Top 10

DANCE TITLE CHOREOGRAPHER MUSIC SUGGESTION D D-Crockett Gerry Bunyan Davey Crockett (D) For Darling Rob Walker Darlin Tell Me Why D-Things A.T. Kinson Things The D. A. Roy East Rodeo Man Don't Take Her She's All I've Got D.A.M. Shuffle Debbie O'Hara Darned If I Don't, Danged If I Do Daddy's Money D.A.R.E. To Mambo Forty Arroyo Salsa Fever Gypsy Flame D.B.'s Dave & Di Doyle Duelling Banjos By Bull's In Cowtown D C Express Unknown Jose Cuervo I Love My Truck Sounds Like Love D.C. Shuffle Donna Aiken DC 10 EC William Sevone The Ballad Of Davy Crockett DCC Dance Rosie Multari Be Bop A Lu La Life's A Dance D - D Dancin' Gaye Teather Dance Tonight (Dusk - Dawn Dancin') D & D Slide Unknown If I Ain't Got You D & D Twist Dena & Donna Ain't Nothing Wrong With The Radio Wasnick D/FW Boot Scootin' Chris Hookie & Boot Scootin' Boogie Boogie Patty Dark DGM Swing Dawn Sherlock, Gareth Mole & My Love Goes On And On Mark Furnell D. H. S. S. Gaye Teather Coffee (Delicious, Hot, World Of Blue Strong & Sweet) D.I.D! Sam & Ruth Do I Do It To You Too Armstrong I Wish That I Could Fall In Love Today D.I.R.T.Y. Minds Michael W. Diven Dirty Mind D.I.Y. Robbie McGowan Fresh Coat Of Paint Hickie Saddle Up Kookaburra Blues DJ Livio DJ DJ Falling In Jose Miguel DJ Got Us Fallin In Love Again Love Again Belloque Vane & Roy Verdonk D.J. Play It Audrey Watson All Night Long D J Shuffle Patricia E. Stott When You Ask About Love D.J. Slap Danyelle & Justine Don't Be Cruel Shuttleworth Honey Hush DJ Slide Unknown Help, I'm White and I Can't Get Down D.K. Shuffle G.J. Lee & I Love You 'Cause I Want To Wendy Hughes D-Kline Mike Salas Husbands & Wives D&L Shuffle David & Lorraine Linda Lou Sprieght D. L. C. Cathy Falconer Domestic, Light & Cold D-Lo's Party Dee & Lauren Get The Party Started D&M Nation Mark Hood & Tell Me Ma (Dam Nation) Douglas Semple DN Waltz Niels Poulsen Rock N Roll Waltz Tattoos Of Life DNA Jane Newhard Pop A Top Beer Thirty Not The Quittin' Kind Shine On D.N.A. John & Bonnie Dance The Night Away Newcomer DNA Derek Steele & Sway (Mucho Mambo) Amanda Beaulieu The Answer To Our Life D-N-S John Dembiec Dirty D.N.T.O. Michele Perron Some Broken Hearts (Definitely Not Some Broken Hearts The Opera) Sexual Healing Shy Guy Ain't Hurtin' Nobody I Make Her Laugh D.R.J. (Daz, Darren (Daz) Howdy Richard, Joan) Davies, Richard Cowboy Sweet Heart & Joan D 2 U Barry Cook Every Other Rime DWIOU Max Perry DWIOU D.W.N.N. Jenny Rockett Music To My Tears Here Comes My Baby Spread A Little Love Around Daddy's Come Around D.Y. Cha-Cha Violet Ray Things Change D'Amour Val Reeves Cha Cha Cha D'Amour Da Ba Dee Lynn Rolph Blue (Da Ba Dee) Cuba Libre Stampede Strut Tryin To Get To New Orleans I Like It, I Love It 12 Step Recovery Pink Cadillac Da Doo Ron Ron Gaye Teather Da Doo Ron Ron Da Doo Ron Ron Raymond Townsend Da Doo Ron Ron Da Doo Run Run Roy Verdonk & Da Doo Run Run Wil Bos Da Dood Group What A Way To Go Da Limbo Dance Glen Pospieszny & Do The Limbo Dance Mark Cosenza Da Tuan Yuan Eva Pau Da Tuan Yuan (Reunion) Dad Chris 'n' Pete Dad Jackson Dad N' Me!!! Paul Snooke Song For Dad Dad's Money Bev & Dave Senft Daddy's Money Knock Yourself Out Before You Kill Us All Back In Your Arms Again Daddy Cool Geri Morrison, Daddy Cool Kiley Evans, Ryan Pearson Daddy Cool Peter Giam Daddy Cool Daddy Cool Frank O'Donnell Who's Your Daddy Daddy Cool Johnny Montana Daddy Cool My Friend Jack Down In Muddy Water Super Love Daddy-O John H. Robinson Does Your Daddy Know About Me Daddy Who? Curtis Marting Who's Your Daddy? In A Little While Daddy's Chicken Joanne Toms 5,6,7,8 Daddy's Come Around Rita M. Kyle Daddy's Come Around Romeo Hardwood Stomp Daddy's Diamond Janice Hoy Union Street (Saturday Night) Hitch Daddy's Farm Sam & Ruth Daddy Won't Sell The Farm Armstrong Daddy's Little Girl Roland Gutzwiller Daddy's Little Girl Daddy's Little Girl Andy Chumbley Daddy's Little Girl Daddy's Little Girl Irene Groundwater Daddy's Little Girl Sweetheart Tree Daddy's Little Girl Simon Ward Speechless Daddy's Money Carol Weiner-Hamm Daddy's Money Without Your Love Daddy's Money Dawn Dennell Daddy's Money Playa Silencio Dad's Bar The Kidz Beat Me Daddy To The Eight Bar Dae Jang Geum Eva Pau Hope Daffodil Blues Gill Knight Four Wheel Cowboy Daffodil Blues Gill Knight Four Wheel Cowboy For Beginners Four Wheel Cowboy Blues Dahlia Linda Relyea Vidalia Daily Grind, The Peter Metelnick & C'est La Vie Alison Biggs Dainty Dee's Shuffle Tony Wanko Neon Moon Rock My World My Kind Of Girl Men Life #9 Honky Tonk World Daisies Waltz Lois Lightfoot Pushing Up Daisies Children Daisy Darlin' Pauline Carson Their Hearts Are Dancing Daisy Likes Jenifer Wolf Blue Tango To Tango Daka Days Paul J Badrick Daddy Won't Sell The Farm (Darker Days) He's Driving Me Out Of Your Mind Houston (We Have A Problem) The Lost And Found Hold On Fool Heart True Get In Line Dakota Shuffle Unknown Amy's Back In Austin I Like It, I Love It I Should've Been A Cowboy Fast As You I've Got Better Things To Do Dakota Stomp Hazel Parfitt Red Lips Blue Eyes Little White Lies Dakota Waltz Johnny Montana Don't Think I Can't Love You I Still Believe Somebody Loves You Dallas Marilyn & Jill Dallas Argus All My Ex's Live In Texas Dallas Johnny S' She's Still In Dallas Dallas Country Cha Knox Rhine Land of Enchantment Day Off Why Not Tonight Now That's Alright With Me Dallas Country Line Ian St Leon You're Too Good Lookin' To Still Be Lookin' Dallas Shuffle Bud & Connie Tulsa Time Cranford All My Rowdy Friends Hillbilly Rock Dame' (Touch Me) Amy Christian-Sohn Dame Dame Salsa David Levesque I'm Alright ELECTRA Damifino Bud Cranford Take It Back A Little Less Talk Notorious Damn..... Neville Fitzgerald Get Your Number Damn Good Time Terry Dunbar Thrown Out Of The Bar Damned If I Do Joy Hinkle Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don't Dana's Dream Max Perry California Dreamin Danc-N-Papoon Vera Brown South Of Santa Fe Daddy Won't Sell The Farm I Can't Get Enough I Still Believe Dance Charles Bowring Dance Dance Michael Seurer Boot Scootin' Boogie Cows Came Home Dance Ain't Going Down Dance Bryan McWherter I Hope You Dance Dance! David Bendle Dance Dance Scott Blevins Music Kiss This Dance, The Leonie Smallwood Our Town Dance Terry Hogan She Came To Dance Dance! Nancy A. Morgan Canned Heat Dance-A-Rhumba Ann Thomson-Buhler A Place In My Heart Dance Again Gaye Teather Dance Again Dance Again Wesley Cowie Dance Again Dance All Night Lana Harvey Deep In Louisiana We're Here To Stay Got To Get To Louisiana Adalida Dance All Nite Junior Willis All Nite (Don't Stop) Dance All Night Long Kerry Harlen I Wanna Watch You Dance All Night I Feel Bad Everlasting Love Wake Up And Smell The Whiskey Dance All Nite Junior Willis All Nite (Don't Stop) Dance Alone Louise Elfvengren Dance Alone Olatoye Dance Along The Unknown Maschen-Draht-Zaun Maschen-Draht-Zaun Dance & Make Love!! Gordon Elliott Dance With Me & others Dance & Shout Raelyne Castonia Dance! Shout! Dance & Shout Tom West Dance & Shout If I Never Stop Loving You Mas Tequila Such A Lonely One No Hasta La Vista Tonight Dance & Shout Frank Cooper Dance & Shout Dance And Shout Brian Barakauskas, Dance & Shout Markus & Seffen Raus Dance Around Basem Elfaham Bring It On The Clock Old Time Rock 'N' Roll Dance Away Alison Biggs The Dance Goes On Dance Away The Night Carmel & Ernie Perfect World Hutchinson Dance Away The Night Marie Harman Dance The Night Away Dance Away Kirsteen Warren Dance Away Your Blues Your Blues Dance, Buckaroo! Marco Maselli Buckaroo Some days You Gotta Dance Dance Cha Cha Sin Grima I Just Want To Dance With You Dance Charlie Brown Kay Romero Charlie Brown I Threw The Rest Away Dance D'Amour Adrian Churm Dance Dance D'Amour Dance Dance Dance Michael Barr Dance, Dance, Dance Guitars, Cadillacs A Whole Lotta Hank Dance, Dance, Dance Masters In Line Dance Dance Dance Dance Roy Thompson Dance Dance Dance Dance Feeva Violet Ray All She Wants To Do Is Dance Dance Fever Gerald Biggs Night Fever Dance Floor Darlin' Larry Bass Dance Floor Darlin' Dance Floor Fire Marissa Purtill Fire Burning Dance For All Matthew Cunnington Everybody Dance For Hope Craig Cooke I Hope You Dance Dance For Life Robin Sin What A Feeling Dance For Me Alison Biggs Doin' It Dance For Moms Derek Steele A Song For Mama You Were Mine Dance Geronimo Christopher Jones Geronimo Dance! - If Yauntto Ed White Got To Be Funky Road Runner Dance The Night Away You're Killin' Me Someone Should Tell Her Dance In Armani Rep Ghazali Hit The Floor Dance In The Gwen Walker She-Wolf Moonlight Dance In The Rain Jenny L Dance In The Rain Dance It Back Michael A. Repko Sing It Back Some Say I'll Take Love Over Money Dance Like Sandra Balestracci If I Could Dance Like Fred Astaire Fred Astaire Monkey Around Pencil Thin Mustache Dance Like That, A Lesley Johnston Down Into Muddy Water Gympie Muster Be My Lover The Lord Of The Dance Dance Like There's Michael Lynn Dance Like There's No Tomorrow No Tomorrow Dance Like There's Gaye Teather Dance Like There's Nobody Watching Nobody Watching All The Roadrunning Dance Like You're Teresa & Vera Sun Goes Down The Only One Dance 'Lil Lady Irene Groundwater Dance 'Lil Lady Dance Little Dixie Barbara Mendelsohn Bang, Bang, Bang Dance Little Jane Johnny Montana See Jane Dance Ain't Nothing 'Bout You Dance Little Lady Ed Lawton Dance Little Lady Dance Dance Little Ones Joseph Yip Dance Little Lady Dance Me (To The Ira Weisburd Dance Me To The End Of Love End Of Love) Dance Mode Judy Lee Don't Be Stupid You Walked In I'm From The Country Love Gets Me Everytime Bubba Hyde I Can Love You Better I Like It, I Love It Dance My Lindy Lou Robbie McGowen Shadows In The Night Dance Of Love Angie Shirley Dance Of Love Dance Of Love Jennifer Choo L-O-V-E Sue Chin Dance Of The Heart Val Reeves Hearts Are Dancing Dance Off My Blues Dan Albro Dance Off My Blues Dance On Max Perry Dance On! Dance Or Die Maggie Gallagher Die Another Day Dance Or Rock N Roll Ivonne Verhagen Mama Don't Dance & Your Daddy Don't Rock & Roll Dance Out Loud Glen Pospieszny Let's Get Loud Dance Out Loud Kevin Richards Dare The World Bad Day To Let You Go Danch Ranch Fever Unknown This Is The Big One Dance Ranch Romp Jo Thompson Dance Dance Rendezvous '99 Annette Wright Right On The Money In Need Dance Romance Carl Sullivan I Just Want To Dance With You Dance, Shout! Raelinn W. Dale Dance! Shout! Jai' du Boogie Dance Some Lana Harvey I Wasn't Ready For You Talk Some Dance Some More Judy Rodgers Cheek To Cheek Dance Sumpthin Kathy Brown Sumpthin Sumpthin Say It Right Do It High On The Hog Race You To The Bottom Dance The Blue Away Dancin' Mamas Song Sung Blue Dance The Honky Tonk Stewart Gimson Playing Every Honky Tonk In Town Dance The Night Away Kevin Richards Dance The Night Away Dance The Night Away Jeff Allen Dance The Night Away Dance The Night Away Sue Gupwell Dance The Night Away Larry Pizzini Dance With Me Dance The Night Evi & David Kerr Dance The Night Away Away Cha Cha Dance Til Dawn Judy Cain Dance 'Till Dawn Dance 'Til The Bracken Ellis Play It Loud Break Of Day Dance Time Louise Hodson Put Some Drive In Your Country I'll Be Home For Christmas Dance To Dance Gwen Walker Why Don't We Just Dance Dance To The Music Michele Burton & Dance To The Music Michael Barr Dance Tonight Geoff Langford Dance Tonight Dance Tonight Harry Seddon Dance Tonight Dance*Tyme Rhythm Michele Burton Where'm I Gonna Live I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome Dance Wagon Dan Testa Sin Wagon Dance While Sho Botham Waitin' For The Axe You're Waitin' Dance With Angels Annette Edwards Play Me The Waltz Of Angels Dance With Emily Rudolf Birckigt Emily Dance With Me Betty Clarke Would You Still Dance Dance With Me Jim & Tina Ray I Just Want To Dance With You Dance With Me Charlotte