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DANCE TITLE CHOREOGRAPHER MUSIC SUGGESTION U U Michelle Holt & You Dawn Taylor U Eric Tan I Wanna Talk About Me U A Freak Amy Spencer U A Freak UBD Stomp Kathy Brown Gone For Real Hit The Ground Running Sons Of The Pioneers Boogie Woogie Boogie Til The Cows Come Home U & Me for UCP James Gregory Back In Your Arms Again & Jean Garr Trouble Be Bop A Lula UC Me ICU Ros Brander- The Last Waltz Stevenson Leap Of Faith You Keep Me Hanging On U Belong 2 Me Judy McDonald & You Belong To Me John H. Robinson U Can Maggie Gallagher Can You Feel It U Can Run Debbie Feasey & Escape Stephen Rutter U Can't Fight It Sooz Goodes Can't Fight The Moonlight U, Choose! Julie Carr Illegal Sierra U Do Peter Fry When I Find It, I'll Know It U Got It Andy Monks You Got It U Got It All Neville Fitzgerald Dance With Me & Julie Harris U Got Me 2 Neville Fitzgerald I've Got You U Hurt Me Bad Stephen Sunter Hurt Me So Bad Crime Of The Century I've Got A Quarter In My Pocket U Name It Ros Brander- Triple Treat Stephenson 'U' Named It Bubba Malcolm Russell Bubba UR 16 Bill Larson You're Sixteen The U S A Ted Bowring I Love This Bar (The United Services Amble) U Shake It Judy Cain The Shake U Talkin 2 Me? Jessie, Ben U Talkin' To Me & David U 2 Me Or Not 2 Me Rob Fowler 666 (Devil In Disguise) You To Me Are Everything Ugly Coyote John Sullivan Can't Fight The Moonlight Uh-Huh Jo Thompson & Last Time Uh-Huh Rita Thompson Uh-Huh Connection Chuck Hall Turn That Radio On True Blue Fool All My Ex's Live In Texas Uh-Huh Uh-Huh ! Lee Easton That's The Way I Like It UBub Harold Grimshaw Hubbin' It Uh Chihuahua Joanne Brady Uh Chihuahua Uh Chihuahua Paula Bilby Uh Chihuahua Uh La La Jack & Hazel Uh La La La Parfitt Small Up & Simple Down Wild Horse Saloon Uh La La Stomp Anneka & Paul Uh La La Farrugia Uh Oh Max Perry Uh Oh Until You Come Back To Me Uh Oh...Here Jessica & Kelli Little Bitty Pretty One She Comes! Haugen Ukiah 22 Step Unknown Don't Mess With My Toot-toot Ulterior Motive Jan Wyllie The Truth About Men Ultimate Drive, The Rob Fowler Put Some Drive In Your Country Ultimo Samba Lorraine Suavamente Susan Taylor Mexican Moon Umber-rella Julie Andrews, Umbrella Jo Burridge & Chris Cleevely Umbrella Amy Christian-Sohn Umbrella Umbrella Swing Ria Vos & Patricia Umbrella Brandenburg Un Momento Alla Charles Bowring Un Momento Alla Una Noche Noel Bradey Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche) Una Noche Bryan McWherter Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche) Una Noche Mas Dennis & Rita Una Noche Mas Korby If You Have My Love Una Noche Mas Roz Morgan If You Had My Love Una Noche Mas Waiting For Tonight Unaffected Jan Wyllie She Don't Know She's Beautiful Unarmed Jan Wyllie These Arms Unbelievable David F. Roberts You Turn Me On Unbelievable Love Unbelievable Ian StLeon Unbelievable Unbelievable David Mee Unbelievable Unbelievable Rita M. Kyle Unbelievable Third Rock From The Sun Unbelievable Bryan McWherter Two Pump Texaco Unbelievable Unbelievable D. T. Moody Unbelievable Unbelievable Judy Rodgers Unbelievable Unbroken.. Neville Fitzgerald Unbroken & Julie Harris Un-Button Sobrielo Philip Buttons Gene Unbreakable Jessica Lamb Unbreakable Unbreakable Karen Looker Unbreakable Invisible Touch Unbreakable Heart Tina Scammel Unbreakable Heart The Unbreakable Brock Wasnaught Breakable Heart Heart Unbreak-able Rhumba Jan L'Argent Unbreak My Heart La Isla Bonita Something Stupid Unbroken Sooz