Top 10

DANCE TITLE CHOREOGRAPHER MUSIC SUGGESTION F FGF aka: Sho Botham Take My Breath Away Feel Good Factor Top Gun Anthem Mustang Sally Memphis Women & Chicken F.L.A. 18 Alan Livett Don't Change Horses Who Is He F. M. Boots William Sevone Boys In Boots On The Radio F. P. Shuffle Linda Kalinowski Live A Little F.R.I.E.N.D.S David J. McDonagh I'll Be There For You F.T.B. Alan Livett Dance (For The Beginner?) Fab Five Dom Quercia Runaround Sue Back In Your Arms Again Stars On The Water Face Of An Angel Wanda Heldt Julia Face The Music Steve Mason Let's Face The Music And Dance Face The Truth Kristina Beeby What I Tell Myself Face To Remember Louise Elfvengren I've Just Seen A Face Fade Away Dee Musk Fade Away Faded Ed White Faded Lovey Dovey Stay Faded John Dembiec Faded This Everyday Love It's A Love Thing Shake It Off Faded Rachael McEnaney Faded & Robin Madeley Faded Memory Stephen Sunter Who Needs Pictures Wrong Again Flying Without Wings A Broken Wing Fadia Kick, The Dan Testa & Kick A Little Fadia Phillip You Can Feel Bad Fahrenheit Angie Shirley Burning Love Return To Sender Treat Me Nice Cryin' In The Rain Fahrenheit Peter & Alison Fahrenheit Fahrenheit Robert Lindsay Fahrenheit Fair Play Kelly Kaylin Guys Do It All The Time The Fairlie Waltz Judith Campbell Once Upon A December Fairy Tale The Lady In Black Fairy Tale It's Alright Fairy Tales Larry Bass She Don't Believe In Fairy Tales My Old Love In Mexico Stop Fairy Tales Sven Cesaro & The Trouble With Love Is Tanya Imesch Fairytale Rafel Corbi Fairytale Fairytale Berit Johannessen Fairytale Fairytale's Joan O'Gorman Sea Of Cowboy Hats Take These Chains From My Heart Fais Do-Do Michelle Fais Do Do Chandonnet Fais Pas Ca Chris Peel Don't Mess With My Toot Toot Faith Bill Bader Faith Sweet Little Shoe Faith Roy Thompson Where My Heart Will Take Me Faith Gay O'Reilly Where My Heart Will Take Me Faith Frank Cooper If My Heart Had Wings Faith & Desire Johanna Barnes Come On Get Higher Faith Cha Cha William Sevone You've Got To Talk To Me You'll Never Get To Heaven That's The Way A Fine Line Blue Bayou Faith In Love Junior Willis & Faith In Love Craig Bennett Faith In Me Karl-Harry Winson Faith In Me, Faith In You Faith Of The Heart Mark Hood & Faith Of The Heart Douglas Sempl Faithful Kiss Unknown This Kiss Faith's Heart Joy Ashton If My Heart Had Wings Fall Gaye Teather Fall Fall Apart Dee Musk Fall Apart Fall To Pieces Tim Gauci I Fall To Pieces Fall To Pieces Julie Molkner Fall To Pieces Fallen Dave & Jane Gibson Fallen Fallen Angel Su Marshall When Fallen Angels Fly Fallen 4 U Eric Tan Fallen Fallen From Grace Mark Simpkin Fallen From Grace Fallen Tear Brett Jenkins Holes In The Floor Of Heaven Fallin' Teresa & Vera Fallin In No Time At All Fallin' Jules Langstaff Fallin' Lucky Me, Lonely You Falling Michael Vera-Lobos Falling & Noel Bradey Fallin' Andy Skidmore Fallin' Falling Adrian Lefebour Falling Fallin' Kate Valentin Fallin' Fallin' Fallin' Falling Apart Maggie Muir She's Sure Taking It Well Falling Apart Delwyn Swaisland Let's Fall To Pieces Together Falling Apart Terry Hogan No Place To Go Falling Down Terry Hogan All Fall Down Fallin' For Susie Andrew Singmin If I Fall You're Going Down With Me Fallin' For You Carl Sullivan There Goes Falling 4 U Chris Watson If I Fall Fallin' In Love Jo Thompson Fallin' When A Man Loves A Woman Misty Blue Fallin' In Love Maureen Ash I Wish That I Could Fall In Love Today Fallin In Love Tom Glover Fallin Falling In Love! Ashley Ching & Can't Help Falling In Love Michelle These Boots Are Ready To Dance McCulloch Born To Fly Falling In Love Mary Frances Chua Cuando Me Enamoro Falling In Love Karen Tripp Falling In Love Falling In Love Karla & Paul I'm Falling In Love Tonight Tonight Dornstedt Fallin' In Love Genecia Luo Weiqu Can't Help Falling In Love (With You) Falling Rain Chris Hodgson The Rain Came Fallin' Down Falling Roses Daniel Whittaker Back In Your Arms Again Falling To Pieces Jan Brookfield Falling To Pieces Fallin' To Pieces Jan Wyllie I Fall To Pieces Again Falling Walls David Cheshire Walls Fallsview Rock Janet Humphrey You Win My Love Dance! Shout! Falsetto Belief Carly Dobmeier I Believe In A Thing Called Love Fame Rob Fowler & Fame Rachael McEnaney The Fame Holly Ruschman The Fame Familiar Flame Brett Jenkins All In My Heart Family Ties Peter Fry The Baby Famous Last Words Lance Marr Famous Last Words Of A Fool Famous Last Words Debi Bodven Famous Last Words Of A Fool Famous Last Words Gordon Timms Famous Last Words Of A Fool Fan, The Unknown Ain't Nothing Wrong With The Radio Honky Tonk Life Cowboy Love Fever T-R-O-U-B-L-E Bible Belt Burnin' Up The Road Fan-Dango The Splendido Set That's The Thing About Love Ace In The Hole Fancy-A-Samba? Gordon Timms Senorita Fancy Feet Betty Clarke Take It Back Honky Tonk Walkin' No One Needs To Know Trashy Women Cherokee Boogie Fancy Footwork Harlan Curtis Fancy Footwork Fancy Free Roxanne Smith Wild At Heart Fancy Free Jan Wyllie Sittin' Fancy Free Fancy Pants Gaye Teather Feel The Beat I'm Not In The Mood (To Say No) Bad Fandango Rita Esnminger Hillbilly Girl With The Blues If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It I Was There Fantasmas Sebastiaan Fantasmas Holtland Fantasy Unknown Let Your Love Flow Someday Soon Fantasy Fantasy Ron Kline I Hope You Want Me Too Fantasy Fantasy Masters In Line Fantasy Fantasy Jan Wyllie Who Were You Thinkin' Of Fantasy The Girls (Maureen Summertime & Michelle) I've Got A Feelin' For You Stranger In My House Why Haven't I Heard From You Fantasy Island Bev Cornish Fantasy Island Fantasy Moon Frank Cooper You Make The Moonlight Far And Away Val Myers Far And Away Far And Away Anne Herd Far And Away Far Away Vivienne Scott & Jaam Joi Go Gong Seung (On The Top Of The Mountain Peak) Raindrops Far Away Waltz Noel Bradey Every Time Far Horizon J & J Meanwhile Runaway Farewell Paul James Badrick Baby Don't Go Lily Was Here Fargo Roy East Here Comes The Rain Someone Should Tell Her Fargone Wild Shane Hockings Wild Thing Farm Yard Dance lindy Bowers Farm Song Farmers Blues David Cheshire Farmers Blues Farmer's Blues DJ Dan & Farmer's Blues Wynette Miller Fascination (Waltz) Jenifer Reaume Fascination Fast As KT Steve Yoxall Katie Wants A Fast One Fast As You Ron Wooley Fast As You Fast As You Ray & Tina Fast As You Yeoman Fast Back Dan Albro Faster Car Fast Cars Michael Diven Fast Cars And Freedom Fast Dance Harold R. Glenn Mercury Blues The Love Bug Rompin' Stompin' Oklahoma Swing Fast Drivin' Becky Cox A Heart With A 4 Wheel Drive Eugene, You Genius Let Me Drive Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under Big Ol' Truck Drive Any Man of Mine Fast Food Junkie's Michelle Bain Fast Food & Ed Lawton Fast Forward Michael A. Repko Stomp Laughin' All The Way To The Bank Fast Forward Kathleen Slattery Living In Fast Forward Get It While It's Hot Fast Girl Rich Beard Fast Girl (In The) Fast Lane Kathy Sharpe Get In Line Riding Alone Fast Living Toni Holmes & Living In Fast Forward Steve Jeffries The Big One Fast Love Michael Vera-Lobos Hank Don't Fail Me Now & Kerry Kerr Fast Train Dianne Joseph Fast Train Fast Women Guyton Mundy Good Little Girls Fastbreak Norene Gural Fastbreak Faster Shirley Hawkins If It Don't Take Two Should've Asked Her Faster Faster Bree Sarkies & Faster Mitch Burgess Fastlane Dreamer Katherine Webster You Won't Outlive Me Fat Boy Shuffle Bill Chesterville Poor Boy Shuffle Fat Jack Trevor Smith, Any Way The Wind Blows Mark Smith & Jill Ager Fat Sally Lee Arthur