Zoscak I Just Want To Dance With You Dance With Me David Millington Tres Deseos (Three Wishes) Shine, Shine, Shine Dance With Me Terry Hogan You With Me Dance With Me Warren Mitchell Dance With Me Dance With Me Angie Shirley Save The Last Dance For Me Dance With Me Debi Bodven Wrong Night I Can't Dance Dance On Dance With Me! Jenny Bounds Trouble Is A Woman Dance With Neville Fitzgerald They're Playing Our Song Me Darlin' Dance With Me Ron Kline Dance With Me Tonight Dance With No Name Steve Wilkinson Smokey Places Dance With The Devil Maggie Gallagher Dance With Me Dance With You Margaret I Just Want To Dance With You Barnes-Golden Dance With You Paula & Eric Bilby I Just Want To Dance With You Dance With You Trish Davies I Just Want To Dance With You Dance With You Val Reeves I Just Want To Dance With You Dance, Y Dontcha Gaye Teather Dance, Dance, Dance Dance Your Little Jo Weeks Don't Be Stupid Heart Out! Dance Yourself Dizzy Mark Furnell & Dance Yourself Dizzy Jackie Towler Dance-Zone Vivienne Scott Despre Tine Getaway A Dancers Cha Cha Lisa Johns-Grose Will You Dance With Me? Nobody Knows Dancers Concerto Jenifer Reaume Victory Dancers Den! Chris Hodgson Dancers Den Dancer's Night Out Junior Willis Ooh Boy Big Night 0ut Who's Your Daddy Dancer's Romp Dave Rusch Janie Baker Big Ol' Truck Be My Baby Tonight Dances 'N Dimes Jan Wyllie If I Didn't Have A Dime (D'N D) Dances With Marlene Marlene Rutherford Cinco Robles (Five Oaks) Shahadaroba Dances With Wolves Eileen Gillan The John Dunbar Theme Let Your Love Flow Dancin' Iris Mooney Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard Dancin' All Around Tracie Lee If This Aint Love Dancin' All Night Jan Brookfield Dance All Night Dancing All Night Gary Lafferty Lovin' Each Day Dancin' All Leonie Smallwood Mambo Mambo Night Long Dancin' Angels Allan & Karen Burr When I Think About Angels Dancing Armadillo Unknown Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox Beer And Bones Dancin' Around Peter Metelnick & Halfway Around The World The World Alison Biggs Dancing Away Jan Wyllie Dance Away The Night Dancing Barefoot Melissa Monter Wildflower Dancin' Blues Jann Rattley Dancin' With Elvis Dancin' Boots I. Ang Don't Rock The Jukebox Dancin' Shoes Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues Dancing Boots April Osborne I Should Know Someone Should Tell Her Dancing Boots Nita Pearson & These Boots Are Ready To Dance The Wild West American Dance Company Dancin' Boots DJ Dan & Wynette Honky Tonk Boots Miller Dancin' By Myself D.J. Lansaw He's Your Problem Now Nothing' But the Taillights But I'm Not Bitter Rompin' Stompin' Dancing Country Charla Smith Ten Feet Tall And Bulletproof Sons Of The Pioneers Dancing Cowboy Unknown Bing Bang Boom Dancin' Cowboys Maoliosa Bond Dancing Cowboys Dancing Cowboys Cliff Angelias Dancing Cowboys Dancing Cowboys Vivienne Scott Dancing Cowboys The One U Wanna C Red Hot Salsa Horse To Mexico Dancin' Cowboys Laurel Curtiss Dancin' Cowboys Dancin' Dauncy Sue Dancey Don't Be Stupid Dancing Denim Larry Bass Love Gets Me Every Time She's Waiting You Turn Me On Dancing Dervish William Sevone Paint It Black Dancin' Dream Irene Groundwater Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams Cha Cha Dancin' Cowboys Almost Jamaica Sugar Daddy Dancin' Elvis Victor Dancin' With Elvis Van Der Meer Dancin' Feet Susan & Harry Wipe Out Brooks Tulsa Shuffle Bubba Shot The Juke Box Bobby Ann Mason Dancin' Feet Gloria Johnson Dance Shout! Dancing Feet Jo Thompson Wipe Out Dancing Feet Terry Mandzuk Iko, Iko Seduced Paper Roses Dancing Fool Alex Mead Dancing Fool Warren Fleming Fool Like That Dancing Fool Neil & Penny Smith Dancing Fool Dancin' Fools Kristin Martin Some Kind Of Trouble Take It Back Dancing Forever Ephraim & Forever Katherine Kirkland Dancing 4 Health Shanthie De Mel Just Stand Up Dancin' Grandpa Dougie D. Dance, Dance, Dance Dancing Heart A. Whitworth Natural Heart Of Asia Dancin' Hearts Bubs Jewell I See It Now Dancing Hearts Michael Barr Their Hearts Are Dancing Dancin Hearts II Parish Country Their Hearts Were Dancing Dancing Hours Judy Cain 9 To 5 Dancin' In Black Robyn-April Men In Black Down To The Last Teardrop Someone Could Lose A Heart Tonight Dancing In Circles Rachael McEnaney Dancing In Circles Dancing In Line Chris Er Lovers Live Longer Dancing In Red Jan Wyllie Lady In Red Dancing In Gill Knight Man I Feel Like A Woman Short Skirts Things I Cannot Change Me & My Baby Five String Guitar Dancing In Sync Anne Herd Syncopated Rhythm Dancing In The Dark Jo Thompson Smoke Rings In The Dark I Should Have Been True Dancing In The Dark Roxanne Kumre I'm With You Dancin' In Teri Rogers Dancin' In The Kitchen The Kitchen I Ain't No Quitter That Song In My Head Dancing In Mel Hollyman Dancing In The Moonlight The Moonlight Dancing In Angie Shirley Dancing In The Moonlight The Moonlight Dancing In Lisa Taylor & Dancing In The Moonlight The Moonlight Jeremy Blanch Dancin' In The Clint Qualls & Dancing In The Moonlight Moonlight Alecia Kiger Dancing In The Jo & John Kinser, Dancing In The Moonlight Moonlight Mark Furnell Dancing In Lorraine Kemp Dancing In The Street The Street Dancing In Peter Metelnick & Dancing In The Street The Street Kathy Hunyadi Dancing In Leong Mei Ling Dancing In The Street The Street Dancing In Jo Thompson Dancing In The Streets The Streets Dancing In Thomas Haynes Wild Wild West The Wild West Dancing In White Jan Wyllie A White Sportscoat Dancing Into Jason McCleave Into The Night The Night Dancin' Machine Gloria Johnson Honky Tonk Dancing Machine You Lied To Me Dancin' Machine '97 Gloria Johnson Honky Tonk Dancing Machine You Lied To Me Dancing Machine Dan Morrison Square Dance Song Dancing Machine Dottie Cirko Save This One For Me Honky Tonk Dancing Machine Dancin' Mood Jo Coleman/Kinser I'm In The Dancin' Mood Dancin' Moon Mike Sliter Love Someone Like Me Dancin' My June Meams Drivin' My Life Away Left Away The Salt In My Tears One Night At A Time Dancing On A Maggie Gallagher Dancing On A Saturday Night Saturday Night Dancing On Sunshine Sarah Byrne Walking On Sunshine Dancin' On The Susan Hancock Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard Boulevard Dancing On Frank Mitchell Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard The Boulevard Dancing On The Colleen Archer Dancing On The Ceiling Ceiling Dancin' On The Roof Jan Wyllie New Old Songs Dancing Party Johnny Eke Baby, Please Come Home Dancing Party Dancin' Party Geri Morrison Dancin' Party Dancing Queen Fred Rapoport Dancing Queen You're The One That I Want Dancing Queen Jan Wyllie Dancing Queen Dancin' Around Melissa Robishaw Two Step 'Round The Christmas Tree The Christmas Tree Dancin' Round Marg Jones Dancin' Round The Kitchen The Kitchen Gettin' Me Over Mountains Walkin' The Line It's Just Love Dancin Shoes Unknown Put On Your Dancing Shoes Dancin' Shoes Matthew Jacobs Dancing Shoes Dancing Shoes Debbie Scrimsher Dancing Shoes Dancing Shoes Denis Lajeunesse Dancing Shoes Dancing Shoes Jan Rattley Dancing Shoes Dancing Shoes Louise Hodson Charlie's Shoes Dancin' Somethin' Vivienne Scott Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right Right Hey Do You Know Me Dancing The Blues Jan Wyllie Old Man Blues Dancin' The Line Gordon Elliott Hangin' On Before He Kissed Me Dancin' the Line Dancin' Thing Karen Hedges & Dancing Queen Joanne Brady Dancing Til Dawn Mark Cosenza & Dance Til Dawn Glen Pospieszny Music Is My Passion Dancin' To The Radio Carl Sullivan Every Little Thing She Does Dancin' 2 Nite Rob Fowler Dancing Tonight Dancing 2000 Robbie McGowan Pizziricco Hickie Dancing Up A Sweat Irene Groundwater Sweat (Alalalalong) Dancing Violins Maggie Gallagher Duelling Violins Dancing With Sharon Smith Livin' On Love A Smile Turn It Loose Dancin' With Elvis Allison Page Dancin' With Elvis Dancin' With Elvis Sarah Herbert Dancin' With Elvis Dancing With Elvis Gail Shanks & Dancing With Elvis Sin Grima Dat'll Do Dah Doodah Dancing With Jenni Jorma Leitzinger I Ain't Never Quando Quando Quando Dancing With David Sinfield Stars Over Texas Texas Angels Dancing With Judy Sides Dancing With The Angels The Angels I Still Believe Dancin' With Mick Herbert Dancing In The Dark 'The Boss' Your Tattoo To Be Loved By You Dancin' With You Sal Gonzalez What I Meant To Say Keeper of the Stars No Doubt About It All I Need To Know Breathe Again Lady In Red Volcano Dancing Without Robert Lindsay Dancing Without Music Music Dancing Yet? GYTAL Why Don't We Just Dance Ain't Back Yet Throw The Bums Out Dandelion Wine Waltz Jan Wyllie Dandelion Wine Dang Dang Thang Sue Ann Ehmann That Thang 3 Dangerous Sandy Collins & Armed & Dangerous Dorothy Wicks Cherokee Boogie I Feel Lucky If Bubba Can Dance Dangerous John H. Robinson Rhythm Nation Control Are You Jimmy Ray? Remember The Time In The Closet One Night In Heaven I Am A Simple Man Catahoula Texas-Size Heartache That Girl's Been Spying On Me I Said A Prayer Dangerous Susan Groeschel Dangerous Sweet Little Shoe Dangerous Bertha Arseneau Dangerous Not Like That Bleeding Love 4 Minutes Stupid S... Hick Chick Built For Blue Jeans All Summer Long Honky Tonk Badonkadonk Dangerous Curves Ann Wood Dangerous Curves Dangerous Love The Girls (Maureen Free & Michelle) Flip Reverse Dangerous Man Lisa Johns-Grose Dangerous Man & Sylvia Schell Dangerous Man Dougie D Dangerous Man Dangerous Myles Jan Wyllie Sweet Little Dangerous Dangerous Waters Michael Vera-Lobos Don't Cross The River Dangerously Yours Judy Rodgers Dangerously Yours Why's It Feel So Long You Can Get It Daniels Waltz Dorothy Smith Light A Candle Till You Love Me Danke Schoen Doug Miranda & Danke Schoen Jackie Snyder Dans Republic Martie Papendorf Afrikaans Dan's Way Iris Mooney Heartbreak Hotel Daniels Boy The Way Things Are National Working Women's Holiday Dansalong Jill Geeson I Just Wanna Dance Danse Du Soleil DanceRuS - Libertango Sonia & Ric Danza Kuduro Jose Miguel Danza Kuduro Belloque-Vane & Andres Torti Dare Amy Christian Dare Dare To Dream Peter Metelnick Dare To Dream Paradise Angelina I Surrender Last Kiss Blue Bedroom Saturday Night Dare To Dream Martin Ritchie Dare To Dream Dare2Party Chris Watson & Party For Two Johnny Montana Dark Moon William Sevone Mr Man In The Moon Dark Secrets Gerard Murphy Can't Get You Out Of My Head Dark Side Gloria Johnson You Ain't That Lonely Yet Dark Streets William Sevone The Dark End Of The Street Another You, Another Me Wisdom Of A Fool Carrying Your Love With Me When I'm Gone Beggin' To You When You Walked Out On Me Pardon Me Dark Summer Lee Brotherton Summer Of Love Dark Waltz Andrew, Sheila Dark Waltz & Simon Darkness Anna Balaguer The Seashores Of Old Mexico Darlene Unknown Darlene The Darlene Ernie Hutchinson Darlene Darlene Jan Wyllie Darlene Darlin' Julie Molkner Darlin' Darlin' Eddie McIntosh Darling Cotton Eye Joe The Tide Is High Darlin' Charlotte Skeeters You Call Everybody Darling Darlin! Glynn Holt Darlin' We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This Darlin' Jan Wyllie Darlin' Darling Angel Bill McGee & Angel Larry Bass Darlin' Cajun Slap Mike Cook Who Did You Call Darlin' Troubles Here Darlin' Darlin' Norma Jean Fuller Stand By Me Darling Pretty Unknown Darling Pretty Darra Stomp Warren Fleming Me And You And The Moon The Darryll Darryll Brown Scatman Hard Workin' Man Honky Tonk Superman Shortenin' Bread Any Way The Wind Blows Dash Michele Perron 100 Yard Dash That's How Much You Mean To Me Daughter's Shine Dollar Bill Father & Daughter David's Blues David Paden Kickin' & Screamin' Why Haven't I Heard From You Super Love Dawgin' Norma Jean Fuller Salty Dog Dawn's World Stephen Sunter World Of Our Own Day And Night Brett Johnston Day And Night Day & Night Ria Vos Everyday Day By Day Tim Gauci Everyday Day Dreamer Unknown Day