawn Hood & She's So Smooth Lois Lightfoot Why Haven't I Heard From You Even If I Tried Lightnin Strikes A Good Man So Special Terry McHugh Brass In Pocket So There! Darren Schrader That's Just That So This Is Love Irene Groundwater So This Is Love So Together Maree Brown We're So Good Together So True Steve Mason The Love Of A Woman So True Steve Mason The Love Of A Woman (Easy Version) So What Susan Johnson Don't Need That Heartache I've Had Enough So What Bill McGee Hey (So What) So What's New Unknown Chicago Everybody's Somebody's Fool So Yesterday Jo Kinser & Yesterday Mark Furnell So Young Mark Hood So Young Soak It Up! Tony & Lana Wilson Soak It Up Soak It Up Mary Beal Soak It Up Country Style Soakin' Wet Larry Bass I Want To Be The First One Fast As You Love Rendezvous Soakin' Wet Whitney Macnab I Love A Rainy Night Soap Bubble Bump Larry Bass My Next Broken Heart Sock It To 'Em William Sevone Sock It To 'Em, JB Rockin' Pneumonia Every Day I Have To Cry He's Your Problem Now Crash Bam Boom Soda Pop Danette Petersen, Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing Susan Skaggs & One Dance With You Beverly Sommerfeld Soda Pop Rock Sharon Leggate & Soda Pop Fran Snell When The Lights Go Out Get The Feeling Say You Love Me Sodbuster Unknown Rock And Roll Angel Soft And Only Michele Perron Just Like Heaven Soft & Slow Vivienne Scott Your Man Cool Soft & Slow Ed Lawton & Your Man Rob Fowler Soft Green Eyes Matt Thomson & I'll Go On Loving You Mish Ziminski Soft Lights & Music Terry Hogan One Of Those Nights Soft Place, A William Sevone A Soft Place To Fall Noche Sin Estrellas (Night Without Stars) Soft Place, A William Sevone Baby Believe (Alternative) Soft Place To Fall! Stephen Paterson A Soft Place To Fall Soft Shoe Unknown Take These Chains Soft Touch The Lady In Black Softer The Touch Little L Soft Whispers Jennifer Cameron & Open Arms Zac Detweiller Softer Sweet Robyn Buller Lead Me Not Softly Debbie Greaves Softly Softly & Tenderly Birgit Kjerside Softly & Tenderly Soggy Bottom Blues Chris Hodgson I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow Solar Beat Sho Botham Dance The Night Away Solar-Powered Chris Bowles Made Wake Me Up Sold Rob Loudermilk & Sold Beverly George Sold Gloria Lofasso Sold Soldier Boy Stroll Rosie Multari Soldier Boy Soldier's Dream Jamie Marshall Just A Dream Soldier's Joy Jill Thompson & A Soldier's Joy Dawn Maher Soledad Helen D'Aguiar Soledad Soledad Lisa Ferguson Soledad My Best Friend Solid Gold Sixties David Grant What Kind Of Fool If Wishes Were Horses Refried Dreams One Way Ticket Twistin' The Night Away It Came From The South Hang In There Superman Round Here He's Your Problem Now One Step Forward Highway Patrol The Boys And Me Cut Me Off Solitary Waltz Lana Harvey Stars Over Texas You Make The Moonlight Rose Colored Glasses Solo Humano Debbie Ellis Solo Soy Un Ser Humano El Rey Del Dancing Solo Samba! Max Perry Hey Operator! Solo Twister Mark & Jan Caley Not Dog House Blues Solo Two Step, The Max Perry Soluna Robbie McGowan Monday Mi Amor Hickie True Blue I Can't Be Bothered Sombrero Waltz, The Mark Cosenza & Put On Your White Sombrero Glen Pospieszny Dreaming My Dreams With You Some Assembly Norm Gifford Some Assembly Required Required Some Beach Helen Born & Some Beach Nita Lindley Some Beach Gytal Some Beach Back When Nothin On But The Radio Some Beach Michel Cabana Some Beach Some Beach Michael L. Salas Some Beach Some Beach Gerald Biggs Some Beach Cha - Cha She's Not The Cheatin' Kind Almost Jamaica Some Beach, Roz Morgan Some Beach Somewhere Some Bridges Paula Baker Some Bridges Need Burning Need Burning Some Broken Hearts Maria Tao Some Broken Hearts Some Days You Leonie Smallwood Some Days You Gotta Dance Gotta Dance Some Girls Yvonne Anderson Some Girls Will Green Door Some Girls Warren Mitchell Some Girls Some Girls Steve Mason Some Girls Some Girls Dance Barry Durand Some Girls Dance With Women Some Hearts Alan Haywood Some Hearts Good Little Girls I'll Take Texas Party Crowd Some Hot Stuff Chris Kumre Hot Stuff I Like It, I Love It Some Kind Of Miracle Michael Vera-Lobos Some Kind Of Miracle Some Kind Of Pauline Hobson Some Kind Of Something Something Some Kind Of Trouble Louis Moniz, Jr. Danger Ahead Trouble Some Kind Of Trouble Peter Metelnick My Wife Thinks You're Dead Some Kind Of Trouble Warren Mitchell Some Kind Of Trouble Some Kind Of Trouble Unknown Some Kind Of Trouble Some Kind Of Cindi Talbot Some Kind Of Wonderful Wonderful Some Kind Of Peter & Alison Some Kind Of Wonderful Wonderful Some Kind Of Diana Bishop Some Kind Of Wonderful Wonderful Some Kinda William Sevone Some Kind Of Wonderful Black Velvet I Heard It Through The Grapevine Baby I Need Your Lovin' (I'm A) Road Runner Nowhere To Run Feelin' Kinda Lonely Tonight U Can't Touch This Some Kinda Rush Michael Lynn Some Kinda Rush Some Kinda Sauce! Ardi Lawrence Single White Female Now You See Me, Now You Don't Ready To Run She's Got The Rhythm (And I Got The Blues) Some Kinda Trouble Pete Harkness Some Kind Of Trouble Some Kinda Wonderful Monique Hennessy Some Kinda Wonderful & Rick Legault Hands Of Time There Goes My Love Some Like It Hot John H. Robinson We Live Some Like It Hot I Love You Always Forever Deeper Shade Of Blue The Fun Of Your Love I Love You Been There Daddy Won't Sell The Farm Couldn't Last A Moment Some Like It Hot William Sevone Some Like It Hot Some Men Warren Fleming Every Man Likes You Some Old Road... Lana Harvey Wilson Some Old Side Road Midnight Highway Nothin' But Taillights Some People Colleen Archer Some People Some People Gill Knight Some People Snap Some People Tony Wilson Some People Some People Steve Lescarbeau Some People Some R' Jammin' Lucy Strack & Summer Jam Betty Maddox In My Pocket Some Walls June Hulcombe & Walls Barb Willshire Somebody J & J I Need Somebody Somebody Sin Grima Somebody Like You Somebody Annie Bradbury Somebody's Crying Somebody Elses Guy William Sevone Somebody Else's Guy Never Too Much Eat At Joes Love Town Hey Elvis Looking For You Time On My Hands Searchin' Cruel Heart Somebody Like You Alan G. Birchall Somebody Like You Somebody Loves U Maureen & When Somebody Loves You Michelle Jones Somebody Loves You Bob Bleach Somebody Loves You Rosie Marie Somebody Slap Me Jim Bob Szollosi & Somebody Slap Me Curtis Bob Gifford Tequila Talking She's Sure Taking It Well Amarillo Walking' The Country Soul Country Keeping The Faith Somebody Special Debbie Small Baby (You've Got What It Takes) Somebody Stand By Me Lu Olsen Somebody Stand By Me Somebody Tell Me Tony Wilson Whatever Happened To The Blues Somebody's Baby Carolyn Robinson Somebody's Baby Pink Cadillac Somebody's Cha Cha Jan Wyllie Somebody Loves You Somebody's Gwenda Rooke Somebody's Everything Everything Somebody's Love Jos Slijpen Somebody's Love Till The End Of Forever Somebody's Me Robin Sin Somebody's Me Somebody's Somebody Michael Diven Somebody's Somebody Someday Joan O'Gorman Someday We'll Be Together Your Not In Kansas Anymore Someday William Sevone Someday Do You Wanna Make Something Of It Why Me Dancing Shoes Ring Of Fire A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action Someday, Baby Audrey Watson Better Life Someday Blues Terry Dunbar Forever Someday Someday-Someway Scott Schrank Someday I'll Be Around Made For Lovin' You Someday Soon William Sevone Someday Soon Someday Soon Andy Monks Soon Salom'e Somedays Cha Cha Yvonne Hammond Somedays A Diamond Somedays You Bryony Burford Somedays You Gotta Dance Gotta Dance Someone Dynamite Dot Someone To Call Me Darlin' Someone Betsy E. Baugess Someone To Call My Lover Man Of Me Someone Could Christine Bass Someone Could Lose A Heart Tonight Lose A Heart Someone Else Kristina Beeby That's Not Her The Millennium Prayer Someone Else DJ Dan & Wynette Someone Had To Teach You Miller Someone Else's Louise Vincent Someone Else's Problem Problem Someone 4 Everyone Stephen Rutter Coward Of The County Someone Is Me Ken Wolsey Someone Is Me Why Haven't I Heard From You Someone Like You Michael Vera-Lobos Somebody Like You Someone "Loves You" John Warnars Someone Loves You Honey Honey Someone Must Feel Dennis Foley & Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight Like A Fool Tonight Verity Mills Someone Should Stephen Howard Someone Should Tell Her Tell Her Someone Should Max Perry & Someone Should Tell You Tell Her John Kinser Someone Should Andrew. Simon Someone Should Tell You Tell You & Sheila Someone Who Cares Mat Baker Here's A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares) Someone's Gotta Go Will Craig Already Gone Something Judy McDonald As Long As You Love Me Something DJ Dan & Wynette Lonesome Wins Again Miller Somethin' About U Robin Sin All About You Something About You David J. McDonagh Something About You Baila Esta Ritmo Unforgivable Sinner Something About You William Sevone Something About You Something And Robert Lindsay (She's Something) You're Everything Nothing Something Beautiful William Sevone Something Beautiful When You Walked Out On Me Too Much Fun Pardon Me Feel Free Ain't Your Dog No More I'm Gonna Love Lovin' You Something Between Chris Hodgson Me And Maxine Never Givin' Up On Love Livin' In Black And White Something Big Norm Gifford Something Big Something Blue Michele Perron Something Blue Something 'Bout You Terry Dunbar Something 'Bout You Somethin' Crazy Neville Fitzgerald Let's Do Something Crazy & Julie Harris Somethin Dat U Do Kathy Brown & Get It Out Of Me Robin Sin Ole What's Her Name Something Different Dan "Gypsy" A Little Bit of You Meharry Wish I Didn't Know Now Something Different Jack Parfitt Dawn Of A New Beginning Something Easy Bill Bader If You Love Somebody Something Else Jan Davie & End Of Lonely Road Darren Fields Somethin' Else Ron Kline Everybody Got Their Something Somethin' Else Michael Diven Something Else Something Else Bastiaan What Else Could Go Right van Leeuwen & Arne Stakkestad Something Fishy Allan Watson Kiss & Make Up Something For Me Lynn Gannon Ain't Nothing About You If You Ever Feel Like Loving Me Again Something For Steve & Ceri You Sexy Thing The Weekend Wilkinson Samba De Janeiro Something Good Maggie Gallagher I'm Into Something Good Something In Red Lorraine Shelton Something In Red Something In Red Kim Ray Something In Red Something In John Dembiec Something In The Water The Water Something In Tim Gauci Something In The Water The Water Somethin' In Rosalie Mackay Somethin' In The Water The Water Something In Niels Poulsen Something In The Water The Water Something Like That Chris Brocklesby Something Like That Telefunkin' Something Like That Catherine Something Like That Calvert-Cruz Something Like That Paula Frohn & Faded Michael Silva The Way You Make Me Feel That's What Love Demands You're The Ticket Something Like That Bill Larson BBQ Stain Something Like This Kath Dickens It Goes Something Like This Something Little Sandy Collins & A Little Something Dorothy Wicks No News All I Want Is A Life Something Missing Liam Hrycan I Should Know Something Missing David F. Roberts Going, Going, Gone Missing You This Kiss Something Or Nothing Charles Bowring I'd Rather Have Nothing Something Special Scott Schrank That Don't Impress Me Much Something Special Hayley Kennedy Rhythm Divine Something Special Terry Cullingham Something Special Something Strange Tracy Brown Something Strange Something Stupid Val Reeves Something Stupid Rock Around The Clock Somethin' Stupid Ian StLeon Somethin' Stupid Something Stupid Sofie Johnson Something Stupid Somethin' Stupid Fred Knopp Somethin' Stupid Something Stupid Luke Craig Something Stupid Something Stupid Matt Oakley, Something Stupid Helen O'Malley, Cheryl Ainsworth Something Stupid Sharon Leggate Something Stupid Something Stupid Sarah-Michelle Something Stupid Rowlands Something Stupid