Top 10

DANCE TITLE CHOREOGRAPHER MUSIC SUGGESTION B BA 67 Al Ord Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo B & B Grace Coleman Perfect Love Deal With It B 'n B Jan Wyllie Bread And Beans B-B Boogie Bryon Fondren & Baby Likes To Rock It Brenda Adams B. B. & B. Unknown Any Way The Wind Blows B B C Waltz Bob Bahrs & When I Said I Do Catriona Wiles B.B.I.B.B (Bye Bye Chris & Richard Back With A Heart I'll Be Back) Hodgson Bye Bye B E L I E V E Susan Allen Believe B Bop The Buffalo Girls At The Hop Mama Screw Your Wig On Tight Be-Bop-A-Lula 'B' Bop Kenny & Irene Bee, Bop Thompson Bop B-Bop Swing Chris Hodgson Bop Fresh Coat Of Paint B Boy Baby José Miguel B Boy Baby Belloque Vane B.C. Carroll Shaw B.C. Express Jim Krohe Blue Train BCB Shuffle Mack & Le-Anne You Got My Letter Apaapa B.C.O. Rachael McEnaney Baby Come On (Baby Come On) B H-17 Ray & Tina Yoeman B.H.G. Gordon Elliott Broken Hearted Girl B Hollywood Sho Botham Hollywood B.J. Boppin' Boogie Bev Costantino The Great Divide The Losing Side Of Me B.J. Cha-Cha Barbara Rash Matador Be Bop Mary Neon Moon Operator, Operator Lost And Found B.J.-Itis The Infamous Five Hero Into The Groove B-J Shuffle Sharon Brizon Blanket On The Ground B.J. Stomp Marg Jones Too Little, Too Much Even If I Tried Don't Take Her, She's All I Got BJ's Traction Bubs Jewell Heart With A 4 Wheel Drive Measure Of A Man BLT Stomp BLT and Friends It Sure Is Monday Tell Me Why It Should Have Been Me Alright Already God Blessed Texas Put a Little Love In Your Heart Romeo BMT Forty Arroyo It's Now Or Never B-O-U-N-C-E Bev Carpenter Bounce B.O.Y.O. Sylvia Priestley She's Cool Hearts Are Gonna Roll B.R. Boogie "Julia" Jackson Cherokee Boogie Moanin' the Blues Honky Tonk Song BR-C-HT Jane Schomas Baton Rouge Cowgirl Hillbilly Thang Longneck Bottle B. S. Boogie Dave Fife Betty's Got A Bass Boat B & S Boogie Dave Rusch Billy Bill If It Don't Take Two That'll Be The Day Born To Be Blue You Win My Love It's A Little Too Late BST (Baby, Malene Jakobsen Straight Through My Heart Straight Thru') B's, T's & WB's Jenny Bounds Nude Bootscootin' B-Goggles Calamity Jane Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On Newhard Goes Good With Beer B-Leev-N Jennifer Believe Pasley-Smith B2 Mark Cosenza & On A Slow Boat To China Glen Pospieszny B.UUT Rob Fowler I'm Outta Here How Can I Live You Sexy Thing BYO Gary & Cheryl BYOB Parker Ba Ba Bom Gloria Johnson It's Alright To Be A Redneck Ba-Bom-Bom!!! Chris Hodgson It's Alright To Be A Redneck Born In The Dark Burning Love Honky Tonk Crowd Ba Cha Cha Nancy Lee Yo Si Me Enamore Ba-Da-Boom Denise Stone Gigolo I Hope You Want Me Too I Should Know Best Of Me Babalou Buffalo Billy Babalou Babariba Ken Favreau Babariba Babe Jenifer Reaume My Babe Too Much Drink With A Girl Like You Babe - B Geri Morrison Baby Now That I've Found You Life Goes On Babelonia Wil Bos & Born Again Roy Verdonk Babes' Boogie Barbara Stocks Daddy Laid the Blues on Me Baby Marie Miller Baby Once I Get You Just My Luck Baby Cherie Callender Don't Call Me Baby Baby Angel Jim & Tina Ray Wild Angels Things Change Baby "B" Sylvia Priestly Shout Limbo Lady Baby Baby Mark Cook Baby Come On Baby Baby Sobrielo Baby Philip Gene Baby, Baby, Baby Lynda Smith Baby, Baby, Babe Baby Blue Dan Stevens Mr. Blue Baby Blue William Sevone Love Is Blue Baby Blue Eyes Karl-Harry Winson Baby Blue Eyes Baby Blue Jeans Unknown Tulsa Shuffle I Like It, I Love It Baby Blues Justine Cry For Me Shuttleworth Baby Bolly Maureen Bullock Jai Ho Baby Bop Unknown Take It Back No One Else On Earth She's Got the Rhythm I Feel Lucky A Little Less Talk Baby Bop Sharon McNaughton Bop Bop Baby Baby Boy Mitchell Burgess Baby Boy Baby Boyfriend Clare Bull Boyfriend Baby Bubbles Gaye Teather Love Done Gone Baby Burlesque Peter Jones & Welcome To Burlesque Anna Lockwood Baby Burn Michael Lynn DJs Got Us Fallin' In Love Again Baby Buttercup David Sinfield Build Me Up Buttercup Baby Cakes Ronnie Booth Back In Your Arms Again Baby Chick M. Vasquez Who's That Chick? Baby Come Back Raymond Townsend Baby Come Back Baby Come On ! Kathy Hunyadi & Here Comes My Baby Peter Metelnick Baby Doll Glynn Holt Baby Doll Baby Doll Waltz Larry Bass Shake Me, I Rattle Baby Dolly Winnie Yu Hello Dolly Baby Don't Cry Bastiaan Lonely van Leeuwen Baby Don't Go! Glynn Holt Baby Don't Go Reach Baby Don't Go Bastiaan Baby Don't Go van Leeuwen Baby Don't Go Andy Williams Baby Don't Go Baby Don't Pretend Andy Chumbley Don't Pretend With Me (With Me) Baby Don't You Know DJ Dan & Baby Don't You Know Wynette Miller Baby Don't Eddie McIntosh Baby Don't You Let Go You Let Go Baby Dream Teresa & Vera All I Do Is Dream Of You Baby G Barry Durand Baby G Baby Get Ready Roger Fisher & Fishin In The Dark Kathy Brown Baby Get Up Ria Vos Baby Get Up And Dance Baby Gone Blues Michael Vera-Lobos Baby's Gone Blues & Noel Bradey Baby Goodbye Andrew, Simon Bye Bye Baby & Sheila Baby Hold Me Joyce Nicholas Baby, Can I Hold You Tonight Baby I Got You Sarah Drake I Got My Baby Baby I Lied Kevin & Maria Believe Me Baby I Lied Baby I Like It Louise Elfvengren I Like It Baby, I Like It! Levi J. Hubbard I Like It Baby, I Love You Carol Thibeault I Love You I'll Go Crazy Baby I Miss You Audrey Watson Baby I Miss You Baby I'm Outta Here Annette Skaff & Outta Here Barbara Wallace Baby I'm Ready June Hulcombe & Baby I'm Ready Barb Willshire Baby I'm Yours Carol McKee Baby I'm Yours Baby, I'm Ready Veda Holder, Baby, I'm Ready Trish & Bob When You're Cool Boesel When The Sun Goes Down Baby In The Dark Audrey Watson Baby In The Dark Except For Monday Baby It's True Rosie Multari You Are The Only One Baby Jane Chris Hodgson Baby Jane Baby Jane Gaye Teather Baby Jane Baby, Just A Kiss Winnie Yu Just A Kiss Love Me With All Of Your Heart Baby Kate Niels Poulsen Sister Kate Baby Keep Smilin' Irene Groundwater Baby Keep Smiling Baby King Sheila Still Let's Make A Baby King Swinging Home For Christmas Jingle My Bells Baby Kiss Aggie Marler Kiss Caught Up In The Moment Baby Lee Audrey Watson Baby Lee Baby Love Mark Furnell Baby Love Baby Love Louis James Baby Love Sequeira Baby No More Marg Jones My Baby No Esta Aqui No More Precious Time Baby On Fire Regina Cheung Fire Burnin' Baby Once I Get You Jo Thompson Baby Once I Get You If I Ain't Got You Honky Tonk Healin' Even If I Tried Baby Once I Get You Joanne & Janet Baby Once I Get You Billington, Christine Whittingham Baby Please Geri Morrison Please Don't Let Me Go Baby Please Don't Go Gordon Elliott Baby Please Don't Go Baby Rah-Rah Jo & John Kinser, Bad Romance Mark Furnell Baby Rock's Jim & Tina Ray Baby Likes to Rock It Baby Rocks Vivienne Scott Baby Rocks Baby Rocks Sara Gitsham Baby Rocks Baby Run Teresa & Vera Baby Run If You Come Back Not Such An Innocent Girl Baby Says No Andrew & Sheila My Baby Say No Baby Shake That Ass Neville Fitzgerald Push Up Baby Steps Don Deyne We Shall Be Free Pocket Full of Diamonds Daytona Nights I Like the Sound of That Deja Blue No News I'm Outta Here Baby Walk David Cheshire Walk That Way Baby Waltz Anne Hewitt This Life I Loved Her First Baby You Had Me GYTAL You Had Me From Hell No Slow Hands Baby You Know Rosie Multari Must've Had A Ball Baby You Know Where I Am Baby You Know Yvonne Krause Baby You Know Where I Am Baby, You Make Jo Kinser & You Make Me Sick Me Sick Scott Schrank Baby Your Baby Bob Sykes Baby Your Baby Baby You're Right Leonie Smallwood Baby You're Right Baby You've Got It Peter & Alison Baby (You've Got What It Takes) Babygirl Ron Kline Ordinary Love Live, Laugh, Love I Need To Know Babylon Robin Madeley Babylon Baby's A Bundle Anita McNab Baby Please Come Home Of Nerves Bundle Of Nerves Baby's Blue Eyes Lana Harvey Wilson Blue Eyes Let It Be Me Beneath Still Waters Baby's Gone Home Daniel Whittaker Babys Gone Home Baby's Got Debbie Small Dancing Feet Dancing Feet Baby's Got My Number Irene Groundwater Baby's Got My Number Baby's In Blue Jeans Lois Lightfoot Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On Baby's On The Way Gerald Biggs Baby's On The Way Baby's Shoes Theresa Needham Baby Needs A New Pair Of Shoes Waiting On The Wonderful Bacardi Stagger Jean Gandy Medico Road Bacchus Shuffle Steven Schafer Hard To Say Round Here Back Again Dan & Sharon Ross To Have You Back Again Heat Of The Night The Trouble With The Truth I Just Want To Dance With You I Have To Surrender Back Alley Stomp Adrian Lacamp Adalida Achy Breaky Heart Back And Forward Jan Wyllie Swingin' Doors Back At The Ranch Roxanne Smith Meanwhile Back Door Bop Rick & Stella Perfect Love Wilden Chasing Your Dreams Be My Lover Back For More Joanne Brady Back To Louisiana Can't Get Enough Stagger Lee Little Bitty Pretty One Cowboy Cadillac Unbelievable Rollin' Back For More Emma Atherage & You Shook Me All Night Long Mat Baker La Bomba Back For More Jenny Leigh Saturday Night Back Forever Chris Cleevely Now & Forever (You & Me) Back Home Karen Hunn Sing Me Back Home Back Home Lynne Flanders Back In My Home Town The First Thing I Wanna Forget Back In Baby's Arms Diana Dawson Back In Baby's Arms Back In Business Robin Tanner Let's Groove Back In Line Alan G. Birchall I Walk The Line Back In Old Cheyenne Lindy Bowers & Old Cheyenne Sandy Albano Back In 63 Sandra Speck December 1963 (Oh What A Night) Back In Texas Kevin Johnson & Back In Texas Vickie Vance-Johnson Back In The Maggie Gallagher Back In The Back Seat Back Seat Back In The Country Ed White Guilty Of The Crime Nice 'n' Slow I'm From The Country Back In The Norm Gifford Back In The Country Again Country Again Back In The Robbie Halvorson Ticks Moonlight Back In The Saddle Mare Dodd Back In The Saddle Tequilla Back In The Saddle Nancy Speirs Back In The Saddle I Can Love You Better Thinkin' Thing Somebody Slap Me Back In Town Bastiaan The Old Men's Back In Town van Leeuwen Back In Trouble Vera Brown Trouble Back In Your Arms Again Space Jam Back In Waltz Style Gordon Elliott Back In Style Back In Your Arms Cathy Ryan Back In Your Arms Again Back In Your Arms Terri Bucciarelli Back In Your Arms Again Back In Your Richard McDonagh Back In Your Arms Again Arms Again Back Into It Guyton Mundy You Are The One Back It Up Janis Graves & Back That Thing Up lindy Bowers Back It Up Donna Hailey Back That Thang Up Alright Back It Up Francien Sittrop Back It Up Back It Up! A.J. & Scott Back That Thing Up Herbert Back Jack, Amy Christian Do It Again Do It Again Back On Holiday Glen Pospieszny Back On Holiday Back Out Back Jenny Tait Back Out Back Back Porch, The Tom P. Suvak Eat At Joes Dancing Cowboys Take A Little Trip Back Road Boogie Larry & Terri Country As A Boy Can Be Boezeman Knock Yourself Out Back Seat Boogie Noel Castle Back Seat Boogie Settin' The Woods On Fire You're Easy On The Eyes Back Seat Boogie Liam Hrycan Back Seat Boogie Back Slide, The Cherie Belle Hey Baby Harclerode Back Then Group If The World Had A Front Porch Back To Brooklyn Kathy Hunyadi 17 Mile Drive Back To Country Judi Overman Country Mile Welcome To The Club Back To Front Gary Lafferty Today I Started Loving You Again Back To Me Junior Willis Getting Back To Me Again Back To Normal Ian Eccleston Talking To A Stranger Back To Tennessee The Girls (Maureen Back To Tennessee & Michelle) Things I Cannot Change Back To The Basics Bill Lancaster What This Country Needs Back To The Cave Gerald Biggs Back To The Cave Back To The Country Tony & Lana Wilson Back To The Country I Finally Found Somebody Back To The 80's Barbara Lowe You Can Call Me Al Rhythm Is A Dancer Neverending Story Back To The Fuchsia Michele Perron Heartbeat Dream Lover The Hippy Hippy Shake Latin Soul A World Without Love Needles And Pins Back To The Future Roy Marshall Let Your Love Flow Back To The Island Lou Ecken Back To The Island Simple Life Back To the Shack Bill Lancaster Back To the Shack Dog On a Toolbox Born To Boogie Back To The Wild John H. Robinson Back To The Wild Back To You J & J Back To You Back To You Phil Carpenter Working My Way Back To You Back To You Jamie Marshall My Heart Wants To Run I Only Want To Dance With You Back To You Sophie Archimbaud Crazy Days Back Track Montana Western Baby I'm Yours Dancers of I Feel Lucky England Seminole Wind Western Girls Half Enough Be My Baby Tonight Honky Tonk Baby Back Track Dan Albro Shortenin' Bread You Still Shake Me Back Tracking Stephen Sunter How Do I Live Baby Don't Go Bye Bye Back 2 Basics Charles Thornhill You Got The Wrong Man This Is Me Don't Be Stupid Patient Heart Back 2 Me Maggie Gallagher Come Back Back Up Against Karen Hunn Back Up Against The Wall The Wall Back With A Heart Mark Hood & Back With A Heart Douglas Semple Backdraft Unknown Honky Tonk Truth Backfield In Motion Doris & Darrell King Of The Road Movin' Out To The Country The Shake Backline Attitude Petri, Mervi, The Little Man Timo, Pasi, Kari, Ari & Riikka Backroads Michael Barr Sunset Red, Pale Moonlight Backseat Blues Dan Albro Backseat Music Backseat To Nothing Joseph A. Sewell Your Love Don't Take A Backseat To Nothing Backshop Boogie Ronette Skillicorn Billy B Bad Backslide Stomp Doreen Hardiman It's A Merry Go Round You Know Where I Am Backslidin' Lana Harvey Draggin' My Heart Around I Like It, I Love It Hot To Molly Backstreet Claire McIver & Nichola Hill Backstreet Attitude Jamie Davis As Long As You Love Me We've Got It Going Quit Playing Games Sittin On The Dock Of A Bay Everybody (Backstreets Back) A Little Less Talk Backsync Chrissie Hodgson I Want You Back I'm Gonna Getcha Good Backtrack Terry Hogan Big Big Love Backward Start Shenay Hussein Last Thing On My Mind Nothin New Under The Moon Backwards Yvonne Hammond Walk Out Backwards Backyard Boogie Lynne Flanders Backyard Boogie Backyard Boogie Jamie Davis Backyard Boogie Backyard Problem Özgür & Mürüvvet Your Back Yard TAKAÇ Bad Michele Bad Etherington Bad Warren Mitchell Bad, Bad Leroy Brown Bad Addiction Karl-Harry Winson Gambling Man Bad Attitude Jennifer Guys Do It All The Time Pasley-Smith Bad Attitude Rachael McEnaney & Bad Charlotte Oulton-Macari Bad Bad Girl Maxwell Bad Bad Girl Bad Bad Leroy Unknown Leroy Brown Bad Behavior Betty Espinoza Ain't Misbehavin' Bad Betty Boogie Nicole Gagne Betty's Got A Bass Boat Betty's Takin' Judo Bad Boogie Naomi Ross If You Can't Be Good (Be Good At It) Bye-Bye Bad Boy Tina Richardson If You Want It To Be Good Girl Bad Boy Terry McHugh Bad Boy Bad Boy Robbie McGowan Big Bad Handsome Man Hickie Bad Boy Attitude Bonnie LaPlante If You Want It To Be Good, Girl, (Get Yourself A Bad Boy) Bad Boy Boogie John H. Robinson Still Crazy 'Bout You I Can Help Why Haven't I Heard From You Cat Walk You Ain't Leavin' Me Without