Top 10

DANCE TITLE CHOREOGRAPHER MUSIC SUGGESTION C C.A.R.P. Matt Jenkins & Take It From Me Darren Bailey Have Fun Go Mad Larger Than Life CB Jazzbox Marie Miller Better Your Heart Than Mine No One Else On Earth CB Stroll Marie Miller Let Your Love Flow Hand Over Your Heart CB Strut Marie Miller I Feel Lucky Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox John Deere Green CCB Romp And Stomp Carolyn Noah, Rompin' Stompin' Candy Riley, & I'm Outta Here Beth Wood Jacob's Ladder CC Cooler Chris & Marcia Little Sister Hookie & Geri West C C Machine M. C. C. Jazz Machine CC Rider Chris Cleevely I'm From The Country Kiss The Girl C.C. Rider Unknown Bing Bang Boom Good Brown Gravy C. C. Rider Bill Ray C. C. Rider C. C. S. Tracy Davis & If I Never Stop Loving You Joerg Hammer Lovin You Against My Will Oh Girl C C Shuffle Unknown Bing, Bang, Boom I Hear You Knocking C C Slide Unknown Achy Breaky Heart C & D Boogie Dick & Chris Haas You Ain't Much Fun Shut Up And Kiss Me C. D. M. S. Mike Villiere Country Crazy C.F.K. Unknown Let's Twist Again (Cash For Kids) Santa Looks A Lot Like Daddy C-In-C (Cold In William Sevone Cold In California California) C J Charleston Jane Newhard Mama Likes To Reggae Catahoula C & J Hop! Mim & Ron Lush III Bubba Hyde C J Shuffle Jane Newhard Lighten Up, It's Christmas Santa Claus Boogie There Goes My Heart CJ Shuffle Carol Purton Smell That Bread CJ Stomp Darren Henley If Wishes Were Horses C.J. Stroll Chris Jones Get Into Reggae Cowboy CJ-315 Cherie Johnson Why Don't We Just Dance C J's Country Stomp Jane Newhard Nothin' But The Taillights Straight To You I'm From The Country Bang Bang Bang CJ's Cross Eyed Jane Newhard I Wanna Remember This Cricket C.K. Shuffle Edward Lawton With Me Around CKBW Sandra Mailman, What the Cowgirls Do Linda Mailman & Summer's Comin' Dawn Randall C-Legs Carina Clarke, La Bomba Lizzie Clarke, Shipwrecked Ed Lawton, Silver Toes Thompson & Suzanne Spurdel C.L.I.C. Helen O'Malley Down To My Last Teardrop CM Rendevous Norm Gifford Clearwater Mississippi Rendevous C-M-A Lynn Gannon Are You Looking At Me CMR Heartbreak Road Stella Wilden You'll Never Know Heartbreak Road CMR Rah Rumba Stella Wilden Meet Me In Corpus Tricky Moon CMR Slide Stella Wilden Wrong Side Of Love In The Name Of Love CN U B4 Susanne Mose All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Nielsen If This Is Love Looking For Love My Next Broken Heart C-O-U-N-T-R-Y Fred Rapoport C-O-U-N-T-R-Y Be Bop A Lula Fifty-Fifty Love Trouble Raisin' Cain C-O-U-N-T-R-Y Mike Rohrer C-O-U-N-T-R-Y C-O-U-N-T-R-Y Tom "Bubba" Via C-0-U-N-T-R-Y CPD Strut Jim Hart Cherry Poppin Daddies Strut 455 Rocket C.R.B.C. Hustle Doug Westerlund Drive Me Wild CRC Boogie Kim Stoldt I Want You Bad C. R. S. Bev & Ed Fluck Island Girl Undo The Right Lessons Learned 18 Wheels And A Crowbar CT Hearts Desire Doris Kirby & CT Hearts Desire Sandy Sandoe Mustang Sally Super Love CT Sugar Shuffle Sally Shock & I Ain't Never Liz Bogan Dust On The Bottle C U! Chris Cleevely Sorry C U 2Nite Dom Yates Yeah 3x C-Y-F-I Shuffle Jo Williams Better Man, Better Off Dance! Shout! C-Aitch Boogie Mick Herbert Hillbilly Highway My Maria C Jane Run Jane Newhard See Jane Run C Shell Rock Connie Shell Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing Betty's Got A Bass Boat They Dared The Lightning C Ya Rachael McEnaney Bye Bye Love & Affection Can't Smile Without You Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom Rockin Pneumonia Tulsa Time Cab Driver Unknown Cab Driver Cab Driver Owen Wilson Cab Driver Cab Driver Unknown Cabin Fever Brenda Jean Miller Cherokee Boogie Cabin Fever Tania Armstrong Cabin Fever Cabo, Oh-Oh Scott & A. J. Cabo San Lucas Herbert Cactus Boogie Dan Testa Cactus Boogie Cactus Cha Cha Bob & Marlene Peyre-Ferry Cactus Cocktail Debbie Grimshire Don't Be Stupid & Glenn Weiss Cactus Flower Sandy Jones Smooth I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart Cactus Jack June Wilson Honky Tonk Heart Cactus Jack Jack McLaughlin Tribal Dance Cactus Juice Stomp Cheryl Knighton Hillbilly Rap & Paul Goddard It's Cold Outside Cactus Kick Mike Corbett Walking To Jerusalem Don't Talk About Lisa Cactus Shuffle Maleah Green I'm Outta Here Cactus Stomp Unknown Super Duper Love Rodeo Rock Honk If You Love To Honky Tonk Cactus Swing EJ Foley Cactus Swing Cadillac Backfire Charles Thornhill I Love You 'Cause I Want To Cadillac Cowboy Stella Wilden Kentucky Wildcat Cadillac Cowboy Pascal Siereveld Cadillac Cowboy Cadillac Jack Unknown Cadillac Jack Favor Cadillac Jack Steve Wilkinson I'm Outta Here No Way José Cadillac Ranch Unknown Daddy Laid The Blues On Me Cadillac Ranch Romp Sandy Owenby That's My Story Cadillac Ride Guyton Mundy Cadillac Pimpin Cadillac Slide Cathy Montgomery Cowboy Cadillac Cadillac Stomp Lynn Yost Cowboy Cadillac Cadillac Style Annette Wright Cadillac Style Walk Of Life Brown Eyed Handsome Man Cadillac Style Ken Elrod Cadillac Style Cadillac Tears Marg Jones Cadillac Tears Cadillac Tears David Pytka Cadillac Tears Cadillac Tears Rosalie Mackay Cadillac Tears Cadillac Tears Cato Larsen Cadillac Tears Cadillac Tears Holly Beamish Cadillac Tears You Walked In Cadillac Tears Norman Dery Cadillac Tears Cadillacs And Caviar Sue Ann Ehmann Different Kind Of Fine Caesar Slide Unknown Caffeine Jan Wyllie Smoking Cigarettes and Drinking Coffee Blues And Nicotine Caged In Karen Larkin If It Fits.....Dance It! Cajun Beat Chris Hodgson Down At The Twist And Shout Cajun Country Jenny Rockett Adalida Cajun Cross Janet Padgett Down At the Twist and Shout I Wouldn't Change You If I Could If Your Heart Ain't Busy Tonight Stars On The Water Every Second Every Minute Every Hour Cajun Feet Gloria Johnson Hearing It In French New Orleans Is A Mighty Good Town Cowboys Don't Cry Cajun Girls & Gumbo Mike Sliter Linda Lou Cajun Holiday Rachael McEnaney Can't Love 'Em All & Jo Thompson Cajun Hop Chris Peel Louisiana Saturday Night Cajun Hurricane Jeff Allen Adalida Cajun Hustle Jan Wyllie Guys Like Me Cajun Jamboree Kirsteen Warren All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Cajun Mambo Walk Max Perry Let's Walk Away In Love Rodeo Queen Father Sun Day Off My Angel Is Here Cajun Maverick Audrey Stone Louisetta Cajun Moon Stephen Holmes Cajun Moon Where & When Cajun Moon Yvonne Hammond Cajun Moon Cajun Moon Genevieve Quinton Cajun Moon Baby Likes To Rock It Cajun Moon Raelinn W. Dale Cajun Moon Cajun Polka Jim Krohe Cajun Fiddle Cajun Power Stomp Mike Seurer Till I Was Loved By You T-R-O-U-B-L-E Cajun Jamboree Cajun Queen Anne Ford Adalida Cajun Shuffle Andreas Ehn Fais Do Do Cajun Skip P. Griffiths Down At The Twist & Shout Cajun Slap Unknown Down At the Twist & Shout Cajun Spice Joe White Evangeline Cajun Spin Adrian Lacamp Cajun Swing Unknown Sold (The Grundy County Incident) Cajun Thang Jo Thompson & Cool, Cool Mardi Gras Rita Thompson Please Please He's My Little Jalapeno Would You Consider Too Many Pockets Cajun Twist Karen Melanson Rock This Country Little Ol' Kisses Sad Ways Of A Fool Cajun Two Step Unknown Trying To Get To New Orleans Cajun Waltz Unknown Line Dance Calabria Ruben Luna Calabria Calaloo Thomas C. Tam Calaloo Calamity Unknown Betty's Taking Judo Calamity Jane, The Jane Newhard Pink Flamingos Where She Is Today Anyway The Wind Blows Calcutta Ir Torre Calcutta Calcutta Max Perry Calcutta Calendar Girl Scott C. Hucks Calendar Girl Calendar Girl Jan Wyllie Calendar Girl Calendar Girl Karen Tripp Calendar Girl Calico Twist Unknown Caliente (Hot) Jennifer Ten Thousand Angels Pasley-Smith There's A Girl In Texas Learning As You Go Living In A Moment Caliente California Blue Jean Bridgeman California Blue California Blue Millie California Blue California Blue Jean Bridgeman California Blue Don't Stop Moving California Bounce Mark Cosenza & More Bounce (In California) Yvonne Anderson California Cha Cha Unknown My Maria California Coast Unknown Can't Even Get the Blues A Little In Love Alright Already California Dreaming Michael Vera-Lobos California Dreaming California Dreamin' Knox Rhine California Dreamin' California Dreamin Daniel Whittaker California Dreamin' California Freeze Unknown California Girls Jorma Leitzinger California Girls One Way Ticket California Girls Jaylynn Andrus California Gurls California Girls Martie Papendorf California Girls California Gold Rush Unknown Bang, Bang, Bang California Hip Hop David A. West Strike It Up Get Ready 4 This Funky Cowboy California Jukebox Bob Pfau California Jukebox En Oue Pensabas Tu God Blessed Texas Perfect Love Life Goes On You're Still The One Amy's Back In Austin California King Debbie McLaughlin California King Bed California Stomp Ron Holliday A Real Good Way To Wind Up Lonesome (In The Warm) Ellie Meerman California Sun California Sun Country Boy California Sun Ellie Meerman California Sun Country Boy California Surfin' Henry Costa Surf City California 10 Step Alex Buchmiller Orange Blossom Special Rocky Top California Two Star Nita Pearson All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight Californian Cha Cha Val Reeves Always On My Mind I Don't Believe That's How You Feel Always Forever Californian Dreams Charles Bowring Iron Horse Call It What Maggie Gallagher That's What I Like About You You Like Call It What Alison Pudney & How Do I Live You Want Dave Fisher Call It What Rob Fowler She Wears The Crown You Will Call Me Joan McDermid Why Haven't I Heard From You Call Me Geoff Langford Feel Free Call Me Sin Grima Why Haven't I Heard From You Call Me Martin Ritchie Call Me Claus Love You Too Much Move It On Over Call Me Brett Jenkins 634-5789 Call Me Paulette Bordage Telephone Call Me All Kerry Harlen Call Me Night Long! Right On The Money Call Me Claus Colleen Kirkman Call Me Claus Call Me Country Jane Newhard I'm From The Country 634-5789 Call Me Crazy Rick Marton You Look Like My Baby Call Me Crazy Sebastiaan Crazy Progressive Holtland & TeeKay Call Me Lonesome Roy Maples Just Call Me Lonesome Call Me Lonesome Charyle Hartje & Just Call Me Lonesome Gary Clayton Call Me Lucky! Özgür & Mürüvvet Call Me Lucky TAKAÇ Call Me The Breeze Ivonne Verhagen Call Me The Breeze Call My Name Craig Bennett Call My Name Call 911 Barry Durand Fire Burning Call Of The Wild Tracey D'Angelo Cattle Call Call Of The Wild Michael Clark The Lord Of The Dance Call On Me Josh Albert Valerie Call Out My Name Rafel Corbí You've Got A Friend Call The Police Elle Jay & Call The Police Glenn Ball Call The Preacher Joanne Call The Preacher Taylor Smith Rockin All Over The World Call The Preacher Andreas Ehn Better Call A Preacher Call To Dance, The Gail Tako The Call To Dance Call To Dance, The Barry Porter & The Call To Dance Paul Hulatt Call To Dance, A Alan G. Birchall The Call To Dance She Bangs I Have To Dance Call U Sexy Shaz Walton Call U Sexy Call You On Greywolf & Daily The Phone Wiya Wambli Dixie Aces Call Your Name Anna Picerno Jolene (Jolene) Bop Calling Neville Fitzgerald Calling Calling Nic Bartlam Calling Callin' Baton Rouge Roger Garman, Jr. Callin' Baton Rouge There You Have It Bye Bye Callin' Caroline Maureen Reynolds Callin' Caroline Callin' From Michele Burton Operator The Heart Absolutely Everybody Hey Baby Calling Me Home Jan Wyllie & Blue Misty Mountain (Fred's Dance) Fred Adams Calling Out Stephen Rutter Calling Your Name Callin' The Blues Lorraine Harvey Cattle Call Calling The Shots The Girls (Maureen Call The Shots & Michelle) Calm Before Miska Honkakoski Calm Before The Storm The Storm Earthquake Put Some Drive In Your Country Calm Before Stephen Rutter Have You Ever Seen The Rain The Storm Calpe Rock Alan G. Birchall All Over The World Calypso Shelli Blake Dirty Calypso Calypso Cowboy Teree DeSarro Life Is Good Hot, Hot, Hot Junkanoo Calypso Girl Dynamite Dot Homely Girl Volcano Eso Beso Calypso Holiday Lois Sturgeon Day Off Calypso Mexico Ria Vos Calypso Mexico Calypso Wings Andy Chumbley Silver Wings Cambo Unknown Someone Else's Problem Camel Walk Roy Greene Camel Walk All I Want Is A Life Lesson In Love Cameo Cowboy Val Reeves Chilly Cha Cha Dancing Boots Camina Thomas C. Tam Camina y Ven Camp Quality Slide Rick & Deborah Fever Bates Camptown Races Kimberley Bounds Doo Dah Can-Am Connection Bill MacLeod, What Is Love Derek Steele & Da Ya Think I'm Sexy Ron Kline The Cup of Life Can-Am Crossover Knox Rhine Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard What If I Do Guadalupe River She Won't Be Lonely Long Geronimo Lovin' Every Minute Can Do Cha Cha Sho Botham Love You Too Much There's A Girl In Texas You Ain't Lonely Yet Some Kind Of Wonderful Can I Kevin & Maria I Can Dream Can I Have Ed Lawton If I Could Have This Dance This Dance? Can Only Go Up Trent Duncan Up Can U Move It? ShaBeDa! Move It Like This (Dawn Sherlock, Shaz Walton & Ben Martin) Can We Fix It? Matt Jenkins Can We Fix It Can We Love Again Don McRitchie Maybe Not Tonight Can U Feel Me Michael Lynn I Can Feel You Can You Feel Me? Chris Cleevely Can You Feel Me Can You Feel Ricky & Therese Rhythm Divine The Rhythm Le Quesne Can You Hear Me? Andrew Smedley Can You Hear Me Now? What's A Simple Man To Do Can You Hear Leigh Ann Vaigneur Can You Hear Those Pioneers Those Pioneers & Fran Johns Can You Help! Chris Hodgson I Can Help I Can Help Can You Keep With Me Carina Clarke Can You Keep With Me Can You Really Sylvia Schell Down In Mexico Be Down? Canada Dry Ernie Hutchinson Drink Canada Dry Canadian Man EJ Foley Canadian Man Sweet Little Shoe Canadian Stomp Unknown Any Man of Mine Canadian Stroll Bill Bader Make Love To Me Sea Cruise Canadian Sunset Chris Hookie Canadian Sunset I Didn't Know My Own Strength Baby Likes To Rock It Boogie Back To Texas Wear And Tear On My Heart CanAm Tango Michele Perron, Fools Michele Burton & Michael Barr Can-An-Dai-Gua Beverly Cartwright The Heart Knows The Truth Shuffles Canary Grass Joseph J. Reeves Honey Hush Candela Kate Sala Que Te Den Candela Candi Cha Gary Lafferty Young Hearts Run Free Candida Jan Wyllie Candida Candle In The Water Tony Wilson Candle On The Water Queen Of My Heart Baby's Gone Blues Last Cowboy Song Candle Waltz Jan Wyllie Old Flames Candlelight James Potter She Waits Candlelight M.T. Groove Heaven Candlelight Jon Peppin Candlelight And Kisses And Kisses Candlelight Waltz Shannan Runaway Valentine Waltz Skye Boat Song Tucson Too Soon Candles, Roses Andy Chumbley Lost And Moonlight Candy Chris Jackson Candy Candy Natasha Freeman Candy-Man All Seats Taken Candy Addiction Andrew Long Sugar Candy Cane Kick Lynne Flanders Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Jingle Bell Rock Candy Cane Twist Ann Emslie Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Candy From Regina Cheung Candy From A Stranger A Stranger Candy Girl Max Perry Candy Girl Candy Is Dandy Johnny Montana I