Gavin Thurlow Something Stupid Cha Cha Something Tells Me Kim Ray Something Tells Me (Something's Going Happen) Something To Will Craig Makes Me Wonder Believe In Something To Miss Ann Napier I'll Give You Something To Miss Something To Tell Ya Glennis Robb When The Going Gets Tough Something To Peter Fry Something To Think About Think About Something To Alex Tucker & Even If I Tried Think About Marie Bownes Wild One Something Turned On Eric Tan I Left Something Turned On At Home Something With Billie-Jo Moote Get Down Attitude Something You Got Dottie Wicks Something You Got Something Mark Cook I'll Give You Something To Miss You'll Miss Something's Afoot Alison Biggs & It Don't Get Better Than This Peter Metelnick Under Your Spell Again Movin' Out To The Country Somethin's Fishy Mare Dodd In The Belly Of The Whale Somethin's Kathy Hunyadi & Everybody Got Their Something Gotta Give Bryan McWherter Something's Robbie Halvorson Something's Gotta Give Gotta Give Something's Rob Fowler Something's Got A Hold On Me Got A Hold Something's Missing Sherrie Poppa Put A Girl In It Sometime Norma J. Fuller Singing Tree Luz Amor Y Vida Am I The Lover All Or Nothing Sometime, Somehow Andy Williams Someday, Someway Sometime When Jackie Snyder Sometimes When We Touch Road To Meekathara Sometimes Kelvin Elvidge Almost Always She's Taken A Shine The Answer Is Yes Sometimes Donna & Glennice Sometimes When We Touch Cromar The Cheap Seats Sometimes Rosemarie & Kim Sometimes When We Touch Sometimes Andree Of Sometimes Stevenage Sometimes Becky Neale Sometimes They Do Sometimes Clare Macklin Sometimes Down In Flames Wide Open Spaces Sometimes Terry Hogan Comes From The Heart Sometimes William Sevone You Were Mine Sometimes I Hide Karen Jones Sometimes Sometimes She Martin Ritchie Sometimes She Forgets Forgets Someway Somehow Alison Snell No One Needs To Know Somewhere Jan Wyllie Somewhere Tonight Somewhere Mary Kelly Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World Somewhere Kathy Brown Somewhere Down To Your Last One More Somewhere Between Don McRitchie Somewhere Between Somewhere Between Jos Slijpen Somewhere Between Somewhere In Chris Peel Somewhere In My Heart My Heart Somewhere In Pete Harkness Somewhere In My Heart My Heart Somewhere Out There Maria & Kevin Somewhere A Lover Somewhere Over Linda Kalinowski Feet of Flames The Rainbow Dance Of Love Somewhere To Cry Dawn Sherlock This Woman Needs Somewhere To Go Christopher Petre, Rock And Roll Mishi Ziminski & Matt Thomson Somewhere Tonight June Wilson Somewhere Tonight Somewhere With You Judi Somewhere With You Bisher-Schuler Somewhere With You Junior Willis & Somewhere With You Scott Schrank Somnabulism Terry McHugh Sleepwalking Son Of A Beach Samantha Dixon & Some Beach Corrina Baars Son Of My Father Gaye Teather Son Of My Father Mexican Moon Son Of Slide Peter Metelnick Old Weakness (Coming On Strong) Little Ol' Kisses Son Shine Jan Smith My Son Sonata Ira Weisburd Sonata Tango To Evora Song And Dance Man Sho Botham Song And Dance Man Song Of Dixie Jan Wyllie She Sang Dixie Song To Remember Michael Vera-Lobos The Song Remembers When Songbird Phil Johnson Songbird Songs About Life Kevin & Maria Songs About Saturday Night Smith Songs About Me A.J. & Scott Songs About Me Herbert Songs Like This Nathalie Di Vito Songs Like This Sonoma Cha Cha Tammy Goode Livin' On Love Neon Moon My Maria Sonora Waltz Tony & Lana Wilson Sookie Shuffle "Anthony" Fast As You Soon Dynamite Dot Soon Spirit Of The Hawk That's What You Mean To Me Sooner, The Gloria Johnson & A Long Way From OK Dusty Miller Sooner Or Later Peter Metelnick & Dance With A Stranger Kelvin Elvidge Love Ain't Easy Sunday In Memphis I Have To Surrender Soul Country I Wanna Fall In Love If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask! Whose Baby Will You Be Tonight More Than This Sooner Or Later Colleen Archer Sooner Or Later Sooo....Unbelievable Dave & Jean Rusch Even If I Tried Life Is Good Unbelievable Soooooooo Garth Bock Smooth Smoooothhhhh Sophisticated Malene Jakobsen Sophisticated Bad Girl Bad Girl Sophisticated Hula John H. Robinson & Sophisticated Hula Doug & Jackie Miranda Sophisticated Ladies Gerry & Sally None listed Sophisticated Lady Johnny Montana Sophisticated Lady Come Here You Sophisticated Mamma Kate Sala Ladies Night Soprano Val Myers Woke Up This Morning Juanita Sorebone Strut Ted Robinson Unforgotten Hero Sorrento Michele Perron & Sorrento Moon Max Perry Sorrento Moon Gregory Ricks Sorrento Moon Sorrento Shuffle Martin Ritchie All That Love Has Worn Away Sorrow Straight Janice Hoy Take My Sorry Straight Put A Little Love In Your Heart Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue Sorry Martin Ritchie Saying Sorry Sorry Dave Harris Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home) Sorry & Lonely Teresa & Vera Sorry Song For The Lonely Sorry For Love Gaye Teather Sorry For Love Sorry...For Nothin' Lesley Johnston Cryin' For Nothing It's A Love Thing Sorry Sorry Chee Kiang Lim Sorry Sorry Soul Bossa William Sevone Soul Bossa Nova Soul Cha Lesley Clark & How Much Longer Lynn Mackenzie Soul Deep Jodi Page Higher & Higher Soul Deep Michael O' Shea How Deep Is Your Love A Soul Drummer MAM Not Listed For Notacha (Lynne Martino, Forty Arroyo & Rosie Multari) Soul Energy Michele Perron I Don't Want Nobody Soul Food Lorenzo Evans Soul Food Soul In The City Gary Lafferty The Motown Song Soul Intentions Masters In Line Fell In Love With A Boy Soul Intentions Chris Hodgson Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood How Am I Supposed To Live Without You Soul Man Carolyn Robinson Soul Man Soul Man Michael Barr & Soul Man Michele Burton Soul Mate David Camm Soul Mate #9 Soul Mate Noel Bradey Completely Soul Searchin Jodi Page Soul Searchin' Soul Searching Merryl Fisher Searching My Soul Soul Searching Soul Searchin' Amanda Graham Searchin' My Soul Soul Secret Linda Hegarty God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You Soul Shaking Mecky Martino Don't Let Go Soul Shot Terri Alexander Let The Music Get Down In Your Soul Men Buy The Drinks (Girls Call The Shots) Soul Sister A.T. Kinson Lady Marmalade Soul Survival Alan Robinson How Do I Live Soul To Soul Michael Barr & It's Your Love Michele Burton Soul Train Maurice Rowe Go-Go Gadget Gospel Soul Violins Scott Schrank Soul Violins Soul Violins Fedor K. Soul Violins Soul With A 'Lady In Black' Soul With A Capital S Capital S & Rob Fowler Soulmate Cha Cha Lisa M. To Love A Woman Johns-Grose & Waiting All My Life DeeDee Maynard Where Is The Love Sound Waves Barbara Mason Island Girl California Girls I Get Around Sounds Like Elvis Gaye Teather Under The Moon I Keep Forgetting Love Me Tender Sounds Of Silence Tony Wilson The Sounds Let Me Love You Sousa Shuffle Knox Rhine Stars & Stripes Forever Down Came A Blackbird I Could Love A Man Like That South Africa 2010 Kenny Teh El Pibe De Mi Barrio South Beach Lisa M. Johns Miami Rockin' Pneumonia That Don't Impress Me Much There You Have It South Beach Shuffle Jim Krywko Miami No Tengo Dinero Double Dutch Bus South Coast Swing Bill Bader & Knock Yourself Out Marcie McLaurin A Fool In Love Givin' Water To A Drowning Man South Downs Waltz Sho Botham Out Of Control Raging Fire Knoxville Girl South East Rowena Fuller Better Love Next Time Saucy Samba South Freight Irene Williams & South Freight Special Special Barbara Chamberlain South Of Santa Fe Martin Ritchie South Of Santa Fé Chained To You South Side of Dixie Teree DeSarro South Side of Dixie South Side Of Dixie Peggi Sue Wood South Side Of Dixie Let It Whip South Side Stomp Jan Smith South Side Stomp South West Cha Cha Michelle Palmer Talking To A Stranger South West Stomp Joey McCauley Hi Ho Silver Lining Southbound Unknown Mirror, Mirror Southbound Train Robin Sin Southbound Train Southdown Boogie Thelly Ferguson & Baby Take A Picture Ree Patterson Southerly Buster Yvonne Hammond Southerly Buster Southern Boy Jezza Southern Boy Katie Wants A Fast One Southern Cat Unknown House of Blue Lights Southern City Kick Alan Robinson My Town Southern Comfort William Sevone Move Over Southern Country Joe Rosenberger If Wishes Were Horses Shuffle Southern Cross Lori Wong Baby's Gone Blues Till You Love Me Southern Cross Bill Bader Boomerang Love Cha Cha Why Would I Say Goodbye Forever And A Day Southern Delight Rossella Levantando Las Manos Corsi-Lord & Fred Lord Southern Dreams Geraldine Nolan & She's In Love With The Boy Ann O'Neil XXX's And OOO's Southern Fried George De Virgilio Short Sweet Ride Hillbilly Hollywood Southern Girl Whitney Macnab Baby Please Come Home Shuffle Southern Heat Mick Herbert Louisiana Hot Sauce Southern Man Terry Dunbar I Love My Louisiana Man Southern Night Two Dawg Bruce She's In Love With The Boy Prop Me Up Against The Jukebox Southern Night Ann Fore Nights Like These Cha Cha Shadows In The Night One Night At A Time Southern Nights Irene Groundwater Southern Nights Swingin' Southern Nights Derrick Goh Southern Nights Southern Nights Unknown Southern Nights Southern Pride John Brast & Raise The Barn Victoria Ketelhut Southern Reign Brita Walker Southern Reign Honky Tonk Song Southern Rock Michael Scoggins Wink Southern Slapper Maggie Lou One Way Ticket Crash Bang Boom Southern Son John Rowell Dixie 'Till I Die Let The Guitar Do The Talkin' Made For Lovin' You Southern Star Don Deyne Cross My Broken Heart Drive South Super Love I'm Outta Here I'm a Cowboy Southern Stomp Unknown Copperhead Road Southern Storm Sandra Kimball Monkey Around Lucky Me, Lucky You Southern Streamline Mack Apaapa Southern Streamline Southern Strut Jim & Judy Wells You Walked In You've Got To Talk To Me Southern Swingin' Unknown Refried Dreams Barefootin' Swingin' Achy Breaky Heart Good Texan Southern Tears Duane Richards Cadillac Tears Making Paper Flowers In The Rain Christmas In Jail Southern Voice Gwen Walker Southern Voice Cowboy Casanova Southern Voice Larry Schmidt Southern Voice Southern Winds Dan Morrison Like A Hurricane Southland Waltz Bill Bader Louisiana Love Call The Last Waltz I Meant Every Word He Said Southside Of Dixie Unknown South Side Of Dixie Southside Shuffle Unknown Third Rate Romance Rhodes Scholar Southside Shuffle Donna Aiken South's Gonna Do It Again Southside Stomp Barry Amato Southside Stomp Southwest Lois Rosenberg Hangin' In Celebration Livin' On Love Southwestern Duane Richards Bob Roberts Society Band Society Party I Want Candy Southwold Slap Genevieve Quinton Adalida Watermelon Crawl Lifestyles Of The Not So Rich And Famous Pink Flamingo Better Call The Preacher Ain't Goin' Down Till The Sun Comes Up Sowin Love Ghostwriter Sowin Love Millie Space Babes Charles Bowring Venga Babes From Outer Space Space Cowboy Barry Durand Space Cowboy Space Cowboy David Kopcych Space Cowboy Space Cowboy Lisa M. Johns Space Cowboy More Maria Maria Tuff Enough Space Cowboy Alan Robinson Rock This Planet Space Cowboy Leonie Smallwood Space Cowboy Space Cowboy Levi J. Hubbard Space Cowboy Space Jam Lori Letts & Space Jam Patti Willis I Like It, I Love It Houston, We Have A Problem Space Jam Too Unknown Space Jam Spaces Vera Brown Cold Outside 455 Rocket Sad Lookin' Moon Spaceships And Harry Seddon Spaceships And Moonbeams Moonbeams Spaghetti Junction Chris Peel Four Wheel Cowboy A Spanish Affair Kate Sala Spanish Eyes Spanish Desire John Dembiec Spanish Guitar Spanish Eyes Kickin' Kate & Spanish Eyes Andrew Furneaux Spanish Eyes Julie Molkner Spanish Eyes Spanish Eyes Dennis Foley & Spanish Eyes Verity Mills Spanish Fly Debbie McLaughlin Spanish Fly Give It To Me Right Spanish Guitar Elle Jay Spanish Guitar Spanish Guitar Michael Vera-Lobos Spanish Guitar Spanish Guitar Terry McHugh Spanish Guitar Spanish Gypsy Dance Max Perry Spanish Gypsy Dance Spanish Harlem Sway The Phoenix Maria Maria Spanish Heart