You Bad Boy Walkin' Vicki Rader Bad Bad Boy Bring It Down To Jelly Roll Bad Boys Charles Bowring Good Girls Love Bad Boys Sea Of Cowboy Hats Bad Boys Jo & John Kinser Bad Boys & Mark Furnell Bad Boys The Girls (Maureen Bad Boys & Michelle) Bad Boys' Boogie Unknown Bad Boys Andrew Palmer & Bad Boy (Forever - Amen!) Simon J Cox Love You Forever Bad Boyz Stomp Dee Russell Copperhead Road Bad Case Of Love Louise Théberge Bad Case Of Love Tall Tall Trees Midnight Hour/Knock On Woods I'm Holdin' On To Love Your Tattoo Bad Case Of Sandra Speck Bad Case Of Missing You Missing You Breathe Bad Dawg! Jamie Phillips Super Love Hog Wild Wild Ride Bad Day Michael Diven Bad Day Bad Day Blues Loose Boots Such A Good Time Bad Day Of Fishin' Barbara R. K. Bad Day Of Fishin' Wallace Bad Dog Steve Yoxall Bad Dog, No Biscuit Even If I Tried Bad Dog Boogie Carter Butler & Bad Dog, No Biscuit Kathy McGee Bad Frog, Susan Brooks No One Needs To Know No Princess Too Much Fun Bad Girl Getaway Kathy Brown The Sweet Escape Boardwalk Angel Bad Girls Paulette Hylands Good Girls Go To Heaven Last Thing I Do Escape Bad Girls Boogie Terry Hogan Good Girls Go To Heaven Bad Girls Greywolf & Burn Me Down On The Ranch Wiya Wambli Shooter Bad Habit Peter Metelnick & Too Many Times Of Two Timin' Me Kelvin Elvidge If You Can't Be Good, Be Good At It Rock This Country! When Love Starts Talkin' Nothing But The Tail Lights The Night The Barn Burned Down Honky Tonk Truth Bad Habit's Edward Poole That Don't Impress Me Much Bad Habits Ian Dunn Copenhagen Bad Habits Kerry Hughes Papa Don't Ask, Mama Don't Know Bad Heart Day Max Perry Bad Heart Day Western Girls Bad Influence Jo & John Kinser Bad Influence & Mark Furnell Bad Is Bad Larry Bass Bad Is Bad Bad Love William Sevone So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) Bad Mama Jama Rose Grant She's A Bad Mama Jama Put Some Drive In Your Country God Made Woman On A Good Day That Girl Is On A Roll Tonight Funky Cowboy Black Or White Long Train Running Bad Mama Jama Unknown Some Kind Of Trouble Don't Rock The Jukebox Born To Boogie Bad Moon Alison Biggs Bad Moon Rising On The Rise Take Good Care Of My Baby Bad Moon Risin' Bob Sykes Bad Moon Rising Bad Reputation Tony Wilson She's Gonna Ruin My Bad Reputation Bad Romance Laura K. Bad Romance A Bad Romance Gaye Teather Bad Romance Bad Romance Michael Lynn Bad Romance Bad Thang Max Perry Bad Thang Bad Things Glenda Ortiz Bad Things Harney Bad Things Rosie Morrison Bad Things Bad Things Anne Herd Bad Things Bad To The Bone Tom West Bad To The Bone Down Came A Blackbird Bad To The Bone Rick & Carolyn Bad To The Bone Robinson Bad Touch, The Larry Pizzini, Jr. The Bad Touch Power The Way You Love Me Bad Weather Gloria Johnson Bad Weather Bad Weather Kathy Hunyadi Bad Weather Bada Bing Baby Cindi Talbot Cry Baby Bada Bing Paid My Dues Badabing Boomba Karen Bleuer La Bomba We Like To Party Badda-Boom! Karen Hunn Freddie Said Badda-Bang! Badboyz Michael Lynn Bad Boys Badge Of Honour Ian StLeon I Wear Your Love Badlands Jenny Rockett Bring Us Back Alive Thank God For The Radio Badlands Boogie Frank Spearman One More Payment I'm In A Hurry Small Town Saturday Night Badlands Boogie Terry Hogan Boogie Till The Cows Come Home Badly Bent 2000 Alan Livett Super Love Dead Presidents Badly Bent Dougie Laing Badly Bent Badly Bent Carol Thomson Badly Bent Badly Bent Dee Belsher Badly Bent Charleston Vidalia Badonkadonk Pepper Siquieros Honky Tonk Badonkadonk Badonkin' Nikki Wyllie Honky Tonk Badonkadonk My Give A Damn's Busted Honky Tonk Women Play That Funky Music White Boy I'm Too Sexy Bag It Up Liam Hrycam & Bag It Up Elle-Jay Baggy Trousers Matt Jenkins Baggy Trousers Bah Humbug Waltz Lynne Flanders Silver Bells The Angels Cried Amanda Pretty Paper Baha Holiday John H. Robinson Break Away & Hot Pepper Good To Go To Mexico Maria (Shut Up And Kiss Me) Bahama Cha Cha Bob Izral Sex On The Beach Ti Amo Lovers Live Longer Gulf Of Mexico If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Que Tu Tienes Bahama Mama The Bahama Mama & Stagger Lee The Le' Chic Dancers Bahama Mama Max Perry Bahama Mama Bahama Mama Kenny Teh Bahama Mama Bail Me Out Graham Danser Hank Don't Fail Me Now Love Gets Me Every Time Baila Elaine White Baila Baila Baila Peter Ng Baila, Baila, Conmigo Baila Baila Conmigo Dee Musk Baila, Baila Conmigo Baila, Baila Debbie Small Baila, Baila Conmigo Mi Amor Baila Casanova Peter Metelnick Casanova & Alison Biggs Baila Cha Caryl Cusens Dance With Me Shackles Music Baila Con El Ritmo Ira Weisburd Baila Con El Ritmo Baila Este Noche Michael Vera-Lobos Baila Este Ritmo Baila Marena Rob Fowler Baila Marena Baila Rumba, Seera-Maria Baila Rumba, Baila Son Baila Son Päiviälä Baila Volare Forty Arroyo Volare Bailamos Bryan McWherter Bailamos Bailamos Roz Morgan Bailamos Bailamos David Cheshire Bailamos Bailamos Facil Linda Kalinowski Bailamos La Danza Vivire Y Morire Spanish River I Want You Back Bailamos (Tonight) Steve West Bailamos Bailamos (We Danced) Linda Kalinowski Bailamos Spanish River I Want You Back Bailando 32 Chris Hodgson Bailando Honky Tonk Days Swamp River Days Little Drops Of My Heart Bailando 64 Chris Hodgson Bailando Honky Tonk Crowd Swamp River Days Little Drops Of My Heart Bailey's Song Moses Bourassa Jr, Whistle For The Choir Barbara Frechette & Gytal Baja Taylor Schmitz I Can Walk The Line Texas Cowboy Baja Bayou, The Karla Hart and I Don't Fall In Love So Easy friends Bayou Boys My Maria Margaritaville Baja Cha Cha Terry Hogan Good To Go To Mexico Baker Street Shelley Lindsay Baker Street Bakersfield Bound Raymon Busqué Get Rhythm Desert Rose Honky Tonk Rock Oh Lonsome Me Bakersfield Shuffle Mike Lochridge Bali Ha'i Irene Groundwater Bali Ha'i Balik Kampung Joyce Nicholas Balik Kampung (Back To My Hometown) Ballando Ira Weisburd Nuovo Mambo Ballo al Destro Gary Lafferty Bella Bella Signorina e Sinistro Ballroom Cha Kenny Teh Ballroom Song Balls Hillary Kurt & Great Balls Of Fire Clive Fuller I Feel Lucky Ballymore Fulvio Durazza The Boy From Ballymore Ballymore Boys Dynamite Dot The Boys From Ballymore Bally's Mambo Rosie Multari Simplemente Blame It On The Bosa Nova Volcano Sex On The Beach Mambo No. 5 Mambo Italiano Here Is My Heart Baltimore Boogie Joan O'Gorman Boogie Woogie Baltimore Bam! John Elliott Bobbie Ann Mason Whiskey Under The Bridge Bam-A-Lam! Guyton Mundy & Dangerous Joey Warren Bam-A-Shag, The Gloria Johnson & Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard Dusty Miller Bambino Cha Cha Stella Wilden Echa Pa'Lante Almost Jamaica La Mucara Melbourne Mambo I Just Wanna Dance With You Banana Puddin' Michael Beck Banana Puddin' Banana Wind William Sevone Banana Wind Old Weakness Thats Not The Way It Is Banbury Strut, The Kirsteen Warren Banca Groove Bo Wallin Banca Banca Band Of Gold Combo Band Of Gold Band Of Gold Maggie Gallagher Band Of Gold Band Of Gold William Sevone Band Of Gold Commitment Hungry Eyes Dancing Cowboys Stay Things I Cannot Change Suddenly Merengue Think Of Me (When You're Lonely) Band Of Gold Marina Girardi Band Of Gold Band Of Sunshine Helen D'Aguiar That's The Way I Like It Boogie Shoes Love At First Sight Little L Bandalarrow County Bound Who Needs You Bill's Laundromat I Like It, I Love It Bandanna Boogie Lee & Mary Lou Get In Line Anderson, The Call Of The Wild Dodee Davis & Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox Elaine Parker Bandannas And Ann-Amelia Massey Dancin' Cowboys Blue Jeans Bandera Michelle Wild Wild West Etherington Bandera Waltz Terry Hogan Bandera Waltz Bandette Bump Andy McGrath Wink Bandit Tracy Louise & More Where That Came From Narelle Thomas Bandito Cha Karen Bleuer Roses & Thorns Bandido Cha Kenny Teh Bandido Bang Glenda Ortiz Bang, Bang, Bang Harney That Don't Impress Me Much What If I Do Little Red Rodeo Heaven Bound Don't Want No Part Of It Bang Jo Everhart She Bangs X-Girlfriend To Me You're Everything Happy Bang Phil Austin She Bangs Bang! Bang! Gloria Johnson Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang Bang Robert Lindsay She Bangs Bang The Drum Jane Newhard Bang The Drum All Day Bango Mambo Rob Fowler & Bang (Milk & Sugar) Paul McAdam Banjo Boy Tandy Barrett Banjo Boy Banjo Swing Tracy Van Dyk Banjo Pickin' Time Bankin' Beer Michael Diven Drankin' Business Banque Boogie Unknown Yellow River Road Rock Me (In The Cradle Of Love) Since I Found You Banque Bop Rafel Corbí Bop Don't Rock The Jukebox Banyo Boogie Warren Fleming Tall, Tall Trees Baptized In Beer Max Perry The Lord Loves A Drinking Man Bar & Grill Slide Louise Sadler Bill's Laundromat, Bar & Grill Bar-B-Q, The Unknown You Know Where I Am You Bad Thang Bar-B-Que Sauce Dee Reid Bill's Laundromat Bar & Grill When And Where Bar-Bop Jan Wyllie Hey Bartender Bar Bright Bob & Trish Boesel Barlight Bar "C" Charles Bowring American Honky Tonk Bar Association Bar Exam DJ Dan & Wynette Bar Exam Miller Bar Exam Ann Gorman Bar Exam Bar Fly Stomp Lana Harvey Another Good Reason Cowboy Cadillac Gonna Walk That Line Settin' The Woods On Fire Bar Hoppin' Gloria Johnson He'll Never Be A Lawyer Bar Isn't It Michael Barr Don't Fence Me In A-11 Sitting On Go Bar None Shuffle Unknown Honky Tonk Walkin' Bar None Strut Kathy Wildman Pretty Woman Run Around Sue Bar Room Boogie Coral & Ivan Twang Town Burton Bar Room Cha Cha Jackie Harper & Kate Brookes Bar Room Rose Jan Wyllie Bar Room Roses Bar Room Roses Rochelle Urquhart Bar Room Roses Bar Room Roses Yvonne Hammond Bar Room Roses Bar Room Swinger Don McRitchie Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad Bar Room Twist Mark Smith Honky Tonk Bar Association It Sure Is Monday Bar Stool Swing Candi Hunsicker Hotel Whiskey Bar Stools Bunny & Ken Fargo If Barstools Could Talk Barbara Stevens Group Hustle Barbed Wire David Pytka Barbed Wire And Roses And Roses Barbed Wire Waltz Christopher Petre Shotgun Rider Barbie Quo Barb Heighway Old Time Rock & Roll Barbro Wiggle, The Therese Granberg & All Shook Up Cecilia Larsson Bare Essentials Ally Crabtree Bare Essentials Bare Essentials Chris Sander Bare Essentials I Want To Be A Cowboys Sweetheart Bare Necessities A.C. Clarke & The Bare Necessities Nikki Hack Bare Necessities Doug & Jackie The Bare Necessities Miranda Bareback Boogie Gavin Brewer Boogie 'Til the Cows Come Home Dance Barefoot And Crazy Earleen Florka Barefoot And Crazy Barefoot And Crazy Kathryn Sloan Barefoot And Crazy Barefoot & Pregnant Ian Dunn Everybody's Sweetheart Barefoot Kid Yvonne Hammond Barefoot Kid Barefootin Unknown Tulsa Shuffle Bobbie Ann Mason Barefootin' Dave Roberts Working Class Hero Barefootin' Barefootin' Dan & Jan Pye Hillbilly Shoes What A Way To Go How Do I Live This Is Your Brain Barefootin' Jo Thompson & Barefootin' Rita Thompson Bargain Boogie Michele Burton High Tech Redneck Barking Mad Mark Hood & Who Let The Dogs Out Douglas Semple Barking Up The Rep Ghazali Barking Up The Wrong Tree Wrong Tree Barley's Stroll Unknown Lime Ricky Barnyard Hustle The Barnyard We Won't Dance Dancers The More Things Change Gone As A Girl Can Get Barnyard Stomp Peter Metelnick Barnyard Stomp Barnyard Stomp Nancy A. Morgan- Barnyard Stomp Blackhurst Barometer Soup Louise Elfvengren Barometer Soup Till There Was You Barroom Boogie Linda DeFord & Linda Brinkley Barroom Boogie Down Jim & Tina Ray Any West Coast music Barroom Romeo Ron Holliday Redneck Rodeo Miss Misunderstood Redneck Romeo Small Up and Simple Down Bar-Room Romeo Unknown Romeo Barstool Blues Darren Martin Drinkin' My Baby (Off My Mind) Bartender Pour Gene Morrill Tonight The Heartache's On Me The Wine Bartender's Lessons Anita McNab Hey Bartender Lessons Learned The Fireman Bartender's Stomp Unknown Honky Tonk Walkin' Homesick God Blessed Texas Daddy Laid the Blue On Me Indian Outlaw Baseball Diamond Unknown The Cheap Seats Baseline The Phoenix Walk This Way Basha Michele Perron Cruising For Bruising Stayin' In Love Basic Beginnings Nancy A. Morgan That's What I Like About You Weekend Superstar Love Made Me Do It Basic Instinct Alan Robinson I Keep Forgetting What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted Basic Square Rafel Corbí Workin' Man The Last Country Song Dry Town Basic Steps Rafel Corbi Brown Liquor Easy Money Basic Waltz Rafel Corbí Jim Reeves Waltz Medley Halos And Horns Basilon' Forty Arroyo Popurri De Cha Cha Cha Bass Ackwards Jennifer Walkin' On Me Howe Toolan Brick House Tear The Roof Off The Sucker Here We Go Batchelor Days Gaye Teather Batchelor Days I Want You Bad And That Ain't Good Baton Rouge Ian St Leon Callin' Baton Rouge Baton Rouge Terry McHugh Calling Baton Rouge Batter Up! John H. Robinson Swing Battle!!! Paul Snooke Battle Of New Orleans Battle Creek Stomp Bert Kellogg Why Not Me Jealous Bone Hurt Me In A Real Bad Way Battle Cry Alan Livett The Battle Song We Got The Power If You Want To Touch Her Ask Battle Hymn Of Love John Sharman Battle Hymn Of Love (The) Battle Hymn Paula Frohn The Battle Hymn Of Love Of Love My, Oh, My Battle Of Jodi Page The Battle Of New Orleans New Orleans Battlefield Junior Willis Battlefield Batuka Lefar Ibroc Instinto Animal Batuka Hot Hot Rep Ghazali Batuka Hot Bayou Jennifer Hughes Sweetheart Of Beinja Bayou Bayou Blaster Neil Hale Little Did I Know Bayou Boogie Teree Desarro One More Last Chance Down At the Twist & Shout Bayou Boogie 2 Dawg Bruce Adalida Tall, Tall Trees Tryin' To Get To New Orleans Fishin' In the Dark Bayou Boogie Rick & Carolyn Sweet Home New Orleans Robinson Bayou Boys Kenny & Irene Bayou Boys Thompson Bayou City Twister Alfred Watkins Dance Bayou Heat! Chris Hodgson Louisiana Heatwave Walkin' Shoes Every Cowboys Dream Bayou Polka Terry Mandzuk Jambalaya (On The Bayou) Knock, Knock, Knock Bayou Teche Bob Pfau Back To Bayou Teche Bayside Cha Cha Dianne Joseph Country Crowd Bayside Shuffle Laura Parker Cover You In Kisses Right On The Money Down Came A Blackbird Be Back Soon Loren Hall Be Back Soon Be Back Soon Debbie McLaughlin Be Back Soon Be Bop a Lula Denny Hengen No One Else On Earth Be Bop a Lula Be Bop A Lula Larry Bass Be Bop A Lula Be-Bop Hip-Hop Erja Piitulainen What Goes Around Comes Around Rock DJ I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me Be Bop Stroll Knox Rhine The Stroll Be Bop a Lula Be-Bop 'N Boogie Peter Metelnick The Dean Brothers Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer Be Boy Baby Craig Bennett Be Boy Baby Be Cool Daniel Whittaker Mockingbird I Heard It Through The Grapevine True To Your Heart Kiss Be Gentle With Me Tina Lincoln Gentle Warm & Kind Be Good At It Lauren of If You Can't Be Good, Be Good At It Dusty Boots A Little Less Talk No One Needs To Know