Top 10

DANCE TITLE CHOREOGRAPHER MUSIC SUGGESTION R RATC2 Roy Maples Rock Around The Clock RB Rock Rick & Bonnie Shaw Big Ol' Truck R.C.(Raunchy Unknown Tribal Dance Cowboy) Space Jam Get Ready For This Twilight Zone The RC Stagger A.M. Rick & Carolyn Stagger Lee (After Marguritas) Robinson R & D Walkin' Roma & David Walking Johnson Baby Likes To Rock It R.E.B.E.L., The Judith Lamford Red Lips, Blue Eyes, Little White Lies R-E-S-P-E-C-T Peter Metelnick Respect R & R Bev Carpenter Old Time Rock & Roll R & R Rock Ruthanne Don't Take Her She's All I've Got DiPhillipo Look What Followed Me Home & Rich Murray R & R Spin Tara Davin Cowboy Cadillac R-N-R Stomp Roger Garman, Jr Be My Baby Tonight Born In The Dark Cowboy Love R S Cha Cha Iris Mooney Feeling Good Train R.T.C John & Jean Miles Rock This Country Rockin Pneumonia R.T.S. Michael Siebke Return To Sender Blame It On Your Heart R. U. N. V. S. Michael Vera-Lobos When My Baby R. U. Ready William Sevone Ready To Run O'h Atlanta The Road's My Middle Name It's A Love Thing R U Ready For This Celeste Chee Are You Ready For This R U Ready Freddy Michele Perron I've Been Thinking About You I Just Called To Say I Love You Caribbean Queen I Hope You Want Me Too Operator, Operator Padlock What Do You Want The Girl To Do R.U.Red.E Michael Vera-Lobos I Didn't Know & Noel Bradey RW&B Dollar Bill Only In America Wrapped Around Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine 'R' Suspicious Minds Frances Lind, Suspicious Minds Joyce Peloian & Gary McCrea Ra Khoon Kenny Teh Ra Khoon Ra Ra Rasputin Rep Ghazali Rasputin Race Is On, The Monica Jenssen The Race Is On Racing Cowboy Dave Fournier & If The Good Die Young Kevin Montana Racing Horses Stephen Sunter If Wishes Were Horses High Low And In Between Billy Bill Rack 'Em Up Michele Perron Rack 'Em Up Before You Accuse Me Keep On Sittin' On It All The Time It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day) Lovey Dovey Rad Gumbo Charlotte Rad Gumbo Oulton Macari Radar Thomas Haynes Radar Radar Love Roy Verdonk & Radar Love Raymond Sarlemijn Radical Sabbatical Dan Albro Yes Radio Active Max Perry Radio Active Radio Cha Tony Wilson Turn That Radio On Radio Dance Gordon Elliott On The Radio/Last Dance Radio Dancing Jon Peppin Radio Dancing Radio Junior Pauline Gray Radio Dancing Radio Girl Gaye Teather Radio Girl Radio On Helen Born & Nothin' On But The Radio Nita Lindley Red Lips, Blue Eyes, Little White Lies Radio Ranch Samantha Dixon Radio Ranch Radio Ranch Jon Peppin Radio Ranch Radio Ranch Terry Hogan Radio Ranch Radio Rock Jan Wyllie Thank God For The Radio Radio Romp Elisa Portelli On My Radio Radio Rumba Sho Botham The Most Beautiful Girl Dancing In The Moonlight Million Dollar Cowboy 2000 Radio Waves John Dembiec Nothin' On But The Radio Raffle, The Sue Gupwell Who's Cheatin' Who Rag Doll Maggie Gallagher Rag Doll Rag Top Swing Judy McDonald Rag Top Cadillac Ragamuffin Trevor Smith Rag Top Raggedy Boogie Andy Chumbley Boogie With Stu Juke Joint Jumpin' Raging Bull Ed Henry Tell Me Why Rocky Top Stop On a Dime Sold! Hog Wild Raging Fire Jan Wyllie Raging Fire Raging Fire Ann Thomson-Buhler Out Of Control Raging Fire Ragin' Rocket Ken & Kristen 455 Rocket Worley Ragpicker's Phil Johnson Ragpicker's Dream Christmas Silent Night Rags To Riches Deb Crew My Girl Ragtime Annie Robert & Regina Ragtime Annie Padden & John Tolan Ragtop Yvonne Hammond Ragtop Ragtop Rita Tepley If It Don't Take Two Ragtop Cadillac Ragtop Blues Curtis Marting Ragtop Party Crowd Ragtop Rhythm Lori Wong Born In the Dark Who's Counting Rah-Rah Ooh La La Jo & John Kinser, Bad Romance Mark Furnell Rail Road Line Pat Morgan All Aboard Railroad Annie Carla & Bob Hale My Baby's Lovin' When And Where C'Mon And Ride It Railroad Stroll Charles Bowring Everyone's Gotta Run Their Own Railroad Railway Stations Violet Ray Railway Stations Rain... Max Perry Take The Rain Away Rain Against Michael Barr I Can't Stand The Rain My Window Father Sun Rain Dance Barry Amato Now I Pray For Rain Rain Dance Susan Hancock Talk Of The Town If That's The Way You Want It Wine, Women & Song Rain Dance Linda Burgess Talk Of The Town Rain Dance Terry Hogan Songs About Rain The Rain Dance Sean Flaherty Rain Is A Good Thing (Rain Is A Good Thing) Rain Is A Good Thing Gwen Walker Rain Is A Good Thing Rain Man Rita McKaye I've Been Rained On Too I Got Mexico Rain On Me Ann Wood Why Does It Always Rain On Me Rain Or Shine Anne Harris My Babe Rainbow Cha Cha Eddie Bolton Wall Of Tears Pardon Me The Last Dance Rainbow Dance Joachim Gueppner Dance Above The Rainbow Rainbow Magic Andrew & Lynda Rainbow Connection Blackwood Rainbow Rhythm Bill Bader Live A Little Should've Asked Her Faster From Oklahoma With Love Rhythm Of My Life Rainbow Rider John Bishop & Rainbow Rider Karen Wilkinson Rainbow Road Jan Wyllie Rainbow Down The Road Rainbow Rock Knox Rhine Rock At The End Of My Rainbow Rainbow 66 Peter Metelnick Lyin' To My Heart Hey Mr DJ You're Sixteen Rainbow 66 Gary & Marie Hey Mr DJ Lafferty Rainbow Stew Lynne Martino Dance Above The Rainbow Irish Stew Rainbow Waltz Stewart Gimson Something In Red Rainbow Waltz Don McRitchie You've Got Me Rainbows Val Reeves Dance Above The Rainbow Rainbows & Roses Audrey Watson Rainbows And Roses Rainbows Cha Cha Gaye Teather You Make My Day Every Night I've Been Better Let Your Love Flow Rainbow's End Jan Wyllie Rock At The End Of My Rainbow Rainbows End Knox Rhine Dance Above The Rainbow Fisher's Hornpipe Jig It Up Raincheck Christien Raincheck van Londen Raindrops For Forty Arroyo Perfidia Perfidia Raincheck John Sharman Raincheck Raincheck Chris Peel Raincheck Raincloud Mike Parkinson Raincloud Let it All Change Raindance Country Bound Bury The Hatchet The Boys & Me Raindance Tim Gauci Singing In The Rain Raindrop Boogie Daniel Testa Steady As The Rain Raindrops Larry Bass Like The Rain Raindrops Cinta Larrotcha Till The Coast Is Clear Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain What's A Guy Gotta Do Raindrops Forty Arroyo Raindrops Rainey's Journey Sandy Kerrigan Wonderful Journey Raining Blue Tears Kathy Brown Songs About Rain Weary Blues From Waiting Maybe I Should Have Been Listening Raining Cats Audrey Watson I Catched A Cold In Scotland And Dogs Raining In Paducah Chris Cleevely It Might Be Raining In Paducah Raining Men The Lady In Black It's Raining Men Raining Men Dance R Us It's Raining Men Raining On Sunday Martin Ritchie Raining On Sunday Raining Tears William Sevone On A Bad Day Rainy Day Cha-Cha Jim & Judy Wells You Just Keep On But For The Grace Of God Rainy Day Waltz Su Swanson Every Time That It Rains Rainy Night David Sickles I Love A Rainy Night Do You Wanna Make Something Of It? Rainy Night Danny LeClerc I Love A Rainy Night Rainy Night Neville Fitzgerald Rainy Night In Georgia & Julie Harris Rainy Nights Jay R I Love A Rainy Night Raise Me Up Evelyn Khinoo You Raise Me Up Raise The Devil John Rowell I Am Just A Rebel Black Eyes Blues Tears Rock This Country! Rambunctious Boy Bad Raise The Roof Bev Cornish Bringin' Da Noise Raise The Roof Marg Jones Bring The House Down All She Wants To Do Is Dance Raise The Roof Sue MacFarlane If You Want To Touch Her, Ask! Baby One More Time When The Lights Go Out Raise Your Glass Moses Bourassa,Jr. Raise Your Glass & Barbara Frechette Raise Your Glass Rachael McEnaney Raise Your Glass Raise Your Hands Kevin & Rena Ward Surrender Raisin McCain Durline Melanson Raisin' McCain Raisin Strut Unknown Cornell Crawford Some Folks Like To Steal Black Label, White Lies Raisin, The Unknown Raising Cain Michael Vera-Lobos Country By The Grace Of God Raisin' The Roof Amanda Beaulieu Bringin' Da Noise Raksmor Louise Elfvengren Tzi El Halon Ramalama (Bang Bang) Christopher & Ramalama Bang Bang Lindsay Petre Ramblin At The Ranch Bob & Marlene When Mama Ain't Happy Peyre-Ferry There Goes The Neighborhood With A Girl Like You Ramblin' Pony William Sevone Rollin' And Tumblin' Going Down Geneva The Road's My Middle Name Ramblin' Rover Gerard Murphy Ramblin' Rover Rambling Ways Sue Coates Walking The Line Rambunctious Ed White Rambunctious Boy I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying If You Can't Be Good, Be Good At It 1-800 Bubba When Love Starts Talkin' Delores Rambunctious Boy Vicky McCulloch Rambunctious Boy Bring It Down To Jelly Roll Rambunctious Redneck Su Marshall Paint The Town Redneck Ranch Boogie, The Knox Rhine Down On The Farm The Ranch Boogie My Sweet Love Ain't Around Ranch Branch Babs Fumedge & Big Guitar Vacation Sarah Futcher Ranch Retreat Gwen Walker She's Some Kind Of Wonderful Who's Bed Have Your Boots Been Under Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain Barefootin' Ranch Walk Unknown Turn That Radio On Some Kind Of Trouble All I Need A Face In The Crowd Dumas Walker Ranchero Dee Russell I Wanna Go Too Far Ranchero Tracy Hero Randall's Rag Jerry Stephenson, Running Behind James Gregory & Jean Garr Randy Moon Teresa & Vera Cajun Moon The Ranger Terri Alexander Ready For Good Luck Ranger Doug Charlotte Skeeters Amber Eyes Rap Das Armas John Warnars Rap Das Armas Rapa-Nui Derrick & Terry Rapa Nui E Rapika Tony Wilson Beautiful Rapper's Delight Rachael McEnaney Rapper's Delight Rapture Noel Bradey Love Won't Get Any Better Raquarena Peter Heath Macarena Rare Form