Top 10

DANCE TITLE CHOREOGRAPHER MUSIC SUGGESTION L L. Plate Malcolm Russell Take These Chains From My Heart L-A-Ex Maggie Gallagher Sweet Dreams (My L.A. EX) L.A. Experience John H. Robinson, Ladies In Love Chris Hodgson, With Me Dottie Wicks Fun For Me L.A. Swing Henry Damen Swingit L.A. Walk Unknown Kickin' In Trail Of Tears Muddy Water L. B. Cha-Cha Larry Bass Make A Little Magic What Kind Of Love L.B. Swing Michele Perron Wastin' Time With You (Lions Bay Swing) Freddie Hall L.B.D. (Little Peter Jones & Gettin' You Home Black Dress) Anna Lockwood LC Polka Linus Ellis & Ragin' River Cherie Harclerode Me Neither It Never Woulda Worked Out Anyway White Line Casanova Sold L.C. Shuffle Jason Allott Love Is In The Air L.D.C. (Line Dance Bill Bader Every Little Thing Country) Express Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain Country Girls LDD (Little Norma J. Fuller, Just A Little Darn Dance) Tammy Lowe, Freakshow Glynda Miller, The Thrill Is Gone Joy Stafford L. G. Hitch Lynn Gauthier Thousand Miles From Nowhere Fast As You The City Put The Country Back In Me Mercury Blues L.G. Legacy Deb Crew Shake The Sugartree L.I.B-R-8 The Lady In Black Bye Bye Bye (L.J's) Knight In Chris Cleevely Knight In Blue Jean Armor Blue Jeans L M V S P Francis V. Gadassi Let Me In To Your Heart Last Minute Wink Valentine's Special L.O.A. (Left Maggie Gallagher Left Outside Alone Outside Alone) L.O.V.E. John Dembiec L.O.V.E. L.O.V.E. Gordon Timms L.O.V.E. L.O.V.E. Dance, The Jan Brookfield All You Really Need Is Love K.I.S.S.I.N.G. L-O-V-E, Love Larry Bass L-O-V-E, LOVE I Think I'm Falling In Love L.O.V.E. Love Peter & Alison L.O.V.E. L-2-U Sam & Ruth In A Letter To You Armstrong Hammer Down La Bamba Tracie Lee La Bamba La Bamba Eva Pau La Bamba La Bamba Marumba Chris La Bamba La Bambacha Bob Sykes La Bamba La Bambino Rob Fowler La Bamba La Bomba Susan Brooks La Bomba La Camisa Maria Louise La Camisa Negra (The Shirt) La Chacha Sophia van Hees EL Bodeguero La Chico Masters In Line Ola Chica La Colegiala Ria Vos La Colegiala La Copa Ingrind Kan Waving Flag La-Cu-Ca-Cha-Cha Roy Greene Then What To Have You Back Again Put Your Heart Into It Little Red Rodeo Bang Bang Bang La Dong Keewun Frankie Cull Borriquito Precious Time La Femme Nikita Michael Lynn Nikita La Fiesta Sandy Kerrigan Toma Yitamina La Isla Bonita Steve Mason La Isla Bonita Poor Pitiful Me Down To My Last Teardrop La Isla Bonita Georgina Consalves La Isla Bonita La Isla Bonita Phil Dennington La Isla Bonita La La La La La Double D Around The World La La Love Eva Pau La La Love On My Mind La Linda Dynamite Dot La Linda La Lumiere Gaye Teather The Light In Our Souls 'La Mer' Beyond Marjorie Beyond The Sea The Sea Barnabas-Shaw La Mucura Margaret La Mucura Barnes-Golden La Naturalle William Sevone Natural Born Boogie A Real Good Way To Wind Up Lonesome Honk, If You Love To Honky Tonk La Noche Geri Morrison Toda La Noche This Kiss La Pa'lla Rhumba Margaret McDougall Dale Pa'lla What Ever You Do Don't My Boy Lollipop La Passione Dave Munro La Passione La Playa Derrick Goh A La Playa La Playa Cha Vivian Chiang A La Playa La Salsa Tom Cronin Oye La Secret Robbie McGowan La Voix Hickie La Tenga Kate Sala Que La Detengan La Tortura The Girls (Maureen La Tortura & Michelle) La Via En Rose Celia Chang La Vie En Rose (Life Likes A Rose) La Vida Loca Jennifer Livin' La Vida Loca Pasley-Smith La Vida Loca Avril King Livin' La Vida Loca La Vida Loca Karen Bleuer Livin' La Vida Loca La What? Jan Wyllie La Mucara Labour Of Love Justine Ray & Labour Of Love Ben Kelly Lacquered Down Carol Clements & Liquored Up And Lacquered Down Annie Saw Pizziricco Lacy Sleeves Rob McKean & Raised On Robbery Barbara R. K. Wallace Ladies & Gentlemen Dianne Joseph Hobo's Meditation Own Hearts Delight Ladies Choice Bill Lancaster Ladies Choice Ladies Choice Terri Alexander Ladies Choice Ladies Man Stephen Sunter Ladies Man The Swing I've Got A Funny Feeling Ladies Night Teresa & Vera Ladies Night Ladna Dupa The Infamous Five Lady Amy Christian-Sohn Lady (Hear Me Tonight) Lady Cha Sho Botham Treat Me Like A Lady Got To Have Your Love The Tide Is High Sexbomb In A Letter To You 634-5789 Lady Flame Michael Lynn Lady Flame Gigolo Lady Gaga Linedance 'n' Poker Face On The Fame Smile_Imelda Lady Gaga Michele Perron Just Dance Lady In Black Audrey Watson Lady In Black Lady In Red Noel Castle Lady In Red Lady Jane Jane Newhard God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You A Bible And A Bus Ticket Home Forever Love How Many Times Lady Lay Down Jackie Jacotine Lady Lay Down Beside Me (Beside Me) I See It Now Lady Luck Teree DeSarro Female Bonding Little Sheba Lady Marmalade Wendy Dee Lady Marmalade Lady Marmalade Virginia Tsui Lady Marmalade Lady Marmalade Ian Dunn Lady Marmalade Lady Marmalade Shae-Lynn Brophy Lady Marmalade Ladybird Eddie McIntosh Ladybird Somethin' 'Bout You I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) Ladykiller Anne Herd Ladykiller Lagos Louise Elfvengren Lagos Olatoye Laid Back Helen O'Neill Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone Laid Back And Lazy Lesley Johnston Lazy Bones Laidback & Laidlow Lawrence Laidlow I Love That Boy Laidback Cha Cha Chris Hookie Feliz Navidad Tall Tall Trees You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone I Got It Made Cowboy Beat Volcano Fallin' Never Felt So Good Laidback Cowboy Peter Metelnick Back in Your Arms Again Whatever You Do! Don't! Feelin' Kinda Lonely Tonight Three Words Two Hearts Too Much Fun Laissez-Nous Essayer Roland Gutzwiller Laissez-Nous Essayer Lake Wales Stroll Nancy Morgan Walking After Midnight I Feel Lucky Girls With Guitars Lakeside Slide Bob & Marlene She Thinks My Tractors Sexy Peyre-Ferry What This Country Needs The Lala Dance Wil Bos & Lala Song Roy Verdonk Lambada Unknown Hot, Hot, Hot Lambada Paul Merolo My Maria Hillbilly Rap Lambada Rio Abby Mina Lambada Lambada The Winnie Yu Lambada "Forbidden Dance" Lamorbey Kim Ray I'll Always Be There Lamtarra Rhumba Tony Chapman Cowboy Mambo Island Time Somewhere Under the Sun New Train Wish You Were Here Lana Millie Scheel Lana Land Down Under Hedy McAdams Down Under More Than I Can Say Land Of Enchantment Norman Dery Land Of Enchantment Land Of Enchantment Mark Simpkin Land Of Enchantment Land Of Make Believe Double D The Land Of Make Believe Land Of The Navajo DJ Dan & Wynette Land Of The Navajo Miller Land Of The Seminole Derrick Mulford Seminole Wind Land Slide Kelvin Elvidge Earthquake Landslide Landslide Michael Vera-Lobos Landslide Language Of Love Norman Gifford I Don't Know What She Said Lara's Lariats Lara Greening Someone Should Tell Her Here Comes My Baby Laredo Cha Forty Arroyo Larado Rose Laredo Rose Kay Romero Laredo Rose Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away Margaritaville Laredo Rose DJ Dan & Wynette Laredo Rose Miller Lariat, The Unknown They're Playing Our Song Don't Let Your Love Start Slipping Away Larger Than Life Sharon K. Davis Larger Than Life Start The Car Ready To Run Something Like That Steam Larger Than Life Tracy Dean Larger Than Life Island Zorba's Dance Larger Than Life Simon Ward Larger Than Life Larger Than Life Jane Newhard Larger Than Life Get Down I Said A Prayer Louisana Hot Sauce Larger Than Life Lea McKenzie Larger Than Life Larger Than Life Zoe Ruston Larger Than Life Las Pistas Ria Vos Las Calaveras Honky Tonk Tough The Last Butterfly Roland Gutzwiller Schmetterlinge She Never Makes Me Cry Love And Happiness Last Call Mike Sliter I Don't Want This Song To End Last Call Joey & Natalie Whiskey Girl Fanell Last Call Marthe Thibeault Hey Bartender Last Chance Terry Hogan Honky Tonk Attitude Last Chance Darren Martin Give Me One More Shot Last Chance Dance Tom Glover Last Dance Last Chance Kiss Bill Larson You're Going To Miss Me When I'm Gone Last Cheaters Waltz Unknown Last Cheaters Waltz Last Cheater's Waltz Norman Dery Last Cheaters Waltz Last Child Willy Sharpe When The Last Child Leaves Home Last Christmas Gaye Teather Last Christmas Last Cowboy Waltz Ken Hall The Last Cowboy Song Last Dance, The Adrian Churm Save The Last Dance For Me Last Dance, The Chris Brocklesby The Last Waltz Last Dance, The Chris Hodgson Save The Last Dance For Me Last Dance Phil Carpenter Save The Last Dance For Me Last Dance Debi Dillow Dance With My Father Last Day Tony Wilson The Last Day Of My Life Last Days Of Disco Michael Barr & Last Days Of Disco John Robinson Last Frontier, The Jeff & Jackie This Is The Outback Allen Last Goodbye Craig (sexyfeet) The Last Goodbye @ Double C Stompers The Last Goodbye Andy Chumbley The Last Goodbye Last In Line Kate Sala Favourite Boyfriend Of The Year Last Laugh Terry Hogan Who's Laughing Now Last Man Ally Crabtree Last Man Standing Last Man Standing Mark A Smith Last Man Standing Last Man Standing The Lady In Black Last Man Standing Last Minute David Millington Swinging On My Baby's Chain Thump Factor Last Minute Rachael McEnaney Stay With Me & Joey Warren Last Night Tom Glover Who Were You Thinkin Of Last Night Rob Carlo Last Night Last Night Terry Cullingham Last Night The Last Night William Sevone Last Night Last Nights' Waltz Jan Wyllie I Wonder Who's Missing You Now Last Of The Mohicans The Girls (Maureen Promentory & Michelle) Last One Standing Luc Vandermeer Last One Standing Last Orders William Sevone Have A Drink On Me Last Orders! Gaye Teather Swinging Doors Last Request Barbie & Andy Last Request Last Shot, The Jan Wyllie Give Me One More Shot Last Tango Ann Kang Hernando's Hideaway Last Teardrop Unknown Down To My Last Teardrop Last Thing On "Rodeo" Ruth Last Thing On My Mind My Mind Lambden Last Time, The Jan Brookfield The Last Time Shine Them Buckles Last Time Slide Max Perry Last Time Last Time Waltz Yvonne Hammond The Last Waltz Of The Evening Last To Know Kath MacManamon Last To Know Senorita Margarita Last Touchdown Kathy Heller Indian Summer She Never Got Me Over You When You're Single The Last Waltz Irene Groundwater The Last Waltz Last Waltz, The Lorraine Deering Last Waltz Lasting Impression Charlie Milne Take It From Me You Ain't Lonely Yet Late At Night Stephen Sunter Down On The Farm What If I Do Movin' Out To The Country Late Night Call Terry Cullingham Late Night Call Late Night Swing Wanda & Jim York Honey Hush & Debby Andersen There Goes The Neighborhood Back With A Heart Lucky In Love Late Starter Larry Hayden Real Late Starter Lately Sandra Le Brocq Have I Told You Lately Lately Baby Kurt Glover (Tonight) The Bottle Let Me Down Latest Flame, The Adrian Churm Marie's The Name Latin Attitude Gabrielle Redneck Girl More Than A Margarita Latin Connection Unknown Dance Stop On A Dime Restless Latin Crazy Dee Musk, I'm Crazy Fred Buckley, Craig Bennett, Vivienne Scott Latin Express Michele Perron That's My Story And I'm Sticking To It Refried Dreams I Should Have Been True Black Is Black Oye Como Va Latin Eyes Winnie Yu Latin Eyes Latin Farewell Julia Jackson Save The Last Dance For Me Here Comes The Rain Latin FoxTrot Peter Heath Blue Moon Back In The Swing of Things Latin Groove Scott Blevins Jazz Machine Latin Groove Amanda Jane Lynch Miami Mix Livin' La Vida Loca Latin Heart Lisa Ferguson Here Is My Heart Latin Heart Peter Metelnick Corazon Latino (Corazon Latino) & Alison Biggs Latin Heat Pete Harkness Bailamos Latin Hustle '99 Dave Rusch Bailamos Latin Mood Yvonne Barker Bailamos Teardrops Will Fall Latin Outlaw Alan Souber Dance The Night Away Latin Lambada Shaun Ellison & Lambada Anita Ellison Latin Lover Kalvin Finch Bailamos Mi Chico Latino Latin Lover Charles Richman Latin Lover Latin Passion Kim Oitzman I Just Want To Dance With You Latin Quarter Daniel Whittaker Wonder Where You Are Corazon Espinado Latin Rhythm Larry Bass Don't Let The Rain Dance Above The Rainbow I Will...But Mambo Swing Latin Rhythms Terry Hogan Today Latin Shuffle Judith Campbell Boom Boom Latin Soul Jo & John Kinser, El Gitano Del Amor Mark Furnell Latin Spice Masters In Line Sing For Anamaria Latin Sway David Cheshire Line Dance Heaven Latin Thing, The Jenny Constantine The Latin Theme Latin Vida Martin Dale Livin' La Vida Loca Latin Waterslide John Dembiec Waterslide Latin Whirl Katherine Woods The Cup Of Life Latin Wiggle, The Tony Chapman Any Way The Wind Blows Latina Cha Cha Matthew Oakley Mi Gente Latina Latina Rosa Pam Lea Bailamos Latino Girl Kate Sala Are You In It For Love Latter Rain Michael Barr Latter Rain Laughin' On The Lady In Black You've Taken Me