Linda Jensen Corazon Espinado Spanish Jive Margaret Thomson Levantando Spanish Lady Dougie D. Spanish Lady Spanish Love Phil Johnson Te Quiero Spanish Lullaby Peter Metelnick & La Isla Bonita Alison Biggs The Spanish Night Glennys Croston The Spanish Night Is Over Is Over Spanish Stomp Melanie Hadwell Mighty Matador Spanish Stomp Lisa M. Johns Billy Be Bad C-O-U-N-T-R-Y Spanish 2 Step Martin Ochsner Spanish Waltzing Chris Hodgson Spanish Waltzing The Dance Spanish Waltzing Tracie Lee Spanish Waltzing Spank Me Barbara Lowe Hanky Panky Spare Change C.J. Evans & Change Mike Camara Sparkles Jan Wyllie Sparklin' Look Of Love Sparks Every Night! Jan Wyllie Cada Noche (Sparx Cada Noche) Spartacus Adrian Churm & Disco Volante John Rowell Speak To The Sky Keith Davies Speak To The Sky Speak With Peter & Alison Don't Tell Me You're Not In Love Your Heart Special Unknown Move Over Special D Chris Peel Return To Sender Special-D Peter Metelnick Return To Sender Special Day Waltz Adrian Churm Special Day Special "K" Cha Cha Michael Knudsen Neon Moon Special Memory Waltz Christien van Londen Special Request Allan Watson Rockin' The Rock A Special Something Thomas C. Tam Je Ne Sais Quoi Special Time Gill Knight This Time I'm Taking My Time Special Treats Diane Kale Christmas Cookies (Christmas Cookies) Specifically Mine Celeste Chee I Like It Like That Speechless Lorraine Harvey When I'm Drinking Speechless Janice Adam Speechless Even God Must Get The Blues Speechless Tom Mickers Speechless Speed D-unit M&M Sientelo Speed It Up The Girls (Maureen Oklahoma Borderline & Michelle) Trouble Is A Woman Speed Of A Fool Gary & Cheryl Speed Of A Fool Parker Speed Stick John Bailey Mari-Mac Yeah Don't Be Stupid Speedo "Hillbilly" Rick Speedo Big Ol' Truck I Like It, I Love It! Cotton Eyed Joe Speedway Stomp Don Deyne Back To Back Crying Ain't Dying If The Good Die Young Speedy Gonzales Patricia Stott & Speedy Gonzales Robbie McGowan Hickie Speedy Mambo Rep Ghazali Speedy Gonzalez Speedy Tango Kenny Teh Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps Spellbound Rick & Deborah It's Midnight Cinderella Bates Knock Yourself Out Back Up Against The Wall Spellbound Jacqui Cargill Witchy Woman Why Haven't I Heard From You Indian Outlaw Spellbound Stephen Rutter I'm Under Your Spell Spellbound Alison Biggs Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead Spend My Time Christine Bass Spend My Time My World Is Over Without You Spend My Time Rosalie Mackay Spend My Time Spice Girl Iris M. Mooney I'm Giving You Everything XXXs & OOOs Independence Day Spice It Up Sobrielo Spice Up Your Life Philip Gene The Spice Of Life DJ Dan & Wynette Spice Of Life Miller Spice Up Your Line Michael Bromley Spice Up Your Life Spicey Barry Amato Wannabe Spicy Jennifer Spice Up Your Life Paisley-Smith You Keep Me Hanging On Heaven's What I Feel How Do You Sleep At Night? Spicy Feet Daniel Morris Who Do You Think You Are Spicy Samba John Walton Spice Up You Life Spicy Tango Del Rio Linda Parker & Pa' Bailar Rosemarie Chales Spider-Man Michel Cabana Spider-Man Spin Erica Weppler What's The Matter With You Baby That Don't Impress Me Much Walk On Spin Stephen Sunter & Spin Liam Hrycan Spin Around Nicky Capper Hands Up Spin City Angie Shirley Go Away Spin City Holly & Bernie Living In A House Full Of Love Ruschman Spin-Dizzy Dave "The Rave" Someone Should Tell Her Honey Spin Me Maurice Rowe & Right Round John Dembiec Spin Me Around Mark Furnell Spinning Around Spin the Wheel Gloria Johnson & Spin the Wheel Dusty Miller Spin When Susanne Mose Think Of Me (When You're Lonely) You're Lonely Nielsen Playin' Every Honky Tonk In Town Passionate Kisses Spinin' Cowboy Bud & Marsha Play That Country Music Cowboy Bailey Rocky Road Blues I Can't Lie To Me Spinnafex Trevor Smith Wishbone Spinnin' Jodi Wittman Life Goes On That Ain't My Truck When Boy Meets Girl Evergreen Guilt Trip Safe In the Arms of Love The City Put the Country Wink Back In Your Arms Again Love and Luck I'm Outta Here Spinning Around Janet Billington Spinning Around & Joy Layer Burn The Floor Spinning Around The Lady In Black Spinning Around Spinning Around Helen Clark Spinning Around How Can I Miss You Spinning Around Sarah-Jane Miller Spinning Around There You Go Spinning Around Richmond Stars Feels Like I'm In Love Dancers Den Spinnin' Boots Bill Lancaster These Boots Are Ready To Dance Spinning Wheel Deborah Tait Haste To The Wedding Spinnin' Yer Wheels Jay Steelman The Chair Start The Car Spirit, The Karl Cregeen Spirit Of The Hawk Kiss This Spirit Dancer Mick Herbert Spirit Dancer Spirit In The Sky Lynn Stokoe Spirit In The Sky Spirit In The Sky Adrian Lefebour Spirit In The Sky Spirit In The Sky Danny LeClerc Spirit In The Sky Spirit Of Hope Marion Nicholson That's What Makes Us Strong Spirit Of The Dance Angie Sloane Spirit Of The Hawk Spirit Of The Hawk Peter Heath Spirit Of The Hawk Spirit Of The Hawk Val Reeves Spirit Of The Hawk Spirit 2003 Craig Cooke Spirit In The Sky Spirits Up Siu Selfridge Up! Spitfire Polka María Lippe Gotta Love You Tonight Spitfire Polka María Lippe Gotta Love You Tonight (Wheel Chair Version) The Spitzer #9 Nikki Lynne Ding Ding Dong Special Shinola Splash Warren Fleming Where The Murray Meets The Darling Splash Sandra Speck Water Splashdance Annette Wright Singing In The Rain Splendored Thing William Sevone Love Is A Many Splendored Thing Splish, Splash Lisa Krause Little Miss Honky Tonk Splish Splash Jo Thompson Splish Splash (I Was Taking A Bath) Split Rail Unknown South's Gonna Do It Again Red Neckin' Lovemaking Night Spo-Dee-O-Dee Carole Daugherty Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee Spontaneous Levi J. Hubbard, Party For Two Starla Rodgers & Jessica Rodgers Spontaneous Trevor Smith Fat Sally Lee Combustion Spooky Jerry Colley Spooky Spooky Ron Kline Spooky Spooky Alan Haywood Spooky Spooky Little Girl Sue Ann Ehmann Spooky Spoon Full Of Sugar Amy Glass Stuck Like Glue Spotlight Dee Musk Spotlight Spread A Little Love Tim Gauci Spread A Little Love Around Spread A Little Maureen Reynolds Spread A Little Love Around Love Around Spread The Word Guyton Mundy Can't Hold Us Down Spring Fever June Wilson Love Walks Romeo Killing Time I Feel Lucky Spring Rain Jo Thompson Latter Rain Szymanski & Michele Burton Spring Willow Waltz Beverly Cartwright Willow's Waltz Don't Let Your Feet Slow You Down Which Bridge To Cross Spur Of The Moment Kelly Will You Win My Love I Wish That I Could Fall In Love Today Spurs Unknown Should've Been A Cowboy Spurs 'N' Spangles Nina Annand Feelin Kinda Lonely Tonight Honky Tonk Crowd Phonographic Memory Spy Who..., The Liam Hrycan Beautiful Stranger The Fire Fast As You Suavemente Essential Love Strangest Thing '97 Square Hitch Vicki Rader Bobbie Ann Mason No News I Brake For Brunettes Tryin' To Get To New Orleans Squeaky Cowboy Unknown Squeeze The Kidz Squeeze Me In Squeeze Box Dan Albro Squeeze Box Squeeze Box Anna Balaguer Squeeze Box Speakin' Of The Angel Squeeze Box Alice Daugherty Squeeze Box & Tim Hand Squeeze It Ramon Busqué Squeeze Box Sing Along SqueeZIt Gloria Johnson Squeeze Me In Some Days You Just Gotta Dance 18 Wheels & A Dozen Roses Squeeze Me In Rob Fowler Squeeze Me In Squeeze Me In Johnny Montana Squeeze Me In Squeeze Toy Brian Barakauskas, Squeeze Toy Lou Ecken & Real Woman Lori Pung Squirrel Girl Anita McNab Calendar Girl Mississippi Squirrel Revival Ssshhh! Kelli Haugen Honey Hush Karen Bleuer Steam St. Paddy's Polka GYTAL St. Paddy's Polka St... St... Nicole George Unbelievable St... Stutter Stagecoach Cha Cha Joey McCauley Adalida Stagger Lee Bev Carpenter Stagger Lee Staggering Cowpoke Roy Greene Born In The Dark Back In Your Arms Again Holding Heaven Stallion Unknown Little Rock Stallion Battalion Rep Ghazali Stallion Battalion Stamina Christopher Petre Stamina Stamp On The Ground Martie Papendorf Stamp On The Ground Stampede Unknown Tonight We Ride Stampede Gloria Johnson Stampede Stampede Gordon Elliott Tonight We Ride Stampede John Haskell Stampede Sold Stampede Lisa Harper Tonight We Ride Stampede Shuffle Nancy Morgan Shortenin' Bread Get In Line Stampede Stomp Mark Fleming Down On the Farm Friday Night Stampede Stampede Strut Lucy Strack & Stampede Strut Betty Maddox Cypress Grove Stampede Strut John H. Robinson Stampede Strut Stampede Strut Tracy Brown Stampede Strut Stampley, The Steve Schafer If It Ain't One Thing, It's Another Stand By William Sevone Stand By Your Man These Arms I Want To Be With You Always When Love Goes Wrong Stand By Me Jeff Allen Train In Vain Stand By Me Gordy Lindsey Stand By Me Stand By Me Su Marshall Somebody Stand By Me Stand By Me Mel Fisher Stand By Me Stand By Me Val B Stand By Me Stand By Me Andy Chumbley Stand By Me Stand By Me Cha Masters In Line Stand By Me Stand By Us Ocean's 11 Stand By Me Stand By You Keith Strode You're My Mate Stand By Your Man Ann Gorman Stand By Your Man Stand Down MGM2 Stand Down Stand n Dance Mark & Jan Caley Stand By Me Tuxedo Junction Crazy 'Bout You Baby Cowboy Love Just Enough Rope That's My Story As Long As You Love Me StAnD OuT Amanda DeLisle Jericho Stand Tall William Brown The Worlds Greatest Stand Together Anne Herd When We Stand Together Stand Up Noel Bradey Stand Up Stand Up Yvonne Anderson Stand Up (And Be Strong) Stand Up And Dance! Annette Skaff & Stand Up Barbara R. K. Wallace Stand Up For Winston Yew Stand Up For Singapore Singapore Stand Upright Mike O'Brien Shine Your Light Standing David J. McDonagh From Where I Stand Standing Alone Sandra Speck The Story Of Us Standin' In The Rain Michael O' Shea To Have You Back Again Standing In Scott Schrank Standing In The Shadows Of Love The Shadows Standing On A Rock Dianne Joseph Standing On A Rock Man With A Hammer Standin' Still Angie Shirley Standin' Still Standing Straight Marnita Beal Alcohol Stanley's Stomp Jenifer Wolf Be My Guest Star From The Sky Vicki Pierson Blessed Star Of The Show John Rowell Get Drunk And Be Somebody Star Samba Peter Heath Don't Let The Stars Get in Your Eyes Stardust Unknown Western Girls Jukebox Junkie Stardust In Dreams Jukebox Bob Tuson In Dreams Stargazer Chris Hodgson Wishing On A Star Starlight Pauline Hayward Starlight Take Me Home Starlight Cha Cha Cara Reeves I Surrender Starlight Cha Cha Mick Herbert Maria Starlight Waltz Knox Rhine Forever Together The Best I Can Say You Don't Even Know Who I Am The Last Waltz Starr Turn! Roy East Independance Day I Like It, I Love It Starry Jan Wyllie Starry Sky Starry Eyes Christopher Petre Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes Starry Nights Liz Clarke Something Stupid Little Blue Dot All The Way Starry Skies Waltz Louise Woodcock Like Lovers Do Stars Robin Sin Stars Bury The Shovel Stars And Bars Nicky Capper 1-800 Use To Be Stars And Eagles Lana Harvey Wilson Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagles Fly Stars & Stripes Kelvin Elvidge Button Off My Shirt Honky Tonk America Believe Stars & Stripes Amanda Lost In The Shuffle Harvey-Tench My Next Broken Heart Whiskey Under The Bridge Stars In The Heavens Big Bad John Till You Love Me (Jan van den Bos) Stars In Your Eyes Anne Shaw Did I Tell You Stars On The Water Mike Belk Stars On The Water Stars On The Water Andrew Palmer, Stars On The Water Simon J. Cox, Teresa & Vera Stars Over Texas Norman Dery Stars Over Texas Stars Over Ir Torre Stars Over Texas Texas Waltz Stars Tonight The Girls (Maureen Stars Tonight & Michelle) Starship Enterprise Ann Thomson-Buhler Star Trucker Starstruck Lina Choi Starstruck Start A Band Justine Brown Start A Band Start A Love Train Max Perry Love Train Start A Stampede Michael Lynn Start Without You Start All Over Kevin Winn Can I Change My Mind Start Easy Stephen Howard Still The One Start Living Carl Sullivan Days Go By Start Over Terry Cullingham Start Over Start Over Again