Larry Bass Bad Day To Let You Go Bayou Boys Rare Form Maurice Rowe & Not Myself Tonight Melissa Daum Rarin' To Go Larry Bass I'm From The Country Put Your Heart Into It Rascal Shuffle Levi J. Hubbard Some Say Rashers Rainbow Maggie Gallagher Dance Above The Rainbow Rashni Ria Vos My Name Is Rashni The Rat Pack Rob Fowler Nice And Easy Rather Be With You Dee Musk I'd Rather Be With You Rattle & Hum! Daniel Whittaker Saviour No One Else On Earth If Rattle Run Unknown Gone Country Rattle Snake Shelley Lindsay Must Be Love Rattled Barry Durand I Get So Rattled Rattled Terry Cullingham Rattled Rattler Unknown Holdin' On To Something Rattlesnake Redneck Nick Cuba Sneaky Moon Rattlesnake Café DJ Dan & Wynette Rattlesnake Café Miller Rave On Jenny Rockett Rave On Little Liza Jane Rave On Paul Clifton Rave On Raven, The Gloria Johnson Living In Black And White Raven Cha Cha Chris Hookie I Should Have Called Something Stupid Not Patricia Un Momento Alla Raven Shuffle Beverly Mackey In A Letter Raven's Bump Christopher Petre Bump Raven's Cha Cha Iris Mooney Island Traces Ravin' With Alice Sandra Speck Who The Hell Is Alice Love Really Hurts Without You Raw Moves The Lady In Black Need You Tonight Raw Vibe Edward Lawton Come Into My World Rawhide Unknown Born To Boogie Rawhide Maureen & Rawhide Michelle Jones Rawhide Dennis Foley & Riding Alone Verity Mills Rawhide Val Pinion Big Heart Boot Scootin' Boogie Rawhide Stephen Howard Rawhide Rawhide '98 Max Perry Rawhide Razor Sharp Stephen Sunter Siamsa Little Blue Dot Tuckered Out Razzle Dazzle Roger "T" Tillman I Like It, I Love It Never Say Never Cowboy Love Razzle Dazzle Rock Jan Wyllie Razzle Dazzle Raycountry's Dance Raycountry Who's Cheatin' Who (Ray Bus) Sleepin' On The Foldout Rayne Dance Lynn Stokoe Here Comes The Rain Razmataz Debra Guard Every Little Thing Razzle Dazzle Knox Rhine Razzle Dazzle Reach Bernie Savage Reach Reach Wild Bill Reach McKechnie Reach Rosalie Mackay Reach Reach Rob Fowler & Reach Paul McAdam Reach For The Moment Wrangler Wild Second Chance Reach Out! Linda Dube What If This Kiss Under The Water Reach Out Michael Vera-Lobos I Do Now Reach Out Lyn & Annette Reach Out Richardson Reach Out Jan Wyllie Reach Out Reach Out! Shaz Walton Reach Out Reaching A Rosie Morrison Rolling In The Deep Fever Pitch Reaching For Paulette Hylands Friends Don't Drive Friends The Bottle Ten Rounds With José Cuervo Straight Tequila Night B-E-E-R-R-U-N Reaching For You Doug Miranda & Reach Jackie Miranda Reaction Charlotte Chain Reaction Oulton Macari Read My Hips Rick & Deborah Don't Be Stupid Bates Body Language Bad For Good Read My Lips Kelvin Elvidge Are You Jimmy Ray I Read Lips There's A Song In There Somewhere Where's The Love I'm Gonna Make Her Mine Read My Mind Su Swanson I'm On Your Side Read My Mind Ian St Leon If You Could Read My Mind Read My Mind Ann Wood Read My Mind Read My Mind Roy Thompson Read My Mind Reading Lamp The Infamous Five Ready Jim Hart Get Ready For This A Beautiful Life Another Night Be My Lover Ready Bill McGee Bad Weather Heaven Bound Ready For Anything Terry Hogan Bring It On Ready 4U John H. Robinson I Wasn't Ready For You Ready Or Not Donna Deadman Heaven Bound Ready Ready Ready Jane Lawford Ready To Run Ready...Set...Dance Dave Rusch The Heartache's On Me Same Boots With You American Honky Tonk Bar Association Ready, Set, Go Georgina Staker Blink Of An Eye Ready, Set, Go Lynn Murphy- Ready To Run Connolly Ready, Set, Go! Michael Lynn Work Ready Steady Chris Hodgson I Get So Rattled Cold Outside Why Haven't I Heard From You Ready-Steady-Cha Cha Lisa M. Johns Angelina I'll Take Texas Ready This Time Christine Cleevely Ready To Run Ready To Fly Terry Hogan New Day Dawning Ready To Go DJ Dan & Ever Ready Wynette Miller Ready To Rock Gloria Johnson Ready To Rock Ready To Run Steve & Susan Ready To Run Streeter Ready To Run Trent Duncan Ready To Run Ready To Run Charlotte Williams Ready To Run Dust On The Bottle Little Good-Byes What Can I Do The Right Time Secret Life Ready 2 Ride Peter Metelnick Are You Ready To Ride & Alison Biggs Real Bad Things Anne Herd Bad Things Real Close Marc Michaels Too Close Real Deal, The Sam & Pat Gretton The Real Deal You Just Don't Know It Yet Real Deal, The Joanne Brady Deal With It "Real" Deal..!, The Michael Vera-Lobos Big Deal Real Fine Day Carmel & Ernie Fine Day Hutchinson Real Girl Dee Musk Real Girl Real Gone Kid Alan G. Birchall Real Gone Kid Real Gone Lover DJ Dan & Wynette Real Gone Lover Miller Real Gone Lover Carmel & Ernie Real Gone Lover Hutchinson Real Good! Nancy A. Morgan- Sure Feels Real Good Blackhurst Real Good Michael Vera-Lobos Sure Feels Real Good & Noel Bradey Real Good, Feel Good Mare Dodd Real Good, Feel Good Song Real Good, Kelvin Elvidge Sure Feels Real Good Feel Good Dance Real Good Time Sue Hughes Tell Rhona Real Hero Bob DeLong Hero Real Life Noel Bradey Real Life Real Love Larry Bass The One Who Really Loves You I Owe It All To You Heaven Real Love Trish Badger & Real Life Ray Graham Real Love Alan G. Birchall Real Love Real McCoy, The Peter Metelnick You Ain't Lonely Yet Step By Step One More Time I'm Outta Here Peace Train Real Mean Bottle Mick Herbert Real Mean Bottle Real One, The Kelcy Gardner Cowboy Blues Real Thang, The Stephen Rutter The Real Thing Lyin' Eyes Real Thing Donna Wasnick The Real Thing Real Thing, The Tim Gauci Waiting On The Real Thing Real Thing, The Jan Brookfield You To Me Are Everything Just As Long As You Love Me A Little Bit Of Lovin The Real Thing Iris M. Mooney This Is It Real Time Maggie Gallagher This Time I Know It's For Real Real World, The Geri Morrison Here In The Real World Window Of Roses Real World, The Ruthie B The Real World Realise David J. & I Could Never Realise Karen Woods Reality Jill Morgan Larger Than Life Reality Cheque Johnny S' Reality One Dance With You Love Gets Me Every Time Reality E-Fector David Bendle Larger Than Life Really Bad Habits Ian Dunn Copenhagen Really Heaven! Anita McNab We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This All That Heaven Will Allow Really Hot Cinta Larrotcha I'm Really Hot & Mary Navarro Steppin' On My Heart Walking Shoes Really Strange Mick Herbert Strange Real Fine Love Rear View Carole Daugherty Ain't What It Used To Be Reason To Run Cindy Truelove Running Out Of Reasons The Reason Why Martha Davenport The Reason Why Reasons Mark Simpkin & Another Good Reason Robin Imms Reasons Margaret Andrew I'll Think Of A Reason Later Hello Mr Heartache Reason's Why Kevin & Maria I Never Really Knew You Reba, The Sue Bullock & Why Haven't I Heard From You Deb Tholen My Night to Howl Reba Rock June Diehl Rebecca Rafel Corbí Rockin' Robin Rebecca Lynn Dan Testa Rebecca Lynn Grapevine Rebecca Rock Dave Waxman Rock City Cry Redneck Rhythm & Blues Rebel Amore Roy Verdonk & Bella Perez Wil Bos Rebel Attitude Robbie McGowan Southern Boy Hickie Rebel Cha Cha, The Alan Baraniuk What The World Needs Now What A Beautiful Day Confessin' My Love Rebel Child John Dembiec God Save Her Rebel Child Alan Haywood Rebel Child I Feel Fine Rebel Heart Unknown Rebel Love Life's Too Short Rebel Heart Mick Herbert Rebel Heart Rebel Heart Maureen & Rebel Heart Michelle Jones Rebel Moon Carol Cotherman Wild At Heart Rebel Moon DJ Dan & Wynette Wild At Heart Miller Rebel Rouser Roy East Rebel Shaker Rico Dorsey Rebel Soldier Jim Ferrazzano I'm A Rebel Soldier Neon Moon Red River Valley Rebelicious Michael Beck Rebelicious Rebellious Love Andy Chumbley Rebelde Amor Rebels Dan Albro Young Rebels And Rouges! Sue Coats Renegades, Rebels And Rogues Rebels Revenge Janice Cox & Wild Horse Saloon Theme Karen Dickman Rebel's Rip Curtis Marting Rip Off The Knob Talk Some Rebound John Bailey Take It Back I Try To Think About Elvis Rebound Cowboy Allan Pearce Cowboy Rides Away Recall Kim Ray Remember The Time In The Ghetto Recipe For Love Ruthie B Recipe For Love Reckless Greg Wirth Reckless T-R-O-U-B-L-E Recovery Johnny Two-step Doctor, Doctor Recovery Steps Ian Grey 12 Step Recovery Recycling Memories Unknown Recycling Memories I've Got A Lot To Learn Red Daniel Whittaker Red Red Bandana Harlan Curtis Red Bandana Red Boots Cinta Larrotcha Ain't That Love My Poor Old Heart Red Chevrolet Cinta Larrotcha Red Chevrolet The Heartaches Are Free Red Corvette Ronald E. Heilman Red Corvette Redneck Girl There Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio Red Dirt Road Mark Simpkin Red Dirt Road Red Dirt Road Jan Brookfield Red Dirt Road Men Red Dog Whiskey River If Bubba Can Dance Dancers 3rd Rock From the Sun Red Dog Slide CT & Tony Jacey Rock And Roll Angel Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine Red Doggin' Again Jenifer & Red Doggin' Again Larry Wolf 40 Days & 40 Nights Man, I Feel Like A Woman Red Dress Julie Carr Shake Up The Party Red Feathers Gerard Murphy She Wears Red Feathers Red Fox Run Benster Brown Liquor Red Hat Andy Chumbley Be Bop A Lula Be Bop Boogie Red Hat Boogie Janemarie Dorsey Red Hat Lady Theme Song Red Hat Jive Teri Rogers Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Red Hat Strut Janemarie Dorsey Red Hat Lady Red Hen Hop John H. Robinson, Red Hen Hop Junior Willis, Joanne Brady Red High Heels Gerald Biggs Red High Heels Red High Heels Moses Bourassa Jr. Red High Heels & Barbara Frechette Red Hook Stomp