Smith Fat Sally Lee Fatal Attraction Terry Hogan I'm Gonna Love You Anyway Fate Martin Ritchie Fate 634-5789 What They're Talking About Father & Son Simon Ward & I Love You This Much Ian Dunn Father Time John Dembiec Hung Up Fathers And Bill Ray Delaney Talks To Statues Daughters Fathers' Waltz Maurice Rowe & Daughters Melissa Daum Fatz Sidepocket B.J. Tooley Men Ain't Nothing Wrong With The Radio Boot Scootin' Boogie Bing, Bang, Boom Norma Jean Riley Faultline Dougie D Earthquake Favourite Things Zandra Varnham Favourite Things Favourite Things Sue Coats Because Of You Favourite Thingz Tim Gauci Favourite Things Fear Of Flying Johnny Montana Don't Make Me Come To Tulsa Trouble Take These Chains From My Heart Fearless Curtis Marting No Fear Waiting All My Life Fed Up Pauline Grey I've Had Enough Fallin' Apart Feds William Sevone F.B.I. Feel Scott Blevins Make You Feel My Love Feel A Change Phill Morris I Feel A Heartache Having Too Much Fun Feel Alive Jackie Barber Ring My Bells Feel Bad Jos Slijpen I Feel Bad Feel Da Rhythm Glynn Holt & Rhythm Of The Night Stephen Rutter Feel It!! Angie Shirley Can You Feel It Feel It A Bit Forty Arroyo Drive Time Poker Face Feel Like Jan Brookfield I Feel A Heartache A Heartache Feel Like A Woman Richard Musgrave Man I Feel Like A Woman Feel Like A Woman Tania Armstrong Man! I Feel Like A Woman! Feel Like A Woman Terry Mandzuk Man! I Feel Like A Woman Feel Like Crying Amanda Cry To Me Harvey-Tench Feel Like Dancing! Eldridge Meeler Baby's Got My Number Shine On Feel Like I'm... Teresa Lawrence Feel Like I'm... & Vera Fisher Feel Like Yvonne Dunn Falling I'm Falling Feel Like It? Mare Dodd Whenever You Feel Like It Feel Like Leaving Man In Black Escape Feel My Vibe Michele Perron Angel Eyes Feel Of Westcoast Nancy A. Morgan Mustang Sally Just Like A Roadeo Sho Enough Mary Lou Feel That Beat Alan Haywood Get Into Reggae Cowboy You're No Good Feel That Fire Madeleine Jones Feel That Fire Feel That Rhythm Dave Getty Swing, Baby Swing Feel The Beat Alan Robinson I Feel A Heartache Deep In The Heart City Lights She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not All Wound Up Big Big Love Playing Every Honky Tonk In Town I'll Be There If You Need Me My Heart's Too Broke (To Pay Attention) No Way Out What Kind Of Love Is This Gone For Real Feel The Cha Amy Christian-Sohn El Bodeguero Feel The Earth Move Gaye Teather Rollin' Feel The Funk Claire McIver B*witched Feel The Groove Nicole Parsons Play That Funky Music Men Don't Change Feel The Magic Gary Lafferty Hungry Eyes Feel The Music Helen Hunt Don't Stop Movin Feel The Need In Me Yvonne van Baalen Feel The Need In Me Feel The Reel Maggie Gallagher Reel To Reel Mason's Apron Feel The Rhythm James "JP" Potter Rhythm Divine Feel The Rhythm Matthew Oakley Corazon De Melao Who Let The Dogs Out Feel The Rush S. Heath She's Everything You Want Baby Come On Feel The Rush John H. Robinson She's Everything You Want Baby Come On Feel The Rush Dee Musk Feel The Rush Feel You Breathe Megan Boxwell Breathe Amazed Private Emotion Feel You Breathe Luke van der Meer Breathe Feel Your Fever Lars Hertwig & Fever Volker Henning Feel Your Love Robbie McGowan Feel Your Love Hickie Feeling David J. McDonagh Man! I Feel Like A Woman! Feelin' Alright Rick Bates Man! I Feel Like A Woman! Love Me To Death Love Gets Me Every Time Feelin' Alright Bev Carpenter Everybody's Gonna Dance Tonight Feelin' Better Julie Talbot You Can Feel Bad Feelin' Blue Shelley Lindsay If You Come Back Feelin' Dangerous Jan Wyllie Sweet Little Dangerous Feeling Fine Bob Bleach I'm Feeling Fine Feelin' Fine Jan Wyllie Feel So Fine Feelin' Good Jamie Davis & How Forever Feels Tim Faast How You Make Me Feel Every Morning Feelin' Good David Sickles Sure Feels Real Good Feeling Good Su Swanson Feelin' Good About Feelin' Bad Feelin' Good Judy McDonald Feelin' Good Train Harper Valley PTA Feeling Good Elle Jay & Feels So Good Jan L' Argent Feelin' Gumbo Jodi Page Jambalaya Feelin' Happy Jan Wyllie Home Is Where You're Happy Feelin' Kind Carol McKee Feelin' Kind Of Lonely Tonight Of Lonely Feelin' Lucky Sherry Browning & I Feel Lucky Carol Hughes Feeling Restless Pim Humphrey Restless Right On The Money Feelin' Single, Pauline Hobson Feeling Single & Seein' Double Seein' Double I Like It, I Love It I Should Know Feelin' So Fly Jamie Marshall Feeling So Fly Feelin' Stronger Sharon McNaughton Stronger Bop Feelin' The Feeling Anne Morley Feelin' The Feelin' Feelin' The Feelin' Peggi Sue Wood Feelin' The Feelin' Feel'in The Same Kevin & Maria Do You Feel The Same Feelin' Wild & Jan Oberg Wild About You Dangerous Feeling You Andrew, Simon Feeling You & Sheila Feelings Victor I Wanna Feel That Way Again van der Meer Feelings Peter Horrocks Man! I Feel Like A Woman Feelings William Sevone To Know Him Is To Love Him Sleepwalk Blue Velvet Sea Of Love Early Morning Breeze Just Walking In The Rain A Fifth Of Beethoven Love Fool If Everybody Looked The Same Singing In The Rain Feels Good Edward Lawton Sure Feels Real Good Feels Good Mike Cook Sure Feels Real Good Watching My Baby Not Coming Back Feels Just Like Geri Morrison I'll Be Good It Should Feels Just Like It Should Feels Like I'm Sarah & Myra Feels Like I'm In Love In Love Massey Feels Like Love Carl Edwards Feels Like I'm In Love Feels Like Love Karen Jones & Evergreen Gloria Bracegirdle Feels Like Love Gordon Timms Feels Like I'm In Love Feels Like Summer Peter & Alison Groovy Little Summer Song Feels So Good A.C. Clarke & Feels So Good Nikki Hack Getting On The Step Leap Of Faith Feels So Good! Amy Christian It Feels So Good Feet Don't Fail Peter Metelnick Hillbilly Shoes Me Now Feet Of Flames Kirsteen Warren Dance Above The Rainbow Potential New Boyfriend Feet To The Rhythm Christine Bass & Stompin Carol Simmons Feisty Tajali Hall 1234 Felicidad Monica Miles Anytime Big Jimmy & Felicidad Felicidad Ann Napier Big Jimmy & Felicidad Boogie Till The Cows Come Home Felicidad Marina Girardi Felicidad Felicidades Emily Woo Felicidades (Congratulations) Feliz Navidad Gordon Timms Feliz Navidad Female Intuition Jan Wyllie Only A Woman Knows Fences & Glue Nikky Lynne Don't Fence Me In Stuck Like Glue Fenua Maohi E Derrick & Terry E Vahine Maohi E Fernando Violet Ray Fernando Ferris Wheel Jamie Marshall Ferris Wheel Festival Fun Cato Larson Big River Unbelievable Festival Rock Adelaide Manley Rockin' All Night Fever Parry Spence I Like It, I Love It Fever Fever Kelly Hinds Fever Fever Stephen Sunter Fever Fever Lucy Strack & Fever Betty Maddox Fever Kenny Teh Fever Fever Esmeralda Fever Van De Pol Fever '99 A. T. Kinson, Fever Alan Livett & Amarillo Jo Thompson Fever Pitch William Sevone Fever King Of The Road Why Haven't I Heard From You Fever Pitch Mick Herbert Can't Get You Out Of My Head Fever (Till It Christine Bass Fever Sizzles) Desperately A Few Dayz Less Jan Wyllie 3 Dayz A Few Minutes Vikki Morris It Don't Take But A Few Minutes F'Get About It Tony Wilson Wonderful Waste Of Time Heartaches Are Free Boxcar Blues Fibber Sylvia Priestley I Wouldn't Tell You No Lie Fiddle & Bow Dion & Val Thomas Fais Do Do Fiddler Man "Hillbilly" Rick Fiddler Man Fiddler Man Warren Fleming Fiddler Man Fiddle Stix Charles Bowring & Ain't No Heartache friends Fiddlesticks Vivienne Scott Old Time Fiddle Tennessee River Run Every Little Thing FiddlestiX Peter Metelnick Guys Like Me & Alison Biggs Fiddling Around Terry Hogan Old Time Fiddle Fiddlin Cowboy Craig Young Pick Up The Fiddle Fiddlin' Feet Unknown Pick Up The Fiddle Fiddling