Andrea Scharf Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo Lessons Learned Straight Tequila Start Talkin' Elizabeth Love Started Talkin Whittaker Start Talking Lori Pung When Love Starts Talking Close But No Guitar Start The Car Charles Thornhill Start The Car When Our Backs Are Against The Wall Start The Car Tina Neale Start The Car Didn't Know You Liked Drinking Whiskey Start The Fire Roy Thompson We Didn't Start The Fire Start The Party Cindi Talbot Let's Get This Party Started Let's Dance Freaky Start To Mambo Winnie Yu Tequila Start To Sway Sandra Le Brocq Sway Start To Waltz Winnie Yu Start Walking! Mark Cosenza These Boots Are Made For Walking Start Without You Judy Rodgers Start Without You Stay Starting Over Again Robert Lindsay More Than I Needed To Know Starting Over 2000 Robert Lindsay More Than I Needed To Know I Wish That I Could Fall In Love Today Starting Point Sue Marshall Get Into Reggae Cowboy Brown Eyed Girl Honey Hush Hog Wild Shipwrecked Stash The Cash! Shaz Walton & My Medicine Jordan Lloyd State Line Waltz Dave & Di Doyle (Who Says) You Can't Have It All Staten Island Groove John H. Robinson Staten Island Groove Stateside Shuffle Steve Knowles We All Get Lucky Sometime Tempted Stateside Stomp Steve Knowles Knock Yourself Out Stateside Wanderers David & Karen The Wanderer Woods Static Stacy Rose Pop Music Good Little Girls Static Shock Adrian Churm Knock On Wood Station One Shirley Lockley Northern Lights Stationary Cha Cha Unknown Gulf Of Mexico Neon Moon Oh What A Thrill Staton Island Robert & Regina Staten Island Stampede Padden & John Tolan Stay Judy McDonald Baby Please Don't Go Stay Rachael McEnaney Stay Stay Brian Heselden Stay To Be Loved By You Stay Brett Johnston Stay Stay Johnny Two Step Won't You Stay Stay Cool! Mel Dale Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You) Stay Forever Masters In Line Stay Forever Stay Gone Jan Wyllie Can't You Just Stay Gone Stay Gone Michael Vera-Lobos Stay Gone Stay In Pauline Mason Stay In This Moment Stay In This Moment Rep Ghazali Stay In This Moment Stay Now Rep Ghazali Stay Now Stay Or Go John Dembiec Walk Away Stay Out Of My Arms Diana Pushkina Stay Out Of My Arms Stay Out Of My Arms Gordon Timms Stay Out Of My Arms Stay Right Here Tracy Brown If You Can Do Anything Else Stay The Night Joe Armstrong Stay The Night Stay The Night Francien Sittrop Stay The Night Stay The Night Tina Argyle Stay The Night Stay The Night Diana Bishop Stay The Night Trailer Hood Stay Together Raine Webb Let's Stay Together Stay Wild Wayne Parkin Wild Horses Stay With Me Mary Kelly Stay With Me Just A Little Stay With Me Glennys Croston Stay With Me Stay With Me Tonight Kathy Hunyadi & Stay With Me Tonight John H. Robinson Stayin' Afloat Lisa Johns & Rock The Boat Kathy Brown Barbed Wire & Roses Stayin' Alive Eve Griffin Stayin' Alive Stayin Alive Cindy Truelove Stayin' Alive Stayin' Alive Levi J. Hubbard & Stayin' Alive Stephanie Finch Stay-n' Alive Norm Gifford Stayin' Alive Staying Home Jan Wyllie Stay At Home Stayin In Love Kathy Brown Stayin' In Love Stayin' Up Late Ree Patterson Stayin' Up Late (Thinkin' About It) Stays In Mexico Helen Born & Stays In Mexico Nita Lindley Ste-Mi (Steamy) Stephen Sunter & Baby One More Time Michele Single White Female Etherington Blue Moon Of Kentucky Wabash Cannonball Steady As A Rock David J. Woods Rock Steady Six Days On The Road It Came From The South If The Jukebox Took Teardrops Steady As You Go Deb Kremsreiter Riding Alone Big Bad Beat Don't Be Stupid YMCA Sweet Nothin's Steady Rockin' Larry Bass Rock Steady Steady Rocks Moses Bourassa Jr. Rocks In Your Shoes & Barbara Midnight Sun Frechette Everybody's Gonna Dance Tonight Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now Steal This Heart Ben Summerell The War Is Over Away Steal Yer' Wheel Jennifer Garnett Stuck In The Middle With You & Dave Blake Steal You Away Christopher Petre Suspicions Stealers Shuffle William Sevone Stuck In The Middle Stealing Kisses Steve Hart Steal My Kisses Stealing The Best Rosie Multari Dance Above The Rainbow Tossed Feathers Stealin' Watermelons Rob O'Brian Jacky Don Tucker Even If I Tried Full Deck Of Cards Wild At Heart Steam Unknown Steam Steam (And Tonya C Moore Steam More Steam) Steam Kevin Richards Steam No One Else On Earth Steam Sandra Double Steam Steam Sandra Double Steam Steam Judy McDonald Steam Steam Beverly D'Angelo Steam Steam Mark Hood & Steam Douglas Semple Steamboat Elaine Cosenza Steamboat Steamin' Hot Bill "Red" Green Steam Steamy Windows Junior Willis Steamy Windows Steamy Windows Ron Van Oerle Steamy Windows Steel Bars Chris Cleevely Steel Bars Steel City Swing Kathy Hunyadi It's My Soul Steel Guitars Robyn Buller The City Put The Country Back In Me It's What I Am Steel Guitars Marg Jones Murder On Music Row No Bumps Steeler Stomp Karen Zima Here We Go Steelhorse Ilona van der Shooting From The Hip Wansem Stella's Dream Waltz Stella Cabeca Dreaming My Dreams Of You Step & 1/4 Turn Pam Ebner All I Wanted Was A Car Step & Stomp Unknown Wrong Side Of Memphis Step & Touch Karen Melanson Take It Back Step Aside Carol Gardener Fastest Healing Wounded Heart Step Aside Bill McKechnie Hearts & Flowers Step Back Bill Bader Angelyne Bad Dog, No Biscuit Come On Back Hold Your Horses Johnny O Sea Of Cowboy Hats Syncopated Rhythm Walk Real Slow Walk Right Back Walking Backwards Step-By-Step Dan Morrison Step-by-Step Step By Step Terry Hogan Early Hours (Step By Step) Step By Step 2 Fred & Anita Step By Step Sneesby Step By Step Jenny Leigh I'm Better Off Single Step By Step The Angels Step By Step (Slick-Chick, Invisible Wacky-Jackie & Raunchy-Rachel) Step 4 Love John Dembiec Step In The Name Of Love Step In Time Lois Lightfoot Like A Rock To A Window Going To The Big D Step It Up A Gear Andy Dixon Tragedy Step On It Hot Pepper Thompson Street Everything Intuition Step Daddy Step One Suzanne Spurdle Trouble Is A Woman Step Right Up Andy Dixon Step Right Up Step Right Up Dancin' Dean Step Right Up Step To The Rhythm Vivienne Scott I Surrender The Other Side Step Up Karl-Harry Winson 369 Step Up To The Line Brian Dalton Step Up To The Line Stephanie's Dance Stephanie Like A Prayer Stepper's Groove Ron Kline Happy People Steppin' Lana Harvey One Foot In Front Of The Other Even If I Tried Steppin' Unknown Give It To Me Baby Everybody Steppin' Again Lana Harvey Wilson One Foot In Front Of The Other Steppin' Back Charyle Hartje & Your Cheatin' Heart To Country Gary Clayton Steppin' Country Bev Costantino Rock 'N' Roll Angel One Man Woman Hard Road To Go Steppin Line William Sevone Shake Steppin' Out Ellen Wilby Kate's Hole Cowboy Stomp Big D Steppin' Out Sal April I Feel Lucky Pick Up Man All She Ever Wants Is More Stepping Out Carri Fox Romeo Wild Man Stepping Out Terry Hogan So In Love With You Steppin' Out Joanne Brady & Steppin' Out Maggie Gallagher Steppin' Out Robert C. Weaver Write This Down Little Man Twentieth Century Lessons Learned Roamin' Love Country Club Two Of A Kind, Workin' On A Full House Steppin' Out Max Perry Steppin Out (Boogie Tonight) Stepping Out Kath Fife I Ride A Horse For Harry If Wishes Were Horses Thousand Miles From Nowhere Steppin' Out Dianne DeGregorio Put Your Heart Into It -Just Do It & Lisa St. Pierre Steppin' Stones Lisa Gaddis & Sissy Poynter Stepping Stones Sue-Ann Beaumont Stepping Stones What Part Of No Steppin' Sunshine Unknown Steppin' To The Beat Mike Corbett There's Your Trouble Poor, Poor Pitiful Me All Night Long Steps To A Henry Costa Stairway Of Quiet Everyday Life (Shizukana Hibi No Kaidan Wo) Better Tomorrow Everything Changes Stereo Barry & Dari Anne Stereo Amato Stereo Love Chris Hodgson Stereo Love Stereo Love Marthe Thibeault Stereo Love Stetson Strut Mary-Nell Cole Better Your Heart Than Mine My Baby's Cooking What The Cowgirl's Do One Dance With You Stetzin' Julia McCarty Reggae Cowboy Stick Wit U Neville Fitzgerald Stick Wit U Stick With It Deborah Tait Stuck On You Stickin' Together Denise Brault Stuck Like Glue Sticky Situation Melissa Monter Stuck Like Glue Sticky Steps Ray Denham Stuck On You Still Alive Lisa Tailor Stayin Alive Still Believe Harold Grimshaw Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me Still Believin' The Lady In Black I Still Believe Lost In The Shuffle Southern Style Still Believing Mal Swalling I Still Believe Still Blue William Sevone Still Feeling Blue Still Dancing Mae Neihouse I'm Still Dancin' With You Still Dirrty Rachael McEnaney Still Dirrty & Paul McAdam Still Gonna Nancy D. Morrow Still Gonna Die Still Got It Brett Hinton You Still Got It Still Got The Blues Niels Poulsen I Still Got The Blues Still Here Stephen Paterson I'm Still Here, Your Still Gone Still In Dallas Carl Sullivan She's Still In Dallas Still In Dallas Christine Calver She's Still In Dallas Still In Love Yvonne Hammond I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You Still In Love Chris Peel She's Still In Dallas Still In Love Margaret Swift I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) With You Still No News Gill Knight No News It's Got Nothing To Do With You In No Time At All Still Standing Roy Verdonk Standing Still Still The One David J. McDonagh You're Still The One Still The One Bill Bader Still The One Billy B. Bad When Love Starts Talkin' Still The One Justine You're Still The One Shuttleworth Still The Same Hedy McAdams Still The Same Somethin' To Talk About Still Together Ann Scarfe Still The One Still Waters Vivienne Scott Still Blessed Sting In The Tail Charles Bowring Walk On Sting Me Pam Leader & Sweet The Sting Ray Crum Sting Ray Red Martindale Day In, Day Out Measure Of A Man Stir It Up Rick & Deborah Momma Ain't Home Tonight Bates Shortenin' Bread How Do You Do What You Do So Well Stitch It Up Robbie Elvis Medley McGowan Hickie Lovin' All Night Stitched Up Donna Shea Stitched Up Stockin' Filler Maureen & Another Rock N Roll Christmas Michelle Jones Stockyard Anna Balaguer My Baby No Esta Aqui No More Stockyard Hop, The The Stockyard Express Line Dance Team Stogie Paula King Of The Road Frohn-Butterly Singin' The Blues Stoke Up The Jams Neil Hale Les yeux de ton pere Stoked! Chris Hookie Conga Strokin' Can't Touch This Wild Wild West Little Shoes I Feel Lucky Wild Man No One Else On Earth Electric Slide/Boogie Stole Simon Ward Stole Stolen Heart Bill Lancaster Under This Old Hat Stolen Memory Michael Vera-Lobos You Can't Take That From Me Stolen Steps Rita M. Kyle Believe Love Is Alive Thank God It's Friday Stomp Jim Harnish Nude Boot Scooting Stomp Sarah Wolton Stomp Stomp Mark Simpkin Stomp Stomp Garth Bock Stomp Stomp All Night Maureen & Stomp Michelle Jones Stomp All Nite Richard Large Stomp Stomp & Kick Kate Sala Don't Lose Any Sleep Over You Stomp & Kiss Rosie Multari She Kissed Me Blue Finger Lou I Can Help Yes Green Door Mony Mony Shut Up & Kiss Me Stomp and Slide Unknown Baby Likes To Rock It Stomp & Swivel Jean Rowe & Going Back To Louisiana Ron Kline Safety In Numbers I Wanna Thank Everyone Stomp Get Down Debra Jacobs Stomp Love of the Common People Stomp In Rhythm! Charlene Tidbury Don't Be Stupid & Rosie Saw Playing Every Honky Tonk In Town We Can Get There Duelling Violins Stomp It Out Heidi Angelika Stomp Scott Stomp It Up! Gary Maxwell Heart's Desire Boot Scootin' Boogie Honky Tonk Attitude Stomp 'N Shuffle Jann Rattley Lost In The Shuffle Stomp N' Time Beverly Kerins Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard When Love Starts Talkin' Honky Tonk Truth Stomp 3 Times Shaz! Walton, Stomp 3 Times Ben Martin & Dawn Sherlock Stomp To The Beat Ellen Pointer Searchin Stompin' Beverly Lalonde Foot Stomp Stompin' The Elvis Thing Lost In The Shuffle Stompin' Shirley Babcock Down On The Farm Trashy Women Third Rock From The Sun Stompin', The Casey James That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me