Places I Wish I'd Never Been The Outside I'll Be There If You Ever Want Me Laughing Out Loud Matt Jenkins Party Crowd Laughing Schottische Rick & Stella Midnight Angel Wilden Baby Likes To Rock It Launch Into It Jeff Allen Sea Of Heartbreak A Better Way Laura Chris Hodgson Tell Laura I Love Her Walk On Lawless Teree DeSarro I Fought the Law Lawman Mary Kelly There Ought To Be A Law Shiver 'N' Shake Lawndale Locomotion Carol R. Miller Smooth The Loco-Motion The Locomotion Lay Down Sally The Girls (Maureen Lay Down Sally & Michelle) Lay It Down Tina Argyle Blanket On The Ground Lay The Blues On Me Irene May Daddy Laid The Blues On Me Layin' Down The Law Vicki E. Rader Pick Up the Fiddle The Right to Remain Silent Restless My Baby Thinks She's A Train Cotton Eyed Joe Dixie Flyer Lazy Dawg John Rowell Independent Girl Lazy Days Kate Sala Lazy Days Lazy Dog Stroll D. J. Lansaw I Don't Do It No More It Must Be Love Elvis Has Left The Building Lazy 8 Waltz Knox Rhine Rock And Roll Waltz Stars Over Texas Lazy Horse Strut D.J. Lansaw C-O-U-N-T-R-Y Tryin' To Get To New Orleans Betty's Takin' Judo Lazy J Special Sam & Pat Gretton Dirty Little Town Lazy Lizzie Bryan Summers Summertime Blues Lazy River William Sevone Lazy River Lazy Sway Connie Maxwell Slow Hand Le Ballet Deux Donna Caudill Le Ballet Le Deseo Kathy Brown Me Pones Sexy (I Want You) I Want You Misbehavin Love Is The Answer Intuition Le Doux It Jane Newhard Good Ride Every Time I Roll The Dice LeDoux Shuffle Kenny Edwards Cadillac Ranch Le Freak Johnny Montana Le Freak Le Frog Urban Cowboy Rock This Country Dance Club Le Gun Shuffle Regina Waldron The City Put The Country Back In Me 5,6,7,8 Le Monde Mika Nurminen Love Like This Go Wild Le Palais Slide "Rodeo" Ruth Honkiest, Tonkiest Beer Joint Le Pant Sandy Allen, The Devil Made Me Do It Rhiannon Fry Le Spin! Elle-Jay Cup Of Life You Spin Me Round Fast As You Lead Me On Darren Bridgland Lead Me Not Leafhillroad Mika Nurminen Leah Dianne Joseph Leah Lean Back And Wendy Dee Lean Back Rock Away Lean On Me Tom Selzler Lean On Me Single White Female My Baby's Lovin' Leona's Love Judy Rodgers Bleeding Love Blueberry Hill Leap Of Faith Robbie McGowan Leap Of Faith Hickie Third Rate Romance The More I Learn Leap Of Faith Su Swanson The Cape Learn To Fly Trish Davies Learn To Fly Learn To Turn Alan Haywood I'd Love You To Love Me Doghouse Blues Never Stop Me Loving You Learner's Waltz Jan Wyllie If We Never Meet Again Learning As You Go Iris Mooney Learning As You Go Learning As You Go Karen Hunn Learning As You Go Learning The Blue Lynne Martino Learning The Blues Leather And Lace Nadine Hema She Bangs Leather And Lace Roz Morgan She Bangs Get Over It Leave A Light On Susan Puruleski Light On Leave It Sherrie Poppa Come On Over Leave It On Dottie Wicks That Girl Chain Reaction Leave It Up Fi Scott & Leave It Up To Me Johnny Two-Step Leave It Up Masters In Line Leave It Up To Me Leave Lying Moses Bourassa Jr. Lie Before You Leave & Barbara Frechette Leave Me All Alone Gordon Timms Every Little Thing Leave Me Alone Carol McKee Leave Me Alone Leave Me Alone David Millington Leave Me Alone Leave Me Breathless The Conalty's Breathless Leave Me Breathless Dee Musk Show Me Heaven Leave Me Lonely Kelvin Deadman Please Don't Break My Heart Leave No Doubt Dee Musk Love You Out Loud Leave Right Now Mark & Jan Caley Leave Right Now Leave Right Now William Sevone Leave Right Now Leave The Lights On Jan Wyllie Let's Leave The Lights On Tonight Leaves You With Frank Cooper She'll Leave You With A Smile A Smile Leavin' Jan Smith Leavin' Me Now Leaving On Monday Sadiah Heggernes Monday Morning Leavin' Laredo Gary & Cheryl Oasis Parker Leaving Me Michael Vera-Lobos Baby Please Don't Go Leaving Of Liverpool Maggie Gallagher The Leaving Of Liverpool Leavin' Side, The Glennys Croston The Leavin' Side Baby Ride Easy Leaving Venus Gaye Teather Slow Goodbye Venus Lebanese Night Di from Dubai On A Lebanese Night Honey, I'm Home Leeroy Brown Unknown Bad, Bad LeRoy Brown Left Feels Right Michele Perron Tell Me The Truth Cruel Cruel World Roll Over Beethoven Baby I'm Yours Left N' Right Linda Kalinowski Right On The Money On The Money Left Turns Only Knox Rhine Freedom Fifty-Fifty Givin' Water To a Drowning Man 4 to 1 in Atlanta Legacy Bracken Ellis & Something Worth Leaving Behind Linda Ellis Fallen Legal Alien Alan G. Birchall Englishman In New York Legend Derrick & Terry Legend In My Heart DJ Dan & Wynette Before The Next Teardrop Falls Miller Legend In My Heart Legend Of Xanadu Ray & Liz (Spirit The Legend Of Xanadu Of The West) Legends The Girls (Maureen Eight Days A Week & Michelle) From Me To You Legends Of Love Cathryn Proudfoot Joe And Rosalita Legend's Tornado Veronica Stokes Yippy Ti Yi Yo Sold 30 Days Legend's Waltz Lance Pritchard That's Where I'll Be Leggs Boogie! Shannan Jai' du Boogie Legless Steve Yoxall Too Much Drink (Not Enough Sleep) Love You Too Much Put The Seat Back Down Legzz William Sevone Legs Legzz & Co Pam Hills Legs Lend Me A Dollar Stephen Rutter The Call Leontine Court Henry Costa Ashes By Now Love Is In The Air I Like It Like That I'll Follow The Sun One Night At A Time All That Heaven Will Allow Something Stupid Leroy Brown Allyson Cawood Bad Bad Leroy Brown Lesley's Waltz Lesley Johnston Their Hearts Are Dancing The Waltz Less Complicated Robert DeLong Wish We Could Go Back Less Conversation Stefan Collins A Little Less Conversation Less In Time Bracken Ellis So She Dances I Learned That From You Less Talk Chris Taylor A Little Less Talk Lesser Challenge, A William Sevone I Feel Lucky Lesson Learned Audrey Watson I Learned From You Lessons Learned David Pytka Turn That Radio On Lessons Learned Lesson's Learnt Kevin & Maria Lessons Learned Let Down Jan Wyllie The Bottle Let Me Down Let 'Er Rip Peter Metelnick Let 'Er Rip Let'Er Rip Dianne Joseph Let'er Rip Let 'Er Rip James O. Kellerman Let 'Er Rip Let Go Baby! Gordon Timms Let Go Let Go Mambo Forty Arroyo Mi Mulata Cucala, Cucala Let It All Go Mark Smith & Romeo Lorraine Forth Let It Be Jan Wyllie Let There Be Love Let It Be Carmel & Ernie I Love You To Want Me Hutchinson My Best Friend Let It Be Rachael McEnaney Let It Be Let It Be Christmas Kathleen Slattery Let It Be Christmas & The Malta Classic Liners Let It Be Me William Sevone Let It Be Me Move Closer Let It Be Me PJ Let It Be Me He's Got You Let It Flow Matthew Oakley Miami Let It Flow Val Reeves Under The Moon Let It Flow Gail Turnbull Big Bruvvers Let It Go Doreen Moody If It Don't Come Easy Let It Go Guyton Mundy & I'm Outta Love John Dembiec Let It Go! Bryan McWherter Shut Up And Let Me Go Let It Go Lawrence Allen Get It Out Me Let It Rain Cindi Talbot Getting Hotter That Girl It's Raining Men Let It Rain Kim Ray Lazy With Your Love Let It Rock Mishi & Sag Let It Rock Let It Roll Connie Davignon Operator, Operator Let It Roll Let It Roll! Gerard Murphy Let The Good Times Roll Let It Roll Roy Thompson Let It Roll, Let It Ride Let It Roll, Pepper Siquieros Let It Roll, Let It Ride Let It Ride Let It Roll, Carol McKee Let It Roll, Let It Ride Let It Ride Let It Roll, Ann Wood Let It Roll, Let It Ride Let It Ride Let It Shine, Gaye Teather Sushine From Your Smiles Shine, Shine Let It Snow! Kim Ray Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow Let It Snow Nancy A. Morgan Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow Let It Snow Jos Slijpen Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow On The Rocks Driving Me Out Of Your Mind Let It Swing Glynn Holt Let It Swing Let Me Be Norman Dery Let Me Be The One Let Me Be Nancy A. Morgan Just Let Me Be In Love Let Me Blow Ya Mind Amy Christian-Sohn Let Me Blow Ya Mind Kiss, Run It, Swing With Me Midnight Hour Let Me Dance Jennifer Choo Let Me Dance Sue Chin Let Me Down Ingrind Kan Giddy Up Let Me Down Easy Lu Olsen Let Me Down Easy Let Me Go Home Mark & Jan Caley Home Let Me Help Linda Yanders I Can Help Why Haven't I Heard From You Let Me In Glenda Ortiz Let Me In Harney Singin' The Blues Let Me Introduce You Shelley Lindsay Have You Met Miss Jones? Let Me Know Yvonne Hammond If You Love Me Let Me Know Let Me Know Tracy Brown I Will Be There Let Me Love You Lorraine Shelton Let Me Love You Let Me Love You Jennifer Nobody Wants To Be Lonely Pasley-Smith Ashes By Now Let Me Love You The Masters Let Me Love You Let Me Off Robbie Stop The World (And Let Me Off) McGowan Hickie Let Me Take You Away Audrey Watson Let Me Take You Away Let Me Take Kathy Hunyadi Let Me Take You There You There Don't Fear The Reaper Let Me Try Sho Botham No Use Pretending Let Me Work It Ruben Luna Lemmeworkit Let The Children Paul & Karla Let The Children Have A World Have A World Dornstedt Let The Four Joanne Brady & Let The Four Winds Blow Winds Blow Jo Thompson Szymanski Let The Good Maggie Caldwell Good Times Times Roll Let The Good Lois Roberts Let The Good Times Roll Times Roll Let The Lady Sing The Lady In Black Guitar Man Let The Little Paul & Karla Let The Little Girl Dance Girl Dance Dornstedt Let The Music Play Chris Cleevely Magic Every Moment Let The Rhythm Maureen Jones Bailamos Take You Let U Go Sadiah Heggernes Shoulda Let U Go Let Your Hair Down Jessica & Kelli Put Your Records On Haugen Let Your Love Flow Ann Young Let Your Love Flow Let Your Love Flow Tim Gauci Let Your Love Flow Letcha Get Smooth Rob Fowler Me & Maxine Smooth Lethargic Denis Haggerty Still In Love With You Let's All Chant Elaine McGurk Let's All Chant You Make Me Feel I'll Take You There Let's Bachata Amy Christian-Sohn Our Song Lets Be Jolly Diane Kale A Holly Jolly Christmas Leroy The Redneck Reindeer Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Let's Be Us Again Andrew, Simon Let's Be Us Again & Sheila Let's Begin Mare Dodd Dumb Let's Boogie Irene Groundwater Beverly Hills Boogie Sexy Eyes At The Hop Let's Boogie ! Sue Coates The Losing Side Of Me Let's Boogie Bev Carpenter BeBop-n-Boogie Kiss You All Over Let's Break Up Jamie Smith Let's Break Up Tomorrow Let's Break Up Gordon Elliott Let's Break Up Tomorrow Tomorrow Let's Celebrate Colleen Archer Celebration Let's Chase! Marlene Rutherford Let's Chase Each Other 'Round The Room Let's Chill Vivienne Scott Ice Cream Freeze Let's Dance! Deb Crew Let's Dance Let's Dance Anita Ludlow Lets Dance Let's Dance Chris Cleevely Come On Over Party Crowd Down On The Corner She Does Some Day We'll Be Together Let's Dance Kangaroo Kate Let's Dance Let's Dance! Peter & Michelle Let's Dance Stothard Let's Dance Chris Hodgson Lets Dance Lay Down Sally Mamma Knows The Highway Let's Dance Maria Tao Let's Dance Let's Dance, Betty Moses Why Don't We Just Dance Dance, Dance All Nite Long Let's Dance Together Louise Elfvengren Let's Dance Let's Dance Jan Wyllie Why Don't We Just Dance With Josh! Let's Do Groove Baby The Beckton Betty Boo Doing The Do Globe Girls Let's Do It Chris Cleevely If You Want To Touch Her, Ask! This Time I'm Takin' My Time Let's Do It Glen Colley The Bad Touch Let's Do It! Maria Louise In These Shoes Let's Do It (Anyway) Pam Dillander We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This Let's Do Something Chris Cleevely Let's Do Something Let's Find A Church Kate Sala Let's Find A Church Let's Get Crazy Judy Rodgers Let's Get Crazy You're Not Alone Cowboy Casanova Let's Get Dirty Lindy Bowers & Let's Get Dirty Janis Graves Let's Get Drunk Chris Seguin Drunker Than Me Let's Get Excited Ria Vos Let's Get Excited Let's Get Flumpy Rob Fowler & My Boy Lollipop Paul McAdam Let's Get Happy Glynn Holt Let's Get Happy Let's Get Hitched Debi Bodven Chapel Of Love Let's Get It On Mark & Jan Caley Let's Get It On Let's Get Peter Jones & Jitterbug Boogie Jitterbuggin' Anna Lockwood Let's Get Loud Larry Bass Let's Get Loud Why Not Tonight You Walked In What A Crying Shame It Don't Get Better Than This Let's Get Loud Michele Let's Get Loud Etherington Let's Get Loud Leonie Smallwood Let's Get Loud Let's Get Loud Tony G. Young Let's Get Loud Let's Get Loud Kids Beth Webb Let's Get Loud Let's Get Louder Simon Ward Let's Get Loud Let's Get Rockin' Jean Jones This Country's Rockin' Let's Get 2 It Dee Musk Come And Danz If You Had My Love Let's Go Cindi Wickey Goin' To Vegas Big Time Let's Go Sho Botham Cowgirl Mansion Hide And Seek Tell Me Mama Let's Go (Crazy) Bob Bleach Let's Go Crazy Let's Go Dancin' Lynne Flanders Let's Go Dancin' Let's Go Dancing Chris Cleevely Ooh La La La (Let's Go Dancin') Let's Go Dancin' Sylvia Schell Let's Go Dancin' Love Revival