Right Now Be Happy Justine Don't Worry Baby Shuttleworth Be Loved Basem Elfaham Could You Be Loved Be Mine Victor From Here To Eternity van der Meer Be Mine Karen Jackson It's Now Or Never Be Mine Michael W. Diven Say You'll Be Mine Be Mine Tonight Peter Metelnick It's Now Or Never & Alison Biggs Be My Baby Steve Knowles Be My Baby Tonight Be My Baby William Sevone Be My Baby Be My Baby Max Perry Be My Baby Be My Baby Tonight Chris Peel Mexican Girl Be My Friend Sadiah Heggernes Do You Wanna Be My Friend Be My Girl Colleen Archer Be My Girl Be My Guest Charlotte Skeeters Be My Guest & Jill Thompson Be My Guest Phil Carpenter Be My Guest I Hear You Knockin' Be My Guest Tonight Kenny Teh Be My Guest Tonight Be My Love Tonight Joyce Brotherton Cubra Libra Be My Lover Gerald Biggs Be My Lover Be My Reason Stephen Rutter Be My Reason Be My Valentine Chris Peel Be My Valentine Be On Time Mecky Martino Whatever It Takes Be On TV Roy Thompson Famous Be Patient Charles Bowring Work In Progress Be Patient Sue Halliday Work In Progress Be Patient Mike Belk Patience Be Prepared Chris Cleevely The Midas Touch Wild Wild West Mony Mony Be Serious! Avril King It's Not That Serious Be Serious Karl Cregeen Addicted To Love If The Juke Box Took Tear Drops I Wouldn't Put It Past Me Be Somebody Michael Diven Let's Get Drunk And Be Somebody Be Strong Audrey Watson The Words 'I Love You' Be The First One Gordon Elliott I Want To Be The First One Be The One Sharon Walton The One by Backstreet Boys Be The One Teri Rogers Let Me Be The One Keg In The Closet Jacky Don Tucker Be There Martin Ritchie I Want To Be There Love Ain't Like That A 'Be Together' Jan Wyllie It's A Be Together Night Night Be With You The Girls (Maureen Be With You & Michelle Jones) Be With You Jim Watt Be With You Be Your Best Friend Michael E. Weeks More Than Just A Friend & JoAnne Brady Easy For Me To Say Be Yourself Gaye Teather Be Yourself That Girl's Been Spying On Me She's All That Be Yourself Larry Hayden Be Yourself Beach Boogie Unknown Don't Say Goodbye Trashy Women Beach Bop Boogie Jo Thompson & Jam Up And Jelly Tight Rita Thompson Wild, Wild West Just Got Paid Be Bop A Lula Don't Stop Doin' It Anybody Wanna Pray With Me Don't Stop Movin' Last Night Baby Come On Beach Boy Boogie Lynne Martino Dance, Dance, Dance Beach Bum Turnaround Gemini Dancers Little Deuce Coupe Beach Crew Ann Emslie Fun, Fun, Fun Don't Love Make A Diamond Shine Sitting On Go Beach Of Gold Alison Austerberry Beggar On A Beach Of Gold Bear Claw Outlaw Joyce Warren Indian Outlaw Bear Foot Shuffle Shuggie & Me And My Baby Doreen Gray Bear Hug William Sevone Running Bear Bear Shuffle Unknown Finders Are Keepers Too Cold At Home Bear Walk Lydia Stephenson Come On Back Be My Baby Romeo Ain't Got Julie Yet Bearfootin' John H Robinson The Three Bears Beast, The Rob Fowler Something In The Water Beat Again Kate Sala Beat Again The Beat Drops Jo & John Kinser Everytime Tha Beat Drop Beat Goes On..., The Jo Thompson The Beat Goes On Beat It Paul Clifton Beat It Beat It Up Masters In Line The Boogie That Be Crazy In Love Beat Of A Heart Diana Bishop & That's The Beat Of A Heart Kerry Bishop Beat Of Love Michele Perron & Beat Of Love Jo Thompson Shackles The Beat Of My Heart Rebecca Armstrong Beat Of My Heart Beat Of The Drum Don McRitchie The Battle Of New Orleans Beat Rider Larry Bass There's Your Trouble Twang Unexpected Lovers Beat The Devil Masters In Line Beat The Devil Beat The Drum Noel Bradey Different Drum Beat The Drum Don McRitchie Battle Of New Orleans The Beating Heart Alan Eades The Beating Heart Beatin' My Head Glennys Croston Beatin' My Head Against The Wall Beatlemania Fred Rapoport Bigger Than The Beatles Leap Of Faith Do You Want To Know A Secret Misery Beau Doh Doh Dah Brian Randall & Caligulah Ron Kline Faded New Day Dawning Beau James Paul & Karla Beau James Dornstedt Beausoleil Express Vicki E. Rader I'm Gonna Get You Johnny Come Lately Down At The Twist And Shout Beaujolais Waltz Neil Hale The Rangers Waltz Beautiful Lesley Clark When Your In Love With A Beautiful Woman Beautiful Sooz Goodes Beautiful Beautiful Warren Mitchell You Can't Hide Beautiful Beautiful Shaz Walton Beautiful Beautiful Angel Andy Monks Beautiful Angel Beautiful Baby Alan Haywood You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby Hard Days Night Beautiful Barbados Irene Groundwater Beautiful Barbados Beautiful Boy Larry Bass Beautiful Boy (Collin's Lullaby) Beautiful Dance Zandra Varnham Beautiful & Craig Cooke Beautiful Day Mark Cook Good Morning Beautiful Beautiful Day Eddie McIntosh Beautiful Day Beautiful Dreamer Jos Slijpen Beautiful Dreamer Beautiful Girl Frederick William Beautiful Girl Beautiful Goodbyes Lorraine Turner Beautiful Goodbye Beautiful Lady Jan Wyllie & Beautiful Lady Fred Adams Beautiful Lady Theresa Needham Beautiful Lady Beautiful Lies Edward Lawton Beautiful Lies Beautiful Lies Jan Wyllie Mentiras Bonitas (Beautiful Lies) Beautiful Life Andrew Kennedy Beautiful Life Beautiful Life Ian Dunn & Beautiful Life Sue Green Beautiful Life Phil Carpenter Beautiful Life Fallin Loving You Beautiful Meath David Sinfield Beautiful Meath 4 William J Beautiful Mess Lee Bowman Beautiful Mess Beautiful Monster Peter Jones & Beautiful Monster Anna Lockwood Beautiful Monster Laura Alberico Beautiful Monster Beautiful Monster Niels Poulsen Beautiful Monster Beautiful Moon Marie Haspect Smokey Places Rhumba Beautiful Noise Mel Fisher Beautiful Noise Think Of Me Beautiful Noise Geoff Langford Beautiful Noise Back When Beautiful People Michele Perron & What A Fool Believes John H. Robinson Beautiful Everyday People Beautiful Senorita Rosalie Mackay She Showed Me A Little Bit More Beautiful Set Moses Bourassa Jr. Last Dollar Of Wings & Barbara Frechette Beautiful Singapore Gloria Mortimer Singapore Esta Bonita Beautiful Stranger Harold Grimshaw My Heart Is Lost To You Beautiful Tena Francien Sittrop Beautiful Tena (Lijepa Tena) Beautiful U R Tajali Hall Beautiful U R Beautiful Women Sharon May Beautiful Women Beauty And The Beast Sandy Hawkins Beauty And The Beast Beauty And The Beast Craig Cooke Beauty And The Beast Beauty And The Beast Zandra Varnham Beauty And The Beast Beauty From Pain Pam Leader Beauty From Pain Beauty School Pamela Smith Beauty School Drop Out Drop Out Beauty Sleep Steve Hatley Fifty Fifty Love Little Drops Of My Heart Bebbo's Bubble Adrian Churm Bubblin Because Judy McDonald Why Because Ann Williams Because Of You All My Ex's Live In Texas Because.... Sarah L DeLisle Enchanted Because Of You Sherry Darling Happy Ever After Because Neville Fitzgerald Because & Julie Harris Because I Am Stupid Meiske Pamaputera Because I Am Stupid Because I Can Curtis Marting One Way Ticket Still Crazy 'Bout You Because I Love You Michael Vera-Lobos Because I Love You Because Of You Charlotte Skeeters Because Of You The Whispering Wind I'm Gonna File My Claim I've Got A Right To Cry Because Of You Chris Cleevely Scared Like That I Wanna Hear You Say It To Feel Again Because Of You Robbie Olivia McGowan Hickie Because Of You Because Of You Terry Dunbar Because Of You Because Of You Rick & Deborah Because Of You Bates That's What I Get Carmelita Because Of You Robbie Halvorson Because Of You Because We Can Can Danny Richards Because We Can Because You Loved Me Joan Price Because You Loved Me Beccy's Big Girls Vicki Sheil Big Girls Becky's Jump N Twist Becky Lee The Trouble With The Truth De Virgilio You Better Think Twice This Ain't No Thinking Thing Bed Of Roses Jan Wyllie Bed Of Roses Bedroom Rodeo Fiona Hargreaves Bedroom Rodeo & Kim Torchia Bedroom Rodeo Lorraine Shelton Bedroom Rodeo Bee Nicole Lorenz Bee Bee Bop Unknown Night Fever What A Feeling Bee On The Tailgate Moses Bourassa Jr. That Song In My Head & Barbara Frechette Bee Stomp, The Bee Chapman If I Fall Lifestyles Of The Not So Rich And Famous White Christmas Beehive Mike O'Brien Eye Candy Been Around Noel Bradey No One Like You Been Good To Me Nancy A. Morgan God's Been Good To Me I Could Fly My Last Yeehaw "Been Their" First A.T. Kinson & Been There Alan Livett Been There John Dembiec Been There Bye, Bye, Bye Been There, John H. Robinson Been There, Done That Done That Down Came A Blackbird A Little More Love Been There Done That GYTAL Smilin' Song Red Hot Rock 'n Roller Rhythm Of The Rain Been There lindy Bowers & Been There Drunk That Drunk That Janis Graves Been Think'n Betty & Mike Weeks Your Man Beep Neville Fitzgerald Beep Beep Beep Carrie & Susan Road Runner Groeschel Beep Beep Parry Spence She Wants To Drive My Truck Beep, Beep Marilyn Ingram Roadrunner Beer And Sawdust Carmen Jürß Cold Beer And Sawdust Beer Drinkin' Time Moses Bourassa Jr. Acapulco & Barbara Hello Mexico (And Adios Baby To You) Frechette Thinkin' Of A Rendezvous Bouncin' Beer Cans Off The Jukebox My Heart Won't Let You Leave My Mind Beer For My Horses Christine Bass Beer For My Horses If You're Going To Straighten Up Who's Your Daddy Beer Goggles Michael Diven Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On Beer Goggles Gerald Biggs Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On Beer In Mexico Dan Albro and Beer In Mexico Lyndy Beer Joint Jumpin' Su Swanson & Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothin' Nigel Mooney Beer Man KC Douglas Beer Man Beer On The Table A.J. & Scott Beer On The Table Herbert Beer Or Gasoline Cato Larsen Beer Or Gasoline Beer Run Michele Russell Beer Run Beer Run Vivienne Scott Beer Run When God Fearin' Women Get The Blues Beer Run (Around!) Vivienne Scott Beer Run Bubba Shot The Jukebox When God Fearin' Women Get The Blues Let's Start Living Beer Shuffle Denny & Delma Beer For My Horses Rhett Blue Jeans Beer Thirty Mark Simpkin Beer Thirty Beethoven's Boogie Rob Fowler Boogie And Beethoven One Way Ticket Beetle Boogie Christine The Dirty Boogie Chancellor Brown Eyed Handsome Man Before He Cheats Michelle Dodge Before He Cheats Before I Met You Neville Fitzgerald I Knew I Loved You Before It's Kristen Wade & Days Of Our Lives Too Late! Sam Dixon Before Kings Kathy Hunyadi Before Kings Before The Devil Alan G. Birchall If Your Going Through Hell Before The Gordon Elliott If You're Going Through Hell Devil Knows Before They Cheat Stephen Rutter Before He Cheats & Glynn Holt Before This Kerry Hughes Before Me And You Before You Leave Diana Dawson The Last Time Before Your Love Max Perry Before Your Love Befuddled Rick Bates Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me C-O-U-N-T-R-Y Bega Does Mambo Craig Bennett Mambo Mambo Beggin Nikki O'Brien Beggin Beggin Joey Warren Beggin Begging To You DJ Dan & Wynette Begging To You Miller Begin Again Rita M. Kyle What This Country Needs If I Fall You're Going Down With Me Boogie & Beethoven Begin Again Chris Cleevely Begin The Beguine Charlotte Skeeters Begin The Beguine Loving You Makes Me A Better Man Beginner Boots Lisa Firth & Cowboy Boots Janet Halls Beginner's Tom Knight Some Like It Hop Like It Hot Beginner's Luck Ronni Booth Lucky In Love Beginner's Stuff Knox Rhine My Wife Thinks You're Dead No News Hangin' On Behave Yourself Mike O'Brien Small Y'all Behind Closed Doors Norman Gifford Behind Closed Doors Behind The Clouds Rafel Corbí Behind The Clouds Behind The Clouds Jan Wyllie Behind The Clouds Behind The Lois Roberts Behind The Green Door Green Door Behind The Wheel Bill MacLeod & Let It Rain Tammy Wyatt Behind Time Jan Wyllie The Heart Stops The Clock Being A Star Nancy A. Morgan Slow Being Good Ian St Leon If You Can't Be Good, Be Good At It Being Us Again Charlie Mifsud Let's Be Us Again Being With You Laura Cho Being With You Believable Barry Amato Unbelievable Believe Liam Hrycan Believe Believe Ann Napier Believe Man I Feel Like A Woman Believe Kelly Hinds Believe Believe Jo Everhart Believe I Don't Want To Hang Out With Me Believe Glennis Robb Believe Believe Eileen Stapleton Believe Believe Colin A. Wilcock Believe Believe Sher Figueroa Believe Believe In Country Roz Morgan Believe How Forever Feels Believe In Life Irene Baker Believe (After Love) Man! I Feel Like A Woman! Believe In Love Maggie Gallagher Believer Believe In Love Linda Nyffeler I Believe In You Believe In Me Jeff Gardner Believe Me Baby I Lied Believe In Visions Roland Gutzwiller Believe Believe It Annie Saw Believe Believe It Karen Fisher & Believe Jackie Stephens Believe It Mal Swalling Believe Believe It Jim Bob Szollosi Believe Drive Me Wild Love Happens Like That Baby Ain't Rocking Me Right Believe It Justine You Better Believe It Shuttleworth & Terry Hogan Believe It Or Don't Larry Bass I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried The Blues Ain't News To Me Believe It Or Not Robert Lindsay Believe Me Baby (I Lied) Believe It Or Not Michael Vera-Lobos Believe It Or Not Believe It Or Not Tara Henton I Believe In You Believer Alan G. Birchall Believer Believers, The Doug & Jackie I'm A Believer Miranda Believin' Maureen & I Believe In You Michelle Jones Believin' Johnny Sheehan I Still Believe Bella Itallia Audrey Watson Bella Itallia Bella's Cha Cha John Mulhall Third Rate Romance Belle Of The Ball Genevieve Quinton Sunshine On Christmas Day Belle Stomp, The Cherie Belle Powerful Thing Harclerode Bellisimo William Sevone Ring My Bells Bellissimma Craig Smith Canto Alla Vita Belly Chops Simon Ward The Way You Love Me Belly Roll Rick & Deborah Belly Roll Me Bates Below The Surface Alan Robinson Under My Skin Sea Of Cowboy Hats Belt Buckle Boogie Jen Cumming Bobbie Ann Mason Nothin a Little Love Won't Cure Benalla Waltz Philip Osmond Beautiful Lies Bend Of The Rey Kleinsasser Ready To Run Millennium Bend Me, Shape Me Bengawan Solo Piet Meulendijks Bengawan Solo (Rivier In Solo) Benjamin Calypso Irene Groundwater Benjamin Calypso Benny Dance Giles Redpath Benny Berkeley Girl Audrey Watson Berkeley Girl Berlin Boogie Unknown Early In The Morning & Late At Night Church On Cumberland Road Bermuda Triangle Edward Lawton & Bermuda Triangle Alan Young Bermuda Triangle Rick & Deborah Bermuda Triangle Bates Bertha Butt Boogie Jane Newhard The Bertha Butt Boogie Besame, Besame Mucho Irene Groundwater Besame Mucho Besame Besame Cha Cha Daniel Whittaker Basame Theres No Getting Over Me This Time I'm Taking My Time Beso Melo Gustamas June Yung Un Beso Mas Besotted Jan Wyllie Never Ever And Forever The Best Keith Rye & The Best Shirlea Alexandra Best Day! Stephen Paterson The Best Day Best Foot Forward Terri Alexander Boogie Down Best Friend Tim Gauci Best Friend Do I Do It To You Too Best Friend Craig Cooke One Way Ticket Best Friends Carmel & Ernie The Puppy Song Hutchinson Best Friends Pauline