Gypsy Dynamite Dot Dancing Cowboys Fields Of Gold Heather Moggridge Fields Of Gold & Liz Roth Fields Of Gold Hazel Pace Fields Of Gold Out Go The Lights Woodsmoke In The Wind Forever Fields Of Gold Lois Lightfoot Fields Of Gold This Night Won't Last Forever Fiery Nights Jan Siney Fiery Nights Fiery Nights Mary Kelly Fiery Nights Fiesta Susanne Fritzsche Fiesta Fiesta Cha-Cha Jim & Judy Wells The Girl Formerly Known As Mine Nights Like These Cover You In Kisses Fiesta Merengue John & Phyllis Linda Eh Whipple Fifteen Cents Unknown Evening Trashy Women South's Gonna Do It Again A New Love Brand New Man Fifteen Seconds Carol McKee Fifteen Seconds 15 Minutes Theresa Needham 15 Minutes 15 Minutes Harlan Curtis 15 Minutes 15 Minutes Gail Smith 15 Minutes 15 Minutes Bev Carpenter l5 Minutes Fifteen Minutes Karen Tripp Fifteen Minutes 50-50 Bop Eddie Harper Kickin' and Screamin' Somebody's Leavin' I'm In Love With a Capitol U Fifty Shades Of Grey Anne Herd Earned It '57 Chevy Steve Mason 57 Chevrolet It's A Little Too Late You're Gonna Miss Me 59 Ways Vivienne Scott 59 Ways To Funk As Long As You Belong To Me 50,000 Names Rosalie Mackay 50,000 Names Fig Jam Leeanne Rockin' The Rock Summersides Fight For This Love Paul Turney Fight For This Love Fight Like A Girl Jamie Marshall & Fight Like A Girl Karen Hedges Fight With The Devil Ben Summerell I Want To Live Fighter Mark Hood Fighter Fighter The Girls (Maureen Fighter & Michelle) Fighter Masters In Line Fighter A Fighting Chance Michel Cabana I Hope You Dance Fighting Fit! Paulette Hylands What Am I Fighting For Fighting Those Gytal Built For Blue Jeans Blue Jeans One More Pillow Fight Figure It Out Livio Don't Turn Out The Lights Fill My Life Charlotte Skeeters Fill My Life Wabash Cannonball Filouken Shuffle Barbara Kennedy Gulf Of Mexico Filthy Gorgeous Dee Musk Filthy Gorgeous Filthy Rich Terry McHugh Filthy Rich Final Answer Regis Jones & I Want To Be A Millionaire Kathie Lee Kawolski Final Countdown Tim Gauci Tic Toc Final Goodbye Vincent & Felicia Final Goodbye Chia Final Stomp Hana Ries Honky Tonk Stomp Final Word Kevin & Maria Write This Down Finale Jan Wyllie One Last Kiss Finality Jan Wyllie Don't Come Crying To Me Finally Roy Thompson Someone To Love Finally Dee Musk Finally Finally Sherri Busser Bobbie Sue Tall Tall Trees Find A Way Jo & John Kinser, Find A Way Mark Furnell Find Me Down Chris Hodgson Down Any Country Road (Any Country Road) Find My Love Dave Munro Find My Love Findin' A Good Man Derrick Walker Findin' A Good Man Fine & Dandy Pat Hays Elvis & Andy Fine Brown Frame Jenifer Wolf Fine Brown Frame Fine Pair Of Boots Norma Hull Fine Pair Of Boots Fine Day Charlotte Oulton Fine Day Fine Whine Ken Gray All Things Considered Finest, The ShaBeDa Finest Dreams Finger Dance, The Daniel Whittaker The Finger Song Finger Lickin' Jamie Marshall & It Was An Absolutely Finger Lickin', Grits & Chicken, Country Music Love Song Karen Hedges Finger Wrap Georg Kiesewetter Wrapped Around Fingers Snap Ingrind Kan Snap Your Fingers Fingertip Waltz Clive McKenzie Tips Of My Fingers Fingertip Waltz Dougie D. The Tips Of My Fingers Finnegan's Run Shannon Finnegan Yeah! Cest La Vie Fino Slide, The The Fino Western The Cowboy And The Rose Dancers Heads Carolina, Tails California All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Lets Go To Vegas Fiona Michael Barr Give It To Me Right Let's Make A Baby King Fiona After All Ria Vos Fiona Fire! Jan Pratt Where's The Fire Fire! Double D Light My Fire Fire Winnie Yu Fire Fire & Ice Tracy Brown The Fire Fire & Ice Lynne Flanders Fire & Ice That's The Kind Of Mood I'm In You Made Me That Way Fire And Snow Waltz Norma Jean Fuller Farmer's Blues Fire Burning Amy Christian-Sohn Fire Burning Fire Burning On Kenny Teh Fire Burning On The Dancefloor The Dance Floor Fire Burning On Holly Ruschman Fire Burning On The Dance Floor The Dance Floor Fire Burning On The Dance Team At 911 Fire On The Dance Floor The Dance Floor St. Marys Of Dumont N.J Fire On The Floor Peter Metelnick Back In My Arms Again I Can't Dance Country Conscience Fire Walkin' Gloria Johnson Fire And Smoke Fire With Fire Maggie Gallagher Fire With Fire Fire Within, The Bob Bonett The Worlds Greatest Firebird Mary Kelly Dance Above The Rainbow All Out Of Love Electric Reel Firecracker Yvonne Gonzalez Bubba Hyde One Way Ticket Down On The Farm I Left Something Turned On At Home Every Little Thing Fired Up! Peter Metelnick Hot To Molly More Than I Wanted To Know Right Plan, Wrong Man That's Enough Of That She Wants To Drive My Truck One More Try Emotional Girl Fired Up! Lesley & Paul All Fired Up Michel Fireflies Niels Poulsen Fireflies Firefly Cynthia & V.J. My Maria No Honour Among Thieves Firefly Dreams Christopher Petre Fireflies Firehouse Boogie Bryan McWherter Bubba Hyde Elvis And Andy You Ain't Much Fun The Fireman George Davis The Fireman Fireman's Drag The Dover Dolls What The Cowgirls Do I Can Do That Fireside Waltz Dee Belsher Just As I Am You're The One You Look So Good In Love Firework Karen Hannaford Firework Fireworks Steve Jeffries This Fireworks Anne Herd Wrapped Up First Danny LeClerc Whatever Comes First First Chance Waltz Jim & Judy Wells Tonight, All Day Long Their Hearts Are Dancing First Christmas Juliet Lam Feliz Navidad First Class Mark Cosenza The Wanderer Feelin' Kinda Lonely Tonight Maria In A Letter To You First Class Cha Shannan Islands In The Stream I Need To Know First Class Company Norma Jean Fuller Fool Of The Century & Thomas Haynes Sohisticated Lady Walk The Dog You Dropped A Bomb On Me Wasted Days And Wasted Nights First Coast Slide Larry Bass You're Not In Kansas Anymore Let Me Into Your Heart I'm Outta Here First Coast Swing Debi Dillow Man! I Feel Like A Woman Love Gets Me Every Time First Coastin' Larry Bass Me Too First Dance Carmel & Ernie Time Marches On Hutchinson First Dance Nicky Watkins Believe Me Baby I Lied First Dance DJ Dan & Wynette Population: Me Miller First Dance Together Trevor Eaton & The Lonely Waltz Lesley McIvor First Dates Nancy A. Morgan Over The Rainbow First Degree Bill Larson Murder On The Dance Floor First Hello Karen Tripp The First Hello, The Last Goodbye First Impression Francis Victor That Don't Impress Me Much Gadassi This Is Me First Impressions Michael Vera-Lobos That Don't Impress Me Much First Impressions Chris Adams Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom Count Swamp Thing Syncopated Rhythm First Kiss Kristen Gregory Don't I Have A Heart First Kiss Leon D'Arbey Our First Kiss First Kiss Mark A. Smith Our First Kiss First Kiss Ann Thomson-Buhler Our First Kiss First Leaving Waltz Theresa Needham You're The First Time I Thought About Leaving First Love Dennis Foley & You're Still The One Verity Mills First Love Tina Argyle First Love First Love Bob & Marlene First Love Peyre-Ferry First Love Martin Ritchie You Still Take Me There Tell Me I Was Dreaming What Might Have Been When I Dream At Night First Love Betty McNeill This Love's On Me First Love Ian Grey Love At First Dance First Love Lesley & First Love Paul Michel First Love Terry Hogan I've Never Gone This Far Before The First One Pelle Carlsson & I Want To Be The First One Ime Rundquist Tulsa Time First Pitch Roger Lee & The City Put The Country Back In Me Renee Mootrey I Don't Even Know Your Name We Like To Party First Reaction Jan Brookfield Chain Reaction I Want To Be The First One First Shot "Speedo" & Carol Wiped A Tear First Step Cha Cha Yvonne Hammond I Should Have Watched That First Step