Dreamin' Trevor Smith Your One And Only Day Dreaming Peter Metelnick My Secret Flame Something Stupid I Should Know To Have You Back Again Dream Walkin Someone Else's Dream Mr. Christmas Back In Your Arms Again Day Dreamin' Karen Hunn Dreaming With My Eyes Open Tear It Up I Cried My Last Tear For You Day Drinkin' KC Douglas Day Drinkin' Chain Smokin' Make That Call Computer Control Playboy Where Do You Think You're Coming From Day In Day Out Terry Kelly Day In Day Out Day In Your Life, A Mark & Jan Caley One Day In Your Life Day Late, A Carl Sullivan A Day Late And A Darlin' Short One & Only Lover Day One Shanon Dickson What A Beautiful Day Daybreak Henry Costa Hit Country Song The One Rose [That's Left In My Heart] Daydream Linda Kalinowski Daydream Pencil-thin Mustache Sleigh Ride Daydream A Little CeeJay Daydream Dream A Little Dream Of Me Buck These Haggard Blues Sunday In Memphis Daydream Believer Alison Johnstone Daydream Believer Daydreams Violet Ray Some Beach Daydream With Me The Lady In Black Daydream & Betty 24/7 Robinson-Weeks Real Love Too Hot Been There Daylight Mark & Jan Caley Bad Day Daylight Dee Musk Daylight Day-O Derrick Goh Day-O (Banana Boat Song) Days Go By John Rowell Days Go By Days Go By Chris Watson Days Go By Days Go By Denny Harris Tequila Sunrise Days Of Our Lives Alan Haywood Days Of Our Lives Daytona Nights Jan Pratt I Wouldn't Wanna Be You Daytona Nights Daytona Slide Gloria Johnson Daytona Nights Black Velvet Dazed Bryan McWherter Days In Avalon Dazed And Confuzed William Sevone Cry Cry Baby Dumas Walker Chain Reaction Blue Bonnet Blue Natural Born Lovers Never Wear Mascara Leap Of Faith Dazz-A-Ling David Kopcych Everythings A Thing Joystick Give It Up Just Got Paid Let It Blow De Lux Michele Perron Lipstick, Powder And Paint Squeeze Me If You Only Knew Train Kept A Rollin' Plain Old Makin' Love Dead End Road D.J. Lansaw Honky Tonk Songs Whole Lotta Hurt Shortnin' Bread Dead End Road Jill Babinec Dead End Road Dead Or Alive Raymond Sarlemijn Blue Collar Man Dead Simple Tim Allen Simple As That Dead Tired Gaye Teather I Can Sleep When I'm Dead Deadly Combination Fred Knopp Daddy's Money Deadman's Shuffle Donna Deadman 40 Days And 40 Nights Deal Or No Deal Dee Musk I Don't Need A Man Deal With It John H. Robinson Real Deal Brand New Man White Line Casanova Gettin' Out The Good Stuff Dean Express Glenn & Maureen My Baby Thinks She's A Train Deana Roma Christine Bass An Evening In Roma Deanie Celtic Mix Maggie Gallagher Celtic Jig & Lizzie Clarke Deano's Cha Michael Siebke Cha, Cha, Cha D' Amour Deans Jig, The Rob Fowler The Deans Jig Dear Diary Shelley Lindsay Out Of Reach Didn't We Love Dear John Lisa Strong There's Your Trouble Whatja Do That Fo' Red Lips, Blue Eyes, Little White Lies Why Haven't I Heard From You Dear Life Guyton Mundy Dear Life Dear One Barry Andracchio Dear One Death Squad David Bendle Another One Bites The Dust Deaths Diary Fedor K. Deaths Diary Debbie's Mambo Gina Spence Mambo #5 Deception Mark Cosenza Trust Yourself Deception Waltz Dougie D Cheaters Waltz Decidido Tony Wilson Lo He Decidido Meat And Potato Man Decision Anna Picerno Where Gonna Go There Goes My Heart Decisions! Jan Wyllie Should I Come Home (Or Should I Go Crazy) Deck Dancin' Helen A. Walker Stagger Lee Sea Of Love Bad Romance Perhaps Deck 51 Ed Lawton & Flowers On The Wall Malcom White Dedicated Lucy Love Achey Breaky Heart Baby, Please Come Home Dedicated Drinker Kate Sala & Designated Drinker Geri Morrison Dee Jay! Kate Sala & Rock DJ Michaela Barker Dee Jay's Cha Cha Donna Lawrie & Brown Eyed Girl Julie Grayam Deep Down Ronnie Ann Deep Down Marchand Daddy's Money No Limit Deep Down Alan Robinson The City Put The Country Back In Me Why Not Tonight 40 Days And 40 Nights I Just Wanna Be Happy Deep In My Heart Abby Bayford Deep In My Heart Movin' Too Fast Deep In The Heart Thelma L. Lewis Deep In The Heart Of Texas Of Texas Deep Purple Kathy Hunyadi Deep Purple Deep River Haley Shiel & River Deep, Mountain High Victor Watts It's Only Make Believe Deep River Lois Bichler Deep River Blues Deep River Blues Linda Babli Deep River Blues Boom Don't Let Me Down There Is No Arizona What Do You Want From Me Now Prayin For Daylight Kiss 'Em All That's The Way Breakin' All The Rules Something Like That I'm Diggin' It Little Good Byes Destination Unknown Deep Trouble Lori Wong Trouble Deep Water Ivan Rickett Rock Bottom Deep Within Sharon May Spanish Eyes It's Your Love Deeper Blue Simon Whincup Deeper Shade Of Blue One Way Ticket A Deeper Love Yvonne Anderson A Deeper Love Deeper Shade Mike Kirkless Deeper Shade Of Blue Of Blue Deeper Shade Louise Moss A Deeper Shade Of Blue Of Steps Deeply Completely Rob Fowler Completely Deeply Dig Shaz! Walton Groove Is In The Heart No News Degrees DJ Dan & Wynette 98.6º Miller Deja Vu Kevin & Vickie Somebody's Leaving' Vance-Johnson For A Change Love Thing Deja Blue Déjà Vu Beth Mills & That's How I Feel Lorraine Deering Deja Vu Paul J Badrick & I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Tracey Curry Storyline The Lion Sleeps Tonight Things I Cannot Change What A Crying Shame How Do I Live Drop Me Gently The Lost And Found Islands In The Stream Deja Vu James Potter You Remind Me DeLaNoche Peter Metelnick Angel De La Noche & Alison Biggs Del Ray Dancing Dougie D. El Ray Del Dancing Delicious Ron Kline I Just Want To Dance With You Commitment Monkey Around Upside Down Delicious Lovergirl Delicious! Chris Williams Baby, It's Cold Outside Delilah Bob Sykes Delilah Delilah Alison Johnstone Delilah Morning Has Broken Delilah' Waltz Jan Wyllie Delilah Delirious Gaye Teather Overnight Success Delirious Love Paul Alderson Delirious Love Deltas Dream Daniel Keshan Not Me Not I Delusions Diana Dawson After Your Love Is Gone Delux Judy McDonald It's A Little Too Late Dem Bones Steve Yoxall & Drinkin' Bone Anne Harris Demon Tango The Girls (Maureen Takes 2 To Tango & Michelle) Denim Blue Glenda Ortiz Country Girl (Through And Through) Harney & Claudette Cindi Wicky Denver Jolene Siewert & Fishin' In the Dark Norm Dunlap Denver Cha Cha Yvonne Hammond Somedays Are Diamonds Denver Stomp Knox Rhine Big Ol' Truck Denver Stomp Denver Waltz, The Kathy Hunyadi Annie's Song Deny 'Lainey' Staines Deny, Deny, Deny Deny Kim Swan Deny, Deny, Deny 911 Departed Scott Schrank Right Here (Departed) Departure Jan Wyllie Take Your Memory With You Derailed Peter Metelnick Then She Kissed Me Derby City Stomp Jennifer Kanzler & Third Rock From The Sun Kerry Leitner Derby Jump Steve Hart Brown Derby Jump Derby Queen Louise Hodson Roller Derby Queen Derivitive Barry Amato (You Drive Me) Crazy Derringer Cathie Burns & Honky Tonk Attitude Michele Burton God Blessed Texas Desafinado Gordon Timms Desafinado Simplemente Desert Luau Holly Beamish & Desert Luau Jim Bob Szollosi Desert Moon Cha Cha Jim Krywko I Just Want To Dance With You Desert Rose Chris Williams Desert Rose Love You For A Day Who's That Man In Your Arms Desert Rose Bryan McWherter Desert Rose & Kevin S. Ward Desert Rose The Girls (Maureen Desert Rose & Michelle) Desert Sands Cha Cha Neil Hale Boardwalk Angel Un Momento Alla Desert Sands Sal Gonzalez Something Already Gone Cha Cha '97 Such A Lonely One Desert Walk Niels Poulsen Desert Walk Desert Walkin' Michael A. Repko Walkin Deshney Raymond Sarlemijn 2000 Watts Designated Dancer Joe Serafini Designated Drinker Designated Drinker Joanne Brady Ain't Much Fun Slow Me Down Whiskey Under the Bridge Designated Drinker Mary E. Richardson Designated Drinker Designated Drinker Val Reeves Designated Drinker Desire Bill Larson Hearts Desire Desire Greg Hyza I Want It That Way Steam Desire Irene Groundwater Vertical Expression Lovers Live Longer Desire Nigel Payne Let Me Love You Desperado Michael Vera-Lobos Desperado & Gordon Elliott Desperado (Let Peter Metelnick & Westlife Somebody Love You) Alison Biggs Desperado Eve Griffin Down To My Last Teardrop Schottische If Bubba Can Dance In The Place Of Love Desperado Slide Unknown I Feel Lucky Desperado Trail Denny Hengen Tears On My Pillow Sincerely I Swear Desperate Anne Harris Desperately Desperate Cha Cha Timothy Regester Desperately Desperate Measures Mark & Trevor I Knew I'd Need My Heart Someday Smith Desperate Widow Mike Ficher Just Enough Rope Lawdy Miss Clawdy Desperate Christine Young Hearts Run Free Young Hearts Desperately Ree Patterson Desperately Desperately Feeling Patti Brown Desperately I Got A Feelin' Desperation Samba Eric Sellers & Halloween In Tijuana Monica Miles Desperation Samba Sharon Leggate Desperation Samba Destination Jessica Lamb We've Got Tonight Destination: Peter Metelnick & Don't Stop Movin' Dancefloor Alison Biggs Destination Roland Gutzwiller Louisiana Louisiana Destination No Where Shannon Finnegan Is This Love Destined Kathy Hunyadi Destiny Destiny!! Alan Robinson Year Of Decision Even If I Tried Destiny Karen Looker Bootylicious Destiny Moses Bourassa Jr. God Made Stars & Barbara Frechette Destiny Helen Conroy Jai Ho Noonan Destiny Calling Steve Knowles Heaven's What I Feel Destiny Waltz The Girls (Maureen It Is You (I Have Loved) & Michelle) This Woman Needs Tattoos Of Life When I Said I Do Determination Simon Ward When The Wrong One Loves You Right Detour Dianne Joseph Except On Sundays Detroit Island Knox Rhine I'll Always Be True Cha Cha Everybody's Somebody's Fool Detroit Swing City Jo & John Kinser Detroit Swing City & Mark Furnell Deuce Coupe Samantha Dixon Little Deuce Coupe & Kelvin Dale Deuce Coupe Cathy Montgomery Little Deuce Coupe Devil Ruth Makary Small Town Saturday Night If The Devil Danced In Empty Pockets Devil Lynda Cunningham, D.E.V.I.L. Leigh-Anne Flannigan & Lynne Northorpe Devil Dancin' Robert M. Lindsay Better The Devil You Know Devil In Disguise Michelle Leva Devil In Disguise Devil In Disguise Denis Haggerty You're The Devil In Disguise Devil In Disguise Patricia Stott Devil In Disguise & Alan Birchall Devil In Disguise Rita Kyle Devil In Disguise A Devil In Me Kate Sala Diavolo In Me The Devil Knows You! Steve & Denise If You're Going Through Hell Bisson Devil Woman Zandra Varnham Devil Woman Devil You Know Michael Gleave Mull River Shuffle What About Now Devil You Know, The Coyote Kate Better The Devil You Know Devil's Dance Leanne Gill If the Devil Danced In Empty Pockets Devil's Dance Sue Odell The Devil Went Down To Georgia Devil's Hand Liam Hrycan From Hell To Paradise Mr. Jones Devil's Hell Michael W. Diven If You're Going Through Hell (Before The Devil Even Knows) Devil's Right Hand Pelle Carlsson Devil's Right Hand Riding Alone Devils Run Chris Hodgson Brown Eyed Handsome Man Rosalee Steppin Stones Devine Intervention Nancy A. Morgan Come Here You I Just Want To Dance With You Devoted To You Winnie Yu Devoted To You Devotion Jan Wyllie Devoted To You Di Da Di Kenny Teh Di Da Di Di Tanjong Katong Chen Kuo-Wei ELGIE-Asian Songs Discovery Diablo Rob Fowler Paint It Black Diablo Baila Max Perry & Dance With Me Bryan McWherter Diablo's Slide Unknown I Feel Lucky Dial OOO Robyn Oberg Wild And Free Dial 911 Patrick Fleming, The Hampster Dance Rosie Bragg, Jen Toolan, Nicole Aitchenson Diamante Matesa Diamante Something Stupid In Dreams Diamante Waltz Norm Gifford Somebody Loves You Diamond Karen Larken Smack Dab Diamond, The Bill Bader What If I Say Goodbye Own Heart's Delight Diamond Back Stomp Unknown Dancin' Shoes I Break For Brunettes Daddy's Money Diamond Deuce Eileen Haxton High Low And In Between Giving Water To A Drowning Man Wrong Place Wrong Time Betty's Got A Bass Boat A Little Something Oooh-Ahah Just A Little Bit The Diamond Dragon Wanda Grooms Can't You Tell Nothing On But The Radio Some Beach Diamond Girl Marjorie The Ballad Of Big Poppa And Diamond Girl Barnabas-Shaw Diamond In The Rough Charlie Milne Lucky In Love Love's Great Diamond