Top 10

DANCE TITLE CHOREOGRAPHER MUSIC SUGGESTION A&J Waltz John & Anne Love Never Broke Anyone's Heart Pickering A & M Cha Cha T & M Gaughan Gulf Of Mexico A Friend Of Yours Malcolm Russell I Met A Friend Of Yours Today About The South Rob Hocking About The South It's A Big One Every Mans Got A Mountain About Time Jacquie Winchester Sweet Maria Cheater Senorita We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This About You & Me Patrick Old One Better Latendresse I've Loved A Lot More Than I've Hurt Absent Friends Pat & Sue Cowley, Absent Friends Norman & Chris Parker Ac-Cent-Tchu-A-Tion Moses Bourassa Jr. Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive & Barbara Frechette Achy Breaky for 2 Sherry & Warren Achy Breaky Heart Welch Don't Tell My Heart Acting Like A Fool DJ Dan & Wynette All My Friends Say Miller Affection Connection Pat & Tom Clark Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye Carried Away Afraid Hazel Pace Afraid Inspirations After All Silvie Scott & After All Diane Jackson After Midnight L. Lungley Silver & Gold Afterglow Lois Lightfoot Afterglow Ah Si! For 2 Kathy Dula Levantando Las Manos Te Quiero Mas Ain't Comin' Back Jim & Diann Adams Shakin The Shack That's What I Like About You Half A Man Ain't Nothin' Cindy Smith Ain't Nothin' 'Bout You Bout You The Way You Love Me Ain't Skeered For 2 Bob & Marlene Ain't Skeered Peyre-Ferry & Norma Jean Fuller Against The Wind Mark & Jan Caley Against The Wind There Goes My Baby Ain't Gonna Work DJ Dan & Wynette I Don't Wanna Work That Hard That Hard Miller Alabama Two-Step John & Jean Miles Don't Take Her She's All I Got (Mixer) Old Enough To Know Better Alibi Grace & Ron Alibis Coleman All Aboard Larry & Jody My Baby Thinks She's A Train Carriger All American Jim Arkness Promenade All My Life Bob Davis I Knew I Loved You Island All That Dee & Corinne You Walked In Miller If You Can't Be Good The Land Of The Living Wrangler Butts All We Want Julie & Brian All I Want The Pants We Work It Out Pink Guitar A Jukebox With A Country Song Alligator Walk, The Rick & Deborah Alligator Walk Bates Gonna Move Across The River Let's Get Loose Almamater The Dancin Dudes Heartbreak School Almas Cha Cha Edie & Roy Ogilvie Almondvale Terry Gurr Jukebox With A Country Song Almost Paradise Sonny & Linda Almost Jamaica Klemm Alone With You Ron & Pauline Alone With You Clayton Oh What A Thrill There Goes My Heart Alright I'm Wrong Lucie Murphy & Alright I'm Wrong Raynald Dumont Always Chris Moulds Forever And For Always Always Paula Frohn & Without You (I Haven't Got A Prayer) Michael Silva Don't Easy For Me To Say It's Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long I Cry Pretty Little Adriana Always Be With You DJ Dan & Wynette I Will Always Be With You Miller Always By Me Mark & Jan Caley You'll Always Be Loved By Me Missing You Always There Jeff & Thelma I'll Never Say Goodbye Mills Always Together Jeff & Thelma I've Been Better Mills Don't Tell Me You're Not In Love Always Together Nancy A. Morgan Without You Always With You David Dabbs I'm Your Radio She's Not Crying Anymore Amame Por Dos Moses Bourassa, Jr Amame & Barbara Frechette Amanda's Dance Dennis Madigan Smoke Rings In The Dark One Night At A Time Amanda's Dream Ian & Sue Ray Dream Weaver Amanda Time Spent Missing You Amazing Smile Sam & Ruth Amazed Armstrong Smile Amour Pat & Sue Pack Up Your Lies And Go Griffiths The Red Strokes Amy Polka June Wilson I Sang Dixie Just Say Yes Anaheim Shuffle Sam & Pat Gretton Anbernie Homeland Roy Moore My Homeland Ancient History Chris & Andy Ancient History Malpass I Hit The Ground Crawlin' Angel Derek Young Angel Eyes Chuck & Linda Angel Eyes Babli Angel Touches Jim & Judy Wells One Step At A Time She Knows When You're On My Mind Tequila Talkin' Angel Waltz Jerry Cope & House With No Curtains Iva Mosko Somebody Else's Moon Froze Over Angel Wings Rob & Kath Hocking Wings Of An Honky Tonk Angel Angels Blues, The Norma J. Fuller & Better Off With The Blues Lewis Cain Broken Wing Angels Waltz Isabelle Wilkie Play Me The Waltz Of The Angels Angie Pete & Chris Farmers Daughter Cranwell Anglien Unknown Annie's Cha Cha Ann Black Like We Never Had a Broken Heart Annie's Fool I Buy Her Roses Alone But Not Alone Anniversary Stroll Bill & Shirley Harvey Anniversary Waltz Jo Thompson I Love You, That's All Tucson Too Soon Their Hearts Are Dancing Another Maria!! Bill Gallagher Tia Maria Another Tequila Peter Wolters Tequila Sunrise Sunrise Apache Nancy Martin April Stroll Hazel Parfitt Shame On Me The Whole World Must Be Colour Blind April's Fool Diane Jackson April's Fool April Fool One Step Away Are You Ready Larry & Jody Mama Likes To Reggae To Rumba? Carriger Pizziricco Think Of Me Argentine Cha-Cha Unknown Lovers Live Longer Neon Moon Arizona Cha-Cha Alan Finch Reasons These Lips Don't Know How To Say Goodbye Precious Pearl Cryin' For Nothin' It's A Good Thing I Don't Love You Anymore I've Been Better Arizona Stroll Shirley McCoy Dark Horse Babcock Hearts Desire Dancin' Shaggin' On The Boulevard Around The Corner Larry Boezeman Down On The Corner ASAP Stephen & Janet ASAP DiFatta Neon Moon Ashes Sue Halliday Ashes By Now Ashley's Waltz Joe & Penny Barker Last Cheaters Waltz Atlanta Tony Tombs She Knows When Your On My Mind Atlantique Waltz The French Their Hearts Are Dancing Connection If It Ain't One Thing (It's You) Attitude Strut Mickey & Dawn Stampede Strut Finley, Cale Henke & Mandy Preloger Autumn Leaves Hazel Pace The Whispering Wind Cha Cha Just Another Woman In Love Something Stupid Autumn Shuffle T & M Gaughan Killin' Time Avalon Waltz, The Ian & Glen Burton Only One Heart I'd Love You All Over Again King Of The Mountain Leaving Is The Only Way Out Aztec Shuffle Terry & Caroline French B.A.M. Rick & Why Not Tonight Deborah Bates, Anything Else But You Jim & Scrap Piece Of Paper Diann Adams, Bud & Diane Martin B & C Shuffle Bernice & Colin Caddick B C Cha Cha Bill Jackson & We Don't Dance Carolyn Jones As Long As I'm Rocking With You Land of Enchantment Black Coffee I Just Want to Dance With You I'll Always Be True B.J. Cha Cha Billy Beene BJ's Waltz Bill Larson Their Hearts Are Dancing B-N-W Hitch Dick & Marie Bullard BP Riverrun Paula Frohn Western Girls B&S Boogie 4-2 Dave Rusch Billy Bill If It Don't Take Two Born To Be Blue You Win My Love It's A Little Too Late B&S Stroll Silvia Scott A Little Bluer Than That Daddy Had A Cardiac And Mama's Got A Cadillac B T Shuffle John Romano & Measure Of A Man Jan Pryor B-Salsa-1 Michael Weeks & Corazon Espinado Betty No Me Dejes De Querer Robinson-Weeks Babe Magnet Weave Robert C. Weaver There'll Be No More Crying Me Too Mississippi Moon Love Is Stronger Than Pride Then You Can Tell Me Good-bye Friends Baby Don't Go Michelle & Marc Baby Don't Go Archambault The Real Thing Baby Don't Go Kathy & Herb Dula Baby Don't Go Baby, I'm Ready Rick & Deborah Baby, I'm Ready Bates Baby Jane Gaye Teather & Baby Jane Jenny Ruffley Baby Please Jaana Myllymaki & Baby, Please Come Home Come Home Harri Laaksonen Baby Rock Sal Gonzalez, What A Crying Shame Donna Wasnick & Zydeco Lady Tina Smith Back Bay Stroll Debbie Small & You Better Think Twice Fred Rapoport Heaven Says Hello Swingin' Down To My Last Teardrop Look What Followed Me Home My Kind Of Girl Amy's Back In Austin I Am A Simple Man I Think About It All The Time Back In Town Bob Hocking Baby's Back In Town Back To Back Boogie Bill & Nyleen I'm From The Country Friedrich Back To Basic Roy East Foolish Heart Last Time Dance! Shout! Back To You Jerry Colley Hit The Ground Crawlin' Back To You Gregory & Melody Walker Back Together Linda & Colin Poor Boy Shuffle Chester Don't Come Cryin' To Me One More Story To Tell Back Together Again Steve Mason & Today I Started Loving You Again Catherine Wake Back Two The Country Tony & Lana Wilson Back To The Country I Finally Found Somebody Back Two The Yard Terry D. Zmrhal & Your Backyard Carol McCarthy Backbones Bill Shepard I Just Wanna Be Mad Backseat Swing Dan Albro Backseat Music Backstage Pass Holly & Bernie Restless Ruschman Bad Day For Terry Hogan Bad Day For The Blues The Blues Bad Reputation 42 ! Tony Wilson She's Gonna Ruin My Bad Reputation Badby Shuffle Heather Wilson I've been Hearing Things About You Badonkadonk Two Barb & Dave Monroe Honky Tonk Badonkadonk Badonkin' Partners Nikki Wyllie Honky Tonk Badonkadonk My Give A Damn's Busted Honkey Tonk Women Play That Funky Music White Boy Bagaluichi Bump Country Bound What It Takes I'm Outta Here Bar Room Shuffle June & Pete Jepson I Love This Bar Bar Room Waltz Tom Selzler Don't We All Have the Right Barbiejoe Shuffle Sandra Fallows Pocket Of A Clown Bare Michelle Bare Essentials Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Barn Dance Dick & Geneva Texas In 1880 Matteis Living In the Wild Wild West Barometer Soup Angela Pinnington Barometer Soup Baton Rouge Unknown Right Left Hand Bay Aire Shuffle Dave Morrow Achy Breaky Heart Boot Scootin' Boogie Bay-D-Shuffle Hazel Parfitt She Knows When You're On My Mind Too Far Under Bay Path Waltz Bob Pfau Their Hearts Are Dancing Be Happy Jan Smith & Falling Apart Malcolm Owen Back In Your Arms Again Every Time I Cry Never Again, Again Beach Blanket Chacha Tim Hand & One Night At A Time Alice Daugherty Beach Blanket Baby Beach Party For Two Al & Sandy Ord Desert Loan The Bear Cha Cha Cheryl Clem Senorita Beatle Bop Nigel & Love Me Do Barbara Payne Because Of You Rita Arnett Because Of You Beejay Shuffle Sandra Fallows Pocket Of A Clown Beer, Bait & Diane Jackson Beer, Bait & Ammo Ammo Yeh ! Beer In Mexico Dan Albro and Beer In Mexico Lyndy Beggars And Heroes Chris & Trev Beggars And Heroes Being With You Alice Daugherty Being With You & Tim Hand Just To See Her Believe Everything Moses Bourassa Jr. Isn't That Everything & Barbara She Told Me So Frechette How 'Bout Them Cowgirls Winner At A Losing Game Our Song Believer Alan Finch Believer I've Got A Feelin' For You Ain't Your Memory Got No Pride At All Memory Town Bella Donna Cha Lorraine Susan All That Heaven Will Allow Taylor Bellamy Blues Diane Jackson Kookaburra Blues Bermuda Pearl Iris & Jeff Curwen Bermuda Triangle Vertical Expression Bermuda Triangle Rick & Deborah Bermuda Triangle Bates Beside Myself Jim & Phyllis Half The Man Dixon Best Of Friends John & Jean Miles Best Loved Friends Best Of Friends Best Of My Love Nigel Payne Best Of My Love A Beautiful Day Bethany Rose Jan Smith Love You Every Second Better Places Bob & Marlene Better Places Than This Peyre-Ferry Better Together Ann Williams I Told You So The City Put The Country Back In Me Between Anna Balaguer Your Heart Turned Left (And I Was On The Right) Bev-R-Lee Philip Osmond Let Me Into Your Heart Bev's Boot Scootin' Beverly Clark Boot Scootin' Boogie Boogie Big Blue Note Jan Smith Big Blue Note Big Heart Mabel Thompson The Bigger The Heart Big One Gilles Lebrecque The Big One Billet - Doux Linda & Colin Love Letters In The Sand Chester All Things Made New Again Bill's Boogie Jan Cohan Restless Hey Bartender Billy B. Bad John M. Graham & Billy B. Bad Hattie B. Wray Billy Dance Pierre Mercier San Francisco Hold Your Horses Let's Go Childish If My Heart Had Wings Daddy Laid The Blues On Me Billybob, The Diane Jackson It's Alright To Be A Redneck Billy B. Bad Bit By Bit Michelle Bit By Bit Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Bits & Pieces Polka Rick Bowen Bittersweet Love Dan Testa Wild Child Draw Of The Cards More Love Black Diamonds Jane Newhard I Hope You Want Me Too South Of Santa Fe How Long Gone Smoke Rings In The Dark The Way You Love Me I Only Want To Dance With You What Do You Say To That Black Hat's Rose Norma J. Fuller Louisana Hot Sauce & Lewis Cain Deep Water Blues Amos Moses Unison Blackpool Rock Jean Thompson Life's A Highway The Two Step Is Easy Bop Blackpool Stroll Doug & Edith There Goes Clarke Blacktop Dan Albro & Baby Doll Lyndy Blame The Vain Bob Hocking Blame The Vain I'll Always Be Loving You Blind Love Harry & Norie Blind Love Raymos Blue Percy Duncan California Blue Blue Angel Richard & Ginny Blue Angel Spedowske Blue Bayou The Chipmunks Blue Bayou Blue Boy Michelle Blue Boy Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Blue Buckle Bump Janet Humphrey Blue Blue Chip Emmitt & Gloria There Goes Nelson Blue Days Diane Jackson Blue Days Blue Eyed Angel Steve & Carol You Are No Angel Frost Blue Grass Waltz Diane Jackson The Grass Is Blue A Few Old Memories Blue Kentucky Dave Woollas Blue Kentucky Girl Shuffle Magic Moments Blue Light Special Kathy Brown Mr Policeman Blue Prairie Tango Pauline O'Connor Cha Tango & Alec MacDonald Blue Reflections Sylvia Priestley Still Blue Is There Life Out There You'll Be There It's Raining Outside Blue Rodeo Rick & Debbie Blue Rodeo Haynes She's Awesome Blue Rodeo John & Katie Blue Rodeo Corbett Blue Rose Darrell & Doris Loving Blind Aldrich I Buy Her Roses April's Fool Land of Enchantment Born To Lose You Blue Rose Blue Shoe Shuffle June Wilson Waiting For Those Times To Get Better Jones On The Jukebox I Wouldn't Change You If I Could Blue Sky Shuffle Don Deyne I Think We're On To Something Time Marches On Fifty-Fifty