Kathy Dressel The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter You Ain't Much Fun Red Hot Diane Olsufka Honky Tonk Walkin' Wher'm I Gonna Live Hey, Hey Red Hot & Blue Gaye Teather The Last To Know Word Up I Keep Forgetting Nobody Knows Red Hot Dancer Jo Miller Red Hot Salsa Reggae Twist In The Summertime Red Hot Fool Annette Skaff Last Of The Red Hot Fools Red Hot Salsa Christina Browne Red Hot Salsa Red Key, The Claire Gent I'll Take Texas Walkin' The Line Old Pop In An Oak Red Light Toni Holmes & Jackie Ran A Red Light Steve Jeffries Red Lips Michael Clark Red Lips & Blue Eyes Mustang Sally Red Moon Waltz Jan Wyllie Red Moon Over Lugarno Red Neck Girl Unknown Red Neck Girl No Way Jose Red Neck Romp John Bailey Paradise Knife & Gun Club Red Neckin Debi Dillow Redneck Woman Two Steppin Red Red Wine Gerald Biggs Red Red Wine Red Roses Lorraine Deering Red Roses For A Blue Lady Red Staggerwing Geoff Langford Red Staggerwing Red Staggerwing #2 LongTall C. Red Staggerwing Red Umbrella Rafel Corbí Red Umbrella Red Umbrella Larry Hayden Red Umbrella Red White And Blue Martin Ritchie Only In America Red White And Jane Newhard Only In America Blue Strut My Baby Is American Made Stampede Strut Red Wine Geri Morrison Just Dance Red Wing Rock Unknown Now I Know Right About Now Twilight Zone Red Zone John H. Robinson Caliente Where Do You Go? Last Time Uh-Huh Honky Tonk Habits Redcoat Tiger Maggie Gallagher The Redcoats Redcrook Shuffle Rob Fowler They Call It Honky Tonk Redemption Theresa Needham Nickajack Cave Ring Ring Redeye Stomp Mustang Bootscoot Vicki Vance Gotta Dance Dance Co Redneck Ron Badore & High Tech Redneck Alice Stevens Redneck Unknown Redneck Girl Redneck David Hoyn It's Alright To Be A Redneck Redneck, The Steve Knowles Redneck, Rhythm And Blues Redneck Aerobics Vicki Rader 634-5789 You Win My Love The Shake I Left Something Turned On At Home Redneck Bling Bob & Marlene Redneck Bling Peyre-Ferry Redneck Cruise John Dembiec Redneck Yacht Club Redneck Dance Junior Willis It's Alright To Be A Redneck Redneck Girl Michael Greasby Redneck Girl Redneck Girls Donna Krivosky Redneck Woman Like Us Redneck Heaven Owen Williams My Sweet Redneck Heaven You've Got the Power Redneck Heaven Jean B Thompson My Own Sweet Redneck Heaven Redneck Hustle Rick & Joan Bowen Hi-Tech Redneck I Feel Lucky Rip Off The Knob Redneck Nature Liam Hrycan I'll Think Of A Reason Later Redneck Princess Calamity Jane Redneck Woman Newhard Suds In The Bucket What It Ain't Girls Lie Too Redneck Reindeer Tim Counts Bubba The Redneck Reindeer Redneck Rhythm Peggy Miles Redbeck Rhythm And Blues Redneck Rock N Roll lindy Bowers & Redneck Rock & Roll Karen Ritchie Redneck Rockin' Lyn Yost Redneck Rhythm And Blues Redneck Romeo Unknown Why Haven't I Heard From You American Pie Redneck Romeo Pat Pottage Redneck Romeo I Like It Like That Redneck Romp Don Deyne High-Tech Redneck Redneck Rock and Roll Redneck Girl Redneck Romp John H. Robinson Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing Me Too When Boy Meets Girl Redneck Romp Jeff Joslin It's Alright To Be A Redneck Rumor Has It Redneck Shuffle Unidentified Redneck Shuffle Redneck Shuffle David Pytka It's Alright To Be A Redneck Redneck Speed YaVon Gardner Redneckin Redneck Stomp Min Langridge Dust On The Bottle I'm Outta Here Redneck Swing Jane Schomas Genuine Rednecks Paint The Town Redneck Redneck Rhythm And Blues City Put The Country Back In Me I'm From The Country Redneck Woman Bob & Marlene Redneck Woman Peyre-Ferry Redneck Woman Suzanne Wilson & Redneck Woman Crystal Collinsworth Redneck Woman Noel Bradey Redneck Woman Redneck Woman Malene Jakobsen Redneck Woman Rednecking Tonya C Moore Redneck Woman Trouble Is A Woman Redneckin' Michael Diven Redneck Rock Redneck'n Jack & Roxane Redneck Woman Anderson Rednecks Are Ok Sylvia Priestley It's Alright To Be A Redneck He Thinks He'll Keep Her Wild One Keep It Up Rednex, The Zandra Varnham Old Pop In An Oak Rednex Boogie Mary Richards I Love To Boogie Rednex Stomp Chris Kumre Cotton Eyed Joe Baby Likes To Rock It Redwood Joan O'Gorman From Oklahoma With Love Redwood Casanova Nicholas Wanko, Sr Cowboy Casanova Redwood City Hustle John & Janette Coca Cola Cowboy Sandham Reel Prelude Julie Boyd Cry Of The Celts Reelin' & Rockin' Bev Cornish Don't Be Stupid Reelin' With Feelin' Jan Wyllie I Got A Feeling Reese's Pieces Maurice Rowe & Piece Of Me Jeff James Reet Petite The Lady In Black Reet Petite Reeves & Cline Yvonne Hammond Have You Ever Been Lonely Reflections Ken Gray Country Boy's Heart They're Playin' Our Song Way Back Without You Reflections Michael O' Shea I've Been Better Reflections William Sevone Reflections & Friends (You're Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher Reflections Michael Vera-Lobos The Moon Represents My Heart Reflections The Girls (Maureen Oti Axizi Ine I Stigmes (Le Bonheur) & Michelle) Reflections Helen A. Walker Proud Fall Reflections Of Life Andy Chumbley The Door Of The Life Reflections 2 Winnie Yu The Moon Represents My Heart Reflexions Nicola Glenc Husbands And Wives The Girl In The Mirror The River Re-Formation Chris Peel Luther Played The Boogie Refried Charles Thornhill Refried Dreams Betty's Takin' Judo 455 Rocket Refried Dreams Tracy Brown Refried Dreams Reggae Rumba Rob Fowler & Red Red Wine Paul McAdam Reggae Cowgirl Val Reeves Reggae Cowboy My Boy Lollipop Reggae Cowboy Unknown Reggae Cowboy Reggae Cowboy Unknown Reggae Cowboy Reggae Cowboy Unknown Reggae Cowboy Run For The Border Reggae Cowboy Unknown Reggae Cowboy Reggae Cowboy Gene Schrivener Reggae Cowboy Reggae Cowboy Unknown Reggae Cowboy Reggae Cowboy Levi J. Hubbard Raggae Cowboy Reggae Hip Unknown I'll Take You There Reggae Mama Stevie B. Mama Likes To Reggae Colinda My Cruel Pain Lucky Me Lucky You Soca Love Songs Reggae Rock Steve Mason Slow Volcano It Wasn't Me Too Much Fun Shipwrecked Reggae Cowboy The Pascagoula Run The Tide Is High Let The Picture Paint It's Self I Didn't Know Reggae Rumba Rob Fowler & Red Red Wine Paul McAdam Reggae Twist Christy Lane Reggae Twist Reggae II Unknown Reggae Cowboy Third Rate Romance Reggae Way Larry Bass & Samba Reggae Andy Smith Regresa Ruben Luna Regresa Regrets Bubs Jewell Words Of Wisdom Regrets Luc Vandermeer All I Had Going Is Gone Regular Joe Joe Rosenberger Just A Regular Joe 3rd Rock From The Sun Rehab Andrew, Simon Rehab & Sheila Reindeer Boogie Betty Clarke Reindeer Boogie Reindeer Doo Linda Babli Reindeer Doo Reindeer Rock Herb White Jingle Bell Rock Relatively Easy Group I'll Take Texas Little Dance Relativity Linus Ellis & Honky Tonk Einstein Cherie Harclerode Relax Linda Hegarty Take It Easy Relax Carole Daugherty Crazy Little Thing Called Love & Frank Cooper Relax The Girls (Maureen Relax (Take It Easy) & Michelle) Release Me Anita & Vicki Release Me Ludlow Release Me Katharine Daley Release Me Release Me Dee Musk Release Me Release Me Violet Ray Release Me Release Me Karen Tripp Please Release Me Relight My Fire Chris Hodgson Re-Light My Fire Religion Bobby Horn Reach Love Is The Healer Rellie's Dance Narelle That's Just Me Strawbridge Remain Silent Jan Wyllie You Have The Right To Remain Silent Remember Jane Smee To Be With You Remember Jeff Allen Mississippi Remember William Sevone She'll Remember I Ain't Never Remember Kay Greig & Do You Remember? Janice Hoy Remember MJ Mae Neihouse Remember The Time Remember Me Johnny Montana Old Memory Remember My Name Pati Fall Dolores If You Only Knew Mermaid In The Night No One Needs To Know Remember Paris Rudolf Birckigt The Girls In Paris Ashes Of Love Navajo Rug Queen Of Hearts Remember The Dance Keith Davies Remember The Dance Remember The Name Michael Haigh I Don't Even Know Your Name Remember The Night Lynn Antonucci Sweetness Of Your Love Remember When Group Remember When Remember When David Cheshire Remember When Remember You're Mine Don McRitchie Remember You're Mine Remind Baby Lee Audrey Watson Baby Lee Remind Me Michelle U Remind Me O'Sullivan Remind Me Jean Bannister I Keep Forgetting Reminiscing Val Parry Reminiscing Bye Bye Renaissance Michael Vera-Lobos Tender Heart Rendezvous Jodi Wittman Rendezvous Rendezvous Jan Wyllie Thinkin' Of A Rendezvous Renegade Gloria Johnson Renegade Renegade Greg Oldaker Fast As You Renegade, The Roy Aspey Hearts Are Gonna Roll Renegade Boogie Knox Rhine Guitar Boogie Renegade Cha Cha David Dickson Renegade Renegade Express Edward Poole Walkin' The Country Gimme Some Love Renegade Romp Leslie Ann You Ain't Much Fun Sturgeon Old Enough To Know Better Renegade 10 Rep Ghazali My Love For You Renegades Beverly Mackey Renegades,Rebels & Rogues Renewed EJ Foley Every Time I Get Around You Nothin' A Little Love Won't Cure Daddy's Honky Tonk Heart Rent A Cowboy Stefan Vidén-Öviks Nobody Knows Funky Cowboy Repercussions The Girls (Maureen Somewhere Else & Michelle) My Heart Skips A Beat Repetition Waltz Jan Wyllie I'd Love You All Over Again Replay Scott Blevins Pon De Replay Replay DJ Benjamin Smart Pon De Replay Repose Waltz Jan Wyllie Lay Down Beside Me Repossessed Teree DeSarro Hometown Honeymoon One More Repossession Request Warren Mitchell & Laughing All The Way To The Bank Rhys Pearce Rescue Me Maleah Green Rescue Me Love Gets Me Every Time Land Of The Living Kiss The Girl Rescue Me William Sevone Rescue