Montgomery Stompin' And Russ & Judy Garber Could It Be Me Believin' Believe Foot Stomp Stompin' Stompin' Cowboy Carol Robertshaw Cowboy Stomp Stompin' Ground Jenny Olsen As Long As I Got You Neck Of The Woods Stomping It Out Silke Henke Setting The Woods On Fire Goin' Through The Big D Stompin' Mud A.J. Herbert Kickin' Up Mud Stompin' Shuffle Linda Relyea Poor Boy Shuffle Foot Stomp Stompin Stone By Stone Jorma Leitzinger, Stone By Stone Malla Tiainen, & Mia Wathén Stone Cold Maggie Cadwell Laid Back Stone Cold Stone Cold Maggie Gallagher Stone Cold Stone Cold Country Wendy Hughes Rock And Roll Heart Stone Cold Rockin' John H. Robinson Baby Rocks Stone Rock Jeff Frisina Country Crowd Honky Tonk Dancin' Machine You Won't Outlive Me Stone The Crows Simon Ward & Down Came A Blackbird Kurt Glover Stonewall Stomp Unknown Country Club The South Is Going To Rise Again Lonesome Wins Again I Hear You Knockin' We Owned This Town Love Is Burnin' Stoney Jane Ng Stoney Stoodley Stomp, The Sandra Mailman, There Goes My Heart Linda Mailman & Dawn Randall Stoolball Stomp Gabrielle Hancock Rocky Top Stop! Denise Stone Stop Dance On Genuine Rednecks Cadillac Ranch One Foot On The Pedal I Hope You Want Me Too Stop! Jan Wyllie Talking To Myself Stop & Go Robbie McGowan She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not Hickie, When The Going Gets Tough Ryan Pearson & Gone For Real Scott McNally Why Haven't I Heard From You Stop And Go Matesa Come Go With Me Alright Cold Outside Bobby Ann Mason Stop, But I Like It Vicky Geatches Stop It (I like It) Stop It! Rob Fowler Stop It! Like It Stop It! I Like It! Livio Stop It! I Like It! Stop Look & Listen Carole Daugherty Rubberneckin' Stop, Look & Listen! Peter Metelnick Rubberneckin' & Alison Biggs Hold Me In Your Arms Ojos Negros Without You Stop Messin' With Michael Barr My World My World Stop! Stop! Diana Bishop Stop It I Like It I Like It Stop The Music!! Craig Cooke Don't Stop The Music Stop The Rock Harold Grimshaw Don't Rock The Jukebox (& Roll The Country) Stop The Wheel Dee Musk Stand Still Stop The World Peter Metelnick & Stop The World (And Let Me Off) Alison Biggs Stop Thinkin' Donna Webb-Shoup I've Been Thinking About You & Larry Bass Stop Your Bitchin' Sharon Kelk 2 Faced In Over My Head Stopping Traffic Johnny Montana There Oughta Be A Law I Hear You Knockin' The Real Thing Storm Bob & Marlene I'll Give You Something To Miss Peyre-Ferry There Goes The Neighborhood Red Lips, Blue Eyes, White Lies Your Love Don't Take A Back Seat To Nothing Small Y'all Smack Dab Storm Jason Cooke Storm Animal Storm June Hulcombe & Storm In A D Cup Barb Willshire Storm Chaser Angie Shirley Equador Bingo Bango Jolene The Storm Inside Ria Vos You Do Something To Me Storm Is Over, The Doug & Jackie The Storm Is Over Now Miranda Stormin' Gloria Johnson Small Town Takin' The Country Back South Moon Under Storms Never Last Robert Rice Storms Never Last Storms Never Last Geoff Langford Storms Never Last Stormy Waters Stephen Sunter When You Come Back To Me Again Who Needs Pictures Wrong Again Flying Without Wings A Broken Wing Stormy Weather Noel Bradey Is It Raining At Your House Stormy Weather Robbie McGowan Teardrops Hickie Story Of My Heart Anna Whitworth Ain't It Funny Story Of My Life Pepper Siquieros Story Of My Life & David Pacheco Six Foot Town Story Of Us Sophie Archimbaud Story Of Us (Next Chapter) -Bucaille Storybook Endings Neil Hale Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight Same Old Star Dreaming My Dreams With You Storybook Waltz Jenny Sharp Storybook Endings Runaway Here's A Quarter Stotfold Stroll Pam Cohen In A Letter To You Straddling Boots Hilda Crossley No Way Jose The Night I Called The Old Man Out Straight "A" Strut Ronni Booth A-11 I Saw The Light Allergic To The Blues Corina, Corina A Good Run Of Bad Luck The Fireman Straight And Narrow DJ Dan & Wynette Straight And Narrow Miller Straight Away Ron Kline Man! I Feel Like A Woman You Know Where I Am Lovey Dovey Straight For Pam & Tony Nothin' For A Broken Heart The Bottle Flintoff What's Goin' On Straight From Rudolf Birckigt Straight From The Heart My Heart I'm Alright Lying In The Arms Of Mary Straight From Rachael McEnaney Love Letters The Heart Straight From Stephen Rutter Listen To My Heart The Heart Straight Shootin' Martin Ritchie All That Heaven Will Allow Shoot Straight From The Heart Honky Tonk Women Straight Tequila Jan Wyllie Straight Tequila Night Straight Tequila Cha Henry Damen Straight Thru Neville Fitzgerald Straight Through My Heart & Julie Harris Straight Thru Susan Puruleski Straight Through My Heart My Heart Straight To One John Dembiec Straight To...Number One Beautiful Girls Straight To You David Cheshire I Came Straight To You Straight To Alan Baraniuk Building Bridges Your Heart Something's Gotta Give Jezebel Straight Up Carolyn Robinson Straight Up Straight Up Raymond Sarlemijn Scandeluss & Roy Verdonk Straighten Up Jo Thompson Straighten Up & Fly Right Straighten Up Liz Clarke If You Don't Straighten Up Straighten Up Rob Fowler Straighten Up And Fly Right Straighten Up Terry Hogan Straighten Up And Fly Right And Fly Right Strait Action Jan Wyllie Gotta Get To You Strait and Narrow Tom Glover & Adalida John Hol Strait Cha-Cha Sal Gonzalez I Just Want To Dance With You Strait Dancin' Vicky McCulloch I Just Want To Dance With You Strait Dancing Jan Wyllie I Just Want To Dance With You Strait Exit Jan Wyllie The Cowboy Rides Away Strait From Nowhere Ruth Cubitt Middle Of Nowhere This Time I'm Takin' My Time Men Strait Love Mark A Smith Love Bug Strait Sinatra Swing Justine Fly Me To The Moon Shuttleworth Strait Sky Slide Fred Rapoport Blue Clear Sky Cain's Blood Dance! Shout! You Gotta Love That Gone Country My Heart Has A History Swinging On My Baby's Chain Pink Cadillac Sticks And Stones Strait Talkin' Lavinia & Don't Make Me Come Over There And Love You Mick Shann Gonna Move Across The River Strait Up Tracy Brown Baby Your Baby Stranded Jackie Brennan Stranded Stranded Gordon Timms Stranded Strange Terri Anderson Strange Strange Happenings Terry McHugh Strange Things Strange Love Jan Wyllie Stranger Strange Sensation Charyle Hartje & This Night Won't Last Forever Gary Clayton Strange Vibrations Jenny Olsen This Night Won't Last Forever Stranger Carl Sullivan Stranger In My Mirror Female Bonding Stranger Harold Grimshaw Stranger In My House Stranger Red Russell Talking To A Stranger I Wish That I Could Fall In Love Today Uptown Girl Stranger Boogie Monte L. Higgins Stranger In My Mirror In The Mood Right On The Money Stranger In My House Gordon Elliott Stranger In My House Strangers, The Clive Skipper The Bug Strangers Love Peter Thijssen Stranger Strangle Hold Jan Wyllie What Kind Of Hold Strapped Fer Cash Adrian Lacamp Money In The Bank Straw Dust Michele Perron Never Be Anyone Else But You Excuse Me (I Think I've Got A Headache) Somebody's Back In Town Strawberries CeeJay Strawberry Wine Strawberry Waltz Peter Metelnick Strawberry Wine Love Ain't Worth Making Did I Shave My Legs For This Strawberry Wine Chris Jackson Strawberry Wine Stray Cat Strut Unknown Stray Cat Strut Stray Dog Strut Cindy Truelove When I Come Back I Wanna Be My Dog Walkin' The Dog Streamlinin' Chris & Richard Southern Streamline Hodgson Don't Love Make A Diamond Shine Street Dance Double Trouble Dancing In the Streets Street Dancer William Sevone The Streets (Jie Diao) Street Danzin Rob Fowler Dancing In The Street Street Soul Masters In Line Until You Come Back To Me Street Talk Yvonne Johnson & Street Talk Scott Turpin Street Walk Deb Crew Down On The Corner Street Walk Liam Hrycan Streetwalker Street Walkin' Glynn Rodgers Streets Of Bakersfield Coco Jambo Hey Little Suzie Street Wise Lyndsay Moutter Sin Wagon Streets Of Fire Diane Kale Would You Go With Me (Go With Me) Streets Of Nashville John Rowell The Streets Of Nashville Walking Shoes Bring It On Down To My House The Streets Are Ours Christien Tonight The Streets Are Ours van Londen Streets Shuffle Unknown Bakersfield Street It Takes Two Poor Man Blues Strength Of A Woman Diana Bishop Strength Of A Woman Stretch Your Legs Larry Bass I Get So Rattled Bad For Good Lovey Dovey I Want You Back Stretchin' Denim Melanie Greenwood This One's Gonna Hurt You Lost & Found Jealous Bone Some Kind Of Trouble Stretchin' The Truth Jan Wyllie A Lie Strictly 4/4 Pam Cohen It Don't Get Better Than This Strictly Love Shannon Strickland What Is Love Strike A Match Moses Bourassa Jr. I'd Lied & Barbara Picture To Burn Frechette Strike A Pose Stephen Sunter & Vogue John Robinson Ain't Gonna Worry About Love No More Don't Let This Moment End Strong Enough Strike It Lucky Stephen Rutter Lucky Me Strike It Up Kelvin Elvidge Another Night Where Do You Go Strike It Up You Can Run Down Came A Blackbird Strimmer Man The Hillbilly Refried Dreams Rockers Line Dancers Strings Of Fire Susan Ann Young Strings Of Fire Strings Of Fire Terry O'Farrell Strings Of Fire The Stripper Linda Kalinowski The Stripper Stripteez Tiffany Benbenek, Skinnydippin' Derek Steele & John Robinson Strobe Lights Rachael McEnaney Strobe Lights Stroganoff Tracey McIntosh Strong Enough Strokin' Unknown Strokin' Stroll Unknown Black Velvet Stroll Along Cha Cha John & Janette Because You're Mine Sandham Strollen Shanon Dickson Love's Got A Hold On You Strollin' Henry Costa Streetwalker Walkin' On Me Sweet Love Fanatik The Heart Of Rock & Roll A Taste Of Boogie Strollin' Joe Barry Muniz Poor Me Brilliant Conversationalist Cat Walk Strolling The Blues Judy Smith Love The Man Shari Ann Watching My Baby Not Coming Back The Stroma Dance Niels Poulsen Alors On Dance Strong Lisa Foord & Strong Enough Susan Byrne Strong Paul O'Connor That's What Makes You Strong Strong Enough June 'The Lady Strong Enough In Black' Strong Enough Maureen Jeffries Strong Enough Moving On Up I Won't Leave You Lonely Rock This Country Whatever You Do, Don't Strong Enough Leanne Ashcroft Strong Enough Strong Enough Bryan McWherter Strong Enough Strong Enough Nigel & Barbara Strong Enough Payne Strong One, The Hilary Gatehouse The Strong One Strong Weakness Julia Jackson Strong Weakness The Heart Knows The Truth Strong Winds Cha Robert Delong 4 Strong Winds Stronger Dianne Kickert Stronger Stronger Faster Christopher Petre Stronger Stronger Than Before Jeannie Woolman I Am Who I Am I Will Love Again Stronger Than Me Kevin & Maria Stronger Than Me Angel To Love Stronger Than Me Gemma Harrison You're Stronger Than Me Struck A Nerve Deborah Lenzi I Can't Take You Anywhere Struck By Lightning Steve Knowles Friday At Five Storm Of Love Strummin' Roy Greene XXX's & OOO's Girls With Guitars Baby Likes To Rock It Whiskey Under The Bridge Strung Out Lawrence Allen & Because Of You Angela Helmsing Strut Unknown Fishin' In The Dark Strut Trish Arena Strut Strut 'N' Run Janette Marie The Pascagoula Run Trotter Strut N' Stroll Nancy A. Morgan Take It Back Honky Tonk Walkin Some Kind Of Trouble Strut 'N Vines Judy McDonald Kind Of Like It's Love Strut Your Stuff John & Janette Strut Your Stuff Sandham Strutin' Your Stuff Jim & Judy Wells You Say You Will No News Strutters' Waltz Dianne Joseph Amanda Up Close And Personal Old Friend Struttin Andrew Kennedy Every Little Thing Baby Likes To Rock It Trying To Get To New Orleans Struttin' Country John H. Robinson Bury The Shovel Soldier Of Love Somebody To Love You Dance! Shout! When Will I Ever Learn Strutting Time Shirley Batson Bubba Hyde Little Miss Honky Tonk Eugene, You Genius Stuck In A Cage Chris Watson Little Bird Stuck In Love Alan G. Birchall Stuck In Love Stuck In Polka Kevin Stouthandel Stuck Stuck In The Middle Jamie Jones Hard Lovin' Woman Stuck In The Middle Sue Johnstone Stuck In The Middle Take Me Home Stuck In The Middle Josie Pickles Stuck In The Middle Stuck In