Blue Clear Sky My Maria Maybe Blue Water Susanne & Allan, Single White Female Marianne & Sten, The Fire Gitte & Gert, Hedvig & Svend, Lilly & Hans Blue World Rob & Kath Hocking A World Of Blue Nice Work Bluebonnet Dave & Chris Look At Us Turner Boardwalk Angel Francine Bourque & Boardwalk Angel Mario Bessette Boat On The River Penny & Joe Barker I See A Boat On The River For 2 Bobs Friendship Brenda Foxley Friendship Body Double Andie Ghidiu Been There Something Like That Have Fun, Go Mad Bomshel Stomp Bob & Marlene Bomshel Stomp Peyre-Ferry Boogalooin' Rick & Baby's Got My Number Deborah Bates New Old Songs I'll Be There If You Ever Want Me Boogie Doo, The Norma J. Fuller You're The Ticket Are You Jimmy Ray Boogie Fun Walk Joyce Warren Cherokee Boogie Boogie Woogie Baby Cody & Dawn Baby Likes To Rock It Ratliff Boogie Woogie Sandy & George Boogie Woogie All Night Long For II Washbond The Way She's Looking Heartbreak Overload Boot Scootin' Boogie Larry & Sandy Boot Scootin' Boogie Smith Boot Stompers Cha Dottie & Jim Third Rate Romance Underwood One Night At A Time Take It Back Bop The Bs Moses Bourassa Jr. Bop To Be & Barbara Frechette Border Line John M. Phillips Black Velvet Country Club Borderline Cha-Cha Rick Bates Here Comes The Rain My Maria I Just Want To Dance With You Borderline Stroll Mike & Marg Neon Blue Leopold Born 2 Dance With U Wendy Lorek Dancing Feet That's How Country Boys Roll Pretty Woman Bottled Up Jo-Ann & Dick If I Could Bottle This Up Kilton Bouncin' Back Bob & Marlene Bouncin' Back Peyre-Ferry Bournville Slide Group Perfect Picture 'Bout Time Dave & Barbie Crawlin' Again Brandt Bow Tie Cha Cha Chris & Andrew Too Much Fun Sparkes Box Of Memories Pat & Trev Puttin' Memories Away Boxed In Ellen Morse Pop A Top She Just Started Liking Cheatin' Songs Kiss An Angel Good Morning A Boy Like You Phillip & Vickie A Boy Like You Smith Texas Ranger Leavin' Seems To Be The Goin' Thing Boyfriend For Two Al Ord My Favourite Boyfriend Of The Year Brainstorm Marc Alier, Bible Belt Bet Gurt, If The Jukebox Took Teardrops Isabel Serra, Josep Viladrich Brand New Karen & Nigel Poll A Shoulder To Cry On Brand New Whiskey Branding Iron Charlotte Buehrer Daddy's Money The Tulsa Shuffle Rag Top Cadillac No News I Feel Lucky Honky Tonk Attitude Brazil Together Merle & Sally Brazil Shock Let's Go Dancin' Breaks Irene Lloyd That's The Breaks We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This Breathless Alice Daugherty Where Ever You Are Anticipation & Tim Hand Brian's Boogie Brian Engelheart Everytime I Roll The Dice Broken Bar Shuffle Jim & Phyllis Should've Been A Cowboy Dixon Broken Heart Michelle Big Bad Broken Heart Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Broken Heart Roger Bessent Some Broken Hearts Cha Cha I Hope You Want Me Too Broken Road Larry & Terri If She Only Knew Boezeman Broken Wheels Robert & Diane When The Wheels Are Coming Off Jackson All Those Years Yard Sale You're Something Special To Me Right On The Money 29 Nights Brokenheartsville Alan Finch Brokenheartsville Fair To Midland Bronco's Strut 4-2 Bud & Marsha Now You Don't Bailey She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy Bruce On The Loose Jeff & Thelma Bruce Is Cuttin' Loose Mills Brushin' The Jim & Julie Krywko Old Pop In An Oak Hardwood Rodeo Rock If Wishes Were Horses Bubba Hyde Glide Carolyn Reinhart Bubba Hyde Bubba Hyde Slyde Greg Underwood & Bubba Hyde Max Perry Bubba Hyde Nicole Parsons Bubba Hyde Turnaround Buckles "N" Alice Cooney There Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio Boots Boogie Redneck Girl Buckmarsh Rednex Linda Woodworth Cotton Eyed Joe Buckshot Unknown Confessin' My Love No More Cryin' Midnight Highway Buenas Noches DJ Dan & Wynette Buenas Noches From A Lonely Room Miller The Buffalo Carol & George That's What They Said About The Buffalo Stayte Snap Your Fingers Buffalo Shuffalo Pip & Carolann No One But You Building Bridges Cheryl Clem Building Bridges Bull Shifts, The Unknown Tryin' To Get To New Orleans Bulls Eye Ed White Right On The Money Stay Close To Home A Little Past Little Rock Bullseye Norma J Fuller & Baby I Will Lewis Cain Right On The Money Shortenin' Bread Bumble Bee Stroll Jan Smith & My Father & Me Mal Owen Bump 'N' Boogie Ray & Judy Livin' On Love Nichols The Big One Bump-N-Grind 4-2 Dan & Sharon Ross Bump-N-Grind Bump-N-Grind X 2 Marilyn & Bump-N-Grind DeWayne Goldman Bumper Stickers Lonnie Brinson I Brake For Brunettes Burnin' Daylight! Jim & Nen Godsall How A Cowgirl Says Goodbye Liza Jane Burning Desire Ann Williams An Out Of Control Raging Fire He Broke Your Memory Last Night But I Like Her 2 Dave & Donna I Like Her, But She Don't Like Me Butter Amy Floyd & Some Girls Justine Shuffleworth Butterfly Tattoo Moses Bourassa Jr. Ticks & Barbara Frechette Butterfly Waltz James Gregory & Last Night I Laid Your Memory To Rest Jean Garr Alibis Same Ol' Star Do You Know Where Your Man Is Famous Last Words Of A Fool I Meant Every Word He Said Buy Me A Rose Mabel Thompson Buy Me A Rose I Don't Fall In Love So Easy Bye Bye Blues Kenny & Vicky Bob Away My Blues Potts Dixie Lullaby Burn One Down CB Waltz (Country Michelle My Own Kind Of Hat Boots Waltz) Chandonnet & Marc Archambault CCC Shuffle Connie Davignon Here In The Real World (Triple C Shuffle) Cornell Crawford CMR-2 Allan & Patricia Nobody Knows Mitchell April Fool CW's Dream C.W. Little Standing Outside The Fire Beautiful Body Let Your Love Flow High Tech Redneck Cabo Crazy Carol & George Cabo San Lucas Stayte Cabo San Lucas Barb & Dave Monroe Cabo San Lucas Por Dos (For 2) Cowgirls Don't Cry How 'Bout Them Cowgirls God Love Her Cactus Canter Pip & Carolann There Goes Somebody Like You Evangeline Cactus Jack Unknown Get Into Reggae Cowboy Cactus Jacks Mixer Richard Hord She Thinks My Tractors Sexy I'm From The Country I Just Want To Dance With You Cadillac Tears Rick & Deborah Cadillac Tears Bates Cryin' Over You It Won't Shut Up Cadillac Tears Michelle Cadillac Tears Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Cadillac Tears Dennis Madigan Cadillac Tears Cadillac Tears David Pytka & Cadillac Tears For Two Wild Willy Cajun Jacque Jacqueline Just Enough Rope Levesque My Maria Take It Back Cajun Melody Linda Sansoucy Louisiana Melody Cajun Polka John & Jean Miles Jambalaya Dueling Banjos Calico Ron & Barbara She Found The Key Hitchen Old Country California Blues Sandra Fallows California Blue California Dreamin' Knox Rhine California Dreamin' California Drifter Unknown California 49'er Joyce & Ken Elrod Special Camel's Heart, The Daniel Testa The Camel's Heart Can You Feel It Rick & Deborah Can You Feel It Bates Please, Please Lovin' All Night Candles & Roses Moses Bourassa Jr. Lost & Barbara One Dream Frechette Cannylass Roy East Fort Worth Can't Help Myself Ann Williams Can't Help Myself Can't Run Cha-Cha Billy & Ella Can't Run From Yourself Beene, Hell And High-Water Blaine & Eva Lie To You For Your Love Haynes Can't Stop It DJ Dan & Wynette Can't Stop My Heart Miller Capital Cha Barry Durand, Dawn Blorstad & Dave Getty Caribbean Cha Rob & Kath Hocking When The Sun Goes Down Caribbean Cha Mimi Leary & I Love This Bar John Boudreau It's 5 O'clock Somewhere Caribbean Connection Unknown Feelin' Good Train Third Rate Romance Carmela's Cha Cha Rosie Multari We Were In Love She's Nobody's Girl Maria Love Potion #9 Boomerang Love My Old Love In Mexico Don't Go Out Neon Moon MMM Bop Carmelita DJ Dan & Wynette Carmelita Miller Things Change The Sad Side Of Town A Promise You Can't Keep Heart Of Stone Un Momento Alla Carolina Sidewalk Cynthia Keats Livin' On Love The Real Thing Carolionel Waltz Diane Jackson Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight Love You Every Second Carousel Luke & Die Living Proof Bartlett Carousel Of Love Jill Geeson Part Of Me Love You Every Second Carribean Cadence Unknown All You Do Is Put Me Down Capital Tropical Carrousel Waltz Charles Bender Their Hearts Are Dancing Could I Have This Dance Cartersville Stroll Unknown Born To Give My Love To You Cascade Malcolm Russell Tonite All Day Long Catalina Waltz Tony & Lana Wilson Catarina Cha Brian & Sylvia My Side Of The Story Scott Cauldron Shuffle Jim & Joan Silver Wings Causin A Commotion Bev & Ed Fluck See Jane Dance Celebration Waltz John & Jean Miles Uninvited Celtic Cross Dan Testa American Wake Calling Baton Rouge C'est La Vie Mabel Thompson C'est La Vie Cha Cha Amour Rick & Deborah One More Pillow Fight Bates I Don't Know What She Said Cha Cha Blue Trent & Mary California Blue Cummings Didn't We Love No Matter What Cha Cha Blues Diane Jackson Missing Her Blues Cha-Cha Change Lisa Godfrey Cha Cha Changin' Eva Pau Never On Sunday Cha, Cha, Chaz Charles T. Turner Cha, Cha, Chaz Cha Cha Del Rio Larry Boezeman Boardwalk Angel Cha-Cha 4 Two Patrick I'm Gonna Make Her Mine Latendresse All That Heaven Will Allow Don't Make Me Come Over There And Love You Cha-Cha 4, 2 Alice Daugherty Nobody Knows & Tim Hand Two Of The Lucky Ones Runaway Cha Cha Lengua for 2 Neil Hale Un Momenta Alla Cha - Cha Maria Larry & My Maria Altie Majors Cha Cha Mixer Kaylaa Fox I'm Not Strong Enough To Say No My Maria Cha-Cha Para Dos Michael Beck I Can't Get Over You (Cha-Cha For Two) Things Change Cha Cha Shuffle Margaret & What Am I Waiting For Bob Burnett Cha For Gray Ann Hexter The Way You Love Me Something Stupid Cha Tango Melinda Cingle Cha Tango Dance With Me Chain Gang Glenise Lee Chains Love Is A Sweet Thing Chain Reaction Mickey & Dawn Alabao Finley Shadows In The Night ChaMaica Mambo Diane Jackson How'd I Wind Up In Jamaica Chameleon Linda & Colin Cha Tango Chester Just Wanna Dance With You Champagne Charlie Harold Grimshaw Drinkin' Champagne Changeover John & Margaret Catt Changes Jim & Cheryl Things I Cannot Change Watkins C-O-U-N-T-R-Y You Keep Me Hangin' On Changes Moses Bourassa Jr. If I Can Make Mississippi & Barbara A Woman's Love Frechette Last Dollar Good Directions Changing Places Bernice & Colin Misty Caddick Changing Places Hazel Pace Combo Cha Cha I Need More Of You Dancin' Cowboys World Of Blue Charleston Boogie Cherie Belle Big Ol' Truck For Two Harclerode Charleston Bump Bill Rice Honky Tonk Walkin' Good Girls Go To Heaven Charley's Pride Sam & Pat Gretton Charlie Horse Rick & Kathy Stearns Charlie's Nancy Plummer Down At The Old Corral Yellow Rose Big Heart I Don't Need The Booze Hey Cinderella Charlotte's Waltz Bernard & Sandra The Last Waltz Wells Don't Let Your Feet Slow You Down Shoulder To Cry On Charry's Cha Cha John & Thelma Appelby Chasing Each Other Diane Girard & Let's Chase Each Other 'Round The Room Tonight Jacques Godin Chat 4-2 Moses Bourassa Jr. Online & Barbara Frechette Cheaters Waltz Bob & Margaret Last Cheaters Waltz Burnett Check-It-Out Cha-Cha Tom & JR Wanda Cheek To Cheek Mabel Thompson & Dancing Cheek To Cheek Rob Fowler I Really Shouldn't Be Doing This Cheek To Cheek Hazel Pace Island To Be Loved By You Joe's Place Cheeseburger Sheila Bernstein Cotton Eyed Joe Chicago Unknown Chicago Cha Cha Unknown Neon Moon Missing You Chico Latino Ed Cunningham Mi Chico Latino Chihuahua *4 - 2* Curtis Smith Chihuahua Honk If You Honky Tonk Chill Out... K&K Three Little Birds I Love My Life Chilled For Two Norma J. Fuller & Last Night Barbara Prosen Let's Dance Put Your Heart Into It Take It Back Chipmunk Inge & John Rivenell Chiquita Country Bound, Inc Tropical Depression Easy Come, Easy Go You Will Dance Cho-Co-Latte For Two Ellen Kiernan La Chiqui Big Band Bye Bye How'd I Wind Up In Jamaica Chug Wagon Special Whiskey River Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain Dancers Crime Of Passion Good Brown Gravy Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox Chuggin' Along Blaise & Marga Steam Jennings She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy Cimmaron Waltz Terry Hogan Walkin' Away Cincinnatti Swirl Debra Guard Cindy Lou Two Step Hazel Pace Never Gonna Feel Like This Again Circle Chassé Gaby Neumann I Can Love You Better Circle Of Friends Walt & Linda Circle Of Friends Woolbright I Brake For Brunettes Circle Twenty Waltz Pat & Sarah Campbell Citified Country Hank & Mary Dahl The City Put The Country Back In Me Swing City Lights Swing DJ Dan & Wynette City Lights Miller City Queen David F. Roberts I Can't Take You Anywhere Oh Girl Missing Her Blues City Slickers Bob & Marlene Cowboy Town Peyre-Ferry Tequila Sheila Clap Two Hands Carol McCarthy & My Dear Botanist Terry D. Zmrhal Clare County Malcolm Russell Lonesome Rodeo Cowboy Clarksboro Shuffle Marie Jones Dance Down In The Valley Orange Blossom Special Claudette Larry & Jody Claudette Carriger You Ain't Lonely Yet Close By Jim & Diann Adams Live Close By, Visit Often Computer Control Man Of Me Close By Dave Kim Live Close By Visit Often Close Encounters June Crystal Lewis Ain't Nothin' Like A Coupe De Ville Mixer You Ain't That Lonely Yet Close To The Line Elizabeth Hamilton Live Close By, Visit Often Tired Of Toein' The Line Close Up The DJ Dan & Wynette Close Up The Honkytonks Honkytonks Miller Close Your Eyes Terry & Caroline Like We Never Had A Broken Heart French C'mon Dance Patrick Long Trail Of Tears