Let's Go For It Norma Jean Fuller Juke Joint Jumpin' Steppin' Out Eenie Meenie Miney Mo When I Leave This House Let's Go Girls! Debbie Greaves Man! I Feel Like A Woman Let's Go Girls Trent Duncan Man! I Feel Like A Woman Let's Go Girls Michael Clark Man! I Feel Like A Woman Lets Go Girls Stephen Sunter Man I Feel Like A Woman! Walk Out Backwards Don't Love Make A Diamond Shine Lets Go Girls! Glennis Robb Man I Feel Like A Woman Let's Go Higher Barbara Wallace Let's Go Higher Let's Go Jumping Lyn Abbott Let's Go Jumpin' Shake, Rattle & Roll Crazy Little Thing Called Love Let's Go, Let's Go, Carmel & Ernie Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go Let's Go! Hutchinson Let's Go Out Jan & Connie Kylie And Dance van den Bos Let's Go Ridin' Steve & Denise Hot Rod Heart Bisson Let's Go Spend DJ Dan & Wynette Let's Go Spend Your Money, Honey Your Money, Honey Miller Let's Go Wild Fiona Haslett Hold Your Horses Let's Groove Tonite Joyce Nicholas Let's Groove Tonight Let's Have Fun # 1 Sheila DiNardo Lets Just Dance Tommy Bailey Why Don't We Just Dance Let's Just Dance A.J. Herbert & Why Don't We Just Dance Erin Smith Let's Kick It 'The Garter Girls' Kick A Little (Lynda, Kim, Sue & Marion) Let's Lie In The Sun Dee Cresdee Song 6 Let's Make A Deal Peter Metelnick Big Deal Let's Make Love Matt Atkinson Dance With Me Way Down Let's Make Music Gerard Murphy Boom Boom Boom Didn't We Love Let's Merengue! Little Ryan & Brinca Salta Bailalo Dead Eyed Dawn Let's Move Linda Brooks Move It Jailhouse Rock Let's Not Fight Dancemood Studio Let's Not Fight This Christmas This Christmas Let's Party Dottie Cirko Kentucky Wildcat Party Zone Let's Party Patricia E. Stott Go Away Lets Party Rebecca May Dancing Party Cropper Let's Party The Girls (Maureen Let's Party & Michelle) Let's Party! Carolyn Robinson Baby Come On Hey Mr. DJ Black Velvet Blame It On The Boogie Let's Party Anne Herd Love Party Let's Pretend Sharon K. Davis Let's Break Up Tomorrow Sunny by Boney M. Let's Rhumba Jan Wyllie Bailando I Got Mexico Let's Roll Chris Peel Let's Roll America Lets' Roll! Jan Wyllie Chauffer Driver Let's Shimmy Irene Groundwater 1 + 1 = 2 I Got A Girl Let's Shout Duncan Taylor Let's Shout (Baby Work Out) Let's Shout Yvonne Anderson Let's Shout (Baby Work Out) (Baby Work Out) Let's Stay Together The Lady In Black Let's Stay Together Let's Stay Together Steve Mason Let's Stay Together All Rise Ladies In Love Family Affair Si Ya Se Acabo Let's Stay Together Jose Miguel Let's Stay Together Belloque-Vane Let's Stick Together Brian Harrison & Let's Stick Together Jane Daniels Let's Stick Together Phil Dennington Let's Stick Together Let's Stroll Val Reeves San Antonio Stroll Let's Swing Carol McKee Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring Let's Swing Terry Hogan Miss Kiss Kiss Bang Let's Take A Walk Michele Perron Let's Take A Walk Let's Take A Walk Junior Willis & Let's Take A Walk Scott Schrank Let's Take It Barbara R. K. Let's Take It Outside Outside Wallace Let's Talk Kim Ray Let's Talk About Us Let's Talk About... Warren Mitchell Let's Talk About Sex Let's Talk Frederick Williams Let's Talk About Love About Love Let's Talk About Me Noel Bradey Let's Talk About Me Let's Talk About Sex Unknown Let's Talk About Sex Funky Cowboy Dancin' Shoes Let's Twist Again Julie Clarkson Let's Twist Again Let's Walk On Gary & Cheryl Walk On Parker Let's Work Together Unknown Lets Work Together Denis Haggerty Lets Work Together Let's Work Together Sho Botham Let's Work Together Letter, The Alana M. Clancy In A Letter Letter To Me Francien Sittrop Letter To Me Letter To You Phillip Carter In A Letter To You Letter To You Allan Dunn In A Letter To You A Letter To You Pat Pottage In A Letter To You Letter 2 U Jan Whitson In A Letter Letters And Pictures Cathryn Proudfoot Somewhere Inside Letters Of Love Geri Morrison Love Letters Letting Go Jodi Page Calm Before The Storm Letting Go! Ian St Leon Time For Letting Go Letting Go Lucy Davies Out Of Reach Levantando Las Manos Peter V. Tanner & Levantando Las Manos Liz Pearce Leyla Leigh-Anne Mama Africa Flannigan, Lynda Cunningham & Lynne Northorpe Liar, Liar Tracy Brown You Made A Liar Out Of Me Liars Waltz Denis Haggerty Love Aint Worth Making The Truth Is I Lied A New Way To Fly Liberty Craig Cooke Think It Over Liberty Hip Hop Charles Bowring Forget Me Not I'm A Cowboy Liberty's Liner Nicky Capper Standing Outside The Fire Licenced To Thrill Chris Salter You Know My Name License To Chill Gytal License To Chill Black Betty Lickety-Split Amanda Andrews Rednecks Unplugged Trouble Is A Woman Lie In The Sun Pam Leader Song 6 Lie, Lie, Lie Ira Weisburd Lie, Lie, Lie Lie To Me Jane Schomas Lie To Me I'd Be Lying Baby I Lied I Told Her Lies Lie To Me Jerry Freeman Lie To Me Lie To Me mgm2 Lie To Me Life Leigh Huckel In This Life Life Jolene Pearly Vun Life Life After Love Cindi Talbot Believe On & On If You Could Read My Mind Life After You Kathy Brackett Life After You Life Begins At 40! Eileen & Healing Hands Emma Frater When Life Can Change Alan Haywood No Worries I'm From The Country Party Crowd Wine Women And Song Life Could Be Jessica Guu & Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream) A Dream Jenny Brown Life For Fun Maria Maag & Let's Get Loud Jannie Tofte Andersen Life Goes By Roland (Gutz) Life Goes By Gutzwiller Life Goes On Gloria Johnson The Land Of The Living Life Goes On Maureen Reynolds I Don't Care If You Don't Love Me Anymore Life Goes On Double D Life Goes On Life Goes On Hanne Ekknud Life Goes On Pedersen Life Goes On Diana Bishop Life Goes On Life Goes On Daniel Keshan Life Goes On Life Goes On Tiffany Armstrong Life Goes On Life Goes On Michael O' Shea Life Goes On (Can't Go Back) Life Got Cold Kathy Robinson Life Got Cold Air That I Breathe Life In The Cherie Johnson Keep It Real Fast Lane Undo It Life Is A Flower Amy Lemkey Life Is A Flower Life Is A Gamble John Hughes Little Chapel Life Is Fun Linda & Mitchell Life Is Fun Burgess Life Is Good Shuggie McCardle Even If I Tried Life Is Good Dee Musk I'm Feeling You Life Liberty & Kathy Brown Life, Liberty & The Pursuit Of Happy Hour Happy Hour Life Of The Party Michael Vera-Lobos Life Of The Party Life Out There Shannon Smith Is There Life Out There Life Rolls On Lois Lightfoot Life Rolls On Life 2000 John Wylie & Larger Than Life Annette Donnelly Life Under Irene Groundwater Life Under The Mango Tree The Mango Tree Life Without U Maggie Gallagher My Life Would Suck Without You Life's A Highway Steve Morrison Life Is A Highway Life's A Ride Alan Haywood Just A Ride Life's Changes Myrtle Guice Remember When Life's Gamble Jan Wyllie Summer Wages Life's Good June Shuman Young Hearts Run Free Life's Highway DJ Dan & Wynette Life's Highway Miller Life's Like That William Sevone C'est La Vie (C'est La Vie) Life's Ok Fran & Dave Richest Man On Earth Kirkham Life's Pleasures Rita M. Kyle Live, Laugh, Love Write This Down Life's Storybook Wanda Heldt Life's Storybook Cover Lifes Treasures Andy Williams Let Them Be Little Lifesaver Gloria Johnson Rescue Me Lifetime Love Anne Herd & Once In A Lifetime Love Travis Taylor Lifetime Of Chance Jon & Gail Levant Run For The Roses & Judy & Bill McGraw Lifetime Opportunity Brett Jenkins, Opportunity Of A Lifetime Warren Mitchell & Cathryn Proudfoot Lifetime Waltz Paul Turney The Time Of My Life Lifetime Waltzing K C & Rosemary Ang Waltz Of A Lifetime With You Lifetime Waltzing K C & Rosemary Ang Waltz Of A Lifetime With You (Wheelchair Version) Lift & Shift Doreen Hardiman Lift Me Up Tina Argyle Lift Me Up Lift Me Up Tracie Lee & Lift Me Up Mark Simpkin Lift Me Up Glynn Holt Lift Me Up Lift Me Up Ria Vos Lift Me Up Lifted Ron Kline I Get Lifted The Sound Of Sex Light Her Up Terry McHugh Shine A Light Light In My World Thomas C. Tam Du Bist Das Licht Meiner Welt The Light Gordon Elliott The Light In Our Soul In Our Soul Light My Fire The Girls (Maureen Light My Fire & Michelle) Light My Fire Kathy Robinson Light My Fire Light O' Day Cathryn Proudfoot Everywhere I Go & Warren Mitchell Light On Sue Ann Ehmann Light On Light On Your Feet Barry Amato I Saw the Light Light The Candles Unknown Light The Candles Around The World Around The World Light The Fuse John Dembiec Firecracker Light Up Michael Lynn Run Light Waltz Todd Gross Could I Have This Dance Lightin Up Bob Bonett Soak Up The Sun Lightnin' On Liz Clarke Dizzie Lizzie & Boogie Woogie Joe Her Toes Lightning Cha Cha Gloria Johnson & We Dared the Lightning Dusty Miller Lightning Does John H. Robinson Lightning Does The Work The Work Lightning Jack Scott Stout Uneasy Rider Chattanooga Shoe Shine T-R-O-U-B-L-E Lightning Polka Peter Metelnick Sin Wagon I Want You To Want Me Little Bird Ghost Riders In The Sky Lightnin' Strike Jeff Joslin Now I Pray For Rain Just Between You And Me That Don't Impress Me Much Lightnin' Strikes Debbie & Lightnin' Strikes A Good Man Vicki Hogg Lightning Strikes Gail McKenna Lightning Does The Work Lightning Works Lisa M. Johns Lightning Does The Work 1999 Lights, Camera, Joyce Nicholas Lights, Camera, Action Action Lights On The Hill Marie Sørensen & Lights On The Hill Søren Kristensen Lights Out Stephen Rutter Out Go The Lights Like A Brumby Greywolf & Down At The Rodeo Wiya Wambli I Can't Ride The Bronco's Anymore One Way Rider Ridin The Rodeo Like A Bullet Sabrina Riedl Like A Bullet Like A Diamond Ivonne Klos Love Sometimes Like A Dream Peter & Alison It's Your World Now Like A Drum Anne Herd Like A Drum Like A Fool Vera Fisher & Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight Teresa Lawrence Like A G6 Jean-Pierre Madge Like A G6 Like A Ghost Sadiah Heggernes Ghost Like A Movie Star Avril King Maria Maria Like A Prayer Wesley Cowie Like A Prayer Like A Pyramid MayWah Ong Pyramid Like A Rock Jean Bridgeman Like A Rock To A Window These Boots Are Ready To Dance Louisiana Saturday Night Like A Star Bracken Ellis You Make Me Feel Like A Star Like A Woman Pearl De Marco Man I Feel Like A Woman Like A Woman Sandy Smart Man I Feel Like A Woman Like Baby Janice Khoo Baby Like Broken Stones Debbie Small Broken Stones Like I Do William Sevone Like I Do Like I Luv U Mark Smith & Like I Love You Lorraine Forth Like I Never Ann Wood Never Loved Before Like It Hot Ria Vos Some Like It Hot Like It Like That Jan Wyllie Like It Like That Like It Loud! Nancy A. Morgan & Loud Christopher Petre Like It Or Lump It Simon Ward Like It Like That Like It Rough Lawrence Allen I Like It Rough Like I've Never Todd Lescarbeau Like I've Never Been Loved Before Like Never Before Andy Chumbley Songbird Like No Other Christopher Petre Never Loved Before Like She's Not Yours Michel Cabana Like She's Not Yours Like That Adrian Lefebour Looking Like That Like They Used To DJ Dan & They Don't Break 'Em Like They Used To Wynette Miller Like Wot U Do Neville Fitzgerald Automatic Lil Country Waltz Jenifer Reaume Dreaming My Dreams With You Last Cheaters Waltz Captured L'il Duece Coup Steve Lescarbeau Little Deuce Coupe Li'l Devil John H. Robinson Better The Devil You Know Walk The Dinosaur Love Has Got The Power Stop 1982 Li'l Joe John McFarland Beer And Bones Li'l Ripper Lisa Firth & Let'er Rip Janet Halls Lil Star David J. McDonagh Lil Star Li'l Texas Twister Don Kaneski & Li'l Texas Twister Shelly Blacklock Troublemaker Would I Trashy Women That's Enough of That I Don't Need a Man to Live With Emotional Girl Little Bitty Queen of Memphis Lilly Shirley Johnson Lilly's White Lies Time For Me To Fly Uncle Pen Lily The Pink Phil Johnson Lily The Pink Lilys' Smile Barbara Lowe Smile Limbo Matt Jenkins Limbo Limbo Crazy Nagoya Crazy Feet Limbo Lady Limbo Jump Brenton & Lorraine Limbo Rock Talbot, Sharon Johns Limbo Lady Rob Fowler Limbo Lady Limbo Lady Todd Lescarbeau Limbo Lady Limbo Lady Virginia Tsui Limbo Lady Limbo Lady Tim Gauci Limbo Lady Limbo Limbo Unknown Limbo Rock "PJ" Badrick Limbo Rock Coco Jamboo Quando Quando Quando Foolish Heart Yippy Ti Yi Yo Past The Point Of Rescue Seven Nights To Rock Limbo Up David J. McDonagh Limbo & Sian L. Edwards Lime Rickey Debbie Grimshire & Lime Rickey Glenn Weiss Oh What A Thrill Sad Looking Moon Lime Soda Michelle Morrison Lime Rickey Limited Edition Dianne Joseph I'm Pretending Chains Of This Town Linda Eh Ira Weisburd Linda Eh Linda Lou Cindi Talbot Linda Lou Linda Lou From Susan Brooks Linda Lou Baton Rouge Linda Lou Shimmy Val Reeves Linda Lou Linda Lou Shuffle Anthony Smallwood Linda Lou Linda Lu Neil Hale