Hayward Best Friends Girl Best Friends Jan Wyllie You're My Best Friend Best In Me Cee Jay Best In Me Best In Me, The Craig Bennett Best In Me Best Intentions Tracie Lee Best Of Intentions Best Is Yet To Come Gordon Elliott The Best Is Yet To Come The Best Is Yet Max Perry The Best Is Yet To Come To Come The Best Is Gordon Timms The Best Is Yet To Come Yet To Come The Best Love Jan Wyllie I've Been Loved By The Best Best Of Friends Adrian Churm Best Of Friends Cha Cha If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Best Of Intentions David J. McDonagh Best Of Intentions Best Of Me Martin Ritchie The Best Of Me Down To My Last Teardrop The Best Of Me Jamie Hogan Best Of Me Monkey Around Best Of Times, The Peter Metelnick Vienna When God Created Woman Soul Drummer The Dance Best Thing Frank Trace The Best Thing About Me Is You Best Wishes Juliet Lam Free (I Wish I Knew) Best Woman Wins Dougie D. Best Woman Wins Best Years Tim Gauci Best Years Of Our Lives Best Years Of Sophie Turner Best Years Of Our Lives Our Lives Best Years Of Lorrie White Best Years of Our Lives Our Lives Betcha Neva Moses Bourassa Jr. Betcha Never & Barbara Frechette Betcha Never Bastiaan Betcha Never van Leeuwen & Arne Stakkestad Better All The Time Sandra Robinson In A New York Second Better Bad Kerry Hughes Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing Better Believe It Barry Spank Let's Dance (Here We Go) Better Get To Livin' Dave Munro Better Get To Livin' The Better Half Mellissa Kelly & You're My Better Half Shanon Dickson Better In Time Gordon Elliott Better In Time Better Leave The Girls (Maureen Leave Right Now & Michelle) Better Life Peter Metelnick Better Life Better Man Simon Ward Better Man Better Man, A Chris Jones Loving You Makes Me A Better Man Better Man A J White Better Man Than That Better Off? Joerg Hammer I'm From The Country Better Off Alone Dee Musk Better Off Alone Better Shape Up Bud & Sharon You're The One That I Want Wenger Where The Green Grass Grows I Wouldn't Tell You No Lies Better Than Ever Fulvio Durazza & A New Love Tahlee Kearnon One More Last Chance Better Than Nada Wil Bos & A Little Bit Is Better Than Nada Roy Verdonk Better Than Nothing Sue Gupwell Better Than That Ashley Davis I Can Love You Better My Girl Stranger In My Mirror Better Than That Caroline James I Can Love You Better Better Than This Michael W. Diven Better Than This Better Than What? Jan Wyllie I've Been Better Better Together Emcee Better When We're Together Better Way, A John Pannell A Better Way Bettie Bettie Chris Peel Bettie Bettie Betty, The BSA LTD Boot Scootin' Boogie Watermelon Crawl Down On The Farm What The Cowgirls Do Eugene You Genius I Got It Honest Jealous Bone Diamond Mine Dumas Walker Betty's Bad Boy Chris Cleevely He's Bad, Bad, Bad Betty's Beauty Bop Michael Diven Betty's Beauty World "Betty Boop" Swivel Betty Campora Redneck Romeo Betty Do Pauline Bradford Black Betty Betty's Boogie Sandy McClure Betty's Got a Bass Boat You Win My Love Betty's Judo Lesson Jim & Martie Betty's Takin' Judo Ferrazzano Between Dances Maggie Gallagher In Between Dances Between The Lies Audrey Watson Right Between The Lies From Coast To Coast Between The Lines Deb Crew Listen To Your Woman Between The Lines Pauline Morgan Heart Made Of Stone Between You And I Roy Thompson Between You And I Between You And Me Chris Cleevely Groove Me Sanctuary I Will...But Brown Eyed Girl Mustang Sally Beulah Michele Perron Sweet Kinda Something Bewitched Mare Dodd C'est La Vie Bewitched Jean Forbes Under Your Spell Again Bewitched & Beguiled Angie Shirley On The Verge Beyond Belief Geoff C Unbelievable Beyond My Control John Rowell Till You Love Me Beyond Ordinary Tonya C. Moore You Don't Have To Go Home Line Dance There's A Place In The Whiskey Makes Me Wonder The Sweet Escape Crazy Ex-Girlfriend One Of The Guys Red High Heels Beyond The Blue Kathy Hunyadi Beyond The Blue Beyond The Blue Carina Slijters Beyond The Blue Beyond The Sea Karen Hunn Beyond The Sea I Cried My Last Tear For You Beyond The Sea Irene Maleney Beyond The Sea Go On Big Bang Boogie Beyond The Sea Carl Sullivan Beyond The Sea Beyond The Sea Roz & Nat Morgan Beyond The Sea Beyond These Walls Chris Cleevely Teardrops Will Fall Another One Bites The Dust Beyond Your Eyes Peter & Alison Beyond Your Eyes Bhangra Knights The Girls (Maureen Husan & Michelle) Bible And Linda Wolfe, A Bible And A Bus Ticket A Bus Ticket Robyn Groot, Gary & Cheryl Parker Bible And Belt Kathy Heller The Bible And The Belt Bible Belt Boogie Unknown Bible Belt Bicycle Waltz Peter Heath Les Bicyclettes De Belsize Bicycle Waltz Too Jackie Lincoln Les Bicyclettes De Belsize Biding My Time Dee Cresdee, Ember Schira, Sheila Smith Bidness Scott Blevins This Business Of Love Big Ron Holda Big Big!! Judy McDonald Larger Than Life Big Apple Dancer Janet Jolliffe Cha Cha Big Bad Broken Heart Paula Graves Big Bad Broken Heart Big Bad Handsome David Simmons Big Bad Handsome Man Dance Big Bad Love Mare Dodd Big Bad Love Big Band Boogie Doug Miranda In The Mood String Of Pearls Big Bang, The Fulvio Durazza Big Bang Boogie Big Bang, The Joe Ballantyne She Bangs We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This Amor Big Bang, The Helen Clarke Bang Big Bang Boogie Carol McKee Big Bang Boogie Big Bang Boogie Michele Burton Big Bang Boogie Big Bang Larry & Jody Big Bang Boogie Boogie Nights Carriger Rub It In Big Bang Luv Mary Frances Chua Somebody To Luv Big Bang Theory Carole Daugherty Mission Temple Fireworks Stand Big Blonde And Michele Burton Big Blonde And Beautiful Beautiful Big Blonde & Donna White Big Blonde & Beautiful Beautiful Big Blue Diamonds George Deves Big Blue Diamonds Big Blue Note The Girls (Maureen Big Blue Note & Michelle) I Could Fly Big Blue Note Tyra Farris Big Blue Note Big Blue Note Hulda Ros Big Blue Note Ingibergsdottir Big Blue Wall David Spencer Big Blue Wall Big Boned Gal Kevin Richards Big Boned Gal Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On Big Boys Don't Cry Jenny A. Owen Big Boys Don't Cry Native American Big Buddy Buckle Anita Charles Shut Up & Drive Big Cars Chris Peel Big Cars Big Cat Daddy Bill Morgan Bad Dog, No Biscuit Big Doggin' Around Little Miss Honky Tonk One Dance With You Big Change Chris Watson Come Next Monday Big Chihuahua Larry Hayden Chihuahua Big City Life Dzintra Rozite Big City Life Big Country Warren Fleming Country's Really Big These Days Big Country Vivienne Scott Love You Too Much I Want Your Love Big Country Anna Balaguer I'm Gone Big Daddy Derek Steele Daddy Pop A Little In Love Big Daddy D Vikki Morris Big Dog Daddy Big Deal Tonya C Moore Big Deal Big Deal Joy Hinkle Big Deal Don't Be Stupid Big Deal! (So What) Kelly Hinds, Big Deal Debbie Doyle & Caroline James Big Deal Cindy Truelove, Big Deal Sel Paraha & Gazza Collins Big Dog Rita Tyner No News Stray Cat Strut Move It On Over Big Dog Groove John Dembiec Big Dog Daddy Big Doggin' Around Brian Merritt Big Doggin' Around Big Dreams Rob Fowler Big Dreams In A Small Town Release Me Big El Paso Lady Jan Wyllie Carmen Big Enough Ian Dunn Big Enough Big Foot Cindy Truelove Big Foot Stomp Big Foot Stomp Ann I. Czompo The Wanderer I Ain't Got No Business Big Game Fishing Peter Heath Oye Wink Big Girl Now Regina Cheung Big Girl Now Big Girls Anne Hewitt Big Girls (You Are Beautiful) Big Green Monster Jodi Wittman Stars Over Texas Waltz Rock 'N' Roll Waltz Tucson Too Soon Their Hearts Are Dancing Big Hair Gloria Johnson & Big Hair Dusty Miller Big Hair Jan Wyllie Big Hair Big Hair Violet Ray Big Hair Big Heart Sue Ketron & Big Heart John Barton Big Heart Don Deyne She's Got the Rhythm Faster Gun Big Heart Big Heart Marty Hannah Big Heart Big Heart David Cheshire Big Heart Big Lonely, The Cathy Montgomery You Ain't Lonely Yet Big Love Lyn Yost Big Love Big Love Sue & Scott York Big Love Big Mistake Zandra Varnham My Big Mistake Big Mon The Girls Big Mon (Maureen & Michelle) Big Old Things Irene Williams & Big Old Things Barbara Chamberlain Big Ole Truck Sue Lipscomb Big Ole Truck Big Ole Truck Sue Duncan Big Ole Truck Big One, The Elizabeth Wampole No One But You & Iris Mooney Don't Tell Me What To Do The Big One Big Panty Woman Barbera & Alan Big Panty Woman Heighway Big Rig, The Jane Newhard Over The Line Keys To My Heart Big River Diane & John Big River Benton Big Showdown Dan Albro Wild West Show Big 10 Daddy Gloria Johnson Little Miss Honky Tonk Big 10 4 Pete Harkness I Got My Baby Let Your Love Flow Big Time Cathy Montgomery Big Time Big Time Noel Bradey Big Time Big Time Laurel Ingram Big Time Hold On Fool Heart Leap Of Faith Big Time Michael O' Shea Big Time Big Time Nancy A. Big Time Morgan-Fletcher Big Time Violet Ray Big Time Big Time Boogie Hot Pepper Big Time Same Boots Big Time Boppin' Dougie D Big Time Big Time Operator Karl-Harry Winson Big Time Operator Big Times Tami Harris Big Time Big Truck The Chili Chicks Big Truck Big White Church Donna Urbanski Little White Church 'Big' World David J. McDonagh Big Big World Big Yellow Taxi Charles Thornhill Big Yellow Taxi Boogie 'Til The Cows Come Home Big Yellow Taxi David Camm Big Yellow Taxi Bigger Boat Jan Wyllie Boat On The River On The River Bigger Than That John H. Robinson Big Panty Woman Biker Chick Suzanne Wilson Biker Chick Biker Chick Paula Frohn & Gayle Melonson Biker Chick Bikini Shuffle, The Belle Doughty If I Had A Cheatin' Heart Takes A Lot To Rock You Baby Should Have Been A Cowboy Honky Tonk Attitude The Bikini Shuffle Bikinis On Top Sue Ann Ehmann California Gurls (California Gurls) Billie Blue Lights Michael Barr Keepin' Me Up Nights House Of Blue Lights Billy, The Unknown Sold Billy B. Bad June Shuman Billy B. Bad Honey Hush Stupid Cupid Billy B. Badd Boogie Jim & Judy Krohe Billy B. Bad Billy Baby Lois Roberts Billy Bill Billy Bad, The Norma J. Fuller Billy B. Bad Opus #1 Rock & Roll Party Mix Billy Be Bad Bonnie & John Billy B Bad Newcomer Dumas Walker Western Girls Billy Bill Trish Davies Billy Bill Billy Bobs Coral & Ivan No One Needs To Know Burton Billy Boogie, The Jan Brookfield I Love To Boogie Billy Boy Jan Wyllie Billy Bill Billy J Peter Horrocks Ballad Of Billy Joe Billy Jean Raymond Sarlemijn Billy Jean Billy Jean Ellie Meerman Billy Jean Billy-Jo Stomp Jo Wrigley It's Only Make Believe Adalida Ladder Of Love Billy Ray Hustle Jenny Rockett Harper Valley PTA Romeo Billy Rock Barbara Lowe Rock A Billy Do You Love Me Billy The Kid Chris Peel Billy The Kid Billy Walk, The Coral Burton Billy Walk Billy Walk Billy The Kid Billy Walk Billy's Beer Tony & Lana Wilson Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On Billy's Boogie Sue Jenkins I Love To Boogie Bim Bam Kenny Teh Bim Bam Bindy Bop Tracie Lee When I Come Back (I Wanna Be My Dog) Bing Bang William Sevone Bing Bang Bingo Bango The Lady In Black Bingo Bango Corazon Espinado El Farol Bingo Bango Amanda Woodman Mambo Italiano Corazon Espinado Miami Mix Bip Bobbitty Boo Angie Shirley It's Midnight Cinderella Summertime Blues Birchwood Stroll John & Janette Walk On Sandham Bird Dance Shanthie De Mel Rockin' Robin Bird In A Cage John H. Robinson Little Bird Bird On A Wing Paul Clifton Let Your Love Flow Bird On A Wire Terry Dunbar Bird On A Wire Bird On A Wire William Sevone Bird On A Wire Bird Upon The Wind Phil Johnson The River Birdie Birdie Glenn Baker Tennessee Bird Walk The Birds And Michele Perron I'm Into Something Good The Bees Birds Of The Night Marjorie Nightbirds Barnabas-Shaw Birmingham Jo Thompson Birmingham Birmingham Rock Mark Seidl Just Playin' Possum Birthday Bash Dancing Fiends (She's) Some Kind of Wonderful Ooh Aah ... Just a Little Bit Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me Birthday Samba Jennifer Choo Happy Birthday Sue Chin Bit Backward, A Jan Wyllie Walk Out Backwards Bit By Bit Kelvin Elvidge Bit By Bit Under The Hood Going Going Gone Right Here Right Now Here Comes My Baby That'll Teach Her A Bit Of Alright! Linda Burgess A Bit Of Alright Crazy Little Thing Called Love Bite the Bullet "Redneck" Nick Boom, It Was Over Wale High Tech Redneck Never Bit A Bullet Like This Bits & Pieces Andrew Palmer & Bits And Pieces Simon J. Cox Bitter Pill Amy Christian & Bitter Pill Scott Schrank Bitter Sweet Lesley Clark & Shake The Sugar Tree Lynn Mackenzie Bitter Sweet Peter Metelnick Just Because She Lives There Leave It At That Bitter Sweet Love Andrew Palmer & Didn't We Love Simon J. Cox Bitter Sweet Waltz Jackie Lincoln Strawberry Wine Husbands And Wives Bittersweet Sandy Hawkins & Didn't We Love Barbara Hile Bittersweet Maurice Rowe & Unhappy Melissa Daum Bittersweet Memory Ria Vos Clouds Bizarre Audrey Watson Bizarre Bizarre Bizarre Country Dean Stroeder I'm From The Country How Bizarre Black And Blue Andy Dixon Black Eyes, Blue Tears Black & Gold Teresa & Vera Black & Gold Black & White David Cheshire Livin' In Black & White Black And White William Sevone Black And White Black And White Terry Hogan Livin' In Black & White Cha Cha More Than A Margarita Black & White Rag Evelyn Khinoo Wear My Ring Around Your Neck Dance With Who Brung You You Don't Have To Go To Memphis Black & White Rag Sue Coats Black & White Rag Black And White Terry Hogan Black & White Rag Stomp Black And White 2 William Sevone Black And White Black Belt Boogie Jerry Cope I Left Something Turned On At Home Who Will The Next Fool Be The Thunder Rolls T-R-O-U-B-L-E She's Got The Rhythm Heartbreak Hotel Black Betty William Sevone Black Betty Black Betty Crazy Chris Black Betty 2003 Black Boots Anna Balaguer I Wanna Be Your Man (Forever) Black Bottom Jenifer Reaume Delores Broken Doll Birth Of The Blues Black Brook Shuffle Alan Young Thing Black Butta Jo & John Kinser Black Butta & Mark Furnell Black Cat Unknown My Night To Howl Call of the Wild Super Love Black Cat Walk Nancy A. Morgan Black Cat The Way you Make Me Feel Black Cats & Lorraine Shelton Livin' La Vida Loca Voodoo Dolls Black Cloud Renate Guetlich I've Had Enough Black Cloud Black Coffee Helen O'Malley Black Coffee Black Coffee Bill McKechnie Black Coffee (Wheelchair) Black Drawers Kay Romero Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On Money In Your Pocket Too Poor What Do You Wanna Make Those Eyes At Me For Black Dresses Michael Barr Black Dresses Romeo Damned If I Don't Black Dresses Mary Ann Cromeek Black Dresses & Fran Yokel Black Horse Kate Sala Black Horse & The Cherry Tree Black Ic3 The Lady in Black If Ya Gettin' Down (Black Ice) & The IC3MAID3N No Scrubs Black Eyes, Blue Tears Black Is Black Denis Lajeunesse Black Is Black Black Is Black Wil Bos & Black Is Black Roy Verdonk Black Jack Elayna Rhodes