In The Rough Peter Metelnick Momma Ain't Home Tonight Fool Of The Century Diamond In The Rough Vivienne Scott An Old Chunk Of Coal Play That Fast Thing (One More Time) Southern Streamline Long Necked Bottle I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow Diamond Legs Charlotte Grigg Honey Hush No Other Baby Diamond Mambo Knox Rhine Deep Down Bigger Than the Beatles I'm Outta Here Even If I Tried Cowboy Love Diamond Reggae Unknown Reggae Cowboy Diamond Shine Denny Hengen Daddy's Money Don't Love Make A Diamond Shine Diamond Twist Gloria Johnson A Matter Of Love Diamond Waltz, The Fred Rapoport Saturday Night Alibis Funny Face Famous Last Words Of A Fool Amanda Warning Labels You Look So Good In Love Something In Red Diamonds Kim Ray Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend Diamonds & Pearls Paula Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight Frohn-Butterly Husbands & Wives Old Friend Diamonds & Pearls Diamonds & Stones Unknown Some Days Are Diamonds Diamonds And Tears Jan Wyllie Diamonds And Tears Diamonds Are Forever Neil Hale My Heart Is A Diamond Diana Adrian Churm Diana Diana's Waltz Chris Black & Is There Life After Love Sue Ravenscroft Diane Ray & Tina Yeoman Wild Horses Diavolo In Me John & Bonnie Diavolo In Me Newcomer Did I Tell You DJ Dan & Wynette Did I Tell You Miller Did It, Done It Marty Riesebosch I Do It For the Money C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. Did It Have To Be Me Team A&S Why Did It Have To Be Me Did You See Me Frank Trace & Did You See Me Coming? Judy Cain Diddy Dance Willy Stomp Do Wah Diddy Diddy Diddy Doh Kate Sala & Doh Wah Diddy Geri Morrison Didn't I Rose-Mary Fournier When God-Fearin' Women Get The Blues Fast As You Man Of Me Didn't We Patrick Fleming Didn't We Love & Rosie Bragg Didn't We Sue Coats Didn't We Love Didn't We Robert Fletcher Didn't We Love Didn't We Love Geri Morrison Didn't We Do Well Didn't We Love Pete Harkness Didn't We Love Islands In The Stream Didn't We Love John Taylor Didn't We Love Didya Ever Johnny Two-Step Didya Ever & Fi Scott Did'Ya Ever Jenny Rockett Did'Ya Ever Didya Ever Richard Musgrave Didya Ever Die Sterne Roland Gutzwiller Die Sterne Stehen Gut Stehen Gut Diesel Fuel Dave Munro I'm Good 'n' Holy Water Different Dance, A Lisa Ferguson Different Drum Different Drum Lisa Firth & Different Drum Janet Halls Different Kind' Hazel Pace A Different Kind' A Man A Man, A Loving You Makes Me A Better Man That's The Thing About Love Different Light Mairi Love Different Light Different Reasons Bob Sykes Coming Back For You Different Shoes Christopher Petre It Happens A Different World Barb Addeo A Different World A Different World Teri Rogers A Different World Diffie, The Linda Relyea I'm in Love With a Capital U Bubba Hyde My Kind of Girl Diffie Attitude Unknown Dig A Dog & Bone Chris Cleevely Dig A Dog And Bone Story Dig It John Dembiec I'm Diggin' It Dig It Bud & Diane Martin I Can Dig It Whole Lotta Hurt Let Me Drive Dig It A. T. Kinson Dig It Dig It Gary Lafferty Diggy Diggy Lo Dig That Sound Charlotte Skeeters She's Sexy & 17 Dig The Groove Bill Bader Super Duper Love Digger Mike O'Brien Lil' Digger Diggin' It Tonya C Moore I'm Diggin' It (You Drive Me) Crazy Diggin' It The Girls (Maureen I'm Diggin' It & Michelle Jones) Diggin' It Kevin & Maria I'm Diggin' It Digging My Own Grave Margaret Murphy Digging My Own Grave Diggin That Cowboy Vickie Schermbeck Good Cowboy Caroline Baby Please Don't Go Ain't Goin' Down (Till The Sun Comes Up) Diggit Chris Salter No Diggity Diggy Liggy Lo Sandie & Roy Diggy Liggy Lo (Beginner) Driver, Sheena Gibbon & Chris Hark Diggy Liggy Lo Sandie & Roy Diggy Liggy Lo (Intermediate) Driver, Sheena Gibbon & Chris Hark Diggy Liggy Lo Marie Sørensen Diggy Liggy Lo Digital Thunder Edward Lawton & Love Gets Me Every Time Lee Birks Dim The Lights Michele Perron Loving You Makes Me A Better Man Blue Bayou California Blue Maria Elena Dime A Dance Mark & Jan Caley Dime Como Se Baila Dime A-Dance Lyne Camerlain Dime Como Se Baila (Dime A Dance) Dime A Dance Cha Cha Ruth Lambden Mary's Just A Plain Jane Dime Box Judy Cain Dime Box Texas Dimelo (Tell Me) Chris Kumre I Need To Know or Dimelo (I Need To Know) Live, Laugh, Love Dimelo (Need 2 Know) Jennifer Nothing Else Pasley-Smith I Need To Know La Fiesta Loving You Against My Will Dimples William Sevone Small Dimple (Xiao Jiu Wo) Ding A Ling Man Iris Mooney & Ice Cream Man Roz Morgan Whatever You Do! Don't! Ding Dong! Marilyn Bycroft Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead & Robyn Groot Dinky-Di Shuffle Dianne Joseph Pascagoula Run The Cost Of Living Dinky Doo Mary Kelly Hittin' The Hay Your Tattoo Live Wire Dino's Sway Doug & Julie Sway Miranda Dinosaur! Chris Brocklesby Walk The Dinosaur Thats The Way I Like It Dip - Dive Francien Sittrop Saturday Night Dip, Dive, Socialize Joey Warren & Saturday Night Debbie McLaughlin Dip It Low Andrew, Simon Dip It Low & Sheila Dip Me In Beer Maxwell Dip Me In Beer Dip Me In Beer Michael W. Diven Dip Me In Beer Dippity Do Claire Gent Givin' Water To A Drowning Man C-O-U-N-T-R-Y Good Ol' Days Dipstick Judy McDonald Appropriate Dipstick Direct Hit Terry Hogan Hit By Love Dirrty The Firebirds Dirrty Dirt Road lindy & Janis Dirt Road Dancing Trailerhood Dirt Track Cowboy Greywolf & Dirt Track Cowboy Wiya Wambli Cowboy Up Dirtbag Justine Teenage Dirtbag Shuttleworth Dirtee Disco Jo & John Kinser, Dirtee Disco Mark Furnell Dirty! Scott Blevins Dirty Dirty Bit Shaz Walton The Time Dirty Cash Dee Musk Dirty Cash Dirty Cowboy Unknown Home Amongst The Gum Trees Cotton Eyed Joe Dirty Dance, The Maverick Max Stay Why Haven't I Heard From You A Little Less Talk Dirty Dancing Tom "Bubba" Via Heart's Desire Fifty-fifty That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me Dirty Dancing Pat & Amanda The Time Of My Life Reynolds Dirty Dancing Lizzie Clarke & I've Had The Time Of My Life Ed Lawton Dirty Deeds Kristine Volkman Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Dirty Disco Matt Thomson, Love Game Mishi Ziminski & The Misfits Dirty Laundry Sandra Mailman & Bill's Laundromat Bar and Grill Dawn Randal Dirty Little Town Derek Robinson This Dirty Little Town That'd Be Alright Billy Jean Dirty Pop John Dembiec Dirty Pop Dirty Pop Junior Willis Pop Dirty Pop Keith Williams Pop Dirty Shoes Marion Wilson In These Shoes? Dirty Slide Unknown Dirty Talkin' John Dembiec He Drinks Tequila Tequila Di's Dancing Circle Di from Dubai Sweet Maria Best Days Of Our Lives Disappearing Gaye Teather Love Done Gone Bubbles Disc-Go-Round Vicki E. Rader I Love The Nightlife Some Cow Fonque Disco Cindi Talbot D.I.S.C.O. Stayin' Alive You're My Number One Disco Beat Winnie Yu Sexy Back Break Your Heart Disco Dance Jennifer Crosbie Boogie Oogie Oogie & Jenn Manfra Stayin' Alive Stayin' Alive Disco Diva William Sevone If I Can't Have You Catwalk Dance With The One That Brought You Melbourne Mambo Disco Duck Gerald Biggs Disco Duck Disco Heaven Jackie Brennan Disco Heaven Disco Remix Winnie Yu Call My Name Disco 'Round Kathy Hunyadi I Love The Nightlife Discovery Gloria Johnson & Don't Be Stupid Dusty Miller Love Gets You Everytime Distant Desire Jan Brookfield Out Of Reach Stars Have You Ever Been Lonely? Distant Dreams The Girls (Maureen You Caught Me At A Bad Time & Michelle) Somewhere Down In Texas Good Morning Beautiful Distant Shore Vivienne Scott Distant Shore Distant Thunder John H. Robinson Distant Thunder Distracted Johanna Barnes & Little Bitty Pretty One Bryan McWherter She Likes To Rock Reet Petite The Yodelin' Blues Disturbed David J. McDonagh On My Radio Stay The Night Disturbia Amy Christian-Sohn Disturbia Dit Dot Ditty Rossella C. Baby Come Back To Me Corsi-Lord & Fred Lord Ditched Trevor & Mark Down In A Ditch Smith Ditto Janet Martin You Walked In She's Taken A Shine Diva Scott Schrank & Diva John Robinson Diva's Niteclub Maurice Rowe Moving On Divert To Dallas Alan Robinson If You're Ever Down In Dallas Divine Inspiration Terry Hogan Divine Intervention Divine Intervention Peter Metelnick Bible Belt Jive Mr. Boogie Divine Intervention Michael Vera-Lobos Divine Intervention & Noel Bradey Divine Rhythm Katharine Daley Rhythm Divine Dixie Belle Stomp Beverley Ross & I Can Love You Better Andy Sinclair Let 'Er Rip Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under Tonight The Heartache's On Me Dixie Blues Bubs Jewell Blues For Dixie Once You're Past The Blues Dixie Boogie Dave Good Back Seat Boogie The Times We've Had Rock At The End Of My Rainbow Dixie Cha-Cha Julia Jackson Angel Of No Mercy Ol' Country Christmas In Dixie Dixie Chixie Love Irene Baker I Can Love You Better Dixie Darlin' Lisa Foord My Dixie Darlin' Dixie Dreams William Sevone My Dixie Darlin' Dixie Falls Gary Lafferty I'm Falling Again Dixie Flower Shane Alassi-Jones Adeline Dixie Fried John Rowell She's Going Home With Me Dixie Games...Latino Rep Ghazali El Movimiento Del Amorby A Little Too Late Dixie Jet M. Hamers & We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This J. Schaapman Dixie Kick, The Alan Dixon I Like It, I Love It Reggae Cowboy Dixie Line Twister Terry Davies I Fell In Love Dixie Lullaby Jo Thompson Dixie Lullaby Dixie Rose Pepper Siquieros Dixie Rose Deluxe's Honky Tonk, Feed Store, Gun Shop, Used Car, Beer, Bait, BBQ, Barber Shop, Laundromat Nothin' To Lose Dixie Shuffle Daniel Whittaker Stand By Your Man Sometimes When We Touch Dixie Style Ray & Trish Graham That's How They Do It In Dixie Dixie Swing! Sebastiaan Dixie Biscuit Holtland & Brandon Cheung Dixie Town Sadiah Heggernes Lil' Ol' Lonesome Dixie Town Dixie Two Step John & Janette A1 Blues Sandham Dixie Walk, The Peter Metelnick You Can't Hurry Love Roly Poly If This Is Love Dry Town Mile Out Of Memphis Dixie Weddin' Dance Charlotte Williams Dixie Lullaby & Norma J. Fuller Hold On What It Is Where Were You On Our Wedding Day The Yodelin Blues I Like It Like That Dixie's Honky Tonk Charlie Mifsud Dixie Rose Deluxe's Honky Tonk Feed Shop, Gun Store Dixie's Trouble Ronnie Fortt There's Your Trouble Dixie's Way John Dembiec That's How We Do It In Dixie Dixieland Moses Bourassa I Can Love Better Let 'Er Rip Tonight The Heartache's On Me Ready To Run Hillbilly Shoes Slave To The Habit Dizzee Loco Debbie McLaughlin Holiday Dizzie Lizzie Deb Crew & Dizzie Lizzie And Boogie Duncan Taylor Woogie Joe Dizzy Jo Thompson Dizzy Dizzy Cowpoke Michael Diven Dizzy Miss Daisy Life's A Dance Notorious Dizzy Daisy Genevieve Quinton Where Do I Go From Here Dizzy Doin's John Bailey Pick That Banjo D'J'Auntu Debbie Bua & Muddy Water Jo Ann Tracy All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Mi Vida Loca Djolei William Sevone Djolei Djolei Djolei Djolei Francien Sittrop Djolei Djolei D' Love Shuggie McCardle If I Ever Stop Loving You She Does Do Be Down KC Douglas Don't Cry Do Be Down Back On The Farm Do-By Night Andrew Palmer & One Night Man Simon J. Cox Do-Da-Loop Grant Gadbois Let Your Love Flow Big Mamou Redneck Girl Sunchyme Full Moon Full Of Love Do Dance Sharon Farris Last Time Uh Huh Pink Cadillac Last Call For Alcohol Do Dat Dance Masters In Line Do Dat Diddly Ding Dang My Humps Lets Get It Started Don't Cha Do I Tracie Lee Do I Do I Val Parry Do I Do I Do It Jos Slijpen Do I Do It To You Too Do I Learn? The Fino Western Do I Learn Dancers Wayho She's Not The Cheating Kind My Next Broken Heart Do I Want Ya! Matt Oakley Yeah Do It Tim Croghan I Do It For Money I Was Made For Loving You Do It Allan Hocking Do What Ya Wanna Do Do It!! David Sinfield Doin' What I Did Do It Norma Jean Fuller Soopadoopa Ain't It Just Like You Do It! Gerard Murphy The More You Do It (The More I Like It Done To Me) Do.. It.. A.T. Kinson & Like I Did (Like I Did) Jonathan I'm Not In The Mood (To Say No!) Baumeister Do It Again Liz Clarke & Dancer's Den John Rowell Do It Again Rose-Mary Fournier It Won't Shut Up I Can Love You Better Do It All Junior Willis I Wanna Do It All Do It All Kevin & Maria I Wanna Do It All Do It, Do It Ron Kline Stuff Like That Do It! Do It! Do It! Sharon K. Davis Guys Do It All The Time Do It For Love Judy McDonald Do It For Love Do It 4 Love Ed Lawton Do It For Love Do It In Dixie Dan Albro That's How They Do It In Dixie Do It In Dixie Diane Kale That's How They Do It In Dixie Do It Like A Texan Marilee Derby Good Texan Hard To Be Man I Feel Like A Woman Do It Like This The Girls (Maureen The Twist & Michelle) Hound Dog Honky Tonk Twist Do It Now Chris Cleevely I'm Your Man It's Alright To Be A Redneck Oh Carol Christmas Bop Do It Over Again Robert Lindsay Amor Do It Right Craig (sexyfeet) Doin It Right Do It Right Martyn & Chris I'm Your Man Hocking Do It To It Pat Eodice Honky Tonk Song Do It To Me Vera Fisher & Do It To Me Again Teresa Lawrence Do It To Me Wendy Whitlock Right Now Right Now Hero Do It To You? Diana Bishop Do I Do It To You Do Me Right Hot Pepper Cryin' Game Touchy Subject Do Not Disturb Irene Groundwater Do Not Disturb Do Or Don't Lorraine Grosse Whatever You Do! Don't! Don't Be Stupid Do Run Run Rob & Lorraine De Do Ron Ron Walker Precious Time Do Shut Up ! Dougie D. Shut Up And Kiss Me Do-Si-Do Rose Grant A-Ya Do-Si-Do Shuffle NTA Participants If You're Gonna Play In Texas Beer And Bones The Devil Went Down To Georgia Runnin' Behind Do "That" Again Carolyn Robinson Next Stop Heaven & Larry Bass Do That Again? Vivienne Scott, Let's Do That Again Fred Buckley, Andrew & Sheila Do That Thing Jackie Snyder That Thing You Do Do That To Me Maria Hennings You Still Do That To Me Hunt Do The C&N Funky Norma Jean Fuller Been There Somethin' & Charlotte Do The Funky Somethin' Williams Blues Hat Do The Cha Cha Joyce Nicholas Do The Cha Cha Cha Do The Cha Cha Esmeralda v.d. Pol Cha Cha Do The Dance Lisa Capitanelli Do The Dance Do The Dolphin Claire Gent No News C-O-U-N-T-R-Y Rock This Country Do The Kung Fu Bev Cornish Kung Fu Fighting Do The Locomotion Brian Dalton Do The Locomotion Do The Pussy Joey Prieur Pussy Swing On A Swing Sweet Sweet Smile Do The Walk! Carmel & Ernie Walk Of Life Hutchinson Gonna Get A Life Do The Walk Michael Haigh Tennessee Wig Walk Doin' The Tennessee Wig-Walk Do The Walk Audrey Watson Walk Of Life Your One And Only All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Do They Know This? Sandra Le Brocq They Do 32 Jim & Judy Wells The Answer Is Yes I Don't Want To Hang Out With Me Do This Do That! Robert Lindsay The Best Is Yet To Come Do U Ever? Wrangler Wild Savannah Something Up My Sleeve Do U Luv Me Lesley Clark Quick Fix Do Wacky Do Jim & Tina Ray Do Wacky Do Do Wah Diddy Joanne Do Wah Diddy Diddy Taylor Smith Do Wah Diddy Diddy The Girls Do Wah Diddy Dum Diddy Do (Maureen & Michelle) Do Wha Terry Dunbar Do Wah Diddy Diddy Do Wha't Derrick & Terry Do Wah Diddy Do What Boogie James Gregory & Be My Lover Jean Garr Billy B. Bad Do What You Do Carl Edwards Do What You Do Do Well Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo Gaye Teather Shang-A-Lang It Don't Get Better Than This Shakespeare's Way With Words Yellow River Do Ya Justine Do Ya Shuttleworth Do'Ya Mark & Jan Caley Do You Wanna Dance Louisiana Saturday Night Straighten Up And Fly Right Do Ya Wanna Dance? Joy Layer & Do Ya Wanna Dance Janet Billington Setting The Woods On Fire Do You Believe Jan Aram & Believe Tania Armstrong Do You Believe Johnny T. Darl Believe Do You Believe? Dianne Joseph Believe Do You Believe Kathleen Reynolds Believe Do You Believe Wayne Beazley & Believe Michelle Rackham Do You Believe In Helen A. Cregeen Yes Fate Yes ! Whole Lotta Hurt Do You Believe Kathy Brown Do You Believe In Love In Love Do You Believe Karen Tripp Do You Believe In Love In Love Do You Know? Alison Biggs The Show Do You Know Roy Verdonk & Do You Know (Ping Pong Song) Wil Bos Dimelo Do You Know??? Meiske Pamaputera Do You Know Do You Know Mary Lou Crowe Do You Know You Are My Sunshine Hello Mary Lou Do You Like It? Donna Shea I'll Take That As A Yes Do You Like It Annemaree Sleeth Like It Like That Like That Do You Love Me Damon Bruce & The Do You Love Me Shooting Stars Fast As You Do You Mean It Alan Haywood When You Say You Love Me Party Crowd Perfect Love Love And Affection Do You Really Victor Watts I Want To Be Your Girlfriend Do You Really Wanna Audrey Watson Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Do You) Remember Michelle Weller Remember The Time The Time Wherever You Will Go Do You Take...? William Sevone Shotgun Wedding Do You Wanna? Lisa Johns-Grose Do You Wanna Dance? Do You Wanna Dance Gaye Teather Do You Wanna Dance Do You Want To Dance Lovin' All Night Do You Wanna Dance? Joy Layer & Do You Wanna Dance Janet Billington Setting The Woods On Fire Do You Wanna Dance Roz Morgan Do You Wanna Dance Do You Wanna Play? Fedor K. Maybe Baby Do You Want Fries Bev & Philip Cheeseburgers In Paradise With That? Osmond Do Your Own Thang William Brown Swingit Do Your Thing Barry & Dari Anne Do Your Thing Amato, Max Perry & Kathy Hunyadi Doctor's Orders Maggie Gallagher Doctor's Orders Doe - Si' - Doe Jenifer Wolf Yippee I Oh Doctor, Doctor Masters In Line Bad Case Of Loving You Doctor Jones Andy Dixon Doctor Jones Doctor Jones Victor Watts Doctor Jones I Want To Be Your Girlfriend Doctor Time Jan Oberg Doctor Time Dodge Shake, The Steve Hart Wink The Shake Does She? Ros Brander She Does Stephenson Does She? Sheila Sinclair She Does Does Your Kay Blakeley Does Your Daddy Know About Me Daddy Know?? Does Your Mother Charlotte Skeeters Does Your Mother Know Know Doesn't Matter Glynn Rodgers Lost My Heart In Okalahoma Then She Kissed Me Nothing To Lose Every Little Thing I Love This Town Doesn't Take Much Denny Harris Livin' On Love Dog-Gone Blues Jo Thompson No More Doggin' Szymanski, Michele Burton & Michael Barr Dog On A Tool Box Kathie Wharton Dog On A Toolbox Dogs Are Out, The Doug Miranda & Who Let The Dogs Out Jackie Snyder Doin' All Right Dan Albro I'm Doin' All Right Doin' Alright Jo Thompson Alright Szymanski Doin' DaCumbia Lyle W. Hoffer Cowboy Cumbia Doing Fine John Dembiec Wrapped Doin' It Karen Hedges & Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing MJ George Honey Hush Doin' It Marilyn Griffin Don't Stop (Doin' It) Doin It At The Spur Donolda & Erin I Can Do That Dumont Renegades Doin It Dwight Anita Ellison Doin' What I Did Let's Get Loud Doin' It Right Sonia & Samantha Doin' It Right Waterhouse Doing Our Thing Sandi Larkins That Thing We Do Doin' Something Kathy Heller Doin' Something Right Right Doin' The Bucky Knox Rhine Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under Cain's Blood Travelin' Music Doin' The Nightshift Harold Grimshaw Let's Do The Nightshift Doing What Ray Denham We Shouldn't Be Doing This Doit Toit Monte Higgins No One Else On Earth I'm From The Country I Want You Bad Move It On Over Six Days On The Road Stone Cold Country Doktor Doktor William Sevone Bad Case Of Loving You Dolly Helen Conroy Hello Dolly Noonan Dolly Dance Kevin Richards Better Get To Livin Two Doors Down Dolly Rolly Patrick The Salt In My Tears Latendresse Dolly Walk Victor van Living Doll der Meer Dolly's Winter Joyce Nicholas Medley Winter Wonderland/Sleigh Ride Dolores Charleston Anita Ellison, Dolores David Ellison-Earl & Shaun Ellison-Earl Do-Ma-Flotchy Alyson Climis You Turn Me On Don Crest Disco Mix Nelson Wong Disco Inferno Don Don The Lights! Don Deyne & Dim Dim The Lights Jim Hart Done And Dusted Patricia E. Stott Bag It Up Why Haven't I Heard From You Trouble Done Deal Simon Ward Perfect Situation Done Did It Scott Blevins Love Gets Me Every Time Done, Gone, Dug It Noel Bradey I Can Dig It Done It Jim & Tina Ray Love Gets Me Every Time Done That Steve Yoxall Been There Donegal Unknown Veer To Donegal (Back To Donegal) Donegal Waltz Fran Phillip Donegal Shore Donegan's Reel Maggie Gallagher The Battle Of New Orleans Donkey Butt Unknown (If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here Trouble Donkey Kick Unknown Fat Sally Lee Cotton Eyed Joe Ghost Riders Down In Muddy Water Harmonica Man Shakin Ground Sold I Don't Even Know Your Name Cowboy Sweetheart Donna-Jean Chris Cleevely Donna-Jean Donna's Waltz Timothy Regester Hopelessly Yours A Six Pack Ago Don's Double Cross Don Brown Wildman Gone Country Blue Clear Sky Running Away With My Heart Don's Nightmare Curtis Marting American Pie Don't Colette Thomson & Don't Joan Brooks Don't David Cheshire Don't Rob Another Man's Castle Don't Carol Lightfoot Don't Don't Barry Amato Don't Don't Act DJ Dan & Wynette Don't Act Miller Don't Ask Ed White Whatever You Do, Don't Don't Be Stupid Where Do You Go Lucky Me, Lucky You Don't Ask! Terry Hogan Lonely Too Don't Ask Gaye Teather Don't Ask Me About A Woman Don't Ask, Peter Metelnick & Papa Don't Ask Mama Don't Know Don't Know! Alison Biggs Don't Ask Forever Maria Tao Until It's Time For You To Go Don't Ask Me Peter Fry Any Woman Don't Be A Drag.. Neville Fitzgerald Born This Way & Julie Harris Don't Be A Stranger Paul Snooke Love, Don't Be A Stranger Don't Be Afraid Steve Lescarbeau Don't Be Afraid Don't Be Cruel Charles Bowring Don't Be Cruel Don't Be Cruel Adalida Don't Be Cruel Dancin' Dean . Don't Be Cruel Don't Be Gone Long Allan & Karen Burr If You're Leavin Don't Be Late Norma Jean Fuller Wilson Picket 5-6-7-8 Bad Thang Gonna Move Across The River 5678 Don't Be Sad Audrey Watson Don't Be Sad Don't Be Stupid Monte Higgins Don't Be Stupid Don't Be Stupid Ian St Leon Don't Be Stupid Don't Be Stupid Lynn Gannon Don't Be Stupid Don't Be Stupid!!! Kerry Harlen Tulsa Shuffle Don't Be Stupid Don't Be Stupid Anita Ludlow Don't Be Stupid Don't Be Stupid Mark Hill Don't Be Stupid Don't Be Stupid Katharine Daley Don't Be Stupid Don't Be Stupid Levi J. Hubbard Don't Be Stupid Don't Believe N - U Wes Smith Makes Me Wonder Don't Blow Your Top Ron Kill Straighten Up And Fly Right Don't Break Me Kelli Haugen Break My Stride Don't Break Gerald Biggs Break My Stride My Stride Don't Break Them Up Meiske Pamaputera They Don't Break 'Em Like They Used To Don't Bring Lulu Jan Wyllie Don't Bring Lulu Don't Bring Me Down Zandra Varnham You Take Me Away Don't Call Me! Teresa & Vera Don't Call Me Baby Don't Call Me Baby Sue Johnstone Don't Call Me Baby Who's Baby Will You Be Tonight Don't Call Me Baby Helen Morton Don't Call Me Baby E Vahine Maohi E Don't Call Me That Tom West Don't Be Stupid Walkin' The Country Don't Care Blues Yvonne Hammond The Blues Don't Care Who's Got Em Don't Cha Shaz Walton Don't Cha Don't Cha Know Jackie Brennan Don't You Know You're Beautiful Don't Cha Think DJ Dan & Wynette Don't Ya Think Miller Don't Cha Wish Amy Christian Don't Cha Don't Cha Wish Jackie Lincoln Don't Cha Don't Come Crying Barbara Smith Don't Come Crying To Me Broken Heart Don't Come Crying Errol Colomb Don't Come Crying To Me Don't Come Crying Gordon Timms Don't Come Crying To Me To Me Don't Come Easy June Hulcombe & If It Don't Come Easy Barb Willshire Don't Count Me Out Cato Larsen Don't Count Me Out Don't Count Me Out! Andrew Smedley You Can't Count Me Out Yet If You Wanted Me Around Don't Cross Colleen Archer Don't Cross The River Don't Cry Kat Chesney Don't Cry Don't Cry Joyce Nicholas Big Girls Don't Cry Don't Cry Cherie Norman Dery Don't Cry Cherie Don't Cry For Me Rachael McEnaney Don't Cry For Me Don't Cry For Me Wil Bos & Don't Cry For Me Roy Verdonk Don't Cry For Me Norman Dery Evita Argentina Don't Cry On Jo Thompson Don't Cry On My Shoulder My Shoulder Szymanski Don't Despair! Gary & Marie What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted Lafferty Don't Do It! Andy Dixon Whatever You Do, Don't! Don't Do That Randy Fyffe Whatever You Do, Don't! That Don't Impress Me Much If You Want To Touch Her Ask Don't Do That Ria Vos Don't Do That Don't Drop Your Cha Niels B. Poulsen Drop Don't Fall In Love DJ Dan & Wynette Don't Fall In Love With Me Miller Don't Fence Me In Sheila Thompson Don't Fence Me In Don't Fence Me In Diana Dawson Don't Fence Me In Don't Fight It Maggie Gallagher Can't Fight It Don't Force It Dave Munro Don't Push It, Don't Force It Don't Tell Me Don't Forget Kristy Peter Write This Down Don't Forget Sari Kotola Remember When Don't Forget DJ Dan & Wynette Don't Forget To Remember Miller Don't Forget Me Janice Hoy I Wanna Talk About Me Tall Tall Trees Five Minutes Don't Get Better Theresa Needham It Don't Get Better Than This Than This Don't Get Me Wrong Tracy Brown Different Drum Don't Get No Sand Paula Baker Don't Get No Sand In It In It Don't Give A Blank Peter & Alison Pound Sign (#?