Linda Lu Linda Who Jerry Colley Linda Lou Lindi Shuffle Jane Smee I Need More of You Billy Bill I Can't Wait For Payday Shooter Lindy Jive Cliann Stevens T-Bone Shuffle Lindy Lou Unknown Don't Go Near The Water Cadillac Style Church On Cumberland Road Lindy's Hop Barry Durand Dirty Boogie Lindy's Star Le Dokken Don't Be Stupid Swing/Shuffle Billy Bill Route 66 Line Dance Billy Ed Lawton Line Dance Billy Line Dance Blitz William Ambrose Ballroom Blitz Line Dance Boogie Liz Clarke Line Dance Boogie Line Dance Crazy Max Perry Line Dance Crazy Nothin But The Tail Lights Little Bitty It's A Little Too Late Even If I Tried Your Tattoo Line Dance Evolution Henry Costa So Fabulous So Fierce [Freak Out] Chicks Dig It Everything Up! Line Dance Adrian Churm Line Dance Instructor Instructor Line Dance Lady Andy Hasemeier Line Dance Lady Not This Time Honky Tonk Attitude Line Dance Party Cheryl Gell Line Dance Party & Friends Line Dance Party Dave Sheriff Line Dance Party Line Dance Reggae Jenny & The Train Is Coming Lindsey Marsh Line Dance Stretch Lois Sturgeon No One Else On Earth The Line Dancer's Fay Willcox The Line Dances Waltz Waltz Line Dancin' Jim Cholmondelay Everybody's Line Dancin' Line 'Em Up Bev Carpenter Line Drinking Line King, The Kelvin Elvidge Elvis & Andy Sittin' Pretty I Just Can't Wait To Be King Line Of Fools Christopher Petre I Wanna Die Line Of Love Chris Hodgson Love Throw A Line Line Of Pearls Charlotte Skeeters Howdy Running Water Line Trax Mary Kelly High Tech Redneck Momma Ain't Home Tonight Line Up Jane Koon & Line Up Larry Bass Sea Of Cowboy Hats Line Up And Jig Maggie Gallagher Toss The Feathers C'est La Vie Don't Be Stupid Linear Rag Chris Peel The Entertainer Linedance Boogie Johanna Olli & She Lays It All On The Line Ari Salonen Linedance Boogie Barbara Lowe Linedance Party Linedancer Waltz Jo Thompson Somebody Loves You Liners Strut Di from Dubai Something Stupid Stayin' Alive Good Girls Love Bad Boys We've Got It Goin' 5,6,7,8 Kiss (When The Sun Goes Down) Linger Awhile Chris Peel Linger Awhile Swing Baby She's Going Home With Me Lingering Love Linda Burgess The Love You Left Behind Lingering Memories Karla & Paul Some Memories Just Won't Die Dornstedt Lingers On Lorraine Marraffa Your Love Lingers On Lingston Cha Cha Shuggie McCardle Cry For You Island Link Up Vivienne Scott I Could Be So Good For You Lion Roars, The Bob Bonett The Lion Sleeps Tonight Reality Check Lion Sleeps Tonight Michael John Sr The Lion Sleeps Tonight & Michael John Jr Swinging Safari Lionel.. Neville Fitzgerald I'm In Love & Julie Harris Lionheart Gaye Teather Thunder In My Heart Lip Up Fatty Rebecca Armstrong Lip Up Fatty Lipstick Dan Albro Lipstick Lipstick On Eva Pau Lipstick On Your Collar Your Collar Lipstick Powder Alan Livett Lipstick Powder And Paint And Paint Liquid Dreams Alan Livett & Liquid Dreams Jo Thompson Shackles Ghosts Liquid Dreams Bonnie LaPlante Liquid Dreams Liquored Up Carol Clements Liquored Up And Lacquered Down Lisa Lynn & Sarah Drake Don't Let's Talk About Lisa Lisa Lisa Harold Grimshaw Don't Lets Talk About Lisa Listen Niels B. Poulsen Listen Listen Boy! Zandra Varnham Tell Her About It Listen To It Maria Wick Radio Listen To The Rhythm Peter Metelnick & Ain't What You Do Alison Biggs Listen To Stefaan Cools Listen To Your Senses Your Senses Listen Up Karl Winson Listen Up Little Africa Diana & Kerry Africa Bishop Little Big Horn Sylvia Tilenius All Shook Up I Like My Country When It Rocks True Loving Woman Peaceful Heart Little Bird Phil Turpin Little Bird Little Bird Diana Bishop Kasey Chambers Little Birds Andy Chumbley Three Little Birds Little Bit Margaret Detlor & Bit By Bit Lynne Reist Little Bit Todd Robishaw & The Game Of Love Nanci Calton Little Bit, A Jan Wyllie Come A Little Bit Closer Little Bit, A Brim Skool Liners Just A Little A Little Bit Audrey Watson Cry Just A Little Bit A Little Bit Country Gaye Teather A Little Bit Country Looking For Love Nice Work If You Can Get It Little Bit Crazy, A Kathy Hunyadi Crazy Little Bit Crazy Diana Bishop Little Bit Crazy Little Bit Loco Suzanne Wilson Loco A Little Bit Lonely Jan Wyllie I'm A Little Bit Lonely Little Bit Longer Yvonne Hammond Love Me A Little Bit Longer Little Bit More, A Mary E. Richardson More Of Your Love Little Bit Of John Dembiec Little Bit Of Life Country Little Bit Of Latin Bell'sstar & Mia Salsa Es Caliente Babystar Little Bit Of Love Simon Ward Just A Little Bit Of Love Little Bit Of Mambo Lori Pung Mambo No. 5 I've Got A Girl "Little" Bit Rita M. Kyle Mambo #5 Of Mambo Love Gets Me Every Time Mexican Minutes Bailamos Little Bit Of Mambo Dianne Evans Mambo No 5 Little Bit Of Mambo Jenifer Reaume Mambo #5 I Got A Girl Can I Tico Tico Now Little Bit Of... Dennis Foley & Mambo # 5 (Mambo 5), A Verity Mills Little Bit Of Mambo Ir Torre Mambo No. 5 A Little Bit Sue Marshall A Little Bit Of Life Of Me & You Little Bit Peter Metelnick Life Don't Have To Mean Nothin' At All Of Nothin', A A Little Bit Stuart McGlary Hold Me In Your Arms Of Perjury Fast As You Talking To A Stranger That's Love Little Bit Of Pickup Anne Roberts I Want A Girl In A Pickup Truck A Little Bit Iris M. Mooney Too Much Candy For A Dime Of Something My Guy Little Bit Of Soul Ruben Luna Little Bit O' Soul Little Bit Of This Doreen Allen A Little More Love Little Bit Of This Ruthie Gough Game Of Love Little Bit Sideways Chris Hall Sideways A Littla Bitta Me Karen Tripp A Littla Bitta Me Little Bitty Eve Griffin Little Bitty Pretty One Little Bitty Lois Sturgeon Little Bitty Little Bitty Nancy A. Morgan Litty Bitty Pretty One Little Bitty Fun Trevor Smith Little Bitty Pretty One Little Bitty Thing Colleen Archer Do You Wanna Make Something Of It Little Black Book Unknown Little Black Book Little Black Dress Ros Brander- Little Black Dress Stephenson Little Blue Bag Gary Lafferty Little Blue Bag Little Blue Dot Lesley Johnston Little Blue Dot Little Blue Waltz Winnie Yu Edelweiss Little Bluer, A Mick Herbert A Little Bluer Than That A Little The Gypsy Cowgirl A Little Boogie Woogie Boogie Woogie Little Boogie Sue Marshall A Little Boogie Woogie Woogie Rock Little By Little Elaine Williams, Little By Little Margaret Parrish, Mark Simpkin & Noel Bradey Little By Little Matt Barrett Little By Little Little By Little John Dean Little By Little Little Cabaret Jive Suzanne Phillips Tennessee Flat Top Box Little Candyman Winnie Yu Candyman Little Chapel Jan Brookfield Little Chapel Talking To Strangers Go On Let The Picture Paint Itself Little Chihuahua Norma Jean Fuller Chihuahua Little Chilly Cha Val Jenness Chilly Cha Cha Little Christmas Winnie Yu We Wish You A Merry Christmas Waltz Little Circle Donna Eidinger Oh Girl Sweet Home Alabama Never Alone Little "Claire" Betty Clarke I Break For Brunettes Flair, A That'll Be The Day A Little Close Dee Musk Disturbia For Comfort Little Conchita Karl Winson Conchita Little Corrie, The Brenda Hancock Easy On The Eyes How Long Gone Wrong Night Blue Rose Is Little Cowboys Mare Dodd Little Cowboys Little Cowboy's Michael Gleave The Old Stuff Little Crazy, A Gareth Hopkins Wound Up Little Crazy, A Sue Coats Acting A Little Crazy Little Crush Jan Brookfield Crush Little Cuban Pete Forty Arroyo Cuban Pete A Little Cuckoo Wanda Heldt & Well - A - Wiggy Linda Morris Little Darlin' Rick & Deborah Little Darlin' Bates Little Darling Chris Cleevely Little Darling I Need You Ain't That A Kick In The Head Who Wouldn't Be Me Little Darlin's Darlene M. McGraw Lot Of Leavin' Left To Do Good-Bye Little Devil Anne Herd Little Devil Little Ditty, A William Sevone Nat King Cole Porter Wagoner Sort Of Thing Sea Of Cowboy Hats If Your Ever Down In Dallas All I Want Is Everything These Arms Little Diva Kathy Hunyadi Little Bird Little Dixie Ed White My Secret Flame Bang, Bang, Bang Number One Little Drops Johnny Montana Little Drops Of My Heart Same Ol' Me California Girls Honky Tonk Habits Little Elm Rock Chris & Andrew Sparks Little Faith, A Jan Wyllie The Power Of Love Little Fella, The Colleen Archer Cunnamulla Fella Little Foxtrot Winnie Yu On A Slow Boat To China Little Gem Lynne Downes Pretend I Don't Wanna Rock DJ Put A Spell On You Little Gem, A JJ Here Is My Heart Little Georgia Maureen & My Little Georgia Rose Michelle Jones Little Girl's Dreams Warren Fleming Little Girl's Dreams Little Goodbye Errol Colomb Whole Lotta Hurt Little Goodbye, A Sue Halliday Little Good-Byes Little Gucci Kerri Lessard Miss Kiss Kiss Bang Little Heartwrecker Dave Munro Little Heartwrecker Little Help, A Jezza With A Little Help From My Friends Be With You Little Home Rosalie Mackay Home Improvement Improvement, A Little Honey Mark A Smith Baker & Myers Little J's Waltz Charles Bowring Mexican Wind Little Jessico Tom Glover Jessico Little Jessy Jan Brookfield Jessico The Last Time Little Joe Trevor Smith Ponderosa Dance Little Jolena David Sickles Little Did I Know Little Kick Fred Rapoport Kick A Little Hard To Say Hard Workin' Man Be My Baby Tonight There Goes My Heart Again Blame It On Your Heart Already Gone Little Kicks Ms. Sam Warriner Wanna Be Every Little Thing Rock This Country Little L Annette Latimer Little L Little Lady Jenny Ramwell Oh Little Lynn A Little Bit Of Love Little Lady Rachael McEnaney Pretty Little Lady Little Lemon Tree Diana Kovitya Kiss Me Honey Honey Lemon Tree Little Less, A Matt Barrett A Little Less Conversation Little Less Talk Unknown A Little Less Talk Little Levi's Peter Jones & Built For Blue Jeans Anna Lockwood Little Liza Jane Pamela White Liza Jane A Little Loco Tim Gauci Loco A Little Lonely Gaye Teather Lonely Hearts Little Lonesome, A Tina Scammell A Little Bit Lonesome A Little Love Jo Thompson Put A Little Love In Your Heart Szymanski, Michael Barr, Michele Burton Little Love Affair Audrey Watson Why Did It Have To Be Me A Little Love Song Francien Sittrop Love Song Little Luv Jo & John Kinser, Put A Little Love In Your Heart Mark Furnell Little Man, The Roger Steinberg Little Man You're Easy On The Eyes Little Masculino Forty Arroyo Gigolo Little Miss Louise Woodcock Little Miss Hollywood Hollywood Little Miss Tracie Lee Little Miss Honky Tonk Honky Tonk Little Miss Michael Siebke Little Miss Honky Tonk Honky Tonk Honky Tonk Truth Little Miss Kiss Sue Ann Ehmann Miss Kiss Kiss Bang Little Miss Perfect Teresa & Vera Miss Perfect Little Miss Rosa Mick Herbert He Drinks Tequila Little Miss Rosie Tracie Lee He Drinks Tequila Little Mockin' Winnie Yu Mockin' Bird Cha Bird Cha Little Money, A Lisa Foord & Just Enough Money Honey Yvonne Hammond Little More, A Carl Sullivan I Want A Little More Little More Action The Girls (Maureen Elvis Vs JXL (Radio Edit Mix) & Michelle) Little More Action Sue Beevers A Little Less Conversation Little More, Michael Grey Take Good Care (Of My Little Girl) Little Less Little More Love Rhian Watkins A Little More Love Little More Spark, A Carole Daugherty Elvis VS JXL Little More Steel David Pytka What This Country Needs A Little News Forty Arroyo Breaking News Little Ol' Cowgirl Jos Slijpen Little Ol' Cowgirl Little Old Wine Charlotte Macari Little Old Wine Drinker Me Drinker Me Little Papoose Paula She Drew A Broken Heart Frohn-Butterly Old MacDonald The Ballad Of Jed Clampett Little Peace Pete Cranwell & A Little Peace (And Quiet) John Sharman Little Piece Bill Davis A Little Piece At A Time Little Pile Of Clay Linda Brown She's A Lady Little Pink Hearts John H. Robinson A Beautiful Mess Freedom Overspill But I Do Love You Little Prayer, A Judith Campbell But For The Grace Of God It's Alright Little Ramona Tara Davin Little Ramona Little Rascals Gaye Teather It's Alright Marie Marie In A Letter To You Little Red Book Max Perry My Little Red Book Little Red Book Dee Musk You're More Than A Number In My Little Red Book Little Red Dress Teresa & Vera Little Red Dress Little Red Rodeo Rita M. Kyle Little Red Rodeo A Little Respect Kathy Hunyadi A Little Respect Little Riverdance Lois Sturgeon Next To You, Next To Me Little Rock Daphne Sheppard Little Rock Little Rock Cha Cha Unknown Who's Leaving Who Little Rock Waltz Jane Newhard Christmas Card Waltz Alibis Come On Home Alligator Waltz Little Rumba Cha Winnie Yu Out Of Goodbyes Mestizzo Little Runaway Kurt Glover Runaway Little Sally Sue Barnes Sea Salt Sally A Little Sawdust KC Douglas Sawdust On Her Halo On My Halo Little Ship Bill Bader Little Ship On My Knees Under The Boardwalk Sorry The Gulf Of Mexico The Little Shirt Audrey Watson The Little