Latendresse The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You Goin' Under Getting Over You Coconut Cha DJ Dan & Wynette Laid Back 'n Low Key Miller Coffee For Two David Pytka Black Coffee Turn That Radio On Colada Cha-Cha Tammy Bosse 2 Pina Coladas To Be With You To Have You Back Again Colorado Cha Cha Unknown Colorado Saunter Tony & Hilda Friends Milligan There Goes Colorado Shuffle Dave Getty Black Sheep Bop City Of New Orleans So Fine Heartache Tonight Honey I Wouldn't Have Missed It For The World Islands In The Stream Mama He's Crazy Shame On The Moon She's A Miracle Swingin Columbine Waltz Gail Smith Rock And Roll Waltz Stars Over Texas Come & Go Cha-Cha Kathy Hunyadi Learning As You Go Please Don't Walk Away Come Around Ann Williams You Walked In Poor Me Come Back Here Bill & Nyleen Kiss This Friedrich Come Dance With Me Lyndy Come Dance With Me Wink Come Dance With Us Wild Willy Come Dance With Me Come 'N' Cry Nigel & Cry To Me Barbara Payne Smokey Places Wings On My Heels Sara Fly Like A Bird Come On In Mim Lush I'm From The Country Perfect Love Come With Me Mark & Jan Caley Come With Me Comin' On Strong John & Freida Old Weakness Utzig Chili Cha Cha Commitment Trent & Mary Commitment Cummings Considering Things Marco Maselli All Things Considered Another Nine Minutes This Ain't It Constellation Bobby Horn This I Promise You Cha Cha No Mercy Contentment Barbara Grimshaw Continental Cowboy Unknown Darlene Contrast Mark & Jan Caley One Night I Know You Livin' In Black And White Coo-Chi-Coo Richard & Marilyn He Drinks Tequila Heinie Cool Chick Allen Mathias Please Mama Please Partner Dance Cool Country Barbara Grimshaw I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool Cool Me Down Allan & Patricia Cool Me Down Mitchell Cooter Stomp Bob & Marlene Pure Bred Redneck (partner) Peyre-Ferry Dance Copper Penny Boogie Daryle & Bobbie Stephens Copper River Trent & Mary Copperhead Road Cummings Coppertop Waltz Jane Barra King Of The Mountain I Love You, That's Why Half The Man Cornish Hustle John & Janette Some Days Are Diamonds Sandham Corral Bar Hustle Mike Derrik & Playin' Every Honky Tonk In Town Margaret Tonight The Heartache's On Me The Boys And Me Corsham Triple Rock B. J. Bambury Stoned On Country Costa Fiesta For 2 Chris & Trev Costa Fiesta Changin' Hearts Cotton-Eyed Joe Unknown Cotton-Eyed Joe Cotton Eyed Joe Unknown Cotton-Eyed Joe Mixer Cotton Eyed Unknown Cotton Eyed Joe Joe Mixer Cotton-Eyed Joe Reel Bunny & Ken Fargo Cotton-Eyed Joe Cottonwood Stroll Lois Lungley No Time At All Country Blue Lee & Bill Garner Blue Country Boots Carol & George Feel Right Stayte Boots Country Boy Michelle Country As A Boy Can Be Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Country C Cha Ann Williams Como Se Dice (I Love You) Afterglow Country Cha-Cha Jim & Judy Wells Ten Thousand Angels Mixer Dancin', Shaggin on the Boulevard Country Choice's Diane Jackson Two Good Reasons Blue Rodeo I'll Give You Something To Drink About Kiss An Angel Good Morning Country Connection Bruce Halfenberg Stroll Country Corral Bob & Marlene Trust Yourself Round-Up Peyre-Ferry All My Friends Say Let's Get Dirty Men Buy The Drinks (Girls Call The Shots) Good Ride Cowboy Shame On Me Country Couple, The Walt & Gerry If That's The Way You Want It Sorenson Country Cousins Stan Wrixon Old Country Shuffle Country Crazy Kris Brown 40 Days And 40 Nights Cain's Blood Country Crazy Bill & Nyleen I'm Outta Here Friedrich Country DJ Diane Jackson Numbers On The Jukebox The Heart That You Own A Country Dance Pauline Wells Nowhere Fast Too Close To The Ground Small Town Southern Man Next Time I'm Taking My Time Things That Never Cross A Man's Mind Country Dance Night Lucy Siro & Country Dancer Christyan Roussel Country Dawdle Danny & Jeanne It's Only Make Believe Burchfield Country Disco Roy Klasens The Bop Boot Scootin' Boogie Country Folk Carol & George Trailerhood Stayte Taillights Blue Country Girl Shuffle Diane Jackson Fallin' Thank God For The Radio Just Playin' Possum Country Jitters Sharon Farris Why Haven't I Heard From You? Whatever You Do, Don't Come Crying For Me Little Deuce Coupe Help Me Rhonda Country Kicking Ann Williams Honky Tonk Man Wine, Women And Song Country Lambada Melanie Greenwood Country Moon Bobby Curtis Country Queen Sashay Knox & Bette Rhine Commitment Stand By Your Man Country Rhumba Lorrie Bennick & Time Marches On Jim McArdle Country Rock Stan & Anita Rock This Country Reynolds Mama's 'Lil Baby Country Rockin Linda Sansoucy How 'Bout You Country Rose Shuffle June Wilson Country Selection Dennis & Phyllis Eldorado Peterson Country Shuffle Janemarie Dorsey I'm From The Country Don't Come Crying To Me Shortenin Bread Who's Cheatin Who Country Steppin' Kathy Sharpe & The First Step Patrick Etri, Jr. Country Stroll Janemarie Dorsey You Walked In Walkin In The Country Country Time Mambo Norma Jean Fuller I'm Diggin' It & Lewis Cain Jimmy's Got A Girlfriend I'll Make Your Bed Mambo #5 Country Traveller Jim Leon Two Car Garage Hallelujah, I Love You So Hotel Whiskey Neon Moon Boot Scootin' Boogie Take Your Memory With You Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine Country Turnabout Sam & Pam Kaiser Couple-A-Shakes Sue Halliday The Shake Couple of Barstools Jack & Mary Jane Anyway The Wind Blows Hassett If Barstools Could Talk Couple Of Thomas & Brenda Hicktown Hicktowners Haynes Couples Shaggin' Marsha Reed & Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard Dale Roe One Night At A Time Courtin' Gordie & What's Going On In Your World? Joanne Vye Courtin' Time William Sevone Don't Start With Me Blue Is Not A Word Covered With Kisses John & Katie Cover You In Kisses Corbett All Things Made New Again Cowboy Blues Lois (Double L) Unanswered Prayers Cowboy Rides Away Cowboy Bump Dan Spadowski She's In Love With the Boy A Little In Love Cowboy Cadillac M. Chandonnet & Cowboy Cadillac Marc Archambault Cowboy Carousel Connie Halfenberg Honky Tonk Walkin' Better Think Twice Even If I Tried Cowboy Casanova 4-2 Ray & Gail Garvin Cowboy Casanova Cowboy Cha-Cha Unknown Neon Moon Cowboy Cha Cha Unknown Only Love Looking For A Thing Called Love Run For The Border Cowboy Cha Cha Manny & Alice (Colorado) Rodela Cowboy Dreams Roy East Cowboy Dreams Cowboy Lombada Unknown Black Velvet Hurray Sundown Cowboy Mambo Edie & Roy Ogilvie Cowboy Mambo Babe, I Got You Third Rate Romance Cowboy Mixer Shirley Babcock That Old Wheel Cajun Moon On The Road Again Cowboy Round-Up Linda DeFord Hummingbird Cowboy Schottische Unknown Mona Lisa Cowboy Shuffle David Babcock Coca Cola Cowboy Cadillac Tears Cowboy Stomp Paula Wright & Cowboy Stomp Jan Brown Bootscootin' Boogie Cowboy Sweetheart Pim Humphrey Cowboy Sweetheart Jambalaya Calling Baton Rouge Cowboy Wedding Nicola Thompson A Cowboy Wedding Marry Me Here Comes My Baby Cowboyray Cowboyray Cowboy's Touch Jim & Judy Wells Pretend Daddy's Money Cowgirl & A Bad Chris & Andrew No Way Jose' Hombre Amigo Sparkes See Rock City City Lights The Cowpoke Shuffle Moses Bourassa Jr. I Can Dream & Barbara Rubbin' It In Frechette Getting' You Home Six-Foot Teddybear Coyote Cha-Cha Shirley Neon Moon McCoy-Babcock Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On Sugar Daddy Third Rate Romance Coyote Stroll Al Kamke Third Rate Romance Coyote Walk, The Rick & Deborah Whatever Comes First Bates Let Me Into Your Heart 634-5789 Cozy Joe Slide Susan Brooks Crawlin Mark Cook Craw'li Again Crazy For You Two ! Donna Marie How Do You Like Me Now I Will...But It Must Be Love Country Comes To Town Crazy Old World Diane Jackson Crazy Old World Crazy People Greywolf & People Are Crazy Wiya Wambli Country Boy Cripple Creek Larry & Terri Cripple Creek Shuffle Boezeman Cripple Creek II Sari Niemelä Cripple Creek Crooked Creek Boogie Laurie Cox & That's The Way Love Is Dan Spedowski Cross Country Mike & June Shortening Bread Polaski Crowbar M Chandonnet & M Archambault 18 Wheels And A Crowbar Cruise Control Larry & Jody Walkin' On Me Carriger Crying At Night Diane Girard & I Do My Crying At Night Jacques Godin Crystal John Litchfield Tougher Than The Rest Crystal Chandelier Unknown Cuddles Jack & Mary Jane Back In Your Arms Again Hassett Somebody To Love You Cupid's Waltz Kenny & Vicky Which Bridge To Cross Potts Curly Top Polka Paula Frohn & Coalmine Michael Silva Ring Of Fire Are There Any More Like You (Where You Came From) Hillbilly Shoes Cajun Moon Hummingbird Custer Unknown God Blessed Texas D & TC Coaster Diane & Tony Stuck In The Middle With You Colbert DB Stroll Bill & Debi This Ain't No Thinkin' Thing Crenshaw D.C. Shuffle, The Larry & Jody Dance Carriger DC Walk Chris Hookie The Weekend Meet Me In Montana Right Hand Man The Wanderer She And I Love Is On A Roll Key Largo D&D Country Stroll Denny & Delma Even If I Tried Rhett Fine, Fine, Very Fine Love D & G Shuffle DJ Dan & Wynette Building Bridges Miller DJ Stroll Unknown Foolish Heart Last Time Dance, Shout D J Waltz Dee & Jean Naylor I See It Now D.M. Shuffle Nigel & June Farewell Party Besant It Must Be Love Missing You I'm Pretending D & M - Cha Cha Dave & Margaret Places I've Never Been Reddy DTS Serenade Alice Cooney Love Thang Hearts Desire Mr. Know It All D-Vine Dave Miller My Maria Hearts Are Gonna Roll Da Coconut Tree Rick & Deborah Coconuts Bates Daddy's Girls Carol Benson Who's Your Daddy? Daily Dreamin' Katherine Daily Drinking Champagne I'd Just As Soon Go Blue Clear Sky Dallas Dream Dave & Chris I Could Love You With My Eyes Closed Turner Too Cold At Home Dance Above Clair Waugh Swing Swing Highland Fling The Rainbow All That Heaven Will Allow Dance Above The Rainbow New Kid In Town Dance Down To Mexico Bernard & Sandra Down In Mexico Wells Dance For Ma Linda & Colin Tell Me Ma Chester Hold That Thought Hearts Desire Dance For You, A Jack Parfitt Perfect World I Never Go Around Mirrors Dance It Out Paula Frohn & Dare The World Kevin Richards Bad Day To Let You Go Dance Our Way Peter & Liz Heath The Old Fashioned Way Dance The Night Away Luke & Di Bartlett Dance The Night Away Dance The Night Away Mireille Taillon Dance The Night Away Dance To My Gilles Goulet & Dance To My Ten Guitars Ten Guitars Lise L'Heureux Dance With You Sandy Nelson & I Just Want To Dance With You Mike Rachwal Dance With You David Levesque & I Just Want To Dance With You Natalie Shields This Ain't No Thinking Thing One Night At A Time Neon Moon Dance-Zone 4 2 Vivienne Scott Despre Tine (Circle) & Tammy Wyatt Sweet Nothings Getaway Dance-Zone 4 2 Vivienne Scott Despre Tine (In Line) & Tammy Wyatt Getaway Sweet Nothings Dancers Den Mabel Thompson Dancers Den Go West Dancing Boots Hazel Parfitt Dancing Boots Dancing Hearts Ann Williams Their Hearts Are Dancing He Broke Your Memory Last Night Dancing Hearts Waltz Lorraine Hodges Their Hearts Are Dancing Dancin' Shoes Debra Guard & Dancin' Shoes Leanne Mathews Dancing In Black Robyn-April Men In Black For Two Rivard-Darby Dust On The Bottle You Walked In Deja Blue That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me Love Gets Me Every Time All I Want Is A Life Dancing Machine Dottie Cirko Save This One For Me (Partners) Honky Tonk Dancing Machine Dancing On Ice Terry & Caroline Tequila On Ice French Love Will Keep Us Alive Dancin' Shoes Cinta Larrotcha Dancin' Shoes No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem Gonna Walk That Line Dancin' Shoes Mixer Jo Thompson Dancin' Shoes Dancin' Snowflakes Larry Wilson & Dumas Walker Gayle Lowery Askin' Us To Dance Elvira Too Much To Ask Dancin' Time Carol Stayte & Goodbye Comes Hard To Me George Stayte The Gambler She Don't Know She's Beautiful Dancing With My Girl Edie & Roy Oglivie Everyone Wants To Dance With My Girl Dancin' With You Sal Gonzalez What I Meant To Say The Keeper Of The Stars No Doubt About It Breathe Again Volcano Dancin' With You Jim & Joan Dodd I Just Want To Dance With You Dangerous Cha Cha Kathy Debois New Kid In Town Two Pina Coladas Dangerous Liaison Dan Albro & Dangerous Joan Giorgi Walkin' On Me Are You Jimmy Ray? Dark Island Waltz Nigel Payne The Dark Island Dawg Gone Shuffle Pauline Morgan Love Gets Me Every Time Daydream Shuffle Brenda Perry Day Dreamin' Lana Wilson; She Used To Be Mine Partner Version Coral & Ivan Old Country Burton Silver Wings No Time At All Dear John Paula Frohn & Big Blue Note Michael Silva Blame The Vain Day Off Good Old Days Delrio W.J. Westenburger Diamonds & Tears Boomerang Love Denim Polka Mixer Jim & Judy Wells Are You Getting Gettin' Tired of Me I Ain't Never Seen No One Like You Derailed Marty West Time Marches On Desert Moon Rick Mead & Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On Debbie DeAngelo Desert Moon Cha Cha Jim Krywko I Just Want To Dance With You Desperado Shuffle Blaise & Marga I Can Dig It Jennings The City Put The Country Back In Me Desperado Wrap Harry & Norie Baby Blue Raymos The Chair Desperado Wrap Lana Harvey (variation) Desperate Hearts Norma J Fuller Desperately You Can't Give Up On Love Chains Forever Loving You Desperate Two Anne Harris & Desperately Angela Pinnington Desperately Yours Mike & Ann Repko Desperately You Won't Ever Be Lonely Time For Letting Go