Bobbie Ann Mason I Like It, I Love It Black Jack Sarah Clifford Wild One Not So Different After All Black Kryptonite Kelly Travis Black Suits Comin' Cavallaro & Curtis Marting Black Label Lana Harvey Serious Love Black Label, White Lies Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof Black Lie Lady Rebel Don't Lie Black Magic Daniel Whittaker & I Believe Hayley Westhead Black Magic Amy Christian-Sohn Black Magic Woman Black Magic Woman Donna Caudill Black Magic Woman Black Magic Woman William Sevone Black Magic Woman Black 'N' Blues David Millington Been There Bob Away My Blues Black Velvet Black No Sugar Sho Botham You Are Never Nice To Me There Goes My Love Black Roses Marilyn Griffin Black Rose 'N' Wine Black Roses & Wine Stephen Gell Black Roses Black Suits Michael Silva & Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head) Paula Frohn Look At Me Now She Won't Be Lonely Long Somebody Slap Me Country By The Grace Of God Black Stump Shuffle William Sevone Honky Tonk World Someone Could Lose A Heart Tonight Little Drops Of My Heart Back In Your Arms Again Hog Wild Black Velvet April Rywotycki Black Velvet Black Velvet Ann Napier Black Velvet Black Velvet Unknown She Leads A Lonely Life Black Velvet Joey Warren Black Velvet Blackberry Cobbler Sean Roberts Blackbird Gloria Johnson Down Came a Blackbird Blackbird Susanne Harrison Down Came A Blackbird Blackbird Sue Johnstone Down Came A Blackbird Blackbird Slide C&K @ Double C Down Came The Blackbird Stompers Blackbird Twist Marty West Down Came A Blackbird Blackjack Unknown Eighteen Wheels & A Dozen Roses A Little Bit Of Love Blackjack Stomp Unknown Blackout Jeff Joslin Out Go The Lights Dance Blackout Wrangler Wild Out Go The Lights Blackout '99 Lee Crooks & Baby When The Lights Go Out Glad Jackson To The Moon And Back Wild Wild West Blacktop Peter R. Kane Where The Blacktop Ends Blacktop Stomp Elaine Wheeler Where The Blacktop Ends Blade Two Nancy A. Morgan Tag Of The Machine Blah Blah Blah Guyton Mundy Blah Blah Blah Blairs Flair Stella Wilden Red Lips, Blue Eyes, Little White Lies Blame, The Trish Davies I'll Take The Blame Blame It On Mexico Terry Hogan Blame It On Mexico Blame It On Kiley Evans & Blame It On The Boogie The Boogie Geri Morrison (If Your Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here Blame It On Raymond Sarlemijn, Don't Blame It On The Sunshine The Boogie Roy Verdonk, Darren Bailey Blame It On Ed Lawton Blame It On The Boogie The Boogie Blame It On Will Craig Blame It On The Boogie The Boogie Blame It On April Rywotycki Blame It On Your Heart Your Heart Good Brown Gravy Blame The Vain DJ Dan & Wynette Blame The Vain Miller Blanket Cover Teresa & Vera Blanket On The Ground Blanket On Yvonne Hammond Blanket On The Ground The Ground Blanketed In Love Jan Wyllie Blanket On The Ground Blast From The Past Jan Wyllie Let Me Wine You And Dine You Blast-Off !!! Sandy Hawkins One Way Ticket To The Moon Blaze Of Glory Norman Dery Blaze Of Glory Blazin' Boots Debbie Grimshire I'm Gonna Getcha Good Here For The Party Blazin' Saddle Stomp Wynn Davis Friends In Low Places Bleeding Love Claire Ball & Bleeding Love Steve Mason Bleeding Love Ivonne Verhagen Bleeding Love Bleeding Love Michael Diven Bleeding Love Blended Waltz Charlotte Williams Rock & Roll Waltz Famous Last Words Of A Fool Blessed By A Moment Stephen Rutter & Bare Claire What If I Say Goodbye Butterworth Blessing In Disguise Roy Thompson Blessing In Disguise Blessing In Disguise Diana Dawson Blessing In Disguise Some Girls Will Six Days On The Road Blight Tom Mickers Hog Wild Blind Guyton Mundy That Girl's Been Spying On Me Blind Date Jamie Marshall Help Me Stop My Sister Blind Love Benjamin Smart Loves A Miracle Blinded Wrangler Wild Blinded Blindsided Lucy Strack & Blindsided Betty Maddox Blindsided Helen Walker Chrome Shine Bling Bling Cowboy Joyce Warren Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy) Bliss! Gaye Teather That's Where I Belong Blister Shuffle, The Emma Wilkinson Lost In The Shuffle Blitz Mary Kelly The Fool In Me Blonde & Beautiful Chris Hodgson Rotterdam Blood Red Jan Wyllie She Wore Red Dresses Bloody Disaster Simon Whincup You're Still The One Bloody Mary Maxwell Too Much Blood In My Alcohol Level Pop From The Top Bloom Carita Palander Blame It On Your Heart Blooming Love Li & Louise Qing Hua Kai Elfvengren Havana I Need To Know Chilly Cha Cha Blow Your Mind The Fun Four! Baby I Need Your Love Think Of You Always Was Blow Your Mind Paul McAdam Blow Your Mind Blown Away Ken & Bunny Fargo Blown Away Blown Away Dan McInerney Lick Shots Blue Debbie O'Hara Blue Blue Yvonne Gonzalez Blue My Baby Blue Harry M. C. Hall Blue Blue Ann Napier Blue (Da Ba De) Blue Norman Dery Blue Blue Angie Shirley Mr. Blue Blue Sarah Drake Deeper Shade Of Blue Things I Cannot Change Blue Apache Louise Elfvengren Apache Olatoye Blue Babe Jan Wyllie Baby Blue Blue Bayou Gaye Teather Blue Bayou Storyline Blue Bayou William Sevone Blue Bayou Blue Bayou Peter & Alison Blue Bayou Here Comes The Sunshine Blue Bayou Dreams Violet Ray Blue Bayou Blue Beyond Robbie McGowan Beyond The Blue Hickie Blue Blue Memory Sharon Oliver Blue Blue Memory Blue Bones Jan Wyllie Blue To The Bone Blue Café Erja Piitulainen Blue Cafe Trouble Is A Woman Six Days On The Road Blue California Audrey Watson Blue California Blue Cha Fred Buckley & Blue Café Vivienne Scott Ten Million Teardrops Somebody Like You Blue Cha Cha Lana Harvey Amarillo Love Ain't Easy I Can't Tell You Why Blue Collar Blues Andy Chumbley Paint The Town Redneck Blue Collar Dance Ilona Blue Collar Man van der Wansem Blue Collar Girls Patti Bullock Blue Collar Girls Blue Country Foxtrot Norman Dery Blue Blue Coyote Swing Doug Thompson Neon Moon Fast As You Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On Blue Crush David J. McDonagh Everybody Got Their Something Earthquake Blue Danube, The Hazel Pace The Blue Danube Blue Days John Sharman Blue Days You Can't Give Up On Love Blue Diamond Tony & Lana Wilson Song Sung Blue Blue Dreams Gaye Teather Blue California Marie Marie Be Yourself Tracy Blue Eyes Rob Fowler Blue Eyes Blue Eyes Adrian Churm Blue Eyes Blue Eyes William Sevone True Lies Lonesome Rodeo Cowboy A Man With 18 Wheels Two Ways To Fall Blue Fever Daniel Whittaker One In A Million Come Baby Come She's Sure Taking It Well Blue Fiddle Waltz Jacky Waymouth Blue Fiddle Waltz Blue Finger Lou Max Perry & Blue Finger Lou A.T. Kinson Blue Finger Lou Dennis & Verity Blue Finger Lou Blue For You Adrian Churm It's Wrong, You're Gone Blue 4 You Gloria Johnson Lonely & Blue Blue Girl Stroll Kathryn Rowlands Blue Kentucky Girl Blue Hawaii Ann Thomson-Buhler Blue Hawaii Blue Hawaii Irene Groundwater Blue Hawaii Blue Highway Fran Girvan Blue Highway Blue Hill Jorma Leitzinger Take It Easy Blue Jean Baby Chris Herbing Dancing On A Saturday Night Blue Jeans Tina Scammell Blue Jeans Blue Jeans Keith, Glenda & Blue Jeans Leanne Davies & Gina Varrasso Blue Jeans Hook Eddie McIntosh Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk Blue Jeans On Rafel Corbi Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On A Cowboy And A Dancer Blue Kentucky Evelyn Khinoo Blue Moon Of Kentucky Blue Kentucky Girl Ann Thomson-Buhler Blue Kentucky Girl Blue Kentucky Moon Val Reeves Under The Moon Blue Light Slide Tom & Renee Graves Let Me Drive Blue Light Special Steve & Jane House Of Blue Lights Putnam Blue Lights Joanne Hocking Highway Patrol Highway Patrol Blue Lights Grant Gadbois House Of Blue Lights Midnight Train Blue Lonesome William Sevone Blue Blue Memory Jan Brookfield Blue Blue Memory What A Crying Shame Blue Mercury Robert Lindsay Mercury Blues Blue Mink Terry Dunbar Melting Pot Blue Monday Mike Sliter Blue Monday Blue Moon Bob DeLong Blue Moon Blue Moon Blues Jan Wyllie Blue Moon Blue Moon Boogie Dave & Shirley Blue Moon Shuffle Larry Hayden Blue Moon Of Kentucky Blue Moon Shuffle Diana Dawson Blue Moon Nights Blue Mountain Susan Thompson Seminole Wind Sidewinder Blue Mountain Waltz Derek Robinson The Mountain She's Over You Les Bicyclettes De Belsize Blue Moves Terry Hogan Blue Blue To The Bone Blue Neon Johnny Montana Eat at Joes Same Ol Me Take it Back Giving Water To A Drowning Man Blue Night Sandra Scullen & Blue Night Wrangler Wild Blue Night Cha Kim Ray Blue Night Blue Page Walk, The Max Perry The Blue Pages Blue Pages Carl Sullivan The Blue Pages Blue Pontiac Jodi Wittman You Gotta Love That Blue Ribbon Bill James Under The Scotsmans Kilt Blue Ribbons Evelyn Khinoo Take The Ribbon From My Hair Blue Rodeo David Cheshire Blue Rodeo Blue Rodeo Rob Gent Blue Rodeo Crime Of Passion Blue Rodeo Gloria Johnson Blue Rodeo Blue Rodeo Rafel Corbí Blue Rodeo Blue Rose Is Unknown Blue Rose Blue Rumba Lewis Lee No Matter What Two Butterflies Blue Shades Jan Wyllie Two Shades Of Blue Blue Skies - Irene Groundwater Blue Skies Irene's Style Blue Sky Barbara Lowe I Can See Clearly Now My Boyfriend's Back Knock Three Times Blue Song Jan Wyllie Singing The Blues Blue Stars John Dembiec When The Stars Go Blue Blue Suede Shoes Irene Groundwater Blue Suede Shoes Blue Suits Paula Frohn & Blue Suits Comin' (Nod Your Head) Michael Silva Look At Me Now She Won't Be Lonely Long Somebody Slap Me Country By The Grace Of God Blue Summer Toni Holmes & That Summer Song Steve Jeffries Naïve Blue Surprise Sadiah Heggernes Out Of The Blue Blue Tango Phil Johnson Blue Tango Blue T-Bird Jane Newhard Honky Tonkins What I Do Best There Ain't Nothing Wrong With The Radio Third Rock From The Sun Blue Texas Waltz Norma Jean Fuller Blue Texas Waltz Holding An Amazing Love Blues Time L. Lightfoot Daddy Laid The Blues On Me Big Deal Blue Train R. J. Walker Blues For Dixie Blue Train Chains Of This Town Cowboy Cadillac Blue Train Leong Mei Ling Blue Train (Of The Heartbreak Line) Blue Umbrella Chris Peel Blue Umbrella Blue Velvet Val Hamby Know A Heartache Blue Wanderer Allan Wright Pocket of a Clown Blue Water Cowboy Helen Schimer, Cowboy Beat Ray Potter & Mary Kelly Blue Wings James Gregory & 40 Days & 40 Nights Jean Garr No News C-O-U-N-T-R-Y Blue World Jan Wyllie World Of Blue Blue-zzzy Deb Crew & Poor Me Knox Rhine Blueberry Hill Judy McDonald Blueberry Hill BlueBoy Maurice J Roper Blueboy Blueboy Dance Thomas Haynes Blueboy Bluegrass Heart Bryan McWherter Who's Gonna Pay For This Broken Heart & Max Perry Tragedy Bluejean Built Michael W. Diven Built For Bluejeans Bluer Every Day Bill Ray Blue Rose Is Bluer Than That Cherine Stiller A Little Bluer Than That Blues Judy Cain Backseat Blues Blues & Greys Carl Edwards Union Mare, Confederate Grey Blues Are Comin' Kevin & Maria The Blues Are Comin' Over To Your House Blues Stew Kay Romero Blues Stew Drivin' Miss Judy It's Love Baby Poor Me Come Here You Blues Walk, The Mary-Nell Cole She's Cool 40 Days And 40 Nights Wild Ride Bluesman Shuffle Jenifer Reaume High Powered Love It Only Hurts When I Cry Why Haven't I Heard From You Bluesology William Sevone Out Of The Blues Bluey Bill McKechnie It Came From The South Blunt Edge MEGA 4 You're Beautiful The Blurred Moon Linda Kwan ?????? Bo Hawk Grind, The Diane Brocious The Bo Hawk Grind Board Walk Cindy Truelove Boardwalk Boardum Johnny Two-Step Playboy & Fi Scott Boardwalk Unknown Tangled Up In Texas I Want You Bad (And That Ain't Good) Stand Up Boardwalk Patti Nivens & Good Ride Cowboy Rodeo Stomp Lindy Bowers Rodeo Rock Boardwalk Time Irene Groundwater Under The Boardwalk Boat On The River Dave Young I See A Boat On The River Boatman, The Joan O'Gorman The Lonesome Boatman Bob Away My Blues Sho Botham Bob Away My Blues Don't Bring Me Down This Time I'm Taking My Time Bob Dylan - Here Dancemood Studio Here Comes Santa Claus Comes Santa Claus Bob Robert's Irene Groundwater Bob Robert's Society Band Society Band Bob The Builder David J. McDonagh Can We Fix It I Will...But Bobbi With An I Rachael McEnaney Bobbi With An I Bobbie Sue Alice Daugherty Bobbie Sue & Tim Hand No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems Bobby Dazzler Gaye Teather A White Sports Coat (& A Pink Carnation) Back In Your Arms Again Bobby Jo Rob Fowler Good As I Once Was Bobby Magee & Me Ann Thomson-Buhler Me & Bobby MaGee Bobby Sox Gaye Teather Rockabilly Bobby's Boogie Dave West Take It Back Bobby's Girl Jan Brookfield Bobby's Girl Bobcat John & Janette Mexican Minutes Sandham Bob's Line Dance Charles Bowring Bob's Can We Fix It Bob's Line Dance David Camm Bob's Line Dance Bocephus Bill "Peanut" Rice Born To Boogie My Baby Plays Me Just Like A Fiddle Zoot Suit Riot Bocephus Boogie Su Swanson Born To Boogie Bocklem Swing Knox Rhine Spooky Body & Heart Mark Hood & Body To Body, Heart To Heart Douglas Semple Body And Soul Barry Durand Body And Soul Body Beautiful Angie Shirley If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Body Bounce Tajali Hall Body Bounce Body Cha Niels B. Poulsen El Bodeguero Body In Motion Peter Metelnick Angelina If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Brown Sugar Body Language Gloria Johnson Body Language Body Language Susan Puruleski Body Language Body Lines Adrian Smith Baby One More Time Why Haven't I Heard From You Body Lotion David Kopcych Rub It In Body On Me Levera Mejia Body On Me Body Rock Cindi Talbot Everybody (Backstreet's Back) Body Rock Rob Carlo I Like The Way You Move Body Rockin' Patrick Fleming Body Rockin' Time Body Roll Shuffle Sho Botham Six Wheels And A Crowbar Tres Deseos [Three Wishes] Not So Fast Hot To Molly Body Roll 2000 Mark Hood & All Out Of Love Douglas Semple Body Shake Unknown Super Love Sweet Home Alabama No News Same Ole Me Body Shimmy Boogie Clinton Vince Hard On The Ticker If Bubba Can Dance Body Shots Kathy Brown Out Last Night Body Talk Beth Webb Body Language You Walked In Some Kind Of Trouble Easy On The Eyes Body Talk Dee & Lauren I Wanna Be U Body To Body Francien Sittrop Body To Body Body Works Jennifer What Is Love? Pasley-Smith Return Of The Mack Just Between You And Me Bodyrockers Violet Ray For One Night Only Bodytalk Kathy Hunyadi Bodytalk Bogie Boogie Kip Sweeney Bogie Boogie If Bubba Can Dance Long Legged Hannah Bojangles Mary Kelly Just To See You Smile Fais Do Do Walkin' Shoes Bolero Gordon Timms Bolero Bolero Baila Edie Milligan Con Los Anos Que Me Quedan Driskill Blessed Bollylicious Jo Conroy Nach Baliye Bom Chi Bom Stella Cabeca Bom Chi Bom The Bomb! Jo Thompson La Bomba Almost Jamaica Melbourne Mambo Bomb Shell Matt Jenkins Sex Bomb Bomb Sex Danny Richards Sex Bomb Bombshell Gloria Johnson Bombshell Bomshel Stomp Jamie Marshall Bomshel Stomp & Karen Hedges Bon Anniversaire Mayee Lee Happy Birthday To You Bon Temps Roulette