Want Candy How I Beat Shaq Candy Man Mat Peper The Candy Man Candy Man William Sevone Candyman Candy Pops Jo Conroy Lollipop Candy Wine Toni Holmes & Sweet Summer Lovin' Steve Jeffries You Drive Me Crazy Candyman Winnie Yu Lollipop (Candyman) Candyman Peter Metelnick Candyman & Alison Biggs Candy's Cha Cha Jim & Nen Lovin' On Let Your Love Flow Third Rate Romance Canley Train Steve Jeffries Long Black Train Canned Heat John H. Robinson Canned Heat Show Me Love Love For Love Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry That Don't Impress Me Much Take A Little Trip Country Club Six Days On The Road Cannibal Unknown Cannibal Cannibal Stomp Lisa Firth Cannibals Cannibals Judy McDonald Cannibals Cannonball Sven Cesaro Wabash Cannonball I Brake For Brunettes Super Love Cannonballs Unknown Cannibals Can't Alison Biggs When The Wrong One Loves You Right Can't Be Good Jamie Daire If You Can't Be Good Can't Beat It Colleen Archer Beat It Can't Believe Malene Jakobsen Yesterday You're Gone Can't Buy Me Love Hazel Pace Can't Buy My Love Sorry You Asked Free To Go Love Made A Fool Of You Can't Buy Me Love Linda Brooks Can't Buy Me Love Can't Buy Me Love The Girls (Maureen Can't Buy Me Love & Michelle) Can't Catch Me Sheri Gay The Beep Beep Song Can't Deny It (I Do) Larry Bass I Do, I Do, I Do Can't Do It Andy Williams Can't Let You Go Can't Do That Jim Beattie Believe Can't Escape, 'Lainey' Whole Again Can't Forget Staines Middlesex Couldn't Last A Single Moment Wink Can't Escape My Love Michelle Lemmon Escape My Maria Can't Fake It The Kids She's Everything You Want Can't Fight Fate Simon Ward, Can't Fight Fate Roxanne Kumre, Love Will Lead You Back Jo & John Kinser Can't Fight Adrian Lefebour Can't Fight The Moonlight The Moonlight Can't Forget You Alan Haywood Love Gets In The Way Can't Get Any Worse Naarah Scott & Honey, I'm Home Rebecca Panshin Can't Get Enough Unknown Daddy's Money Can't Get Enough Rey Kleinsasser Can't Get Enough How Forever Feels (Can't Get No) Satisfaction Nobody's Girl Every Time She Passes By Can't Get Enough Kathy Hunyadi Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Can't Get Enough Ryan, Kaz & Gill I Can't Ever Get Enough Of You Of You Can't Get Involved Neville Fitzgerald Get Involved & Julie Harris Can't Get It Back Guyton Mundy & Can't Get It Back Joey Warren Can't Get Nowhere Maggie Gallagher Can't Get Nowhere Can't Get Over You Sarah Warwick I Can't Get Over You Just Call Me Lonesome Can't Get You Colleen Archer Can't Get You Out Of My Head Out Of My Head Can't Get You Joe Green Can't Get You Out Of My Head Out Of My Head Can't Give Me Lo-ove Jo Kinser & If You Can't Give Me Love Mark Furnell Can't Go Back Neville Fitzgerald Life Goes On Can't Go Home Justine Brown Who Says You Can't Go Home Can't Go Wrong Michael & Stand Up And Be Strong Betty Weeks Summertine Fever Overdue Goodbye Can't Go Wrong Marina Girardi Christmas In Killarny Heart Is Right Can't Handle Me Esmeralda v.d.Pol Club Can't Handle Me Can't Have It All Jan Wyllie You Can't Have It All Price You Pay Can't Help Believin' Alan G. Birchall I Just Can't Help Believin' Can't Help Dancin' Sho Botham Girl Can't Help It Stuck In Love I Got A Girl Reach Wooly Bully Can't Help Falling Mitchell Burgess Can't Help Falling In Love Can't Help Falling Ivy Chan Siew Lin Can't Help Falling In Love In Love Can't Help It Stella Wilden Can't Help It One Step Away Can't Help Myself Jan Wyllie I Can't Help Myself Can't Hide Lana Harvey Wilson You Can't Break The Fall If You're Willing Burn One Down Can't Hurry Love Neal Mifsud You Can't Hurry Love Can't Hurry Love Warren Mitchell Can't Hurry Love Can't Keep Me Low Sylvia Schell Low Can't Let Go Tony Wilson Can't Let Go I Love It All Just Say Yes Copperhead Road A1 Blues Johnny Come Lately I Am A Simple Man Can't Let You Go Sue Coats Maybe Can't Let You Go Bastiaan Maybe van Leeuwen Can't Live ... Lyne Camerlain Can't Live (If Living Is Without You) Sans Toi (Without You) Can't Live Without Double D I Want A Man Can't Live Unknown Heart Of Stone Without You Every Second Half Enough Can't Make You David J. McDonagh Can't Make You Love Me Love Me One Kiss From You Can't Remember Chris Power Can't Remember Can't Sit Still Larry Bass Bad Thang Crush Can't Sleep? Dougie D. Up All Night Dolores Can't Stand Still Neville Fitzgerald Trackin' Can't Stop Rob Fowler Can't Stop Can't Stop Gilles Cyr Can't Stop My Heart From Loving You Can't Stop A River Peter Metelnick Can't Stop A River & Alison Biggs Can't Stop, Rosalyn Hatcher When The Wrong One Loves You Right Can't Resist Can't Stop Melissa Bartlett Can't Stop My Heart (Don't Wanna) Tulsa Time Calling Baton Rouge Can't Stop Andy Skidmore Shout It To The World Loving You Can't Stop (Thinking Francien Sittrop Can't Stop Thinking About You About You) Can't Stop Alan G. Birchall Can't Stop This Thing We've Started This Thing Can't Take That Away Charlotte Skeeters They Can't Take That Away From Me Can't Touch Andrew & Sheila Can't Touch It Can't You See Chris J of Can't You See What Is Happening To Me C.J's Stompers Can't You See Kathy Brown & Whenever, Wherever John Dembiec Kissing Can't You See Rose Malinconico You Belong With Me (You Belong With Me) Canyon Ranch Lana Harvey I Think We're On To Something Cha Cha Cape Cod Swing Tami Harris Man, I Feel Like A Woman Capital One Jane Newhard Last Dollar (Fly Away) Capital "S" Bob DeLong Soul With A Capital S Capitol T William Sevone Trouble Capitol Tropical Shaun Maguire & Capitol Tropical David Kopcych Capone The Girls (Maureen Capone & Michelle) Capri, The Chris Wenger & Wouldn't Want To Be You Shawn Slemko Fish Ain't Bitin' Fast As You Captain Crash Heidi Leigep-Brown Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars Captain Kangaroo Kurt Glover Flowers On The Wall Captain's Table Barbara lowe Dancing With The Captain Capture The Moon Lisa Foord Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me Captured Louise Jolly Outlaw Of The Heart Captured The Girls (Maureen My Heart Is Lost To You & Michelle) Captured My Heart Derrick Goh Captured Car Wash Peter Metelnick Car Wash Car Wash Junior Willis Car Wash Cara Mia Phil Dennington Cara Mia Cardiac Overdrive John Rowell Take The Keys To My Heart Freeek Only You I Love You 'Cause I Want To Sea Of Cowboy Hats Caress Gaye Teather Under The Moon Carefree Waltz Lana Harvey Take It Easy On Yourself Captured Careless Whisper Michael Vera-Lobos Careless Whisper Careless Whisper Paul McAdam Careless Whisper Carianne Tina Neale & Carianne (I'm In Love) Alan Clarke Caribbean Cadence Unknown Hot, Hot, Hot Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under Caribbean Calypso Patricia E. Stott Love Me, Love Me Caribbean Cowboy John Dembiec No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem Caribbean Desire Chris G Desire Caribbean Dream Eric Mason Can You Play Some More Caribbean Queen Dan Morrison Caribbean Queen Caribbean Slide Kathy Brown Keep On Dancin' Gone For Real Come And Get Us Mamma Carioca Ira Weisburd The Carioca Carino Jennifer Garnet & Carino David Blake Carino Cha Cha Paula J. Graves Carino Carlene Roger Garman Jr. Carlene I Need You All The Time Rumor Has It Straight Tequila Yes! Carlene, Carlene Lucy Allen Carlene Every Little Thing Carmel Cha Cha Carmel & Ernie Who Do You Know In California Hutchinson Carmelita Warren Mitchell Carmelita Carmelita DJ Dan & Wynette Carmelita Miller Things Change The Sad Side Of Town A Promise You Can't Keep Heart Of Stone Un Momento Alla Carmen Geoff Langford Carmen Carnavalera Ria Vos Carnavalera Carnival Debbie Tye Carnaval De Paris Carnival Dynamite Dot The Carnival Is Over Carnival Moses Bourassa Jr. Carnival & Barbara Frechette Carole's Cha Cha Knox Rhine & If I Could Robbin Murphy Quit Playing Games Una Momento Alla Carolina Jackie Shields Lost And Found Carolina Shirley A Lockley Adalida Burn Me Down Born To Boogie Cowboy Boogie Carolina Glynn Holt & Oh Carolina Stephen Rutter Carolina Cha Cha Linda Miller Dancin, Shaggin' On The Boulevard This Ain't No Thinkin' Thing Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me Carolina Cha-Cha Gerald Biggs Let Me Into Your Heart Carolina 4 Corners Unknown Born To Boogie Carolina Girl Thomas Haynes My Girl My Girl One Night At A Time Do You Love As Good As You Look She's Not The Cheating Kind Missing You Carolina Hustle Unknown All She Ever Wants Is More Carolina Kickball Jackie Shields When You Move That Way Hearts On Fire Carolina Rock Ellie Sahn & Good Brown Gravy M. E. Canaday Carolina Stomp Donna Mussman & Hard Workin' Man Greg Underwood Carolina Stomp Jerry Cope Lost And Found 'N' Kick Achy Breaky Heart Boot Scootin' Boogie Carolina Ann Segars Trouble Stomp-Stomp Line King Carolina Syncho-Cha Jerry Cope Tequila Talking Caroline!!! Kimberley Bounds Caroline Caroline Lynne Morley Caroline Hold Onto My Heart Caribbean Cowboy Ed Henry Hog Wild Third Rate Romance Hot, Hot, Hot Carolina Stomp Unknown Texas Tattoo Caroline Debra Jacobs Caroline Carousel Dan Albro Gone You're My Better Half Carousel Wil Bos & Carousel Roy Verdonk Carrickfergus Malene Jakobsen Carrickfergus Carry On John Bishop, Carry On Karen Wilkinson, Scott Trigg Carry On Regardless Dianne Evans Good As Gold Lucky Lips There Goes You Look Good In My Shirt Carry Out Jamie Marshall Carry Out Carry Out Ray Crum Jr. & Carry Out Lawrence Allen Carrying Your Madeleine Jones Carrying Your Love With Me Love With Me Cartoon Heroes Mark Cosenza & Cartoon Heroes Glen Pospieszny The Way You Love Me Cartoon Heros Glynn Holt Cartoon Hero's Cartoons Jo Miller Witch Doctor I'm Gonna Getcha Good! Hangin' Around The Mistletoe Carumba Kirsty Swindail Carumba Carwash Patrick Fleming Carwash Casanova Norman Gifford Cowboy Casanova Casanova Cowboy Rob Fowler Cowboy Casanova Casanova Polka Doris Watters Every Time I Roll The Dice Two Of A Kind White Line Casanova Casanova Strut Gloria Stone Cowboy Casanova Casanova Walk Away Cheryl Thomas Cowboy Casanova Cascade Country Ken Gray Cactus Wine Crossover A Heart With 4 Wheel Drive Cascadia Liz Fagen Every Time We Touch Case Of The Ex Meiske Pamaputera Case Of The Ex Case Of The X Karla & Lauree Case Of The Ex Brewster Casey Break Caroline Rushbrook No One Needs To Know & Tracey Tassell Cash In My Pocket Regina Cheung Cash In My Pocket Cash On The Terry Hogan Cash On The Barrelhead Barrelhead Casino Shuffle Unknown Cassandra Jan Wyllie Yellowstone Cassanova Ty Barton Real Deal Cassanova John Dembiec Cowboy Cassanova Cassidy, The Gordon Elliott I Wanna Be A Country Singer Cast Your Spell.. Kelvin Deadman You Can Do Magic Castaway Carol Hick & The Underground Man Sheila Vee Castaway Heart Gaye Teather Castaway Heart Castaway Heart Joanne Castaway Heart Taylor Smith Castle Walls Malcolm Hogben Castles In The Air I'm Gonna Miss You Girl Cat Fever Chris Cleevely Stray Cat Strut Fever Cat On A Hot Cindi Talbot This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof Tin Roof Cat Shuffle William Sevone Cat Walk Cat Tracks Bev & Ed Fluck When Country Comes To Town I Can Dig It Cat Walk Fred Rapoport Cat Walk Bubba Hyde Independence Day Kiss Me In The Car Itty Bitty Solitary Piece O' My Heart I Am The Blues Cat Walk Unknown Cat Walk Barry Muniz Cat Walk Givin' Water To A Drownin' Man Catahoula Audrey Watson Catahoula Catalina Cruisin' Jim Taylor Believe Ride On Into The Sunset Catalog Dreams Johnny S' Catalog Dreams Ribbon Of Highway Catalog Dreams David Cheshire Catalog Dreams Catalogue Dreamin' D. Martin Catalogue Dreams Catastrophe Simon Ward My Town Catch A Grenade Ria Vos Grenade Catch A Hip Cat Michele Perron Eenie Meenie Miny Mo I'm Your Man Boogie The Joint How Much Longer Catch A Wave Lynne Martino Catch A Wave Little Deuce Coupe Catch Me If You Can Audrey Watson Catch Me If You Can Catch Me Out! DizzyBine If You Catch Me Out Catch My Breath Mick Herbert Breathless Catch The Rain Peter & Alison Sunshine In The Rain Catch The Rhythm Cindi Talbot Ole Ole Absolutely Everybody Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche) Catch The Rhythm Peter Metelnick (This Is) The Song For The Lonely Catch The Spirit Peter Metelnick Spirit Of The Hawk & Alison Biggs Catch The Wind Noel Bradey Catch The Wind Catch 32 Kay Amburn Small Y'all So So Long Why Wait Bomshel Stomp Catch This Moment Juliet Lam Now And Forever Catch - Ya Later Troy Lidgard Bye Bye Catch Your Breath Donna Caudill Lose Your Breath Catchacold William Sevone Rockin' Pneumonia Caterpillar Crawl Melanie Greenwood Caterpillar Crawl & The Moffatts Catfish Unknown If You've Got Love There Goes My Heart Catfish Jim Long Little Miss Honky Tonk Doghouse Blues Walkin' To Jerusalem Catfish Shuffle Kathy Heller The Fish Ain't Bitin' Cathy's Clown Dynamite Dot Cathy's Clown Cathy's Clown Lorraine Turner Cathy's Clown Cathy's Cruise Rodeo Ruth My Heart Will Go On How Do I Live Cathy's Waltz Peter Metelnick Husbands & Wives Cats & Dogs Gordon Timms Rhythm Of The Falling Rain Cat's In The Cradle Peter Thijssen Cat's In The Cradle The Cat's Whiskers Johnny S' When The Girl In Your Arms Cattin' Around Mike & Jayne Independence Day Shoppell Life #9 Catwalk Ray Denham Fishing In The Dark Catwalk Marjo Ranta Poetry In Motion You Know Where I Am I Saw The Light Catwalk 16 Gerard Murphy Pray For Love Caught In A Trap Alison Biggs Suspicious Minds Everything You Need Can't Fight The Moonlight Caught In The Act Terry Hogan All Hat No Cattle Caught In The Jackie Lincoln Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed Act Again Caught In Jackie Lincoln Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed The Act Too Caught In The Net Larry Bass Catch Me In The Net Love Bug Caught Up Michael Vera-Lobos Thought Of Being In Love Caught Up!!! Nancy Thousand Caught Up In The Moment She's A Hottie Give A Little Love Cause A Scene John Dembiec This Ain't A Scene Causin' Trouble Paul Withey Powerful Thing There's Your Trouble Cavalier Carousel Norma Morrison You've Got To Talk To Me Cave Man Mambo Sandra Balestracci Papa Loves Mambo Caylo Walk Garth Bock Come On Over How Do You Like Me Now Cecilia The Girls (Maureen Cecilia & Michelle) Cee Zee The Girls No-One Needs To Know (Maureen & I've Been Found Michelle) What The Cowgirls Do Celebrate Bill McGee Celebrate Celebrate It's 2000 Louise Hodson Celebration Time Celebration Jo & John Kinser, Celebration Mark Furnell Celebration Shuffle Valerie Lee Love Gets Me Every Time Natural Born Lovers I Can Love You Better Than That Celebration Waltz Jan Welsh Their Hearts Are Dancing Celebration Waltz Lana Harvey Christmas Card Celebrity Ramon Busqué Celebrity Celebrity Daniel Keshan Celebrity Celeste Pete Harkness Cosi'celeste Celine's Waltz Todd Lescarbeau When I Need You Heart I See It Now Their Hearts Are Dancing Celines Way Carol Lightfoot