First Steps Chris Cleevely Party Down Triple Threat Finish What He Started First Sweet Kiss Larry Hayden Sweets For My Sweet The First Thing Debbie McLaughlin The First Thing First Time, The Helen Wrenhurst Islands In The Stream For The Very First Time First Time Henry Costa All For You First Time Niels Poulsen For The First Time First Time Feeling William Brown Fast Cars And Freedom First Time Love Rafe Andersen For The First Time 1st Time Stroll Helen Azelio That's How I Got To Memphis Rockin' Pneumonia Tonight The Heartaches On Me Movin' Out To The Country First Time Waltz Hazel Pace I'd Fall In Love Tonight First Timer Ann Gain Baby Please Come Home Hillbilly Shoes First To Believe Craig Cooke Be The First To Believe First To Last Nigel & Barbara My First, My Last, My Everything Payne First Try Don Duffy Six Days On The Road Betty's Bein' Bad Rompin Stompin Good Time First Waltz Dee Musk First Wish M.T. Groove The Way You Love Me Fish Fry Teree DeSarro Bigger Fish to Fry Fisher Man Ian Dunn John Boat Blues Fisher's Hornpipe Val Reeves Fishers Hornpipe Fishin' Christine Bass Pray For The Fish Fishin' Dance, The Mark Simpkin Fishin' Man Fishin' in the Dark Bill Lancaster Fishin' In the Dark Fitzpatrick's Reel Phil Johnson Joe Fitzpatrick's Reel George Tills No 2/George Tills No 1 5 Larry & When The Lights Go Out! Altie Majors 5 AM Sharon Dalton Wrong Five O'clock Five And Dime Boogie Charles Thornhill Cotton County Queen & Ruth Douglas Do What You Gotta Do 500 Miles Violet Ray I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) Five Minute Fix Jan Wyllie 5 Minutes Five Minutes Lorraine Turner Five Minutes Five Minutes Joe Green Five Minutes Red Hot Salsa Be Young, Be Foolish Your Cheatin' Heart If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body 5 O'Clock Dance Earleen Florka 5 O'Clock Dance 5 O'Clock Dance Knox Rhine 5 O'Clock Dance 5 O'Clock Daydream Linda Kalinowski It's 5 O'clock Somewhere Daydream No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems Five O'Clock Knock Bud & Diane Martin Wrong Five O'Clock Would You Consider Why Me 5 O'Clock Somewhere Rita Kyle It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere Five O'Clock Barry & Jenny It's 5 O'clock Somewhere Somewhere 5 O'Clock Somewhere Barbara & Harold It's 5 O'clock Somewhere Grimshaw 5 O'Clock Somewhere David Camm It's Five O'clock Somewhere 567Dance! Chris Brocklesby 5678 Pop In An Oak 5-6-7-8 "Rodeo" Ruth 5-6-7-8 5678 Dick & Geneva 5678 Matteis Five Six Seven Eight Lisa Johns-Grose 5, 6, 7, 8 5,6,7,8....I Can't Max Perry 5,6,7,8 I Can't Wait Wait! 5,6,7,8 Gordon Elliott 5,6,7,8 5 Star Waltz Lyn Abbott Captured Their Hearts Are Dancing 5-Step Unknown You Really Had Me Going If It Will It Will 5 2 Go Phil Carpenter Don't Wanna Let You Go Fixed Ray Crum, Jr Jesus Will Fix It Flamanco Eyes David Sinfield Spanish Eyes Flame, The Yvonne Hammond The Flame Flamenco Waltz Pauline Mason Sorry Dear Flames Of Love Gordon Timms Flames Of Love Flames Of Love Vivienne Scott You Set My Heart On Fire Undo The Right Rockin' Pneumonia Flaming Feet Charles Bowring Celtic Fire Rock This Country All Out Of Love God Made Woman On A Good Day Flamin' Hot Andrew, Simon Get It While Its Hot & Sheila Flapjack Mary Kelly Maggie's Pancakes Let's Merengue Flash Dance Louise Murphy Flashdance (What A Feeling) fLaSh-DaNcE Michael Lynn Flash In The Night Flash Mob Nancy Morgan Dj Got Us Dallin' In Love Incorporated Flashback Robert C. Weaver You Walked In Loud And Proud Honky Tonk, Part Two Blue Monday Miss Ann Goodbye Cruel World Crazy Nights Soldier Boy Blueberry Hill I Want To Walk You Hone Flashback Gerard Murphy Le Freak Bad Girls Holiday Into The Groove Best Friend That's The Way (I Like It) Flashdance Debbie Hogg Flashdance.. What A Feeling Flashes Of Fame Cindi Talbot & Larger Than Life Lori MacKenzie Wild, Wild, West Crazy Flat Broke Boogie Jan Wyllie There's A Hole In My Pocket Flat Foot Clogging Unknown Against The Grain Flat Top David Dickson She's My Ute Flaunt It Eddie McIntosh If You've Got It (Flaunt It) Flaunt It! Stephen Rutter & If You've Got It - Flaunt It Claire Butterworth Flava John Dembiec & What's Your Flava Guyton Mundy Flavour Of The Month Stephen Rutter & Superstar Claire Butterworth Flawless Ann Wood Flawless Fleeting Dreams Judi Overman Dreams Fletcher Creek Gerard Murphy Orange Colored Sky Flick, The! Stephen Sunter Half A Man Heart Hold On Where The Poor Boys Dance The Way You Love Me When You Say Nothing At All Flick, The Mary Kelly Dolores Bring It On Down To My House Flick It! Kim Danek Break My Heart Again Flight Of The Hawk Ronald Grabs Spirit Of The Hawk A Flight To The Moon Timothy To & Fly Me To The Moon Theresina Tam Flip a Coin Jodi Wittman Walkin' Away Heads Carolina, Tails California Flip And Flop Tanja Viitamäki Out Of Habit Flip Flop Taylor Casey Evangeline Flip Flop Dance Cathy Montgomery Evangeline Flip-Flop Dance Mike Cook Evangline Who Did You Call Darlin' Flip, Flop, Fly Maggie Gallagher Flip, Flop And Fly Flip, Flop & Fly Frank Trace Flip, Flop & Fly Burning Love Flip Flop Hop Waylon Robbins Givin' Water To A Drowning Man My Kind Of Crazy Flip Flops Darren Mitchell Let's Take It Outside Flip Reverse Karen Looker Flip Reverse Slow Queen Of The Night Flip Side Shuffle Greg Underwood Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time How To Dance Flip The Switch Jenny Sharp, You Turn Me On Lucy Coney, Hard On The Ticker Beck Hirst Flip The Switch Thomas Haynes You Turn Me On I Like It I Love It Devil With A Blue Dress On Flip The Switch Buckskin Joe You Turn Me On Float Guyton Mundy Caught Up Floating Around Ann Young Piece Of Paper Red Lips, Blue Eyes, Little White Lies I've Been Found Flobie Slide Flo Cook A Little Less Talk I'm Holdin' On To Love To Save My Life Six Days On The Road Flobie Slide Flo Cook & I'm Holding On To Love (Wheelchair Nigel Payne Kiss Me Honey Honey Version) The Flood Val O'Connor The Flood Flooded Scramble Jean McMillen That's What I Call Love Whatever You Did Floor Is Burning Jorma Leitzinger The Floor Is Burning Floor Play Ron Kline Lovey Dovey You Walked In Boogie Woogie Baltimore Love Sensation Floor To Ceiling Michael O' Shea & Got The Feeling (You Got The Gary Corcoran Feeling) Floosie Susie Vicki Hewton Runaround Sue Florida Barefootin' Stella Cabeca, Barefootin' Dottie Wicks, Arline Winerman Florida Crackerjack Beverly Cartwright Fast As You Stomp Connie McGeehan & Kris Kateman Florida Love Bug Louise Webber The Bug Florida Outback Lyn Yost & Fast As You Larry Bass What's The Matter With You Baby Back In Love Again Florida Slide Ted Cimafranca Riding Alone & Greg Dombro Flower Cha Cha Allan Hocking Little Flower Neon Moon Flower Power A.J. & Scott Mrs. Robinson Herbert, John H. Robinson Flowers (By Any Bill Bader Flowers On The Wall Other Name) Flowers In Your Hair Gordon Timms If You're Going To San Francisco Flowers On The Wall Max Perry Flowers On The Wall Flowers On The Wall Sue Halliday Flowers On The Wall Flowing Love Pat Fisher Let Your Love Flow Some Broken Hearts Flowing Waters Theresa Needham Down By The Banks Of The Ohio One Of The Guys Fluffy Gaby Neumann French Cancan Six Days On The Road No One Needs To Know Flush, The Jason Bett Space Jam Fly!!! Paul Snooke, Learn To Fly Cierwen Newell The Fly Louise Elfvengren The Fly The Fly/32 Counts Louise Elfvengren Come Go With Me Fly Away DJ Jazzy Joe & We're Going To Ibiza Kickin' Kate Sala When The Heartache Is Over The Elvis Thing Fly Away Gaye Teather Last Dollar (Fly Away) Fly