Me Rescue Me Kerry Hughes Rescue Me Rescue Me Terry Hogan Rescue Me Rescue Me Boogie Jim & Tina Ray Keepin' Up Rescued Teresa Lawrence & In Your Arms (Rescue Me) Vera Fisher Reshuffle Greg Underwood Trouble You Better Think Twice My Baby's Cooking Who's Gonna Pay for This Broken Heart Come Here You Re-Shuffle Di from Dubai Respect Respect Diana Riley Respect Respect Di from Dubai Respect Get Into Reggae Cowboy Respect Nicola Lafferty Respect & Kate Tinsley Respect Dutch Delight Respect (Daniel, Pim, Jose & Roy) Respect Yourself Frankie Cull Respect Yourself Rest Of My Life, The Jim & Lois I Don't Want This Song To End Morrison Restless Jacqui Van Restless Der Helm Restless Irene Hawkins Restless Restless The Lady In Black Restless Restless Joey Prieur Restless You Look Good In My Shirt Restless Heart Andy Chumbley Don't Let Your Feet Slow You Down Restless Line Tony Stanton Restless Restless Tears Liam Hrycan I Know My Love Paso Doble Restless Romeo Country Bound Redneck Romeo I Think About You Restless Guy Sandra Speck Rambunctious Boy Restless Waltz Stephen Rutter Did You Fall Far Enough Resurrection Shuffle Joe Green Resurrection Shuffle Tear It Up Retro-Active Barry Amato Fifty-Fifty 6 of 1 Retro Rockin' Gloria Johnson Let Your Love Flow Sealed With A Kiss Return Of The Mack Tim Tanner Return Of The Mack Return To Me Jan Wyllie Walk Right Back Return To Me DJ Dan & Wynette Return To Me Miller Return To Sender Derrick & Terry Return To Sender Return To Sender Mark Cosenza & Return To Sender Glen Pospieszny Return To Sender Val Reeves I Love You Too Reunited Michael Vera-Lobos Reunited Reunited Dianne Panter Reunited Rev Em Up Sandra Mailman, You Win My Love Linda Mailman & Dawn Randall Rev It Up Simon Ward & You Win My Love Justine Shuttleworth Rev' It Up Douglas Semple You Win My Love Revalations Bill & Violet Ray Thunder On The Mountain Reve It Up Claire Gent Irresistible You Betty's Got A Bass Boat I'm Outta Here Revelations Michael Vera-Lobos To Be Loved By You & Jan Wise Revelator, The John H. Robinson John The Revelator Voulez-Vous Danser Revenge Schubel Jackson Don't Rock The Jukebox American Honky Tonk Bar Association Revenge Melvin Harrison Eat At Joe's Honky Tonkin Fool Revenge Cheryl McGlashan Goodbye, Earl Revenge Kathy Brown Bust Your Windows Revenge Of A Middle Helen Born & Revenge Of A Middle Aged Woman Aged Woman Nita Lindley Revenooer Man Linda Burgess Revenooer Man Reverse Sigh-Cology Deb Crew A Change Would Do You Good Reverse Waltz Kate Sala Feels Right Revisited Kim Swan Walk The Line (Revisited) Revival Edna Gray You Win My Love Revival John H. Robinson Revival & Jodi Wittman Revivin' Luther Kash Bane Never Too Much Revolucion Abby Bayford Revolucion Revolution Gerald Biggs Revolution Western Girls Revolver Natalie Richards I'm Outta Here Revolver Mary Kelly Every Time I Roll The Dice Betty's Taking Judo Horsin' Around Rewind Danette Petersen, I Am That Man Susan Skaggs & Only You Beverly Put Some Drive In Your Country Sommerfeld Rewind Real Slow Martha Davenport Living In Fast Forward Rex The Robot Rob Fowler & Rex The Robot Paul McAdam Rhett's Rap Jason Cruz Trouble With A Woman Rhiannon Kelcy Gardner Dreams Rhinestone Cowboy Unknown Linda Lou Be That Blue Again Rhinestone Cowboy Simon Ward Rhinestone Cowboy Rhinestone Cowboy Christina Walker Rhinestone Cowboy Rhinestone Rhythm Country Bound Every Time I Roll The Dice Somewhere Tonight Rhinestone Rodeo Sharon Walton Rhinestone Cowboy Don't Be Stupid Passionate Kisses Rhonda Alan Haywood Help Me Rhondas Rhumba Leanne Norris All That Heaven Will Allow Just A Memory Why Not Tonight Cry To Me Rhumba Across Texas Peter Blaskowski Rhumba Amor... Tony & Lana Wilson Escape (The Pina Colada Song) (Or Less) Rhumba & Roses Larry Bass Window Of Roses All That Heaven Will Allow Rhumba De Rüdiger Helen Peachey Rüdiger Rhumba-Licious William Brown Still In Love With You Rhumba Rio Mark Silvestro Mexican Minute What A Way To Live I Just Want To Dance With You Rhumba..Samba.. Carol Murray Here Lately Whatever Rhyme Or Reason Rachael McEnaney It Happens Rhythm & Blues Cha Don C. Lamb She Got The Rhythm And I Got The Blues Rhythm Change A.T. Kinson Rico Rhythm Dancer William Sevone Rhythm Is A Dancer Rhythm Divine Elle Jay Rhythm Divine Rhythm Divine Michael Vera-Lobos Rhythm Divine Rhythm In My Feet Norma Hull When My Baby Rhythm Inspired L'n'L (Lin & Les World's Got The Rhythm Double L Dance 'n' Sounds) Rhythm Is A Dancer Geri Morrison Rhythm Is A Dancer Rhythm Of Life Chris Hodgson Ritmo De La Vida Rhythm Of Love Lana Harvey Dance Of Love It's Only Love This Kiss Patiently Waiting Rhythm Of Love Sylvia Schell Rhythm Of Love Rhythm Of My Heart Glennys Croston Rhythm Of My Heart Trying To Get To New Orleans Rhythm Of My Life Gordon Elliott Rhythm Of My Life Rhythm Of The Teresa & Vera Rhythm Of The Rain Falling Rain Listen To The Rhythm Of The Falling Rain Rhythm Of The Night Phil Dennington Ritmo De La Noche Rhythm Of The Night Mark Hood Rhythm Of The Night Rhythm Of The Rain Dianne Joseph Man With A Hammer Boys From The Bush Rhythm Of The Rain Terry Dunbar Rocking With The Rhythm Of The Rain Rhythm Of The Rain Sheila Walmsley Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain Rhythm Of The Rain Mae Neihouse Rhythm Of The Falling Rain Rhythm Party 1999 Karen Bleuer 1999 Sauvemente-Tropical Spanenglish Mix Easy Mr. Bond Who's Baby Will You Be Tonight Stay Caliente Young Blood Chain Of Fools Rhythm Unite Kate Sala & Together As One (Kanye Kanye) Donna Pringle Rhythm Wind Rick Walsh I'm Holding On To Love (To Save My Life) Rhythmically Loud Bryan McWherter Rhythm Divine Let's Get Loud Ri-Flex Pedro Machado & Top O' The Morning To Ya Jeff Grimmit This Ain't No Thinking Thing Ribbon Of Highway Neil Hale Ribbon Of Highway Ribbon Of Highway Beth Mills Ribbon Of Highway Ribbons & Blankets Jan Brookfield Tie A Yellow Ribbon Blanket On The Ground Ribbons 'n Bows Suzanne Phillips She's An American Girl Ribbons Of The Night Cinta Larrotcha Jolie & Cinta Navarro Fais Do Do Ricardo Can't Stay Angelique I Can't Stay Santbergen & Diana Beekers Rich Girl John Dembiec & Ms. California Rosie Bragg Rich Girl Barry Durand Rich Girl Richie's Rhumba Linda Burgess One World Richter Scale Toni Holmes & The Big One Steve Jeffries Chain Reaction Rick Is Ready Michele Perron Comin' If You're Ready Or Not Ricki's Song John Huffman Can't Touch It Ricky's Cha-llenge Denny Austin Are You In It For Love? Rico, Rico Irene Groundwater Reality Check Put Some Drive In Your Country Rico Ricochet Bob & Carmen Two Of A Kind Santiago Wink Ricochet Unknown I Brake For Brunettes It's Cold Outside She Wants to Drive My Truck Somebody Slap Me She's Waiting Ricochet The Girls (Maureen Everybody Needs Somebody & Michelle) There's Something In The Air Ricochet Waltz Kip Sweeney Heart's Desire Ricochet Waltz I Brake For Brunettes Riddle, The Alan G. Birchall The Riddle Ride, The David Sickles If Wishes Were Horses Ride, The Kelvin Dale & Enjoy The Ride Samantha Dixon Ride Unknown Ride Ride A White Swan Patricia E. Stott Ride A White Swan & Stephen Rutter Ride & Roll Ria Vos Ride And Roll Ride Around With Me Irene Baker I'd Rather Ride Around With You Ride Around Karen Sturmey I'd Rather Ride Around With You With You Ride Back Home Helen Griffiths, Kay Peters & Annemaree Sleeth Give Me A Ride Back Home Ride 'Em Cowboy Alan Livett Ride Me Cowboy Ride 'Em Cowboy Kathy Gurdjian Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy) Ride 'Em Cow-Boy John Dean & Rodeo Rock Gita Renik Ride 'Em Cowboy Leonie Smallwood Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy Ride 'Em High Dave Senft Ride 'Em High Ride 'Em Low Trashy Women Ride It The Girls (Maureen Ride It & Michelle) Ride Like The Wind Peter Metelnick Untamed Ride On Ruth Lambden Ride On Into The Sunset Wild At Heart Ride, Ride, Giddy Up KC Douglas Cowboy Cumbia Sky Full Of Angels Weakness For Cowboys Ride, Ride, Ride Mustang Lone Stars Riding Again Ride That Train Scott Blevins C'mon Ride It That Girl's Been Spying On Me Ride The Honky LTD Tucker This Bus Tonk Bus Ride The River..... Kath Dickens Ride The River Ride The Storm Karen Hunn Trying To Get Over You Ride The Train Barry Howerton & C'mon N' Ride It (The Train) Mike Case Ride This Carol Tavener Ghost Riders Ride This Train Terry Cullingham Who Wants To Ride This Train Ride With You Dave Hayes & I'd Rather Ride Around With You Natalie Moon Slave To The Habit Riders In The Sky Rafel Corbi Riders In The Sky Medley Riders' Slide Danny Leclerc Reckless Blame It On Your Lying 455 Rocket Guitars Cadillac Ridge Romp Sharon Davis Oughta Be A Law Be My Baby Tonight 4 To I In Atlanta Ridgy Didge Jan Wyllie Blue Ridge Mountain Blues Ridin Dave Ingram Ridin Alone Ridin' Bill Morgan & You Gotta Love That Regina Perkins Homesick Riding High Brett Jenkins Mustang Sally Ridin' the Bull Teree DeSarro Don't Stop As Long As I Got You Anyway the Wind Blows Sitting On Go Riding The Rails Terry Hogan Tattoos Of Life Ridin' The Rhythm Larry Bass & 24/7 In My 911 Peter Metelnick Honey I Do Ridin' The Rodeo Ty Barton Ridin' The Rodeo Ridin The Wind Nancy Morgan Seminole Wind We Dared The Lightning Hey Baby Riff Raff Lori Wong Guitar Talk Right And Wrong a1c Right Kind Of Wrong Right By You Bill Lancaster Walking The Line Get In