The Middle Roy Verdonk, Stuck In The Middle With You Wil Bos, José Miquel Belloque Vane Stuck Inside The Box Guyton Mundy Easy To Believe Somebody Like You Stuck Like Glue Jenny Ogden Stuck Like Glue Stuck Like Glue Marlow Cooper & Stuck Like Glue Susan Hunt Stuck Like Glue Chris Kuchar Stuck Like Glue Stuck Like Glue Craig Bennett Stuck Like Glue Stuck On Brooklyn Junior Willis Stuck Like Glue Stuck On Elvis Kathryn Sloan & Stuck On You Jackie McIlrick Stuck On Hold Michael Barr Paint The Town Redneck aka Rockin' Robin Rockin' Robin Squeeze Me In Stuck On You Tracie Lee Your Tattoo Stuck On You Maggie Gallagher Stuck On You & Rob Fowler Stuck On You Rod Pierce Stuck On You Stuck On You Phyllis Stuck On You Paulantonio Stuck On You Rick & Stuck On You Deborah Bates Stuck On You Melissa Taylor Stuck On You Stuck On You! Chris Hodgson Stuck On You Stuck On You Jane Newhard Stuck On You Stuck On You Meiske Pamaputera Stuck On You Stuck On You Michael Diven & Stuck Like Glue Joni Jaio Stuck On You Lorraine Shelton & Stuck On You Anne Herd Stuck With ...? Pim van Grootel Stuck Like Glue Stuck With You Cee Jay Stuck In The Middle With You Stuff You Michele Perron Stuff You Gotta Watch Gotta Watch Stumblin' Colleen Archer Stumblin' In Stumblin' & Fallin' Terry Hogan I Said I Love You Stumblin' In Phil Carpenter Stumblin' In King Of Fools Stumblin' In Jan Wyllie Stumblin' In Stumped!?! Peter Metelnick Smack Dab Tall, Tall Trees Deep Down Life Goes On Gone Country Jingle My Bells Put Your Heart Into It Stupid John Coulter Don't Be Stupid Stupid Janet L. Peel Don't Be Stupid Stupid Cupid Doug & Julie Laing No One Needs To Know Stupid Cupid Dari Anne Amato Don't Be Stupid Cry Of The Celts Stupid Cupid Yvonne Hammond Stupid Cupid Stupid Cupid Anne Herd Stupid Cupid Stupid Dance, The Unknown Burnin' Love Stupid Girl Masters In Line Stupid Girl Stupid In Love Rachael McEnaney Stupid In Love Stupid Mistake Wesley Cowie Anyone Of Us Stupid Mistake! Dave "The Rave" & Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake) Jane Gibson Stupid Sh t Jo & John Kinser, Stupid S*** Mark Furnell In The Ayer Stupidville Audrey Watson Stupidville Stuttering Terry McHugh Stuttering (Kiss Me Again) Stylin' Parry Spence Where He Left Off Suave Movidas Ron Kline Come On Over (Smooth Moves) Suavecito Chris Hodgson Suavecito Suavemente Doug Miranda & Suavemente Jackie Snyder Sube-Amor Karen Hunn Se Me Sube Such A Feeling Wrangler Wild Top Of The World Su-Cha Fool Stephen Sunter All That I Need (Such A Fool) There Goes The Neighborhood My First Last, One And Only If I Never Stop Loving You Such A Night Carl Sullivan Such A Night Such A Pretty Leonie Smallwood I Wanna Be Your Man Little Thing Sudden Stop Stephen Sunter Sudden Stop Suddenly Colleen Archer Suddenly Sudbury Home Eric & Connie Sue Every Little Thing Boogie II Toth Sudden Drop Rob Fowler Drop Me Gently Suddenly Alone William Sevone Suddenly The Suds Norma Jean Fuller Suds In The Bucket Suds In A Bucket... Kira Jacobs & Suds In A Bucket Paul Snooke Suds In The Bucket Yvonne Anderson Suds In The Bucket Sue Roy Verdonk, Run Around Sue Raymond Sarlemijn, Pim van Grootel, Darren Bailey, Jose Belloque Vane, Daniel Trepat, Wil Bos Sue Roy Verdonk, Run Around Sue Raymond Sarlemijn, Pim van Grootel, Darren Bailey, Jose Belloque Vane, Daniel Trepat, Wil Bos Su'Em Lolly David 'Taz' Morgan That Girls Been Spying On Me Sea Of Cowboy Hats Rock This Country Sueño Su Boca Rep Ghazali Sueño Su Boca South Of Santa Fe Suerte Sophie Archimbaud- Suerte (Whenever, Wherever) Bucaille Sugar Trevor Green Sugar Sugar & Pai Kelli Haugen Sugar And Pai Sugar And Sugar Glennys Croston Sugar Sugar Sugar Cane Shack Violet Ray Sugar Cane Shack Sugar Coated Love Daniel Whittaker Over You Sugar Daddy Barry Woods Sugar Daddy Redneck Girl Sugar Dip Bill Bader I'll Tell You What Sweet Little Shoe Elvira That's The Way I Like It Sugar Foot Jive Lyn Abbott Out Of Habit Let's Live It Up Sugar Kane Coral Tucker It Happens Sugar Kisses Connie Frendt Day Off Sugar Kisses Terry Cullingham Lips Like Sugar Heavy Fuel A Thing Called Love Sugar Kix Gloria Johnson Sugar Sugar Sugar Lips Junior Willis & All I Wanna Do John Robinson Sugar N' Spice Ed Lawton & Sugar Adrian Churm Sugar Pie Mike Hitchen I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) Sugar Push Barbara Mendelsohn Baby It's Cold Outside Sugar Push Bonnie Reimisch Why Haven't I Heard From You Rock Bottom No One Else On Earth Woman Sensuous Woman Nothin's Changed Here Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On Heartache Tonight Pocket Of A Clown Bubba Hyde Tryin' To Get To New Orleans Sugar Push Twist Carol Jensen Let Me Into Your Heart Sugar Sauce Stella Wilden No Valentines Day Melbourne Mambo Sugar Smacks Rico Dorsey Just Enough Rope Jukebox Junkie Sugar, Sugar Jo Coleman/Kinser Sugar, Sugar Sugar Sugar Alison Johnstone Sugar, Sugar Just What I Do Sugar Sugar Doug Miranda Sugar, Sugar Sugar Sweet John Dembiec Sugar High You'll Think Of Me Sugar Talk! Jenny Bounds Sugar Talk Sugar Talk Michelle Sugar Talk Chandonnet Sugar Town Michael Haigh Sugar Town Sugar Town Gary R. Weekley Bop Sugar Town Rock William Sevone Sugar Town Sugar Train Bill McGee & The Sugar Train Song (Off The Track) Candy Buker Best Years Of Our Lives Sugar Twist Elaine Douris On A Night Like This Sugarbush Mary Kelly I Can't Dance The Blue Page Some Kind Of Trouble Sugarfoot Sheila Smith Two Dollars In The Jukebox Ridin' The Rodeo That's What Honky Tonks Are For Sugarfoot Boogie Knox Rhine Crazy Over You Sound of Your Goodbye Boot Scootin' Boogie Cadillac Ranch Sugarfoot Rag Barry Amato Sugar Foot Rag Sugarfoot Shuffle Peter Metelnick What's The Dang Deal I Got You All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Sugarfoot Shuffle Rick & Kathy Snap Your Fingers Stearns Sugarfoot Twist Marjo Ranta Born To Boogie Sugarland Express Larry & Jody She Wants To Drive My Truck Carriger Cold Outside Down On The Corner Sugarland Shuffle Sue Ann Ehmann All I Want To Do Sugarland Walk Barb Addeo All I Want To Do Sugartoes Vicki Rader Big Hair I Brake For Brunettes That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me Shine Them Buckles On A Good Night Sugartown Mark Simpkin & Sugartown Robin Imms Sugartown Max Perry Sugar Town Suicidal Cha Chris Seguin Beautiful Girls Cradle Of Love Drop That Bass Suicide Blonde Unknown For a Change What Kind of Man My Kind of Girl Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under Suicide Blonde Suicide Rock Unknown Suitcase Full Ed Lawton Suitcase Full Of Blues Of Blues Sukiyaki Max Perry Sukiyaki Sultans Swing Betty McNeill Sultans Swing Sum'm Sum'm Guyton Mundy Everybody's Got There Something Summer Bob Izral Summer Gonna Come Again Summer & Winter Barry Porter Summer Son Summer Beat Wanda Heldt Mexico I Can Hear Your Heartbeat There Goes My Heart Summer Boys Will Craig Boys Of Summer Summer Breeze Peter Metelnick Love Me, Love Me Summer Breeze, A Patricia E. Stott How Deep Is Your Love If I Never Stop Loving You Summer Daze Don Deyne Lone Star In The Sky Steam Summer Days A Matter Of Time Summer Fever Rafel Corbi Summertime Fever Summer Fiesta Lewis Lee El Humahuaqueno Summer Fling Jan Brookfield Summer Fling Rainy Night Does Your Daddy Know About Me Summer Groovin' Andy Williams Groovy Little Summer Song Summer Holiday Tommy Speight Uncle John From Jamaica Summer Holiday Knox Rhine Summer Holiday Summer In Alabama Michel Platje & All Summer Long Anita Zwiers Summer In Dixie Diane Kale Summer In Dixie Summer Is Magic John H. Robinson The Summer Is Magic & Frank Trace Summer Love Anita Ludlow Summer Love Summer Love Christina Walker Summer Of Love Summer Love Chris Hodgson Ataque De Amor Summer Love Maria Tao Summer Love Summer Night Cha Cha Ir Torre Summer Night Summer Night Tango Regina Cheung Slow Love/Tango Of The Summer Night Summer Nights Gerard Murphy Summer Nights Summer Nights Kevin Richards Summer Nights Mayberry Summer Of Love Stevie-Ann Deeble Summer Of Love & Stacie White Cartoon Heroes Summer Of Love Lisa Salomon Summer Of Love Summer Of Love Yvonne Ditchfield Summer Of Love Summer Passion Gerry Morrison That Summer Tunnel Of Love Summer Rain Ed Lawton Livin' Life Lovin' You Summer Rockin' Malene Jakobsen Summer Love Summer Song Carolyn & Rick Groovy Little Summer Song Robinson Vibeology Summer Storm Jan Wyllie That Summer Summer Travelling Louise Elfvengren Summer Tour Runaway Celtix Mix Summer Wind Karen Tripp Summer Wind Summer Wine Winnie Yu Summer Wine Summer Wine DJ Dan & Wynette Summer Wine Miller Summerfly Jenny Rockett Summerfly Have You Ever Been Lonely Special Absent Friends Somewhere In My Heart Summer's Comin' Charlie & Neal Summer's Comin' Mifsud Summer's Comin' Bob Boesel Summer's Comin' Summertime Paulette Hylands Summertime Summertime Ann Thomson-Buhler In The Summertime Summertime Blues Ralph Dishaw Summertime Blues Summertime Blues Warren Fleming Summertime Blues Summertime Boogie Gloria Johnson & Girls Of Summer Dusty Miller Summertime Cha Cha Max Perry In The Summertime Another Sad Song Summertime Country Anna Balaguer Summertime Blues Farmers Summertime Fever Audrey Higgins Summertime Fever Summerzcool Michael W. Diven Summerzcool Sumthin' Else Kelli Haugen Let Your Love Flow Sumthin' Good Kelli Haugen I'm Into Something Good Sumthing's Rong Deb Crew There'd Be Something Wrong Help Me Rhonda Sun Arise Doug Miranda & Sun Arise Jackie Snyder Sun Dance Unknown Do You Wanna Make Something Of It? Hearts Are Gonna Roll Life's A Dance Fast As You Sun Down Bob Trace When The Sun Goes Down Keg In The Closet Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me Everywhere Sun Shiny Day Gerald Biggs I Can See Clearly Now Sun Song Jan Wyllie We'll Sing In The Sunshine Sun Zooter Zoe Ruston DooDah Sun-A-Rise Cha Cha Country Backbeats Sun Arise Sunchyme Stevie B Sunchyme Born In Britain Sunchyme William Ambrose Sunchyme The Best Equador Staying Alive Sundance Unknown Safe In the Arms Of Love Sticks and Stones Take A Little Trip I've Got It Made Somebody's In Love Sundance Hustle Jill Geeson Hold On You Sundance Jam Jamie Smith Duelling Banjos Sundance Shuffle Unknown Sunday Rae Gillott Sunday Sunrise Sunday Break Robbie McGowan Closed On Sunday Hickie & Ria Vos Sunday Driver Kathy Heller Sunday Driver Baby Once I Get You Singing In The Rain Ain't Wastin' Good Whiskey Sunday Money Mike Lochridge Sunday Money (Dale Earnhardt) Sunday Morning Niels Poulsen Easy Like Sunday Morning Sunday Morning Girl Andrew, Simon Sunday Girl & Sheila Sunday Night Special Dave & Mary Ann Hittin' The Hay Emerling Old Pop In An Oak The One You Love The Most Sunday School Blue Pete Harkness Bible Belt Sunday Shimmy Jill Palmer & Two Teardrops Jodie Wilkinson Sunday Stroll Donna Eidinger Born To Run Louisiana Saturday Night Am I The Only One Who Cares Sunday Sun Samantha Cherry Don't Marry Her Sundown Val Parry Sundown Sundown Kash-Lee Bane Sundown Sundown Grooving Michael & When The Sun Goes Down Ann Repko Sundown Waltz Robbie Sundown In Nashville McGowan Hickie Sundowner Kathie Wharton All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Sundowner Gloria Johnson When The Sun Goes Down Sunflower Unknown Rocky Top Orange Blossom Special Sunflower Unknown Sunflower Sunflower Waltz Andy Chumbley Fields Near La Rochelle Sunflower Waltz Eva Pau Sunflower Sunflowers Gloria Johnson Land Of The Living Sunglasses Pedro Machado Sunglasses On My Heart Sunglasses Tajali Hall Sunglasses Sunlight Waltz Sue Coats The Winding Stream Sunny Unknown Wink Sunny Noel Bradey Sunny S U N N Y Doug Miranda & Sunny Jackie Snyder Sunny Holiday John Ng Sunny Holiday Sunny Island Chris Shiells Island In The Sun Sunny Side Up Michele Perron On The Sunny Side Of The Street Juice On The Loose Sho'Enough I Want Wade In The Water Beauty On The TV Screen Me And My Baby