In A Heartbeat This Is Love To Be With You The Wanderer Everytime I Cry Write This Down Devon Rose Waltz Allan & Patricia You're The One Mitchell Diablo Incognito Don Deyne Devil In Disguise Diamond Dream Nigel & The Old Double Diamond Barbara Payne Diamond Express Unknown Diamond Stroll Diane Jackson If Teardrops Were Diamonds There Goes Diamond "T" Larry & Terri You Walked In Boezeman Diamonds & Pearls Paula Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight Frohn-Butterly Husbands & Wives Old Friend Diamonds & Pearls Diesel Café DJ Dan & Wynette Diesel Café Miller Different Kinda' Sylvia Priestley A Different Kinda' Man Cha Cha, A Dig Swivel & Rock! Rosie Multari Only In America Walk On By Yoko She Bangs Hot Love Go West Dingalong John & Bonnie Singalongsong Newcomer All Night Party Best Years Of Our Lives Hot Hot Hot DingDingDong Mixer John & Bonnie Singalongsong Newcomer Dingy Bar John & Katie Where The Lights Are Low Corbett Dirty Fun Rich & Debi Dirty Girl Krajscovics Dirty Talken' Dennis Madigan He Drinks Tequila Tequila For Two Dance The Night Away Dixie Lament Charlie & Eira I Sang Dixie Stuart Who I Am Thank God For The Radio Now I Know Dixie Land Nigel & Barbara American Trilogy Payne Dixie Schottische Paul & Sharon Some Days You Gotta Dance Hergert Doin' It Right It's Alright To Be A Redneck Do A Little Dance Rick & Deborah Baby Ain't Rocking Me Right Bates She Loves Me, She Don't Love You Cold Outside Do It With Dixie Dan Albro That's How They Do It In Dixie Do The Salsa! Donna Bilodeau Red Hot Salsa Doe - Si' - Doe Bob & Marlene Barn Dance Boys Peyre-Ferry Doe Si Doe For 2 Joe & Penny Barker Yippee Yi Oh Doin' Just Fine Larry & Jody Scrap Piece Of Paper Carriger That's The Kind Of Mood I'm In Best Of Me Doing What's Right DJ Dan & Wynette Doing What's Right Miller Your Love Reaches Me Dollars & Diamonds Jim & Nen Godsall From What We Give Don't Be Cruel Hazel Pace Don't Be Cruel Louisiana Saturday Night Jessico Don't Blame Me Angela Pinnington Blame It On Texas & Peter Kimber Whiskey Under The Bridge Don't Break My Heart John & Freida Heartbreaker Utzig Don't Close Sharon May & Don't Close Your Eyes Your Eyes Trisha M Don't Do It Janice Patrice We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This Don't Fall In Love DJ Dan & Wynette Don't Fall In Love With Me Miller Don't Let Go Rosie Multari Wonderful Crazy Wild Horses I Will..But Why Haven't I Heard From You Put Yourself In My Shoes Against The Wind Six Pack Summer For You I Will Snap Your Fingers You Never Even Called Me By My Name Everywhere Ain't Nothin About You If I Could Bottle This Up But For The Grace Of God Murder On Music Row Right On The Money Don't Mean Nothin' Steve Mason & Life Don't Have To Mean Nothing At All Catherine Wake Don't Rock The Unknown Don't Rock The Jukebox Jukebox Don't Stop The Dance Betty Robinson Just What I Do Party Of One Don't Stop The Music Don't Want You Back Jane Boyd Don't Want You Back Don't Ya Think DJ Dan & Wynette Don't Ya Think Miller Don't You Know Ann Williams Don't You Know How Much I Love You Everybody Needs A Hero Doors Of Life Ike & Virginia Po Doors Of Life For Two Captured (By Love's Melody) Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Dos Amigos Dawn Hood Amigo Just To See You Smile Dos Amigos DJ Dan & Wynette Amor De Los Dos Miller Dos-Rio Curtis Smith Patricia I Don't Know What She Said Double Back Sylvia Priestley My Heart Is Lost To You Lucky In Love Put Your Heart Into It I'm Only In It For Love Make Love True Made For Each Other Good Girls Go To Heaven Here We Are I Got Mexico You Walked In Double Barrel L Lungley Why Not Tonight Double Buckle Max Perry & The Buckle Kathy Hunyadi Double "C" Shuffle Diane Jackson Streets Of Bakersfield Home Of The Blues Homewrecker Blues Double-Cross Larry & Terri Dancin' Shaggin' On The Boulevard Boezeman Double Crossin' Jerry Cope & Look At Us Run Around Iva Mosko Too Cold At Home The Best Of Mine Neon Moon Double D Shuffle Doris & Darrell Hanging In Aldrich Honky Tonk Walkin' Why Haven't I Heard From You Double Diamond Pat Unsworth I Should Have Been True Cha-Cha Double Diamond Waltz Kathy Stearns Old Double Diamond Old Friend Double Dizzy Larry & Terri Dizzy Boezeman Double Eagle Andy Read Double Eagle Doris & Darrell Shame On Me Aldrich Look What Followed Me Home A Walk On The Wild Side Of Life Bubba Hyde Double G Shuffle Millie Gagne & All The Time Chris Gworek Double Green Door Ralph & Delores Green Door Valentine Double "H" Waltz Roy East Last Cheaters Waltz Double J Walkabout Joe & Judy Kilburn Double JJ Schubel Jackson & Janet Bledsoe Double Jitters Garth Bock Jitterbug Boogie Double Kick Lonnie Brinson Born In The Dark Double 'M' Cha Diane Jackson Life Is Just A Journey Easy Come, Easy Go Double Mexicali Carol & George Mexicali Stayte Double Moon Robert Prieto & Neon Moon Kay Hackett Double "P" Isabel Wilkie Pizzirico [Pizzarico Partner] Double R Shuffle Tony & Hilda Competition Milligan That's What You Do To Me Stuck Right In The Middle Of Your Love Double Round Ten Lori Pung & Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo Holly Beamish He Drinks Tequila Every Little Thing She Does You Walked In Double 'T' Shuffle Diane Jackson Tougher Than The Rest Double Take Larry & Jody Think It Over Carriger Double Telepathy Bob Hocking You Can't Read My Mind Double 10 Step Unknown Orange Blossom Special Dance Double Time Dixie T & M Gaughan Gone Country This Dirty Little Town Alright, I'm Wrong Double Trouble Johnny Montana The Trouble With Angels One In A Million Double Twist Larry & Jody Babalou Carriger Where I Come From Double Vision Larry Boezeman Silver Tongue And Golden Lies Two More Bottles Of Wine He's Your Problem Now Double Your Funtasia Dottie Needham Someone Should Tell Her The Heart Is Right Waitin' On The Whiskey Senorita Mas Fina Wait A Minute Under Your Spell Again Doug & Jackie's Doug Miranda & It's Alright Cha Cha Jackie Snyder Down On The Linda Babli Down On The Corner Corner 4-2 Dream Canyon Steve & Mandy Dray Neon Moon Dream Catcher Waltz Unknown Dream Island David & Maxine Best Of Friends Pateman Dream On Robert & Kathryn Dream On Texas Ladies Hocking Dream Walkin' Bob Davis 40 Days And 40 Nights Dream Walkin' Dreamin' Man Diane Girard & I'll Break Out Again Tonight Jacques Godin Dreaming With You Larry Cowley Dreaming My Dreams With You Dreams Curtis Smith All I Have To Do Is Dream Drifter, The Sue Denny Inman Black Velvet The Wanderer Drinkin' Bone Boogie Ellen Kiernan Drinkin' Bone For Two When You Come Around No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems Drinkin' Double Lori Pung Drinkin' Bone Drinkin' N' Swearin' Dan Albro He Drinks Tequila Drive Me Home John & Freida Designated Drinker Utzig Drive Together Graham Nuttall & Drive (For Daddy Gene) Andrew Pember Duet All Rosie Multari I Wanna Do It All Last One Standing I Hear You Knockin' Duke & Duchess Ed & Glenda Ortiz Tropical Depression Duster Stroll Vickie Powell Stone By Stone Dusty Armidillo Bud & Marsha Bar Room Athlete Shuffle 4-2 Bailey Dusty Boots Glenn Hamill Dusty's Waltz Tony & Lana Wilson D'Vine Circle Gail Smith High Low & In Between Closer Time Marches On Billy B. Bad Dying To Dance Two Al & Sandy Ord I Wanna Die Operator Operator Dylan's Country Jane Turner Here In The Real World E & J Swing DJ Dan & Wynette Used Heart For Sale Miller Eagles Waltz Lois Lightfoot Take It To The Limit Earl Of Shannon Tony & Diane Galway Girl Stroll Colbert Easier Touch For 2 Judy Cain Slow Hand East Coast Cowboy Phil Chiarella Too Much East Coast Hustle John & Janette This One's Gonna Hurt You Sandham East Coast Switch Fred Rapoport & No One Needs To Know Debbie Small Maybe Baby My Next Broken Heart The Cheap Seats Little Rock If I Ain't Got You Easy As You Go Country Mama Shuffle Easy Cheating Marijke Remkes You Sure Make Cheating Seem Easy Easy Does It Two Larry & Jody Givin' Water To A Drowning Man Carriger Daddy's Money Easy Going Diane Jackson Love Done Gone Easy Money Mike Salerno Right On The Money Easy Strollin' Vicki Rader Look What Followed Me Home What A Cryin' Shame O What A Thrill Walkin' Echoes Through Dick & Sandra The Motown Song The Alley Sharp Edelweiss Partner Alison Johnstone Edelweiss Waltz Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight Edisto Waltz Tom P. Suvak Did You Fall Far Enough A House With No Curtains Last Cheaters Waltz 1814 Trent & Mary Battle Of New Orleans Cummings Horray Horray It's A Holiday Only Time 18 Scuffs Sandy Nelson Restless Kind Eighteen Wheeler Unknown 18 Yellow Roses Steve Mason & Eighteen Yellow Roses (Partner Version) Catherine Wake That's My Baby Gone Country Independence Day I Like It Like That I Wanna Be U Love Is In The Air Chilly Cha Cha To Be Loved By You El Beso (The Kiss) Terrell & Dance With Me Stephanie Mathis Cha Tango I Need To Know El Diablo Larry & Jody I'm Gonna Miss You Carriger I Need To Know El Nino Harry & Norie Mr. Miller Raymos Here She Comes Bad Weather El Nino Larry & Jody Nights Like These Carriger Things Change El Paso Unknown Neon Moon Land of Enchantment El Paso Stroll Elise Melee The Grand Tour I'm Not Over You Macarena Hangin' In Hot, Hot, Hot El Paso Walk June Wilson Lovers Live Longer Elaine's Waltz Keith Garnett More Than One Heart Electric Nightlife Doris & Butch I Love The Nightlife Watter Eleven-01-4-2 Tom & Janine Dame O'Wesney Volcano Elleray Stroll, The Linda & Colin She Used To Love Me A Lot Chester Ellie-Lou Cha Cha Bill & Jane Un Momento Alla Turner Island Elvis Blessed Trent & Mary Elvis Blessed My Soul My Soul Cummings Embraced Jeff & Thelma But For The Grace Of God Mills Empty Arms John Corbett Empty Arms I Can Dream Enchantment Allan & Patricia Land Of Enchantment Mitchell Never Givin' Up On Love Endin' Tears Nigel & End In Tears Barbara Payne Enjoy Yourself Diane Jackson Enjoy Yourself Enough To Lie Pat & Trev Jervis Enough To Lie Love You Right Out Of This Escape To Birmingham Mary Wild Halfway Back To Birmingham Couldn't Last A Single Moment Essentially Yours Shuggie & Doreen Tell Me Why McCardle Essex Express Jim Leon I Got A Good Thing Going Back To Back Nobody Gets Off In This Town Even Closer Eve Blay Fast As You Closer Evangelina Jan Smith Evangelina Ever Evangeline Pip & Carolann You're My Love, You're My Angel Drink And Cocaine Cold And Lonely Place Yes World Of Blue Evangeline Unbreak My Heart Every Second Theresa Needham Love You Every Second Could I Have This Dance Everybody Does It Sylvia Priestley Normal I Want A Cowboy Home Running Away This Ain't No Thinkin' Thing Everything Robert & Kathryn Every Little Thing She Does Hocking Everywhere Jon S & Sylvia I Feel You Everywhere Excuse Me ! John A. Russell The Chair Excuse Me Josie Copley Excuse Me Excuse Me Josie Copley Excuse Me Ex-Files Gilles Labrecque Don't Put Me In The Ex-Files Expectations Hazel & Roly Pace I've Come To Expect This From You I Just Want My Baby Back Expressions Bill Gallagher Vertical Expressions (Of Horizontal Desire) Expressions Isabel Wilkie Vertical Expressions F & F Cha Fred & Fran Wade Faith, Hope & Love Paula Frohn & She's Taken A Shine Michael Silva There Goes It Must Be Love Where Were You Fall Away Two Step Don Moore Any Way The Wind Blows Falling Rain Al & Sandy Ord The Rain Came Falling Down Fantasy Island Michelle Fantasy Island Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Fantasy Mixer Joan Giorgi & Live, Laugh, Love Kelly & La Mucara Dan Albro Fantasy Waltz Linda & Charlie Which Bridge To Cross Brown I See It Now Far West Tango Elizabeth Hamilton Cha Tango Fast As You Addicted To Love Farewell Nigel & Barbara Farewell Party Payne Fast And Foolish Bryan Summers Speed Of A Foot Feel Free Bill Galagher Feel Free Feel So Good Cha Cha Bev Costantino & Philip Osmond Day Off Feel The Rhythm Rick & Deborah Whole Lotta Hurt Bates Bahama Mama Can't Keep My Hands Off You Festival Shuffle Viv Owen Just Between You And Me Fiddle On The Wall Norm Gifford That Ole Fiddle On The Wall Fifty-Fifty Diane Jackson Weakness For Cowboys After All Cowboy Coffee You Never Know How Good You've Got It Fifty Fifty Still In Love With You Fifty Fifty Love Fifty-Ten Chris & Andrew Love Is Standing Still Sparkes Figure Eight Cha Cha Heather Wilson Teardrops Will Fall Find My Way Carol & George Find My Way Home Stayte Ay Amor Am I The Only Thing You've Done Wrong Fire & Ice Dan Albro & Steam Gena Cookson Firebird Debbie Rose Kiss Me In The Car Wink Firehouse Cha-Cha Hilda McDougal Check Yes Or No Satin Sheets Young Love First Attempt Joanne Brady Bring It On Mr. Teardrop First Love Bob & Marlene First Love Peyre-Ferry First Love Partner Al Ord First Love First Love Waltz Pam & Eagle I Loved Her First Lindsey Love Never Broke Anyone's Heart First Night (2004) Sherry Palencia First Kiss Young Man's Town There Is A Place First Step Kathy Sharpe & The First Step Two Step Mixer, The Patrick Etri, Jr. Fishing In The Dark Lois Lightfoot & Fishing In The Dark Andrea Glanvill Florida Stroll Jim & Dawn Button Off My Shirt Arkerson Flound-er Kathy Stearns Sugar, Sugar Blue Finger Lou Black Dresses Flow Motion Dale & Tanya Curry Will You Stay With Me Forever Flowing Together