Line Salty Dog Blues Sex On The Beach Right Day, Carl Sullivan Wrong Night Wrong Night I Ain't Never Right Down The Line Kathy Hunyadi & Right Down The Line Jo Kinser Right Here Anita Ludlow Right Here Loving You Loving You Right Here With Me Alison Biggs Heaven Is Missing An Angel Right Kick Unknown Right Kind Of Wrong Peta Ryner Right Kind Of Wrong Right Kind Of Wrong Wendy & Amy Hughes The Right Kind Of Wrong The Right Man Roy Thompson The Right Man Right Night Amanda Wrong Night Harvey-Tench Right Now Gloria Johnson No One Needs To Know Right Now Jo Conroy Right Now Right Now Sue Game He Ain't Mr Right Eat At Joes Right Now We Go Peter Giam Right Now 2004 Right On Ray Denham Right On The Money Boom Boom Right On Sync Jo & John Kinser, Bring It On Mark Furnell Right On The Money Dera Right On The Money Right On The Money Toni Leah Stevens I'd Say That's Right Right On The Money Gene Morrill Right On The Money Right Or Wrong Margaret I'll Go Back To Her Barnes-Golden Right Or Wrong Tracy Brown The Right Kind Of Wrong Right Or Wrong David Woods & The Right Kind Of Wrong Karen Woods Right Or Wrong Victoria Waters Right Kind Of Wrong Kiss An Angel Good Morning The Right Place Sheila DiNardo Right Place Right Round Mike Hitchen Right Round Right Side Helen Loguch Living On The Right Side Of Town Right Side First Jo-Ann Scorrer Ooh Stick You Stampede Strut No Time At All Tell Rhona Right There Andy Williams Right Where You Want Me Right There Waiting Yvonne Anderson, Right There Waiting DQ Johnson & Larry Bass Right Time Of Night Alan G. Birchall Right Time Of The Night Right To Be Wrong Scott Blevins Right To Be Wrong The Right To Michele Burton After All That, This Remain Silent The Right To Remain Silent Right Waltz, The Audrey Higgins Don't We All Have The Right The Right Way Dee Musk The Right Way Right Where Gaye Teather Right Where I Want You I Want You Ring Steve Lescarbeau Ring Wasted Ring A Bell? Noel Bradey How'd I Wind Up In Jamaica Ring Me Jan Wyllie Ring Ring Ring My Belle Alison Biggs Evergreen Ring Of Fire Paula Ring of Fire Frohn-Butterly Ring Of Fire Ree Patterson Burning Ring Of Fire Ring On Your Bell Maxwell I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door Born In The Dark Ringing Bells Francien Sittrop Ringing Bells Rinky Dink Irene Groundwater Rinky Dink Rio Rupert Simmonds Across The Rio Grande & Sue Boswell What's The Matter With You Baby Lost In The Shuffle Fool, I'm A Woman That's Not Her Rio Carol McKee I Go To Rio Rio De Janeiro Roy Verdonk I Go To Rio & Wil Bos Rio Grande Joey McCauley By The Rio Grande Rio Grande Holly Ruschman Limbo Lady Rio Grande John Dembiec & I Can't Forget Her Phyllis Whipple Rio Jive Lori Wong Bubba Hyde My Kind Of Girl 40 Days & 40 Nights Rip Bill Bader You Can Call Me Al Cryin', Lovin', Leavin' Rip Off The Knob Rip It! Gloria Johnson Let It Rip! Rip It! Maureen & Let 'er Rip Michelle Jones Rip It Off Curtiss "Hoss" Ain't Your Dog Anymore Marting Rip Off The Knob Rip It Off Dana Fassett Rip Off The Knob Rip It Up Steve & Denise Let 'Er Rip Bisson Rip Off The Knob Ken Laskey Rip Off The Knob Rip Rock Dee Reid Rip Off The Knob Not A Moment Too Soon Ripped, Torn & Trevor Smith Tore Up From The Floor Up Shattered Riptide Peter & Susan I'm Gonna Getcha (Good) Brotsch, Alice & Randy Kraus Rise Daniel Trepat & You Raise Me Up Sue Wilkinson Rise And Fall Paula Bilby Rise And Fall Rise And Shine Robert Rice & It's A Good Day Joan Price Rise 'N' Shine Marg Jones Don't Call Me Early In The Morning The Rising Debbie Siquieros The Rising Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue That's All The Lumber You Sent Rising Sun Jan Brookfield House Of The Rising Sun Rising Sun Marijke Remkes Too Old To Die Young Jij bent de zon Risky D.J. Lansaw The Salt In My Tears When You Get To Be You Bible Belt Rita Balou Chris Peel Rita Balou Cowgirl Swing Rita's Waltz Jo Thompson Stars Over Texas Ritmo Eddie Ainsworth & Ritmo De La Noche Lee Birks Ritual Tibetan 2 William Ambrose Ritual Tibetan Riv, The Knox Rhine Cease And Desist Ability To Swing Good Man, Good Woman I Wanna Thank You Baby River John Rock Marg Jones If You Can't Be Good, Be Good At It Walkin' The Country 455 Rocket River Of Dreams Charlotte Skeeters The River Of Dreams River Of Love Moses Bourassa Jr. Gentle River & Barbara Love Letters Frechette River Of Love Kevin Richards River Of Love River Of Love Larry Schmidt River Of Love River Of Red Andrew Pember & Thicker Than Blood Graham Nuttall River Of You Bill Ray River Of You River Of You Peter Giam River Of You River Road George Thompson River Road River Run Ken Worley To Keep The River Running Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing River Run Samantha Dixon, Tennessee River Run Alan Kenny & Kelvin Dale River Waltz, The Iris Mooney Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Traces Riverdance W.P.M. Sanders Cry Of The Celts Riverplace Strut Audrey Higgins Bubba Hyde Rivers Of Babylon John Bishop & Rivers Of Babylon Karen Wilkinson Rivers Of Gold Gordon Elliott Rivers Of Gold Riverside Cha Cha Johnny S' Island The Road Goes On Gaby Neumann The Road Goes On Road House Lois Lightfoot Church On Cumberland Road Road Kill Teree DeSarro Crash Course in the Blues Road Runner Yvonne & Dyka Running Out Of Road Holland Road Runner Sandee Skelton Roadrunner Road To Freedom Kevin & Maria Tennessee In My Windshield Road To Lock Jackie Allen, Angie Burt & Yolanda Jacobs Road To Mandalay Caroline Pashley The Road To Mandalay Road To River John Marg Jones Forty Miles Of Bad Road Road To Ruin Gerard Murphy Road To Ruin Road Trip Christopher Spicer Life Is A Highway The Roadhouse Gloria Johnson Let The Guitar Do The Talkin' Roadhouse Cafe Bev Carpenter Rattlesnake Cafe Roadhouse Rag Ian Dunn Burning The Roadhouse Down Roadrunner Knox Rhine I Sang Dixie Navajo Rug The Coyote and the Cowboy Roads Jan Wyllie Every Road Leads Back To You Roadshow Shuffle Jenny Rockett Whatever You Do-Don't Don't Be Stupid Friends Don't Drive Friends 455 Rocket Roadstar Cha Anita McNab Que te Pasa Monster Mash Roamin' Free Carly Dimond Way Out Where The White Faced Cattle Roam Roaring 20's Boogie Eleanor D'Orio & Jenny Come Back Ben Wallace Glenn Miller Medley Swing the Mood Turn Me Loose and Let Me Swing Cowboy Boogie Robin's Dream Bracken Potter & A Beautiful Day Linda Ellis Robin's Egg Mark D. Offer Stuff That Matters Robinson Crusoe Dianne Joseph The Fear Of Being Alone If I Ain't Got You Robot Man Anne Herd Robot Man Roccabean Shuffle! Dave & Lynne Having Too Much Fun Gillett No News Limbo Party Zone I Should Know Rock A Billy Unknown Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine Rock-A-Billy Vicky McCulloch Rock-A-Billy Rock A Billy Liz Cartwright Rock A Billy Rock A Billy Rock Francien Sittrop Rock A Billy Rock-A-Bye Karen Bleuer Bury The Shovel Drive Me Home Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed Rock-A-Pop Diana Dawson Lets Get Loud Rock & Roll Dan Albro Let It Roll Rock And Roll Cowboy Josh, Trevor Cowboys Like To Rock And Roll Chakeeba & Rebecca Jean Grubbs Rock And Roll Sharon Davies Rock And Roll Is King Is King Rock And Roll Queen Rafel Corbi Rock 'n' Roll Party Queen Rock & Stroll Peter Heath Rock & Roll Dance Party Mix Just Enough Rope Rock & Turn Michelle Morrison Turn Me Loose Rock Around Unknown Should Have Asked Her Faster The Clock At The Hop Don't Be Cruel Pocket Of A Clown Summertime Blues Rock Bottom Patricia E. Scott Rock Bottom Rock City Betty Carlson See Rock City Neck Of The Woods Rock City Lyn & Iain Booth See Rock City Rock City Shuffle Ty Barton See Rock City Rock Dance, The Maureen & We Will Rock You Michelle Jones We Will Rock You Rock DJ Abby Bayford Rock DJ Rock DJ Sam & Ruth Rock DJ Armstrong Rock DJ Janine & Joanne Rock DJ Rock Deejay Aaron Neale & Rock DJ Iain Ebbage Sex Bomb Rock-Don't Stop! Peter Metelnick See Rock City Rock This Country Rock Down To! Maggie May Electric Avenue Rock 4 Old Times Jo Conroy Old Time Rock & Roll Rock It Larry & Debbie Baby Likes To Rock It Davis Get Over It Rock-It Fred Rapoport & Baby Likes To Rock It Scott MacQuade Third Rock From The Sun Hard Lovin' Woman Try To Think About Elvis Oh Lonesome Me Lovin' All Night Rock It! Averill Young Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain Have Mercy Rock It Leslie Moore This Country's Rockin' Keep Me Rockin' Rock It-Rocket! Barbara May 455 Rocket Rock & Roll Waltz Max Perry The Rock & Roll Waltz Rock Man, The Jan Wyllie She Rocks Me Rock Me Chris Cleevely Rock Your Baby Missing You Cold Kisses Rock Me Baby Kelli Haugen Rock My Baby Rockin' Pneumonia Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Rockin' All Over The World Rock Me Gently Val Reeves Fly Like A Bird Rock Me Slowly Lesley Clark Crying For Nothing Rock My Boat Kash Bane Rock The Boat Rock My Life Away Brian Barakauskas Rockin' My Life Away Rock My World Lara D'Agostino & Heartache Tonight David Solsberg Thank God For You Rock My World Rock My World Don Deyne I Can't Put Out This Fire Our Time Is Coming Rock My World Rock My World Laraine & Rock My World Ian St Leon Rock My World Trish Fountain You Rock My World Rock My World - DJ's Alan G. Birchall Rock My World Fake Heavy Liftin' Rock 'n' Boogie Dawn Dennell Boogie Till The Cows Come Home Boogie Back To Texas Swing City Long