Goodes Unbroken Unburn All Our Charlie Mifsud Unburn All Our Bridges Bridges Unchain Garth Bock Unchain My Heart Unchain My Feet Celeste Sali Unchain My Feet Unchain My Heart Raymond Sarlemijn Unchain My Heart & Line Sarlemijn Unchain My Heart Dee Musk Unchain My Heart Unchained Melvyn D. Winter Unchained Melody Unchained Phyllis Tom & Unchained Melody Dan Wilson Unchained Nancy A. Morgan Just Lose It Unchain My Heart I Want To Be The First One Unchained Jan Wyllie Take These Chains From My Heart Unchained Su Marshall Take These Chains From My Heart Boogie Woogie Unchained Melody Gordon Elliott Unchained Melody Unchained Melody Paul Snooke Unchained Melody Uncle Jed Kevin & Vickie The Ballad Of Jed Clampett Vance-Johnson Uncle John Robyn Jodi Simmons Uncle John From Jamaica Mad Love Wait A Minute Uncle John William Ambrose Uncle John From Jamaica From Jamaica Uncle John's Holiday Colin A Wilcock Uncle John From Jamaica Uncomplicated Vicky Lock Pure And Simple Unconditional Carol Bates Like My Dog Unconditionally Vikki Morris When A Woman Loves A Man Yours Undecided Trevor Smith Left, Leavin', Goin', or Gone Undeniable Rick & Deborah It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day) Bates Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time Love You Too Much Undeniable Michael W. Diven Ain't It Funny Undeniable Love Andy Chumbley Love Will Keep Us Alive Under A Spell Kate Sala Under A Spell Under Control Steffen & I'll Tell You What Markus Raus & Yvonne Hiousek Under Cover Gaye Teather Love Is All We Need Under Mine Annie Bradbury He Will Be Mine Under Pressure Terry Hogan So Glad You're Mine Under Stress William Sevone Un Dos Tres Under Surveillance Mick Herbert That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me Under The Boardwalk Mark Cosenza Under The Boardwalk Under The Covers Jo & John Kinser Licky Under The Hood Renée Dyer Under The Hood Under The Hood Jenny & Kimberley Under The Hood Bounds Under The Hood Bob Sykes Under The Hood Under The Hood Wayne Adcock Under The Hood Under The Hood Jeremy Weimer Under The Hood Under the Influence Ardi Lawrence Dance the Night Away Mexican Minutes Melbourne Mambo Under The Influence Masters In Line Drivin' Under The Influence Of Love Of Love Under The Kilt Peter Metelnick Under The Kilt Under The Moon Eddie & Sylvia Under The Moon Bolton Through The Storm Pretend Under The New Moon Linda Burgess Under The New Moon Under The Sun Geri Morrison Somewhere Under The Sun Run For Home Under The Sun Kathy Chang Under The Sun & Sue Hsu Under Toe, The Barry Amato Go Away That's How Your Love Makes Me Feel Under Western Skies Barrie Godfrey Don't Fence Me In Under Wraps Mare Dodd Wrapped Up In You Under Your Spell Rochelle Urquhart Under Your Spell Again Under Your Spell Ken & Jan Under Your Spell Again Under Your Spell Bracken Ellis Under Your Spell (USA Version) Under Your Spell Bracken Ellis Under Your Spell (UK Version) Under Your Spell Ann Thomson-Buhler Under Your Spell Again Undercover Robbie McGowan What's Your Name Hickie Lyin' To My Heart Undercover Lover Donna R Munafo She's Country Undercover Mini Charlotte What's Your Name Neckelmann Underground, The Geri Morrison & Sound Of The Underground Kiley Evans Paralyzed Underneath The Barbara Lowe & Underneath The Arches Melody Arches Melody Connie Jones Break My Stride Hooray Hooray It's A Holy Holiday Understood Sharon Collison I Don't Care If You Love Me Anymore Undo It Amy Christian-Sohn Undo It & Gene Norton Undying