Shirt Me Mother Made For Me Little Shoe Ed White Sweet Little Shoe Little Sideways, A Kevin & Maria Sideways Little Sister Unknown Little Sister Islands In The Stream Little Sister Colleen Archer Little Sister From A Jack To A King Little Something, A Richard Musgrave Something Stupid Little Soul Sister Maggie Hicks Hey Soul Sister A Little Southern Guyton Mundy Old Faithful Comfort Little Spanish Jan Wyllie Spanish Nights And You Nights Little Squirt Bill Bader Little Miss Honky Tonk C-O-U-N-T-R-Y I Forgot To Remember To Forget Shoop Little Star Maurice Rowe & Lil Star Zac Detweiller Till The Wheels Fall Off Little Street In Felicia Tan On A Little Street In Singapore Singapore, A Little Stroll Vicki Rader She's Got The Rhythm Bobbie Ann Mason Givin' Water To A Drownin' Man Tulsa Shuffle Ragtop Cadillac Little Tart Cindy Truelove Little Black Dress Little Teardrops Chris Hodgson Three Little Teardrops Somebody Else's Moon First Time I Thought About Leaving Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight Little Tender Waltz Winnie Yu Tennesse Waltz Little Texas Hearts Joanne Brady & Their Hearts Are Dancing Roz Morgan Captured (By Love's Melody) Little Thang Liam Hrycan Little Thing Called Love Nothin' But The Tailights We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This I Wanna Go Too Far Little Things Peter Blaskowski Never Could Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard He's My Little Jalapeno Little Things Claire Gent That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me Little Things John Dembiec Every Little Thing She Does Little Things Lu Olsen Little Things Are You In It For The Money I Wanna Get To Ya Little Things Sarah Hay Every Little Thing Little Things Gai Roworth, Little Things Lorraine Shelton, Anne Herd Little Too Late, A Kelcy Gardner Write This down Little Too Late, A Andrew, Simon Don't Tell Me You're Sorry & Sheila A Little Too Late Jos Slijpen It's A Little Too Late Little Too Late The Girls (Maureen A Little Too Late & Michelle) Making Memories Of Us Little Tricky, A Thomas O'Dwyer How Do You Like Me Now Little Waltz, A DJ Dan & Wynette Easier To Forget Miller Little Waltz Winnie Yu If I Were A Painting Funny Face A Little Want To Maggie Hicks A Little Want To A Little While Steve Lescarbeau In A Little While The Little Helen Conroy Little White Church White Church Noonan Little White Church Nathalie Di Vito Little White Church Little White Church Donna Urbanski Little White Church Little White Jackie Lincoln Little White Church Church Bell Little White Lies Helen Clark Red Lips, Blue Eyes, Little White Lies Little White Lies Caroline James Red Lips, Blue Eyes & Little White Lies Little White Lies Gwenda Rooke Red Lips, Blue Eyes, Little White Lies Little White Lies William Sevone Little Acts Of Treason Little White Lies John Dembiec White Liar Little White Moon Michael Seurer Sneaky Moon Little Wiggle Karen J. Bleuer Black Is Black Sight For Sore Eyes You Walked In Little Wildflower David Hoyn Little WildFlower Little Willie Rob Fowler & Funk Cold Medina Paul McAdam Cry Cry Hillbilly Shoes Little Winter Walk Nicole Lorenz Winter Wonderland Little Womanizer Malene Jakobsen Womanizer Little Yellow Radio Audrey Watson My Little Yellow Radio Live A Little Yvonne Hammond Live A Little Live And Learn Jan Wyllie I've Got A Lot To Learn Live & Let Die Max Perry Live & Let Die Live Another Day John Reid Live To Love Another Day Live Close & Visit Teresa & Vera Live Close By, Visit Often Live Close By 'Lady In Black' Live Close By, Visit Often (Visit Often) Live Close By, Linda Kalinowski Live Close By, Visit Often Visit Often If You've Got The Money Indian Outlaw Another One Bites The Dust Alabama Jubilee Live Close By Dave & Shirl Live Close By, Visit Often Visit Often Springett Live For The One Liz Clarke Live For The One I Love I Love Live For The One Teresa Lawrence Live For The One I Love I Love & Vera Fisher Live For Today Doug & Jackie If Tomorrow Never Comes Miranda Live For You Dee Musk Live For You Live Forever Ross Brown Live Forever Live 4 Love Steve Knowles Live, Laugh, Love Live In Hope William Sevone 'Till You Love Me Live Is Life Paula Bilby Live Is life Live It! Maureen & It's My Life Michelle Jones Live It Up Diane & Bud Martin Let's Live It Up Straighten Up And Fly Right Boogie Till The Cows Come Home Live It Up Terry Hogan & Let's Live It Up Simon Ward Live, Laugh & Love Donna Marie Live, Laugh, Love I Hope You Want Me Too Who Needs You Baby Hot Picante Sauce & 'Tato Chips Vacation Live, Laugh & Love Johnny Two-Step Live, Laugh & Love Live, Laugh & Love Linda Dube Volcano Live, Laugh, Love The Cup Of Life Live, Laugh, Love Dion Thomas Live, Laugh, Love Live, Laugh, Love Rob Fowler Live, Laugh, Love Live, Laugh, Love Norman Dery Live, Laugh, Love Live The Life Roy Thompson Que Viva La Vida (Que Viva La Vida) Live The Life Gordon Elliott & Live The Life Rebecca Williams Live To Love Steven Falzone Live To Love Another Day Another Day So What Live To Ride Bud Cranford Live To Ride Live Wire Jo Thompson Live Wire Live Wire Mary Kelly She Is Just Too Hot For Me Answer To Everything Mexican Girl Live Without You Trevor Eaton & Never Live Without You Lesley McIver Live Your Dream Dee Musk Second Chance Liven Country Kimberly Pitts Ladies Love Country Boys Liverpool Fling Stephen Sunter One Night Stand Liverpool Lad Tony Wilson Leaving Of Liverpool If You Ain't Loving Lives On The Line Lesley Johnston It Must be Love Endless Sleep If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body We Danced The Lightning Livett Up Alan Livett Just Get Up & Dance Horny The Heat Is On I Can Love You Better Livewire Bubs Jewell Livewire Livin' Alright Tony Wilson That's Livin' Alright Living Doll Billy The Kid Living Doll Living Doll Sue Wilkinson Living Doll Living Every Moment Elaine Ferries I Got My Baby Back Larger Than Life The Fire Living For The Night Jan Hanway Living For The Night Living For Peter Metelnick, Weekend Song The Weekend Larry Harmon, Tracey Harmon Living For 2 Night Tommy Bailey Living For The Night Living In A Moment Steve Mason Living In A Moment One Night At A Time Livin' In A Maggie Hicks Perfect Day Perfect Day Turn On the Radio Livin' It Down Dan Albro Livin' It Down Living It Up Theresa Needham The Party's Not Over Livin' La Cha Cha Debi Dillow & Livin' La Vida Loca Lisa Wagner I Hope You Want Me To Livin' La Vida Loca Chris James Higham Livin' La Vida Loca Livin' Large Patrick Fleming Larger Than Life Livin' Life Tracie Lee Livin' Life, Lovin' You Living Like That! Max Perry I Ain't Living Like That Livin' Loca Frankie Cull Livin' La Vida Loca Living Love Alana Clancy My Love Is Alive Livin' Mambo Gloria Johnson Live, Laugh, Love Except On Monday Living Next Door Susanne Mose Living Next Door To Alice To Alice Nielsen Living On A Prayer John H. Robinson Living On A Prayer 2025 Tuff Enuff Bring It On Livin On Love Alan & Barb Livin' On Love Heighway Livin' On Love Derrick Goh Livin' On Love Livin On Love Mad Mick & Hazel Livin On Love Livin' On Love Tessa Hicks Livin' On Love Livin' On Love Gordon Timms Livin' On Love Livin On Love Unknown Livin On Love Living On The Lisa Ferguson Life In The Fast Lane Fast Lane Livin' The Paul Hooper Livin' La Vida Loca Crazy Life Living The Lie Chris Hodgson Stop Living The Lie Dance All Our Troubles Away Living The Lie Michael Vera-Lobos Stop Living The Lie & Noel Bradey Livin' To Do P. Meulendijks My Livin To Do Livin' Well Stephen Rutter Living And Living Well No One Needs To Know Livingston Cha Cha Shuggie McCardie Cry For You Livingstone Stomp Bev Costantino Ubangi Stomp That's My Story Honey Hush Loaded Warren Mitchell Loaded Loaded Brenda Nuttall Get The Truck Loaded Loaded John H. Robinson Loaded (Rock The Bop) Loaded Katharine Daley Loaded Loaded And Down David J. McDonagh Loaded Dame Mas (Loaded) Loaded Man Marg Jones Loaded Lobo Dave & Ginny Wolf Three Time Looser Sticks And Stones Everywhere I Turn Lobotomized Gloria Johnson Brain In A Jar Loca-Motion, The Cindi Talbot & Livin' la Vida Loca Lori MacKenzie Local Girls Karen Hedges Local Girls Local Girls Kevin Richards Local Girls Local Girls Robbie Halvorson Local Girls Loch Lomond Betty McNeill Loch Lomond Loch Lomond Elizabeth Scott Loch Lomond Loch Ness Stomp Mary Kelly One Way Ticket He's Your Problem Now Why Me? Cowgirl Swing Lock All The Doors DJ Dan & Wynette Close Up The Honky Tonks Miller Lock And Load Unknown You Walked In Don't Stop Locked Up John Dembiec Folsum Prison Blues Locked Up Gaye Teather Rock 'N' Rockin' Loco Frankie Cull Loco Loco Christopher Petre Loco Por Vos Loco Loco Heidi van Sinten Loco Loco Watcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy Loco-Motion, The Nancy Morgan The Loco-Motion Loco-Motion Eric Tan Loco The Loco-Motion Robert C. Weaver Loco-Motion Tryin' To Get To New Orleans Why Don't Cha That'll Be The Day Hang On Sloopy Billie Jean Like A Virgin Happy Together The Wanderer Locolito Ed White Something Kinda Funny Little LocoLito Locomotion Unknown Locomotion Any Way The Wind Blows Locomotion Unknown Locomotion Locomotion 2000 Neil Hale Locomotion Lola Gets Jo & I Whatever Lola Wants Lola Lives Helen Smith Copacabana Down On The Corner LOLKYVE Knox Rhine Ain't Enough Roses (Lucky In Love) You Still Shake Me You're Killing Me Lollipop Larry Hayden Lollipop Lollipop Kate Sala Lollipop Lollipop Rafel Corbi (My) Boy Lollipop The Lollipop William Sevone Lollipop Lollypop Irene Groundwater Lollypop London Leaves Chris Peel London Leaves London Rhythm Alan Haywood London Rhythm London Waltz, The William Sevone Valentine Moon Lone Ranger Lynn Gannon The Lone Ranger Lone Star Unknown On Second Thought Lone Star Mary Kelly Tequila Talkin' Let's Do Something Ragtop Cadillac Lone Star Mustang Lone Stars I Like The Night Life Anniversary Boogie Lone Star Cha Cha Jo Thompson She's Got The Rhythm The Wanderer What Kind Of Fool Every Step Of The Way If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Never Givin' Up On Love Put Some Drive In Your Country Oh Girl I Can Dream One Night At A Time Lone Star Cha Cha Bill Larson Down To My Last Teardrop Lone Star Lovin' Tom Perry Lone Star Lovin' Night Night Lone Star Waltz Bill Larson Remember The Alamo Lone Starry Night Carol McKee Lone Starry Night Lone Wolf Jodi Page Rhythm Of The Country Band Lonebranch South Jobie Chute Mercury Blues Lonely Samantha Dixon The Other Side Of Lonely Lonely Double D & Trags Till All The Lonely's Gone Lonely And Blue Donna Lent Blue Lonely & Love Tim Gauci When Lonely Met Love Lonely Cha Cha, The Chris Hodgson Never Be Lonely Again Lonely Cha Cha Dougie D. Tragedia Lonely Cowgirl Marg Jones Feeling' Kind Of Lonely Tonight I Feel Lucky Lonely = Matt Jenkins Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely Lonely Evening Marjo Ranta She's Over You Lonely Girl David J. McDonagh Lonely Girl The Lonely Goatherd Karen Tripp The Lonely Goatherd Lonely Heart, The Don McRitchie Somewhere Between Lonely Heart DJ Dan & Wynette Tip Of My Fingers Miller Lonely Hearted Curtis Marting As Long As You Love Me She Ain't The Girl For You She's Gone Lonely Hearts Gaye Teather Lonely Hearts Lonely Hearts Boogie Brian Dickson If You Talk To My Baby Lonely Hunter, The Mike Marshall The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter Lonely Lady Jan Wyllie A Woman Gets Lonely Lonely Long Barbara Jagusch She Won't Be Lonely Long Lonely Love Mary Kelly Think Of Me (When You're Lonely) It Must Be Love Lonely Nevermore Dee Musk Never Knew Love Like This Before Lonely No More.. Neville, Andrew, Lonely No More Simon & Sheila Lonely Summer Andy Chumbley Sealed With A Kiss Lonely Times Sharon Orr Unchained Melody Lonely To-Night Jim Beattie I Won't Leave You Lonely Lonely Too Anita Ludlow Lonely Too Lonely Too Marie Sørensen Lonely Too Lonely Too Long Chris Goodyear Don't Leave Her Lonely Too Long Lonely Too Long Lyn Cooper, Don't Leave Her Lonely Too Long Karen Norris, Renata Yates Lonely Town Eileen Benfield Lonely, Lonely Town Lonely Waltz, The Denis Haggerty The Lonely Waltz You Look So Good In Love Lonely Waltz Jan Wyllie The Lonely Waltz Lonesome Maria Fletcher & Oh Lonesome Kevin Smith Lonesome Blue Betty McNeill Lonesome Blue Lonesome Blues Michael Barr Cold Outside You Ain't Lonely Yet Lonesome Blues Cherine Stiller You Aint Lonely Yet Lonesome Blues Jean Dransfield Lonesome Me Lonesome Cowboy Robert C. Weaver Cowboy Blues Strut You Walked In Go Away