Baby Blue Audrey Watson Baby Blue Fly Baby Fly Jan Wyllie Fly On The Wings Of Love Fly By Stephanie Blue (Fly By) Mountford Fly By Lynn Mackenzie & Fly By Lesley Clark Fly By Paul Clifton Fly By Fly Like A Bird Hedy McAdams Fly Like A Bird Stranger In My House Fly Like A Bird Chris Godden Gossip Folks (2003) Fly Me To The Moon Chris Brocklesby Fly Me To The Moon (Fly Me) To The Moon Rosie Multari Fly Me To The Moon Fly On The Wings Jos Slijpen Fly On The Wings Of Love Of Love Fly Paper Gerard Murphy Fly Paper Fly To You Cinta If My Heart Had Wings Flying Maggie Gallagher Flying Flyin' Eights Jim Ferrazzano The Race Is On Fishing in the Dark Thank God I'm a Country Boy Workin' For the Weekend Flying Eights Unknown Stand Up White Lines Take That Woman Away Elvira Flying Fox Cindy Truelove He's A Heartache Flying High Jan Wyllie Bluebird Flying High Alan Robinson Flying On The Wings Of Love Lonely Planet Mexican Minutes Flying High Elaine Chant & Anything Is Possible Laura Dyas Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday Flying High Peter Metelnick Fly & Alison Biggs Flying Higher Diana Dawson Superstar Flying 9s Rita Kyle Tear Stained Letter Long Time Gone Red Ragtop Driving Under The Influence Of Love Something In The Water Shame About That Wasn't That A Party Lovin All Night Blue Rodeo Livin In A House Full Of Love Family Tree First Thing Smokin Do Ya Wanna Dance Ain't Goin' Down 'Til Sun Comes Up Down At The Twist And Shout Flying Pig(s) Unknown My Toot Toot Buck Naked The Wanderer Flying Purple Bev Braun-Bohol Purple People Eater People Eater Flying Scotsman Pete Cranwell & Voices Of The Highlands John Sharman Flyin' Sparx Mary Kelly Church On Cumberland Road Flying Strait Rob Fowler & Peace Of Mind Ed Lawton Flying Without Wings Geri Morrison Flying Without Wings When You're Gone Fohawk Maurice Rowe Peacock Fold Out, The Brenda Bennett Sleeping On The Fold Out Follow Kelly Kelly Murphy Follow Me Follow Me Mark A Smith Lost In The Shuffle Follow Me Judy McDonald Follow Me Follow Me Bob Bonett Follow Me She Couldn't Change Me Follow Me Barry Cook Follow Me Follow Me Cathryn Proudfoot Follow Me Follow Me Tracey Vince Follow Me Follow Me John Jordan Follow Me Follow Me Roz Morgan Follow Me You'll Always Be loved By Me Follow Me Christian Sildatke Follow Me Follow Me Home Teresa & Vera Follow Me Home Follow My Emotion Thomas C. Tam Je Ne Sais Quoi Follow The Leader William Ambrose Follow The Leader Follow The Rainbow Andy Chumbley Making Memories Of Us (Little Darlin') Follow The Sun Dianne Joseph Moody Blues I'll Follow The Sun Follow These Boots Lea Ballantyne & (You Never Can Tell) C'est La Vie Linda Beattie Follow This Bill McGee & Follow Me Linda Lou Bowers Follow Your Dream Barrie Godfrey All I Have To Do Is Dream Follow Your Heart Peter Metelnick & Sacred Trust Alison Biggs Follow Your Heart Nicole Lorenz Black Is Black Fond Memories Anne Herd Far And Away Food Chain Scott Blevins In One Ear & Out The Other Fool, The Ronnie Fortt The Fool Fool Again Jim Watt Fool Again Fool Around Kath Dickens Fool Around Fool For You Heather Barmby Tall Tall Trees Fool (I'm A Woman) William Sevone Fool, I'm A Woman What A Crying Shame It's Lonely Out There To Tell The Truth You're Easy On The Eyes Fool In Love Ira Weisburd When You're A Fool In Love Fool In Love Andrew & Sheila A Fool In Love Fool In Love Dougie D. Fooled Around And Fell In Love Ain't No Pleasing You Fool In Me, The Matt Jenkins The Fool In Me Fool In Me, The Rita Kyle The Fool In Me Fool In Me, The Anita C. Ellison The Fool In Me Fool In Me Vivienne Scott & Fool In Me Fred Buckley Fool No More Andrew, Simon Fool No More & Sheila Fool Of The Century Chris Peel Fool Of The Century Fool On A Stool Rosalie Mackay One Fool On A Stool Fool U John Dean & Love's Made A Fool Of You Maggie Gallagher Fooling Around Adam Wilson Tall Tall Trees Foolin' Around DJ Dan & Wynette Foolin' Around Miller Fooling Myself Julie Murray Fooling Myself Foolish Nancy A. Morgan Foolish Mama Needs Someone To Hold Her He Keeps Me In One Piece Heart You Make The Moonlight Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Foolish B Penny Smith Love Is In The Air Foolish Change Jackie Lincoln Change Doesn't Mean Anything Foolish Days Bill Lancaster Neck Of The Woods Foolish Heart Jan Wyllie Foolish Heart Foolish Love Chris Bramall Foolish Love Foolish Love Gary Lafferty Why Do Fools Fall In Love Foolish Love Matt Thomson & Why Do Fools Fall in Love Mishi Ziminski Foolish Wishing Vikki Morris He Ain't Worth Missing Fools And Beer Kathy Brown Cool To Be A Fool Joe's She Could Care Less Fool's Gold Eddie Ainsworth Fool's Gold Fools Line Cha Cha Tracie Lee & What Kind Of Fool Mark Simpkin Fools Waltz Dave Casey Famous Last Words Of A Fool Fool's Waltz Jan Wyllie Famous Last Words Of A Fool Foot Boogie Unknown Be My Baby Vickie Vance, Gotta Dance Foot Loose Knox Rhine My Maria Freedom Foot Note! Malcolm Russell Feelin' The Feelin' Millennium Foot Of The Mountain Sadiah Heggernes Foot Of The Mountain Foot Stomp Stompin' Claire Hill-Burton Foot Stomp Stompin' Foot Tapper Gabrielle Texas Is Bigger Than It Used To Be Footloose Vickie Heart's Desire Vance-Johnson Cat Walk Footloose Redback Footloose Bootscootin' Dance Co. Demonstration Team Footloose Neil Smith Footloose 4 To 1 Footloose Diana Riley Footloose Footloose William Sevone Footloose Footloose Fever David Grant Footloose Fever Girls Of Summer Footloose In Tellico Toni Coppola Footloose Grovier Let's Hear It For The Boys Footprints In Dee Musk Footprints In The Sand The Sand Footsie 100 Rob Fowler Living In America Footsteps Dawn Dennell Just Call Me Lonesome Louisiana Blue Footsteps Of Angels Don McRitchie Travellers Lantern Footsteps (On The William Sevone Teardrops Dancefloor) Footsteps On Larry Bass One Less Set Of Footsteps Your Floor Don't Be Cruel For A Change Marg Jones Just Between You & Me My Baby Loves Me Bye Bye Ordinary Day Little Ol' Kisses For A While DJ Dan & Wynette Let Them Be Little Miller For Ever Clare Golden Forever Ain't Long Enough For Ever Blue, Diana Bishop A Woman Like You A Woman Like You For Ever True Lesley Johnston For Ever True One Day At A Time 440 (For Forty) Dan Albro Falsas Esperanzas For Love Vivienne Scott What I Did For Love Lay It On The Line As Long As You Love Me For Love's Sake Sue Jordan For Love's Sake For Reasons I've Rosalie Mackay For Reasons I've Forgotten Forgotten For Sale Jos Slijpen Broken Heart For Sale She's Not Crying Anymore For Someone Special Esmeralda v.d. Pol If I Knew Then For Starters Stephanie Swain My Baby Loves Me For The 5th Time Alice-May Hynam Why Ain't I Running For The First Time Michael Vera-Lobos For The First Time For The First Time Niels Poulsen From The First Time For The Girls Roland Gutzwiller This One's For The Girls For The Grace Of God Diana Bishop & But For The Grace Of God Kerry Bishop For The Last Time Jan Wyllie I Told You So (I Told You So) For The Lonely Alan G. Birchall Atomic This Is A Song For The Lonely He Will Be Mine For The Longest Time DQ Johnson The Longest Time For The Love Lyle W. Hoffer But For The Grace Of God Of Faith For The Moment Karen Hunn Cover You In Kisses Love Won't Wait For The Money Michael Vera-Lobos Are You In It For Love For What It's Worth Lilian Styles Rock This Country For You Norma Morrison & Por-Ti-Sere (4 You I Will Be) Eddie Bolton For You Red Russell Love On Arrival Tell Her About It For You Lisa Johns-Grose Anything, Anytime, Anywhere & Dee Dee Sea Of Heartbreak Johnson-Maynard