That's The Way It Is Cellmate Blues Curtis Marting My Cellmate Thinks I'm Sexy She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy Celtic Boots Vic & Carla Cry Of The Celts Woolnough Celtic Chaos Helen O'Malley You're Still The One You Look So Good Burning Love Celtic Clog Violet Ray Gypsy Celtic Connection Helen O'Malley, Cotton-Eyed Joe Liz Clarke, Maggie Gallagher, Peter Metelnick Celtic Cowboy Charles Thornhill Don't Be Stupid & Sue Dove Love Travels Ireland Celtic Cry Bev Cornish Cry Of The Celts Celtic Cry Colleen Archer Cry Of The Celts Celtic Jig Betty Orr Cry of the Celts Celtic Love Zandra Varnham Dance Of Love Celtic Moves Catherine Leslie Call To Dance Celtic Slide Jenifer Wolf Cry Of The Celts Shamrock Shake Celtic Spirit! Annemaree Sleeth Celtic Rock Celtic Stomp Gerald Biggs Fisher's Hornpipe Celtic Touch Bob Delong Busindre Reel or Bisindre Reel Space Ceilidh Celtic Tribute Maggie Gallagher Strings Of Fire Celtic Way, The Maria Johansson Cry Of The Celts Celtic Woman Bill & Violet Ray Celtic Woman Celts Fire Kim Roy Celtic Fire Celts Of Fire Val Reeves Celts Fire Celts Reel Zandra Varnham Paddy McCarthy Celvis Michele Burton If I Can Dream Centennial Juliet Lam Praising The Republic Of China Celebration Centerfield Violet Ray Centerfield Centipede Stomp Darhla & Dale Get Back Andrews Ain't Your Dog No More Central Point Paul J Badrick Galaxy Song Centre Stage Kim Ray Higher Ground Centrifugal Motion Elaine Morgan This Kiss C'est La Vie Cindi Talbot C'est La Vie Freak Out Crazy Baby One More Time Soda Pop I'm Beautiful You Keep Playin' With My Mind Picture Of You Tubthumpin' I Like It Like That C'est La Vie Roz Morgan & C'Est La Vie James Gregory Cest La Vie Amanda Humphrey Cest La Vie C'est La Vie Carmel Hutchinson C'est La Vie C'est La Vie Lynda Smith You Never Can Tell C'est La Vie Rick & C'est La Vie Deborah Bates Rockin' Robin Little Bitty Pretty One C'est La Vie Chris Peel C'est La Vie C'est La Vie Chris Brocklesby C'est La Vie & Darren Davies Don't Be Stupid Man! I Feel Like A Woman! C'est La Vie Barry Watson & C'est La Vie James Cunningham C'est La Vie, Mindy Cingle & C'est La Vie Bleu On Bleu Bonnie Newcomer C'est Magnifique Marjorie C'est Magnifique Barnabas-Shaw C'est Si Bon Jenifer Wolf C'est Si Bon Cetacea Philip Osmond Hello I Love You Cha Cha Unknown Neon Moon Oh What A Thrill Easy Coming Out Here Comes The Rain Cha Cha A Todo Noche Tanya Westley One Night At A Time Cha Cha Amor Juliet Lam Chichiquita Cha Cha Amore Linda Mullin All Out Of Love Cha Cha Basique Chris Hookie Cha Cha Bermuda Jan Wyllie Bermuda Triangle Cha Cha Blue Jan Wyllie Blue Rodeo Cha Cha Blue Jay Dee Newton Blue Rodeo Cha Cha Cantina Bob Brown One Night At A Time Cha-Cha Caribe Chrissie Hodgson Don't Stop The Dance Miel Que Me Acaricia Cha Cha Cha Jan Wyllie For A Moment There Cha Cha Cha D'Amour Steve Mason Cha Cha Cha D'amour Needles & Pins Cha Cha Chaboogie Claire Gent Hearts Desire Even If I Tried Down Into Muddy Water Cha Cha Charanne Anne Ringer Saying Sorry Cha Cha Con Tejas Chris Hookie Hot Pink Cha Cha Conchita Jennifer Choo Conchita Sue Chin Cha Cha Cruz Maggie Lydon Come Baby Come Cha Cha Cuba Peter Giam Cha Cha Cuba Cha Cha Cubana Neil Hale All That Heaven Will Allow Cha Cha D'Amour Tim Gauci Cha Cha Cha D'amour Cha Cha D'Amour Peter & Alison My Cherie Amour Cha Cha De La Noche Steve Mason Arms Of Mary (Cha Cha Of One Night At A Time The Night) Ritmo De La Noche Island Easy Come Easy Go Cha Cha *Fantasy* Irene Groundwater Lover's Live Longer & Randy Island Morlanston She's Not Cryin' Anymore I Just Couldn't Say "NO" Anytime (I'm Your Man) Cha Cha Fever Kathy Wildman The Gulf Of Mexico The More I Learn Neon Moon You Can Go Home Cha Cha For Elise Tok Sai Dee, Sandy Fur Elise Cha Cha For Now John H. Robinson Melbourne Mambo I Wanna Be With You Cha Cha For You Stella Wilden & I Hope You Want Me Too Cheryl Poulter There Goes My Baby Cha-Cha 4 1 Alice Daugherty Runaway & Tim Hand I'll Be Around Nobody Knows Cha Cha Fresca Dee Cresdee Moon Shadow Road Ti Amo Fresh Bayou Boys Cha Cha Fuego Raymond Sarlemijn Chayanne & Ernst Roggeveen Cha-Cha Hombre Don Deyne I Am That Man Cha Cha In Blue Yvonne Hammond California Blue Cha Cha Lengua Neil Hale Un Momento Alla Cha Cha Like Crazy Malene Jakobsen I'm Crazy Cha Cha Llorando Noel Bradey I Ain't Cryin' (Crying Cha Cha) Cha Cha Loco Pedro Machado, I Like It Like That Jo Thompson, & Alan Livett Cha Cha Mala Mujer Raymond Sarlemijn, Mala Mujer Tom Mickers, Darren Bailey, Roy Verdonk Cha Cha Maria Gloria Johnson My Maria Cha Cha Maria Miranda Hilton Maria Cha Cha Maria Joan O'Gorman My Maria Cha Cha Oasis Jan Wyllie Oasis Cha Cha Ole' Chris Givens Alabao Cha Cha Party Bill Bader All Night Party Margaritaville Love Potion #9 The Way You Move One Heart, One Mind Pata Pata I Like It Like That Cajun Moon Coco Jamboo Liquid Dreams I Wish Lunch Could Last Forever Island Girl Cha Cha Por Mama Henry Damen Stayin In Love Sway Mucho Mambo Cha-Cha Ree Thelly Ferguson & Never Live Without You Ree Patterson Cha Cha Rock Jack & Mary Jane I'll Never Forgive My Heart Hassett I Should Have Been True Cha Cha Roma Irene Hawkins Third Rate Romance I Hope You Want Me Too Cha Cha Romo Gordon Timms & Todo Todo Todo Alison Johnstone Cha Cha Ruleta Scott Blevins Rueleta Rusa Cha-Cha Slide Scott Hucks Casper Cha-Cha Slide Part II Cha Cha Slide Mr. C Cha-Cha Slide Part II Cha Cha Stroll Michael & The Cha Cha Cha Cindy Beck Cha-Cha Strut Lori Manary Just Got Started Lovin' You Cha Cha Suavito Ira Weisburd Baile de Suavito Cha Cha Suomi Kathy Hunyadi & Tassa Talossa Jorma Leitzinger Gotta Tell You Dreams Cha Cha Sway Kenny Teh Sway Cha Cha Time Judy Cain Missing You Rub It In Cha Cha Time Kenny Teh Que Hora Cha-Cha To The Max Max Perry That's What Love Can Do Cha Cha Tonight Scott Blevins One Of These Nights Cha-Cha 2Night Karl Cregeen You Look Wonderful Tonight Cha Cha When Scott Blevins Quando Quando Quando Cha Cha With A Twist Frank Cooper He Just Wants To Cha Cha Cha Cha With Me Niels B. Poulsen Dance With Me Cha Cha Your Body Debbie Ellis & Your Body Rob Fowler Cha Chalicious Michele Perron Softer Than A Whisper She'll Have To Go Cha Ching Laura K. Cha-Ching Cha'Didn't Allan Hocking Why Don't Cha Cha Down Nancy A. Morgan Day Off When The Sun Goes Down Cha In Mexico Ginny Graham Gulf Of Mexico Cha-Say LineDanceSport Cha-7-Cha Steve Jeffries Seven Year Ache & Toni Holmes My Maria What A Crying Shame Here Comes The Rain If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Cha Wit Me Happy DanSa Patricia Chaboom Eddie Ainsworth, Let's Get Loud Edward Lawton & Sway Allan Hocking Chaca Chaca Michael Seurer Chaca Chaca Chaca Chaca Unknown Chaca Chaca Chachanela Ira Weisburd Aguante Campeon Cha-Ching Jim Hart Chacool Melvyn D. Winter Chilli Cha Cha Cha-Hot-Cha Glen Pospieszny Say You'll Be Mine Cha-IslaCapri June Yung Isle Of Capri Chacha For John Reilly The Weekend The Weekend Nobody Wants To Be Lonely Escape Ten Thousand Angels Chain Gang Gwenda Rooke Chain Gang Chain Of Fools Esella Thompson Chain Of Fools Chain Of Fools Gerard Murphy Chain Of Fools Chain Of Sin Bob & Marlene Chain Of Sin Peyre-Ferry Chain Reaction David Harrison Chain Reaction Chain Reaction Helen Hunt Chain Reaction Chain Reaction Craig Cooke Chain Reaction Chain Reaction!! Chris Watson Chain Reaction Chain Reaction Lisa Ferguson Chain Reaction Chain Reaction Sylvia Jones Chain Reaction Chain Reaction Glen Pospieszny Chain Reaction Chain Reaction The Girls (Maureen Alabao & Michelle) Chained John Dembiec Chains Sugar Chained To You Paul Snooke Chained To You Chains Louise Hodson Take These Chains From My Heart Chains Allyson Cawood & Chains Mark Stevens Chains John Corley Take These Chains From My Heart Chains Of Love William Sevone What Do I Know But I Do Love You Love Hurts Love Must Be Telling Me Something What's In It For Me California Blue I Got My Baby I Feel Bad Chains Of My Heart Trevor Eaton Take These Chains From My Heart Chainsaw Turnaround Michael John Pitbulls and Chainsaws Born To Boogie The Chair Tracey Barrett The Chair Chaka, Chaka Unknown Chaka, Chaka Chaka Chaka Karen Tripp Chaka Chaka Challenge, The William Sevone I Feel Lucky Chamber Music Michael Vera-Lobos Not Pretty Enough Chameleon Unknown Chamois Shuffle Blue Lee Palmer & Blue Johnny Twostep My Maria Just A Memory Champagne Unknown Bop Champagne Buffalo Billy Cuba Champagne 4U Andrew & Sheila I Get A Kick Out Of You Champagne Love Lesley Johnston Drinking Champagne Smoke Rings In The Dark Lovin' You Against My Will Foolish Heart Champagne On Ice Michael Vera-Lobos A Woman Needs Champagne Stroll Stella Wilden Drinking Champagne Champagne Waltz Knox Rhine Knowing That It Wouldn't Last Chance Encounter Gloria Johnson We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This Chance-Of-A-Lifetime Walt & Linda Roll The Dice Woolbright Outta Be A Law Chance Romance Debbie Small Come Dance With Me Chance That Dance Rob Fowler & Chance That Dance Lizzie Clarke Chance To Dance Michele Perron Everybody Wants To Rule The World Ain't Gonna Worry About Love No More It Ain't Me Itty Bitty Little Single Solitary Piece Of My Heart Sad Songs (Say So Much) Chances Are Moses Bourassa Jr. Best Of All Barbara Frechette & Juliet Lam Chanda Mama Joyce Nicholas Chanda Mama Chaneka Cha Elaine Douris I Get High Lovin' You Change Ron Kline Hey Mr. DJ Change Junior Willis & Change Craig Bennett Change For The Phone Sean Lloyd Three Nickels And A Dime Bop Change In My Pocket Rosie Morrison Forget You Change Of Direction Jane Newhard She Couldn't Change Me It's Finally Friday There Ain't Nothin' About You Change Of Heart David J. McDonagh Is This Love Change Of Heart Terry Hogan I Keep Forgetting Change Of Pace, A Ron & Linda Kline Angel Eyes Get Used To This Change Sides Sho Botham Coming Up Hot Love Momma Aint' Home Tonight Mustang Sally I Don't Need A Man To Live With Build Me Up Buttercup Playing Every Honky Tonk In Town Change The World Andy Chumbley Change The World Change The World Malene Jakobsen We Can Change The World Changes Gloria Johnson What If Changes Donnn Laurin For A Change Changes Cherie Belle A Perfect Love Harclerode Changes Jan Wyllie A Better Way Changes June Hulcombe & Change The Way I Love You Barb Willshire Changes Jo Miller Moving On Changes Kath Cochrane Father And Son Changes Too Doris Nippard For A Change The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter I Am The Only One Changing Partners Norman Dery Changing Partners Chanson D'Amour Karen Jones & Chanson D'Amour Gloria Bracegirdle Chanson D'Amour Elaine Cosenza Chanson D'Amour Chantilly Cha Cha Lyn Clark Still Cruisin' If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Joe Knows How To Live Chantilly Lace Chaos Knox Rhine Third Rock From the Sun Chapel Of Love Tom Glover Chapel Of Love Chapin Shuffle Michael Vera-Lobos Shut Up And Kiss Me Charades Jan Wyllie Just Between The Two Of Us Char-Broiled Katrina Robinson Walking On The Sun Chariot Junior Willis Chariot Chariots Of Fire William Brown Chariots Of Fire Charisma Gaye Teather Ten Guitars Charlene's Shuffle Fred Rapoport John Deere Green Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under Life's A Dance Whiskey Under The Bridge Love On The Loose, Heart On The Run Charleston Boogie Belle Big Ol' Truck Harclerode Charleston Break Chris Peel Ain't Gonna Work Today Charleston Cha-Cha Jeanette Hall & Texas Tattoo Tonya Miller Charleston Eve Griffin Bring It On Down To My House Charleston Charleston Greet Joyce Warren Bigger Than The Beatles On A Night Like This Charleston Jazz Kathy Sharpe Something With A Ring To It Texas Tattoo Should've Asked Her Faster Charleston Jump Jim Hart Jump Jive And Wail Zip Gun Bop Charleston Rock Barry Durand Motown Song Love Revival Trickle, Trickle Jumping Into Spring Charleston Strut Jo Thompson Don't Make Me Beg Little Bitty Pretty One Blue Moon Of Kentucky Used To Be Close By Charleston Tap Unknown New York, New York Wanting and Having It All Sold Charleston Time! Jo Thompson Delores Charleston Waltz Knox Rhine Bartender's Blues I Don't Want This Song To End Shake Me, I Rattle Charleys' Place Judith Campbell Good Time Charleys Charlie Horse Susan & David Can't Turn it Off Groeschel Don't Make Me Come To Tulsa I Still Wanna Jump Your Bones Charlie Horse Charlie Milne Bobbie Ann Mason I'm Just A Rebel Charlie's Dream Gaye Teather Throw Me Away Charlie's Girl Charles Bowring Shes A Yum Yum Charlie's Rescue Charlie Milne Rescue Me Attempt Charlie's Shake Charlie Milne I Feel Lucky My Heart Has A History The Shake Charlie's Shoes Marilyn Bycroft Charlie's Shoes Charlie's Side Kick Charlie Milne What They're Talking About Pick Up Man Charlie's Charlie Milne Cowboy Love Touch-Downs First Comes Love Charlotte's Cha Cha Charlotte Skeeters Bayou Boys Charly's Waltz Jan Wyllie Dancing Your Memory Away Charmane Sandy Boulton (Maureen's Dance) Charming Betsy DJ Dan & Wynette Charming Betsy Miller Charming Lady Mayee Lee Bonamana Chase Cha-Cha Vickie What Do I Know Vance-Johnson Should Have Been True Chase The Sun Yvonne Anderson Chase The Sun Chasing A Thrill Sadiah Heggernes Chasing A Thrill Chasin' Long Legs lindy Bowers, Long Legs & Long Necks Janis Graves, Margaret Koll, Rose Knosp, Gail Smith & Larry Bass Chasing My Tail Terry Hogan Going Nowhere Chasin' Rodeo Alison Johnstone Chasin' Rodeo Chasin' Rodeo Alison Johnstone Chasin' Rodeo First Steps Chasin' The Dance Mary E. Richardson Chasin' The Dance Chasin' The Rodeo Carl Sullivan Chasin' Rodeo Chasing Thunder Ty Barton Some One Else's Hog Serious Love Chata-Hoochi-Coochi Rhonda Clemons Dizzie Miss Daisy I Feel Lucky It's Chitlin' Time Chatelaine Michele Perron & Miss Chatelaine Amy Christian-Sohn Chatham Scuff Fred Rapoport Cat Walk Back In Your Arms Again A Real Good Way To Wind Up Lonesome Chattahoochee Al Serfas Chattahoochee Chattahoochee II María Lippe Chattahoochee (Wheelchair Version) Chattahoochee Lana Harvey Even If I Tried Hustle If It Ain't One Thing Chattahoochee Chattahoochie Jimmy Serene Chattahoochie Chattin' Online Lindy Bowers & Online Janis Graves Cheap Cha Cha Lori Gibson 50 Dollar Divorce Cheap Motel Lauren - 6 Pack, A Pizza & Cheap Motel Dusty Boots Strong Weakness Cheap Shot Edward Lawton That Girl's Been Spying On Me Cheap Talk Scott Blevins Girl Talk Cheap Thrills Justine Come On Over To The Country Shuttleworth Cheater Bob Boesel Before He Cheats Cheater, Cheater Jamie Marshall, Cheater, Cheater Bobbe Morhiser & Joey Martin Cheater Senorita Ann Napier Cheater Senorita Cheater Senorita Lorraine Cheater Senorita Susan Taylor Cheaters Dance, The Val Reeves Bring Back Cheating Songs Cheating Cowboy Shirley Lockley You Should Have Thought About Her Cheatin' Tricia Hanlon Honky Tonk Dancing Machine Cheatin' Heart