Neck Bottle Cowboy Cadillac Aint Going Down Till The Sun Comes Up Rock-N-Country Taylor Casey Rock This Country Dust On The Bottle Rock'N'Country Dianne Joseph Cause I'm Country Rock-N-Country Taylor Casey Rock This Country Dust On The Bottle Rock 'N' Country Kelvin Elvidge How Long Gone Rock This Country See Rock City Rock 'N' Country Terry Hogan Rock And Roll Heart Rock N Love Peter & Alison Bleeding Love Rock'N'Roll Colleen Archer Love Really Hurts Without You Old Time Rock & Roll Rock N Roll Robbie McGowan Rockin Around The Christmas Tree Hickie Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Tropical Christmas Rock 'N' Roll Gerald Biggs Rock 'N' Roll Angel When The Sun Goes Down Rock N Roll Andrew & Sheila Rock 'N' Roll Is King Rock 'N' Roll Nic Bartlam Blessing In Disguise Blessing Rock 'N' Roll Bride Robbie I Knew The Bride McGowan Hickie All Over But The Shoutin' Rockin' Robin Rock 'N Roll Cha Cha Jenifer Reaume Rock 'n Roll Angel Honky Tonk Walkin Rock 'N' Roll Lisa Paruit Another Rock 'N' Roll Christmas Christmas Rock 'n' Roll Johnny S' Rock 'n' Roll X-Mas Christmas Rock N' Roll Girls Steve Bisson Rock And Roll Girls Rock & Roll Joe & Penny Barker Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll Hillbilly Rock 'N' Roll Linda Brooks Rock 'N' Roll Is King Is King Rock 'N Roll Kiss Jan Wyllie Rock 'n Roll Kiss Rock N Roll N Groove Rachael McEnaney Dead Ringer For Love Rock N Roll Of Rodeo Nicole Lorenz Rock And Roll Of Rodeo Rock 'N Roll Outlaw Kathy Brown & Little Long Haired Outlaw Larry Bass Rock 'N' Roll Rodeo Derek Robinson Rock 'N' Roll Rodeo That's Where I Draw The Line That'd Be Alright Rock & Roll Sally Kathy Hunyadi & Rock & Roll Sally Ruben Luna Rock 'N' Roll Don Deyne Rock & Roll Waltz Sweetheart Rock 'N Roll Waltz Unavailable Waltz Across Texas The Last Waltz Atlanta Rose Colored Glasses You're The One Rock "N Roll Waltz Rock-N-Romp Cindy Truelove Help Me Rhonda I Can Hear Music That's My Story Rock N' Waltz William Sevone I Gotta Know Rock On Stella Cabeca Wrong Night Wild One Country As A Boy Can Be Rock On Tom Mickers, Rock On Roy Verdonk, Rob Fowler Rock On Tom Glennis Robb Sex Bomb Rock Our World Stephen Sunter & You Rock My World Liam Hrycan Rock Solid Trevor Smith Rockin' The Rock Rock Steady Vickie Vance- West Coast Swing music Johnson Rock Steady Junior Willis Rock Steady Rock That Body Will Craig & Rock That Body Ryan Lindsey Rock The Boat Michael Vera-Lobos Rock The Boat Rock The Boat Bud & Diane Martin Rock The Boat Sea Of Cowboy Hats Honey Do Rock The Boat Levi J. Hubbard Rock The Boat Rock The Boat Carol McKee Rock The Boat Shuffle Rock The Planet Mick Herbert Rock This Planet Rock The Tears William Sevone The Crying Game Every Time I Cry Sittin' On Top Of The World Rock Them All Gaby Neumann We Will Rock You Rock, Then Roll Rick & She Wants To Rock Deborah Bates The British Are Coming All Over But The Shoutin' Rock Therapy Bracken Ellis Let It Rock Potter & Linda Ellis Rock This Scott Blevins Rocky Top "96" Rock This Country Jenny Leebetter Rock This Country Rock This Joint Teresa & Vera Rock This Joint Rock This Planet Carl Sullivan Rock This Planet Rock This Room Christopher Petre Hammerhead Stew Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom Deep Channel Rock Till We Drop Jan Pratt Rock Till We Drop Rock This Country Whatever You Do, Don't You Walked In All Lit Up In Love Rock Till You Drop Jos Slijpen Rock Till You Drop Rock With The Devil Shuggie McCardle Run With The Devil Rock With You Neil Cordery Anticipating Rock Your Baby Thomas Haynes Rock Your Baby Rock Your Body Kathy "K" Everybody Backstreet Back Rock Your Body Shabeda Rock Your Body (Shaz! Walton, Dirty Pop Ben Martin, Dawn Sherlock) Rock Your Body David Camm Rock Your Body Rock Your Body Anne Herd Rock Your Body (Radio Edit) Rocka Hula Robbie Rock A Hula Baby McGowan Hickie Rockabilly Terry Hogan Rock A Billy Rockabilly Rebel Mick Herbert Rockabilly Rebel Rockapella Kim Ray Have A Little Faith Rocket Vicky McCulloch 455 Rocket Beer and Bones Rocket Romp James Krywko 455 Rocket Rocket Rotation Unknown 455 Rocket Rocket Through Time Jeff & Lynn Dodge Saddle Up Wild Wild West Rocket 88 Jenifer Reaume Rocket 88 Lawdy Miss Clawdy Rocket To The Moon A.T. Kinson & Rocket To The Moon Jo Thompson Rockie Lee Victor Watts Walking Shoes Rockin' Margaret Wild One Transmeier Out Of Habit Good Rockin' Tonight Seven Nights To Rock Rockin' Cherine Stiller Old Time Rock 'N' Roll Rockin' Judy McDonald Keep On Rockin' Rocking Christine Shipley Rocking The Country Rocking Robin I'm Holdin' On To Love Rockin' Rick & Deborah S.H.A.K.E.R.S. Bates Saturday Night Fish Fry Who's Your Daddy Rockin' Anita McNab Rockin' Pneumonia Tell Me Ma Some Beach Rockin' A Baby Lynne Flanders Rockin' A Baby Rockin'-A-Little Sandy Anderson & Little by Little Irene Olszanski Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree Rockin' A Mile Alan Haywood Rockin' A Mile A Minute A Minute Rockin' All Over Gaye Teather Rockin' All Over The World The World (AB) A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action Ride On Into The Sunset Rockin' Angel Kevin Day Rock 'N' Roll Angel Cha Cha Rockin' Around Justine Jukebox Shuttleworth Rockin' Around Larry Bass High, Low And In Between Rockin' Around The Unavailable Rocking Around The Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Rockin' At Rookies Timothy Tanner Six Days On The Road Rockin' At The Ranch Rick Bates I Don't Understand My Girlfriend Hello Honky Tonk I Wrote The Book Rockin' Away Gloria Johnson One Way Ticket Rockin' Cha Damon D'Amico Tropical Depression Time Marches On Rockin' Cha Jo Thompson Wanna Make You Mine Shadows In The Night Rocking Chair Raelinn W. Dale I Don't Need Your Rocking Chair Rockin' Chair Polka Jim & Judy Wells I've Got A Funny Feeling When Your Baby Ain't Around Rockin' Clap Lois Sturgeon Baby Once I've Got You Rockin' Country Carol Fox Feel The Beat Rockin' Country Lacey Thackaberry Rock This Country Boogie Tulsa Time Rockin' Cowboy Rick & Deborah Female Bonding Bates All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Rockin' Croc John Dembiec Crocodile Rock This Is How A Heart Breaks I Ain't No Quitter Rockin' Daddy Lady C (Connie Rockin' Daddy van den Bos) Rockin 455 Rocket Alice Vlahos 455 Rocket Rockin' Good Country Jean Jones Country Boy Rocking Good Way, A Kitty de Brouwer A Rocking Good Way A Rockin' Good Way Linda Burgess A Rockin' Good Way (To Mess Around And Fall In Love) Rockin' Hillbilly Lana Harvey Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll Any Way The Wind Blows Down At The Twist & Shout Cherokee Boogie Rockin' Horse Barry Amato Down on the Farm If Bubba Can Dance Southern Cookin' Yippy Ti Yi Yo Indian Outlaw I'm A Cowboy Rocking Horse Bob Santiago Good Friends, Good Whiskey, Good Loving Two Of A Kind Rockin' Horse Karen Melanson Sea of Cowboy Hats Shuffle Rockin' In The Don & Chrissy No One Else On Earth Smokies Stagner Redneck Romeo I Feel Lucky Smokin' In The Rockies Rockin' J D Tony Wanko Rock My World Down On The Farm Achy Breaky Heart Watermelon Crawl My Night To Howl Life #9 Fast As You Woman, Sensuous Woman Santa Claus Boogie Baby Likes To Rock It Jealous Bone Rockin' Josie Joe James Gregory & Rock My World Jean Garr That's My Story Baby I'm Yours I Love You Cause I Want To Third Rock From the Sun Rockin' Little Cato Larsen Rockin' Little Christmas Christmas Rockin' Little Max Perry Rockin' Little Christmas Christmas Rockin' Little A Little Rocking Little Christmas Christmas Cheer Christmas Elf Rockin' Magnolia Don & Chrissey Put Some Drive In Your Country Stomp Stagner Bop Cry Wolf Wherever You Go Rockin' Molly Sandy Daykin Good Golly Miss Molly Rockin My Heart Melinda Barry Little Drops Of My Heart Rockin My Life Away Geoff Langford Rockin My Life Away Rockin' My Life Away Ann Wood Rockin My Life Away Rockin' On Daniel Whittaker Anything You Want, You Got It! Heavens Door Sailing On The Seven Seas Rockin On Jenifer Reaume Telephone Road Telephone Road Maria Por Ti Sere (4 U I Will Be) Elvis Thing Rockin' Pneumonia A.T. Kinson & Rockin' Pneumonia Jo Thompson 455 Rocket It's Cold Outside Mockingbird High Low & In Between Rockin' Pneumonia Kevin Richards Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu And The Boogie Woogie Flu Rockin Railroad Nancy A. Morgan Trashy Women Da' Dip White Horse Buttons Rockin' Rebel Linda DeFord That's My Story Rockin' Rebel Michael Vera-Lobos It's Still Rock And Roll To Me & Noel Bradey Rockin' Rebels Joan Philip I Want To Knock On Your Door Rocking Rebels Sue Page Magic Carpet Shuffle, The Rockin' Renegade Jennifer Howe You Keep Me Hangin On Toolan Summer Jam Rockin' Robin Mary Beal That's My Story My Memories Rockin' Robin Peter Metelnick Rockin' Robin Deal With It Get A Real Job Even If It's Wrong My Baby's Gone Cowboy Boots Rockin' Robin Michael Haigh Rockin' Robin Rockin' Robin Jessica Lamb & Rockin' Robin Warren Mitchell Rockin Robin Andy Monks Rockin Robin Rockin Robin Donna Hill Rockin Robin Rockin' Robin Zandra Varnham Rockin' Robin Rockin Robin Salpi Rockin' Robin Rockin' Roll Jerry Cope & If I Never Stop Loving You Iva Mosko Rockin' Roxy Jan Wyllie Roxanne's Bayou Rockin' Rhythm Jacqui & Will Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain Clough Why Not Me Rockin' Silver Bells