*!) Don't Give A Rip Steve Mason Don't Give A Rip Don't Give Up Barry Amato Don't Give Up Don't Give Up On Me Scott & A.J. Love, Me Herbert Don't Go The Girls (Maureen Stay Awhile & Michelle) Love And Affection Don't Go Chris Hodgson Love Is Beautiful Don't Go Breaking Maria Hennings Don't Go Breaking My Heart My Heart Hunt Don't Go Out Ben & Lisa When The Lights Go Out Summerell Don't Go Round Audrey Watson Bad Moon Rising Tonight Over & Over On A Good Day Don't Go There Peter Metelnick We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This Don't Go To Sleep Michele Perron You Don't Have To Go To Memphis Goin' Home Get Your Kicks On Route 66 House Of Blue Lights Texas Fiddle Man Beat Me Daddy Don't Hide From Love Sebastiaan Can't Hide From Love Holtland & Esmeralda van de Pol Don't Hurry Wanda Holbert & Can't Hurry Love Bryan McWherter Don't I Have A Heart Vivienne Scott Don't I Have A Heart Chain Reaction A Little More Love Back With A Heart Don't Impress Me Virginia Tsui That Don't Impress Me Much Don't It Make My Irene Groundwater Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue Brown Eyes Blue Don't It Make You Rosalie Mackay Don't It Make You Want To Dance Want To Dance Don't Just Walk It Paula Walkin' On Me Frohn-Butterly Don't Keep Sue Beevers Dov'e L'Amore Me Waiting & Lesley White Don't Kill The DJ Kate Sala We Belong To Music Don't Knock It Bobby Horn Girls With Guitars If The House Is A Rockin Don't Know Jennifer Hughes Don't Know Why I Do It Don't Know How Alan G. Birchall Don't Know How Smilin Don't Know Mambo Tracey McIntosh I Don't Know Don't Know Why Andrew Palmer & I Don't Know Why I Love You Simon J. Cox Don't Know Why... Neville Fitzgerald Here I Go Again Don't Know Why Margaret & Mike I Don't Know Why I Do It I Do It City Put The Country Back In Me Don't Leave Maureen Ash Don't Leave Her Lonely Too Long Her Lonely Don't Leave Me Geoff Langford Don't Leave Me This Way This Way Don't Let Go Martin Ritchie & Don't Let Go Maggie Gallagher Don't Let Go Chris Peel Don't Let Go Don't Let Go Vivienne Scott Baby Don't You Let Go Don't Let Go Steve Lescarbeau Can't Take My Eyes Off You Don't Let It Go Craig Bennett Don't Let It Go To Your Head Don't Let Me Fall Gary & Cheryl Hold Me In Your Arms Parker Don't Let Me Go Chris Watson Bop Bop Baby Don't Let Me Sylvia Schell Don't Let Me Miss The Glory Miss The Glory Don't Let Your Glennys Croston Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys Babies Don't Let's Talk Lisa M. Johns Two Pina Coladas About Cha Cha Only Cause You're Lonely Don't Let's Talk About Lisa Don't Lie To Linda Stefan Vidén Don't Lie To Linda Don't Look Away Robbie Don't Look Away McGowan Hickie San Jose Don't Look Away Matesa Don't Look Away The Flame Life Is A Rollercoaster Don't Look Back Opal Webb & Don't Look Back Liam Hrycan Don't Look Back Patricia E. Stott No Future In The Past Don't Look Back Terry O'Farrell Don't Look Back Now Dance Above The Rainbow Tell Me Ma Don't Look Back Neville Fitzgerald Don't Look Back Now Don't Look Back! Peter Metelnick Don't Look Back Don't Look Back Sarah L DeLisle Don't Look Back You Look Good In My Shirt Don't Look Down Michael A. Beall I Got You Don't Lose My Number Thomas C. Tam Don't Lose My Number Don't Make Me Kevin & Maria Don't Make Me Come Over There & Love You Don't Make Me Gabrielle Hancock Don't Make Me Come Over There & Love You Don't Make Me Beg Buffalo Girls Don't Make Me Beg Don't Make Me Beg! Charlotte Skeeters Don't Make Me Beg & Larry Bass Don't Make Me Beg Cato Larsen Don't Make Me Beg Don't Make Me Dance! Linda Burgess Don't Make Me Dance Don't Make Me Dance Trudy Storey Don't Make Me Dance Don't Make Me Dance Mark Simpkin Don't Make Me Dance Don't Mean Dallas Bob Boesel Goin' Through The Big D Don't Mess Around Louise Hodson You Don't Mess Around With Jim Don't Mess Around Mike Derrik & Don't Mess Around With Jim With Jim Margaret Don't Mess It Up Mare Dodd Just Let Me Be In Love Que La Detengan Not That Kind Don't Mess With Jim Sarah Byrne Don't Mess Around With Jim Don't Mess Andy Chumbley Don't Mess With My Man With My Man Don't Miss A Thing Rachael McEnaney Don't Want To Miss A Thing Don't Miss You Ria Vos Don't Miss You Don't Need A Reason Terry Hogan I'll Think Of A Reason Later Don't Need Your DJ Dan & Wynette I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair Rockin' Chair Miller Don't Need The Sun Lucy Davies Don't Need The Sun To Shine (To Make Me Smile) Don't Need Your Pity Mark Hood & Without You Douglas Semple Don't Phunk Bob Boesel Don't Phunk With My Heart With My Heart Don't Rock Rosalie Mackay Don't Rock The Jukebox The Jukebox Don't Ruin It! Teresa & Vera Don't Ruin It For The Rest Of Us Don't Say.... Leonie Smallwood The Fear Of Being Alone Don't Say Don't Patricia E. Stott Tracy Don't Say Goodbye The Girls (Maureen Don't Say Goodbye & Michelle) Don't Say Goodbye Margaret Warren Don't Say Goodbye Don't Say Goodbye Gordon Timms No Me Digas Adios Don't Say You Robert Fletcher & Io Che Non Vivo (You Don't Have To Say You Love Me) Love Me Michelle Palmer Don't Say You Tracey Barrett Don't Say You Love Me Love Me A Little Bluer Than That Don't Sell The Farm Kathy Brown Daddy Won't Sell The Farm She Thinks My Tractors Sexy Don't Shout, Dougie D. Dance Shout Just Dance Don't Sit Down Samantha Robinson Sit Down How Do I Live Don't Sit Where? Liz Clarke Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree Don't Step Anita McNab Country Down To My Soul On My Soul A Fresh Coat Of Paint Don't Stop Cindi Talbot Don't Stop Phenomenon Baby One More Time Don't Stop Laura Davidson Don't Stop If I Can't Have You Don't Stop T. Halkyard Don't Stop Don't Stop Teresa & Vera Don't Stop The Music Don't Stop Terry Hogan Cease And Desist Don't Stop Jan Wyllie Don't Stop In My World Don't Stop Vikki Morris Don't Stop Movin' Don't Stop Jeremy Oldham Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough Don't Stop Believin' Jo & John Kinser, Don't Stop Believin' Mark Furnell Don't Stop Dancin' Vivienne Scott Don't Stop Get Back You Still Got It Leap Of Faith Don't Stop Dancin' Phil Partridge I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet Don't Stop Jo Thompson Don't Stop (Doin' It) (Doin' It) Don't Stop Movin' Alan G. Birchall Don't Stop Movin' Don't Stop Movin' Johnny S' Don't Stop Movin' That's What I'm Working On Tonight Don't Stop Movin' Colleen Archer Don't Stop Movin Don't Stop Movin' David Camm Don't Stop Movin' Don't Stop Movin' Cathy Ryan Don't Stop Movin' Don't Stop Movin' A. Signori Don't Stop Movin' Don't Stop Movin Cameron Stuart Don't Stop Moving Don't Stop Moving Lisa Martin Don't Stop Movin' Don't Stop Movin' Mary Bland Don't Stop Movin' Don't Stop The Music Paul Clifton Don't Stop The Music Don't Stop The Music Cindi Talbot Don't Stop The Music Swingin' Don't Stop The Music Craig Cooke Don't Stop The Music Don't Stop The Music Myrtle Guice Don't Stop The Music Play Something Country Don't Take My Music Smokie Joe Don't Take Away The Music Don't Talk Susanne Mose Wrong Night Nielsen Don't Talk Back! Suzanne Clark & Yakety Yak Bianca Boardman Don't Tell Him Alana Clancy Don't Tell Him How I Feel Don't Tell Me Jos Slijpen Don't Tell Me What To Do Don't Tell Me James Roberts Don't Tell Me Don't Tell Me Ruth Gough Don't Tell Me What To Do Don't Tell Me Pete Harkness Don't Tell Me You're Not In Love All Things Made New Again Don't Tell Me Maria Louise Don't Tell Me Don't Tell Max Perry & Please Don't Tell Me Goodbye Me Goodbye Kathy Hunyadi Don't Tell Me No Steve Lustgraaf & No Me Digas Que No Amy Brockmann Don't Tell Me Barry Andracchio Don't Tell Me What To Do What To Do Don't Tell Me Kate Jones & Don't Tell Me You're Not In Love (You're Not David Spencer Corazon Latino In Love) Don't Think Twice Knox Rhine Going Down In Flames Above The Rainbow Don't Think Twice Don't Think Twice DJ Dan & Wynette Don't Think Twice Miller Don't Touch Me Noel Bradey That's No Way To Break A Heart Don't Touch My Heart Rosalie Mackay Don't Touch Me There Don't Tread On Kevin & Maria Don't Tread On My Heart My Heart Don't Trip Off Rep Ghazali For Your Entertainment The Glitz Don't Turn Off Livio Don't Turn Off The Lights The Lights Don't Wait Up Joyce Nicholas Don't Wait Up Don't Walk Neville Fitzgerald Don't Walk Away Don't Walk Away Jorma Leitzinger Don't Walk Away With My Heart With My Heart Don't Walk!!! Dance Iris Mooney Can't Help It I Love the Night Life Pick Up Man Don't Wanna Charles Bowring & Don't Wanna Let You Go Double Trouble (Linda & Tracey) Don't Wanna Jennifer Hughes Don't Wanna Don't Wanna Dance Chen Kuo-Wei I Don't Wanna Dance Don't Wanna Know Ron Kline Put Your Heart Into It If I Don't Dance I Can Love You Better Hard On The Ticker The Business Of Love No Quiero Saber Don't Wanna Ryan Hunt Killer Love Survive ... Don't Want A Lover Annette Maidment I Don't Want A Lover Redneck Girl Rock Around The Clock Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident) Don't Waste Guyton Mundy Dirty The Music Don't Worry Bout Christine M. Bass Don't Worry Bout A Thing A Thing Don't Worry Darlin Rosalie Mackay I'm Gonna Love You Anyway Don't You Dare The Finleys Drink, Swear, Steal, and Lie Don't You Like It Cinta Larrotcha Lonesome Love List It's Me My Baby No Esta Aqui No More Don't You Remember? Dee Musk Don't You Remember Don't You Understand David J. McDonagh I'll Never Stop Don't You Wanna? Carol Cotherman Don't You Wanna Stay Don't You Want Diana Bishop & Don't You Want Me Me Baby Outback Bandits Doo Dah! Fred Knopp Doo Dah Doo Dah Linda Wolfe Doo Dah Doo Dah Tim Gauci Doo Dah Doo Dah Bop Jan Barrus Doo Dah Doohoo William Sevone All I Want To Do Doo Wah Diddy Chris Brocklesby Doo Wah Diddy Doo Wop Jan Wyllie What Do You Wanna Make Those Eyes At Me For Doodle Tandy Barrett Dumas Walker Doodle Bug Mary Kelly He's Your Problem Now Pop From The Top Doodlin' Irene Groundwater A Doodlin' Song Carolina Girl Dooley's Dance Jan Wyllie Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley The Doonhamers Shuggie & Doreen In This Little Town Boogie McCardle Doop William Ambrose Doop A Door A Bell Audrey Watson & Knocking On My Door Stephen Rutter Suddenly Way Down Doors Of Life Michael Barr The Door Of The Life Doot N Doot N Doot, Jackie & Denis The Greatest Man I Never Knew Doot, Doot Haggerty You Have The Right To Remain Silent Whisper My Name Dorothy's Walk Chris Williams Under The Boardwalk Will You Love Me Tomorrow Dos Amigos DJ Dan & Wynette Amor De Los Dos Miller Dos Veces (2 Times) Jenny Rockett 2 Times Boot Scootin' Boogie Movin' Out To The Country Double B Boogie Butch & Bonnie My Town Osborn Hey, Bartender Double Barrell Unknown Never Say Never Again Turn It Loose Double Boogie William Sevone Love Bug Crawl Double Boom Gemma Chaloner Boom Boom Boom Boom Double Buckle Max Perry & The Buckle Kathy Hunyadi Double C Hustle Charles Bowring I'm Outta Here Double Chesterfield Family Time Hillbilly Rock Wranglers The