Steve Giles How Come You Go To Her Wish I Didn't Know Now If I Had A Cheatin' Heart Cheatin' Heart Trevor Smith Never Live Without You Cheating Heart Mark Simpkin & Never Live Without You Robin Imms Cheating Heart Johnny Two-Step Cheating Heart Cheatin Heart Glennis Robb Your Cheatin Heart Cheatin' Heart Anita Ludlow Your Cheating Heart Cheatin' Heart Yvonne Hammond Your Cheatin' Heart Cheating Heart Jan Wyllie Your Cheating Heart Cheatin' Love Niels B. Poulsen Your Cheatin Heart Real Love Cheatin' Myself Guyton Mundy You Know I'm No Good Cheatin' On Me Kathryn Sloan Thank You For Cheatin' On Me Cheatin' On Vikki Morris & Cheatin' On My Honkytonk My Honkytonk Karl Cregeen Ridin' Along In My Automobile Cheatin' S.O.B Tony Wilson Revenge Of A Middle Aged Woman Under This Old Hat On The Road To Ruin Cheatin' Shuffle Lana Harvey Who's Cheatin' Who If It Ain't One Thing 634-5789 Even If I Tried Draggin' My Heart Around Cheatin' Tunes Jan Wyllie She Just Started Liking Cheating Songs Check 'Er Out Kim Galpin & Chinese Checkers Larry Bass If I Could Bottle This Up Eat At Joes Check It Out Rob McKean Under The Hood Check It Out Paula J Graves It's Alright Check Please Terry Hogan Check Please Checker This Out Donna Lawrie Lets Twist Again (Let's Twist Again) Cheech And Chong Johnny Two-Step & Shame About That Cha Cha A. Clark Back In Your Arms Cheek To Cheek Jenifer Reaume Waltz Me Once Again Around The Dance Floor Cheeky Bom Nik Smith Cuban Pete Cheeky Cha Cha Val Reeves If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body 'Cheeky' Dance, The Tim Gauci Cheeky Song Cheeky Girls! David Sinfield Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum) Cheeky Touch, The Stephen Rutter The Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum) Ghostriders Cheeky Waikiki Gaye Teather When You Ask About Love Cheeseburger Sheila Bernstein Cotton Eyed Joe Cheeseburger In Eve Griffin Cheeseburger In Paradise Paradise Chelo Rep Ghazali Cha Cha Chelo Cha Cha Mark Furnell Cha Cha Chelsea Boogie Irene Butcher Born To Boogie Cher Shuffle Dawn Wheat Strong Enough Cherish Neal Mifsud Cherish Cherish MayWah Ong Amnesia Cherish (The Love) Madeleine Jones Cherish Cherished Dream Mary Frances Chua Jiu Huan Ru Meng Cherokee Boogie Chris Kumre Cherokee Boogie Cherokee Boogie Unknown Cherokee Boogie Cherokee Boogie Norm Gifford Cherokee Boogie Cherokee Boogie Jo Thompson Cherokee Boogie Cherokee Boogie Dion & Val Thomas Cherokee Boogie Cherokee Boogie Nancy Morgan Cherokee Boogie Cherokee Boogie Kirsteen Warren Cherokee Boogie Cherokee Boogie Seanroox Cherokee Boogie Cherokee Chief Janet Halls Cherokee Boogie Cherokee Chug Janet L. Humphreys Cherokee Boogie Tall, Tall Trees It's Hard To Be Me Cherokee Kick Unknown Cherokee Fiddle Cherokee Maiden Susan Baird Cherokee Maiden Cherokee Rose Jan Pratt Girl Ain't One Of The Boys Anymore Un Momenta Alla Spilled Perfume I Think We're On To Something I Should Have Been True Heaven Help My Heart Time Marches On Cherokee Rumble Rita M. Kyle Lightning Does The Work Cherokee Stomp Todd Lescarbeau War Paint The Cowboy Stomp Cherokee Strut Rich Barnett Cherokee Boogie Cherokee Walk Bill "Peanut" Rice Cherokee Boogie Get A Little Crazy Cherry Blossom Val Reeves Cherry Pink Apple Blossom White Cha Cha Cherry Bomb Deb Crew Cherry Bomb Cherry Cola Kelcy Gardner I Want You Cherry Pink Cha-Cha Angie Shirley Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White Cherry Tree Shuffle Jenny Cryer & Fly Like A Bird Phil Bates Chesney, The EJ Foley How Forever Feels She's Got It All Take It From Me Chest, Heart And Mark Hood Two Heart Stroke Strut Back To The Wild Chevy Sal Gonzalez 455 Rocket That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me Cheyenne Cheyenne Dancers Copperhead Road of the Cheyenne I Love A Rainy Night Social Club Rockin' My Life Away Born To Boogie Cheyenne Jan Wyllie Old Cheyenne Cheyenne Rock Val Reeves Tonight We Just Might Fall In Love Again Hillbilly Highway Cheyenne Shuffle Unknown Loves Got A Hold On You Cheyenne Side Step Bev Stemmer Amazing Grace Workin' for the Weekend Chica Boom Boom Vikki Morris Boom Boom Goes My Heart Chicago Daniel Whittaker Love Is A Crime Chicago Dari Anne Amato Chicago Chicago Tandy Barrett Love Is A Crime Chicago!!! Sam, Corrina, Conargo Chicago Kristen, Karlie & Briana Chicago City Twister Unknown Chicago Groove John Dembiec Chicago Building Bridges Chick A Boom Violet Ray Boom A Chick Chick Chick Flicks Ardi Lawrence There's Your Trouble Independence Day I'm Alright Chicken Stomp Warren Fleming Laughter In The Hills Chicks On The Run Dave & Jean Rusch Ready To Run Cowboy Stomp Chicks Rock Barb Thacker Hick Chicks Chihuahua Yvonne Anderson Chihuahua Chiki Cha Debbie Small Chi Ki Cha Ki-Cha-Chi Chiki Cha Cha Liu Sum Loong Ki-Cha-Chi Chiki Chiki Garth Bock Chiki Chiki Chiki Chiki David Spencer Chiki Chiki Chiky Latino Kate Sala Manana Por La Manana Child Inside, The John H. Robinson The Child Inside Childhood Cha Cha Mary Kelly Here Today Gone Tomorrow Stroll Along Children Of My Heart Brian R. Woodford Queen Of My Heart Children's Waltz James Cunningham & Children Barry Watson Chili & Cheese Peter Metelnick Big Mexican Dinner Cha Cha Refried Dreams Chill Bill Bader Ain't Too Proud To Beg I Heard It Through The Grapevine Love Didn't Do It Chill Factor Daniel Whittaker & Last Night Hayley Westhead Let's Dance Chillax Max Kathy Hunyadi Relax Max Chilli Hot Daniel Whittaker La Traviesa Chillicothe Flyer Clive McKenzie To The Border And Beyond Chillin' With Kathy Heller Chillin' A Margarita Chilly Cha Cha A.T.Kinson Chilly Cha Cha Chilly Cha Cha Linda Harris Chilly Cha Cha Chilly Pepper Hot! Özgür & Mürüvvet Rockin' My Life Away TAKAÇ Chiltern, The Unknown Chimera David J. McDonagh I'll Be Missing You Triple Threat 2 Times Love And Affection China Groove Henry Costa You Are Mine Favor Love Over Friendship China In Your Hand Tapio Koskela China In Your Hand Chingford Cha Cha Michele Perron Unbreak My Heart It Must Be Love To Be Loved By You Chip Chip David Eddison Chip, Chip Chip Off The Linda Burgess Living Down My Past Old Block Chippewa, The Tiffany Hill Good Brown Gravy Chiquilla BM Leong Chiquilla Chirpy Charleston Gaye Teather That Good That Bad Chiseled In Stone LindyLou Bowers Let Your Love Flow The Fear Of Being Alone Write This Down Chiseled In Stone Sandra Haslam Write This Down Chisholm Stomp Unknown Never Alone Goin' Gone County Fair Chit Chat Nancy (Thompson) If The House Is Rocking Verbryck Chit-Chat Deb Crew Something To Talk About Chitlin' Time Herb White It's Chitlin' Time Chix Gloria Johnson Country City Girl Chocabeck (Gonna Martie Papendorf Chocabeck Make It Together) Choco-Choco Carole Daugherty Chocolate (Choco-Choco) Choco Choco Audrey Watson Choco Choco I Love You Cause I Want To Chocolate Mare Dodd Chocolate (Choc O' Lot) Chocolate City Unknown Old Time Rock and Roll Hustle Chocolate Covered Rep Ghazali I Just Called To Say I Love You Candy Hearts Chocolate Mousse Marg Jones Sweet Like Chocolate Mary Lopez Choices Wrangler Wild Born To Try Choices Pim Humphrey In A Letter To You San Antonio Stroll Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On Southern Nights Do I Do It To You Too Choices Bill Ray Choices Chomping At The Bit Larry Bass Ooh Aah... Just A Little Bit Let Me Into Your Heart I'm A Cowboy Choo Choo Boogie Bev Cornish Baby Likes To Rock It Choo Choo Cha Terry Hogan Choo Choo Cha Cha Choo Choo Ch' Boogie Jenifer Reaume Choo Choo Ch' Boogie Topsy Rock Around The Clock Delores Choo Choo Shuffle Roger Hambrick Baby Likes To Rock It Don't Rock The Jukebox Choose To Dance Maggie Gallagher I Hope You Dance Chow Baby Pat MacDonald I'm Outta Here It Takes Two Heartache To-night Chris Cross Gloria Johnson & A Heart That Breaks Dusty Miller Chrissy's Dream Chris & Cross I Like It, I Love It Honky Tonk Blues Christina's Waltz Michael A. Beall The Tender Branch The Christine Clyde Gray If This Is Love Buckaroo Hard On The Ticker Christmas Bells Johnny Two Step With Bells On Christmas Card Max Perry Christmas Card Christmas Cookies Mare Dodd Christmas Cookies Christmas Everyday Kathy Hunyadi Why Couldn't It Be Christmas Every Day? Christmas Francien Sittrop Kerst Voor Iedereen For Everyone What For Christmas Hitch Pam & Tony Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Flintoff Christmas Is Coming Marjoke Twiest Christmas Is Coming Christmas Of Love Dzintra Rozite Christmas Of Love Christmas Rock Nina Clark & I Only Want You For Christmas Mary Wild A Holly Jolly Christmas Christmas Rock Juliet Lam Rocking Around The Christmas Tree Feliz Navidad Christmas Rock Kelli Haugen Christmas Rock Sugar, Sugar Christmas Rockin Yvonne Hammond Rockin Around The Christmas Tree Christmas Swing Warren Fleming Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow Christmas Tree Rock Mark Cosenza Rockin Around The Christmas Tree Christmas Waltz, The Charles Bowring The Gift I See It Now Christmas With Amy Christian-Sohn Christmas With A Capital C A Capital "C" Chromatic Static Adrian Churm Retro Rex (The Robot) Crystal Chandeliers Jan Wyllie Crystal Chandeliers Chuck Wagon Cha Cha Joan Ansley Chucka Chucka Unknown Chucka, Chucka Chuckle Chops Waltz Dougie D. Funny Face Chuckwagon Pat Arnold Chuckwagon Cha-Cha Anita & Carol You're Gonna Ruin My Bad Reputation Russell Girls Ride Horses Too New Looks From an Old Lover Margaritaville Chug A Lug Unknown Wink Chattahoochee Chug-A-Lug Rick & My Baby Thinks She's A Train Deborah Bates Locomotion Poor Boy Shuffle Chug-A-Lug - KC Douglas Chug-A-Lug Chug-A-Lug Chug Walk Turn Gaby Neumann Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On Chugaloochie Charles Bowring Everyone's Gotta Run Their Own Railroad Chuggin' Along Peter Metelnick Watching My Baby Not Coming Back She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy Shalala Lala You're My Number One More Than I Wanted To Know Right Plan, Wrong Man I Want A Man You Still Got It Daddy Won't Sell The Farm Chugging Along Bev Cornish She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy I Want A Man Chunk Of Coal Max & Ruth Mandel Chunk Of Coal Cha Cha Church Boy Blues Mare Dodd Winchester Cathedral Church Street Stomp Kip Sweeney Already Gone Ciao Ann Wood Ciao Cicero Swamp Stomp Unknown I've Got Mexico I'm Gonna Get You Cico Cico Kenny Teh Cico Cico Cigarettes Gary & Cheryl Cigarettes And Whiskey And Whiskey Parker, Linda Wolfe, Robyn Groot Cimarron Unknown Crime Of Passion Step By Step Cherokee Fiddle Copperhead Road Cimarron Ann Thomson-Buhler Cimarron After Midnight Cimarron Boogie Unknown This Drinking Will Kill Me Time For Me To Fly Uncle Pen I'll Make Your Bed I Want To Be a Cowboy Sweetheart Dixie Flyer Reggae Cowboy Oh Heart of Mine Cimarron Cha Cha Unknown Cimarron Stroll Unknown Cimeras Louise Elfvengren Cimeras Cin-Cha-Nati Cha Jamie Davis Billie Jean If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Maria Cinch - Up Roger Fisher Crumblin' Down One Tonight Cinco De Mayo Alan Livett & Cinco de Mayo Jo Thompson Commitment If I Never Stop Loving You To Have You Back Again I Hope You Want Me Too Cinco De Mayo Sylvia Schell Cinco De Mayo In Memphis In Memphis Cinderela Anita Ludlow Cinderela Cinderella Mark Cook Cinderella The Cinderella Judy & Cathy Lee It's Midnight, Cinderella I Try To Think About Elvis Cinderella Steve Mason Cinderella Cherokee Boogie Let's Go To Vegas Emotional Girl Rub-A-Dubbin' Cinderella Boogie Johanna Olli, It's Midnight Cinderella Sirpa Salomaa & Crazy Arms Anu Laine Bring On The Teardrops The Outback Club Cinders Su Swanson It's Midnight Cinderella Circle M Polka Unknown Stop On A Dime Dance Against The Grain Circle Of Life Doug & Jackie Circle Of Life Miranda Circle Of Life Carolyn Robinson The Circle Of Life Circle Of Life Geoff Langford Circle of Life Circle S Waltz Dave Getty Their Hearts Are Dancing Circle Twenty Unknown Just Call Me Lonesome Darned If I Don't Friends In Low Places Circles Jill Babinec Will It Go Round In Circles Circuit The Girls (Maureen Cripple Creek & Michelle) Cotton-Eye Joe Linda Lou Riding Alone Big Mon Circus Joey Warren Circus Circus Regina Cheung Circus City Lights Robert Lindsay City Lights City Lights Shuffle Owen Williams City Lights City Limits Yvonne Anderson Nutbush City Limits Fast As You City Of Angels Brett Jenkins What If She's An Angel City Of Dreams Sag & Mishi NYC Ziminski City Of New Orleans Martie Papendorf City Of New Orleans City Slicker Lori Wong City Put The Country Back In Me City Stampede Fulvio Durazza Everybody Configon City Trainnnnnnnn! Hillbilly Rick City Train Clair Yeo Yu Puay Clair Claire's Dance Dianne Evans Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under Achy Breaky Heart Crystal Chandelier Clampetville Clare Beagan Hillbillyville Not Counting You Clap, The Linda DeFord Heart's Desire Space Jam Clap Clap Polka Unknown Sold Clap Your Hands Vivienne Scott My Dear Botanist Boom Boom Clappin' Billie Jill Tait The Clap Clap Song Clapping Girl Rafel Corbí Fast Girl Go Girl Go Clare Country Boogie Karen Melanson Clare's Waltz Clare Vignole Could I Have This Dance What I'll Know Then The Last Dance Claros Dance Vera Kuiper Tus Ojitos Claros Classic Rock Ann Young Boogie & Beethoven Claud Hop Unknown Claudette Ron Kline Come Here You Claudette Victimized Claudette Vicki E. Rader Wild Ride Fast As You Claudette Claudette Barry Amato Claudette Claudette Mary Donnerbauer Claudette & Trent Cummings Claudette Glynn Holt Claudette Claxton Stomp & Go Evelyn Khinoo If You Ain't Lovin' Wrong From Right Find Out What's Happenin' Should've Asked Her Faster Clean House Henry Costa Clean House Clean Up To Guyton Mundy Amos Moses The Elbow! Cleaning House Talya Chatman Breakin' Dishes Clear Blue Eyes Ria Vos Clear Blue Eyes Clear Conscience Louise Elfvengren Clear Conscience (Wu Wang Xin An) Clearwater Casino Jim Seeley Listen To Your Woman Cha Cha Too Much Fun Confessin My Love Oh Girl One Night At A Time Cleopatra Marianne Singleton Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial Cleopatra Unknown Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial Cleopatra, The Kevin Johnson & Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial Vickie Vance-Johnson Cleopatra Dorrit Nielsen Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial The Cleveland Boyz Bev Carpenter Cleveland Shuffle Cleveland Shuffle Thelly Ferguson & Now That's Alright With Me Ree Patterson Cliché Kate Sala If The Fall Don't Kill You Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde Click Go The Shears Karen Fishback Click Go The Shears Click On Me Tim Allen www.memory Click On Me Cors Whisper www.memory Clickety Clack Peter Metelnick Southbound Train & Kathy Hunyadi The Climb Shaz Walton The Climb Cline's 'A Walkin' Jeanie