Lana Harvey Wilson Bon Temps Roulette (Let The Good Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo Times Roll) Feels Like Love Bonafied Lovin' Jill Babinec & Bonafied Lovin' Scott Schrank Bonanza Rick Mead Bonanza Unknown Bonanza Bonaparte's Retreat Don McRitchie Bonaparte's Retreat Bond Street William Sevone Theme from 'Johnny English' Bond-Age John Dembiec Shine Bonehead Gloria Johnson Fire When Ready Bones William Sevone Bad To The Bone Blue Black Velvet She's Got The Rhythm I Just Wanna Make Love To You Bonjour Josephine Jo Kinser & My Girl Josephine Debi Bovden Bonnie & Clyde Sue Halliday Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde Bonnie & Clyde Joe Green Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde Mum Second To None Bonnie & Clyde Kim Swan A Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde Bonnie & Clyde Andrew Smedley Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde Bonnie & Clyde Dan Albro Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde Bonnie The Scot Pearl De Marco Scotland The Brave Boo! Helen D'Aguiar Boo Boo William Sevone & Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Michael Taylor Boogaloo Lew & Pat Arnold Any Way The Wind Blows Boogaloo Two Step Gaye Teather Reasons If I Could Boogie, The Jan Brookfield I Love To Boogie Boogie All Garth Bock Boogie All Night Long Night Long Boogie Amor David Spencer Cow Cow Boogie Amor Boogie Back To Texas Jackie Grange Boogie Back to Texas Boogie Bear Cha Cha Rita Thompson I Can't Get Over You Wherever You Are Island I Just Want To Dance With You Christmas Island Boogie Beat Ali & Den Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Boogie Blues Nancy A. Morgan- Boogie Back To Texas Blackhurst House Of Blue Lights Boogie Boots Kay Romero Walk That Way The Bug Neon Leon Mountain Of Love Hotel Whiskey Boogie Bop WNJR Group Boogie Bop Frank Spearman Cowboy Beat All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Boogie Bop Unknown Corinna, Corinna Guitar Town Thinkin' 'Bout You Honky Tonk Ballroom Whatever It Takes Caroline Freeze Honky Tonkin's What I Do Best Boogie Boppin' Blue Kay Romero She Wants To Drive My Truck Shotgun Boogie Dizzy Miss Lizzy Boogie Down Patrick Fleming Little Miss Honky Tonk Boogie Down Maggie Lydon Boogie Woogie Shuffle Boogie Down Carolyn Robinson Rock Your Body Boogie Fever Boogie Down Judy Sides Boot Scootin' Boogie Boogie Fever Junior Willis Boogie Fever Boogie Fever Rob Fowler Boogie Fever Boogie Foot '06 Todd Lescarbeau Club Savoy Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Boogie Machine Shirley Hohensee Givin' Water To A Drowning Man Blue Clear Sky Boogie Man Gaye Teather I Love To Boogie Boogie Back To Texas Southbound Train The Boogie Man John Dembiec & The Boogie Man Christine Bass Good little Girls Boogie N' Boots Larry Bass In A Letter To You Step Right Up Boogie On Down Dave Campbell Better Your Heart Than Mine Just Enough Rope Well All Right Boogie Rhythm Lee Crooks & Canned Heat Glad Jackson Be The First To Believe Boogie Rock Anita Ludlow Together Again Boogie Shoes Kelly Gillette Sweet Little Shoes Boogie Shoes II Sandi Brooks Boogie Shoes Boogie The Joint Michele Perron Boogie The Joint Boogie To The Boom Sarah Wolton Boom Boom Boom Boom Boogie 2Nite Kathy Hunyadi Boogie 2Nite Boogie Walk Unknown It's A Little Too Late I Want You Bad Boogie Walkin' Cherie Belle Birth Of The Boogie Harclerode Little Bitty Pretty One Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde Boogie With You Guyton Mundy & Boogie Shoes Diane Poole Boogie Wonderland Angie Shirley Boogie Wonderland Boogie Wonderland Boogie Woogie Sandy Hawkins A Little Boogie Woogie You Drive Me Crazy I'm Outta Here Electric Boogie Boogie Woogie Roz Morgan Boogie Woogie Baltimore Baltimore When Country Comes To Town Boogie Woogie Blues Buzz & Rita Diehl Rockin' Pneumonia Tie One On Boogie Woogie Blues Trish Boesel Rockin' Pneumonia The Boogie Woogie Rick & Deborah Rockin' Pneumonia Blues Bates That Girl's Been Spying On Me 455 Rocket Boogie Woogie Mark Cosenza Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Bugle Bop Cherokee Boogie Billy B. Bad Be Bop A Lula Boogie Woogie Max Perry Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Bugle Boy Boogie Woogie Leslie Ann She's Got The Rhythm Choo Choo Sturgeon Some Kind Of Trouble Baby Likes To Rock It Boogie Woogie Val Reeves Baby Likes To Rock It Choo Choo Boogie Woogie Heidi Angelika Baby Likes To Rock It Choo Choo Scott Boogie Woogie Rick & Deborah Small Up And Simple Down Country Boy Bates Country As A Boy Can Be Three Nickels And A Dime Boogie Woogie Cowboy Michele Burton & Cowboys Like A Little Bit Of Rock And Roll Nancy Weir A Little Less Talk I'm Blue I'm Lonesome Boogie Woogie John Rowell Boogie Woogie Dancing Shoes Dancing Shoes Boogie Woogie Joe Karren Gillman, Dizzy Lizzy And Boogie Woogie Joe Darren Bridgland, Bad Thing Rachel Greene Boogie Woogie Rhythm Jo Thompson Boogie Woogie Rhythm Szymanski Boogie Woogie Annette Wright Boogie Woogie Sheriff Sheriff Boogie Woogie M.E. & Elaine Boogie Woogie Shuffle Shuffle Douris Take These Chains Stagger Lee Boogie Woogie Strut Jenifer Reaume Boogie Woogie Linda Lu With A Girl Like You Boogie Woogie Swing Jackie Lincoln Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Boogie Woogie John Elliott Two Step Boogy'n KC Douglas She Boogy'n My Babe Booker T William Sevone Green Onions Cat Walk Poor Boy Green Onions '65 Walk On By Boom Larry Reminers, Boom, It Was Over Just Like That Don Reminers & Dave Chenowith Boom Andy Arnfield & Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom Celtic Ken Boom Peter Metelnick Boom Steal My Kisses Boom Boom The Girls (Maureen Boom Boom & Michelle) Boom Boom Preston Brust & Boom Boom Chris Lucas Boom Boom ! Dave Blake Boom Boom (Move Your Body) I Need You Boom, Boom, Boom Mary Heagren-Gibbs Boom, Boom, Boom & Justine Shuttleworth Boom, Boom, Boom Becky Pelletier Boom Boom Boom & Lizzy Pickup Fat Sally Lee Boom Boom Boom Michael Siebke Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Annette Latimer Boom Boom Boom Groove With Me Tonight Tequila Sunrise Aaron's Party Boom Boom Boom Ross Brown El Bum-Bum Boom, Boom, Mare Dodd Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom Boom, Boom The Boom Boom Dance Jo & John Kinser The Boom Boom Dance Boom Boom Pow Suzanne Wilson Boom Boom Pow Boom Cha! Rob Fowler & La Bomba The Chammps (Tom Mickers & Roy Verdonk) Boom Chica Boom Debbie Small Boom Boom Goes My Heart Boom Da Boom Nancy A. Morgan Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom To Brazil Boom, It's Over Matthew Jacobs Boom! It Was Over Boom Shakalak Jim Krywko Boom Shakalak If You Want To Touch Her, Ask! Don't Be Stupid Mexican Dinner Boom Shake Bob & Marlene Boom Shake Peyre-Ferry Boomerang Lisa A. Columbo Boomerang Love Oh What a Thrill Neon Moon Boomerang Cha Cha Daniel Whittaker Boomerang Love Boomerang Love Rob Gent Boomerang Love Boomkat Ray Crum, Jason Stomp & Amy Barnes Boomkat Michele Perron Stomp Boone Walk Lisa Cudworth Get In Line Boot Kickers Stomp Jim Krohe God Made Women On A Good Day Bootscoot Riot Mark Simpkin & My Baby Plays Me Just Like A Fiddle Tracie Lee Zoot Suit Riot Boot Scooters Boogie Rick Bowen Boot Scootin' Boogie Boot Scooter's Kick Rick Bowen Darlene Henrietta Brilliant Conversationalist Boot Scootin' Baby Mary Kelly Boot Scootin' Baby She Is Just Too Hot For Me The Times We've Had Boot Scootin' Boogie Bill Bader Swingin' Boot Scootin' Boogie Boogie & Beethoven Boot Scootin' Anita Williams Baby Likes To Rock It Third Rock From The Sun Boot Scootin' Boogie Unknown Boot Scootin' Boogie Boot Scootin' Boogie Unknown Boot Scootin' Boogie Boot Scootin' Boogie Marilyn Argus Boot Scootin' Boogie Boot Scootin' Boogie Unknown Boot Scootin' Boogie As Long As You Belong To Me Boot Scootin' Boogie Unknown Boot Scootin' Boogie Boot Scootin' Boogie Brian Duffy Boot Scootin' Boogie Boot Scootin' Boogie Unknown Boot Scootin' Boogie Boot Scootin' Boogie Tom Mattox & Boot Scootin' Boogie Skippy Blair Boot Scootin' Boogie Richard Caruso Boot Scootin' Boogie I'm In A Hurry Boot Scootin' Boogie Unknown Boot Scootin' Boogie Boot Scootin' Boogie Unknown Boot Scootin' Boogie Boot Scootin Boogie Unknown Boot Scootin Boogie Boot Scootin' Boogie Unknown Boot Scootin' Boogie It's A Little Too Late I Want You Bad Boot Scootin' Boogie Unknown Boot Scootin' Boogie Boot Scootin Man June Hulcombe & Boot Scootin Man Barb Willshire Boot Scoot N' Boogie Unknown Boot Scootin' Boogie Boot Scoot'in Terry D. Preece Boot Scootin' Boogie Boot Shuffle Dee Belsher My Next Broken Heart Someone Had To Teach You Boo-Taaay Amy Spencer Move Shake Drop Booti Call Unknown Booti Call Bootin' Jim & Tina Ray Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under Bootin' It Peter Metelnick Hands Of Time Hands Of Time One Beat At A Time What You Get Is What You See These Boots Are Ready To Dance Can't Win For Losing You Don't Let's Talk About Lisa Bootkicking Gail Shanks & Linedancing Sin Grima Unbelievable Trouble Is A Woman Bootleg Boogie Joyce Schelde & No Honky Tonkin' Tonight Jim McDermott Little Miss Honky Tonk Rock My Baby Bootlegger Unknown Third Rock From The Sun Bootleggers Stomp Unknown Any Man Of Mine Boots Allan Watson This Time Boots Raelinn W. Dale Boots Boots & Buckles Bud & Marsha To The Border And Beyond Bailey Boots Do Boogie Erin Hoxie Boot Scootin Boogie Boots In Flight Nancy Thompson The Boots Of Hazzard Annette Maidment These Boots Are Made For Walking Boots On Mare Dodd Boots On Boots On Donna Beard Boots On Coming Back For You Billy Jean Bootscootin Barn Ian Kneath Bootscootin Barn Bootscootin' Bug Yvonne Hammond The Bootscootin' Bug & J. Long Bootscootin' Junkie Lesley Johnston Cajun Blue The Outback Rap Bootscootin' Junkie Bootscootin' Ladies Margaret Hill Bootscootin' Ladies Move It On Over Bootscootin' Ladies Fran Girvan Bootscootin' Ladies Bootscootin' Woman Martin Ritchie Boot Scootin' Woman Breaking Hearts And Taking Names In A Heartbeat Bootscootin' Woman Jenny Bounds Bootscootin' Woman Booty Call Unknown Booty Call Put Some Drive In Your Country Booty Music Jo Thompson Booty Music Szymanski, Jackie Miranda, Judy McDonald Booty Shake Gloria Johnson Don't Water It Down Booty Shakin' Ed White Just Got Paid Candy If You Had My Love Trust Yourself Booty Shakin' Patrick Fleming Just Got Paid Bootylicious Sharon May Bootylicious Bootylicious Simon Ward Bootylicious Bootylicious William Ambrose Bootylicious Booze Bus Walk Trevor Smith I Can Walk The Line Bop Unknown Bop Darlene Bop Lestyn Gilmore Bop For A Change Let Me Into Your Heart Love You Back Bop, The Unknown The Bop Bop Bop The Kid & Kaz Bop Bop Baby I've Never Been To Bed With An Ugly Woman Bop N' Easy Larry Bass Any Swing Music Bop Shoo Bop Jan Wyllie Who Put The Bop In The Bop Shoo Bop Bop The B Kathy Brown & Bop The Be Lindy Bowers Bop The Night Away Tyra Farris I Wanna Bop With You Baby Bop 'Til You Drop Alison Biggs Bop Bop Baby Bop To The Beat Simon Ward Can't Get You Out Of My Head Bopper's Strut Hank & Mary Dahl Walkin' After Midnight Wher'm I Gonna Live Out Goin' Cattin' The Boppin' Darren Davies Back In The Saddle Hillbilly Boppin' The Blues Jan Wyllie When God Fearing Women Get The Blues Boppin' The Blues Lu Olsen Boppin' The Blues Border Boogie Greg Leonard & To The Border And Beyond Jane Mattson Border Cross Patrick Gallow Put Some Drive In Your Country I Brake For Brunettes Honey Hush From What We Gave Border Crossing Terry Hogan Horse To Mexico Border-Town Woman Andrew, Sheila Bordertown Woman & Simon Borderline Beat Alan Robinson Redneck, Rhythm & Blues Borderline Boogie Lisa Kruse & Any Way the Wind Blows Jim Anderson If the Devil Danced In Empty Pockets Black and White Rag Get Rhythm Border Line Cha Cha Judy Rice Refried Dreams Third Rate Romance Mexican Minutes Boris Cha Kenny Teh Cha Cha Born Again Jan Wyllie Brand New Man Born For Country Tony Stanton Born For Country Born Free Tracy Dean Californian Dreamin' Born Free Laura Alberico Born Free Born Loser, The Jan Wyllie Loser Friendly Born Poor Ray Graham & Poor Man's Son Trish Badger Born Survivor Johnny S' Born Survivor High On Love Born This Way Michael W. Diven Born This Way Born This Way Craig Bennett & Born This Way Simon Ward Born To Be Alive Paula Baby I'm Burnin' Frohn-Butterly Born To Be Alive Old Pop In A Oak Born To Be Blue Sue Coats Born To Be Blue Born To Boogie Sean Lloyd Born To Boogie Born To Boogie! Ian Hunt Born To Boogie Born To Boogie Lauren Born To Boogie (Dusty Boots) Born To Be Blue Michael Barr Born To Be Blue Born To Be Red, Linda Yanders Born To Be Blue White And ... Blue Heart Of Rock And Roll Born To Cha Cha Kayla Cosgrove It Just Comes Natural Your Man Born 2 Dance Julia Ann Kennedy Dancing Feet I Wanna Thank You Baby My Sweet Baby Born To Fly Rachael McEnaney Born To Fly Back Here Baby Born To Hand Jive Lisa & Janyne Born To Hand Jive Springer Funky Cowboy Soul Limbo Cotton Eyed Joe Born To Love U Sadiah Heggernes I Was Born To Love You Born To Run (To Me) Steve Mason She Was Born To Run Born To Run Anne Harris Born To Run Born To Try! Chris Watson Born To Try Born 2B Gaga Rep Ghazali Born This Way Borriquito Peter Metelnick & Borriquito Alison Biggs Bosa Nova Phil Dennington Blame It On The Bossa Nova Bosa Nova Irene Groundwater Blame It On The Bossa Nova (Beginner Style) The Boss Amy Christian The Boss Boss Man, The Steve Hart Loosen Up My Strings Boss Man Gloria Johnson Loosen Up My Strings When The Wrong One Loves You Right Bossa Nova Bob & Lil Wurth Blame it on the Bossa Nova Bossa Nova Ir Torre Blame It On The Bossa Nova Bossa Nova Nights Peter Metelnick No Regrets & Alison Biggs Bossa Nova Twist Ria Vos Bossa Nova Baby Bossy Michele Perron Bossy Bossy...A Little Bit Michele Perron Bossy Bossy Boots Robbie McGowan Boots Hickie Bottle Cap, The Dan Testa Bottle It Up Tina Argyle Bottle This Up Bottle It Up Linda Nyffeler If I Could Bottle This Up Bottle Of Shine M. Clements Crickets On The Line Bottled Up David Paden & If I Could Bottle This Up Eadie Mascaro Bottleneck Sharon K. Davis Long Neck Bottle Bottom Of My Heart Kate Martin Bottom Of My Heart Bottom Of My Heart Glynn Holt Bottom Of My Heart Bottoms Up Andrea Scharf Up To Feelin' Down Boulevard Cha Cha Rita M. Kyle Dancin' Shaggin' On The Boulevard One Night At A Time How Deep Is Your Love Boulevard Cruise Barry Cook Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard Boulevard Shuffle Vicki E. Rader Dancin' Shaggin' On The Boulevard My Girl If I Never Stop Lovin' You Bounce! Andrew, Simon Bounce & Sheila Bounce Debi Dillow More Bounce (In California) Bounce Barry Durand Bounce Slow Bounce Bertha Arseneau Bounce Love Games Bouncin' Back Ronni Booth Bouncin' Back Bouncin' Back Bob & Marlene Bouncin' Back Peyre-Ferry Bouncing Off John H. Robinson I Got A Girl The Walls How Do You Like Me Now? Up All Night Strike It Up Bouncin Texas Nicky Capper Keep Your Hands To Your Self Against The Grain Bound West Cindy Springer One Way Ticket Bourbon Street Debi Dillow Switch Switch Bow Legged Boogaloo Lance Prichard Any Way The Wind Blows Bowlegged Dream Louise Woodcock Back In The Saddle Bowleggin' Barry & Tamela Bad Loser Baker Sea Of Cowboy Hats Any Way The Wind Blows The Box Rebecca Basham The Box Boxcar Blues Unknown Full Time Love You Say You Will Boxcar Blues Jean Bridgeman Boxcar Blues Boxed In Judy McDonald The Way Boxter, The Rob Fowler Find Out What's Happening Boy Oh Boy Carl Sullivan Boy Oh Boy Boyfriend Maggie Gallagher Boyfriend Boyfriend Of Yvonne Anderson Favourite Boyfriend Of The Year The Year Boys & Girls Meiske Pamaputera Boys & Girls Boys & Me, The Julia Jackson The Boys & Me Someone Should Tell Her Boys Are Back! Anne & Steve The Boys Are Back In Town Boys! Boys! Boys! Rep Ghazali Boys Summertime Love Boys (From The Chris Collignon Boys From The Country Hell Country Hell) Boys In Boots Linda Burgess Boys In Boots Boys 'N' Boots Ralf Ballschmieter Boys In Boots Boys Will Be Boys Ron Kline I'm A Cowboy Boys Will Be Boys Rodeo Rock Boys Will Be Boys Gaye Teather That Don't Make Me A Bad Guy Boyzone Ann Napier No Matter What BP Express Unknown Where Am I Gonna Live 1982 Someday The Whiskey Ain't Working BR5-49 Boogie Mike Rohrer Cherokee Boogie Braggin' Lasse Ketola Rock Bottom Brain Drain Lorraine Harvey This Is Your Brain Brainwave Lorraine Deering This Is Your Brain Brainwave From David Sinfield Bottom Of My Heart The Heart Brakeman Boogie Unknown How Come You Go To Her I've Got A Lot To Learn Time And Love Brake Man Boogie Unknown How Come You Go To Her I've Got A Lot To Learn Time And Love Brakeman Shuffle Lyn Cochrane Any Old Time Brain Waves Kelvin Elvidge Why Haven't I Heard From You Thinkin' Problem This Ain't No Thinkin' Thing Brand New Girlfriend Teresa & Vera Brand New Girlfriend Brand New Girlfriend Louise Hodson Brand New Girlfriend A Brand New Key Glenda Lane Brand New Key Brand New You Sharon Walton Same Old Brand New You Branded Eddie Huffman Branded Brandy (You're A Scott Schrank Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) Fine Girl) Branson Shuffle Eileen Ronning Branson Shuffle Branson Slide Pat Hays Branson Shuffle Brasilia Buffalo Billy Patricia Brass Construction Michele Perron Baby I Need Your Lovin' Stars On The Water Kissin' By The Mistletoe Brave Teresa & Vera Brave Brave Cha Cha Jo & John Kinser, Brave Mark Furnell Brave New World, A Wesley Cowie The Opera Song (Brave New World) Brazil Frank Trace Brazil Let's Go Dancin' Brazil Bailar Debbie Small Brazil Brazilian Cha Cha Shep Spinney Third Rate Romance Love Lessons Bread And Butter Roz Morgan Shortenin' Bread Bread Line Lana Harvey Shortnin' Bread Salty Dog Blues Tryin To Get To New Orleans The Lion Sleeps Tonight Blue Moon Of Kentucky Little Cabin On The Hill Break, The Maggie Gallagher Breakout Break A Leg Frankie Cull Baby I'm Burning Disco Inferno Break All The Rules Alan Robinson Baila Tres Deseas, (Three Wishes) Dancin Cowboys Break Away Calamity Needle In A Haystack Break Away Max Perry Break Away Break Dancin Deb Scrimsher Give Me All Of Your Love Break Even Bracken Ellis Break Even Potter Break Free Al Gallagher I Want To Break Free Break Free Michael Vera-Lobos What About Me Break In 2 Wanda Heldt One Break It Down Melanie Painter Designated Drinker Wrapped Around Break It Down Raymond Sarlemijn Boys Break It Down Sebastiaan To The Floor Holtland & Brandon Cheung Break It Loose! Liam Hrycan & Let's Get Loud Daniel Whittaker Baila I Like It (Like That) Break It Off Susan Webb Break It Off Break My Heart Samantha Dixon Break My Heart Break My Heart Maggie Gallagher Break My Heart Break My Heart Adrian Lefebour Break My Heart Break My Stride Alan G. Birchall Break My Stride Break My Stride Break My Stride Kathy Brown Break My Stride Break Of Dawn Sade Furnell Break Of Dawn Break Out Tim Hand Who Let The Dogs Out I Wanna Be Your Lover Break The Dawn Neville We Break The Dawn Fitzgerald, Paul McAdam, Peter Metelnick Break The Ice Teresa & Vera Break The Ice Break The Ice Too Regina Cheung Break The Ice Candy From A Stranger Break Up Knox Rhine Lets Break Up Tomorrow Break Your Heart Grace Apostol Break Your Heart Breakable Heart Brett Jenkins Unbreakable Heart Breakaway Jamie Robinson Breakaway Breakaway Julie Dowse Breakaway Breakaway Barbara Lowe Breakaway Breakdown Mark & Trevor Don't Make Me Come To Tulsa Smith All You Do Is Bring Me Down Breakdown J Raven The Right Kind Of Wrong Piece Of My Heart Break-Down Terry Dunbar Baby When Your Heart Breaks Down Breakin' Dan Albro I'm Not Breakin Breakin' All Linda Babli Breakin' All The Rules The Rules Something Like That It's A Love Thing I'm Diggin' It Been There Breaking Apart Heidi van Sinten Breaking Apart Breakin' Bad Jennifer Are You Jimmy Ray Pasley-Smith Put Your Heart Into It I Can Love You Better Breakin Dishes Michele Perron Breakin' Dishes Breakin' Even Dion & Val Thomas Six Of One, Half A Dozen (Of The Other) Breakin' Free Guyton Mundy Shackles Breakin' It Down David Woods & Spinning Around Karen Woods Breaking News?? Lynne Martino Breaking News Breakin Saucers Michele Perron Breakin' Dishes Breakin' the Bank Melanie Greenwood Money In the Bank Breakin' The Breaks Chris Hookie Theme From A Summer Place I'm From The Country We Really Shouldn't Be Doin' This Breaking Things Andy Williams Breaking Up Anne Shaw & Even If I Wanted To Sally Graham Breaking Up Is Lewis Lee Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Hard To Do Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! Doctor Jones Breaking Up Is Maria Tao Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Hard To Do Breakout Marjorie Breakout Barnabas-Shaw Breakthrough Barbara Lowe, Girls Just Want To Have Fun Sadiah Heggernes & Kim Ray Breath Mint Natalie Mundy & She's Like The Wind Zac Detweiller Breath Of Life Scott Schrank Breath Of Your Life We Want Peace Breathe John H. Robinson Breathe Because You Love Me My Best Friend Cowboy Take Me Away It's A Beautiful Thing Like The Rain Where The Green Grass Grows The Quittin' Kind Lady In Red Breathe Lynda Cunningham, Breathe Leigh-Anne Flannigan & Lynne Northorpe Breathe Easy David Sinfield Breathe Easy Breathe In Dee Musk Breath In Breathe On Me Debbie Ellis Breathe On Me Breathe Slow Jo & John Kinser, Breathe Slow Mark Furnell Breathe Slow Jo & John Kinser Breathe Slow Breathless! Angie Shirley Breathless Breathless Sue Johnstone Breathless Breathless Simon Ward Breathless Breathless Lee Nelson Breathless Breathless Elaine Wheeler Breathless My Love Goes On And On Breathless The Conaltys Breathless Breathless Rafel Corbí Always Wanting More (Breathless) Breathless Lori Pung Lose My Breath When I See You Breathless William Sevone Breathless Breathless David J. McDonagh Breathless Corrs Go On Breaths You Take, The Anne Herd The Breath You Take Breathtaking Susan Morgan Breathless Breeze, The Robyn Hall No News 455 Rocket Little Deuce Coupe Pickup Man Little Miss Honky Tonk Breeze, The Lynne Snowden Any Way The Wind Blows Breeze, The Joanne Hocking Thunder Head The Breeze Kathy Brown Call Me The Breeze All Jacked Up Brenda's Dream Red Russell Tougher Than The Rest Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You) Brenro Twister Roy East She Couldn't Change Me Brick House Junior Willis Brick House Bridal Boogie Hank & Mary Dahl A Little Bit Of Love My Night To Howl Bride Of Jerry Colley Bride Of Frankenstein Frankenstein Bridesearch Dancin' Mamas Where Were You On Our Wedding Day? Bridge Of Dreams Jun Jun & Bridge Of Dreams (I'll Never Forget You) Martha Ogasawara Bridge Of Hope Michele Perron Beyond The Great Divide Any Day Now Bridge Of Love Mary Frances Chua (Instrumental) Bridges Michael W. Diven Burning Bridges Bridges To Kathy Brown Building Bridges Your Heart Bridget's Waltz Ganean De La Grange Brielle Warren Fleming The Girl's In Love Brielle Kathy Hunyadi Brielle Bright Lights Judy Rodgers Bright Lights Bigger City Since You Brought It Up Broken Angel Bright Side Of Love Lorraine Susan Dark Side Of The Street Taylor I Need Your Love Tonight Bright Side Of Allan & Karen Burr Bright Side Of The Road The Road Bright Side Nikki Friel The Bright Side Of The Road Of The Road Brighter Day Michele Perron Brighter Day Brilliant Conversationalist Fallin' Brighton Rock Michelle Denney Absolutely Everybody Brimful Of Asha Terry Cullingham Brimful Of Asha Bring Down The House Levi J. Hubbard Bringin Da' Noise Bring It Back Geri Morrison Do You Remember Bring It Down Shelli Blake Bring The House Down Bring It On Ed Regnier Bring On The Teardrops Bring It On Suzanne Punder Do You Love Me? Born To Boogie Slow Me Down Bring It On Lisa Strong Bring It On Kookaburra Blues High Low And In Between Bring It On Rosalie Mackay Bring It On Bring It On Daniel Whittaker Play Oh What A Night Here Comes My Baby Faith Bring It On Lyndy If You Ever Stop Loving Me Bring It On Dee Musk Bring It To Me Bring It On Down Lisa Johns-Grose Bring It On Down To My House Guitars & Cadillacs Bring It On Down Guyton Mundy Bring It On Down Bring It On Andy Chumbley Bring It On Down To My House Down Boogie Bump Bounce Boogie Bring Me Down Charlie All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Freeborough Bring Me Down Lisa LeMier All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Bring Me Water! Nancy A. Morgan Waiter! Bring Me Water! Brinson's Request Vera Brown Take That That's Just About Right British Are Coming! Dave & Lynne The British Are Coming Gillett British Are Coming Elle Jay & The British Are Coming Paula Bilby Britney's David J. McDonagh (You Drive Me) Crazy 'Not' Crazy Brittney Strut, The Shirley K. Batson One Dance With You Broadway Jacky Waymouth Brand New Man Broadway Cha Cha Group My Maria Brokeback Waltz Dave Munro I Don't Want To Say Goodbye Broken Arrow Patrick Fleming & Nobody Wants To Be Lonely Derek Steele Broken, Bleedin, Linda Burgess Broken, Bleedin, Hurtin, Heart Hurtin, Heart Broken Bones Jan Wyllie Sticks And Stones Broken Dreams Brett Jenkins A Broken Wing Broken Dreams Marie Sørensen Neon Moon Broken Glass John Dembiec Bust Your Windows Broken Glass Scott Blevins Found A New Love Broken Heart Jenifer Reaume Like We Never Had A Broken Heart Broken Heart Anna Picerno Angel Of Broken Hearts Broken Heart Waltz DJ Dan & Wynette Any Fool Can Break A Heart Miller Broken Hearted Joanne Hocking She Drew A Broken Heart Broken Hearted Bev & Dave Senft Sorry Wink Broken Hearted Sylvia Priestley One More Broken Hearted Man Mama Likes To Reggae Some Broken Hearts Some Broken Hearts Never Mend Broken Hearted Gary & Cheryl Broken Hearted Parker Broken Hearted Val Parry What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted Broken Hearted Geri Morrison Break My Stride Lovers Broken Hearted Man Jos Slijpen One More Broken Hearted Man Chocolate Broken Hearted Vikki Morris & Nothin' For A Broken Heart Rock N Roll Karl Cregeen Paradise Broken Hearts Terry Dunbar, Heart Breaker Ian Dunn, Tom Glover Broken Hearts Gordon Timms Too Many Broken Hearts Broken Hearts Andy Chumbley Don't Fall In Love With Me Broken Hearts Anna Picerno Angel Of Broken Hearts Broken Hearts Cha Dark Stranger Too Many Broken Hearts Broken Heels Jo & John Kinser Broken Heels & Mark Furnell Broken Promises Bubs Jewell She Can't Love You Love And Honor Broken Promises Adrian Lefebour Predictable Broken Stones Dee Musk Broken Stones Broken Will John Dembiec Say It Right Broken Wing, A Kerry Hughes A Broken Wing Broken Wing William Sevone A Broken Wing Broken Wings The Girls The One (Maureen & Michelle) Brokenheartsville Peter Metelnick Brokenheartsville Brolga Stomp Jacqui & Will We'll Burn That Bridge Clough Rock My World Bronco Beat Unknown Every Little Thing What the Cowgirls Do Bronco Buster Vickie Powell Baby Your Baby I Am A Simple Man Cowboy Beat Bronco Rock Julie Molkner Wasting Time With You Bronco Stomp Joan & John On The Radio Alverez Pink Cadillac Bronson's Break Kirsteen Warren Tell Me Ma Brooklyn Blues A.J. & Scott Brooklyn Blues Herbert Brooklyn Bridges Ginny Sheridan Building Bridges Broomstick Karen Grave Let's Jump The Broomstick Brother Shine Gaye Teather Shine Your Light Brown Bear Hustle Unknown That Rock Won't Roll Cry Myself To Sleep Two Dollars In The Jukebox I Love A Rainy Night I Don't Think Hank Done It This-a-Way Brown Derby The Buffalo Girls Brown Derby Jump Brown Derby Chick Shannon Finnegan Shot Me Down (Bang Bang) Brown Derby Jump Keep Me Hangin On Brown Derby Jump Dan Moiles Zuit Suit Riot Brown Derby Jump Pink Elephant Brown Dog, The Daryll Brown Fast As You Brown Eyed Girl Maggie Caldwell Honky Tonk Song Little Ramona Brown-Eyed Girl Hedy McAdams Brown-Eyed Girl Brown Eyed Teresa Lawrence, Brown Eyed Handsome Man Handsome Man Vera Fisher, & Jack Murphy Brown Eyes Joanne Hocking Brown Eyed Girl Brown Eyes Blue Linda Mosby Don't You Make My Brown Eyes Blue Brown Eyes Cha Cha Judy Bourdeau Every Time I Get Around You Brown Girl Bill MacLeod Brown Girl In The Ring In The Ring Brown Gravy Boogie Scott Blevins Good Brown Gravy Brown Sugar Vicki Rader Brown Sugar Beast Of Burden I'm From The Country I Can Love You Better Just Between You And Me BRRRRRR... T.S. Wranglers Cold Outside Brucie Scott A. Blevins Swingin' Brumby Unknown Snap Your Fingers Bruno's Way Niels Poulsen Just The Way You Are Brush-Off Deb Crew Time Marches On Brush Up Your Cha Nancy Thousand Your Man Brushed Suede Shoes Maureen McGuigan Even If I Tried Daddy's Money Brushfire Waltz Lana Harvey Tucson Too Soon Bad Way Of Saying Goodbye Dream On Texas Ladies Dreaming My Dreams With You Brushwood Cha Cha Alison Biggs Nobody Like You Bruxelles Toulouse Marlène De Preez, Bruxelles Toulouse Daniel Steenackers, Michèle Godard Bryan's Boogie Chris Jackson Baby When You're Gone Brymbo Fantasy Sam & Pat Gretton Start All Over Again Sticks And Stones Brother Jukebox Bubba Bill Hodell Bubba Shot The Jukebox Nobody Loves You Like I Do All I Need A Face In The Crowd Dumas Walker Pappa Loved Mamma Bubba Unknown Bubba Bump Adam Shankman 1-900-Bubba Bubba Fever Alan Haywood Fever Go To Sleep Big Bertha Bubba Hustle Gloria Johnson Bubba Hyde Bubba Hyde Jim Shellhammer Bubba Hyde Bubba Hyde Leslie Ann Bubba Hyde Sturgeon Bubba Hyde Rio Ginny Graham Bubba Hyde