Theresa Needham One Of The Guys Banks Of The Ohio Flying Double June Wilson Honky Tonk Heart Guitars, Cadillacs Flyin' High Rick & Deborah We're Going To Ibiza Bates Flying Scots, The Pete Cranwell & Voices Of The Highlands John Sharman Flying Sweetheart Eddie Harper Fondest Memories Sam & Pat Gretton I Couldn't Find The Words To Say Goodbye I've Got The Love Foolhardy Dawn Hood The Bigger The Fool (The Harder The Fall) Foolin Around Ed & Cherie Fooled Around And Fell In Love Blevins This Night Won't Last Forever Foolish Al & Sandy Ord What Kind Of Fool Go On Foolish Heart Patrick & Susan Foolish Heart Cowley Foolish Heart 4 - 2 Bob Hocking Don't Pretend With Me Foothills Norma J. Fuller Half The Man (C&M) Waltz & Lewis Cain Blue Texas Waltz For-Ever-More Waltz Sheila Butlin & Lovers' Waltz Deloyd Jackson For Love Alone Michael Weeks & For Love Alone Betty No One Robinson-Weeks For My Daddy Christina Jackson Drive Forces Of Nature Matt Thomson & I'll Go On Loving You Mishi Ziminski Forever Bob & Marlene Forever Works For Me Peyre-Ferry What I Need To Do Just Because She Lives There Your Everything Forever Amen Pete & Val Simm Forever & Ever Amen I Cant Be Bothered Forever Blue Tina Lincoln No Time At All Forever In Blue Jeans Forever Friends Brian & Sylvia All Things Made New Again Scott Forever I Do Nigel & Barbara When I Said I Do Payne Waltz Of A Lifetime Captured (By Loves Melody) Forever Mine Jack & Hazel I Love You, That's All Parfitt I See It Now For-Ever-More Waltz Sheila Butlin & Lovers' Waltz Deloyd Jackson Forever "R" Diane Jackson Forever I Will Mr. Right To Be Loved By You Forever Yours Paula Frohn The Way You Love Me Cover You In Kisses You'll Always Be Loved By Me For You I Will Can't Nobody Love You (Like I Do) Forget It! Gaby Neumann Sometimes She Forgets Forgetting Ann Williams I Keep Forgetting 40 Weeks Unknown 4 A.M. Waltz Dianne Joseph & Four In The Morning Bill Gallagher Be My Valentine Four Corners Unknown A Little More Country You Sure Make Cheating Feel Easy 4ever 2gether Larry & Jody You're Only Lonely Carriger She'll Leave You With A Smile 455 Rocket Kathy Sharpe 455 Rocket Ride, Cowboy, Ride Four Friends Sam & Pat Gretton 4 Minus 3 Rick & 4 Minus 3 Equals Zero Deborah Bates Tucson Too Soon Holding An Amazing Love Four O'clock Cha Cha Mike Salerno Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard I Am That Man Four Score Jo Thompson, Love Thing Jeff Driggs, Love Is Not a Thing Tandy Barrett & I Like It, I Love It Naomi Fleetwood Eugene, You Genius Four-Play Tom Mattox 4 To E's Shuffle Jim & Joan Job Description Four Wheel Blues Ruth Elias & Four Wheel Cowboy Blues Debra Guard Fourteen Step Unknown Fox'e Babes Alex Buchmiller You Ain't Heard The Last Of Me Sail Away Down & Away Fool Hearted Memory Foxy Trot Ron Kline Hangin' In 4 Couples Lessons Learned Free And Easy Greg & Samantha Free And Easy (Down The Road I Go) Van Zilen Fred & Ginger Pauline Nash When You Say Nothing At All The Chair Here In The Real World I Swear Free Spin Fred Rapoport, She Ain't Your Ordinary Girl Vern Goodell, That'll Be The Day Gary & Sandy Kick A Little McCrory, Half Way Down Kent & Arlene Hard Lovin' Woman Verity Free Wheelin' Gregory & I Left Something Turned On At Home Melody Walker Excitable Boy Honky Tonkin's What I Do Best Freestylers Waltz Doreen & John I See It Now Francis Their Hearts Are Dancing Freeway Pauline Morgan I Just Break'em I Love A Rainy Night Freeway On My Mind Kevin & Natalie I've Got My Baby On My Mind Freight Train Chris & Trev Roll On Clickety Clack Rise Above It Friday Night Fran Cleary If Mama Ain't Happy Tonight The Heartaches On Me Friday Night Tyra Farris & Big Blue Note Cha Cha Denna Yockey Your Man Friends Unknown There Goes! Friends Mariette & Friends Jean-Marc Villeneuve Friends In Low Unknown Friends In Low Places Places Friendship Cha Cha Brian & Anne Bambury Friendship Waltz Margo Durand & I See It Now the Sunday Night Couples Class Friendship Waltz Vickie Schermbeck Musicians Waltz & Judy Ripley Alibis From Here To There Bill & Nyleen From Here To Kingdom Come Friedrich From Now On Karen & Nigel Poll Easy From Now On Ay Amor Front Porch Swing Larry & Terri Rocking The Country Boezeman Little Miss Honky Tonk Redneck Rhythm & Blues Frontier Cha Cha Kathy Sharpe Love Stopped on a Dime (Partner) Neon Moon Gallop For Two Carol Thibeault Sold I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart Gator Walk Or Jeff & Thelma Alligator Walk Gator Blue Mills Blues About You Baby Gay Gordons Unknown Scottish Dance Party Gemma's Waltz Jean & John Miles Georgetown Bump Jane Newhard Georgia Rain Greywolf & Georgia Rain Wiya Wambli Geronimo's Cha Cha John & Freida Geronimo's Cadillac Utzig Too Much Of A Good Thing You Walked In Get It Right Larry & Jody That'd Be Alright Carriger Get Up 'N' Dance Moses Bourassa,Jr. Kiss You All Over & Barbara Wait A Minute Frechette Mamma Maria 15 Minutes Glad To Be There Dave & Irene Guess You Had To Be There Hardy Dancing Cowboys Mr. Lonely Glengarry Shuffle Unknown Tulsa Shuffle Linda Lou Poor Boy Shuffle Singing The Blues Go Kat Go Norma Jean Fuller Eenie Meenie Miney Mo Uptown Put Your Heart Into It Good News Blues It's About Time Kansas City I'm From The Country Gone Gone Blues Road Dogs Go To Mexico Mark & Jan Caley Got To Go To Mexico Go West Mark & Jan Caley Go West A Thousand Miles From Nowhere Another Perfect Day Go With The Flow Hazel Pace Rollin' With The Flow Going Crazy Rob Hocking Driving Me Out Of Your Mind You Need A Man Around Here Going Through Hell Al & Sandy Ord If You're Going Through Hell Golddigger Robert & Kathryn She Ain't In It For Love Hocking I Need A Breather Golden Lion Waltz Jos Slijpen A House With No Curtains Golden Ring Heather Staddon True Love Is A Golden Ring Golden Roads Fiona Smith Further Down The Road Shine Your Light Golden Saddle Unknown Golden Stroll Jim & Nen Godsall Too Far This Time Good Hearted Cha Dan & Kelly Albro, Good Hearted Man Greg & Samantha Van Zilen Good Times Vivienne Scott 98.6 Roll Around This Gun Ain't Loaded Winter Wonderland Jingle My Bells Cotton Eyed Joe Dancin' Shoes Good To Be Here Carol & George Everybody's Here Stayte Living Proof Goodbye Blues Chris & Andy Bop To Be Malpass No More Tears Goodnight Sid Luke & Di Bartlett Lovers Live Longer All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Goodtime Baby Nigel & Hearts And Flowers Barbara Payne Gotta Get To You Garth Bock Gotta Get To You Graceland Swing DJ Dan & Wynette She's Not You Miller Green Door Gene & Nancy Green Door Martin Green Door 4 Two Sandy Goodman & Green Door Melannie Kekedy Groove Across Lois Lightfoot Gonna Move Across The River The River Groove Grass Mixer Sandee Skelton Macarena Groove Together L. Lightfoot Groove It Gypsy Sunset June Wilson Sincerely I Still Believe In You The Wanderer HJS Stroll Heather Williams, Daddy's Money Julie Piveral & No News Steve Holt Hacienda West Cha Ike & Virginia Po A Little Too Late I Keep Forgetting Your Man When You Talk About Love Hampster Dance Trent & Mary The Hampster Dance Mixer, The Cummings Hand In Hand Caroline & Terry Just Another Woman In Love French Handcuffed Cha Cha V. Ulcher Handle With Care Larry & Terri 455 Rocket Boezeman Betty's Got A Bass Boat Handyman Diane Jackson You Need A Man Around Here Hangin' Out Marty & Vince Hangin' In, Hangin' Out Hannah Hangin' 'Round James Gregory & What Am I Doin' Hanging Around Jean Garr Cajun Moon Hannah's Cha Cha Gene & Nancy I'm Gonna Change Everything Martin Write This Down Hannah's Waltz Mick & Sue Felce Mission Of Love I See It Now Hanoon's Hustle See Step Sheet Heart's Desire Super Love That Girl's Been Spying On Me Happiness John Lichfield Love & Happiness For Reasons I've Forgotten The Chair Happy Hour Diane Jackson It's 5 O'clock Somewhere Pizzirico Dance The Night Away Who Did You Call Darlin' Trashy Women The Happy Wanderer Bette Pouros The Happy Wanderer Polka Who Stole The Kishka Hard Luck Woman Nicole Lorenz Hard Luck Woman Hard Times Stephanie Bechtold Warpaint Hard Times & Misery Whole Lotta Love On The Line Harmony The Girls (Maureen Lady In Red & Michelle) The Keeper Of The Stars Nobody Knows Harmony Stroll Diane Jackson When I Get Over You The Heart That You Own I'll Take These Harwood Garth Bock Without Your Love That's As Close Meloncholy Child Hatfield Stroll, The Diane Jackson Angel Blue Hats & Roses Stroll Sandy Nelson Close But No Guitar Havana Rhythm John & Bonnie Havana Newcomer Desire Havin' A Ball Elizabeth Hamilton I Must Have Had A Ball Last Night Daddy's Money The Right Place Hawk, The Marty West There You Have It It Must Be Love Hayden's Waltz Dick & Marie Bullard Hayley's Promise Isobel Wilkie Promises He & She Cha Cha Keith Garnett She (Who Must Be Obeyed) He Drinks Tequila Gilles Cyr He Drinks Tequila Hearing Things John & Katie I've Been Hearing Things About You Corbett Heart Beats Pim Humphrey My Heart Skips A Beat Heartache Blues Ann Williams Missing Her Blues Heartache Highway David & Maxine Heartache Highway Pateman The Heartache's Fred & Heather Tonight The Heartache's On Me On Me Staddon I'm Living For You Heartbreak & Tears Michael & Sea Of Heartbreak Ann Repko The Coast Is Clear Heartbreak Cha Cha Jim & Joan Sarah's Dream Bassett Heartbreak Stroll Ann Williams Never Again, Again Heartland Twirl Sandy Nelson All Shook Up La Bamba Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Hold Your Horses Lipstick, Powder & Paint Mi Vida Loca Crime Of The Century Heartless Waltz Alan Robinson & God May Forgive You (But I Won't) Redneck Nick Midnight To Moonlight Prisonary Life Heart's Desire Ed Ehlers, Heart's Desire Chad Plenski & Time Marches On Laura Johnson Hearts Of Angels John Sandham You Look So Good In Love Heavenly Rhumba Elizabeth Hamilton Elvis Rhumba Missing You Heaven's Above Lynn & Barry Lord I Hope This Day Is Good Gannon How Do You Like Me Now World Of Miracles Melbourne Mambo Heaven's Wondering John & Katie Heaven Must Be Wondering Where You Are Corbett Heavy Duty Beauty Bruce & Mary Heavy Duty Beauty Milner I Like Her, But She Don't Like Me Heavy Heart Linda Sansoucy Heartaches By The Number Don't Come Cryin To Me Heavy Heart Theresa Needham & Too Much On My Heart Al Gallagher Hell If I Know Lori Wong That's My Story Why Haven't I Heard From You Hello Heart DJ Dan & Wynette Hello Heart Miller Hello Walls Rob & Kath Hocking Hello Walls & Lauren Take These Chains Henry's Jeff & Thelma Wedding Bell's Mills Okie From Muskogee I Could Get Over Him Here Beside You Mickey & Dawn Going The Distance Finley Here I Am Rob & Kath Hocking Here I Am Here I Am Again Heather & Fred Here I Am Again Staddon We're The Kind Of People Here We Come Mabel Thompson Here Comes My Baby Here With Me The Angels - Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel Slick Chick, Groove With Me Tonight Wacky Jackie, In The Name Of Love Raunchy Rachel Beautiful Day Walkin' The Line Forget About Me Here With Me Chris & Andy If You'd Like Some Lovin' Malpass Things I Wish I'd Said Hey Ho Tornado Trent & Mary Two In One Cummings Hey Mr. DJ Alice Daugherty Hey Mr. DJ For Partners & Tim Hand Hi Rollin' Hotfoot Jerry Cope & Tequila Talkin' Iva Mosko Oh What A Thrill My Maria Hi There Pat & Trev Jervis Say Hello Hideaway Tango Vance Reed Dance With Me High Cotton J&M (José & Mia) High Cotton High Five, The June Crystal Lewis 50/50 High Horses Michelle High Horses Chandonnet & Marc Archambault High Peak Stroll Lyn & Crazy Legs Forever Ain't Long Enough High Society Diane Jackson High Society Highway Boogie, The John & Janette Steamy Windows Sandham If Wishes Were Horses Highway Boogie Highway Connection Diane Jackson She Don't Care About Me Too Many Highways Celebrity Highway 12 Diane Jackson Ay Yi Yi Yi Amigo Hillbillies DJ Dan & Wynette Hillbillies (Love It In The Hay) Miller Hillbilly Hook-Up Joyce Warren Off The Hillbilly Hook All Summer Long Hillbilly Jump Bob Burnett, Hillbilly Jitters Margaret & Nik Burnett Hillbilly Mambo Diane Jackson I Wanna Be A Hillbilly Hillbilly Larry & Jody Party Party Dance Carriger Hillbilly Shuffle Cynthia Keats Ladder Of Love Some Kind Of Trouble (Remember Me) I'm The One Who Loves You Hip Kisses Bob Izral Lovers Live Longer Neon Moon Hipnotize Moses Bourassa Jr. Hypnotize The Moon It's What I Do Blue Hipshooter Unknown I'm Outta Here Hitchin' Post, The Linda Woodworth Hoedown Mixer Susan Brooks Hoj Hop Wiya Wambli, That Kind Of Happy Chris & Cross, Rockin' Rodeo Greywolf Hold On Darlin' Ann Williams A Matter Of Time Hold On Partner Larry & Jody I Can Love You Better Carriger Hold On Partner Hold On Tight Rick & Deborah If You Ever Saw Her Bates Holding Hands! "Hillbilly" Rick Wonderful Crazy Hollywood Night Club Pat & Ray If Hollywood Don't Need You Cartwright Smoke Rings In The Dark Forever Love We've Got Tonight Home Improvement Michelle Home Improvement Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Homecoming Sylvia Priestley Blue Homecoming Waltz Jim & Joan Dodd Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight Hometown Heartbreak DJ Dan & Wynette Hometown Heartbreak Miller Hello Cruel World Honey Honey Rick & Deborah Sugar, Sugar Bates