It's Only A Paper Moon Sunrise Kathy Forrest Tequila Sunrise Sunrise Val Parry Sunrise Suns Goin' Down Shanon Dickson When The Sun Goes Down Sunset Val Reeves No One Else On Earth Everything's Gonna Be All Right Call The Preacher Sunset Blues Jan Wyllie Halekulani Sunset Sunset Bolero Max Perry Come Sunset Sunset Cha Johnny J. When The Sun Goes Down Island Un Momento Alla Tougher Than The Rest Wonderful Waste Of Time Trail Of Tears Rumor Has It Guajira Y Yo Sigo Aquí Torero Sunset Cowboy Bev Senft Ride On Into The Sunset Sunset Dreaming Kylie Brown Djapana Sunset Freedom Bev Costantino Lonely Heart Rider After Midnight I Won't Cry Swamp Thing Sunset In Your Eyes Peter Metelnick Lipstick & Alison Biggs Sunset Mambo Daniel Whittaker Price Tag Sweat Sunset Ride Teea Riihuhta Ride On Into The Sunset Sunset Stampede Ian St Leon Ride On Into The Sunset Sunshine Rob Fowler Sunshine Sunshine Jan Wyllie What Do You Say To That Sunshine Craig Cooke Sunshine Sunshine Judy Cain You Are The Sunshine Of My Life Sunshine Barry Durand Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone Sunshine Daniel Whittaker Sunshine Sunshine Barbara lowe A Brighter Day Sunshine Rita M. Kyle Baby Keep Smiling The Elvis Thing Whiskey Under The Bridge Sunshine & Love Wrangler Wild Sunshine And Love Sunshine & Peter Metelnick Sunshine And Summertime Summertime Sunshine And Shy-Anne Hewitt Sunshine And Summer Time Summer Time Sunshine Boogie Scott Schrank I'm Your Boogie Man Sunshine Cha Cha Pat Pottage Old Hippie Sunshine Cha Cha Jan Wyllie Sunshine Girl Sunshine Cowboy Dianne Joseph Shipwrecked Sunshine Every Day Alan Haywood Breeze On By Sunshine Express Knox Rhine Sea Of Cowboy Hats Wild & Free XXX's And OOO's Sunshine In The Rain Steve Mason & Sunshine In The Rain Claire Ball Sunshine In The Rain Larry Hayden Sunshine In The Rain Love Don't Let Me Go (walking away) The Final Countdown Eye Of The Tiger In The Army Now Right Here Waiting For You Sunshine On A Anita Ludlow Sunshine On A Rainy Day Rainy Day Sunshine Shuffle Rob Fowler Brown Eyed Girl La Mucara Sunshine Shuffle Ed Cunningham Hearts And Flowers Sunshine Stomp Jan Brookfield You Are My Sunshine Sunshine Sugarfoot Mat Baker Walkin' On Sunshine Sunshine Swing Larry Bass Physical Honky Tonk Attitude Sunshine Walk Ann Thomson-Buhler Walking In The Sunshine Sunshine Waltz Gaye Teather All For The Love Of Sunshine Super Bitch 2 Amy Christian-Sohn Keeps Getting Better Super Coffee Amanda Kerry Coffee Super Duper Slide Jenifer Reaume Super Love Kansas City Super Hero Tracie Lee S On My Chest Super Hero Karen Bleuer Superhero Wild West Hero Prisoner Of Love Jungle Boogie Super Love Steve & Jane Super Love Putnam Love Shack Super Love Mary Frances Chua Super Conducter Attraction Superbad Strut John Dembiec Too Hot To Stop, Part 1 Superbitch Neville Fitzgerald Keeps Getting Better & Julie Harris Superfly Kathy Brown Coastal Confessions Piece Of Work Back To The Island Move Your Body Superfly Sister Cruel Summer Superglue Tony & Lana Wilson Stuck Like Glue Superhero Rob Fowler Superhero Superking Twist Ros Brander Wasting Time With You And Stomp Stephenson The Losing Side Of Me Superkings Shake Ros Brander- That's The Way I Like It Stephenson Superman Chris Hodgson Hang In There Superman Supermodelz Kathy Hunyadi & Supermodel Gerard Murphy Supernatural William Sevone Supernatural Blue Bayou Why Can't We Live Together Tired Of Being Alone Something Stupid (Sitting On) The Dock Of The Bay Swinging On A Star Memphis Soul Stew Blue Bayou Walkin' On Me Gotta Be Forever Cold Outside Supernatural Dee Musk Supernatural Supersonic Craig Bennett Supersonic Supersonique Sarah-Jane Marriot It Feels So Good Superstar Kathy Hunyadi You're A Superstar I Keep Forgetting How Forever Feels Superstar Mark Furnell Superstar Superstar Jezza Superstar Superstar Mark Cosenza Superstar Cruise Control Superstar David Camm Superstar Superstar Audrey Watson T.V. Makes The Superstar Sea Of Heartbreak Superstar Wil Bos & Superstar Roy Verdonk Superstition Kevin Winn Livin' La Vida Loca Superstition Tina Argyle Superstition Superstition Noel Bradey Knock On Wood Superwoman Francien Sittrop Superwoman & Ryan Hunt Sup'r Star Sarah Hay Big Star Supreme Alan G. Birchall Love Supreme Supremes Cha Cha Michele Perron Someday We'll Be Together Not So Merry Christmas Sure Do! Noel Bradey I Hope You Dance Sure Feels Real Good Christine Barron & Sure Feels Real Good Rosemaree Tieman Sure Feels Real Good Ruth Lambden Sure Feels Real Good Sure Hope You Bracken Potter & Sure Hope You Mean It Mean It Linda Ellis Sure Shot Shuffle Robert C. Weaver Down To Your Last One More Dixie Lullaby Kiss This Didn't Your Man Tell Ya Hold You, Kiss You, Love You Men In Black Wannabe 40 Days & 40 Nights Steps Sure Thang Dan Albro 99.9% Sure Sure Thing Paula J. Graves Sure Thing Don't Call Me Baby If I Fall You're Going Down With Me Don't Be Stupid Surf & Turf Ken Pickup Sea Of Cowboy Hats Surf 'N' Step Durline Melanson If The Jukebox Took Teardrops Unbelievable Surfing In Christine Bass Surfing In A Hurricane A Hurricane Surfin' Rodeo Warren & Jean Surfin' Rodeo O'Leary Surfin' St. Louis Jim & Martie Surf Medley Ferrazzano Surfing With Violet Ray Surfing With The Dolphins The Dolphins Surf's Up 'Rodeo' Ruth Surf Medley Surfs Up William Sevone Surfin USA Surly Boogie Bobby Horn Wishful Thinking Well Oiled Lovin' Machine Surrender John H. Robinson Be With You Blue Bedroom The More I Love You That's The Way It Is A Grain Of Salt For You Surrender Roberta Burke Alone I Surrender Surrender Tom Glover I Said I Love You Surrender Judy McDonald Surrender Surrender Mark Furnell Surrender Surrender David Cheshire Surrender Surrender Rafel Corbi Lovin' All Night Surrender Too Jenny Leebetter I Surrender Surrender Your Love D&J Dance - Surrender Debbie Graham & John Carrington Surround Me Margaret Warren Surround Me With Love With Love Survival The Girls (Maureen Free (Let It Be) & Michelle) I Can't Take You Anywhere I Know A Wall When I See One Don't Go Out Forgive Me Survive Joe White I Will Survive She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy Survivor Noel Bradey In Spite Of It All Survivor David Kopcych I Will Survive Survivor Trevor Eaton I'm A Survivor Susie's Dance Sue Halliday Lonely Too Long A Man This Lonely Me Too Susie's Slide Janet Hardinge Run-Around Sue Suspicion Lois Lightfoot Suspicion Suspicion Bill Larson Suspicion Suspicious Johan Kieftenburg Fever Kung Fu Fighting Suspicious Mind Joe Armstrong Suspicious Mind Suspicious Minds Teresa & Vera Suspicious Minds Angel Of No Mercy Dancing In The Moonlight Let Your Love Flow Suspicious Minds Linda Burgess Suspicious Minds Suzie Q Dave Munro Happened On A Saturday Night Suzy D Susan Day Funkytown Staying Alive Suzy-Drew, The Regina Waldron Man! I Feel Like A Woman Suzy "Q" Unknown I Am A Simple Man Swagger, The Esme Wolfson I Know Where It's At Peter Gunn Theme You Bug Me In The Midnight Hour Cowboy Beat Baby Knows Swamp Rat Unknown I'm In Love With A Capitol U Twang Breaking Hearts & Taking Names Till The Cows Come Home Good Brown Gravy Down On The Farm If Bubba Can Dance Mountain Of Love American Honky-Tonk Bar Association Swamp Shake Anita McNab Raised On Swamp Pop Music The Way She Shakes That Thing Swamp Snake Johnny Montana Swamp Thing I'm Too Sexy Suicide Blonde I'm A Cowboy Swamp Stomp Sheila Base & Swamp Stomp Jan Jones Swamp Thing Unknown Swamp Thing Cotton Eye Joe Swanning Around Kim Swan I Hope You Want Me Too Amor Sway Michelle Jones (Mucho Mambo) Sway Sway Carl Sullivan Sway Sway Mark Cosenza Sway Sway A.T. Kinson Sway Sway Easy Jan Wyllie Sway Sway 4 One Blazing Boots I Swear Here In The Real World When You Say Nothing At All It's Your Call Sway Me Lisa Johns-Grose Sway Sway To The Rhythm Ed Lawton Sway Sway Too Late Pati Fall I'll Be Your San Antone Rose Dance The Night Away Sway With Me Michael Haigh (Mucho Mambo) Sway Sway With Me! Patty Hui HuaWu Sway Swayzee Shuffle Alan Lewis I Had The Time Of My Life Swear It Again Mikael Mölsä Swear It Again Sweat Michael Kiehm & Steetwalker John Kielbasa Sweat Of Your Brow Rep Ghazali Sweat Of Your Brow Sweaty Dogg Ria Vos Sweat Swedish Delight Louise Elfvengren Fait Accompli Swedish Polka Stella Wilden & I Was Made For Lovin' You Linda Roberts Ace In The Hole Can't Stop Now Angel, Angelina Sweep, The Sue Duncan Sweep Movin' Out To The Country Sweep, The Todd Lescarbeau Sweep No Tengo Dinero Little Locolito Get Down In The Summertime Donnie Heaven's What I Feel Sweep Up Katie Smith Cinderella Sweeping Angel Rob Fowler Angel Cry Of The Celts Sweeping With Tommy TNT Bailey Sweeping With Shovels And Digging With Brooms Shovels Sweet Larry Bass (A Real Good Way) To Wind Up Lonesome Sugar Town Drive Time Sweet John Dembiec The Sweet Escape Sweet Adalida Kate Valentin Adalida Sweet Addiction Daniel Whittaker Should I, Would I, Could I & Kate Sala Time To Time Sweet Alabama Tracy Brown Sweet Home Alabama Sweet And Simple Ed Lawton Christmas In Dixie Sweet And Sour Peter Fry She's Got It All Sweet & Sour Daniel Whittaker Witchqueen Of Eldorado Life Is A Highway Sweet And Tender Bracken Potter & Love That Girl Linda Ellis Sweet Baby Amanda Peterson Way Gone Sweet Baby Norman Dery Oh Me, Oh My Sweet Baby Sweet Baby Colleen Archer Rollin' My Sweet Baby's Arms Sweet Baby Jenifer Wolf Oh Me Oh My Sweet Box William Ambrose Everything's Gonna Be Alright Duelling Banjos Sweet Café Pete Harkness Diesel Café Sweet Caroline Kath Dickens Sweet Caroline Sweet Chariot Robbie Halvorson Swing Low Sweet Chariot Sweet Christine Gene Norton Sweet Thing Digs It Chicks Dig It Sweet Distraction Steve Lustgraaf & Sweet Distraction Letha Blackford Sweet Dreams Patricia E. Stott All I Have To Do Is Dream Sweet Dreams Barbie & Andy Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) Sweet Dreams Bertha Arseneau Sweet Dreams Fire Burning Goodbye Somebody American Cowboy U & Ur Hand Fallin' Down Love Story You Belong With Me Fallin' For You Y Yo Sigo Aqui Sweet Dreams For You Kathy Heller Sweet Dreams For You Sweet Eighteen Kenny Teh Ku Niang Se Pa I Tuo Hua Sweet Escape Barry Durand Sweet Escape Sweet Escape Alison Carrington The Sweet Escape & The Crew Sweet Feelings Cath Robb I Get The Sweetest Feeling Sweet Gypsy Rose Bill James Sweet Gypsy Rose Sweet Harmony Ian St Leon Captured Sweet Heaven Ira Weisburd Sweet Heaven (I'm In Love Again) Sweet Home Christine M. Bass Sweet Home Alabama Sweet Home Alabama Teri Rogers Sweet Home Alabama Sweet Home Chicago Ann Napier Sweet Home Chicago Old Time Rock & Roll Love You Too Much She's Not You Sweet Home Chicago Diane Kale Sweet Home Chicago Sweet Joanna Unknown Give Me Hope Joanna Sweet Kisses Elaine Jordan Love Is Strange Sweet Like Chocolate Giam Beng Kwang Sweet Like Chocolate Sweet Like Chocolate IR Torre Sweet Like Chocolate Sweet Like Cola Francien Sittrop Sweet Like Cola Sweet Like Honey Karen Bleuer Sweet Like Honey K C & Rosemary Ang Tian Mi Mi Sweet Lips Bill Larson Lay Your Love On Me Sweet Lips Malene Jakobsen You're So Fine Sweet Little Corrina Kath Dickens Sweet Little Corrina Sweet Little Kim Ray Sweet Little Dangerous Dangerous Sweet Little Pete Harkness Sweet Little Dangerous Dangerous Red Lips, Blue Eyes, Little White Lies I Like It, I Love It Sweet Little Tracie Lee & Sweet Little Dangerous Dangerous Mark Simpkin Sweet Little Rick & Deborah Sweet Little Dangerous Dangerous Bates Rocket 88 Be My Baby Tonight Sweet Little Girls Double Trouble - Sweet Little Lisa Cathy M & Kathy K Sweet Little Lisa Roy Thompson Sweet Little Lisa Sweet Little Shuffle Matthew Krabbe Sweet Little Shoe Sweet Little Talk Talya Chatman You Never Take Me Dancing Sweet Little Things Andrew, Sheila & Sweet Little Things Vivienne Scott Sweet Lord Judith Kennedy My Sweet Lord Sweet Love Jane Middleton Love Is A Sweet Thing