Hangin' In Down To Your Last One More Without Your Love Put Yourself In My Shoes Ruby Shoes Steam Tropical Depression Lonesome Cry John Dembiec Lonely No More Lonesome For You Rita Sergi Kenney Guys Do It All the Time Blue Lonesome Fun Karl Cregeen Lonely's Never Been So Much Fun Two Of A Kind Lonesome Me Arizona Ann Napier Oh Lonesome Me Lonesome Me Marie Sørensen Oh, Lonesome Me Lonesome Teardrops Jeff Allen The Writing On The Wall Lonesome U Ros Brander Ol' Lonesome Stephenson Lonesome Waltz Val Myers Lonely Too Strawberry Wine Did I Shave My Legs For This Lonesome Wins Again Rosalie Mackay Lonesome Wins Again Lonestar Bump Gloria Johnson No News Lonestar Cowboy Hazel Pace Two Steppin' Texas Love Somebody Like Me I Need Your Love Tonight Amigo Lonestar Shuffle Andie Lynne No News Lonestar Slide Rick & Deborah No News Bates Rag Top Cadillac Honky Tonk Song Lonestarlet John Elliott Texas Girl Long As I Got You Mark Simpkin Long As I Got You Long Blond Hair Maxwell Do You Love As Good As You Look I Need More Of You It's 5 O'Clock Somerwhere Cry Myself To Sleep My Maria Long Cool Ride Johnny Two-Step Long Cool Ride Long Cool Woman The Girls (Maureen Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress) & Michelle) Long Distance Call Cato Larsen & The Call Rob Fowler Long Gone Peter Metelnick Gone Long Gone Mark Simpkin & How Long Gone Robin Imms Long Gone! Teresa & Vera, My Baby No Esta Aqui Dee Musk & Vivienne Scott Long Gone Francien Sittrop Long Gone Long Goodbye, A Roger Steinberg The Long Goodbye Long Goodbye, A Frank Cooper The Long Goodbye Long Goodbye, A Mark Furnell The Long Goodbye Long Goodbye Michael Vera-Lobos The Long Goodbye Long Goodbye, The Alison Biggs Whole Again Smile Long Goodbye, The Tim Gauci The Long Goodbye Long Goodbye Glynn Holt The Long Goodbye We've Got Tonight The Long Goodbye Emcee The Long Goodbye Long Hard Ride DJ Dan & Long Hard Ride Wynette Miller Long Island Love Ginny Sheridan Thing Called Love Long Kiss, The Rahlene Turner Long, Long, Kiss Long Legged Hannah Parry Spence Long Legged Hannah Fifty Fifty Love Long Legs Ian Dunn God Made Woman On A Good Day Long Live Love! Bill Bader Live, Laugh, Love Long Live Love Jan Wyllie Never Giving Up On Love Long Long Kiss Maureen Reynolds Long, Long Kiss Long Long Kiss Andrew Palmer & Long Long Kiss Simon J. Cox Long, Long Way, A Johnny S' My Maria Long Long Way The Girls (Maureen Long Long Way & Michelle) Man! I Feel Like A Woman Long Long Way Anna Picerno Long Long Way For You Long 'n' Hot Jo & John Kinser, Long Hot Summer Junior Willis Long Shot Maria Hennings Long Shot Hunt Long Tall Sally Stephen Howard Long Tall Sally Rock Around The Clock Long Tall Shuffle Charles Thornhill 455 Rocket Believe Me Baby (I Lied) Long Tall Texan Jo Ann Hilbish Long Tall Texan Long Tall Texan Dorothy E Llaria Long Tall Texan I'll Give You Something To Drink About The Writing On The Wall Long, Tall Texan Hedy McAdams Long, Tall Texan Long Time Gone Darren Tubridy Long Time Gone Cowboys & Kisses Long Train Running Doug & Jackie Long Train Running Miranda Long Train Runnin' Amy Christian-Sohn Long Train Runnin' Long Walk Back Max Perry Long Walk Back Long Way Home, A Harlan Curtis A Long Way Home Long Way Over You Lana Wilson Long Long Way Long Way To Paradise Gordon Timms Long Way To Paradise Long Way To Richmond Guyton Mundy Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde Long Wet Kiss Mark Cook Long Wet Kiss Longer Letter Later Helen D'Aguiar Longer Letter Later Longhorn, The Todd Freeman Sold Longing For You Sue Hsu & From Paris To Berlin Kathy Chang Longneck Bottle Carl Sullivan Long Neck Bottle Longneck Bottle Bill Bader Long Neck Bottle Bright Side Of The Road Da Doo Run Run Longneck Bottle Alan Haywood Longneck Bottle Longneck Express Knox Rhine My Girlfriend Might When I Come Back Pickup Man The Curly Shuffle Long Legged Hannah Longway Back Karen @ A Long Way Back Dance n Smile The Longyard Jan Wyllie Leave Him In The Longyard Look Alike Anita Swirsky Poor Poor Pitiful Me Look At Me Neville Fitzgerald When You Look At Me Look At Me Instead Steffi Look At Me Look @ Me Now Johnny S' Oh Look At Me Now Look At Me Now Val Reeves Fate Look At You Jo & John Kinser, When I Look At You Mark Furnell Look Good In Love Alan Haywood You Look So Good In Love Meanwhile Husbands And Wives Look Good In Donna Sayers You Look Good In My Shirt My Shirt Look Good With You Michael Drifus I Would Look Good With You Look Long And Hard Peter Fry & Long Last Look Marian Burns Look It Up Knox Rhine Look It Up Look Me Up Terry Hogan If You're Ever Down In Dallas Look My Way Sue Ann Ehmann Stop, Look My Way Christmas Everyday Look No More DJ Dan & Wynette You're Looking At The Man Miller Look Out! Debbie Siquieros Who Let The Dogs Out & DJ Jam Supa Sound Systems's Dance & Shout Original Style Dance Mix Big Boy Toys I Keep Looking Look Out William Sevone Look Out Mabel Wear My Ring Around Your Neck Play Something Country Never Like This Before Pata Pata Wild It's Alright Some Like It Hot Look Over Your Trish Davies You'll Be In My Heart Shoulder Look So Good Norm Gifford Look So Good Look The Other Way Diane Kale Never Mind Me A Night To Remember Look The Other Way Neville Fitzgerald I Choose Life & Julie Harris Look Through My Eyes Frederick Williams Look Through My Eyes Look Twice Karen Looker Intentional Heartache Uptown Girl Look What Alan Haywood Look What They've Done To My Song Ma They've Done Look What Kathy Hunyadi & Look What You've Done To Me You've Done Jo Thompson Szymanski Look Whose Boots Kathy Blasen Looking Back Maggie Gallagher Looking Back I'd Rather Ride Around With You Lookin' Back Tim Gauci Lookin' Back To See Looking Back Jodi Page & Whole Again Kate Moore Lookin' Back DJ Dan & Wynette Way To Survive Miller Phonographic Memory All By My Lonesome Playin' Every Honky Tonk In Town I'll Be There If You Ever Want Me Looking Better RedHat Better Every Beer Looking For... Mat Baker T.R.O.U.B.L.E. Looking For A Change Colleen Archer Change Looking For A Dance Jo Thompson Looking For A Dance Looking For A Girl David Spencer Looking For A Girl Looking For A Girl Mike O'Brien Looking For A Girl Looking For Rosalie Mackay Looking For A Heartache Like You A Heartache Looking For A Vera Kuiper Real Deal Real Deal Lookin' For Love Mike Y L Ng Lookin' For Love Rock My World (Little Country Girl) Wink Lookin' For Love Terry Dunbar Lookin' For Love Looking For Mary Frank Cooper Mary Lopez Looking Forward Trish Pratchett Looking Forward Looking Back Looking Back Looking Forward Bob & Marlene I'm Looking Forward (To Not Looking Back) (Not Back) Peyre-Ferry Lookin' 4 Trouble Peter Metelnick The Devil & Me & Alison Biggs Looking Glass Charlotte Skeeters I Still Believe Curious Soul Astray Old Friends Lookin' Good Jane Schomas You Walked In Hard On The Ticker Put Your Heart Into It Must Have Had A Ball Looking Good Marie Larson The Business Of Love Looking Good Terry Hogan The Way She's Looking Looking Good Anne Morley Carlene Words Of Wisdom Turn Back Time Me Neither Little Drops Of My Heart Lookin' Good Phil Carpenter Pretty Woman Looking Good N J Fuller & Hey Good Looking Thomas Haynes Fire Lookin' Good K. S. Twinkletoe Hey Good Lookin' Lookin' Good Lana Harvey Wilson I Would Look Good With You Now I Pray For Rain Looking Good Teresa & Vera Hey Good Lookin' Looking In Andy Ross My Front Porch Looking In Lookin' In Love Kelly Hinds I'll Think Of A Reason Later Lookin' Like Love John H. Robinson If It Looks Like Love Too Much Blood In My Alcohol Lookin' Like That! Sam & Ruth Why'd You Come In Here Lookin' Like That Armstrong 1-800 Used To Be Lookin' Like That Michael O'Shea When You're Looking Like That Looking Like That! Michael Vera-Lobos When You're Looking Like That & Margaret Parrish Looking Like That Lynn Mackenzie When You're Looking Like That Lookin' Out Eddie McIntosh Lookin' Out My Back Door My Back Door Looking Out Eva Pau Looking Out My Back Door My Back Door Looks Like Love Jan Wyllie You Look So Good In Love Looks Like Love Phil Carpenter You Look So Good In Love Looks Like Trouble Dianne Joseph Trouble We All Get Lucky Some Time Looky Looky! Jennifer Choo Dui Mian De Nu Hai Kan Guo Lai Sue Chin Loose Boots Yvonne Stevens Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under Loose Caboose Peter Metelnick That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me Boogie 'Til The Cows Come Home Emotional Girl Rockin' This Christmas Loose Cannon Tom Elberfeld Big Mexican Dinner Wicked Game 455 Rocket I Brake For Brunettes Black Dresses No News Loose Change Sue Webster Three Nickels And A Dime Loose Change Maria Hunt & Right On The Money Dave Hughes My Next Broken Heart Loose Kaboose Don Deyne Loosen Up My Strings Loose - Loose Rick & Deborah Let's Get Loose Bates Loose, Loud & Crazy Jos Slijpen Loose, Loud & Crazy Loose Women Rob Fowler Loose Women Loosen It Colette Sweeney Buttons If It Makes You Happy Loosen Up Larry Bass Give 'Em My Number Movin' Out To The Country Loosen Up Sara Preston Some Days You Gotta Dance Loosen Up Geri Morrison & Some Days You Gotta Dance Kiley Evans Loraine Glynn Holt Loraine The Lord Loves The Debbie O'Hara The Lord Loves The Drinkin' Man Drinkin' Man Lord Of The Dance Charles Bowring Lord Of The Dance Men In Black Loreley Manuela Bello Loreley Loretto Clog Unknown Talking To Mark Lor-Raine Sandy Kerrigan Angel Eyes Lose Completely David Woods When My Baby Lose Control Karl L. Cregeen Let Me Love You Lose Control Kathy Brown & I Wanna B With U Nancy Morgan Lose It Guyton Mundy & Just Loose It Barry Durand Lose My Mind Audrey Watson Lose My Mind Loser Friendly Tony Wilson Friendly Loser Losing At Loving Kathy Heller Losing At Loving Dancing On A Saturday Night 100% Texan Losing At Loving John Warnars Losing At Loving Losing Game Rafel Corbí Winner At A Losing Game Losin' It Scott Lanius Guys Do It That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me Losin' It Gaye Teather Losin' Side Of Me Six Days On The Road You Never Can Tell Losing My Mind Chris Hodgson Foolish Losing My Mind William Brown I Call It Love Losing My Mind Audrey Watson Lose My Mind Losing The Blues Terry Hogan Back In The Swing Of Things Losin' The Love The Lady In Black Losin' The Love Lost Moses Bourassa Jr. Lost & Barbara Frechette Lost (You Are Rep Ghazali Lost Not Alone) Lost And Found Mike Y L Ng Lost And Found Lost And Found Jan Wyllie The Lost And Found Lost Anyway Carol Cotherman Lost You Anyway Lost Feelings Roy Verdonk & Lost In The Feeling Darren Bailey Lost Heart Slide Stella Cabeca Put Your Heart In To It Has Anyone Seen My Heart Good Girls Love Bad Boys Lost Hearts Wrangler Wild The Thought Of Being In Love Lost In A Moment Talya Chatman Lost In This Moment Lost In Love DJ Dan & Wynette Lost Miller Lost In Love Peter & Alison I Lose My Heart Lost In Texas Jim Williams Long Legged Hannah Boogie Back To Texas Texas Tattoo Runaway Train Cowboy Band The Band Renegades, Rebels, and Rogues Hi-Tech Redneck Lost In Texas Karl Cregeen Don't Try To Find Me Two Steppin' Texas Blue Lost In The Shuffle Peter Metelnick Lucky Me, Lucky You Lost In The Shuffle What Kind Of Fool A Change Would Do You Good Keeping The Faith I'd Rather Ride Around With You Leave My Mama Out Of This Lost In The Shuffle Sunny & Steve Mama Likes To Reggae Weymouth Lost In The Shuffle Lost in the Shuffle Kelly Hinds Lost In The Shuffle Lost In The Shuffle Sho Botham Amarillo Lost In The Shuffle Lost In The Shuffle Warren Mitchell Lost In The Shuffle Lost In The Waltz Jan Wyllie Lost In The Feeling Lost In You Debby Thompson My Heart Is Lost In You Lost Island Cheryl McGlashan Island Lost Love Henry Costa Tears Of A Clown Give It To Me Baby Love Machine Uptight Lost Love Andy Chumbley Perfidia Lost Moments Moses Bourassa Jr. Moments & Barbara Frechette Lost My Heart Lana Wilson Lost My Heart In Oklahoma Lost My Love Janet Karter Lucky Me, Lonely You (Heart & Soul) Lost My Way Luke Vandermeer Without You Lost 'N' Found William Sevone Chain Reaction You're Easy On The Eyes Lost-Shebang Sylvia Priestley Lost Without You I Will....But Stuck In Love God Knows I Love You Lost Without U Adrian Lefebour Lost Without You Lost Without You Tracie Lee Lost Without You Lost Without You Too Shanon Dickson Lost With Out You Lost Without Frederick Williams Lost Without You Your Love Lot More Action, A Carlene R. Silva A Little Less Talk Lot Of Leavin' Phil Johnson Lot Of Leavin' Left To Do Lot Of Leaving Yvonne