Honky Tonk Ellen Kiernan Honky Tonk Badonkadonk Badonkadonk Honkytonkville For Two Honky Tonk Cafe Lynne Flanders Honky Tonk Cafe More Where The Green Grass Grows What I Feel Inside A Good Day To Run Honky Tonk Cha Cha Don Deyne Honky Tonk Moon for 2 On My Own I Can't Put Out This Fire What Do I Know Tequila Talkin' Rain Through the Roof She's Not the Cheatin' Kind It's Not About Blame Check Yes or No Rock My World Honky Tonk Crowd Donna Wasnick Honky Tonk Crowd Honky Tonk Friends Barb & Dave Monroe Honky Tonk Friends Waitin' In The Country Good Directions I Wanna Die Honky Tonk Girl Richard Carpino Drinking Champagne My Blue Angel Honky Tonk Walkin' Pardon Me Wher'm I Gonna Live? Honky Tonk Shuffle Leo Carrier Boot Scootin' Boogie Achy Breaky Heart Honky Tonk Truth Hard Working Man Brand New Man Little Miss Honky Tonk Honky Tonk Walkin' Bob Benji Honky Tonk Walkin' Honky Tonk Walkin' Unknown Honky Tonk Walkin' Honky Tonk Walkin' Mike & Jayne Honky Tonk Walkin' Shoppell Honky Tonk Walkin' Thomas Haynes Honky Tonk Walkin' Honky Tonkin Rick & Playin' Every Honky Tonk In Town Deborah Bates Don't Come Cryin' To Me Believe Honky Tonkin' Bob & Marlene Honky Tonk If You Love Country Good Time Peyre-Ferry Honkytonkville Bob & Marlene Honkytonkville Peyre-Ferry Honkytonkville Larry & Jody Honkytonkville Carriger Your Lovin' Eyes Honkytonkville 4 Two Paul & Sharon Honkytonkville Hergert Honour Your Partner Pete & Chris Battle Hymn Of Love Cranwell Good Day To Run Hons Waltz Paul Cutler Love Never Broke Any Ones Heart Hook 'N Around Maiju Leisti Big Ball's In Cowtown Ida Red Hoochie Koo Two Norma J. Fuller The Hootchie Dance Hoosier Buddy Sonny Klemm Who's Your Daddy Hootchie X 2 Shirley Morris The Hootchie Dance Horsehoe Joe Serna I Swear Horse'n In The Round Dick & Geneva Men Mateis Trashy Women Honky Tonk Song Horseshoe Shuffle Unknown Cowboy Rides Away Hot & Saucy Max Perry He's My Little Jalepeno Volcano Day Off Hot Cha Cha Roz & Nat Morgan For You I Will Wish I Didn't Know Now Caliente Hot Picante Rick & Hot Picante Sauce & 'Tato Chips Deborah Bates La Mucara Limbo Lady Hot Shakes & Helen D'Aguiar & Shake Rattle & Roll Raunchy Rolls Rachel Griffiths Hotel California Anna Balaguer and Hotel California The Country Revival Farmers How About Us Pat & Ray How 'Bout Them Cowboys Cartwright Don't Be Sad How Do James Kellerman Down In The Muddy Water Don't Make Me Come To Tulsa How Do Hudson Valley Cha Dan Albro Man To Man Husbands And Wives Ernie & Carmel Husbands And Wives Hutchinson Hustle Bustle For 2 DeWayne & The Hustle Marilyn Goldman Another Dumb Blonde I Hope You Want Me Too Hyde Hop Marty Riesebosch Bubba Hyde My Kind of Girl I.R.S. Renegade Rich Whatever You Do! Don't! & Debi I Apologise Doreen Ashpole & Sorry Rob Barter I B Special John & Janette Don't Let Our Love Start Slipping Away Sandham I Believe In You Kay & Doug Cawston I Believe In You I Do Sawchuk & Steele I Do I Do Luv U Paula Frohn & Something Stupid Michael Silva Handprints On The Wall I Don't Care Bob Hocking & I Don't Care Josie Copley Old Country I Don't Even Know Mona Puente Calling All Angels No Tengo Dinero I Don't Even Know Your Name I Don't Know Maryse Cloutier & I Don't Know Your Heart Sylvain Richard I Don't Leave J&M (José & Mia) I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried I Don't Mind Jon S and Sylvia We're Both To Blame What You Don't Know Angel Of No Mercy I Don't Want To John & Freida I Don't Want To Say Goodbye Say Goodbye Utzig I Fall To Pieces Diane Girard & I Fall To Pieces Jacques Godin I Fell In Love Nigel Payne I Fell In Love I Gotta Know Rick & She Lays It All On The Line Deborah Bates Blue Finger Lou No Way Pedro I Just Called Johane Beaudet I Just Called To Say I Love You I Kid You Not Sue & Ian Ray We Won't Dance Oh Girl I Love Meat, Robert & Meat & Potatoe Man She Loves Potatoes Kathryn Hocking I Love This Bar Diane Girard & I Love This Bar Jacques Godin I Love You So Linda Sansoucy All I Have To Do Is Dream I Love You 2 Chris & Andrew Pocket Full Of Gold Sparkes I'd Love You All Over Again Love You Every Second I Only See You John & Bonnie I Only See You Newcomer Magic Moments No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems Tropical Christmas I Saw You Today Lynn & Barry I Saw You Today Gannon I Spy James Lytle That Girl's Been Spying On Me I Told You So GYTAL I Told You So I Wanna Be Lise L'Heureux & I Wanna Be Your Man (Forever) Patrick Berube I Will Always Ann Williams I Will Always Love You A Little Bit Of Love Ice Cool Country Ron & Barbara The More Things Change Hitchen Drinking Champagne Eat At Joe's If That Ain't Bob Boesel If That Ain't Country Country Iko Iko 4-2 Walt & Linda Iko Iko Woolbright I'll Be Ok Chris Shiells Down Louisiana Way I'll Give You Steve Mason & Did I Shave My Legs For This My Heart Catherine Wake When I Said I Do My Hats Off To Him Completely Dream On Texas Ladies Rock & Roll Waltz I'm Gonna Love Diane Girard & I May Hate Myself In The Morning You Tonight Jacques Godin I'm Gonna Miss Her Dennis Madigan I'm Gonna Miss Her (I've Got A Bite) I'm Gonna Stay DJ Dan & Wynette Get My Drink On Miller I'm Slowly Losing Tonny van Donk Losing My Mind My Mind I'm The One Norman Dery I'm The One I'm Wrapped DJ Dan & Wynette Wrapped Miller I'm Yours Timothy Regester Just Between You & Me Commitment What If I Do In Jamaica Robert & Kathryn How'd I Wind Up In Jamaica Hocking In Love With You Terry & Caroline Just Cause I'm In Love With You French Gettin' Back Together Tonight In Pieces Jeff & Thelma Broken Stones Mills In-Vince-Ible Ike & Virginia Young Man's Town For Two In Your Arms Angela Pinnington If I Could Bottle This Up & Peter Kimber Island In Your Dreams Karen & Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed Mark Bleuer Bury The Shovel Drive Me Home Quando, Quando, Quando Indiana Stroll Lee Lapham Indian Summer Dan Albro Dark Horse Indigo Moon Michelle Indigo Moon Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Indigo Moon Sylvia Brighton Indigo Moon International Barb & Dave Monroe International Harvester Harvester Invisible Moses Bourassa Jr. I Can't Take You Anywhere & Barbara Shadows In The Night Frechette The One For Me Invisible Irene's Cha Cha Dennis & Marie Feel Free Atkinson & Margaret Semple Irresistible Larry & Terri I Hope You Want Me Too Boezeman Is It True Maureen & John I've Been Hearing Things About You Rowell Slow Hurry I'm In Love With A Capital "U" Is That All You Got Heather & Fred Is That All You Got Staddon Island Mixer Pete & Wanda Island McCracken Island Station North Vicki Rader Island They're Playin' Our Song Sometimes She Forgets Island Time Diane Jackson Island Time Island Wish Jon & Eileen Tough Love Starmar Old Country Issy - Bell Barry Fieldhouse You're Something Special To Me It Ain't Over John Starmar It Ain't Over & Sylv For Reasons I've Forgotten It Had To Be You Judy Cain It Had To Be You Lessons Learned It Had To Be You Denise Boyle & It Had To Be You - For Two Laurel Curtiss It Takes Two Paula 455 Rocket Frohn-Butterly & Ron McCarthy It Takes Two Bob & Marlene It Takes Two Peyre-Ferry It's A Cha Cha Jack & Hazel Joe's Place Parfitt It's All Good Land Of Empty Dreams It's A Crime Bob & Marlene Crime Of The Century Peyre-Ferry It's A Love Mike & Ann Repko It's A Love Thing Thing 4-2 It Must Be Love Couldn't Last A Moment It's Christmas! Leong Mei Ling It's Christmas (Partner Mixer) It's Getting Better Allen Matthias After All Lovin' On The Side It's Hot Ingrid Jansen & Dance The Night Away Tina Post Red Hot Salsa It's Love Mervyn Beasley It Must Be Love It's Ok For 2 Margaret Murphy It's Ok Friends In Low Places Empty Dreams Papa Bear It's The Season Linda Sansoucy Let Your Love Flow It's Up To You Rick & Deborah A Little Less Talk Bates It's Up To You The Big One Its Up Two You Al Ord Its Up To You Iva's "Slow" Dance Jerry Cope & Look At Us Iva Mosko She Got The Rhythm, I Got The Blues Let It Be Me Ivey Vine, The James Gregory & We've Got To Keep On Meeting Like This Jean Garr Cotton Eyed J & D Shag Joan Hill Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard JR's Waltz Mick & Sue Felce Rose Coloured Glasses J & T, The Joan & Ted Shulz I Feel Lucky Why Haven't I Heard From You That's My Story The JW Walk Ann Williams John Wayne Walking Away JY Corral Bar Hustle Mike Derrick & Playin' Every Honky Tonk In Town Margaret 3 Nickels And A Dime The Boys And Me Jackies' Waltz Ann Trigg Let's Fall To Pieces Together Don't Let Your Feet Slow You Down Jack's Dance Mary Wild Right On The Money Jackson Strait Dan Albro Designated Drinker Jackson Stroll, The Diane Jackson The Heartaches Are Free A Love Like That Jackson's Waltz Linda & Colin Waltz Of A Lifetime Chester Jai' Du [Partner] Barry Fieldhouse Jai' Du Boogie Boogie Jamaica Two Tony & Lana Wilson Some Beach Jambal "A" Express Malcolm Russell Jambalaya Jambalaya Me & My-O Wanda & Jim York Jambalaya I Just Want To Dance With You Jambalaya Too Joyce Warren Jambalaya Sold Me Neither Jamaica Me Cha Cha Jo Thompson Almost Jamaica I Hope You Want Me Too To Be With You Jamboree Hop Sam & Pat Gretton Don't Let Our Love Start Slipping Away Jasper County Waltz Nigel Payne Try Me Jay Walk Unknown Islands In The Stream I Guess It Never Hurts To Hurt Sometimes I Don't Want To Be A Memory As Long As I'm Rockin' With You Drinkin' & Dreamin' Jazz It Up Bev Cornish Full Deck Of Cards Jefferson Express Danny & Jeanne Now I Know Burchfield, You Never Even Call Me By My Name Gene & Vickie Love Thing Smith Boot Scootin Boogie God Bless Texas Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On Jenai's Stomp Allan & Patricia Southside Stomp Mitchell Lovin' All Night Jenny Lee For 2 Kathy & Herb Dula Jenny Lee Jessi Polka Unknown Jessico Bob Hocking & Jessico Josie Copley Jessie Garry Saline That's Just Jessie Jessie 'J Cha Diane Jackson I've Been Better Cryin' For Nothin' Jezabel Kiss & Tell Norma J. Fuller, Jezebel Lewis Cain, Play That Funky Music Michael & Jeanne The Hustle Scoggins Barnyard Stomp Jiffy Mixer Unknown Redneck Girl Jingle Bell Dance Walt & Linda Jingle Bell Rock Woolbright Jingle Bell Rock Edna Barnhart Jingle Bell Rock Rock 'n' Roll Angel Redneck Girl Joan Ellen Bob & Margaret She's In Love With The Boy Burnett A Jukebox With A Country Song Joe's Cowboy Joe Turman Should've Been A Cowboy Promenade He Ain't Worth Missing A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action Joe's Diner Jimmy McFarland Eat At Joe's Black Velvet Joe's Dream Joe Cogean Joe's Place Diane Jackson Joe's Place She Don't Know She's Beautiful Johnny Come Lately Lois Lightfoot New Kid In Town Joyful Jingle Nancy Lee Jingle Bell Rock Circle Rock Jubilee Ron & Vickie See Jane Dance Schermbeck Jubilee Cha Cha Chris & Andrew I'm Gonna Miss You Sparkes Un Momento Alla Don't Tell Me You're Not In Love Jubilee Stroll Diane Jackson Loving You Makes Me A Better Man Judithann Tom P. Suvak King Of The Mountain Juke Box Rock Rick Ray One Way Ticket Daddy's Money Don't Rock The Juke Box Jukebox Boogie Rick & Deborah Jukebox Bates Standing At The Crossroads Again Jukebox Junkie Juke Joint Jumpin' Floyd & Ellie Juke Joint Jumpin' Meerman Bubba Hyde Steam Jukebox Boogie Rick & Deborah Standing At The Crossroads Again Bates Jukebox Jukebox Junkie Juliet, The Parish Country Romeo Jump Right In Angela Pinnington Jump Right In Southside Stomp Just A Dream Basem Elfaham Blessed Darlene It Must Be Love Two Pina Coladas When Love Starts Talkin' Sea Cruise Just A Fool Ann Williams Fool In Me Afterglow Just A Kiss Lyle W. Hoffer Just A Kiss You're Gonna Miss My Love Just A Kiss Ann Williams Just A Kiss When Love Comes Around Just A Little Theresa Needham Spend The Night A Little Too Late Just A Little Bit Rick & Deborah Movin' On Up Bates Ooh, Ahh.... Just A Little Bit Gimme Some Love Just A Memory Nigel & Memories Are Made Of This Barbara Payne Just A Scuffin' Shep Spinney No News Swingin' Just A Walkin' Mike & June Walking To Jerusalem Polaski Love Is Not A Thing Just Another Alice Daugherty 15 Minutes Couple's Dance & Tim Hand Boom Boom There Goes My Heart Just Another Waltz Jan Cohan Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight Just Dance Ann Williams Why Don't We Just Dance Just Enough Shuffle Bill & Roxane It's All about to Change Morgan Save This One For Me Just Enough Rope Whiskey Under the Bridge Just For Kicks' Mike & Ann Repko Lyin' To My Heart Shake Your Groove Thing No Shoes No Shirt No Problems I'm Gonna Getcha (Good)! Just For Today Linda & Colin Live, Laugh, Love Chester Almost Jamaica Don't Make Me Come To Tulsa Heartbreak School Just For You Brian Bambury O What A Thrill Pretend Just For You Chris & Andrew I'll Sing This Song Sparkes Just 4U Mick Cook Couldn't Last A Moment Na Mara It's A Love Thing Just Friends Unknown Why Would I Say Goodbye Rockin' Pneumonia Just Hold On 4-2 Ray & Gail Garvin I'll Just Hold On Just Honky Tonkin' Diane Jackson Honky Tonk Song Honky Tonk Healin' Honky Tonk Crowd Honky Tonk Truth Honky Tonkin's What I Do Best Just In Time Rob Hocking A Matter Of Time Just Loving You Frank & Regina I Just Got Started Loving You Cha (For 2) Hatke, Bill & Busy Being Fabulous