South's Gonna Do It Again Double Cross Bill Patterson That Girl's Been Spying On Me Double Trouble Be My Lover Double Cross Rob Gent On My Radio Heart's Desire No News Little Deuce Coupe Double-Cross Robbie McGowan Crime Of The Century Hickie Double Crossin' Laura Mulvey Alane Double D Unknown Honky Tonk Fool Double "D" Boogie Carole Swan Rolbinhood Honky Tonk Superman Rock My World Little Country Girl Double D Cha Jim & Joan Dodd Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On Double 'D' Hustle Dave Rusch Just Call Me Lonesome There's Your Trouble Man! I Feel Like A Woman! That's Enough Of That I'm Holdin' On To Love (To Save My Life) Too Much Fun Thump Factor Double Dealing Liam Hrycan Blame It On Your Heart Double Deuce Shuffle Dave Rusch Time Marches On Don't Be Stupid Twang Crime Of The Century Rumor Has It Hello Cruel World Double Dippin Gordon Elliott Skinny Dippin Double Dog Dare Me Heather Frye & Barefoot And Crazy Kevin Winn Double Dog Dare Ya Barb & Dave Monroe Barefoot And Crazy Since You Brought It Up Double Dose Peter Jones Rockin' Pnuemonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu .. Double Dot .. Cherine Stiller www.memory & Friends Double Down Cha Cha Barbara Jagusch Everything About You Money Don't Make People Run Away Double Duchess Unknown Double Dutch Barry Amato West of Crazy Double Dutch Bus Unknown Thousand Miles From Nowhere What's It To You Call Of The Wild Double Dutch Slide Dorsey Napier You Walked In Double Dutchin' Moses Bourassa Jr. Double Dutch Bus & Barbara What Ya Think About That Frechette Back When I Knew It All Double Eagle Bobby Curtis 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back Double F Ros Brander- Wastin' Time With You (Fast And Furious) Stephenson Straighten Up Give It Up Or Let Me Go Live A Little Double H Hooray Kim Ray Think Of Me When You're Lonely Double H Waltz Grapevine The Last Cheaters Waltz Double J, The Timothy Tanner Whatever Comes First Double J Switch Junior Willis & Switch Joey Warren Double L Waltz Ruth Baratta Love Chooses You Haven Of Mercy The Point Of No Return Tips Of My Fingers Rock And Roll Waltz Somebody Loves You Alibis A Few Old Memories Woman To Woman Drift Off To Dream Lonesome Dove Double 'M' Stomp Roy East I Just Wanna Dance With You I'm Gonna' Getcha Good! Double Motion Diann Adams Te-ni-nee-ni-nu Pride And Joy You Turn Me On Double Or Nothing Sin Grima Shooter Long Legged Hannah 007 Susan Hancock That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me Double "Oh" Seven Mike Salerno That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me Heart's Desire Double 'R' Rodeo Todd Lescarbeau Rodeo Rock Rodeo Man Double S Derek Martin Better Things To Do Double S Cherie Belle Hey Baby Harclerode Double Shame Jan Wyllie Shame On Me Double Shot Of Love Peter & Alison Love Love Double Shuffle Vikki Morris & If I Could Karl Cregeen Double Side Step Unknown Rocket 2 U Darlene Double 6 Alive Malcolm Russell The Way Things Are & Kickin' '99 Double 'T' Diane Jackson Tougher Than The Rest Double Take Michelle Jackson & Lose Control Alana Johanson Double Tap, The Leane McKenzie I'll Take Texas Double Time Jane Montgomery I Like It, I Love It Double Time Nancy A. Morgan Around Here Double Trouble Darla Peters Baby Likes to Rock It Travelin' Music Eighteen Inches of Rain Double Trouble Peter Metelnick & Bad Moon Rising Sean Lloyd Monkey Around Something in the Water Double Trouble Raymond Howell & Trouble Peter Kokoszka I Left Something Turned On At Home Double Trouble Bob Theobald Poor Jenny Double Trouble Anita Ellison & Multiplication Joy Layer Flowers On The Wall Double Up Gaye Teather 2 Times Ridin' Alone Double XL (Ouch!) Peter Metelnick & Keith Anderson Alison Biggs It Hurts From Zero To Hero Double XL Nancy A. Morgan XXL Douce Caresse Lyne Camerlain Carezze Douze Points Chris Salter Flying The Flag (For You) Dove, The Ann Thomson-Buhler La Paloma Dov'e L'Amore Kevin Winn Dov'e L'amore Tell Me Why Dov'e L'amore Andrew, Simon Dov'e L'Amore & Sheila Down and Dirty Unknown Big Heart Friends In Low Places She Don't Know She's Beautiful Strokin' Walk Softly Why Haven't I Heard From You Livin' On Love Down & Dirty Unknown If I Ain't Got You Down & Dirty Cindi Talbot Nitty Gritty Dancehall Mood Sweet Thang Down And Out Charles Thornhill Neon Flame Down And Out Robert Lindsay Too Bad You're No Good Down & Out Judith Campbell Invisible Down And Out Diana Dawson Bottle To The Bottom Down At The Joy Huggins Down At The Old Corral Old Corral Down At The Twist Unknown Down At The Twist And Shout And Shout Down Boy Kim Swan Down Boy Down Home Betty Campora & I'm From The Country Glenn Cravalho Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash Down Home Shuffle Barbara Scislowsky What The Cowgirls Do I'm From The Country Monkey Around Down In A Ditch Raelyne Castonia 40 Days And 40 Nights Bubba Hyde Down In A Ditch Down In Dallas Stephen Sunter If You're Ever Down In Dallas You Lied To Me Down In Dixie Nancy Morgan I Can Love You Better There's Your Trouble Down In Mexico Thomas Haynes Senorita Margarita Mail Myself To Mexico No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem Down In Mexico Lana Wilson Down In Mexico Down In Mexico Levera Mejia Down In Mexico Down In Mexico Peter & Alison Down In Mexico Down In Mississippi Martie Papendorf Down In Mississippi Down Louisiana Way Sandra Haslam Down Louisiana Way Down Louisiana Way Diana Dawson Down Louisiana Way Louisiana Saturday Night Down Memory Lane Kath MacManamon Fourteen Minutes Old Down Memory Lane Peter Metelnick Frankie Modern Day Bonie & Clyde Down 'N Out Carol McKee Down 'N Out Down On The Beach Bud & Diane Martin Love Me, Love Me Down On The Corner Peter Metelnick Down On The Corner Down On The Corner Johnthee Down On The Corner Of Love Of Love Down On The Alan Haywood County Line County Line Daddy Laid The Blues On Me Perfect Love I'll Think Of A Reason Later Shake Your Body Pencil Thin Moustache Can't Get Enough Down On The Farm Unknown Down On The Farm Down Right Dirty Justine Dirty, Dirty, Feelin' Shuttleworth Down South Lisa Foord & Thump Mix Yvonne Hammond Down South Jan Brookfield Down South Down South Bill Ray Down South Down That Red Kat Chesney Red Dirt Road Dirt Road Down The Chip Shop Jenny Constantine There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Thinks He's Elvis Down The Line Kerry Harlen Love On Down The Line Texas Sidestep Under The Influence Of Love Down The Line Gaye Teather & Right Down The Line Paul Chapman That Girls Been Spying On Me Changes In Latitude, Changes In Attitude About The South Down The Road Boogie Norma Jean Fuller Down The Road Sugar Bee Crazy Little Thing The Twist Bump Bounce Boogie Down To Earth Bracken Ellis I Feel The Earth Move Down To Earth Dave & Pat Down To Earth Kind Of Man Wressell Lose Your Memory Down To The River Jeannie Woolman The Stripper Skinny Dippin' Down To The River You Sexy Thing I Can Love You Better Hot Stuff Melancholy Child Down Town Boogie Peter Simm Settin' The Woods On Fire Down Under Pauline Morgan Kookaburra Blues Vertical Expression Down Under The Girls (Maureen You Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine & Michelle) Down-Under Cha-Cha Dion Thomas Tropical Depression Down Under Shuffle Warren Fleming Face Of Australia Downbound Train DJ Dan & Wynette Downbound Train Miller Downpour Knox Rhine Dizzy Lizzy & Boogie Woogie Joe Don't Rain Get You Down Downpour Paul McAdam Downpour Downside (Of Love) DJ Dan & Wynette Downside Of Love Miller Downside Of Love Karen Hunn Downside Of Love Downside Up Jessica Haugen Upside Down Downstream Lana Harvey Wilson I See A Boat On The River Volcano If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Downtown Linda & Colin I've Been To Town Chester All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Downtown Peter Metelnick Downtown Downtown Mel Fisher Downtown Downtown Gordon Elliott Downtown Downtown Dancin' Jules Langstaff Downtown Wild Horse Saloon Theme This Time I'm Taking My Time Downtown Man Sarah Drake Uptown Girl The Doyle-E Lois Roberts Mama Don't Dance And Your Daddy Don't Rock n' Roll Dr. C. C. Unknown Dr. C. C. Start All Over Again Seminole Wind Dr. Jones Tony Wilson Doctor Jones Dr. Love Ray Crum Dr Love Dr Wanna Do The Girls (Maureen Dr Wanna Do & Michelle) Dr Wanna Do Maggie Gallagher Dr Wanna Do Dr. Wannado Ivonne Verhagen Dr Wannado Dragging Down Pascal Siereveld Love Is A Ball The Hall Draggin' The Bow Dan Albro Draggin' The Bow If The Devil Danced In Empty Pockets Dragging The Line Beth Webb Dragging The Line Draggin' The Line Iris M. Mooney Draggin' The Line Honky Tonk Song You Lied To Me Drawbridge Phyllis Something About A Sunday Rendezvous Cannon-Whipple & Josie Neel Drawin' The Line Liam Hrycan Fool, I'm A Woman Dream Jon Peppin I Had A Dream Dream Jez Cauldwell & We Love Each Other Susan McWilliams You Just Get Better All The Time Dream A Dream Christopher Petre Dream A Dream Dream A Little Dream Chee Kiang Lim Dream A Little Dream Dream About It Gaye Teather Dream About It You Ain't Hurt Nothin' Yet Dream Baby Jan Brookfield My Dream Baby What I Have In Mind Dream Come True, A Luc Vandermeer Somebody Like You Dream In Color Max Perry Dream In Color Dream Large Wrangler Wild Dream Large Dream Lover Leigh Huckel Dream Lover Dream Lover Rob Fowler & Dream Lover Maggie Gallagher Dream Lover Jackie Snyder Dream Lover Dream Lover Jan Wyllie Dream Lover Dream Lover Dianne Evans Dream Lover Strong Enough Dream Lover DJ Dan & Wynette Dream Lover (Where Are You) Miller Dream Of You Teresa & Vera All I Do Is Dream Of You Dream On Carl Sullivan I'm Gone Lucky Arms Dream On Rob Fowler Dream On Texas Ladies Dream On Jan Wyllie I Can Dream Dream On Betty McNeill Dream On Texas Ladies Dream On Denise & Steve Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream) Bisson Dream On World Joanne Dreamworld Taylor Smith Dream Out Loud Gordon Elliott Dream Out Loud Dream River Jan Brookfield Dream River Dream River William Sevone Dream River Dream Shore Sven Cesaro & Wonderful Waste In Time Tanya Imesch Everybody Cha Cha Dream Ticket James Harrington One Way Ticket This Kiss Dream Time Alan Robinson I Can Dream Un Momento Alla I Should've Been True Oh What A Thrill Foolish Heart Something Stupid Missing You The Way We Mend A Broken Heart Wicked Game New Kid In Town Dream-Time Waltz William Sevone Just Leave Me Alone Everyone Knew, But Me Dream Town Mairi Love Liquid Dreams Dream Walk Bill Bader Springtime In Alberta All I Have To Do Is Dream Dream Walkin' Walkin' After Midnight Dream Walkin' David Pytka Dream Walkin' We Were In Love Dream Walking April Kemp Dreaming With My Eyes Open Tore Up From The Floor Up Pop From The Top Dream Walkin' Alan Baraniuk Dream Walkin' Dream Waltz Kath MacManamon Dream On Texas Ladies Dream Waltz Irene Groundwater Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight My Heart Cries For You Dream Waltzing Angie Shirley He'll Have To Go Strawberry Wine Dream Weaver Vicki E. Rader We Were In Love Double Wide Paradise Dream Walkin' Dream Weaver Ed Lawton Dream Weaver Dream Weaver Waltz Robert C. Weaver Walkin' All Over My Heart All I Had Going Is Gone 4 Minus 3 Equals Zero A Bad Way Of Saying Goodbye Twenty-Nine And Holding A House With No Curtains The Truth Is I Lied It's Not Over Dream With Me Roland Gutzwiller Loving You Makes Me A Better Man She's Not Crying Anymore I'll Get Even With You Blue Whisper Dream With You Mae Neihouse Dreaming My Dreams With You Dream Within, The Roxanne Smith When There's No One Around Dream Your Way Mark & Jan Caley Dream Your Way To Me Dream Your Way To Me Peter Metelnick Dream Your Way To Me Dreamboat Robbie McGowan I See A Boat On The River Hickie Feliz Navidad Dreamcatchin' Jenny Rockett Refried Dreams Dreamer Lynn