Represent Cuba For You Alone Margaret Warren Just For You For Your Love Alan Haywood Holiness Just The Way We Do It Forbidden Games Louise Elfvengren Du Är Den Ende Forbidden Love Victor Watts I Won't Forbidden Love Dee Musk & Lost Without You Dawn Sherlock Forbidden Pleasures Don McRitchie Love Kept A Hold On My Heart The Force Tina Hebert Indian Outlaw Force, The Unknown Reggae Cowboy (UK Version) Forever Bubs Jewell Ti Amo A Love To Last Forever Ian Dunn When Forever Comes Forever Judy McDonald Stay Forever Glynn Rodgers & Forever In Blue Jeans Andy Williams Forever Linda Wolfe Drip Drop Forever, Always Jon Peppin Together, Forever, Always Forever Always Karen Hunn Forever & For Always Forever An Jan Wyllie April Fool April Fool Forever And A Day Patricia E. Stott Angel Forever And A Day William Sevone I Will Always Love You Forever Blue Audrey Watson Forever Blue Trail Of Tears Southside Stomp Forever Cha-Cha Avril James Forever Ain't Long Enough Forever Country Vicki E. Rader I'm From The Country Down On The Farm Wink Big Love Forever Dance Bill Bader Forever And Ever, Amen Forever Dancefloor Vivienne Scott, Forever Andrew, Simon & Sheila Forever Falling Larry Bass Lovers Live Longer (In Love) Forever For Me Rob Fowler Forever Works For Me I Hope You Dance Forever Friend! Jan Wyllie My Forever Friend Forever Friends John Rowell Friends For Life Forever Green Angie Shirley Lord Of The Dance Forever I Will Michael Vera-Lobos When I Say I Do & Rhiannon Fry Forever In Love Sarah Reeve Per Sempre Amore Forever Kiss Robin Sin & One Last Kiss Nellie Chan Forever Love Teresa Lawrence & Forever Love Vera Fisher Forever Memories William Sevone I Learned That From You Forever Mine Don McRitchie Loving You Forever 99 Michael A. Repko Not Forever On The Holly Ruschman Forever Dance Floor Forever Road Daniel Whittaker Forever Road Forever Senorita Tina Argyle Loved A Woman Alcohol Forever Someday KC Douglas I May Hate Myself In The Morning Forever Someday Waves Against The Sand Forever Sunrise Jim Sandham Sunrise Forever Waltz Helen O'Malley Their Hearts Are Dancing Forever With Me Knox Rhine Quit Playing Games Forever With Me Forever Young Max Perry Forever Young Forever Young Thomas C. Tam Forever Young Forever Yours Kelcy Gardner This Kiss Baby One More Time Forever Yours Theresa Needham Forever Yours Forget About It! Paula Hise & Forget About It Jackie Fritts Forget All Your Beth Mills Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight Yesterdays Forget Chu Amy Christian-Sohn Forget You Forget Her Alyson Climis I Can Love You Better You've Got To Talk To Me Forget-Me-Not Joanne Hocking Forget-Me-Not Forget Me Not Gloria Johnson Baby, I've Forgotten How You Feel Rock This Country Forget Me Not Adrian Churm The Sha La La Song You're Still The One She's Every Woman Forget-Me-Not Brenda Wright Deja Blue Cold Outside Sea Cruise Forget Me Not! Kim Ray Forget Me Not Forget You Laura K. Forget You Forget You Chris Cleevely Forget You Forget Your Troubles Noel Bradey, Lost In The Shuffle Michael Vera-Lobos, Jan Wise & Michael Cohen Forgettin' Eddie McIntosh Forgettin' 'Bout You Forgetting Something Neville Fitzgerald I Feel Like I'm Forgetting Something Forgive Narelle & Trent Forgive Duncan Forgive Me Audrey Watson Sorry Forgive Me Baby Kim Ray Forgive Me Forgive Me Darlin' DJ Dan & Wynette Forgive Me Darlin' Miller Forgiveness Bracken Ellis Forgiveness Potter Forgotten Liam Hrycan I Keep Forgetting If You're Ever Down In Dallas Forgotten Jan Wyllie The Heart That Love Forgot Forgotten Footsteps Christopher Petre Big Time Sensuality Love Train Forgotten Waltz, The Jan Wyllie I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know Forgotten You Alan G. Birchall I've Forgotten You Men Don't Change 4th Waltz, The Wild Bill It's Four In The Morning McKechnie Fork In The Road Michele Perron Streetwalker All For You Whateva You Wanna Do Fortissimo John Bailey Maria Oye Fortunate Son Carolyn Robinson Fortunate Son Fortune Foxtrot Jo Thompson On A Slow Boat To China Szymanski Don't Cry On My Shoulder More Fly Me To the Moon 40 Days Max Perry 40 Days 40 Days And George Deves 40 Days And 40 Nights 40 Nights 40 Miles Of Bad Road Louise Hodson 49 Miles Of Bad Road 44 Double Cross Don Heisler I Fought The Law Western Girls 44 Magnum Unknown Leona 44 Step Tragedy Dave Rusch Tragedy 48 Special Larry Bass Takin' Back My Heart Leap Of Faith 49 Touchdown Alan Robinson 49 One-Liners '41 Ford William Sevone Something Else 40% Proof Gaye Teather Another Good Reason Where The Sidewalk Ends Love On Arrival 42nd Street Bob Boesel You Don't Mess Around With Jim Forty Said Ruben Luna In These Shoes? 40 Steps Unknown Someone For Me 40 West Roz Morgan We Like To Party Man I Feel Like A Woman Forty-Years-Young Deb Crew, et al Wooly Bully Forward On One Jamie Marshall Ain't It Funny Oops I Did It Again My Maria Neon Moon Found Someone Judy Rodgers I Finally Found Someone Fountain Of Youth Lesley Johnston, Yoko Ian Michael's Vertical Expressions & friends Fountain Of Middle Age 4 A Good Time Norm Gifford Good Time 4 AM Waltz Carl Sullivan It's Four In The Morning 4 X 4, The Mary Brio & Others Pick-Up Man 4 Carat Dorks Michele Perron Rough Cut Diamond 4 Corner Swivel Unknown Four Corner Waltz Kathy Brown My Favorite Song Four Corners Jim Ferrazzano Some Girls Do She Likes It Too Anywhere But Here Cadillac Style Chattahoochie Mercury Blues Read Between the Lines She's In Love With the Boy Four Family Anna Balaguer Brown Liquor 455 Rocket Jane Montgomery 455 Rocket 455 Special Lana Harvey She's Got The Rhythm Catwalk 455 Rocket 4Get U Jordan Lloyd Forget You 4JB Karen Hedges Go On Can I Change My Mind Don't Wanna Let You Go Rub You The Right Way See Ya Mexican Minutes 4 Minus 3 Jenifer Reaume 4 Minus 3 Equals Zero Equals Zero That's The Truth Last Cheaters Waltz 4 My People Martin Simon 4 My People Four O'Clock Waltz Jackie Brennan It's Four In The Morning Four On The Floor Peter Metelnick 455 Rocket Four On The Floor Matt Thomson Four On The Floor & Mishi Axel F 4-Play Peter Metelnick & Happy Ever After Anne Harris 4 Play Craig Cooke 4 Play Four Quarters Group 1000 Miles From Nowhere 4 Runner Moe Dust On The Bottle Rojanachaichanin Cain's Blood 4 Speed Tara Green Built For Speed Four Square Unknown Where Am I Gonna Live I Know You're Married Party Crowd I'm So Miserable These Boots Are Made For Walkin' Four Star Boogie Melanie Greenwood Better Your Heart Than Mine As Long As You Belong To Me This One's Gonna Hurt You Now That's Country Four Star Boogie Jane Schomas Baby I Lied Life Gets Away Tricky Moon All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down 4 Strong Winds Karen Banner Four Strong Winds Four Strong Winds Bob Sykes Four Strong Winds Four Strong Winds Karen Tripp Four Strong Winds 4 Sure Joe White I'm Not Running Anymore Write This Down Get Ready For This Coming Back To You 4 Sure Robert Lindsay 4 Sure Mr Right 4 T's (Tanya Ray Graham Trail Of Tears Tucker's Trail Of Tears) 432 Cha Cha Bracken Ellis Tequila Sunrise 4 To 1 In Line Helen A. Walker 4 To 1 In Atlanta 4 U I Let Go Liam Hrycan First To Let Go 4 Way Shuffle David Good Best Of Friends Sugar Daddy Four Wheel Drive Unknown A Heart With 4 Wheel Drive 4 Wheel Drive DJ Dan & Wynette I Want A Girl In A Pick-Up Truck Miller 4 Wheelin' John Dembiec Country Boy Four Years Later Michele Burton Let Me Be Your Lover Cease And Desist Violet Fourth of July Heidi Leigep Independence Day 4th July Unknown 4th Of July Ray Graham 4th Of July Fourth Of July Audrey