Nancy Mickle Just 1 More DJ Dan & Wynette Then We Can All Go Home Miller Just One Of Barbara Prosen Just One Of The Boys The Boys Too & Dave Monroe Just Smile Brenda Foxley Just To See You Smile Is That A Tear It Must Be Love Soul Searchin' Just The Basics Too Rick & Deborah Basic Goodbye Bates Lucky Me, Lucky You I've Got My Baby On My Mind Just To Remind You Larry Cowley & Write This Down Sue White Just Us Jon Starmar Is It Just Us There's No Heart So Strong Just Us Friends Larry & Jody Memphis Women & Chicken Carriger Walkin' On Me Jam Up & Jelly Tight Just Wanna Dance Bill Gallagher Dance The Night Away Justa Dance-Couples Bev & Ed Fluck Before Me And You When The Lights Go Out The Way You Love Me Didn't Your Mama Tell Ya Long Wet Kiss Way Of The Girl Unsigned Letter KB Shuffle Kath Bowring Rocky Top K B Ten Step Unknown KC Cha DJ Dan & Wynette Tequila Loves Me Miller K-Town Shuffle Liz & Al Pasch It Only Hurts When I Cry I Love A Rainy Night If It Will, It Will Two Of A Kind Working On A Full House Kaci's Shuffle Mick & Sue Felce Brokenheartsville Kansas City Tom & Janine Kansas City O'Wesney Two Of A Kind, Workin' On A Full House Country Club Kansas City Unknown 4 Corners Kansas City Stroll Sylvia & Fred Coulton Kansas Twister The Whiskey River Queen Of Memphis Dancers Kayla's Waltz Darryl & Marilyn Milkins Keep It Up Rick & Deborah The City Put The Country Back In Me Bates Keep It Up Linda Lou Keep Moving Ian & Sue Ray Some Broken Hearts Keep On Dancin' Larry & Terri Poor Boy Shuffle Boezeman Keeper Of My Heart Diane Girard & Keeper Of My Heart Jacques Godin Keeper Of The Stars Irene Hawkins & Keeper Of The Stars Jean Prentice Keepsakes Colin Stevens Blanket On The Ground Ribbon Of Highway Kentucky Slide Elicia Roberts Kentucky Stroll Jean & John Miles Jukebox With A Country Song Kerrie's Dance Brian & Hilda Trouble Royle Keywest For Two Ms Allie Key's In The Conch Shell Kick-N-Shuffle Rod & Brenda Just Enough Rope Sprader Kicking & Rolling Patrick You're Easy On The Eyes Latendresse Kickin' Around Carol Stayte & Ain't Nothin' Like George Stayte Red High Heels Kickin Country Marie Miller Crazy Over You Earthquake Suicide Blonde Kickstart My Heart Patrick I Can Love You Better Latendresse Kickwinder Country Bound Pink Cadillac Dancin' Shoes Kill The Spiders Salwick Club You Need A Man Preston Kinda Ketchy Greg Kent Some Kinda Trouble Down To My Last Teardrop No One Needs To Know Wipeout King Creole Rick & Deborah Baby Come On Bates Jailhouse Rock King Of Your Heart Chris & Trev From A Jack To A King Kings' Strut Joe & Margaret Transmeier Kirsten's Cha Cha Bill & Jane Turner The Chair Kiss In The Dark, A Larry & Terri Lonely Too Long Boezeman Worlds Apart Kiss Me Daniel Bernard Kiss Me Goodbye Kiss Me Now Anna Balaguer Back To Texas Album Number Two Kiss My Glass Allan & Patricia Brokenheartsville Mitchell Kissing Cousins Pim Humphrey He Drinks Tequila Kissy Kissy Sylvia Priestley Brand New Girlfriend Good Ride Cowboy The Wanderer L.C. Memphis Unknown Love Will L.G.M. Louise Girouard & Red Dirt Road Sylvie Ayotte L & J Stroll Larry & Jody Poor Me Carriger She's Got The Rhythm What Do You Want With His Love The L Bay Strut Alan & Thelma When The Devil Wants To Wrestle Finch Never Gonna Break Again Stayin' Up Late (Thinkin' About It) Next Big Thing I Will Hold My Ground Rocky Road Blues La Bomba Susan & Harry La Bomba Brooks La Nina Larry & Jody I Hope You Want Me Too Carriger If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Lace Across Cha Pete & Mel Commitment Ostrander Ladder 64 Matt Thomson & The Fireman Mishi Ziminski Laid Back In Time Brian Bambury The Heart That You Own Out Of Your Shoes Old Country Laid Back 'n Allen Matthias Laid Back 'n Low Key Low Key Laidback Cowboy Peter Metelnick Back in Your Arms Again (Partners) Whatever You Do! Don't! Feelin' Kinda Lonely Tonight Three Words Two Hearts Too Much Fun Lakeside Shuffle Roz & Nat Morgan Strong Enough She Won't Be Lonely Long Lakeside Stroll Diane Jackson When Love Comes Around That'd Be Alright Kiss An Angel Good Morning Lambrini For Two Jim & Nen Godsall Two Bottles Of Beer Where You Gonna Go Lamplighter Waltz Paula Golkosky Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight Language Of Love Linda Sansoucy I Don't Know What She Said Language Of Norm Gifford I Don't Know What She Said Love For Two Laredo Cha DJ Dan & Wynette Laredo Rose Miller Laredo Stroll Alan & Bonnie I'll Put a Note On Your Pillow Cleeves Some Kind of Trouble Lariet James Gregory & Catch A Falling Star Jean Garr I Feel Lucky Why Haven't I Heard From You Lariat, The Bunny & Ken Fargo Laser Country Lise L'Heureux & Where Was I Patrick Bérubé Sleepin' On The Foldout Last Time Slide Max Perry The Last Time Uh-Huh For Two Last Waltz, The Roy East Last Cheaters Waltz Could I Have This Dance Last Waltz, The Norma J. Fuller & Could I Have This Dance Lewis Cain The Last Waltz Saturday Night The Last Waltz Bob Hocking & The Last Waltz Josie Copley Lauren's Waltz Robert Hocking & You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet Lauren Parr Hats Off To Him You Make The Moonlight Lazy Boots Cha Cha Stu McGlary & He'll Have To Go Ann Helmore Lazy Day Shuffle Vicky Potts Lazy Swing Carol & George Lazy Days Stayte San Francisco Leannas' Charm June & Pete Jepson Wrapped Around Leather & Lace Waltz Larry & Jody A House With No Curtains Carriger My Kind Of Woman/My Kind Of Man Leavin' Made Easy DJ Dan & Wynette You're Looking At The Man Miller Leavin' Made Easy Workin' Man Cinco De Mayo In Memphis Leaving Of Chelina Jřrgensen The Leaving Of Liverpool Liverpool Together The Ledge Geri Swanson Completely The Lemon Tree For 2 Pim Humphrey & Lemon Tree Kim Ray Les Bons Amis Chris Peel You're My Best Friend Friends Don't Drive Friends Love Love Nobody's Mad At Me Here Oh So Blue Less Than Max Perry You Walked In "Love Thing" Lessons In Love David Dabbs Love Lessons Have A Good One Lessons Learned David Pytka Lessons Learned Let 'Em Roll Raymond Lamarche Let' Em Roll Let It Snow Ringo Wendy Lewis Let It Snow Winter Wonderland Let Me Drive Mary Wild Drive Let Your Momma Go Carol & George Let Your Momma Go Stayte I'll Be Turning To You Except For Monday Let's Bosa Nova Pim Humphrey Blame It On The Bosa Nova Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under Let's Do That Again Dan Albro Let's Do That Again Let's Honky Tonk Ann Williams Honky Tonk Side Of Town Let's Honky Tonk Tom & Connie Law Honk If You Honky Tonk Honk If You Love To Honky Tonk Honky Tonk Life Because Of You Let's Mambo Rick & Deborah Live For You Bates El Rey Del Dancing Mexico Let's Play The Field Mike Cook Let Your Love Flow Tight Fitting Jeans Unbreak My Heart I Feel Forever I Love You Let's Ride Donna Marie Giddy Up I Say You Say Let's Rumba Diane Jackson That's Where I Belong You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone Lets Swing Unknown Gonna Move Across The River Drive It Home Letters Of Love John & Janette Love Letters In The Sand Sandham Liberty Stroll Pauline Morgan What Do I Know Life Is A Highway DJ Dan & Wynette Life's Highway Miller Life Like This John & Katie Livin' The Way I Do Corbett Life Of The Party Larry Boezeman Party Crowd Linda Lou Honk If You Love To Honky Tonk Lessons Learned Love Trip Lifetime Waltz Elizabeth I Don't Want To Say Goodbye Henderson What If I Say Goodbye Lightnin' Strikes Shirl & Dave Lightnin' Strikes A Good Man (A Good Man) Springett Like Our Lovin' Lynne Flanders Like Our Lovin Li'l Bit Of Luck Larry & Jody Little Black Book Carriger Lilac Waltz Alfred Halford Limbo Latina Carole & Del Limbo Lady Melbourne Mambo Shine, Shine, Shine Now I Can Dance Lindy Star Shuffle Susan Brooks Lucky Me, Lucky You Six Of One Half A Dozen (Of The Other) I'd Love You To Love Me Rock My World Linear Motion Malcolm Russell Ancient History Lipstick Letters Walt & Linda When Rita Leaves Woolbright Lisa's Cha Cha Lisa Jones & Derek Young Lisa's Shuffle Charles Bowring Tulsa Time Listen To My Heart John & Kate Corbet Listen To My Heart Little Bit Longer Michelle A Little Bit Longer Chandonnet & Marc Archambault A Little Bit Moses Bourassa Jr. Nothing On But The Radio Of Heaven & Barbara Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven Frechette Little Bit Of Love Jan Smith Little Bit Of Love Little By Little Michelle Little By Little Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Little Chapel Michelle Little Chapel Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Little Crazy Mariette & Gotta Get A Little Crazy Jean-Marc Villeneuve Little "D" Cha-Cha Dot Lewis Little Darlin' Rick & Deborah Little Darlin' Bates Little Deuce Coupe Scott Turpin & Little Deuce Coupe Yvonne Johnson Little Doggie Waltz Unknown Little Elm Chris & Andrew Double Rock Sparks Little John's Tim Pattison Some Girls Do Shuffle I'm That Kind Of Girl Little Love, A Rob Barter & In The Middle Of A Little Love Doreen Ashpole Little Man Cha-cha M Chandonnet & Little Man M Archambault Little More Country Heather & Fred A Little More Country Than That Staddon Little Rhumba Ms Allie My Broken Souvenir For Two Vertical Expression A Little Rock Diane Jackson More & More & More N Stroll Little Shoes Boogie Jim Williams Sweet Little Shoes Little Thing Mike & Lynn Talley Little Things Little White Lies Pat & Ray Red Lips, Blue Eyes, Little White Lies Cartwright Colour Blind No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems Lyin' To My Heart A Little Xmas Dance David & Lesley Mary's Boy Child-Oh My Lord Mather, Jeff & Yakety Sax Thelma Mills Live, Laugh & Donna Marie Live, Laugh, Love Love Together I Hope You Want Me Too Who Needs You Baby Hot Picante Sauce & 'Tato Chips Vacation Live On Love Mike Y L Ng Living On Love For You I Will Livin' In Mexicoma Carol & George Mexicoma Stayte Living On Love Tony Millgan Living On Love Living With Love Eddie & Jessie When You Say Nothing At All McIntosh Let Me Live With Love Lock & Key Stomp Kay Sichak Lost And Found In A Border Town Some Kinda Good Kinda Hold On Me Country Club Can't Break It To My Heart Lock Stock Sandra Eason What The Cowgirls Do And Barrel Setting The Woods On Fire Crescent City Locked In Love Edie & Roy Ogilvie One True Love Loco-Motion Larry & Jody Locomotion Carriger London Waltz, The Bryan & Ann If It Ain't One Thing Summers Leave Me A Picture Of You Stars Over Texas I Love You That's All The Lone Ranger DJ Dan & Wynette The Lone Ranger Miller Lone Rock Walk Lorraine & Harry Maggie Sinclaire Lone Star Blues Trev & Pat Jervis Lone Star Blues Lonely Norma J. Fuller & He's Got You Lewis Cain Nights Like These Lonely Cha Cha Flo Reding The Lonely Lonely Hearts DJ Dan & Wynette Tip Of My Fingers Miller Lonely Hearts And Larry Cowley Settlin' For What They Get Honky Tonks & Sue White Lonely Man Cha Cha Dee Davis A Man This Lonely Lonely Wins DJ Dan & Wynette Lonely Wins Miller Lonesome Michelle Lonesome Side Of Midnight Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Lonesome John & Katie Lonesome Wins Again Corbett Lonesome Pine, The Sharon Peavler I'll Leave This World Loving You Ancient History Lonesome Shuffle Mariette & I've Been Better Jean-Marc Villeneuve Lonestar Shuffle John & Kate The First Few Days Of Love Corbett The Shade Lonestar Tequila Susan Walker & More Tequila Derek Short Wrong Side Of Town Long Enough Bryan Summers I Can't Get Over You How Long Gone Long Island Shuffle Unknown Long Lasting Love Ann Hexter Forever Ain't Long Enough Long Long Way DJ Dan & Wynette Long Long Way Miller Long Overdue Ian Andrew Goodbye Yesterday's Heartache Longbranch Hustle Dick & Geneva Black Velvet Matteis Longhorn Unknown Neon Moon Looking Back Mike & Marge Try A Little More Love Leopold Life's A Dance Blame It On Your Heart The Lord Loves The Jamie Marshall & The Lord Loves The Drinkin' Man Drinkin' Man Larry Harmon Lorrie's Dance Bill Williamson Third Rate Romance Losing It! Rosie Multari Heart's Desire I Love The Night Life Losing Streak Pete Burdack Settlin' Centerfold Lost In The Feeling Rick & Lost In The Feeling Deborah Bates Their Hearts Are Dancing Hit Country Song Lost In The Feeling Kay & Doug Cawston Lost In The Feeling Lost In The Shuffle Ann Williams Lost In The Shuffle Foolish Heart Lost Moments 4-2 Moses Bourassa Jr. Moments & Barbara Wrapped Frechette Louisiana Melody Diane Jackson Louisiana Melody Louisiana Rendezvous DJ Dan & Wynette Louisiana Rendezvous Miller Louisiana Way Diane Jackson Down Louisiana Way Louvin Cha Stu McGlary & How's The World Treating You Ann Helmore Love Ain't Easy Caroline & Terry Broken Hearted French Shame On The Moon Love And Happiness DJ Dan & Wynette Love And Happiness Miller Love At First Sight Debi Bodven Love At First Sight Love In The Air Ann Williams River Of Love/El Rio Amor One Step Away Love Is All You Need Carol & George All You Really Need Is Love Stayte Love Lifted Me Theresa Needham Love Lifted Me (Partner Waltz) The Last Great Romantic When I Need You Love Me, Love Me Paula Frohn & Love Me, Love Me Ashleigh Silva Love Somebody Ellie & Floyd Addicted To Love Meerman I Wanna Love Somebody Young Love Love Thing Max Perry Love Thing Love Thing, A Steve Johnson It's A