van Baalen Lot Of Leaving Left To Do Left To Do Lots Of Cash Jodi Wittman Cash Lots Of Fun John Warnars Wish She Would Have Left Quicker Long Time Lotsa Cha-Cha Carolyn Buntrock My Maria Smooth Lotta Hurt Curtis Marting Whole Lotta Hurt That Don't Impress Me Much Slave To The Habit A Lotta Rhythm Jim Watt Got A Lot Of Rhythm In My Soul Loud & Proud Kate Sala, Together Again M.T. Groove & Alan G. Birchall Loud & Proud Janis Graves & Hillbilly Nation lindy Bowers Louie Unknown I Love a Rainy Night Cadillac Style Gone As a Girl Can Get Hurt Me Bad I Don't Need the Booze Jimmy McCarthy's Truck Redneck Girl She's Got the Rhythm Some Girls Do Time & Love What Part of No Loud Country Ephraim Kirkland Loud Louey Louise Roy East All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Louise Knees Vicky McCulloch Laid Back Stone Cold Louisiana Unknown There Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio Louisiana Backroads Jeff Allen Louisiana Way Louisiana Blue Mick Herbert Louisiana Blue Louisiana Bound Carmel Hutchinson Louisiana Bound Tryin' To Get To New Orleans Louisiana Hop Jim Smith Louisiana Saturday Night Fais Do Do Little Bit Crazy Calling Baton Rouge Cajun Moon Jolie Blon Hand Me Down Heart Louisiana Man One Woman Man Louisiana Hot Cross Debbie Siquieros Louisiana Hot Sauce That Don't Impress Me Much Louisiana Hot Sauce Joanne Brady, He's My Little Jalapeno Gordon Elliott, Down At The Twist And Shout Max Perry, Jo Thompson Louisiana Hot Sauce Dorrit Nielsen Louisiana Lou Chris Hodgson Linda Lou Louisiana Louie Jorma Leitzinger, The Devil Comes Back To Georgia Extended Malla Tiainen & Stop On A Dime Virpi Venho Louisiana Man Trevor Smith Louisiana Louisiana Man Norman Dery Louisiana Man Louisiana Man Carmel Hutchinson I Love My Louisiana Man Louisiana Rendevous L. Hodges Louisiana Rendevous Louisiana Rendezvous David Cheshire Louisiana Rendezvous Louisiana Saturday Noel Bradey Louisiana Saturday Night Night Louisiana Saturday Audrey von Louisiana Saturday Night Night Bieberstein Louisiana Karen Fishback Louisiana Saturday Night Saturday Night Bayou Jubilee Louisiana Shuffle Phil Stubbs Louisiana Hotsauce Harper Valley PTA Louisiana Shuffle Steve Falzone Louisiana Hot Sauce Louisiana Slap Unknown Louisiana Strut Bob Sykes Louisiana Louisiana Swing Kate Sala & Home To Louisiana Robbie McGowan Hickie Lounge Lizard Jason Higgins Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) Beyond The Sea Why Haven't I Heard From You? I'm From The Country Put Your Heart Into It Love Speedo What Kind Of Love Love Doug & Jackie L-O-V-E Miranda Love A Little Ed Lawton & A Little Bit More Helen O'Malley (Love) After Love Barbara Mendelsohn South Of Santa Fé Believe Love Again Michael Vera-Lobos Maybe Tonight Love Against Sandy Kerrigan I Know How The River Feels The Tide Love Ain't Easy Judy Edwards Broken Hearted Love Ain't Love Cathryn Proudfoot Love Ain't Love Love And Affection Ann Napier Love And Affection Horse To Mexico Love And Affection David Sinfield Love And Affection Two Times Shalala Love And Dreams Sue Ann Ehmann Lovers Who Wander Love And Happiness DJ Dan & Wynette Love And Happiness Miller Love & Honor Margaret Mather Love & Honor Love At First Sight Irene Groundwater Love At First Sight Love At First Sight Kathy Brown I'm Glad The Enemy Lay Around And Love On You Love At First Waltz Jan Wyllie Newfoundland Waltz Love Attack Brian Heselden Love Attack Love Bite Tim Hand Love Bug (Bite Me) Love Boat Knox Rhine Love Boat Love Bomb Masters In Line Love Bomb Love Bug June Hulcombe & Love Bug Barb Willshire Love Bug Kim Ray Love Bug Love Can Turn Sylvia Schell Love Can Turn The World The World Love Chain Frank Cooper Love Chain Love Changes Gordon Elliott & Love Changes Everything Everything Anita Kecskes Love Child Cha Cha Louise Woodcock Love Child Love Chooses You Jim Morrison Love Chooses You Love Comes Around Tjaney K When You Last Expect Her Love Comes First Geri Morrison Heaven Is A Place On Earth Old Time Rock And Roll Love Crashing Down Elaine McGurk Loves Crashing Down Love Crime Gordon Elliott Love Crime Love Cry Anita Ludlow Won't Cry For Love Love Declared June Yung Tie A Yellow Ribbon Love Don't Float Wrangler Wild Love Don't Float Love Don't Give Charles Bowring Love Don't Give A Damn A Damn Here Comes The Rain Love, Don't Let Geri Morrison Love, Don't Let Me Go Me Go Double Trouble Love Don't Live Here Clare Bull Love Don't Live Here Love Dove Sandy Hawkins Dove'L'Amore Love Em All Kathy Brown, I Love Em All Sandy Albano & Lindy Bowers Love Equals Nothing Alan Haywood & If Love Equals Nothing Ross Brown Love Every Time Eilla Kay Love Every Time Love Finder Mairi Love The Way To Your Love Love Fool Cecilia Yong Love Fool Love For Maryanne Bob Reid Let Your Love Flow Love 4 Today Johnny S' If Tomorrow Never Comes Love Games 'Lainey' Staines The Game Of Love Love Games Jo & John Kinser, LoveGame Mark Furnell Love Generation Dzintra Rozite Love Generation Love Getaway!!!! Boarderliners Love Shack Love Guarantee Sue Ann Ehmann Sweetness Of Your Love Since You Brought It Up Love Hangover Sadiah Heggernes Love Hangover Love Happens Keith Jackson The Way Love Goes Love Has Gone Audrey Watson After Your Love Has Gone Love Has No Pride Frank Cooper Love Has No Pride Love Heart Christina Browne Where Do We Go From Here Bye Bye Love Heart Waltz Annie Saw Only Love Can Break Your Heart She's Over You Strawberry Wine Cattle Call Love Hurts Marianne And It Hurts van Dorst Love Hurts William Sevone Love Hurts Love Hurts Too William Sevone Love Hurts Love I Do Ed Lawton Love The Way Love-I-Tis William Sevone I Love You Love In Ann Thomson-Buhler Love In A Hot Afternoon Love In My Life Hazel Pace You Make The Moonlight Captured Love In One Shot Vivienne Scott & Love In One Shot Fred Buckley Love In The Air Liz Clarke Love Is In The Air Love In The Andy Chumbley Love In The First Degree First Degree Love Is Maureen Reynolds Thicker Than Blood Love Is... Kelcy Gardner What's It To You Love Is... Jan Wyllie & Love Is Just A Two Step Away Mieke Johnson Love Is A Beautiful Rafel Corbí Love Is A Beautiful Thing Thing Love Is A Mystery Gordon Timms Mystery Love Is Alive Birthe Tygesen In Your Eyes Love Is All Around Francien Sittrop Love Is All Around Love Is All Sylvia Schell So Small That Matters Love Is Blue William Sevone Love Is Blue Love Is Enough Fulvio Durazza & Live, Laugh, Love Gai Allomes Love Is Forever Heidi & Dan Coombs I Love You Always Forever Love Is Free Audrey Watson Love Is Free Love Is Free Alan G. Birchall Love Is Free Love Is In The Air Rosalie Mackay Love Is In The Air Love Is In The Air Christina Browne Love Is In The Air Love Is In The Air Gemma L Harrison Love Is In The Air Love Is In The Air The Girls (Maureen Love Is In The Air & Michelle) Wake Up And Smell The Whiskey Love Is In The Air Roy Verdonk & Love Is In The Air Raymond Sarlemijn Love Is In The Air Linda M. Brubakrer Love Is In The Air Love Is Like The Sea Michael Barr Like The Sea Love Is Special Audrey Watson Cradle Love Is Strong Denise & Steve Strong Enough To Bend Bisson Love It Linda Brown I Like It, I Love It Love Is Your Color John Robinson Love Is Your Color (with Junior Willis) Love It K Smith & A Thing Called Love Trevor Green Love It Iris M. Mooney Sunchyme Crime Of The Century Wont You Come Home & Talk To A Stranger Love Leaves Fedor K. April Showers Love Letter William Sevone Love Letter To Myself Love Letters Hedy McAdams Strawberry Wine Love Letters Saturday Night Here's A Quarter Bye Bye Blackbird Love Letters Val Reeves Love Letters In The Sand A Love Like This DJ Dan & Wynette They'll Make It Anyway Miller Love Like Yours Rep Ghazali You Caught Me At A Bad Time Love Line Alan Robinson She's In Love With Me Love Listens Rosalie Mackay Love Listens Every Man Likes You Love Listens Kevin & Maria Love Listens Love Lives Here Patricia E. Stott I Know Where Love Lives Love Lockdown Bob Klingler Love Lockdown Love Lost Vivienne Scott The Way Things Are I'm Outta Love Love Love Mags Gold Supreme The Worlds Worst Lover Mexican Joe Playing Every Honky Tonk In Town Love Love Love Jos Slijpen Love, Love, Love What I Did For Love Love Love Love Maggie Gallagher Love Love Love Love Love Love Eva Pau Love Love Love Love, Love Me Do Jennifer Choo Love Me Do Sue Chin Love Machine Unknown Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under Love Man William Sevone Love Man Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Where Is The Love A Night To Remember Down On The Corner Walking The Dog Respect Funky Town Hole In The Head Ring My Bell Searchin' Hold Back The Night Made For Each Other Jimmy Mack Sweet Dreams My LA Ex Tighten Up Your Pants Singing The Blues We Like To Party To Brazil Party Zone Alien Boogie Third Rock From The Sun Patient Heart Jukebox (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction Love Me Maria & Kevin Love Me A Little Bit Longer Love Me David Cheshire Love Me Love Me Nigel Payne I'll Be There If You Ever Want Me Love Me Nigel & I'll Be There If You Ever Want Me Barbara Payne Answer To Everything Love Me Frederick Williams Love Me Love Me Robbie McGowan L.O.V.E. Hickie Love Me A Little Dennis & Verity Love Me A Little Bit Longer Bit Longer Love Me Back Terry Cullingham I Wanna Be Loved Back Love Me Cha Cha Tommy Lim Mexican Girl Khooi Kooi Love Me Crazy Kevin & Maria The Way You Make Love Love Me Do Gaye Teather Love Me Do Drivin' My Life Away Got A Lot Of Living To Do The Fever Love Me If You Can Dave Munro Love Me If You Can Love Me Kiss Me Mayee Lee Love Me Love Me Like A Rock Frederick Williams Love Me Like A Rock Love Me Love Ken & Jan Love Me Love Me Love Me - Love Me Audrey Watson Amame Love Me, Love Me Not Martin Ritchie Love Me, Love Me Not Love Me One Day Charles & Anne You're Gonna Love Me One Day Love Me Love Me Love Me Tender Lorraine Shelton Love Me Tender Love Me Tender Patricia E. Stott Love Me Tender Love Me Tomorrow Peter & Alison Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Brazil Love Me Tonight Lynne Flanders Love Me Tonight Love My Sunglasses Sharon Lamb Sunglasses Love 'n' Appiness Dave Munro Love And Happiness Love Never Dies Kathy Hunyadi It Ain't True Love Never Dies Love Never Kathy Brown Love Never Hurt Nobody Hurt Nobody Love Of Mary Terry Dunbar Arms Of Mary Love Of My Life Judith Campbell That's Where I'll Be Love Of Sunshine Roland Gutzwiller All For The Love Of Sunshine Love On My Mind Andrew, Simon & Love On My Mind Sheila Love On The Floor Wesley Cowie Dime Love On The Inside Sandy Kerrigan The Love You Left Behind Love On The Move Danny Smith Sittin On Go Love On The Run Shaz 'n Dave Caribbean Queen Love Or Fame John Dembiec Love Games Love Overcomes Peter Jones & Overcome Anna Lockwood Love, Por Ejemplo Helen D'Aguiar Love Is In The Air Love Potion Peter Heath Love Potion No 9 Tequila Sunrise Love Potion #9 Mare Dodd Love Potion #9 Love Really Hurts Andrew Palmer & Love Really Hurts Without You Simon J. Cox Love Revival William Sevone & Love Revival Michael Taylor Love Revival Michael Diven Love Revival Love Right Now Sheila Towers Love Right Now Love Rules Simon Ward I'll Never Break Your Heart Love Rustler Mark Simpkin & Love Rustler Tracie Lee Love Sensation Chris Hodgson & Love Sensation Glynn Holt Love Sex Magic Lawrence Allen Love Sex Magic Love Shack, The Ronnie Fortt The Love Shack One Way Ticket Love Shack Carolyn Robinson Love Shack Love Shake Karen & Andee Love Shack Bleuer Mony, Mony Simply Irresistible Love Slide, The Melanie Cheever Step In The Name Of Love Love Somebody Joy Alan If You Love Somebody Love Song Bob Boesel Love Song Love Song Will Craig I Need A Love Song Love Songs Maria Tao Love Songs Love Songs (Chinese) Maria Tao Ba Ge Wa Wa Love Starts Talkin' M. Chandonnet When Love Starts Talkin' Love Stoned Guyton Mundy, Love Stone Joey Warren, Heidi Hollan & Megan Olson Love Story Diane Holtz Love Story Love Struck Alan G. Birchall Love You Too Much Red Lips, Blue Eye, Little White Lies Someone Could Lose A Heart Tonight In A Letter To You Gone For Real Move It On Over Love Struck Michael O' Shea Love Me, Love Me Love Struck Francien Sittrop Love Struck Love Struck Fool Elaine Douris Love You Too Much Love Struck Groove John H. Robinson Love Struck Does Anybody Want To Boogie Love Struck Kid Henry Costa Love And Affection All Out Of Love Everyday Is A Winding Road Heads Carolina, Tails California Constant Craving Believe Me Baby (I Lied) Love Supply