Lindsey Walkin' After Midnight Clinton's Sam & Pat Gretton Long Gone Little Rock Clock Tower Stomp James Gregory & Hog Wild Jean Garr Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under Rodeo Rock Clock Work Mishi Ziminski & Tik Tok Matt Thomson Clockwise Sarah Lewis Bury The Shovel How Do I Live Close Kari Jones Close Too Good Is True Close !!! Cathryn Proudfoot Close & Paul Snooke Close Paul McAdam Right Beside You Close Encounters Bill Bader I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying Tonight We Might Just Fall In Love Again No One Else On Earth Move It On Over Take It Back No News Close To Crazy Peter Metelnick Don't Be Stupid I'm From The Country Monkey Around Legend Of A Cowgirl Together Again Close To The Edge Gaye Teather I Could Fall Into Your Eyes Marianne How A Cowgirl Says Goodbye Just To See You Smile Close To The Floor Gerard Murphy & Call To Dance Lana Harvey Paddy McCarthy Lonesome Reuben That's Where I Draw The Line Traveller's Ridge I Don't Know How To Fix It Close To You Søren Kristensen Close To You Close Up The DJ Dan & Wynette Close Up The Honkytonks Honky Tonks Miller Close Your Eyes Karen Hunn Eternal Flame Close Your Eyes Kevin Staley When I Close My Eyes Close Your Eyes Debra Cleckler I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes Closed Doors Ray Denham Behind Closed Doors I'd Love You To Love Me Closer Dianne Joseph Closer Closer Lance Pritchard Closer Closer Glennys Croston Closer In No Time At All Closer Mary Kelly Closer Little Unlucky At Love Closer Amy Christian-Sohn Closer Closer & Closer Jules Langstaff, Closer Jim Grice, You Turn Me On Stewart Gimson She's Not You Walk Out Backwards When The Heartache Is Over Should I Do It A Closer Walk Thomas C. Tam & Just A Closer Walk With Thee With Thee Christine Mui Closet Dreams Brenda Curran Cryin' Town Clothes Off Will Craig Clothes Off Cloud Nine Chris Watson High On Love Cloud 9 Sheila Vee Cloud Number 9 Clouds In My Eyes John H. Robinson Daniel Brave Clowning Around Iris Mooney Pocket Of A Clown Don't Walk Away With My Heart Mary Lou Clowning Around Tracie Lee Pocket Of A Clown Clowning Around Peter Metelnick Crazy Party Mix Clownin' Around Shelli Blake & People Are Strange Bryan McWherter Clowns Tears, A Chris Jones The Tears Of A Clown Dare To Dream Club Fiesta Kate Sala Alcanzaras La Luna Club Nashville Marcie Pritchard I Can't Tell You Why Cha Cha Club Savoy Carmel & Ernie Club Savoy Hutchinson Club Tropicana Andrew Palmer & Club Tropicana Simon J. Cox Club Tropicana Peter & Alison Copacabana Clueless Kathy Brown Two Timin', Two Stepper Clutterbilly Alex Robin Evans Clutterbilly Rollercoaster Sin Wagon The Clyde Unknown Kaw-Liga She And I Clyde Clyde's Ride Marcia McCart Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde C'mon Gloria Johnson Come On Over C'Mon Barbara lowe Send It On Damn Girl C'mon Karen Sturmey C'mon C'mon & Dance Emma Sinclair Hippy Hippy Shake Livin' La Vida Loca C'mon And Ron Kline Squeeze Box Squeeze Me !! C'mon Baby Maggie Marquard Come Baby Come Anticipating Boogie Woogie Baltimore C'mon...C'mon John H. Robinson Tell Me How You Feel C'mon DJ Andy Williams C'mon DJ C'mon Darlin' Dynamite Dot Dance, Dance, Dance C'mon Everybody Kathy Hunyadi & Everybody Kevin S. Ward C'mon Let's Swing! Megan Boxwell Giddy Up C'mon Over Gaye Teather We're Gonna Party ('N' Party) CMT Jammin' Country Jo Thompson Honky Tonk Attitude Strut All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Co Co Jamboo Ronnie McCart Coco Jamboo Deep River Blues Coast Is Clear, The Gwenda Rooke The Coast Is Clear Coast Line (West) Jeff & Linda Eat At Joe's Goldstein Start The Car Lovey Dovey She's Cool Amarillo Hey, Mr. DJ Coast To Coast Don Kaneski Coast To Coast Larry & Cathy Smoyer Coast To Coast Bill Larson Coast To Coast Coastal Cowboy Coastal Stone Cold Country Boot-Scooters Coaster Coast Sarah Drake When You're Looking Like That Coaster Time Violet Ray Monkey Around Coaster's Clear, The Larry Bass Love Thing Shoo Bee Do Bee Do Coastin' Ray & Tina Yeoman Lord Of The Dance Coastin Slow Nancy Morgan Steam Coastin Slow Nancy Morgan Lovey Dovey And Sleazy Come To Mama As Long As You Belong To Me Lightnin' Strikes A Good Man Mary Lou Coastin' West Annette Fragale Cry Wolf Don't Make Me Come To Tulsa Coastline Cha Levi J. Hubbard Some Beach I Can't Take You Anywhere Brokenheartsville When The Sun Goes Down Some Say Third Rate Romance Coat-Tails Swing Dianne Joseph Oklahoma Swing Cobar Line Warren Fleming Honky Tonk Blues Cobar Line Harold Grimshaw Cobar Line Cobblers Denise Moneypenny Quality Shoe Cobbweb Connection Jim & Martie Bubba Hyde Ferrazzano Wink XXX's & OOO's Cobrastyle Pepper Siquieros Cobrastyle Thats That You Don't Know My Love Coca Cola Cowboy Unknown Dancing Shoes Coca Cola Cowboy Charles Bowring Cola Cola Cowboy Coca Cola Stomp Jane Newhard Coca Cola Cowboy The Whiskey Ain't Working Anymore City Put the Country Back In Me Cocktail Anita Mettler Friends Behind Bars Cocktail Cha John Rowell Songs Women & Wine Every Little Thing She Does Two Good Reasons Little Blue Dot Coco Jambo Nancy A. Morgan Coco Jamboo Coco Jamboo Sandy Smart Coco Jamboo Coco Latino Alison Pudney Island Girl Limbo Lady Reggae Cowboy Fins Cocoa Puffs Zac Detweiller My Humps Coconut Cream Debbie Wilson Coconut Coconut Grove Bryan Elliott American Dream Lonely Planet Coconut Willy Norman Kunishima Que' Es Amor Coconut Willy Coconut Wireless Eileen M. Williams Money In The Bank I Left Something Turned On At Home Nickajack Code Red Bryan McWherter Red Alert Code Red Kathy Brown Red Codger Man Skuff Marie Miller Dumas Walker Hillbilly Rock Cody Express Joan Giorgi & I Like It, I Love It Dan Albro Coffee-Up Bernie Flint Cowboy Coffee Independent Girl Cokernut Waltz Karen Spencer Somebody Loves You Queen Of My Heart Cold As Ice The Fun Four! Still In Love With You White Line Casanova Cold Beer Norman Gifford Cold Beer, Hot Women And Cool Country Music Cold Blooded Scott Blevins Sophisticated Lady Cold Duck Robert Rice Cold Duck Cold Feet Charles Thornhill Cold Outside Cold Guys Country Unknown One Lifetime Cold Outside Got To Get It Cold Hearted Irene Groundwater Cold Hearted Cold Kisses Mick Herbert Cold Kisses Cold Outside Vicky McCulloch Cold Outside Cold Outside Nita Pearson Cold Outside Cold Outside Chris & Richard Cold Outside Hodgson Soul Country Cold Snap Don Deyne Cold Outside Cold Sweat Annette Latimer & Cold Sweat Steve Mason Cold XXX's Chris Cleevely Cold Kisses Colegiala Samba Derrick Goh La Colegiala Colonel Boogie March Jenifer Wolf Colonel Boogie March Colorado Blvd. Henry Costa Little Old Lady From Pasadena All She Ever Wants Is More Colorado Hitch Eve Guggenheim & Achy Breaky Heart R.V. Summerall Earthquake Colorado Stomp John H. Robinson Deep Down Undo The Right Pit Bulls And Chain Saws Measure Of A Man All I Want Is A Life Born Ready Colorado Sundown Ramon Busqué Joe's Place Why Not Colorado Colors Of The Wind P.J. & Peter P Colors Of The Wind Colour Blind Geri Morrison Colour Blind Heartaches By The Number Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo Colour Blind Mel Hollyman Colour Blind Colour My World Todd Lescarbeau Colour My World Colour The World Tony Dougherty Colour The World Ride On Into The Sunset Colours Chris Hodgson Colour Blind Colours Joy Alan Colors Of The Wind Colours Of The Wind Irene Groundwater Colours Of The Wind Combine Driver Sherrie Poppa International Harvester Combine Fun Dianne Evans Combine Harvester Lollipop Good Old Boy, Bad Old Boyfriend Texas Cookin' Combine Harvester Barbara Lowe Combine Harvester Groove Heartbreaker When I'm 64 Don't You Want Me Combined 8 Maiju Leisti Combo Cha Mib Combo Cha Cha I Should Know Combo #3 Crystal The Fast Food Song Collinsworth & Heather Chapman Come A Little Closer Joey Warren Take Control Come A Little Closer Jackie Lincoln Make Love To Me Come And Danz Mark Hood & Come And Danz Douglas Semple Come And Get It ! Roxanne Kumre & Who's Your Daddy Terry Hogan Come & Get It Lorraine Harvey Get Me Some (Of That) (If You Can) Come And Get Marjorie Come And Get Your Love Your Love Barnabas-Shaw Come And Play Joe Steele Sober Come As You Are William Sevone Come As You Are Every Day I Have To Cry Soak Up The Sun I Won't Change You I Dig Your Act I'm A Cowboy Tragedy Give It Away Every Day I Have To Cry The Snake Come Back Kelcy Gardner When You're Gone Come Back Peter Metelnick Come Back Come Back Mark Hood I Need My Baby Back Come Back (Advanced) Steve Mason Come Back Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Husbands & Wives New Way To Fly Spanish Waltzing 4 Minus 3 Equals Zero Come Back (Easier) Steve Mason Come Back Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Husbands & Wives New Way To Fly Spanish Waltzing 4 Minus 3 Equals Zero Come Back Wendy Anne Redpath Come Back Come Back William Sevone Come Back And Finish What You Started Rockin' Pneumonia Every Day I Have To Cry Mama Didn't Lie Hearts Are Gonna Roll Come Back To Me Max Perry Come Back To Me Come Back To Me Peter Giam Come Here You Come Back To Me John Dembiec Good Directions Come Closer Jez Cauldwell & Come A Little Bit Closer Susan McWilliams Come Cryin' Bernie & Jim Come Cryin' To Me Come Crying To Me David Cheshire Come Crying To Me Come Crying To Me Stephen Sunter Come Crying To Me What's The Matter With You Baby If I Let You Go Come Cryin To Me Deborah Selby & Come Cryin To Me Jim Watt Come Dance With Me Heidi Leigep-Brown Dance With Me Come Dance With Me Jo Thompson Come Dance With Me Come Fill The Cup Terry Mandzuk The Cup Of Life Come Fly With Me Brett Jenkins & Come Fly With Me Cathryn Proudfoot Come Get It Karen Jones & Aaron's Party Barry Porter Most Girls Come Get It! Scott Blevins Aaron's Party Come Home!! Craig Cooke Baby Please Come Home Come Home Stranger Lesley Johnston Won't You Come Home Come Into My World William Sevone Come Into My World Come 'N' Dance Sheri Gay Come On Over If You Want To Touch Her Ask Come On Margaret Stuckey Come On Over Come On Nic Bartlam Baby Come On Come On Dougie D. Here You Come Again Come On U. Jacobsson Come On Cortina Come On And Dance Peter Metelnick Contact & Alison Biggs I Like It I Love It One Way Ticket Come On And Aimee Osborne We Danced Anyway Dance NEway Dreams Can Come True Come On And Karen Tripp Wedding Bell Blues Marry Me Bill Guantanamera Fly Me To The Moon Come On And Tango Juliet Lam El Choclo Come On Baby! Wesley Cowie Solitary Song Come On, Come On Diana Bishop Lay Your Love On Me Come On Get Higher Matt Thomson & Come On Get Higher Mishi Ziminski Come On Get Up Rob Fowler Come On Get Up Come On In Evelyn Young Cold Outside Soul Country Come On In Rick & Come On In Deborah Bates Sea Cruise 24-7-365 Come On Joe Gaye Teather Come On Joe Come On Over Simon Ward Come On Over Come On Over Junior Willis Come On Over Come On Over Linda Burgess Come On Over Come On Over & Party Gaye Teather We're Gonna Party Come On Senorita Kathy Brown Come On Senorita Come On To The Annemaree Sleeth Nitty Gritty Nitty Gritty Come Out Here Setsuko Motoki Come Out Here And Dance And Dance Come Rain Come Shine Francien Sittrop Have You Ever Seen The Rain Come See William Sevone Come See About Me I'm Every Woman Back In Your Arms Again Looking For You Boogie Oogie Oogie Right Plan, Wrong Man Shame Come See About Me Stay Close To Me Reaching For The Best Party Zone Come Share The Wine Unknown Come Share The Wine Come So Far Jackie Barber Come So Far (Got So Far To Go) Come Sway With Me Bill Larson Sway Come To Me Lana Harvey Dove L'Amore Too Much Fun Off To See The Lizard Come To Me Maggie Gallagher If You Come To Me Come To Momma Kathy Brown Come To Momma If I Had No Loot Come To Papa Nancy Morgan Come To Papa Come To Tulsa Margaret Stuckey Don't Make Me Come To Tulsa Shuffle Come Together Chris Kumre Keep Me Rockin' Come Tomorrow Michele Perron Come Tomorrow Come 2 Me Paul Snooke When You Come Back To Me Again Come Up And See Me Gaye Teather Come Up And See Me Come, Waltz With Me! Michael K N Chin Waltz Of A Life Time Someone Must Feel Amanda Come With Me Dynamite Dot The Love That's In Your Heart Comeback Norma Jean Fuller If You Don't Come Back Brown Eyed-Girl Red Lips, Blue Eyes, Little White Lies Comeback Kid Robbie Halvorson All My Friends Say Johnny Cash Comeback Shuffle Rosie Multari With You Perfect Love It Must Be Love Write This Down Keep Me Hangin' On Comfort Inn Michelle Stay The Night Ljungquist & Zachary Detweiller Comfort Zone Michael Vera-Lobos You Won't Ever Be Lonely Comic Strip Zac Detweiller & Comic Strip Jillian Morse Coming After U Larry Hayden Don't Wanna Let You Go Comin' After You Emma Thompson Don't Wanna Let You Go Don't Be Stupid Coming And Going Richard Baker Here You Come Again Coming Back Jan Wyllie Coming Back For You Coming Back Gordon Elliott I Keep Coming Back Coming Down Barbara Spencer On A Mission Comin' Down The Line John Dembiec Long Black Train Coming Home Alison Biggs You're Like Comin' Home Coming Home Guyton Mundy & Mama, I'm Coming Home Paul McAdam Coming On Strong Bastiaan They're Playin' Our Song van Leeuwen Coming Out Nancy A. Morgan Get The Party Started Comin' Strait Over Maureen & Don't Make Me Come Over There And Love You Michelle Jones Comin To Getcha Jo Conroy Beware Of The Dog Easy Money Coming Up Country Neil Hale I'm From The Country Commander Peter & Alison Commander Comment Tu Dice Norman Dery Como Se Dice Commitment Amanda McCulloch Commitment Commitment Barbara Mundell Commitment Commitment John Sandham Commitment Commitment Nancy Van Roon Commitment Commitments To Love Bill Bader That's The Way Love Is Commador Corral Gerard Murphy You Feel The Same Way Too Movin On One Way Ticket Communication Jan Wyllie You've Got To Talk To Me Como Dice Matthew Jacobs Como Si Dice Cómo Está Stuart Collier Tragedia Tragedy Como La Flor Thomas C. Tam Como la Flor Como Se Dice Johnny S. Como Se Dice (I Love You) Como Se Dice Dave & Shirl Como Se Dice Springett Comp Dance Gordon Elliott Nothing Ever Hurt Like You Company "B" Veda Holder Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Take It Back Compassion Glen Pospieszny Havana Pizziricco Rhythm Divine Complainer's Dance A Big Complainer Any Country or non-Country music Completely Terry Hogan & Completely Thomas O'Dwyer Complicated Heart Louise Elfvengren Complicated Heart Compliments William Ambrose Compliments On Your Kiss Compliments Shaz! Walton Compliments On Your Kiss Con Rail Gloria Johnson Keep On Rockin' Coney Island Jenifer Reaume Coney Island Washboard Washboard Confederate Hustle Bud & Connie She Never Cried (When Old Yeller Died) Cranford Rock My World (Little Country Girl) Confederate Stomp Richard Carpino Bobbie Ann Mason She Took It Like A Man Small Up Simple Down Confessions Stephanie