Love Thing Come And Get Your Love Prayin' For Daylight It Must Be Love Looking For Love How Do You Sleep At Night A Love Thing Al & Sandy Ord That's The Thing About Love All Out Of Love Love Trip Daniel Bernard Love Trip Love You Eddie Bolton You Every Second Every Second Lover Please Bobby Houle Lover Please Come Back Come Back Lovers Cha Roz Morgan Lovers Live Longer Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town Lover's Cha Cha Mike Kloser Neon Moon Lovers Cha Cha Marilyn & DeWayne My Marie Goldman 3rd Rate Romance Lovers' Lariat Joyce Warren Lover's Stroll, The Weedy & Hot Pepper Amazed Smile Breathe Let's Make Love Because You Loved Me Can't Nobody Love You When You Say Nothing At All I Look At You Lovers' Swing Wanda & Jim York Eenie Meenie Miney Mo Dixie Lullaby Blue Finger Lou Honey Hush Who's Your Daddy? Lovers Tango Linda & Colin Love Is On A Roll Chester Lovers Tiff Jeff & Thelma What If I Said Goodbye Mills Lover's Waltz Bob Van Sickle Lover's Waltz Rose Grant Only Love Can Break Your Heart I Saw You Today Lover's Waltz Brian Bambury Can I Have This Dance Lover's Waltz, The Shirley & David Stars Over Texas Babcock Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight You're The One Lover's Window Walk Emmit & Gloria What Do I Know Nelson On The Verge Lovers Wrap, The Cody & Dawn In A Different Light Ratliff Love Like This Loves First Waltz Donnie Allshouse Strawberry Wine & Sandy Keney Loving Arms Jon Peppin Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight Lovin' Cha Cha Lisa Johns-Grose Livin On Love Lovin' You Kevin French & Lovin' You Against My Will Natalie Besant Love Me Just A Little Bit Longer Loving You Jos Slijpen Loving You Makes Me A Better Man Lovin' You Sandy & George Just Got Started Loving You (For 1 Or 2) Washbond Fool Hearted Memory Blue Days Loving You Again Bill Gallagher Today I Started Loving You Again Luckenbach Nathalie Pelletier Luckenbach Lucky John & Janette I Feel Lucky Sandham Lucky Charm Diane Jackson Luckiest Man In The World Lucky Dip Mary Kelly If The Truth Hurts Momma Ain't Home Tonight Do You Wanna Make Something Of It? Lucky Man Don Deyne Yeah! Lucky Me, Lonely You Rick & Deborah Lucky Me, Lonely You Bates Lyin Fast Four I'd Be Lyin Lynchburg Val & Roger Pinion Crime Of Passion M.G. Cha Cha Diane Jackson My Girl [Partner] Oh Girl I'm Gonna Miss You Girl M&J 2 Dance Michael & Jeanne Steppin' Out Scoggins Caliente Wonder What MJ Latino Mark & Jan Caley Te Quiero Mas Mac's Dance David Sinfield Maggies Cha Cha T & M Gaughan Magic Nights Larry & Terri One Night Boezeman I'm Gonna Miss You Maican Rhythm Gene & Nancy Almost Jamaica Martin Mainline Stroll Diane Jackson If That's The Way You Want It Make Me A Dancer Chris & Trev Make Her Fall In Love With Me Song Make Me Happy Bob & Kath Hocking Make Me Happy Makin' Hay YaVon Gardner Cowgirl Making Memories Carole & Del Make Memories With Me True Lies Making Memories Chris & Andy Making Memories Of Us Malpass The Chair Makin' Time Stompin' Sue & Squeeze Me In The Other Ones Mama Tried Pim Humphrey Mama Tried Brand New Girlfriend Mama's Hungry Eyes Jo-Ann Brown-Stone Honky Tonk Healin' Mama's Jewels Nigel & Mama Said Barbara Payne Mambo Mr Mom Diane Jackson Mr Mom Mambo #5 Ruthann Mambo No. 5 I Got A Girl Mambo No. 5...4...2 Nikki Roman-Wyllie Mambo No. 5 Let Your Love Flow Day Off Come On Over Mambo Rock M Chandonnet & M Archambault Seven Nights To Rock Mambo You & Me Marilyn & Dewayne Orange Colored Sky's Goldman Mambo No. 5 I Got A Girl Can I Tico Tico You Mamma Maria 4-2 Ray & Gail Garvin Mamma Maria Man To Man Garry Saline Man To Man March On Maria Edie & Roy Ogilvie My Maria Mardi Gras Rock Bonnie Newcomer Cool, Cool Mardi Gras & Mindy Cingle Margaritaville Gretchen Margaritaville Studlien-Webb Mariana For Two Andy Mackrell Mariana Mambo Marie's Dance Dan Testa Shakin' Things Up Vertical Expression (Of Horizontal Desire) Marlene's Stroll Bob & Marlene You Just Watch Me Peyre-Ferry Big Love Martina's Dream Mark & Jan Caley Dream's Of Martina Mas Alla Mabel Thompson Mas Alla Tres Desos Matador Cha Cha Jerry Cope & Neon Moon Iva Mosko Tequila Talking Tropical Depression Maverick Jane Newhard Life's A Dance Lucky Moon Boom! It Was Over Maverick Dancemaker & I'm Not Gonna Cry For You Fancydancer Maverick John & Janette The Times We've Had Sandham Maverick [Be Mine] Pete Cranwell & Be Mine John Sharman Maverick Waltz, The Walt Sorenson Last Cheater's Waltz Maverick's Cha Cha Paula Missing You Frohn-Butterly Oh What A Thrill What A Crying Shame Mavericks Turn Mavericks W.D.C. Down At The Old Corral Northampton She Can Put Her Shoes Under My Bed The Perfect Picture Maybe Later Dan Albro Groove With Me Tonight McGraw Stroll, The James Gregory & Welcome To The Club Jean Garr Oh, What A Thrill Radio Active Mama's Green Eyes Everybody's Line Dancin' Tulsa Shuffle Me And You Tony Wilson Just Me And You Me, Me, Me Bill & Mare Dodd I Wanna Talk About Me Me, Myself & I Eileen Fletcher Me, Myself & I Me 'N' Him Jeff Allen Two of a Kind 'Cause I'm Country Me 'N' U Moses Bourassa Jr. Me And You That Ol' Wind Goodnight Sweetheart Every Light In The House Is On Me 'N' You Linda & Colin I've Got The Love (Of A Good Woman) Chester Never Say Die Tonight The Heartache's On Me Me Neither Sylvia Priestley Me Neither Rebel Walk Don't Breathe Me - O - My Wanda & Jim York Levantandos Las Manos Jambalaya I Just Want To Dance With You Cowboy Sweetheart Alice She Talks Dirty In Spanish Sha La La Me Too Janet Hilliard Me Too A Tear In Her Voice Everybody Knows Me Too Cha Cha George De Virgilio Oh Girl (Partners) You'll Always Be Loved By Me It Must Be Love Me Without You Rick & Deborah Honk If You Honkytonk Bates Without You Who's Gonna Play The Piano Meet & Greet Bev Cornish Heads Carolina, Tails California Meat & Potato Malcolm Russell Meat & Potato Man Pie Man Melancholy Gaby Neumann Melancholy Melody Of Love Louise Hodson Melody Of Love Memories Jeff & Jackie Fly Like A Bird Allen Memories Jean & Brian He Broke Your Memory Last Night Thompson Memories Steve Lescarbeau Puttin' Memories Away Memories Of Us Kathy Brown Only Time Will Tell Memphis Blue Lois Lightfoot I Should Have Been True Memphis Blues Carol & George Messed Up In Memphis Stayte Baby's Gone Home Memphis Moon Mike & Marge Home For Sale Leopold Memphis Women Nigel & Barbara Memphis Woman & Chicken Payne Merengue Mixer Carol Weiner-Hamm Bang On De Drum All Day Hot Hot Hot I'm In Love With A Capitol U Macarena Merry Go Round Alan. D. Finch She Never Makes Me Cry 28/83 (She Ain't In It For The Love) Somewhere Under The Sun The Richest Fool Alive Whenever You Come Back To Me Mesmerized Marjorie Can't Take My Eyes Off You Barnabas-Shaw Messing Round Walt & Linda Red Lips, Blue Eyes, Little White Lies Woolbright 40 Days & 40 Nights Messing Up Bob & Marlene You Need A Man Around Here Peyre-Ferry I Ain't Your Mama Mexicali Blues DJ Dan & Wynette My Baby No Esta Aqui Miller My Baby No Esta Aqui No More Mexican Cutie Pat & Ray Margaritaville Cartwright What A Crying Shame It's Just A Matter Of Time These Arms Missing You Mexican Dreams Carol Stayte & Cinco De Mayo In Memphis George Stayte There's No Getting Over Me Mexican Twirl Unknown Where There's A Will Mexican Waltz, The Unknown Midnight To Moonlight I'm Crying My Heart Out Over You Mexican Whiskey Mary Wild Mail Myself To Mexico The Whiskey & The Wind Mexico Sue & Ian Ray Horse To Mexico Whatever You Do, Don't! Blue Clear Sky The Cowboy Rides Away Mexico Shuffle Linda Sansoucy I've Been In Mexico Mexico We Go Go Al & Sandy Ord Good To Go To Mexico My Old Love In New Mexico Mi Amore Moses Bourassa Jr. One Night & Barbara El Rio Amor/River Of Love Frechette Miami And Me Rob Hocking Miami And Me Michigan Shuffle Joe & Penny Barker Fisher's Hornpipe Badda Boom Badda Bang Cowboy Sweetheart Michigan Stomp Judie Gidley Mid-County Shuffle Tony Wanko On the Road Midnight Train Diamond Mine Rip Off The Knob High Horse Middle Of Nowhere Diane Jackson Middle Of Nowhere Midnight Blue Ron Kline Only A Whisper Nights Like These If I Never Stop Loving You If I Don't Dance I Can Love You Better This Business Of Love Wherever You Are Midnight Cha Cha Coral & Ivan Charlie Burton Midnight Cha Cha John Ventimiglia Two Pina Coladas & Lynn Hilts Midnight Chase Norma J. Fuller & Walkin' After Midnight Lewis Cain Love You More Than I Can Say Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard Louisiana Hot Sauce Midnight For Two Donna Marie Walkin' After Midnight Midnight Hours Richard & Marilyn Here Comes My Baby Heinie Midnight Rodeo Ken & Thelma Indian Outlaw Gardiner Native American Midwest Shuffle Al & Barb Beczkala Sorry Mie Amore (My Love) John & Jean Miles Famous Last Words Might Not Ever Bob & Marlene Why Don't We Just Dance Happen Again Peyre-Ferry Beer On The Table 15 Minutes Party Down Might Not Let You Go Pim Humphrey Next Time Mikey, The Tony Wanko Have A Nice Rest Of Your Life Down On The Farm Diamond Mine Millennium Countdown Sandra Fallows You've Got The Power Rockin' Pneumonia Playa Silencio Millennium Polka Connelly & Bernice Miller's Cave DJ Dan & Wynette Miller's Cave Miller You Lied To Me Millie Kacey Millie Millie-Love What Sylvia & Brian Millie You Do Scott Mine's A Double T "n" T Swinging Doors Miracles Michelle World Of Miracles Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Mirror Image Pip Hodge Pizzirico Someday Soon San Antonio Stroll Mishnock Waltz Unknown Their Hearts Are Dancing Lost In The Feeling Missing You Dave & Lesley Missing You Mather The Chair Mississippi Rock Jim Hopkins Take A Little Trip Kickin' & Screamin' Mississippi Time Edie & Roy Ogilvie One Night At A Time Mister Lonely Dottie Cirko He's Got You (Partner) Imagine That Never Again, Again Places I've Never Been Mixed Encounters Chris Peel Galaxy Song Modern Day B&C Allan & Patricia A Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde Mitchell Somebody Like You Mojave Moon Cha Cha Larry & Jody One Honest Heart Carriger Bailamos Moment Of Truth Brian & Sylvia Moment Of Truth Scott Moments K & M Partners Moment Of Truth In Time Monitor John & Freida Daddy Won't Sell The Farm Utzig Boom Boom Boom Monster Trucks John & Danniella Big Boy Toys Rowell Slow Hurry Babalou Montana Rodeo Anna Picerno As Good As I Once Was If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Montana Shuffle Coral & Ivan When I'm Away From You Burton Monterey Bay Ian & Fiona Smith Islands In The Stream Monterey Waltz Mixer Carol Wiener-Hamm Take It To The Limit Montgomery County Don & Chrissy Cross My Broken Heart Cha-Cha Stagner No More Cryin' Montgomery Stroll Bill & Norma Montgomery To Memphis Morrison Moonglow Unknown Dream Walkin' I May Never Pass This Way Again Moonlight Bliss Carol & George Moonlight Kiss Stayte Moonlight Cha Cha Dan & Charlotte Mooney Moonlight Rhumba Larry Cowley & Elvis Rhumba Sue White Moonlight Serenade Jim Vivis Somebody Else's Moon Moonlight Waltz Unknown Moonrise Nigel & Barbara Bad Moon Rising Payne Moonshadow Cha Cha Ray & Tina Yeoman Moonshadow Road Un Momento Alla More & More & More Pat & Ray More & More & More Cartwright Morgan Stroll, The Rick & Deborah Back In Your Arms Again Bates I Feel Bad Tonight The Heartache's On Me Morgan's Shuffle Bill & Roxane Bobbie Ann Mason Morgan You Win My Love I Like It, I Love It Morning Light Jeff & Thelma Sunshine Mills Mountain Of Love Robert Hocking Mountain Of Love Move In Time Cha Mark & Jan Caley La Casa De Ines There Goes My Baby Moving Nice & Lynn Karlin Where Is My Baby Tonight Easy Cha Cha Oh Girl Moving On Terry Mandzuk No Shoes, No Shirts, No Problems Boat On The River Movin' On Swing Diane Jackson Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down The Bottle Let Me Down She Lays It On The Line Movin' West Cindy Hall Heart's Desire Just Let Me Into Your Heart Take It Back Mr. Moonshine Terry & Gerry Gurr Mr Teardrop Diane Jackson Mr Teardrop Apartment No 9 Mud Lovin' Bob & Marlene Lovin' In The Mud Peyre-Ferry Mule Lip Shuffle Unknown Music Lady Express Pete Laperle & XXXs & OOOs Jen Rukstela Brain In A Jar Cotton Eyed Joe Sold Mustang Burn Gaston Dénommé Mustang Burn Mustang Shuffle Shuggie McCardle & A Fear Of Falling Katharine` Dixie Darlin Thompson My Baby Rob & Kath Hocking I Got My Baby On My Mind Just Like Love My Dream Waltz Pat & Rod Kowalski My Everything Nigel Payne My First, My Last, My Everything Still In Love With You Sweet Talk & Good Lies My Father And Me Allan & Patricia Seeing My Father In Me Mitchell & Can't Help It Hazel Pace I've Cried My Last Tear For You My Kinda Girl David F. Roberts My Kind Of Girl I Wanna Make You Mine If This Is Love That Don't Impress Me Much My Man Jean Miles Your Man My Maria Pat & Tom Clark My Maria Cannibal My Old Friend Fletch & Jervis Old Friend My Other Left Foot Tex & Pam Harwood Tequila Night My Perfect Love Mike & Ann Repko Perfect Love Whatever You Do! Don't My Rainbow DJ Dan & Wynette Rock At The End Of My Rainbow Miller My Valentine Brian Bambury Unbreakable Heart Your Memory Heart Of Stone Of All The Hearts Myles Away Pim & Ian Humphrey True Love Five Minutes

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