Sweet Lovin' James "JP" Potter Tonight's The Night & Bracken Ellis Some Kind Of Wonderful Sweet Magnolia Vine Jenifer Reaume Sweet Mama Karen Looker Sweet Mama Sweet Mama's Waltz Jan Wyllie Sweet Mama Blue Sweet Maria Dave Ingram My Maria Sweet Maria Rob Fowler Sweet Maria Sweet Meant To Be Trent Duncan Sweet Meant To Dance Michelle Warner Sweet Meant To Be Sweet Memories Wrangler Wild On The Wings Of An Angel River Of Tears Sweet Memories Judy McDonald Sweet Memories All In My Heart Sweet Memory Lynda Green All I Can Be Sweet Mischief Mark A & Trevor Sweet Miss Behavin Smith Sweet 'n' Sassy Maurice Rowe & Watch Your Mouth Melissa Daum Don't Play Nice Sweet Nothings Addie Wells Sweet Nothings Sweet Nothins' Denise Stone Sweet Nothins' Put Your Heart Into It Playboy Soul Country Sweet Nothin's Gina Mello Sweet Nothin's Seven Year Ache Dream Walkin' Bar Room Romeo Sweet Nothin's Karen Grave Sweet Nothin's Sweet Nothings Paula Baker Sweet Nothings Sweet Pea Gloria Johnson Honey, I'm Home Sweet Potato Pie Rick & Deborah Leap Of Faith Bates I'll Make Everything Alright Billy B. Bad Sweet Rain Liam Hrycan Sugar Town Sight For Sore Eyes I'm A Cowboy Sweet Rain Linda Burgess Say Maybe Sweet Rapture Diana Bishop Rapture Sweet Red Wine Eddy Knipe Callin' Baton Rouge Sweet Revenge Unknown Elvira No One Needs To Know You Win My Love If It Don't Take Two Sweet Revenge Simon Ward One Day In Your Life Sweet Revenge Anne Herd & Blown Away Chris Watson Sweet Romance Robbie Baby (You Got What It Takes) McGowan Hickie If You Ever Saw Her Movin' Out To The Country Sweet Secret Shelli Blake I Wanna Get To You Sweet Senorita Jan Wyllie Sweet Senorita Sweet Sensation Peter Metelnick & I Want Candy Alison Biggs I Will...But Sweet Sensation The Girls (Maureen Sweet Little Corinna & Michelle) Don't Pretend With Me Sweet Sensations Jenifer Reaume It's Now Or Never Graceland Como Me Duele Perderte Begin The Beguine Sweet Shelley Charlotte Skeeters Shelley Will You Dance With Me Shuffle Sweet Sister Sadiah Heggernes Hey Soul Sister Sweet Smile Bill Bader When My Little Girl Is Smiling Sweet Smile Tim Gauci Sweet, Sweet Smile Sweet Smiles Terry Dunbar Sweet Sweet Smile Sweet Southern Linda Burgess Sweet Southern Comfort Comfort Sweet Surrender Chris Hodgson Can't Fight The Moonlight Oh Girl (You Know Where To Find Me) Heartache Highway This Time I'm Takin' My Time Sweet Sweet Smile Fi Scott & Sweet Sweet Smile Johnny Two-Step Sweet Sweet Smile Paul Clifton Sweet Sweet Smile Sweet Sweet Sugar Audrey Higgins Sugar Bee Whiskey Under The Bridge Rock This Country Sweet Sweet Wine Judy McDonald Sweet Sweet Wine Sweet Talk Madeleine Jones Sweet Talk & Good Lies True Sweet Talk Glynn Holt Sweet Talk And Good Lies Sweet Talkin' Steve Mason Sweet Talk & Good Lies Sweet Talking Woman Max Perry Sweet Talking Woman Sweet Tea Kathy Heller Good Directions Keep Your Hands To Yourself Sweet Temptation Terry Hogan Lead Me Not Some Fools Rock & Roll Waltz Sweet Thing William Sevone My Man, A Sweet Man Magic Moments You've Got To Talk To Me Feel The Need In Me Do I Love You (Deed I Do) Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart Singing The Blues You're Ready Now A Man Like Me Wade In The Water I Can't Help Myself Party Zone Sweeter Than Karen Hedges When the Sun Goes Down Molassas Sweeter The Kiss Dave Munro The Longer The Waiting Sweeter With Time Donna Laurin Dust On The Bottle Sweetest Feeling Wesley Cowie I Get The Sweetest Feeling Sweetest Feeling William Sevone (I Get The) Sweetest Feeling Real Things Bubblin' Trick Me Best Of My Love Long After Tonight Is All Over Light In Your Eyes Come As You Are The In Crowd Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy The Sweetest Thing Kim Ray You To Me Are Everything Sweetheart Andrew Palmer & Sweetheart Simon J. Cox Sweetheart Of Candi B Sweetheart Of Beinja Bayou The Bayou Freedom Sweetheart Unknown Hard Workin' Man Schottische Texas Tattoo T-R-O-U-B-L-E Any Where But Here Walkin' Outside the Fire Sweetheart Strut Cassandra McCann My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You & David Law Sweetheart Tree Kenny Teh Sweetheart Tree Sweetheart Waltz Jeff Allen Dreaming My Dreams With You Sweethearts Trevor Eaton & I Still Believe Lesley McIvor Sweethearts Again Lesley Johnston Sweethearts Again Make It Look Easy Sweethearts Waltz Rob & Michelle Let Me Call You Sweetheart Fowler Sweetie Cindy Truelove Sweets For My Sweet Itty Bitty Little Single Solitary Piece Of My Heart What A Crying Shame Rockin' Pneumonia Sweetie Birthe Tygesen & One Sweet Day Niels B. Poulsen Sweetness Of Judy Rodgers Sweetness Of Your Love Your Love Stuck On You Smooth Sweetpea Cha Cha Peter Metelnick Better Man What's The Matter With You Baby Happy Girl Swift Waltz Leanne Jayne Slow Movin' Storm Priestley Somewhere Between Swing, The Stephen Sunter The Swing If I Stay Little Deuce Coupe Swing, The Christine Davis The Swing Long As I Got You Swing Paul McAdam Sing, Sing, Sing Swing & Jive Fi Scott & Play The Music Johnny Two-Step Swing Around Wally Birch Honey Hush The Moon Swing Baby Bee Chapman Swing Baby Swing, Baby Swing Nancy A. Morgan Swing Baby Swing Batta Batta Diane Kale Swing Swing Batter Swing Don Williamson & Swing Batter Swing Martha Davenport Swing Bella Bella Max Perry Bei Mir Bist Du Schön Swing By My Way Carole Daugherty Swing By My Way & Frank Cooper Swing City Nancy A. Morgan Swing City Swing Daddy Frank Cooper Whoo Wee Sweet Daddy Swing Easy The Lady In Black Keep It In The Family Club Savoy Swing Fling! Dave & Lynne Swing Swing Highland Fling Gillett Roll Over Beethoven Surf City All Around My Hat Hippy Hippy Shake Swing Honey Swing Gerald Biggs Blue Boy Swing In Time Liz Clarke In No Time At All Swing It Rob Fowler & Beer, Whiskey, Women Helen O'Malley Swing It Jo & John Kinser, Hi De Ho Vincent & Felicia Chia Swing It Baby Terry Dunbar Blues About You Baby Swing Kick Stroll Betsy Baugess Brand New Day Mary Lou Swing Line Unknown Swing "M" Swing Karla & Paul I've Got The World On A String Dornstedt Swing-N-Cha Patrick Fleming & My Society Zac Detweiller Swing 'N Drive Steve Mason & Weren't You The One Catherine Wake If This Is Love One Heartache At A Time First Love It Don't Get Better Than This Swing It Lilly Starnes Time To Swing Swing On Over Jane Newhard Baby's Got My Number Basic Goodbye City Put The Country Back In Me Big Doggin' Around Poor Boy Shuffle There Goes My Love Swing Shuffle Bev Kerins Everybody Knows 455 Rocket Swing Swing Nancy Mawdsley Swing Swing Highland Fling Country Thing Swing That Blues Hat Barry Muniz Blues Hat Swing Thing Peter Metelnick Enough To Lie Yes Indeed The Way She Shakes That Thang I Feel A Heartache Don't Come Cryin' To Me Playin' Every Honky Tonk In Town I'll Be There If You Ever Want Me Love Shack Swing Thing Unknown Girls Night Out Swing Time Maureen Smith Ain't What You Do Baby, I Need Your Loving Swing Time Niels Poulsen It's Chitlin' Time Swing Time Boogie Scott Blevins Swing City Swing With Me Daniel Whittaker The Boys Are Back In Town Jukebox Swing Ya Thing Annette Latimer & Swing It Oliver Barnes Swing Your Chains Dee Soares & Chains Shaun Maguire Swing Your Hips Rita M. Kyle Red Hot Salsa Swingin' Kevin Johnson & Swingin' On My Baby's Chain Vickie Johnson Swingin' Unknown Swingin' Swingin' Gerald Biggs Swingin' Swingin' Banana 'Mama Mia' I Wanna Be Like You Hammarstrand Swingin' Boogie Rick House Countin' Stars Off The Water Swingin' Boogie Wanda & Jim York Boogie Till The Cows Come Home Zoot Suit Riot Swingin' Boots Deb Austin Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under Feelin' Kind of Lonely Tonight Sea of Cowboy Hats The Swingin' Chair Jan Wyllie The Verandah Swingin' Doors Joyce Stolley Swinging Doors Swinging Doors Anna Balaguer All The Way To San Antone Swingin' Doors Dee Musk Swingin' Doors Swingin' Easy Jamie Marshall Swingin' Swinging Good Time Paul Clifton Rompin' Stompin' Swingin' Goode Time Charles Bowring Johnny B Goode Swinging Grace Jo Thompson Amazing Grace Szymanski Anybody Wanna Pray With Me Oeeoeeo Be Bop A Lula Swingin' Home Irene Groundwater Swingin' Home For Christmas Baby One More Time Crazy (You Drive Me) Dancin' Shoes Every Little Thing It's My Soul Swingin' Home Marie Sørensen Swingin' Home For Christmas For Christmas Thirty Days Swinging Jeans Nancy Morgan & Built For Bluejeans Pepper Siquieros Eat At Joes Elvis Has Left The Building Swingin' Mambo Chris Peel Swingit Swingin' R's Rob I Ingenthron Jump Jive And Wail & Robert Roysten Bring It On Down To My House Rock Around The Clock Your Cash Ain't Nothing But Trash Swingin' Rimes A.J. & Scott Swingin' Herbert Swingin' Safari Peter Metelnick The Lion Sleeps Tonight Swingin' Sailor Jo Thompson Fresh Coat of Paint The City Put the Country Swingin' Single Donna Caudill Burnin' Love Swingin' Singles Ron Kline If I Don't Dance Boogie Woogie Baltimore Life On The Road Swingin' Thangs John Bailey This Business Of Love Swinging The Blues Alan G. Birchall Proper Introduction To The Blues Should've Asked Her Faster If You're Ever Down In Dallas There Goes My Heart Bring On The Teardrops Playin' Every Honky Tonk In Town Swinging The Blues Ros Brander Singing The Blues -Stephenson Swingin' The Line Vikki Morris Swingin' Swingin' Thing Jo Thompson & Honey Hush Rita Thompson Pride & Joy Ain't Nobody Got The Blues Swingin To The Nancy A. Morgan Love Gets Me Everytime Westcoast Go On I Want My Rib Back Swingin' With Michael Barr & Let's Make A Baby King The King Michele Burton Swinglish Kate Sala & Mi Vida Loca Arthur Furrer Singalongsong Swingshift Trevor Smith All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Swingtime Billy Noel Bradey & You Don't You Won't Michael Vera-Lobos Switch June 'The Lady Switch In Black' Switch-A-Roo Shaz Walton Switch Switch Hazel Larry Bass Fisher's Hornpipe Figure Of Eight I Love Being Wrong Sweet Dreams Switch It On Alan Haywood Switch It On Switch It Up Michael Siebke Stampede Strut Switch Too Judy Cain Switch Switchback Brian Harrison Limbo Lady Switchback Mary Kelly Here Comes My Baby One Good Woman Switchback Chris Hodgson Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride Switchblade UK Stephen Sunter Hard On The Ticker Sweet Home Alabama I'm All Out Of Love Switchblade USA John H. Robinson Blood On The Dance Floor The Fall You're Easy On The Eyes You Ain't Lonely Yet I Brake For Brunettes Run Away Electric Boogie Swivel Creations Kim Oitzman We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This Swivel Hips Dan & Sharon Ross Shortenin' Bread I Am A Simple Man Swivelled Up Jamie Davis Bad To Good Come Baby Come Super Star If I Had A Cheating Heart Swivet Thing, A Jan Heath We're All Alone Music To My Heart Ol' Lonesome Swizzle Unknown Big Girls Don't Cry Rockin' Pneunonia Get Out Of My Dreams She's Gone Fishin' Tonight Swizzle, The Amanda Peterson Sydney Sider Gordon Elliott Don't Go Symphony Michael Vera-Lobos Symphony Of Love Symphony Shuffle Esther D'Arpino Some Kind of Trouble Down To My Last Teardrop Passionate Kisses Synchronizing Rhythm June Yung Canta My Baby Syncopated Cindy Youngblood Somebody Like You Hillbilly Shoes My Town Dance With Me If Her Lovin' Don't Kill Me Syncopated Kiss Forty Arroyo Kiss Kiss Syncopated Love Dan Albro When You Talk About Love City Of Love Syncopated Memories Peter Heath Memories Are Made Of This Syncopated Passion Richard Munden Making Love And Music Syncopated Rhythm Rob & Michelle Syncopated Rhythm Fowler You Keep Me Hangin' On Syncopated Rhythm Diane Jackson I Could Get Used To This Lovin Thing Home Of The Blues Syncopated Sinner Charles Thornhill Drink, Swear, Steal & Lie Syncopated Swing Bev Kerins That Girl's Been Spying On Me Syncopations Annette Carter I Like It, I Love It Syncotex Sho Botham I'll Take Texas

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