Confessions Locatelli Confessions Of Jenifer Reaume Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps A Cowboy Confusion Unknown Mighty Big Boom Betty's Bein' Bad Confusion Unknown I Hear You Knockin' Boot Scootin' Boogie Ballad of Davy Crockett Confusion Cadillac EJ Foley Hurtin' Comes Easy Little Man Cadillac Ranch Conga Rhythm Roy Verdonk & Conga Nataline Laner Congested Shuffle Thomas Burns She's Got The Rhythm, I Got The Blues A Little Bit Of Love Rock My World CongOn Jenny Frey Conga Congratulations William Sevone Congratulations, Congratulations (Kung Hei! Kung Hei!) (Kung Hei! Kung Hei!) Conky Tonk A.J. Clayton, Conky Tonkin' Carolyn Babbitt, Catharine Mannion, Nicole Spencer Conky Tonkin' DJ Dan & Wynette Conky Tonkin' Miller Connections Jan Wyllie Drinkin' Bone Connie Trish Davies Everybody's Somebody's Fool Conrado Cha Cha Rob "I" Ingenthron I Just Want To Dance With You Un Momenta Alla Consorcio Cha Cha Liam Hrycan Traigo Una Pena Constantinople Robert Rice & Istanbul Joan Price Constantly Lucy Davies & Constantly Charlotte Macari Contact Chris Godden Contact Contagious Lynnette Rock Fever Every Time I Turn Around Contagious Janet Billington Merenbooty Girls & Joy Layer Write This Down Right Plan Wrong Man Contagious Marie Malmgren Sex Bomb Contagious Scott Blevins Evil Woman Contagious Tina Argyle Smells Like Teen Spirit Continental Unknown Continental, The Unknown Continental Polka Louise Webber Who The Hell Is Alice Contra Be-Bop-A-Lula Denny Hengen Why Haven't I Heard From You Be-Bop-A-Lula Contra Waltz Irene Groundwater Walkin' All Over My Heart Goodnight Irene Play Me The Waltz Of The Angels My Heart Cries For You Contradiction John Elliott The Thunder Rolls If I Had A Boat You Made This Love A Tear Drop Every Time You Throw Dirt On Her Controversy Robert DeLong Controversy Coochie Bang Bang Scott Blevins Miss Kiss Kiss Bang Cooin' & A Wooin' Michael Barr Itty Bitty, Little, Singletary, Solitary Piece Of My Heart Cookin' Maz Layton Come Here You Cookin' Justa Li'l John Rowell Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues Cool Dion Thomas Chilly Cha Cha Cool! Sherry Heier Cool To Be A Fool Cool Bar, The Gary Lafferty The Last Waltz Cool Beans Jennifer I Want You Back Pasley-Smith Go Deep I'm Alright I Said A Prayer When I Think About You Cool Blue Cha Cha Pete Harkness World Without Love Smoke Rings In The Dark Tougher Than The Rest Out Of Love Cool Breeze John Pannell Let Me Into Your Heart Cool Breeze Stephen Sunter Let Me Into Your Heart To The Other Side Never Again, Again Cool Breeze Tracey McIntosh Call Me The Breeze Cool Cat Francien Sittrop A Cool Cat In Town Cool Change Terry Hogan When Hell Freezes Over Cool Chick Robbie McGowan Please Mama Please Hickie Act Naturally Cool Country Cha Lisa Johns-Grose I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool Cool Cowboy Pauline Hobson There Goes Cool Daddy Larry Hayden Daddy Cool Cool Daddy Colleen Archer Daddy Cool Cool Drink Of Water Sylvia Schell Cowboy Casanova Cool Fool, A John Dembiec Cool To Be A Fool Nasty Girl Ruby Mae Cool Fool Brett Jenkins Cool To Be A Fool Cool Fool Herb Dula Cool To Be A Fool Cool Fool Glennys Croston Cool To Be A Fool Cool In A Gerald Biggs Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress) Black Dress Cool Jerk Ed Nichols Cool Jerk Cool Me Down Mark Cook Cool Me Down Cool Rockin' Carol Thibeault Cool Rockin' Country Country Cool Sunglasses Judy Rodgers Sunglasses Viva La Vida Cool Swing !! Eddie Bolton Drive It Home She Can't Fix Grits Some Change Cool To Be A Fool Tracie Lee Cool To Be A Fool Cool Walk John H. Robinson Cool Walk Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing Stranger In My Mirror On A Good Night All Or Nothing Cool Whip Judy McDonald Cool Whip Cry Me A River No Parking On The Dance Floor Cooler Jo & John Kinser, Cooler Than Me Philip Sobrielo, Ruben Luna Cooler Than Me Frank Trace Cooler Than Me Cooler Than Me Merete Sevel Cooler Than Me The Cooter Gloria Johnson Pure Bred Redneck Cooter Stomp Bob & Marlene Pure Bred Redneck Peyre-Ferry Dance Cooties Pepper Siquieros Cooties Copacabana Paul Clifton Copacabana (At The Copa) Copperhead Road Steve Smith Copperhead Road Rock Me Any Man of Mine Copy Cat Unknown 5,6,7,8 Copycat Vikki Morris & Copycat Karl Cregeen Corazon Cha Dan McInerney Te Amo Corazon Corazon Corazon Ira Weisburd Corazon Corazon Corazon de Melao Winnie Yu Corazon De Melao Corazon Espinado Megan Boxwell Corazon Espinado Smooth Spanish Eyes Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard Is It Love Yet? Corazon Espinado Barrie Godfrey Corazon Espinado If I Fall You're Going Down With Me Corazon Espinado Zandra Varnham Corazon Espinado Corazon Perdido Derrick Goh Corazon Perdido Corduroy Road Unknown Corduroy Road Good Hearted Woman Cajun Moon Corina Boogie Matthew Krabbe Corina, Corina Corina Corina Joanne Corina, Corina Taylor Smith Corine, Corina Alan Gaskell I'm That Kind of Girl Corine, Corina Corkscrew Scott Schrank A Little Bit Of Love (Goes A Long, Long Way) Corkscrew Sandi Larkin, Rock It Billy Jill Rowell, Bootscooting Boogie Suzan Underwood Take Me To Topeka & Carrie Ford Faster Gun I Ride A Horse Corkscrew William Sevone I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way Corkscrew Jodi Wittman Nine Eleven Corkscrew Waltz, The Mary Kelly Sorry Dear Waltz Of A Lifetime Children Corn Marigold Joseph J Reeves If Wishes Were Horses Corn On The Cob Linda Cobb Shadows In The Night Why Would I Say Goodbye Cornbread & Eddie McIntosh Cornbread And Butterbeans Butterbeans Cornbread Maureen & Where I Come From And Chicken Michelle Jones Cornbread And Trish & Bob Boesel Where I Come From Chicken Cornbread Paula Baker Where I Come From And Chicken Cornell Crawford Unknown Cornell Crawford Cornered In Leoni Dettmann Stampede That's What Loving You Means To Me Corral Stomp Joanne Bryan Daddy's Money Corrless G & K Redpath Breathless Cortland Grapevine G.G. Cargian The Wanderer Cadillac Ranch Why Not Me Corvette Dance Maxwell The One I Loved Back Then Cosmic Mary Fitgerald Cosmic Girl Cosmic Shuffle Charles Thornhill These Arms When Costa Brava Ramon Busqué It's Alright To Be A Redneck Rednecks Cotton Candy Tom Glover Tear One Cotton County Queen Parry Spence Cotton County Queen Cotton Eye Jam Pamela Rhodebeck Cotton Eye Joe Cotton Eye Coral Burton Mexico Winter Reggae Cowboy Reggae Cowboy Cotton Eyed Again Mark Paton Cotton Eyed Joe Cotton Eyed Cowboy Charles Bowring Cotton Eyed Joe Cotton-Eyed Jig Robert C. Weaver Cotton Eyed Joe Cowboy's Sweetheart Cry Of The Celts Sold Cajun Moon San Antonio Stroll Cotton Eyed Joe Line Susan Brooks Cotton Eyed Joe Cotton Eyed Joe Amanda Peterson Cotton Eyed Joe Scoot Cotton Fields Barry Amato Cotton Fields Cotton Mouth Carmen Santiago Cotton Mouth Dear Mr. Ford Cotton Pickin' Gaye Teather Cotton Fields Cotton Pickin' Gordon Elliott Cotton Pickin' Time Cotton Pickin' Valerie Lee Nothing But The Tail Lights Shuffle Easy On The Eyes I'm From The Country Cottonwood Stomp Teree Desarro You Still Got It Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues Down In The Valley Cougar In A Cage Stephen Sunter Let The Guitar Do The Talking I'll Think Of A Reason Later Lucky In Love Love's Been A Little Bit Hard On Me Don't Stop In My World Cougar Strut Jane Newhard Enjoy The Ride Authority Song Heads Carolina, Tails California Could I Lesley Clark Gozar La Vida Could I Have This Kiss Forever Could I Have Don McRitchie Could I Have This Dance This Dance Could I Have Norman Dery Could I Have This Dance This Dance Could I Have Karen Tripp Could I Have This Dance This Dance Last Cheater's Waltz Rock 'n Roll Waltz You Look So Good In Love Tennessee Waltz The Last Waltz Could I Have Unknown Could I Have This Dance This Dance Could We (Maybe) Lynne Williams Maybe We Could Fall In Love Por Debajo De Tu Cintura Gimme All Your Lovin Couldn't Go On Kay Geig I'm Just Talking About Tonight I Just Couldn't Go On (Another Day) (Couldn't Put Cathryn Proudfoot All The King's Horses Humpty) Together Again Count Down! Ryan Hunt Turn Around Count Four Unknown Count Me In! Peter Metelnick 5,6,7,8 Count Me In ! Joey & Natalie 5678 Fanell Count Me In Chris Kumre 5678 (5,6,7,8) Count The Way Troy Lidgard & Wrapped Up In You Justine Shuttleworth Count To 3!!!!! David Hoyn Count To 3 Count To Three Karen Jones Count To Three Count To 10 Johnny Montana Count To 10 Mentiras She's A Miracle Countdown Ria Vos DJ Don't Countdown Shuffle Max Perry Clown in Your Rodeo Count Me In Rodeo Rock Countdown To Maureen Bellingham I Feel A Heartache Millennium Countin' Down Beth Webb Someday Miss That Girl That's Me Not Loving You Counting Flowers Steve West Flowers On The Wall Counting On You Jamie Davis Santa Claus Counting Rounds Ramon Busqué Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo Countless Garth Bock Count To Three Jezebel Countless Dreams Yvonne Anderson Where The Stars And Stripes And Eagles Fly Watch Me Shine Country A Go Go Wes E. Gonenow Country A Go Go Country As A Boy Linda Nyffeler Country As A Boy Can Be Can Be Country As Can Be Suzanne Wilson Country As A Boy Can Be Country Baby Mavis Caul Here Comes My Baby Except For Mondays Country Backstep Jacqui & Will Bill's Laundromat, Bar And Grill Clough When & Where Country Bears Rob Fowler The Three Bears Country Blues Noel Bradey Bob Away My Blues Country Boogie Norm Gifford Movin' Out To The Country New Man Tonight Country Boots Sharon Peavler Little Miss Honky Tonk A' Rockin' Every Little Thing Burnin' Love Cowboy Love Country Bounce Martie Ferrazzano William and Mary Suicide Blonde Country Boy Unknown Bubba Can Dance John Deere Green Country Boy Yvonne Hammond Setting The Woods On Fire Country Boy Red Hot & Electric Country As A Boy Can Be Line Dancers Country Boy George Thompson Country As A Boy Can Be Country Boy Mary Kelly Tryin' To Get To New Orleans Settin' The Woods On Fire Back Into Country Wild One Country Boy II Unknown Anyway The Wind Blows Country Boy Max Perry Country Boy (You've Got Your Feet In LA) Country Boy 98 Jamie Barnfield, Country As A Boy Can Be Steve Yoxall & Burning Love Anne Harris Country Boy Rock Harold Grimshaw Country Boy The Country Boy Rock Larry Bass Country Boy I Want You Bad (And That Ain't Good) Country Boy Stomp Lisa Johns-Grose That's How Country Boys Roll Good Directions Love Story Country Boys Roll Harlan Curtis That's How Country Boys Roll Country Boys' Roll A.J. & Scott That's How Country Boys Roll Herbert Country Bump-Kin Chris Gibbons I'm From The Country Country Cadillac Page Harding Kick a Little Kick Dance We Dared the Lightning Country Can-Can Bonnie Rand & Wild & Free Ruth Anne Diphillipo Country Cannibal Ken St. George I Eat Cannibals Country Cha Cha Unknown Cajun Moon Rivers Of Babylon Boney M Medley Country Chaos Natalie Wade & Gone Country Helen Chubbock Little Miss Honky Tonk Country Chorus Lines Neil Hale Dreaming My Dreams With You Country Club Kathy McGee Country Club Country Club Stomp Unknown Country Club Country Comes Peter Metelnick To Town Country Cook'n Mike Cook Not Rip Off The Knob Country Corral Chuck Shaud Capital Tropical Cha Cha La Bamba Country Cow Wander Group I Do It For the Money Now That's Country Country Cowboy Unknown Trashy Women Country Crossover Suzanne Baker Gone Country Company Time Shut Up And Kiss Me Country Crowd Ian & Tim Kneath Country Crowd Country Cumbia Maria & Steve Mayo Cowboy Cumbia Country Dance Carol Green Country State Of Mind Country Dancin' Norm Gifford Heavy Duty Beauty Machine Country Done Come Cheri Litzenburg Country Done Come To Town To Town Country Drive Sara & Edward Put Some Drive In Your Country Warwick Country Drive Doug & Jackie Boogie And Beethoven Miranda Country Driv'n Mark Cook Put Some Drive In Your Country Country Eire Trevor Smith Next To You, Next To Me Country Fair Roy Thompson Country Fair Country Fan DJ Dan & Wynette That's Just Me Miller Country Fire Pete Harkness Fresh Coat Of Paint Country Gentlemen Unknown 40 Hour Week Rodeo Country Girl Shirley Babcock Good Friends Cadillac Style A Little Bit In Love Dumas Walker Country Girl Unknown Is Anybody Going To San Antone Country Girl Rob Fowler Country Girl Country Girl Mambo Unknown Mambo #5 Country Gold Buffalo Billy Born For Country Country Groove It Jo Coleman/Kinser Groove It Country Habit Lana Harvey Givin' Water To A Drownin' Man 18 Wheels And A Crowbar Out Of Habit If The House Is Rockin' Wild And Free Country Heart Jacqui Cargill Hello Mr Heartache Country Hearts Denise McMartin & Heart's Desire Elena Perruzza Country Hitch Vivienne Scott That's How Country Boys Roll Cold Coffee And Hot Beer Pretty Drunk Out Tonight Country Hoedown Susan Brooks Get Rhythm Rock 'N Roll Angel Boot Scootin' Boogie Achy Breaky Heart Country Hop Iris Mooney Come Crying To Me That Girl's Been Spying On Me Country Hot Dennis Foley & Hot Hot Hot Verity Mills Country Hussle Jim Wendrickx Halfway Down Bill's Laundromat Bar And Grill Born In The Dark Country Jammin' Bev Kerins That's As Close As I'll Get To Loving You Dust On A Bottle Country Jitters Sharon Farris Why Haven't I Heard From You? Whatever You Do, Don't Come Crying To Me Little Deuce Coupe Help Me Rhonda Country Jukebox Joe Steele Don't Rock The Jukebox Country Kicker Jim & Tina Ray I'm From The Country Country Kickin' Rick & Deborah Little Deuce Coupe Bates Fallin' In And Crawlin' Out Billy B. Badd Country Kicking Marie Harman Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under Country Kickin' Brenda Woodward I Like It, I Love It Hustle Tryin' To Get To New Orleans Slow Me Down Country Knockout Joy Dawson Knock Yourself Out Country Lambada Roz Morgan Lambada Party Time Conga Country Line Judy Sides Country Line Dancin' Queen Dancin' Queen Country Line Judy Sides & Country Line Dancin' Queen Dancin' Queen Donna Caudill Country Line Hustle Unknown As Fast As You Country Love Lee Crooks & Let Your Love Flow Glad Jackson Country Love Don McRitchie The House That Jack Built Country Lovin' Edward Poole I'm From The Country Country Lovin Bob & Marlene Lovin' That Country Peyre-Ferry Country Lovin' Ben Summerell Lovin' All Night Country Lovin' Ulf Jacobsson Down Country Lovin' Country Macareena Dennis Foley & Macarena Verity Mills Country Magic Gloria Johnson We're From The Country Country Magic Edward Lawton The Last Time Am I Blue That Old Country Dance Floor Country Mile Larry & Jody Hillbilly Shoes Carriger Ain't Enough Roses Country Mile Jane Newhard Hillbilly Shoes A Country Mile Lorraine Deering Walk A Country Mile Country Music Diana Dawson Murder On Music Row Adalida Country Music Jan Wyllie Murder On Music Row Forever (In Singapore) Country Night Kelli Haugen Tonight's The Night In Norway Country Nights Regina Chandanais Who Were You