Knox Rhine Silver Bells Rockin' That Michele Perron Body, Body Body Body Rockin' The Beer Gut Gail Smith Rockin' The Beer Gut Rockin' The Cart Jan Wyllie You Were There Rockin' The Country Sheila Towers Rockin' The Country Rockin' The Country Terri Alexander Rockin' The Country Rockin The Country David 'DJ' & Rockin The Country Karen Woods Rockin' The House Max Perry If The House Is Rockin' The Letter Heart With 4 Wheel Drive Rockin' The Joint Peter Metelnick She Likes To Rock Rockin' The Jan Wyllie Mockingbird Mockin' Bird Rockin' The Mona Annie Bradbury Mona Lisa Rockin' the Rodeo Linda Mosby Rodeo Rock Rockin' This Barry Muniz Rockin' This Christmas Christmas Rockin' This Country Kevin & Maria Rockin' This Country Rockin' To Roz Morgan Rockin' With The Rhythm The Rhythm All I Want To Do Rockin' 2 Step Cherie Belle This Is Your Brain Harclerode Drink, Swear, Steal, Lie Rockin' With June Hulcombe & Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain The Rhythm Barb Willshire Rocknockin' Debra Siquieros Dance By The Light Of The Moon Country Carrying On Rocks In Your Shoes Jo Kinser & Rocks In Your Shoes Mark Furnell Rocks On The Block Susan Webb Jenny From The Block Rockscoot Cindy Truelove Treaty That's The Way (I Like It) Rockslide Knox Rhine If She Don't Love You More Than I Want To Know When The Sun Goes Down Rocky Hustle Unknown Shut Up and Kiss Me Rocky Mountain Gail Smith 455 Rocket Rocket Rip Off The Knob Rocky Top 96, Championship Mix Rocky Mountain Jim Ferrazzano Rocky Top Shuffle Rocky Mountain Heather Barmby Rocky Mountain Music Shuffle Rocky Top Unknown Rocky Top Rocky Top Unknown Rocky Top Rocky Top '96-'04 Kevin & Rena Ward Rocky Top '96 Rocky Top II Unknown Rocky Topper KC Douglas I Gotta Get Drunk Whoopee Ti Yi Yo Rocky Top Rockin' Walkin' Wazi Lori Wong Rodeo Rock Take It Back Rocksteady "H" & Mad Cat Rock Steady Rode Hard and Bev Kerins Little Miss Honky Tonk Put Away Wet Better Things To Do Rodeo Dale White That's Country The Rodeo Song Too Many Smoke Filled Bars Every Little Thing Rodeo Song Banjo Fantasy II Rodeo Action Dana Fassett Rodeo Rock Rodeo Active Jane Mattson Rodeo Rock Rodeo & Rhythm Lisa M. Johns Live, Laugh, Love Steam Daddy Won't Sell The Farm Smooth Rodeo Blues Kate Sala Sea Of Cowboy Hats One More For The Road Rodeo Boogie Rob Fowler Rodeo Boogie Rodeo Boot Scootin Unknown Boot Scootin' Boogie Boogie Rodeo Cowboy Shari Pannell Whatever Way The Wind Blows Rodeo Crawl Cindy Truelove Rodeo Rock Rodeo Drive Kim Ray Oh Pretty Woman Rodeo Eight David Grant & How Do I Live The Rodeo Eight Blue Boy Rodeo Fever Leoni Dettmann The Fever Rodeo Girl Justine Just Like A Rodeo Shuttleworth Rodeo Girl David Cheshire Just Once Rodeo Hustle Gloria Johnson It's Up To You Ridin' the Rodeo Even The Jukebox Can't Forget Rodeo Man Mike Caskey Rodeo Man 8 Second Ride Rodeo Man Curtis Marting Rodeo Man I'm Not Listening Anymore Rodeo Moon Terry Hogan Rodeo Moon Rodeo Queen Jan Wyllie Preacher In Blue Jeans Rodeo Rampage Parry Spence Rodeo Man Rodeo Rampage Jenny Bounds I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart Rodeo Ride Sylvia Stewart Talk To Me Cold Outside On A Good Night Meant To Be Rodeo Rock Dan Albro Rodeo Rock Rodeo Rock Unknown Rodeo Rock Rodeo Rock Heidi Angelika Rodeo Rock Scott Rodeo Rock Pedro Machado Rodeo Rock Rodeo Rogue Brent Sponseller Runnin' Behind Highway Robbery Rodeo Strut Bob Applebaum I Hear You Knockin' Rodeo Waltz Jan Wyllie Rodeo Cowboy Rodeo Waltz Vikki Morris Shotgun Rider Rodeo's Rose Jan Wyllie Rose & Rodeo Rolf Shuffle Robert A Walker Fine Day Burning Love Roll "Ann" Rock Ann Napier Poor Me Rock And Roll Angel I'll Give You Something To Miss All I Want For Christmas Is You Roll Back Bill Bader Roll Back The Rug Roll Back The Rug Unknown Roll Back The Rug Roll Of The Dice Mike Sliter Our Love Roll On Tracie Lee Keep Me Rocking Roll On Nick Hopwood Don't be Stupid Roll On Lorraine Harvey Rolling Home Roll the Dice Bill Bader Roll The Dice Everytime I Roll The Dice Killin' Time I Don't Need Booze To Get A Buzz On Keep It Up Roll The Dice Marty West Roll the Dice I Don't Need The Booze To Get A Buzz On Roll The Dice Victoria Finney Roll The Dice Roll The Dice Kim Ray Gambling Man Roll Tide Roll M. Clements AlaFreakinBama Roll-Um Sheila DiNardo I Don't Want You Anymore Roll With It Peter Metelnick Cherry Bomb Roll With It Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You) Stop A Little In Love Just Between You And Me Land Of The Living Roll With It Martin Fahy Can't Get You Out Of My Head Roll With Jon Peppin That's The Way The Punches Roller Coaster Jenny Ramwell By My Side Roller-Coaster Angie Shirley (Life Is A) Roller-Coaster Breathless Roller Coaster Paula J Graves Life Is A Roller Coaster Roller Coaster Ride Michel Cabana Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride Rollercoaster Clive McKenzie Rollercoaster Rollercoaster Michael Bromley Rollercoaster Michael Vera-Lobos Life Is A Rollercoaster Rollercoaster Group Life Is A Rollercoaster Rollercoaster Mark Cosenza I Want You Rollie Pollie Ollie Kelli Haugen Roly Poly Rollin' Eric Finney Rollin' Rollin Around Kathy Brown Deal Right Round Rollin' Cha Cha Dee Reid My Heart Has A History Livin' On Love Rollin' Dice D. T. Moody Here Comes That Train Addicted To Love Rollin' Dice Rollin Down Joe White Cold Hearted Rolling Down Kevin & Maria Eating Up Bitumen The Highway Rolling Home Unknown Rolling Home Rollin' In Dirt Christopher Petre Nothin' To Lose Rollin' In My Diana Dawson Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms Sweet Baby's Arms Rolling In The Deep Steve Lustgraaf Rolling In The Deep Rolling In The Deep Maggie Gallagher Rolling In The Deep Rolling Jam Ria Vos V-8 Ford Boogie Rolling On Sue Marshall Rolling With The Flow All Things Made New Again Rolling On The River Tony & Lana Wilson River Of Love Rolling "R" Rick Bowen 50/50 Love Tulsa Time Leona Rolling Rhumba Rowena Fuller Playa Silencio Rolling Rock Unknown To Be Loved By You Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard Rollin' Rockin' Jim & Tina Ray Rock And Roll Waltz Waltz Rollin' Rollin' Helen Morton Rawhide Rollin' Bag It Up Man! I Feel Like A Woman Honky Tonk Attitude My Boy Lollipop Rolling Stone Michael Vera-Lobos Alive Again Rollin' Through Beverly Sprouse Rollin' Through The Sunshine The Sunshine Rollin' Through Karen Zima Rollin' Through The Sunshine The Sunshine Rollin' With John Rowell Rollin' With The Flow The Flow Rollipop Dawn Sherlock & Move Ya Body Robin Sin Rollout LUV2DANCE Soul: Rollout Tamar Simmons, Reggie Garcon & Deidre Seabrook Rolly Poly David Camm Rolly Poly Roly-Poly Jan Brookfield Roly-Poly Roly Poly Polka Charlotte Williams Yes! Roly Poly My Baby Likes To Romada Rhumba Gaye Teather Time And Distance Roman Holiday Max Perry On An Evening In Roma Romance Pim Humphrey Just Another Woman In Love Let Your Love Flow Romance Martie Papendorf Amour Defendu Romancing With Anita McNab Nothin' On But The Radio The Radio On Honey Hush Romantasy Peter Metelnick Alone With You & Alison Biggs Romantica David Paden I Need To Know Romeo Unknown Romeo Romeo Knox Rhine Romeo Romeo Carrie Lucas Romeo Romeo Al Kamke Romeo Romeo Joe Ott & Romeo Marci Bondo Romeo David Dickson Romeo Romeo Melanie Greenwood Romeo Romeo Unknown Romeo Romeo Verdell Elkins Romeo Romeo & Juliet Gaye Teather Love Story Romeo Slide Donna Eidinger Romeo Romeo Strut Unknown I Am A Simple Man Romeo, Too Unknown Romeo Romeo's Dance Kathy Hunyadi Romeo's Tune Romping Cha-Cha Patrick If I Never Stop Loving You Latendresse Rompin' Redneck Judy Cain It's Alright To Be A Redneck Stomp Rompin' Stompin' Robert Royston Let's Go To Vegas Rompin' Stompin' Ronde-Vous Sam & Ruth Without You Armstrong When You Say Nothing At All Room Full Of Roses Judith Campbell Room Full Of Roses Swing It Baby Room To Breath M. Vasquez Don't Hold Your Breath Roomba Guyton Mundy I Know You Want Me Roosters Strut Kathy Brown & She Rules The Roost Lindy Bowers Rootin' Tootin' Larry Bass Like A Rock To A Window Scootin' We'll Burn That Bridge Roots Are Showing Levera Mejia My Roots Are Showing Rooty-Toot Ronda Clemons Talkin' About My Baby Roper, The Pat Settembrino Heaven Bound A Rose Andy Chumbley The Rose Rose, The Glenda Ortiz Night After Night Rose, The Julie Molkner The Rose Rose Bouquet Sandy Kerrigan Rose Bouquet Rose Budded Tears Karen Hunn Til A Tear Becomes A Rose Here In The Real World Friends Don't Drive Friends Talking To A Stranger This Night Won't Last Forever I'm Pretending Living On Love Wine, Women & Song I've Cried My Last Tear For You Rose Colored Glasses Ernie Hutchinson Rose Colored Glasses Rose Coloured Jan Wyllie Rose Coloured Glasses Glasses Rose Colored Glasses Kelvin Elvidge You're The One Rose Colored Glasses A Rose For You Joan Curtis One Little Rose Rose Garden Jo Thompson Rose Garden Rose Is Blue Jan Wyllie Blue Rose Is Rose Marie Shuffle Anita Ludlow Rose Marie Rose Of Hearts Waltz Jan Wyllie Rose Of My Heart Rose Of My Heart Bill Ray Till You Love Me Rose Of My Heart Warren Fleming Rose Of My Heart The Rose Of Texas L.D.T Tucker Yellow Rose Of Texas Rose Red Lana Harvey Wilson Like Red On A Rose Rose Rose I Love You Eva Pau Rose Rose I Love You Rose Tattoo Jerry Colley Rose Tattoo Roseanne Jan Wyllie Roseanne Rosemary's Baby Rep Ghazali