Bubba James Unknown Bubba Shot Unknown Bubba Shot The Jukebox The Jukebox Bubba Shuffle Mary Lou Tripp & Bubba Hyde Naomi Turner Bubba Slide Unknown If Bubba Can Dance Bubba Strut, The Charlie Baker & Bubba Hyde Eve Griffin Bubba-Licious Gloria Johnson Rebelicious Beer, Bait & Ammo Bubba's Babalou Jane Newhard Babalou Downtime Bubba's Dance Don Williamson If Bubba Can Dance Bubba's Dance Dan Moiles If Bubba Can Dance Bubba, The Rea Brown Bubba Shot the Jukebox T-R-O-U-B-L-E Bubbasize Betty M. Wilson Bubba Hyde Bubble Butt Boogie Kelli Haugen I Feel Lucky I Brake For Brunettes Don't Be Stupid Bubble Gum Stick Marissa Purtill & Love Game Anna Yednoroz Bubblegum Roy Verdonk & Bubblegum Wil Bos Bubbles In My Beer Phil Johnson Bubbles In My Beer Bubblin' David Blakeley Bubblin' Bubblin' Up Mark Furnell Bubblin' Bubbly Smooth Niels B. Poulsen Bubbly Buck Of Luv Chris Williams American Pie Buck Wild Teri Rogers Buck Wild Buck Wild Stomp Kathy Brown Drunk Chicks Buck-It Ron Kresconko That Buckin' Song Buckaromp Steve Hart Buckaroo Buckaroo BSB Boot Big Green 38 Travellers Buckaroo Denise Stone Buckaroo Honky Tonk Truth Te-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu Buckaroo April Rywotycki Buckeroo Buckaroo Mare Dodd Buckaroo Buckaroo Karl Cregeen Buckaroo Buckaroo Liam Hrycan Buckaroo I Don't Want To See You Again Buckaroo Catherine Buckaroo Clavert-Cruz Buckaroo David Cheshire Buckaroo Buckaroo Setsuko Motoki Buckaroo Buckaroo Blue Knox Rhine Back In Your Arms Again The Way Things Are Buckaroo Boogie Nancy Clark All I Want Is A Life Buckaroo Buckboard Boogie John & Jean Miles Tell Me About It Buckland Shuffle Dianne Joseph Workin For The Weekend Buckle, The Kathy Hunyadi & The Buckle Janet Humphrey Buckle, The Mayme Hafer Shine Them Buckles Hang In There Superman Buckle Bunny Justine Buckle Bunny Shuttleworth Buckle Up Minou "G" Gaetner Shine Them Buckles & James Kellerman Betty's Takin' Judo Buckle Up, Baby Maiju Leisti Buckle Up, Baby Bucklehuck Carole Daugherty The Hucklebuck Buckles & Boots Tracy Stride, Shalalalala Ray Cadden, Don't Stop Moving Liz Cartwright Heads Carolina, Tails California Buckles, Belts Margaret Taylor To The Border & Beyond & Boots Nude Bootscootin' Bud Slide Vickie Schermbeck The Crying Game Buddy Hop James Krywko Yeah Buddy Betty's Takin' Judo Buddy Love Roy Verdonk & Buddy Love Eva Richter Budweiser Simon Ward John Deere Green Buena Sera Terry Hogan Buena Sera Buenas Noches DJ Dan & Wynette Buenas Noches From A Lonely Room (She Wore Red Dresses) Miller The Sad Side Of Town Buff Dance Ken Henley Buff Little Girls Buffalo Bill Eddie Harper Hot, Hot, Hot Buffalo Bill Jan Wyllie Buffalo Bill Buffalo Blues George Hall & Never Been Rocked Enough Knox Rhine Buffalo Boogie Jackie Lavesque Dancing Cowboys Feeling Kind Of Lonely Tonight Buffalo Boogie George Davis Tie Your Love In A Double Knot Bonnie Jean (Little Sister) Buffalo Gals Jo Everhart & Fooled Around And Fell In Love Nancy Manor Amarillo Buff Little Girls Soul Country Somebody Slap Me Keeping The Faith Buffalo Stampede Bob Vansykle Boot Scoot Boogie Buffalo Stampede Ron Heilman Buffalo Tales Gaye Teather That's What They Said About The Buffalo Buffalo Wings Gail Smith Heartland Any Man Of Mine Tell Me About It Buffett's Fault Rupert Simmonds Margaritaville & Sue Boswell What's The Matter With You Baby Fool, I'm A Woman Bug, The Vern Elliott The Bug Half Enough Call of the Wild Bug-A-Boo David Kopcych Crazy Little Love Bug Bug Bites John Dembiec Ticks The Bug Dance Francien Sittrop Do The Bug With Me Bugged! Lana Harvey Wink Honky Tonk Attitude Love Bug Bugging Francien Sittrop Monkey Off My Back Bugle Bop 2004 Mark Cosenza Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Cherokee Boogie Billy B. Bad Be Bop A Lula Bugle Boy Ginny McNutt Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Of Company B Bugs Michael Diven A Man Like Bugs Buick Terry Walters Buick She Loves My Car Buicks To The Moon Lesley Johnston Buicks To The Moon Built For Blue Jeans KC Douglas Built For Blue Jeans Built For Blue Jeans Glenda Harney Built For Blue Jeans Build Me Up Kalvin Finch Build Me Up Buttercup Building Our Alan Haywood Making Memories Of Us Memories Senorita Margarita Snap Built 4 Bluejeans Norm Gifford Built For Bluejeans Buleria Francien Sittrop Buleria Bull-Ant Bop Dianne Joseph It's Hard To Write A Sad Song Bull By The Horns Unknown Leave Me The Radio Down At The Twist And Shout This Heart Tear Stained Letter Bull Rider Gloria Johnson Rodeo Man Bull Rider Maureen McGuigan Paint The Town Redneck On A Good Night Why Me All Over But The Shoutin' Rowdy Bullseye Lisa M. Johns Love Gets Me Every Time I Will...But Bull's-Eye Perfect Lana Harvey Right On The Money Honky Tonk Moon Too Gone Too Long Bullet Mary Kelly Betty's Taking Judo In A Heartbeat Two Steppin' Mind Sea Of Cowboy Hats Bullet Proof Rob Fowler Bullet Proof Bullet Proof Holly Ruschman Bullet Proof Bumblebee Boogie The Sullivan's Last Frontier Dancers Bop Just Enough Rope Bump & Bounce Jamie Marshall That Thing You Do! Bump And Grind Bill Bader Sweet Little Shoe I Feel Lucky Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial Bump Bounce Boogie Gaye Teather Bump Bounce Boogie Boogie Woogie Bugle Bop Bump Bounce Boogie Barry & Dari Anne Bump Bounce Boogie Amato Bump, Bump, Bump Paulette Hylands Bump Bump Bump Bump In the Dark Jo Thompson If Rock Bottom No One Else On Earth Dust On the Bottle Bump In The Night Masters In Line Things That Go Bump In The Night Bump It To Sue MacFarlane Cotton Eyed Joe Cotton Eye Joe Bump It Up Judy McDonald & Super Love Ron Kline Bump 'N' Grind Jo Thompson & Bump 'N' Grind Jamie Davis Bump 'N' Grind Nicki Rogers She Bangs Bump 'N Grind Jan Wyllie Bump 'n Grind Bump 'N' Hustle Kathy Hunyadi & Bump 'N' Hustle Kevin & Rena Ward Bumpin' Teree DeSarro Where Was I Tribal Dance Don't Make Me Come to Tulsa Bumpin' Bev Lalonde Let 'Er Rip Bumpin' & a Swingin' Double Trouble Tailgate Bumpin' And Thumpin' Nancy DeMoss Fifty-Fifty Thump Factor Bumpin' Country Lori Myers Girls With Guitars Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under I'm Outta Here Bumpin' On Shaz Walton Tail On The Tailgate The Bumper Bumpy Ride Daniel Trepat Bumpy Ride Bumpy Ride Peter & Alison Bumpy Ride Bums Galore Tracy Stride Tequila Sunrise Honky Tonk Bar Association She Bangs Bundle Of Nerves Joy Layer & Bundle Of Nerves Janet Billington Bundle Of Nerves Rick & Bundle Of Nerves Deborah Bates Bunkhouse Boogie Scott Blevins Daddy Laid The Blues On Me Buona Sera Alison Carrington Buona Sera Buona Sera Jos Slijpen Buona Sera Signorina Burger & Fries Rita Tyner Fire When Ready Fever Move It On Over Burlesque Norm Gifford Welcome To Burlesque Burn Victor We'll Burn That Bridge van der Meer Burn Chris Watson Burn Burn Noel Bradey Burn Burn Baby Burn Lisa Martin Disco Inferno Burn 'Em Down Tony & Lana Wilson Burnin' The Honky Tonks Down Mile Out Of Memphis Burn For You ... Colleen Archer Burn For You Burn It Jeff Allen Setting The Woods On Fire Burn It Down Craig & Karen Burn One Down Burn It Down! Kathy Brown & Burn You Up, Burn You Down Nancy A. Morgan-Fletcher Burn It Down Neville Fitzgerald DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love & Julie Harris Burn It Up Andrew Palmer & Burn The Floor (On The Floor)! Simon J.Cox If You See Him/If You See Her Things I Cannot Change Whatever You Do! Don't! Burn Me Down Mary Kelly Burn Me Down It Won't Be Me One Love Burn Out Dave & Kath Fyfe Baila I Need Somebody Burn With Fire Kathy Brackett Fire Brown Sugar When You Said You Loved Me Burning Cato Larsen Burning Burnin' Body Rock Mitchell & When My Baby Linda Burgess Burnin' Bridges Kristen Wade & Bridge That You Won't Burn Samantha Dixon Burning Bridges Kevin Day Burning Bridges Waltz Burning, Burning, Gordon Elliott Burning Love Burning Burnin' Down Hedy McAdams Put Some Drive In Your Country The House Button Off Of My Shirt Burnin' Down The House Burning Down Glen Pospieszny Burning Down The House The House Burning Flame Kate Sala Burn One Down Burning Flame Thomas Viollet Eternal Flame Burning Love Jodi Page Burning Love Burning Love Judy White Burning Love Burning Love Maggie Gallagher Burning Love Burnin' Love Fiona Karen Burnin Love McChristie Burning Love Mitchell Burgess Burning Love Burning Love Michael Vera-Lobos Burning Love Burning Memories Max Perry Burning Memories Burning Ring Val Myers Does My Ring Burn Your Finger Burning Up Mary Kelly B-B-B-Burnin' Up With Love One Good Woman Red Hot Burning Up! Doug & Jackie Burning Love Miranda Burning Up Andrew Blackwood B-B-B-Burnin' Up With Love Bury The Hatchet Denis Haggerty We Bury The Hatchet Bury The Shovel Alison Copeland Bury The Shovel Bus Dance, The Johanna Olli I Love You 'Cause I Want To Line Dance Crazy Be Bop A Lula Bus Stop Unknown Why Baby Why Bus Stop Unknown Get up, Get Down, Get Funky, Get Loose Bus Stop, The Unknown Things Can Only Get Better Bushbashin' Joel Burr Scrubbashin' Bushwacker Unknown Business Is Good Sooz Goodes Love Is Our Business Bust A Move Jo & John Kinser, Bust A Move Philip Sobrielo Busted Sonny Klemm Wasn't That A Party Busted Chris & Roxanne What I Go To School For Kumre Busted Christine Bass My Give A Damn's Busted Busted Michael Beck My Give A Damn's Busted Busted!!! DJ Dan & Wynette My Give A Damn's Busted Miller Busted Windows Seth Lilly Bust Your Windows Buster Mark Hood & Buster Douglas Semple Buster Boogie Judi Adams Wink What The Cowgirls Do Little Miss Honky Tonk Too Much Fun Honky Tonk Twist Bustin' Loose Scott Blevins Cowboy Love Let Me Drive Bustin' Out Andy Ghidiu Dance, Shout! Pick Up The Pieces Jamming Chain of Fools Bustin' Out Chris Hookie Ghost Busters Cow Cow Boogie Reggae Cowboy Bustin Wood Kathy Brown Be My Lover Lovey Dovey Busy Jo & John Kinser Busy Busy Bee Daniel Whittaker Busy Being Fabulous Busy Boots Ruth Lambden Cherokee Boogie Busy Feet Barbara Lowe The Boys Are Back In Town Baby (You've Got What It Takes) Busy Times Tony Wilson Love Be Still The But Dance Karen Hedges & I Like Her But, She Don't Like Me Jamie Marshall But I Do Jan Wyllie I Don't Want To Love You But I Do Patricia E. Stott But I Do But I Do Love You Alan Birchall, But I Do Love You Alison Johnstone I Will Love Again & Martin Ritchie Believe But Now I'm Back Linda Burgess But Now I'm Back But Tonight I'm Annette Skaff Tonight Loving You Butt Kickin' Caz Robertson Tired Of Getting My Butt Kicked Lonesome Highway Wait A Minute Butt Shuffle Don Deyne Wake Up Screamin' Butter Beans Christopher Petre Head South Buttercup Doug Miranda & Build Me Up Buttercup Jackie Snyder Buttercup Baby! Katie Donovan Build Me Up Buttercup Butterflies Unknown She's Got The Rhythm Some Kind Of Trouble 4 To 1 In Atlanta Butterflies Charlotte & Rob Butterflies Butterflies Gaye Teather Butterflies Butterfly Jolene Pearly Vun Butterfly Butterfly Winnie Yu Butterfly Butterfly Daze Amy Spencer & Butterfly Adam Berman Butterfly Kisses Tapio Koskela Butterfly Kisses Butterfly Love Stephen Rutter Love Is Like A Butterfly Butterfly Waltz Peggy Cole You Got Me Over A Heartache Tonight I See It Now Butterfly Wings Jean Lock Love Is Like A Butterfly Buttermilk Sin Grima Swingin Forever And Ever, Amen 5,6,7,8 Buttermilk Boogie Monte L Higgins Boogie Till The Cows Come Home Boot Scootin' Boogie Little Miss Honky Tonk Six Days On The Road Buttermilk Tap Jackie Allen & Why You Been Gone So Long Angie Burt Buttin' In, Amy, Kaz, Nicola, Wrangler Butts Buttin' Out Cheryl & Fiona Daydream McChristie All I Want Button It Gaye Teather Don't Talk To Him Buttons Dan McInerney Buttons Buttons And Bows Kenny Teh Buttons And Bows Bux In Tux William Sevone Tuxedo Junction Buxton Bounce, The Patricia E. Stott Don't Be Cruel Buy Me A Drink Maggie Gallagher Do You Still Wanna Buy Me That Drink Buy Me A Rose Sheila Vee Buy Me A Rose Buy Me A Rose Hazel Pace Buy Me A Rose My Old Love In New Mexico Baby Hold On Buy Me A Rose Dennis & Verity Buy Me A Rose Buzz Me Blues Michele Perron Buzz Me Blues Buzz Off Mark Cosenza & Buzz Buzz Buzz Glen Pospieszny Buzz Buzz Buzzard Choke Mare Dodd Straighten Up & Fly Right By A Thread Dan Morrison Button Off My Shirt By Chance Anne Hennessey Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy If I Can't Have You I Saw The Light By George! Jan Brookfield By George Stay The Night By Jingo ! William Sevone Jin-Go-La-Ba By Me The Kid Stand By Me By My Side Michael Vera-Lobos The Strongest Man In The World By My Side Vivienne Scott If The World Crashes Down Green, Green Grass Of Home When You're Falling In Love By My Side Tracie Lee When You Lie Next To Me By My Side Sho Botham & I've Got This Feeling Peter Metelnick I Can Love You Better By Myself Chris Hodgson If I Can't (Have You) By Request Denise M You Got It Cajun Moon By The Boab Tree The Girls (Maureen By The Boab Tree & Michelle) By The Rio Grande' Jan Wyllie El Paso City By The Time Chris Peel By The Time I Get To Phoenix By Your Side Kathy Hunyadi By Your Side While You Loved Me By Your Side Michael Weeks & God Is In This Place Betty Robinson & Tu Manera De Amor' The Lady In Black Four-Thirty By Your Side Jim Watt Love Won't Work Bye Baby Tony Wilson She Does The Walk On Boot Scootin' Boogie Bye Bye Bob Davis Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Jan Wyllie Won't Be Blue Anymore Bye, Bye, Baby Terry Hogan Lawdy Miss Clawdy Bye Bye Baby Blues Andy Chumbley Bye Bye Baby Blues Bye Bye Baby Cha Cha June & Tascheri There Goes My Baby Moore Bye Bye Birdie Gloria Johnson I'm Not Listening Anymore Bye, Bye Blues Kath MacManamon Bye Bye Bye Bye Butterfly Roger Bessent Can't Buy Me Love Bye-Bye-Bye Jo Everhart Bye-Bye-Bye Bye Bye Bye James Potter Bye, Bye, Bye Bye Bye Diablo Yvonne Anderson Bye Bye La Chiqui Big Band Bye Bye Bye Bye Love Yvonne Hammond Bye Bye Love Bye Bye Love Patricia E. Stott Bye Bye Love Bye Bye Mambo Helen Conroy Bye Bye (Piccolissima) Noonan Bye Bye My Baby Su Marshall Bye Bye Bye Bye Kate Sala Bye Bye (Piccolissima) Bye Bye Shuffle Ruth Cuthbertson Commit Me For Hangin' On Daniel's Boys Bye-N-Bye Larry & Jody She Couldn't Change Me Carriger Fire Red Thunderbird Lincoln Continental Bypass Trish Davies Please Bypass This Heart Bypass Kate Sala Wrapped Around Byrd Country Sal Gonzalez I'm From The Country You Walked In Monkey Around Mama Done Told Me Byrd Walk Knox Rhine Walkin' To Jerusalem Travelin' Music Bytown Shuffle David F. Roberts Juke Box Junkie How Your Love Makes Me Feel Little Ol' Kisses Livewire Man I Feel Like A Woman

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Patti Brown
Last Updated: Friday, September 04, 2015 - 11:27:01 PM