Thinkin' Of Cha-Cha Country Pride Ed White Tough Love To Be With You Do You Want Me Bonita What Kind Of Fool Last Time Uh-Huh Anyway The Wind Blows Country Pride Hitch June Shuman Emotional Girl Anyway the Wind Blows Country Queen Sashay Knox & Bette Rhine Commitment Stand By Your Man Country Ramble Brenda Jeffery Gone Country Country Rave Nigel & Rave On Barbara Payne Country Rhumba Unknown Spanish Eyes Country Rhythm Vivienne Scott Truth No. 2 Turn To Stone Call Me The Breeze Country Roads Yvonne Hammond Take Me Home Country Roads Country Roads Lorraine Country Roads Susan Taylor Country Roads Kate Sala Country Roads Country Roads Gemma Harrison Country Roads Country Roads Johnny S' Country Roads Country Roads Lisa Ferguson Country Roads Country Roads Jo Burr Country Roads Country Roads Judith Campbell Take Me Back Country Roads Too Many Pockets Country Roamin' Monte Higgins, Finally Friday Dale & Jackie I Wouldn't Tell You No Lie Parish Country Rock Jeff Joslin Rock This Country Country Rock Rebecca Metcalf Rock This Country Country Rock Michael W. Diven Ready To Rock (In A Country Kinda Way) Country Rock & Roll Jim & Daphne I See It Now Waltz Anderson Their Hearts Are Dancing The Rock And Roll Waltz Country Rock Yvonne Hammond Old Rock 'N 'Roller 'N'Roller Country Rocker Sho Botham Crazy Little Thing Cowboys Like A Little Bit Of Rock And Roll It's Alright To Be A Redneck Country Rocking R. W. Bleach Country Kinda Christmas Country Roots June Wilson All My Ex's Live In Texas The Storms Of Life Country Sauce Forty Arroyo Capital Tropical Revisited Cinco De Mayo Country Scoot Betty Clarke Neon Leon Walk On C-O-U-N-T-R-Y No One Needs To Know Don't Rock The Jukebox Country Set Bill Bader Our Kind Of Love Country Shuffle Dave Ingram I'm From The Country Country Steppin Jacqui Cargill Thump Factor That's My Story Country Stetsons Maureen Jones I'm From The Country Country Stomp Unknown Put Some Drive In Your Country Country Stroll Joy Dawson Trying To Get To New Orleans Country Strut Unknown Rock Bottom Country Style Sheila Still I like It, I Love It I Can Help Country Summer Kevin & Maria Do I Do It To You Too Country Swingin' Karen Hunn Go Down Swingin' No Way Jose I've Been Found I Wish That I Could Fall In Love Today Country Tango Gaby Neumann Shiftwork Something Stupid Country Tears Vic & Carla Teardrops Woolnough Country Time Boogie Mark Hood & Born To Boogie Douglas Semple Country Twang Thang Masters In Line Honky Tonk Lover Vale Of Tears Country 2 Step Masters In Line I Just Want My Baby Back Country Walkin' Teree DeSarro Walkin' In The Country Strike It Up Old Pop In An Oak Country Walkin' Dianne Joseph Movin' Out To The Country Walkin' The Country Country Waltz Dennis & Verity Their Hearts Are Dancing I See It Now Country Waltz, The Bev Kerins I See It Now Country Waltz, The Jim Anderson I See It Now Hit Country Song Their Hearts Are Dancing Old Friends A Country Waltz Rick & Deborah Hit Country Song Bates Alibis Remember The Alamo What About Me Country Way Veda Holder I'm From The Country Country Ways Phil Carpenter I'm From The Country Country With An Scott Blevins Country With An Attitude Attitude Country Down To My Soul Burn Me Down Country 'X' Roads PeeJay Country Roads Country's (CRM) Norma J. Fuller I'm From The Country Cha Cha Put Your Heart Into It Country's Pride Irene Groundwater Pride And Joy & Randy Morlanston County Down Maggie Gallagher County Down County Down Colleen Archer County Down County Fair Donna Wasnick Kiss Me In the Car I Like It, I Love It Life #9 The County Fair Lisa Johns-Grose The County Fair Cha Cha County Line Jim Ferrazzano I Got Mexico County Line Unknown County Line Unknown El Pantalon Blue Jean Blues Berry Hill Swingin' Doors This Nightlife She Don't Know She's Beautiful Coupe DeVille, The Norma J. Fuller There Ain't Nothing Like A Coupe DeVille Singing The Blues A Couple Of Lines Moses Bourassa Jr, Local Girls & Barbara Frechette Cover Girl Jeff & Jackie Kentucky Wildcat Allen Cover Me Nancy van Roon Cover Me Cover To Cover Kelvin Elvidge Things Change By The Book Right From The Start She's Got It All Covered In Kisses Michele Burton & I Gotta Get To You Michael Barr Cow Boogie Niels B. Poulsen Boogie Till The Cows Come Home Cow Cow Girl Stella Wilden You've Got To Talk To Me Cow, Cow, Girl I'm Getting Over It Go Away She Lays It On The Line Cow Cow Girl Stomp Bob & Marlene Cow Cow Girl Peyre-Ferry Cow Cow Strut Michelle Malmberg Cow Cow Strut & Jay Byam Cow Dance, The The Girls How Your Love Makes Me Feel (Maureen & Michelle) Cowabunga Shuffle A. Verity I Want You To Seduce Me Stuff You Gotta Watch Cowpaddy Stomp Unknown Every Little Thing Cow Pie Shuffle Julie Hemp Ride, Cowboy, Ride No Thinkin' Thing Cowboogie Donna Wasnick Boogie Till The Cows Come Home Cowboy, The Kole Dunn I'm A Cowboy Cowboy Aerobics Unknown I Try To Think About Elvis Cowboy And Anne Herd The Cowboy And The Lady The Lady, The Cowboy Angel Tyra Farris Good Ride Cowboy Cowboy Band Max Perry Cowboy Band Cowboy Beat Bob Harvey Cowboy Beat Cowboy Beat Unknown Cowboy Beat Cowboy Beat Kitty Hunsaker Cowboy Beat Cowboy Beat Audrey Watson The Cowboy Beat Cowboy Blue Gloria Johnson Cowboy Blue Cowboy Blues The Girls (Maureen Cowboy Blues & Michelle Jones) Cowboy Blues Mark Simpkin Cowboy Blues Cowboy Blues Jo Thompson Cowboy Blues Drive It Home Monkey Around One Dance With You The Way She Shakes That Thang Cowboy Blues Bryan Elliott Cowboy Blues Cowboy Boogie Unknown Burn Me Down Born to Boogie Cowboy Boogie Good Hearted Woman Fishing In The Dark Just Say Yes Tulsa Time I Wanna Dance With You Easy To Love Cowboy Boots Mark Simpkin & Cowboy Boots Robin Imms Cowboy Boots Chris Hodgson Cowboy Boots Cowboy Boots Andy Williams Nuttin' But Cowboy Boots Cowboy Cadillac Heather Frye Cowboy Cadillac Cowboy Cadillac Veda Holder & Cowboy Cadillac Trish Boesel Cowboy Cady Gloria Johnson Cowboy Cadillac Cowboy Calypso Bill Marcontell Jump In The Line Don Juan D'Bubba Sweet Home Alabama Cowboy Casanova Michael W. Diven Cowboy Casanova Cowboy Casanova Gail Smith Cowboy Casanova Cowboy Casanova Karen Tripp Cowboy Casanova Cowboy Casanova Cha Sarah Whalen Cowboy Casanova Cowboy Caz Pam Conner Cowboy Casanova Cowboy Cha-Cha Unknown I'm Gonna Miss You Girl The Art Of Getting By Cowboy Charleston Unknown New York, New York Wanting and Having It All Sold Cowboy Chemistry Jen Gadberry Pop by NSync Cowboy Christmas Kevin Richards Cowboy Christmas Ball Ball Cowboy Coaster Dale & Tanya Curry Fresh Coat Of Paint Trouble Cowboy Coffee Robyn Menerey Cowboy Coffee Cowboy Coffee Peter Giam Cowboy Coffee Cowboy Combo Charlie Milne I Like It, I Love It I'm Outta Here Cowboy Connection Ronny Myers You Turn Me On Hard On The Ticker You Walked In Cowboy Cumbia, The Carmel Hutchinson All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Cowboy Cumbia Cowboy Cumbia Anita Ludlow Cowboy Cumbia Cowboy Dance, A Jan Brookfield A Cowboy Song Cowboy Dance, The Cheryl Howker Achy Breaky Heart Cowboy Dreams Carl Sullivan Cowboy Dreams Baton Rouge Cowboy Fans Judy Cain Live A Little Cowboy Fest Johanna Olli Restless Kind A Jukebox With A Country Song There Goes My Love Cowboy Gallup Unknown Mirror Mirror Cowboy Guarantee Ria Vos Cowboy Guarantee Cowboy Hand Jive Neil Hale Southern Cookin' I'm A Cowboy Cowboy Hip Hop Kevin & Vickie Yippi Ti Yi Yo Vance-Johnson Indian Outlaw Silent Partners Old Hippie Get In Line South Side Of Dixie Cowboy Honky Tonkin' Kevin & Maria Too Much Time At The Honky Tonks Smith Cowboy Hustle Unknown Pickup Man Cowboy Hustle Unknown You Walked In Cowboy Hustle Unknown Timber, I'm Falling In Love Cowboy In Me Katri Ristolainen The Cowboy In Me Cowboy Jazz Dede Casson Strait Shooter Thump Factor Cowboy Love Robyn Buller Cowboy Love Everybody Hoedown Now Cowboy Love Karen Hedges Cowboy Love Cowboy Love Paula I'm Outta Here Frohn-Butterly The Fear Of Being Alone Betty's Got A Bass Boat Cowboy Love Cowboy Love Laura J. Hughes Cowboy Love When You Say Jump Cowboy Love Jenni, Leanne Cowboy Love & Lisa Cowboy Love Fred Knopp Cowboy Love Cowboy Lovin Yvonne Hammond It's A Cowboy Lovin Night Cowboy Macarena Unknown Macarena Macarena (Cowboy Version) Cowboy Mambo DANCE R US The Cowboy Mambo (Sonia & Ric) Cowboy Meets Cowgirl Joana Contreras & The Wild Wild West Daniel Heller Cowboy Motion Unknown I Wanna Be A Cowboy One Step Forward Glass Hearts Crime Of Passion Bobby Sue Cowboy On The Run Rep Ghazali Cowboy On The Run (Niu Zai Hen Mang) (Niu Zai Hen Mang) Cowboy Party Kath Fidler Rhinestone Cowboy Cowboy Passion Unknown Fast As You Working Man's PH.D. Cowboy Polka Nancy A. Morgan Rollercoaster Cowboy Sweetheart Timber, I'm Falling In Love I Am Just A Rebel Bill's Laundromat, Bar And Grill Trashy Woman Return To Sender Cowboy Ridin' Michael Diven Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy Cowboy Rock Unknown I Don't Need The Booze To Get A Buzz On Rock My World Heartbroke Out Of My Mind Cowboy Rock & Roll Unknown A Hundred Years From Now Walk On Faith Cowboy Rock n' Roll Arizona Ann Napier Cowboys Like A Little Rock And Roll Cowboy Rhythm Jo Thompson God Blessed Texas Ain't Goin' Down Til the Sun Comes Up Cowboy Rumba Linda & Dean Eavy You Got The Wrong Man My Maria If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Cowboy 'S' Unknown Bring It On Down To My House Cowboy Slide Audrey Higgins Dancin' Cowboys Cowboy Songs Lisa Foord & Cowboy Songs Yvonne Hammond Cowboy Stampede Sonny & Linda Cowboys Sweetheart Klemm Cowboy Step Gaby Neumann Hard Working Man Cowboy Stomp Janet Humphrey Cowboy Stomp Cowboy Stomp Barry Amato Cowboy Stomp Cowboy Love Cowboy Stomp, The Rick & Deborah Eugene You Genius Bates The Cowboy Stomp A Day In The Life Cowboy Stomp Mark & Wendy The Cowboy Stomp Pilley Cowboy Stroll Jan Brookfield San Antonio Stroll Waltz Me Once Again Round The Dancefloor Cowboy Strut James Towner & Walking To Jerusalem Ruth Sturges Life's a Dance Reggae Cowboy Life #9 Is It Love Yet? Cowboy Strut Unknown The Boys And Me Cowboy Strut Bill McKechnie Tall Tall Trees Cowboy Style Bradley J. Muller I Can Love You Better We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This Cowboy Swingin' Knox Rhine Swingin' With The Cowboys Swingin' Cowboy Twist Darlene Collins All Shook Up Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues Cowboy Twist Unknown Honky Tonk Attitude Cowboy Twister Unknown Rowdy Settin' The Woods On Fire Cowboy Up! Monnie Aubry The Likes Of Me I'm From The Country John Deere Green 634-5789 Heartbreak Hotel Cowboy Up! Shannon Finnegan Bury The Shovel Life In The Fast Lane The Cowboy Way Cowboy Up Allan Watson Cowboy Up Cowboy Up Barbara Cowboy Up Chamberlain & Irene Williams Cowboy Up Ethelene & Jack Cowboy Up Tollison Everytime I Roll The Dice Cowboy Up Elizabeth Scott Cowboy Up Cowboy Up Ray & Gail Garvin Cowboy Up Cowboy Waltz Unknown Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight Could I Have This Dance Stars Over Texas Cowboy Waltz Bill Nichols Rock & Roll Waltz Cowboy Waltz Sho Botham Alibis Cowboy Waltz Johanna Olli & Every Time It Rains Ari Salonen Cowboy Bill Cowboy Wanna Be Nancy A. Morgan I Wanna Be A Cowboy Only In America Be My Baby Tonight All She Ever Wants Is More Cowboy Wedding Sue Coats Cowboy Wedding Cowboys Terry Hogan Cowboys Are My Weakness Cowboys Are My Sylvia Schell Cowboys Are My Weakness Weakness Cowboy's Baby Paulette Lindley Baby Once I Get You Cowboy's Cocktails Linda Burgess You Walked In Cowboys Dance, The Jon Peppin & The Hampstersdance Song Ray Graham Cowboys Don't Cry Michele Perron Cowboys Don't Cry Honky Tonk Life Tell Me About It Cool New Country Cowboy's Dream Gloria Stone Tumbleweed Cowboys Last Ride KC Douglas Cowboy's Last Ride Cowboys Lie Amanda DeLisle Anticipating Cowboys Like Us Mark Simpkin & Cowboys Like Us Tracie Lee Cowboys Rock'n'Roll Andreas Ehn Even Cowboys Likes A Little Bit Of Rock'n'Roll Cowboy's Shaggin' Jim & Tina Ray Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard Cowboy's Waltz Jan Wyllie My Own Kind Of Hat Cowgirl, The Ann Fore & What the Cowgirls Do Cheryl Thompson Cowgirl, The Shari Pannell Even Cowgirls Get The Blues Cowgirl Attitude Elspeth Allen Any Man of Mine Cowgirl Blues Jacqui Cargill Men Cowgirl Boogie Teree DeSarro Big Love N' Strut Cowgirl Cowgirl Caper Knox Rhine Askin' Questions Get On It Cowgirl Catcher Unknown Rock My World Cowgirl Cha Shari Pannell Rock Me In The Rhythm Of Your Love Cowgirl Cha Cha Dee Beisher Land Of Enchantment It Must Be Love Cowgirl Charleston Anna Balaguer Love Lives On Cowgirl Connection Jim Lucas Como Se Dice Cowgirl Crazy Yvonne Hammond Cowgirl Crazy Cowgirl Crazy Jacqueline Cargill Good Girls Love Bad Boys Cowgirl Down Kathy Brown She Likes To Get Out Of Town Cowgirl Dreams Jim Turner Catalogue Dreams Down At The Twist And Shout Girls Like That Louisiana Saturday Night Cowgirl Dreams Vic & Carla Catalog Dreams Woolnough Cowgirl Hustle Unknown Down On the Farm I Feel Lucky Cowgirl Mansion Henry Costa Cowgirl Mansion Cowgirl Shuffle Unknown Cowgirl Slap Golden Spurs Give Me Time Line Dancing Cowgirl Two-Step Jim Turner Two Steppin' Texas Blue Down At The Twist & Shout Cowgirls Bill Larson I've Come To Expect Wonderland Of Love Cowgirls & Switches Scott Blevins Cowboys & Kisses Cowgirls' Blues Roland Gutzwiller Even Cowgirls Get The Blues You Gonna Love Me One Day Stand Beside Me The Way You Love Me Cowgirls Can Ride Gordon Elliott This Old Cowgirl Still Know How To Ride Cowgirl's Delight Ann Kang Rhythm Of The Rain Cowgirls Do Christy Schmedt Cowgirls Do Rodger Taylor What The Cowgirls Do Cowgirls Don't Cry John Dembiec Cowgirls Don't Cry Cowgirls Goodbye Lance Pritchard The Cowgirls Say Goodbye Cowgirl's Revenge Pauline Swigowski Could I Have This Dance Cowgirls Twist Bill Bader What The Cowgirls Do Do You Love Me The Twist Cowgirl Twist Thats What I Like Honky Tonk Twist Cowgirl's Valentine Golden Spurs Be My Valentine Waltz Line Dancing Cow-Lypso Gloria Johnson Redneck Limbo He Drinks Tequila (She Talks Dirty In Spanish) Cowpattie Georgeanne Valis John Deere Green Rip Off The Knob For A Change Pick-up Man You Ain't Much Fun Cowpokes Blues Louise Elfvengren Where Cowpokes Grow Cowpony Lana Harvey Here She Comes Vidalia Cowtown Nikki Urich & Cowtown Patsy Pollock Stand On It Coyote Madeline & Ingo The Coyote and the Cowboy Neill I Sang Dixie Navajo Rug Coyote Cowgirl Christy Fox Can't Fight The Moonlight Truly, Madly, Deeply Play Coyote Hustle Rick Mead & Can't Keep A Good Man Down Bill Montana You Put The Beat In My Heart In A New York Minute Step That Step Shakin' Footloose Coyote Moon Michael O' Shea Can't Fight The Moonlight Don't Stop Moving Coyote Rebel Coyote Dan Get In Line Up And Down Coyote Sing James Gregory & Coyote Jean Garr Coyote Waltz Duane Richards