Ria Vos Love Supply Love Supreme Mark & Jan Caley Supreme Take It Back Love 'T' Dance Margaret Hill Walk Right Back Now I Can Dance Love Takes Over Laura K. When Love Takes Over Love Tales Jan Wyllie Love's Gonna Tell On You Love Talk Kath Macmanamon Something Stupid A Love Tear Kenny Teh Yi Ke Qing Lei Love Thang Charles Bowring Love Thang Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard Love Thang Maggie Lydon Love Thang Love Thang Caroline Rankin It's A Love Thing A Love That... Dave Munro A Love That Will Never Grow Old Love That Reggae Terri Alexander Love This Reggae Music Love That River Mishi River Of Love Love Thing Dolly Wright Now That I Found You This Ain't No Thinkin' Thing Take It Back Love Thing Mike Cook It Must Be Love Love Thing, A Peter Worsley A Love Thing Love Thing Carl Sullivan That's The Thing About Love A Love Thing Annette Skaff Love Thing Love To Burn Cindy Truelove Road Runner Somebody To Love You Love To Burn Love To Dance Lisa Foord & I Never Did Like Whisky Yvonne Hammond Love To Dance Barbara lowe I Love To Love (My Babe Loves To Dance) Le Freak Love To See You Cry The Girls (Maureen Love To See You Cry & Michelle) Love To Share Kate Sala I Wonder Why Love To You Jan L'Argent I Just Wanna Make Love To You Love Train Gerald Biggs Love Train Love Travels Michael Vera-Lobos Love Travels Love Trip Larry Bass Love Trip Foolish Heart Love Trip Mick Herbert Love Trip Love Trip June Hulcombe & Love Trip Barb Willshire Love 2 Cha Cha David Sinfield I Keep Forgetting Love 2 Dance DJ Dan & Wynette Rough Around The Edges Miller Love 2-Step Nancy A. Morgan Busy Man Ace Of Hearts Love U Elle Jay Let Me Love You Love U 4Ever Rep Ghazali You'll Never Stop Loving Me Love U More Brian R. Woodford Love U More Love U Right Karen Dixon When The Wrong One Loves You Right It's A Love Thing Love U2 Much Annie Saw Love You Too Much A Love Until The Thomas C. Tam A Love Until The End Of Time End Of Time Love Was The Reason Alan Haywood What Made You Say That Love Will Find A Way Maureen Reynolds One Heart Love Will Last Beverly McLean Queen Of My Heart Love Won't Let Me Kathy Hunyadi Love Won't Let Me Love Won't Wait Christopher Love Won't Wait Bayliss A Love Worth Phil Carpenter A Love Worth Waiting For Waiting For Being With You Love Worth Joseph Yip A Love Worth Waiting For Waiting For Love You The Girls (Maureen When The Wrong One Loves You Right & Michelle) The Love You Left Behind Should've Asked Her Faster Love You Anyway Ramona Davis Loving You Against My Will No Mercy Love You Better Irene May I Can Love You Better Believe Love You Better Phil Neale I Can Love You Better Love You From Here Kathy Forrest Love Travels Love You Left Chris Peel The Love You Left Behind Behind, The Love You To David Sinfield Forever And Ever, Amen 2-Step Forever Love You Waltz Janice Hoy I Love You, That's All She's Over You Tucson Too Soon Their Hearts Are Dancing He'll Have To Go Lovebug Maureen & Lovebug Michelle Jones Lovebug, The Kelcy Gardner Lovebug Loved & Lost Neil Cordery Have You Ever Loved By You Gordon Timms In This Life Loved By You D-unit M&M You'll Always Be Loved By Me Loved By You Margaret Murphy Till I Was Loved By You Loved Up Geri Morrison I Just Fall In Love Again Lovely Hula Hands Irene Groundwater Lovely Hula Hands Lovely Lookin’ Rachael McEnaney Yakety Yak Looking For Love You're My Number One Lovely, Lovely Jan Wyllie It's A Lovely Lovely World Lover Boy Guyton Mundy Pride And Joy Lover Boy Marjorie Lover Boy Barnabas-Shaw Lover Come Out Jan Wyllie You Bring Out The Lover In Me Lover, Lover Gail Smith Lover, Lover Why Don't We Just Dance Lover Lover Greg & Samantha Lover Lover Kenny Lover, Lover A.J. & Scott Lover, Lover Herbert Lover Or Friend Gemma Harrison I Don't Want A Lover Lover Please Marg Fountain & Lover Please May Johnson Lover Please Yvonne Hammond Lover Please Lovers Cha Cha, The Joey McCauley Oh Romeo Lovers Chain Delwyn Swaisland Lovers Chain Lovers Chain Eddie McIntosh Lovers Chain A Lover's Concerto Joyce Nicholas A Lover's Concerto Lovers' Corner Ann Thomson-Buhler Down On The Corner Of Love Lover's Dream Mike McElwaney Their Hearts Are Dancing Lover's Heart Francien Sittrop Cupid Lovers' Hideaway Alison Biggs The River Lovers Live Longer Surachai Lovers Live Longer Prasitsarpreecha Lovers Moon Steve Willeter Valentine Moon Lovers Prayer Mark & Jan Caley Lovers Prayer Lovers Waltz Lorraine Shelton You Lie Lover's Waltz A.T. Kinson The Luckiest Guy In The World Loverz Maggie Gallagher Song For Lovers Love's A Gas Edward Lawton Love's A Gas Love's Around John Rowell Look Up Look Down Love's Calling Steve Yoxall Lying To My Heart Love's Gone Lesley Clark I'm Outta Love Love's Gonna Live June Hulcombe & Love's Gonna Live Here Again Barb Willshire Loves Got A Hold Simon Whincup Loves Got A Hold On My Heart On My Heart Mama Don't Get Dressed Up Love's Got Me Wendy Anne Redpath Stuck In Love Love's Great Lisa Thunstrom Love's Great Love's On Me Maggie Gallagher This Love's On Me Love's On The Inside Jill Babinec & Feel Good Scott Schrank Love's Shadow Jan Wyllie Love Is Like A Shadow Love's Talking Sandra Speck When Love Starts Talkin' Loves Unkind Joanne Loves Unkind Taylor Smith Love's Whisper Robert Lindsay Tell Me Love's Working Andrew Palmer & Love Working On You Simon J. Cox Don't Stop (Doin' It) Lovesick Blues John & Margaret Blue Boy Cree Swamp River Days I Don't Even Know Your Name Lovesick Blues!! Jenny Bounds Lovesick Blues Lovestruck Dianne Joseph Storm Of Love Lovestruck Mark Simpkin & Love You Too Much Robin Imms Lovething Henrik Juul Hit Me With Your Lovething Sørensen Lovin' Wesley Cowie Lovin' Is Easy Lovin Ain't Easy Kathy Brown Stand A Little Rain Lovin' All Night Mary & Sarah Byrne Lovin' All Night Lovin' All Night Alan Dereve Lovin' All Night Loving Angels Terry Dunbar I'm Loving Angels Instead Loving Arms J Peppin Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight Loving Arms Terry Dunbar Loving Arms Lovin' Country Buzz Lovin' Country Lovin' Each Day Tim Gauci Lovin' Each Day Loving Every Minute Mark Hood & Loving Every Minute Douglas Semple Loving Feeling Andrew, Simon You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' & Sheila Lovin 4 Fun Lucas Vandermeer Love 4 Fun Lovin In The Mud Karen Hedges Lovin In The Mud Lovin' It Erin Kane & I Like It, I Love It Robyn Rivard-Darby Lovin' It Naomi Another Night Fleetwood-Pyle Be My Lover Lovin' It Nicole George Dirty Girl Lovin' Kick Mark Harrison Lovin' All Night The Whisky Ain't Working The Loving Kind Mike O'Brien The Loving Kind The Loving Kind 2 Mike O'Brien The Loving Kind Lovin Machine Kate Sala Lovin Machine Lovin On Alan Haywood Lovin On Love Train Something's Gotta Give The Last Time Lovin Proof Dan Morrison Misled Lovin' Proof Lovin' U Harvey Cameron & Just Got Started Loving You Jo Miller Lovin' Woman Kate McGoran I Want Your Lovin' Arms Around Me Loving Words Jan Wyllie Running Out Of Ways To Say I Love You Loving You Cherine Stiller Loving You Loving You David Sinfield If I Never Stop Loving You One Night At A Time Loving You Jan Brookfield To Be Loved By You No Matter What Lovin' You Tim Gauci Loving You Against My Will Lovin' You Claire Waugh Lovin' You Against My Will Lovin' You Aimee Osborne I Love The Way You Love Me Lovin' You Simon Ward The Right Kind Of Wrong Can't Fight The Moonlight Lovin' You Tracy Brown Forever & Ever, Amen Loving You!! Sue Coats You'd Do The Same For Me Loving You Tina Morgan Loving You Makes Me A Better Man Out Of Your Shoes Lovin' You Cha-Cha Tom West Loving You Against My Will Wrong To Let You Go Loving You Cha Cha Peggy Miles & If I Never Stop Loving You Bill Powley Man! I Feel Like A Woman Lovin' You, Jan Wyllie Loving You Lovin' Me Loving You Makes Shuggie McCardle Loving You Makes Me A Better Man Me A Better Man Dancing Cowboys Loving You Waltz Kathy Hunyadi I Just Love You Lowdown Peter Metelnick & Lowdown Tracey Harmon Low Down Jennifer Dirty Boogie Dirty Boogie Pasley-Smith Honky Tonk Song You're The Boss Low Key Norma Jean Fuller Laid Back 'N Low Key Low Tide Pauline Mason The Tide Is High Lucas McCain Unknown High On A Mountain Lucille Maggie Gallagher Lucille Luck Of Your Own Fedor K. A Little Luck Of Your Own Luckiest Girl Henry Costa The Luckiest Girl I Know Luckiest Waltz, The Maureen & The Luckiest Guy In The World Michelle Jones Lucky Ron & Teri I Feel Lucky Weisman Lucky Anna Balaguer I Read It In Rolling Stones Lonesome Love List Lucky Gary Stubbs Might Get Lucky Lucky & Strong David J. McDonagh Lucky Stronger Lucky Angel Hazel Pace Touched By An Angel I Just Wanna Be Happy Lucky Break Judy McDonald Divine Intervention Lucky Break Carl Sullivan & We All Get Lucky Sometimes Rosalie Mackay Lucky Cha A.T. Kinson & Luck Me Jo Thompson Lucky Charm Peter Metelnick Good Luck Charm Lucky Charms Larry Bass Dance Above The Rainbow Don't Let The Rain Step Right Up Lucky Cowboy Jorma Leitzinger, Just Hooked On Country & Mia Wathén Achy Breaky Heart Lucky Deal Anita McNab Big Deal I Feel Lucky Lucky Dog Gaye Teather Every Dog Has It's Day Lucky Dog (Every Gail Smith Every Dog Has Its Day Dog Has It's Day) Lucky I Guess Audrey Watson I'm Just Lucky I Guess Lucky In Love Patrick Lucky In Love Latendresse Lucky In Love Lisa Foord Lucky In Love Lucky In Love David Sinfield Lucky Me Lonely You Lucky In Love Gerald Biggs A Little Luck Of Our Own Lucky Lady Stella Cabeca Lucky Lady Lucky Lips Kevin & Maria Lucky Lips Lucky Lips Errol Colomb Lucky Lips Lucky Lips Lucky Lucky Me Jill Babinec Lucky Lucky Me Lucky Lucky U David Sinfield Lucky Me, Lucky You Lucky Me Dianne Joseph Daddy's Money Jack Of All Trades More Than You'll Ever Know Lucky Me Ann Young Lucky Me, Lonely You Not The Kind That's What I'm Working On Tonight Lonesome Love List Lucky Me! Sue Coats Everybody's Somebody's Fool On Your Own Lucky Me Lonely You Lesley & Paul Lucky Me, Lonely You Michel Lucky Me, Lonely You Rick & Deborah Lucky Me, Lonely You Bates Lucky "Mutt's" Strut Fred Rapoport No One Needs To Know I Love A Rainy Night Everytime I Get Around You Maybe Baby I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried Take Your Memory With You Walk On By Lucky 'N' Love Ed Lawton Lucky In Love Lucky #13 MGM2 It's All About Feeling Good Lucky One Anita Ludlow The Lucky One Lucky One Daniel Whittaker Lucky One Lucky Sometimes Dave Harris We All Get Lucky Sometimes Lucky Star Eddie McIntosh Love And Happiness I Feel Lucky San Antonio Stroll Cloud Number 9 Cry Of The Celts Lucky Tonight Diana Dawson I Feel Lucky I Like It, I Love It You Need A Man Lucky Twice Mark Furnell Lucky Lucky Lucky You Larry Bass Put Your Heart Into It Lucky You Steve Lustgraaf Lucky You Tattoo Lugano Waltz Yvonne Hammond Red Moon Over Lugano Lula Stroll Jane Newhard Be Bop A Lula Bubba Hyde Honey You Drive Me Crazy Go Away Lullaby Of Liverpool Val Reeves Leaving Of Liverpool Lunatic Cowboy Paula Ehemann & Don't Stop John Leuthold Goin' Through The Big D The Love Bug Lunchbox Rock Andreas Ehn Country Down To My Soul One Foot In Front Of The Other Nashville Plastic Come On Back To Me Lust In The Dust John Elliott Dust On The Bottle I Like It, I Love It Don't Be Sad Near You Lusty Lady Kathy & Rick One Love At A Time Stearns She And I Have Mercy Worn Out Shoe There's No Stopping Your Heart Lusty Lori Unknown I Feel Lucky Why Haven't I Heard From You Luurrvve! Maureen & Love Made Me Do It Michelle Jones Luv Eyes Sho Botham Luv Eyes Life Is A Roller Coaster Luv 4 Fun Bob Bonett Love For Fun Luv 4 Luv Wil Bos Luv 4 Luv Luv It Brett Jenkins That's Right (You're Not From Texas) Luv' Me Not Rob Fowler She Loves Me That Girl's Been Spying On Me Standing Outside The Fire Luv That Latin Audrey Higgins Marcia Baila How Forever Feels Luv Thing, A Kate Sala Things Luv 2 Luv Jackie Barber I Love To Love Cowboy Up Luv Ya Honey Dave Munro One Woman Man Luv'd By U Chris & Steve Gabriel Jones Luverly Day Larry Hayden Lovely Day Luv'n Me Zac Detweiller & Piece of Alright John Robinson Lyin' Eyes Warren Fleming Lyin' Eyes Take It Easy Lyin' Eyes Glenn Brittain If You're Not In It For Love (I'm Outta Here) Lyin' Eyes Joanne Taylor Lyin' Eyes Smith Lying Eyes Brenda King What Do You Wanna Make Those Eyes At Me For Lying Heart Narelle Duncan Lying To My Heart Lyin' Hearts Mike & Ann Repko Heart And Soul Lyin' To My Heart by Janai Big Star by Kenny Chesney Lyin' To My Heart Rol-Ann Carlsson Lyin' To My Heart

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