Mi Die Xiang (Rosemary) Roses Fran Phillip Bar Room Roses Shame On Me Roses Frank Schultz Everything I Love Roses Jan Wyllie A Poor Man's Roses A Cowboy Like You Roses And Rain Lana Harvey Roses And Rain Roses For A Cowboy Jan Wyllie A Poor Man's Roses A Cowboy Like You Roses (In The Bar) Ann Thomson-Buhler Bar Room Roses Rosie's Waltz Jan Wyllie Rosa Rio Rosso Roland Gutzwiller Rosso Rough & Ready Buffalo Billy Ready Or Not If I Could Just Be Me Rough And Ready William Sevone Tougher Than The Rest Grandpa It's Alright Love And Honour My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own Oh Girl One More Chance One Tender Night Sometime Today There's No Heart So Strong Those Thoughts Of A Fool Rough & Ready Cathy Falconer Rough & Ready Rough And Ready A.J. & Scott Rough And Ready Herbert Rough Diamond Terry Hogan Old Chunk Of Coal Rough Enough Judy Rice Just Enough Rope Walkin' on the Edge Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under Roughcut Janice Patrice If You Can't Be Good, Be Good At It Who's Cheatin' Who Where Have All The Cowboys Gone Roughneck John Rowell Let Freedom Ring Jukebox I Left Something Turned On At Home Down To My Last Teardrop Roughrider Terry Hogan I Can't Do That Roulette Unknown Red Neck Girl If It Will, It Will Memphis Belle A Little Less Talk Roulette Jody Jensen Big Time Believe Roulette Gordon Timms Spinning Wheel Blues Roulette Anne Herd & Gambling Man Chris Watson Round And Round Moses Bourassa,Jr. Round And Round & Barbara Disturbia Frechette Pound Sign Round & Round Ann Thomson-Buhler Round, Round, Up And Down & Up & Down Round 8 Jane Newhard Ten Rounds With Jose' Cuervo Round 'N' Round Mary Kelly Like A Carousel Round In Circles Kathy Hunyadi & Will It Go Round In Circles Jo & John Kinser Round One Jan Wyllie Drink One More Round Round Round Kim Swan Round Round Round Round David Camm Round Round Round Round Warren Mitchell, Round, Round Kira Jacobs & Sam Round Round Baby Raymond Townsend Round Round Round Round Baby Peter Metelnick Round Round & Alison Biggs Roundabout Ronni Booth Tequila Talking For A Change Country Crazy That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me Round-Up Time Francis V Gadassi Two Step 'Round The Christmas Tree Callin' Baton Rouge Love Gets Me Every Time Roundup Waltz, The Shuggie McCardle Long Hard Ride Route 66 Johnny Eke She's Goin' Home With Me Route 66 Mark & Jan Caley Route 66 Rowdy! Peter Metelnick Can't Buy My Love Shooting From The Hip Rowdy Who Says A Woman Can't Be Strong What You Get Is What You See Don't Stop Rowdy! Don Linebaugh Guitar Man Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye This Is Your Brain Royal Ascot Waltz Stella Wilden Rose Colored Glasses Lucky Old Colorado Royal Love Louise Elfvengren Without Your Breath Rub-A-Dubbin' Charlie Milne Rub-A-Dubbin' Callin' All You Cowboys Skinny Dippin' Rub It In Judy McDonald Rub It In Rub It In Rick & Rub It In Deborah Bates Fire When Ready Innocent Bystander Rub It In Jan Wyllie Rub It In Rub It In Kathy Heller Rub It In Let It Roll, Let It Ride Smilin' Song Rub It In 2000 Susan Brooks Rub It In Rub It In 2000 Group Rub It In Rubber David J. McDonagh You Win My Love Cinco De Mayo Six Days On The Road Rubberband Man Barry Amato Indian Outlaw Love Thing Love Is Not A Thing Rubberband Man Carolyn Robinson The Rubberband Man Rubberneckin' Sandra Plunkett Rubberneckin' Remix With The King Rubicon David J. McDonagh Another Night I Saw The Light My Heart Will Go On Ruby Angie Shirley Ruby Ruby Johnny Two-Step Ruby Mae Ruby Baby Unknown Ruby Baby Ruby Blue Dan Sigale Ruby Blue Ruby Jewel William Sevone Ruby Jewel Was Here Ruby Red Lips Jan Wyllie Almost Persuaded Ruby Rock Jan Wyllie Ruby Baby Ruby Waltz Sue Gupwell Waltz Of A Lifetime Ruby Waltz, The Joe Green Our Song Rude Attitude Lawrence Allen Dowuchalike Rudebox Rob Fowler & Rudebox Paul McAdam Rudolf The Mambo Vera Kuiper Rudolf The Rednosed Reindeer Reindeer Rudolph The Red Bently Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Nosed Reindeer Ruffin It Dave Munro Hold On To My Love Ruffles Cherie Belle Lets Do Something Harclerode Some Kinda Good Rugged Cross Rob Bradley & The Old Rugged Cross Abi Finedon Ruggin' It! Todd Lescarbeau If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask! Honey You Turn Me On Ruined Bob & Marlene Somebody Save The Honky Tonk Peyre-Ferry Don't Ruin It For The Rest Of Us Rule The World Barbie & Andy Rule The World Rules Of Engagement Anne Herd Dear Future Husband Rum And Coca Cola Hedy McAdams Cowboy Mambo Rum & Coca Cola Irene Groundwater Rum And Coca Cola Rum 'n' Cocaah Cola Ria Vos Rum 'N' Coca Cola Rum Punch Pat Eodice The Big One Rumba Virginia Tsui Colours Of The Wind Rumba Breeze Michele Perron & Everybody's Talking Michele Burton Rumba Heat Sho Botham Missing You Love Ain't Easy Rumba Here Lately Michele Burton Here Lately Open Book Rumba Macumba Dancin' Mamas Un Corazon Rumba Maria Mary Chan & SM Loh Yo Te Amo Maria Rumba Marie Unknown Rhumba Maria Rumba Ride Larry Bass Love On Layaway Live A Little Rumba Sere Peter Heath Por Ti Sere Rumba This Sway Larry Bass Dance With Me Rumba Time Dougie D. Sway Rumbleseats & Jenifer Reaume Good Old Days Runningboards Rumor Thomas O'Dwyer Rumor Has It Rumors Bill McGee Jealousy Rumours William Sevone Rumours Run Peter & Alison Run Run & Hide Tracy Brown Sometimes If You Want To Touch Her, Ask Run & Hide John Warnars Sometimes Run Away Kathy Hunyadi Run Away Run For Cover Sandy Hawkins If You Ever Saw Her Best Years Of Our Lives Run For Cover Karen Looker & Run For Cover Ryan Wareing Run For Life Pam Pelser & I Run For Life Alan Haywood Run For The Roses Massimo Diamanti Run For The Roses Run Free Avril King Young Hearts, Run Free Run Free Chris Watson Young Hearts Run Free Run Free Mike Belk Young Hearts Run Free Run It Kathy Brown Run It Run Llama Run Anita Ludlow Run Llama Run Run Rudolph! Sue Ann Ehmann Run, Run, Rudolph Run, Run Away Hélčne & Run, Run Away Julie Boucher Run Run Rudolph Pete Harkness Run Run Rudolph Little St. Nick Run, Run, Run Lizzie Holton & Runaway Jenny Rockett Run Run Runaway Sunny P Runaway Run Sue, Run! Cato Larsen Run Around Sue Run This! Paul McAdam We Run This Run To Paradise Diana Bishop Run To Paradise Run To You Patricia Flaherty I Run To You Boots On Run To You Shuffle Carol Cotherman I Run To You Run With It Jim & Norma Scism I Feel Lucky Half Enough Except For Monday Run With Me Theresa Needham Run With Me Runaround J Helen O'Malley & Runaround Sue Ed Lawton Rockin' Robin Runaround Sue Mark Cosenza & Runaround Sue Glen Pospieszny Sailing On The Seven Seas Ride On Into The Sunset Runaway Megan Boxwell Runaway Runaway Kelcy Gardner Runaway Runaway Chris Hodgson Runaway No Reason To Change Runaway Graham Danser Runaway Shadows In The Night Runaway William Sevone Runaway Home Sweet Home Rock My World 634-5789 Someone Could Lose A Heart Tonight In A Letter To You Kiss Me, I'm Gone Runaway Carmel Hutchinson Runaway Pink Cadillac Runaway Baby Susan Puruleski Runaway Baby Runaway Horses David Sickles Runaway Heart Another Roadside Attraction Runaway Line Norma J. Fuller I Fall To Pieces Lovesick Blues Steam Runaway Runaway Love Liam Hrycan Runaway Truck D.J. Lansaw I Wanna Rock Big Time Second Hand Love Runaway Twain Peter Metelnick Shania Twain Runaway Train Halfway Down Runaway 2000 Dave The Rave Someone Should Tell Her Runaway Waltz Elle-Jay Runaway Runaway Waltz Christopher Petre Already Gone Runnin Karen Sturmey I Ain't Running Yet Running-A-Muk Jenny & Kimberley Just Good Ol' Boys Bounds Running Around Coral & Ivan Every Little Thing Burton Running Away Amanda Price & Running Away Alyce Strong, Kelly Gang Running Away Home Christopher Petre Home Running Away Running Barefoot Louise Herring Wildflower Running Bear Neil Hale Running Bear Running Bear John & Janette Outlaw Of The Heart Sandham Running Deep The Girls (Maureen I Just Want Love & Michelle) Snap Running Horse Mark Hood Rockin' Horse Running Hot Ian St Leon Scrubbashin Running In The Craig Bennett & Gravity Wrong Direction Willie Brown Running Kind, The Rea Brown The Running Kind Running On Empty C. Ann Bates Take The Keys To My Heart Running On Overload Bee Smith Overload Running Out The Girls (Maureen Running Out & Michelle) Running Out Of Road Daniel Whittaker Running Out Of Road & Rob Fowler Swing City Running The Road Nancy A. Morgan Roadrunner Running Water David Cheshire Running Water Runnin' Wild Judy McDonald Runnin' Wild Running Wild Larry Bass Boys Will Be Boys Nowhere To Run Another Night Run Away Rural Route Wayne Beckett I'm From The Country Rush Hour Sylvia Priestley 5 O'Clock 500 Russell 'Em Up Malcolm Russell She Won't Be Lonely Long Russian Scootin' Linda Burgess Home Improvement Russlyn Steers Malcolm Russell Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys Rustler Larry Bass Whose Baby Will You Be Tonight You Just Have To Be There S.O.S. Rusty Shag Dick & Marie Keep It Up Bullard Ruthie Marion Stilson Waltz Me Once Again Black Velvet Walk Softly Dumas Walker Ruthless Cowboy Levi J. Hubbard, Angel Andi Martin & Who Let The Dogs Out Starla Rodgers Can You Feel It Ryder Judy McDonald Living In Jungles Rye Noon Max Beck Western Rye Ryedin' High Chris Hodgson Western Rye

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