von Liberty Bell March Footwork Bieberstein Fox-E Babes Alex Buchmiller You Ain't Heard The Last Of Me Sail Away Down & Away Fool Hearted Memory Foxin' Around Norma Jean Fuller I'm Lookin For A Fox Whose Baby Will You Be Tonight Do I Need You (Too) Paint It Black Say You'll Be There Foxy Girl Frank Trace Bad Bad Girl Foxy Trot Ron Kline Hangin' In Lessons Learned Fragile Francien Sittrop Fragile Framed Simon Ward, Freeze Frame Roxanne Kumre, Jo & John Kinser Frankenwalk Tim Hand Thriller Frankie Tammy Hampton & Frankie And Johnnie Raelene Brown Frankie And Johnnie Karen Grave Frankie & Johnnie Frankie & Lola Trish Davies Last Mango In Paris Frankie Satin Michele Perron Fly Me To The Moon (Love Is) The Tender Trap Nice 'N Easy Frankie's Folly Lynne Russell Tricky Moon Eat At Joes Frankie's Hand Jive Lucy Davies & Born To Hand Jive Charlotte Oulton Macari Frank's Cha-Cha Unknown One Night At A Time My Maria Frantik William Sevone You Don't Have To Go To Memphis (The Memphis Mover) Keep Your Hands To Yourself Catwalk Fraternal Stomp Rafel Corbí & I Love A Honky Tonkin' (On A Saturday Night) Ramon Busquets Fraulein Jan Wyllie Fraulein Freak It Ryan Pearson Mambo Mambo Freak Like Me Alice-May Hynam Sugar Babes Freak Out Jenny Leadbeater Freak Out Freak Out William Sevone You Freak Me Out Freak Out Vickie Smith Freakshow On The Dance Floor Rex The Robot Physical Le Freak Super Freak Freak You Out Camilla Brunfeldt Freak You Out & Elin Leckström -Schmidt Freak Your Finger David Marsh & Nod Your Head Jack Healy Freakin' Unknown Freakin' With Me Todd Lescarbeau Dance With Me Freaks To The Floor Scott Blevins Freak Freakshow On Kathy Hunyadi & Freakshow On The Dancefloor The Dancefloor Todd Lescarbeau Freaky..... Rene Stathy Freaky Friday (My Life Is A Country Song) The Road To Hell (Part 2) Freaky Esmeralda Dirty Situation van de Pol Freaky Girl Masters In Line Freaky Girl Fred, The James Gregory & Givin' Water To A Drownin' Man Jean Garr C-O-U-N-T-R-Y Freddie Albert Butler Do the Freddie Freddy's Waltz Lorraine Susan Vaya Con Dios Taylor The Waltz Of Angels Free Iris Mooney Fell Free Big Hair I'll Two Step Alone Free Ed Lawton & Free Adrian Churm Free John Sinclair (I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be) Free Forever Ain't Long Enough Island Free Junior Willis Free Free And Clear June Crystal Lewis Ancient History Free & Easy Malcolm & Viv Owen Silver Wings Free & Easy Jeanette Robson Free & Easy Down The Road I Go Free Country Ans de Waal-Ivens 1-900-Bubba Dancers Longhorn Suburban The Free Country Dancers Free Fall Andy Dixon I'm Still Falling Free Fallin Tom Clemons Free Fallin' Free For All Ed Lawton Gift Of Life Free Love Chris Salter Love Song Free Me Robbie McGowan Wastin' Time With You Hickie Take These Chains From My Heart Free Me Craig Cooke Free Me Free Spirit Brenton Talbot A Real Good Way To Wind Up Lonesome Free Spirit Ms. Sam Warriner Heads Carolina, Tails California Free Spirit Helen O'Malley & Single White Female Eddie Ainsworth Free The Heart Sylvia Schell Adventures In Paradise I'll Take Your Heart Free To Love Dee Musk Free Free Up Ya Vibe Tess N' Tone Breathe Free With A Tree Charlie Mifsud The Shade Freedom Kathy Forrest Black Eyes, Blue Tears Freedom Henry Costa Ring My Bell I Will...But I Want A Man Ride On Into The Sunset You Keep Me Hangin'On They Don't Care About Us Are You Jimmy Ray? Larger Than Life Freedom Bracken Ellis Free Potter & Nancy Morgan (Fletcher) Freedom To Love Ria Vos Freedom To Love Freek Like Me Neville Fitzgerald Don't Cha & Bo Wallin Freekydeeky Matt Oakley La Bomba Tarzan And Jane Discovery Channel Giddy Up Freestyle Shaz! Walton, Know You Wanna Ben Martin, Dawn Sherlock Freestylin Nancy Morgan Chain Of Fools Just Like A Rodeo Freeway Mary Kelly Silver Tongue & Gold Plated Lies Party Zone I Want You Bad (And That Ain't Good) Freeze Unknown Country Club Elvira I Love A Rainy Night I'm A Simple Man It's A Little Too Late Tell Me About It Freeze & Shake Wanda Heldt Ice Cream Freeze Freight Train Michael Vera-Lobos Flyin' Down The Line Freight Train Anna Picerno Freight Train French Connection William Sevone Mademoiselle Will Decide French Girl Shuffle Knox Rhine Kissed By A French Girl French Kiss Pedro Machado This Kiss Everybody French Kisses Kathy Hunyadi Love Is French Kissing Larry Hayden French Kissing Frequency Michael Vera-Lobos When You Come Back To Me Again Fresh John H. Robinson Fresh Wannabe Heart's Desire Take It Back Why Haven't I Heard From You Fresh Michele Perron Fresh Coat Of Paint Take These Chains From My Heart Fresh Break Lori Wong Change The World To Be Loved By You Fresh Coat Of Paint Ginny Graham Fresh Coat Of Paint Fresh Coat Of Paint Ian Dunn Fresh Coat Of Paint Fresher John H. Robinson Gimme Some Love Ooh Aah (Just A Little Bit) Fresh Water Liam Hrycan Crash Bam Boom Bigger Fish To Fry Friday Night Blues Warren Fleming Look Me Up Friday Night Boogie Bob & Marlene Friday Night Boogie Peyre-Ferry Friday Night Boogie Levi J. Hubbard Just Got Paid (It's Friday Night) Friday Night Shuffle Nancy A. Morgan The Hampster Dance Friday Night Slide Alan Souber Fresh Coat of Paint Friday Night Special Michael Vera-Lobos What A Night This Could Be Friday's Child Steve Price Friday's Child Fried Chicken James O. Kellerman Memphis Women & Chicken Steam Fried Chick'n Ken "Traakr" Gray Memphis Women Friend Sandi Brooks Don't Take Her She's All I've Got Friend Like Me Sobrielo Friend Like Me Philip Gene Friendly Cha Peter Heath Don't Take Her She's All I've Got Friendly Waltz Kay Chard Nichol I See It Now Old Friends Friends Michael Vera-Lobos Friends & Lovers Friends Bill Larson Friends Louise Hodson Friends In Low Places Friends Stefan Vidén Heavenly Bodies Devil's Right Hand Volcano Friends Vivienne Scott Why Can't We Be Friends Friends Lorraine Deering You're The Best Friend Friends Marina Girardi With A Little Help From My Friends Friends June Toh Peng You Friends Celina & Hoe ?? Friends & Strangers Jeffery Loulias Won't You Come Home Friends For Carol McKee Friends For A Lifetime A Lifetime Friends Like These Carole Daugherty Stuck In The Middle With You Friends Of Mine Anna Balaguer Whiskey's Gone Friends Will Alan Haywood Friends Will Be Friends Be Friends Best Of Friends Friendship Jan Wyllie My New Found Friend Friendship Tears Gay Strahl Til' A Tear Becomes A Rose Friendship Waltz Bev Costantino We'll Waltz In Love Tonight Friendship Waltz Chris Watson & Friends For A Lifetime Warren Mitchell Fries Jane Newhard Do You Want Fries With That Party For Two Frisco Turnaround Ruth Elias Frog Heaven Karen Fishback Frog Heaven A Soldier's Joy Jug Band Music Boot Scootin' Boogie Froggies Ride Dave & Shirley I Ride A Horse Springett From CLC With College Of Cowboy Love Cowboy Love Lake County From C 2 C Ed Lawton & The City Put The Country Back In Me Pete Harkness From Hell To Mick Herbert From Hell To Paradise Paradise From Here Hazel Pace From Here To Eternity To Eternity From Me To You Yeo Yu Puay From Me To You From Now On Jan Wyllie No More Teardrops From The Bottom Janet Jolliffe I Just Called To Say I Love You Of My Heart From The Bottom Pierre Legare & I Just Called To Say I Love You Of My Heart Johane Beaudet From The Heart Simon Ward What If From The Heart Anne Hewitt I Hope You Dance From The Heart Alan Robinson In A Heartbeat Strong Enough Corazon Espinado The Dance Goes On From The Heart Leyonee Forbes The Heart Stops The Clock From The Shadows The Phoenix Got To Get It Of Fire From This Day On Gaye Teather