Hit Country Song Husband And Wives Not That I Care Shake Me, I Rattle Vaya Con Dias Crabbuckit Gerard Murphy Crabbuckit Cracker Jack The Girls (Maureen Cracker Jack & Michelle Jones) Sorry Wait A Minute Come Cryin' To Me Crackerjack Justine King Of The Road Shuttleworth Cradle Mark & Jan Caley Cradle Crank It Up Jenny & Kimberley You Turn Me On Bounds Crank It Up! Peter Metelnick Let's Get Loud Crank It Up! Kathy Heller She Don't Like My Music Crank Up The Terri Alexander SOS (Rescue Me) Attitude Crank Up The Radio Carol Cotherman Turn On The Radio Cranky Robbie McGowan Crank It Up Hickie Crash Terri Alexander Crash Crash & Burn Karen Hunn That's The Way Crash, Bam, Boom! Lorraine Shelton Crash, Bam, Boom Crawfish And Pie KC Douglas Rhubarb Pie Baton Rouge Deep River Blues Stand By Me Crawfish Pie Pascal Siereveld Jambalaya Filet Gumbo Crawlin' Funky Jim & Judy Wells Don't Take Your Love Away From Me Crazi Shakin' Rep Ghazali Booty Shakin Song Crazy Cindy Truelove Gotta Get A Little Crazy Crazy Andrew Chalk Man! I Feel Like A Woman Crazy Brett Johnston You Drive Me Crazy Crazy Alex Tucker Crazy Crazy Jenny Molesworth, Wild At Heart Lyn Hubble Crazy David Cheshire Acting A Little Crazy Crazy Mark Simpkin Crazy Crazy Amy Christian Crazy Crazy.. Neville Fitzgerald Crazy Crazy Roy Hadisubroto Crazy Crazy Violet Ray Crazy Crazy Ambition Victor vander Meer 9 To 5 & Chris Jack Crazy Arms Dianne Joseph Crazy Arms Crazy Arms Denis Haggerty Crazy Arms Looking For A Thing Called Love Crazy Baby Robin Sin Crazy 'Bout You Baby Crazy 'Bout Me Carl Sullivan Way Out In The Country Crazy 'Bout You Baby Judy McDonald Crazy 'Bout You Baby Crazy Boy Rafel Corbi El Nino Loco Crazy Burnin' Hot Cindi Talbot Hot Hot Hot Let's Get Crazy Fire Burning Miss Kiss Kiss Bang Crazy Byrd Robyn-April Lie No Better Rivard-Darby I Can Love You Better Hard On The Ticker The Natural Thing I Wanna Rock Walkin' On Me Road Man There's Your Trouble Crazy Chick Audrey Watson Crazy Chic Go With Her Marie Marie Crazy Daisy Jane Newhard Cover You In Kisses Love Happens Like That Love Gets Me Every Time Crazy Day Job Gordon Elliott Day Job Crazy Devils Guyton Mundy, Devils On The Loose Rob Fowler & Craig Bennett Crazy Dreams Amanda Crazy Dreams Harvey-Tench Crazy 8's Unknown Red Hot Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Moses Bourassa Jr. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend & Barbara Frechette Crazy 4 Leaving Gaye Teather She's Crazy For Leaving Crazy 4 U Tracie Lee You Turn Me On Crazy 4 You Patricia E. Stott Wild At Heart Sea Of Cowboy Hats Crazy From The Heat Mike Marshall Crazy From The Heat Crazy Horse Lana Harvey Chasing That Neon Rainbow Even If I Tried Crazy Horse Stampede Unknown Born To Boogie Crazy Horses Toni Holmes & Crazy Horses Steve Jeffries Crazy Kicking Alison Holmes, Let's Go Crazy Lisa Hawkrigg & Tina Appleby Crazy Legs Greg Underwood Southern Cookin' Hog Wild A Crazy Life Leanne Morse Livin' La Vida Loca Wild Wild West If Ya Gettin' Down A Crazy Life II Leanne Morse Livin' La Vida Loca Wild Wild West If Ya Gettin' Down Crazy Line Liz Fagen Crazy Need A Marguerite Crazy Little Thing! Chris Hodgson Crazy Little Thing Called Love Crazy Little Thing Lee Mansfield Crazy Little Thing Called Love Crazy Little Thing Kevin Richards Crazy Little Thing Called Love I Try To Think About Elvis Sure Feels Real Good Crazy Little Thing John & Kaye Sookee Crazy Little Thing Called Love Crazy Little Thing Mike Cook Crazy Little Thing Called Love Called Love Crazy Little Thing Christine Barron & Crazy Little Thing Called Love Called Love Rosemaree Tieman Crazy Little Thing Lorraine Shelton Crazy Little Thing Called Love Called Love Crazy Little Thing Marjorie Crazy Little Thing Called Love Called Love Barnabas-Shaw Crazy Little Women Bill Ray Coast To Coast Crazy Love Veda Holder Crazy Little Thing Called Love Crazy Love Jodi Page I Can't Leave You Crazy Love! Chris Watson Crazy Little Thing Called Love Crazy Mama Lucy Love Crazy Mama Crazy Mambo Italiano The Man In Black Mambo Italiano Crazy Me Scott Blevins Mi Vida Loca Hard Lovin' Woman Crazy Mercury Maxwell & CCRH Mercury Blues Crazy Nites Bev Carpenter Mama Ain't Home Tonight Crazy Old World Chris Peel Crazy Old World Crazy Postman Glynn Holt Mr Postman Crazy Dreams Crazy Ride Scott Schrank Crazy Ride Crazy Right Now Andrew, Simon Crazy In Love & Sheila Crazy Rimes Kim Ray Crazy Crazy Rockin' Nancy A. Morgan Crazy (You Drive Me) Crazy Shuffle Jessica & Rodeo Rock Kelli Haugen 5,6,7,8 Crazy Stomp Cherie Johnson Let's Get Crazy Every Dog Has Its Day Crazy "T" Margaret Kickin' In Transmeier I'm In A Hurry I Ain't Got No Business Crazy Talk Johnny S' She Said Crazy Thing Denny Hengen Oughta Be A Law The Craziest Thing Crazy Thing Judy Cain Crazy Little Thing Called Love Crazy Thing Johnny T. Darl Crazy Little Thing Called Love Crazy Too Bob Bonett Crazy Crazy 2 Diana Dawson Wild At Heart Crazy World Geri Morrison Crazy World Of Love Pushin' Me Out Creature Bill Morgan Somebody Slap Me Creek Alley Steve Lescarbeau Creeque Alley Creek Freak Shuffle Kathy Sharpe I Can't Dance Down At the Twist & Shout Creep! Zandra Varnham Why D'you Lie To Me Creep On In Annette Skaff Creepin' In Creepin' Maurice Rowe Creepin' Creepin' Scott Blevins The Creeps Creepin' In Yvonne Anderson Creepin' In Creepin' In Terry Dunbar Creepin' In Creepin' Up Jessica & Kelli Creepin' Up On You Haugen Horse To Mexico They're Playing Our Song Creepin' Up On You Stephen Sunter Creepin' Up On You I'm Alive Somebody's Dream Creole Moon Gerald Biggs Down In The Bayou Cricket Roger Steinberg Soul Limbo Boots Cricket Gail Smith Cricket On A Line Cricket King Jodi Wittman Shut Up & Kiss Me Another Chance At Love That's My Story Feelin' Kind Of Lonely Tonight Kiss Me, I'm Gone Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain Every Little Thing Cricket On A Line Kathy Brown Cricket On A Line Crime of the Century Lisa Foord Crime of the Century Crime Of The Century Mike Derrik & Crime Of The Century Margaret The Way She's Lookin' Crime Of The Century Fiona Haslett Crime Of The Century Crime Of The Century Daniel Smith Crime Of The Century Cowboy Rides Away Cripple Creek Kip Sweeney Cripple Creek Cripple Creek Canyon Dawn Dennell Cripple Creek Criss Cross Jacqui & Will Down Into Muddy Waters Clough Criss-Cross Christine Goodyear Whiskey Under The Bridge Dancing Cowboys Redneck Girl Crock Rock, The Peter McIntosh & Crocodile Rock Laurie Glenn Crocodile Rock Peter Heath Crocodile Rock Dancing Shoes Crocodile Shoes Unknown Crocodile Tears Cathy Montgomery Texas Size Heartache Cross-Border Lisa Strong Baby Work Out Connection Let's Shout (Baby Work Out) Right On The Money Cross Country Waltz Betty Clarke Waltz Across Texas As Soon As Own Heart's Delight Cross Kick Esther D'Arpino That's My Story Rock My World, Little Country Girl My Night To Howl Cross Kickin' Unknown Blue Clear Sky Cross My Heart Gita Renik I Don't Know I Forgot to Remember Everybody Gonfi Gon Cross My Heart Dennis & Verity Cross My Heart Cross My Heart Leonie Smallwood That's The Truth Cross My Heart Bill Larson Cross My Heart Cross My Mind Steve Mason Every Time You Cross My Mind Cross Over Scott Lanius Heartbroke Out Of My Mind Cross Over Brian Bambury Heart Is Right Honky Tonk Man Cross Over Glennys Croston Don't Let Me Cross Over Queen Of My Heart Cross Point Barbara Stocks This Time Cross Stitch Joy Cook Wrong Night We Shouldn't Be Doing This Cross The Mersey Max Perry Ferry Cross The Mersey Cross Walk Robert C. Weaver Trouble Don't Make Me Come To Tulsa Tulsa Shuffle She Don't Know She's Beautiful Without Your Love You Can't Give Up On Love You Just Get One When You Say Nothing At All Cross Xamin Barbara Donald Soul Searchin' Cross Your Mind Judith Kennedy Do I Ever Cross Your Mind It Doesn't Matter Any More Crossed The Line Abby Bayford One Day At A Time Crossed Up Patti Sopata Down & Dirty Poor Me Crossfire Marg Jones Crossfire All She Wants To Do Is Dance Crossfire Alan Haywood & Crossfire Margaret Swift Crossfire Shuffle 2 Unknown It's Such A Small World Passionate Kisses Crossing Crossover Bud & Connie Super Love Cranford Some Kind Of Trouble Crossing Over Betty Clarke Don't Be Stupid Bubba Hyde Oeeoeeo Crossin' Over Johnny S' Crossin' Over Crossing Over Bill Larson Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha Crossin' The Line Jan Wyllie As Any Fool Can See Crossing The Line Joey Smith Mary Lou Crossover Cha Cha Lisa Austin My Maria Crossroad Carol Aveiro Rescue Me Crossroads Unknown Third Rock From The Sun Crossroads Emma Nickson & Overprotected Daniel Griffiths Crowbar David Cheshire 18 Wheels & A Crowbar Crown Royal Frank Cooper Your Love Is King Crow's Feet Charles Thornhill All I Wanna Do Croydon Stomp Steppin' Country Buckaroo Big Time Cruel Lisa Ferguson Don't Be Cruel Cruel Bear Rachael McEnaney Don't Be Cruel/Teddy Bear Cruel, Cruel Heart Charles Bowring Cruel Cruel Heart Cruise Control Neil Hale All Over but the Shoutin' Cruisin' Neil Hale Cruisin' Bobbie Ann Mason Cruisin' Victor VanDer Meer Cruisin' Cruisin' Bobtail John Elliott & Copperhead Road Jan MacWilliams Cruising On A Teresa & Vera Cruising On A Summer Night Summer Night Crush Jacquie Berkhout Crush Man I Feel Like A Woman Crush James 'JP' Potter Crush A Matter Of Time Crush Cathy McDaniel Crush On You Cruzin' Cha John Dembiec & Rie y Llora John Robinson Cry Mark & Jan Caley Cry Cry Mark Hood & Cry Douglas Semple Cry Martin Ritchie Cry Just A Little Bit Fire When Ready A Taste Of Boogie Cry Baby Cindy Truelove Bring On The Teardrops Cry Baby Anne Herd Cry Cry Just A Mark Cosenza Cry Just A Little Bit Little Bit Cry Me A River Karen Hunn Emotion Cry Me A River The Girls (Maureen Cry Me A River & Michelle) Cry Me Out Malene Jakobsen Cry Me Out Cry Of Faith Darren Schrader Cry Cry To Me Irene Mead Come Crying To Me Cry To Me William Sevone Cry To Me U Can't Touch This Stand By Me Put The Needle On It Under The Boardwalk Smokey Places I Begin To Wonder Ghost Riders In The Sky Save The Last Dance For Me Cry With Me Nigel & Cry To Me Barbara Payne Wings On My Heels Adalida Cryin' Rob Fowler Cryin' in the Rain Crying David Cheshire Don't Come Crying To Me Cryin' Eyes Jan Wyllie Cryin' Eyes Cryin' Game Stephen Sunter Cryin' Game That's As Far As It Goes I've Got A Quarter In My Pocket Crying Heart Andy Chumbley Cupid Crying In The Chapel Peter Heath Crying In The Chapel Tequila Sunrise Crying In The Rain Jan Brookfield Crying In The Rain Crying Out Loud Sue Coats What About Me (Remix) Cryin' Season Alan Livett Cryin' Season Crying Shame Rachael McEnaney Oh What A Crying Shame Crystal Blue NR 2 Louise Elfvengren Crystal Blue Crystal Blue Andrew Palmer & Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue Simon J. Cox To Die For Emotion Crystal Dreams Jan Wyllie Throw Me Away Crystal Feet Sven Cesaro Walkin' The Country Ruby Shoes Walkin' After Midnight Crystal Hero Lorraine Crystal Blue Susan Taylor Hero Cuando La Noche... M.T. Groove Dame Aguita Fresca Cuando M'innamoro Francien Sittrop Cuando Me Enamoro Cuba David Sickles (I'll See You In) Cuba Cuba Groova A Liam Hrycan Cuba Cuba Groova B Liam Hrycan Cuba Cuba Libre Ann Napier Cuba Libre Open Of My Love Baila Bailando Cuba Libre Dianne Kickert Cuba Libre Cuba Libre Rachael McEnaney Cuba Libre & Simon Ward Cuba Nights Myriam Charlton Represent, Cuba Cuban Heels Gabrielle Hancock (I'll See You In) Cuba Cinderella/Rockerfella Cuban Heels Terry Hogan (I'll See You In) Cuba Cuban Kiss Niels B. Poulsen Suavemente Cuban Motion Nancy Morgan- Let's Get Loud Blackhurst Cuban Nights Penny Smith One Night Cuban Pete Cha Forty Arroyo Cuban Pete Cuban Shuffle Paul Hulatt Tres Deseus (Three Wishes) Cuban Walk Hank & Mary Dahl I Just Want To Dance With You Cuban Yeah Jennifer Choo Yeah (Como Goza Mi Morena) Sue Chin Cucu Winnie Yu Mueve Tu CuCu Cuddle Up Julia Ann Kennedy Wrapped Around Baby What You Want Me To Do Cue The Rain Denise Brault Cue The Rain Cumba Dance Kenny Teh Cumba Dance Cumberland Road Surachai The Church On Cumberland Road Prasitsarpreecha Cumbia Amore Ira Weisburd Dulce Amor La Cumbia Cumbia Rhythm Liz Clarke Cowboy Cumbia Some Broken Hearts Never Mend Cumbia Sabrosa Ira Weisburd Cumbia Sabrosa Cumbia Semana Ira Weisburd Fin De Semana Cumbia Tempestad Ira Weisburd Cumbia Tempestad Cup Of Life Carol McKee The Cup Of Life Cup Of Life Liam Hrycan Cup Of Life Cup Of Love Gerard Murphy Cup Of Love Everytime I Cry Cupful Of Life Anita McNab Cup Of Life Jose Cuervo Cupid Lorraine Susan Cupid Taylor Cupid Shuffle Unknown Cupid Shuffle Cupidly Stupid Rob Fowler Stupid Cupid Cupid's Arrow Hayley Kennedy No One Needs To Know Cure, The Bill Lancaster Nothin' A Little Love Won't Cure Cure, The Jan Wyllie Honky Tonk Healin' Curious Thing Kristina Beeby Curious Thing Curly Shuffle Unknown Honky Tonk Women Curses!@?! Mare Dodd Man With A Hex Curtain Call Janice Khoo Take A Bow Curtisy Roy East Dance the Night Away Curtsy Cross, The Jim Vivis If I Didn't Have You You Better Think Twice Cold Outside Cushy Cowboy Jan Brookfield & Cowboy Dreams Carl Edwards Peggy Sue Cut A Rug Jo & Rita Thompson Roll Back The Rug Cut & Paste Ron Kline So Fabulous, So Fierce I'm Outta Love I Got My Baby Cut Loose Mike Salerno 40 Days And 40 Nights Loosen Up My Strings Cut Me Off Max Perry Cut Me Off Cut Me Off Steve Knowles Cut Me Off Do It Again Cut No Slack Bill Lancaster Rocking The Country Nothin' A Little Love Won't Cure Cut To The Chase Linda Kalinowski Beer Run Wrapped Around It's Alright To Be A Redneck Cut You Loose Malene Jakobsen Good Thing's Gone Bad Cute! Cute! Cute! Kathy Gurdjian Brand New Girlfriend Cute, Cute, Cute Nancy Thousand I Got A Brand New Girlfriend Cute Thai Cha Kenny Teh Bauk Wah Yah Nah Ruk Cutie Patootie Tonya C. Moore & Best Days Of Your Life Diane Richardson Trouble Cuts Both Ways Colleen Archer Cuts Both Ways Cuttin' A Groove Vicki Rader Big Love Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothin' Better Think Twice That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me Somebody To Love Cuttin' a Rug Barry Amato Fifty Fifty Cuttin' Edge Larry & Jody Diddley Daddy Carriger Cuttin' Loose Larry Bass Bad Day To Let You Go I Got A Love Bayou Boys Cuz I Said So.. Neville Fitzgerald Cause I Said So & Julie Harris CW Boogie Charles Bowring CW Freeze Jim Ferrazzano Elvira Cyber Coastin' Dawn Snyder Fish Ain't Bitin' I Feel Lucky If I Ain't Got You She's Got The Rhythm Take It Back City Put The Country Back In Me Two Timin' Two Stepper Wink Cyborg Craig @ Cyborg Border-Line Cyclone Rachael McEnaney & Cyclone Deborah Szekely Cypress Groove Nancy A. Morgan Cypress Grove Cypress Shuffle Julia Ann Kennedy Ny Ny Dancing On A Saturday Night

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