Gauthier I Try To Think About Elvis Dreamer Max Hansen Ølsted Dreamer There Ain't Nothing Wrong With That I'm Gonna Come Back Dreamers Gaye Teather We Were Dreamers Dreamer's Cha-Cha Fred Rapoport I Can Dream What Do I Know Missing You Maria Crying In The Rain Dreamer's Waltz Joey McCauley All In My Heart I'd Know That Heartache Anywhere Dreamer's Waltz Irene Groundwater Dream On Texas Ladies Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight Almost Persuaded Dreamgirl Matt Oakley Liquid Dreams All Or Nothing Dreamin' Dave & Corinne A Christmas Card Hook Dreamin' Dennis Foley & Verity Mills Dreamin' Jenny Bounds Every Man Likes You Dreamin' Billy The Kid Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open New Train Dreamin' Barry Amato Tell Me What You Dream Dreamin' ! Jan Wyllie An American Dream Dreamin' Michael Barr All That Heaven Will Allow (Down Under) Cry To Me Dreamin' Dreaming About You Peter Metelnick I'm Still Missing You & Alison Biggs If I Ever Break Your Heart Picture Of You Dreaming In Blue Peter Metelnick & Bulletproof Alison Biggs Dreamin' In Color Larry Bass Living In Black & White Going The Distance Dreaming In Colour David Spencer Living In Black & White It Don't Get Better Than This Desire Dreaming My Dreams Karen Hunn Dreaming My Dreams With You Come Back Dreaming Of U Liam Hrycan Dreaming I Saw The Light Dreaming Of You Henry Costa Blue Bonnet Blues Dreaming Those Glenn Baker Under Your Spell Again Dreams Again Dreaming Waltz Matthew Jacobs Dreaming My Dreams With You Dreammaker Neil Bedford We Danced Anyway Dream Maker Dreams Rachael Anthonies Dreams & Joanne Allen Dreams Tracey McIntosh Dreams Dreams Max Perry Dreams I Want You Dreams Jan Wyllie Only In My Dreams Dreams Karl Hegney Dreams Dreams Junior Willis No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems Dreams Wil Bos & Dreams Roy Verdonk Dreams & Heartaches Chris Peel If You Want To Find Love Can't Hide My Heart Dreams And Wishes Robert Lindsay That's What You Mean To Me Dreams Can Come True Terri Alexander Dreams Can Come True Dreams Come True Simon Ward I Know A Place Dreams Come True Lana Harvey Pizziricco Magdalena Me Amor Como Baila Refried Dreams Rock N Roll Angel Hot Summer Salsa Summer Nights Those Magic Chances Dreams Of A Dreamer John Warnars Dreams Of A Dreamer Dreams Of Jamaica Kirsteen Warren Almost Jamaica Dreams Of Martina Johnny S' Dreams Of Martina Dreams Of Martina Peter Metelnick Dreams Of Martina Dreams Of Yesterday Lorraine Mississippi Susan Taylor Dreams To Share Doug Miranda & My Love Jackie Snyder Dreamsome William Sevone Dreamsome Eat At Joes Dreamweaver Go Round Rose Haven It's A Merry Go Round Dreamworld Mark & Jan Caley Dreamworld Is The Magic Still There Even If I Tried Dressed In Love Marg Jones Walking The Line I Think I'm In Love With You Whatever You Do! Don't! I Wear Your Love Dressed Up Marilyn & Jill Tequila Town Argus Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing Dressed Up Ann Thomson-Buhler A White Sports Coat & A Pink Carnation Drift Away Alan Robinson The Whispering Wind (Blows On By) I'm Gonna Change Everything What A Thrill To Be With You Drift Away Robbie McGowan Island Time Hickie Drift Away In Dreams Lee Barry In Dreams Driftaway Cha Cha Peter Metelnick What Do You Say To That Smoke Rings In The Dark Drifting Raymond & Line Drifting Away Sarlemijn Driftin' Love Bev Osmond Driftin' Man B-B-B-Burnin' Up With Love Driftwood June Wilson Tulsa Time Haven't You Heard Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound I Sang Dixie Driftwood Gabrielle Islands In The Stream From Where I Stand Drink On Miranda Van Get My Drink On den Heuvel Drink, Swear, Max Perry Drink, Swear, Steal & Lie Steal & Lie Drink Up Terry Mandzuk Beer For My Horses Drinkin' Jennifer Hughes Drinkin' Dark Whiskey Drinkin' & Lovin' Glenda Covington Get My Drink On If The Lovin' Don't Kill Me Drinkin' Around Arto Liekola Whiskey Under The Bridge Drinkin' Bone Pepper Siquieros Drinkin' Bone Drinkin' Bone Lori Pung Drinkin' Bone The Drinkin' Bone Jan Wyllie Drinkin' Bone Drinkin' Bone Michael Vera-Lobos Drinkin' Bone Noel Bradey, Robert Fletcher Drinkin' Bone Boogie Ellen Kiernan Drinkin' Bone When You Come Around No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem Drinkin' Bones David Cheshire Drinking Bones Drinkin' Champagne Unknown Drinking Champagne Shooter Drinking Champagne Unknown Drinking Champagne Drinking Down Anna Balaguer Where Am I Going Good Bye Song Hold 'Em Up Drinkin Man KC Douglas The Lord Loves A Drinkin Man Drinkin' Song Kathy Heller Drinkin' Songs And Other Logic Country With An Attitude Drinking Tequila Joan Winters He Drinks Tequila Drinkin' Whiskey Carina Slijters I Wish He'd Been Drinkin' Whiskey Drip Tina Hebert 40 Days, 40 Nights Drip Droppin Kate Sala Start Without You Drive Rocky Top Dance Get the Drive Company Drive Rob Fowler My Baby Thinks She's A Train Put Some Drive In Your Country Drive Linda Burgess Drive Drive Bryan McWherter I Drove All Night Phunk Phoolin Drive!!! Paul Snooke, Drive Ben Summerell, Jessie Summerell, Cierwen Newell Drive All Night Rob McKean & Drive All Night Barbara Wallace Drive Away Cha Cha Lee Garner Shut Up And Drive Drive By Fiona Haslett Fly By Drive It Dollar Bill Drive Designated Drinker First Love Drive It Home Caryn Langdon Take The Keys To My Heart Drive It Home! Alan G. Birchall Start The Car Put Some Drive In Your Country That Girls Been Spying On Me Drive It Home Vera Kuiper Drive It On Home Drive It On Home Laura Alberico Drive It On Home Drive Me Crazy Charles Bowring When You Say Nothing At All When You Say Nothing At All Loco In Acapulco Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard Drive Me Crazy Max Perry You Drive Me Crazy Drive Me Crazy Maureen Reynolds Keys To My Heart Drive Me Crazy Julie Peacock You Drive Me Crazy Drive Me Crazy K C & Rosemary Ang You Drive Me Crazy Drive Me Crazy K C Ang & You Drive Me Crazy (Wheelchair Rosemary Ang Version) Drive Me Mad Kathy Brown Vaiven Is Tu Te Vas You Make Lovin' Fun We Won't Dance Two Bottles Of Beer Drive Me Nuts Joseph Yip Wrangler Butts Drive Me Wild Scott Blevins Drive Time Somebody Slap Me Just A Little Bit Drive Me Wild Maureen Allen Drive Me Wild Driver, The The Rancheros In My Car I'll Be The Driver Drivin' Hard Taylor Casey Drivin' My Life Away You Walked In Drivin' Home Jackie Jacotine Driving Home For Christmas For Christmas Driving Home William Sevone Driving Home For Christmas Drivin' Me Crazy Jo & John Kinser, I See Girls Barry & DariAnn Amato Driving Me Crazy Paul Turney It's All About You Drivin' Me Wild Carl Allford & She Drives Me Wild Graham Hosking Drive Time Knox Rhine Poor Me Honky Tonk Badonkadonk Drive Time Good Time Drive Time Boogie Rick & Deborah Drive Time Bates Drivin' On David Cheshire Put Some Drive In Your Country Drizabone Ria Vos & Real Love Francien Sittrop Dronkey Boots Moses Bourassa Jr. Thank You (Falletin Be Mice Elf) & Barbara Thank You (Falletin Be Mice Elf) Frechette Drop Da Bomb Christopher Petre Now That We Found Love Drop Dead Smile John H. Robinson & Drop Dead Smile Pepper Siquieros Drop The Beat John H. Robinson Embrace Droppin' Like Flies Flashdance Yes Sir, I Can Boogie Drop The Gun Zandra Varnham Billy The Kid Drop Your Socks Christopher & Speakerphone Lindsay Petre Drover's Night Out Jacqui & Will The Little Man Clough Streets Of Bakersfield Drovers Sidestep Terry Hogan Son Of A Drover Drown Me Rep Ghazali Drown Me Drowning Kelcy Gardner Drowning Drowsy Maggie Maggie Gallagher Cock Of The North/Morrisons Jig/Drowsy Maggie Drum Roll Terry McHugh Drummer Boy Drummer Boy Francien Sittrop Drummer Boy Drunk As A Skunk David Thomas Twang Town We Dared The Lightning Drunk With Joy Kathy Stearns Never Had It So Good Nine Eleven Just Got Paid Fearless Drunkard Jesters June Yung Tequila Drunken Cowboy Unknown Kiss Me In the Car Drunken Four Unknown Drunken Horses Murray Pritchard Rum And Rodeo I'll Give You Something To Drink About Drunken Sailor Lennart Gustavsson Drunken Sailor Drunker Than Me Kathy Brown Drunker Than Me Dry Gulch Cha Cha Lana Harvey Neon Moon Five O'Clock World Button Off Of My Shirt Dry Tears Mark & Jan Caley Cryin' For Nothin' Never Givin' Up On Love He Rocks More Than I Need To Know Dublin City Waltz Regina & Robert Dublin City Waltz Padden, & John Tolan Dublyners Hoedown Lyn Dyer Tell Me Ma Dubya, Dubya, Jenny Rockett www.memory Dubya Dot In A Letter To You You're My Best Friend Wind Up Lonesome Duchess Hustle Unknown Lovers Live Longer Cadillac Style Down At The Twist & Shout Dueling Banjos Ib Larsen Dueling Banjos You Drive Me Crazy Duelling Boots Donna Eliassen & Dueling Banjos Andrea Turner Duelling Violins Maggie Gallagher Duelling Violins Duet Stephen Sunter & I'm Not Gonna Do Anything Without You Dynamite Dot Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue Shake The Sugar Tree Duet For One Christy Stevenson Something Stupid Duets Linda, Leanne, Crusin' Cathryn & Chris Duff Love Jill Babinec With Love Duh! Taylor Casey Love's Great No News Duke Unknown Dukes Of Hazzard Matt Barrett Good Ol' Boys Dullsville Jorma Leitzinger Reckless Dum Dum-A-Diddly Dum Charlotte Skeeters Dum Dum & Simon Ward Duma Violet Ray When You're Falling Dumaflajee Denise Stone You Turn Me On 455 Rocket You Ain't Lonely Yet The Way She's Looking You Walked In Dumas Walker Unknown Dumas Walker Wild Angels Dumas Walker Jan Hanway Dumas Walker Dumb Love Moses Bourassa,Jr. Dumb Love & Barbara Frechette Dune-Buggie Boogie Judy Gray Fast As You Little Deuce Coupe Big Ol' Truck Gonna Move Across The River Restless Kind Why Haven't I Heard From You Dunia Rafel Corbi Better In Texas Busy Being Fabulous Dunn Deal Jane Newhard Redneck Rhythm and Blues Little Miss Honky Tonk Honky Tonk Truth One Heartache At A Time My Next Broken Heart Dunn That Jan Wyllie As Long As You Belong To Me Dunroamin' Allan & Dunroamin Station Ashleigh Watson Durango Stomp Dianne Joseph Devil #2 I Didn't Know My Own Strength Dust Devil Nancy Hosner You're The Ticket Dust Kicker Bob Santiago Frankie And Lola San Antonio Stroll Dust On The Bottle Unknown Dust On The Bottle Dust On The Bottle "Bubba" Tom Via Dust On The Bottle She's Got It All Every Light In The House Duster John Estes, Crimes Of Passion Tammy Pollack & Pink Cadillac Kathi Urich Duster Buster Steve Morrison Dust On The Bottle The Dusty Sue Duncan Dust On A Bottle Dusty Armidillo Marsha Bailey & Bar Room Athlete Shuffle Norma Adams Dusty Boots Stomp Linda La Pin Never Bit A Bullet Like This Don't Stop Dusty Drifter Unknown Redneck Son The Bug Someone Else's Hog Dusty Town Benthe Jørgensen Smalltown Saturday Night Dutch Treat Paul Dornstedt Herwinnen Dutchess Unknown Put a Little Love In Your Heart Runnin' Behind Sticks and Stones Don't Toss Us Away Here in the Real World Tulsa Time Dutchess Beguine Doug Miranda & Begin The Beguine Jackie Snyder Dutty Rock The Lady In Black I'm Still In Love With You Duty Paid Karen Hunn Paid My Dues Live, Laugh, Love Dwight, The Unknown Little Sister Honky Tonk Man What I Don't Know Dwight, The June Wilson 1000 Miles From Nowhere This Time Pocket Of A Clown King Of Fools Dwight's Thang Jane Koon & Crazy Little Thing Called Love Charlotte It Only Hurts When I Cry Williams Think It Over D'Ya Really Wanna Jacqueline La Copa De La Vida Brocklehurst & Leanne Trickett Dying To Dance Elke Kunze The Call Tragedy Dynamatic Dynamo Vikki Morris Dynamo Dynamite Sheila DiNardo Dynamite Dynamite Gerald Biggs Dynamite Dynamo Marilyn Morgan A Day In The Life Dynamo Rachael McEnaney Dynamo Blue Suede Shoes Dynimite Legs Darren Bailey Dynomania Crazy Jamie Davis (You Drive Me) Crazy What's The Matter With You Baby Larger Than Life Dy-No-Mite! Bracken Ellis Dynamite Potter & Ruben Luna

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