You'll Be In My Heart From This Moment John Pratten From This Moment From This Moment Michael Vera-Lobos From This Moment From This Moment Peter & Alison Let Me Love You From Time To Time BJ The DJ From Time To Time From Time To Time Tracy Brown From Time To Time From Zero To Hero Ralf Stojetz From Zero To Hero Front & Back Doug Westerlund I Need Love Front Porch Friends Willie Brown If The World Had A Front Porch Front Porch Swingin' John Dembiec Long Time Gone Front Row Attitude Neil Hale You Never Can Tell Out With A Bang Frontier Boogie Bubs Jewell Boogie Woogie Baby Frontier Breakdown Kathy Hunyadi Frontier Breakdown Frontier Cha Cha Kathy Sharpe Love Stopped On a Dime Neon Moon Frontier Cha Cha Alan Robinson You Don't Know Love Frostbite Beverly Lalonde Cold Outside Who's Cheatin' Who Frosty The Snowman Joyce Nicholas Frosty, The Snowman Frosty, The Snowman Marie Sørensen Frosty The Snowman Frozen Marguerita Michael Andersson Jose´ Cuervo Oh Lonesome Me Fruitcakes Denny Hengen Fruitcakes Fry Me Thomas O'Dwyer Bill's Laundromat, Bar & Grill Fudge It Simon Ward How Do You Do What You Do So Well Fuego Shane Sparks & Fuego Amy Spencer Fuelling The Flames Diane Spark Duelling Violins Don't Be Stupid Fulfilled Shaz Walton, Lola's Theme Ben Martin, Dawn Sherlock Full Circle Gary & Cheryl Full Circle Parker Full Circle The Girls (Maureen You Drive Me Crazy & Michelle) A Mess Of The Blues I'm On My Way Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me Pizziricco From There To Here Full Deck Of Cards Andrew Blackwood Full Deck Of Cards Full House Chris Hodgson Living In A House Full Of Love Full House Michelle Risley The Gambler Full Monty, The Ann Napier You Can Leave Your Hat On Full Moon Jorma Leitzinger Bible Belt Don't Give Your Heart To A Rambler Full Moon, Kerry Hughes Full Moon, Full Of Love Full Of Love Full Motion Liam Hrycan When The Lights Go Out Tom's Party Only A Whisper Full Of It! Ian Hunt How Do I Live Full Of Love Lee Birks Shot Full Of Love Full Tilt Dan Albro Tilt Ya Head Back Three Cord Country And American Rock & Roll 99.9 Percent Sure Stays In Mexico Full Tilt Boogie Sheri Hurley Full Tilt Boogie Funk Soul Sister Chris Williams Lady Marmalade Play Don't Stop Moving Full Steam Dan Albro Steam Smooth Full Throttle Charles Thornhill Give Me Some Wheels Love Starts Talkin' Lost In The Shuffle Full Throttle Ron Kline Crush Got You On My Mind Put Your Heart Into It You Got The Power You Keep Me Hanging On Full Throttle Larry & Jody East Bound And Down Carriger Fire Red Thunderbird Louisiana Hot Sauce Fun & Dance Barbara lowe Hokey Cockey Medley Fun Cubed Peter Metelnick Fun, Fun, Fun Eat At Joes Fun Fun Fun Mark Simpkin Fun Fun Fun Fun House Hannah Harrison Fun House Fun Monty, The David Millington The Stripper You Sexy Thing Trust Yourself Funky Cowboy Fun Run Chris Salter Too Much Fun Bad Things Fun Time Kenny Teh Que Hora Funk De Paris Daniel Whittaker Tu Es Foutu Echa Pa'Lante Funk N' Replay Lisbeth Nilsen Pon de Replay Funk Shui Michele Perron Baby Knows Anybody Wanna Pray Too Funky For Me Just A Little Liquid Dreams Don't Stop (Doin' It) Funkabilly Barry & Dari Anne Funkabilly Amato Funkabilly Rap Rob Fowler & Funk Cold Medina Paul McAdam Cry Cry Hillbilly Shoes Funkafied Blues Jo Thompson Funkafied Blues Szymanski Funkalicious Masters In Line Scoopadoopa Funk-N-Gruvin Pedro Machado Loosen Up My Strings Funkie Spirit Bryan McWherter Spirit In The Sky & Wanda Holbert Funkin' Out Peter Metelnick & Play That Country Music Cowboy (In A Country Way) Chris Hodgson Funky Attitude Aaron Neale & Larger Than Life Katy Plumb Girl On TV 'Oops! I Did It Again Funky Baby Joan O'Gorman Baby Come On Funky Backslide Cheryl Benton Electric Slide Funky Big Band Amanda Woodman Funky Big Band All For You Funky Boots Lois Lightfoot She's Ugly Funky But Chic Ron Kline Funky Butt Chic New Man In Town I Got My Baby Blueboy Funky Cha Cha Barry Durand Havana Fever Funky Cold Medina Helen D'Aguiar Funky Cold Medina Funky Country Nancy A. Morgan Men In Black Forget-Me-Nots Funky Country Kathy Heller Good Ole Days Funky Country Kathy Brackett Funky Country Funky Country "Hillbilly" Rick Funky Country Rock 'n' Roll Rock N Roll Funky Cowboy Vickie Vance- Rock Bottom Johnson & Just Like New Kevin Johnson Funky Cowboy Funky Cowboy Unknown Funky Cowboy Funky Cowboy Donna Aiken Tell Me Lover Down To Your Last One More Givin' Water To A Drownin' Man Funky Cowboy Simon Ward Funky Cowboy Funky Cowboy, The Brian Jacobs Funky Cowboy Funky Dancin' Dancin' Terry Funky Broadway Brown Sugar Funky Farmer Darci Burton & I'm From The Country Lorraine Kurtela Funky Farmer Vivienne Scott Linda Lou Whose Baby Will You Be Tonight You're Easy On The Eyes You Turn Me On Funky Feet Bev Cornish Don't Make Me Come To Tulsa Think It Over Billy B.Bad Funky Feet Barry Amato Jealous Bone Funky Feet Jamie Marshall Funky Feet Funky Fireman Marlene Cortright The Fireman Young Fast Girl Funky For Me Kim Ray Tell Me How You Feel Funky Freeze, The Rob Fowler Not That Kind Funky Fresh James Potter One, Two Step Funky Fun Dave & Shirl Got To Be Funky Springett It's Alright To Be A Redneck Funky Fun Kathy Brown Let's Get Funky Life In The Fast Lane Funky Gator Stride Larry Bass Funky Gator Stride Funky Get Down Levi J. Hubbard & If Ya Gettin' Down Andi Martin Funky Groover Jason Cooke On A Night Like This Absolutely Everybody Funky Jack Shuffle Sarah Lyn Eggleton King Of My Castle Funky Latin Boogalo Ir Torre Funky Latin Boogalo Funky Little Dance Hot Pepper Don't be Stupid Walkin' On Me Funky Maritimer Cindi Talbot Squaredance Song Funky Matador, The Unknown Be My Lover Funky Money Niels B. Poulsen The Way I Are Funky Monkey John Dembiec Monkey Funky Monkey! Tina Argyle El Baile Del Gorila Funky Monster Jam Johnny Two-Step The Monster Mash & Fi Scott The Roger's Mash Funky Paradise Robin Sin Shining Star Funky Project Daniel Trepat Nachna Tere Naal (Dance With You) Funky Shake, The Michelle Moore The Shake Funky Shake, The Sheryl Dedert & The Shake Connie Bordewick Funky Slide Skippy Blair Any Electric Slide type Funky Stuff Karen Bleuer (Everything I Do) Got To Be Funky Road Runner Funky Teacher, The Mat Baker The Futures So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades A Funky Thank You Alan Haywood Thank You (Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Again) Funky Town Barry & Dari Anne Funky Town Amato & Dean Gambino Funky Tush Push Unknown Funky V's The Phoenix You Turn Me On Funky Y2K Bertha Arseneau Womanizer On A Good Night Funkyfied Yvonne Anderson, Fo Sho Adrian Churm & Free John Rowell Freek 04 Funnel Web Mary Targett Funnel Of Love Funnkee Nancy A. Tilt Ya Head Back Morgan-Fletcher Superfly Funny Face Lyn Richards Funny Face Funny Funny Dancer Gaby Neumann Funny Funny Funny Mambo Gaby Neumann Mambo Funny Turn, A Nita Corfield You Haven't Left Me Yet That's The Breaks Sorry Fun-Tastic! Jo Thompson Fun Time Szymanski, A.J. Herbert & John H. Robinson Funtime Boogie Susan Brooks Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me Better Love Next Time Cherokee Boogie Further Down Gordon Elliott Rear View Mirror Fussin' N Fightin' Jan Wyllie Hold Me Tight Fuster Cluck Stomp Unknown Blaze Of Glory Fuzzy Duck Slide Dick & Geneva Achy Breaky Heart Matteis Fuzzy Duck Strut Unknown Holed Up In Some Honky Tonk Fuzzy Duck Unknown Chasing That Neon Rainbow Turnaround T.L.C. A.S.A.P. Fuzzy Time Jim Cone Warm & Fuzzy Fyre Rob Fowler Don't Wanna Let You Go

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