Love Jan Wyllie Undying Love Unfaithful Craig Bennett Unfaithful Unfinished Business Sandy Kerrigan The Greatest Man I Ever Knew Unfinished Waltz Shelley Lindsay I'm With You Unforgetable Elvis John Dean Elvis Medley - Treat Me Nice/Such A Night/Paraliysed Unforgetable Love Mr Lim Peng Chye Merry Widow Blue Danube Unforgettable John Dean I Forgot To Remember Unforgettable Irene Groundwater Unforgettable Unforgettable Heroes Mel Llewellin Cartoon Heroes Unicorn Unknown Romeo I Want You Bad Uninvited Michael Lynn Uninvited Uninvited Love Ken Favreau Uninvited Union Mare Chris & Andrew Union Mare, Confederate Grey Sparkes Union Special Doreen Hardiman Down To My Last Teardrop Some Kind Of Trouble Big One Union Street Liam Hrycan Union Street Unique Genecia Luo WeiQi Du Yi Wu Er aka Unique Universal Alan G. Birchall Universal Call My Name Song For Lovers Pon De Replay Universality Kevin Day Cowboy's Country Line Unleash The Dragon Helen Morton Unleash The Dragon Unlock My Heart Peter Metelnick Unlove Me Unlucky 4 Some Jim Sandham Since 13 Unlucky In Love Helen D'Aguiar Unlucky In Love Who's Your Daddy? Unmendable Jan Wyllie Some Broken Hearts Unmistakable Kevin & Maria Unmistakable Smith Unmistakably Good Masters In Line That's Good Chains Uno Dos Tres Sherry McClure 13MWZ Maria Uno Momento Chris Brocklesby Un Momento Alla Un-Plugged Warren Fleming I Don't Wanna Talk About Love Unpredictable Robbie McGowan Two More Lonely People Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson Unreachable Bill Larson Out Of Reach Unsatisfied Jan Wyllie Satisfy You Unscrew Me Betty Robinson Life Goes On 4-Wheel Drive Unsold! Steve & Denise Sold Bisson Unspoken Jan Wyllie Think Of Me Unspoken Love Kathy Brown Tips Of My Fingers Unstoppable Kathy Hunyadi Unstoppable Un-Stuck On You Tim Gauci I Fall To Pieces Unsung Hero Alan Haywood Unsung Hero Rock With You Untamed Emma Thompson Untamed T-R-O-U-B-L-E Fever Until The End Maggie Gallagher Stuck On You Until You Came Jeannie Woolman Precious Untitled Cha Cindy Truelove & It's Alright Jeff Frisina Redneck Rhythm & Blues Untitled Waltz Maurice Rowe Que Sera Sera I Care For You Untrue Cha Cha Maureen & I Should Have Been True Michelle Jones Unwind Jamie Davis Bubba Hyde Unwound Wanda Sigler Big Love Just Let Me Into Your Heart Pickup Man Unwound Jan Wyllie Unwound Up A Creek Kathryn Sloan & Up A Creek Kelvin Dale Up A Notch Amy Christian-Sohn Up Up Against The Wall Marsha Story Up Against The Wall Up Against The Wall Frank Cooper Me Against The Music Up All Night Guy Chambers Rock DJ Up All Night The Girls (Maureen Up All Night & Michelle) Up And Away Dougie D. Up Up And Down Chris Peel Up And Down Up And Down And Chris Jackson What's In It For Me In Between Up Beat! Helen A. Walker Gypsy Up Up Close And Deb Crew Desire Personal Up Country Robbie McGowan Let's Put The Western Back In The Country Hickie I Don't Want To Mention Any Names When The Wrong One Loves You Right Cry Cry Up Down Debbie McLaughlin Up Down & Joey Warren Up, Down & Lou Ecken What's In It For Me? In Between Up For Air Karen Grave That's The Kinda Love Up In Smoke Sadiah Heggernes Dame Fuego But For The Grace Of God Up In The Clouds Susan Hancock To Be With You Cloud 8 That's What Said About The Buffalo Up Jumped The Boogie Gaye Teather & Up Jumped The Boogie Andrew & Sheila Up N' Down David Cheshire Pick 'Em Up & Lay 'Em Down Up North Toni Leah Stevens Up North (Down South, Back East, Out West) Up On The Roof Donna White Up On The Roof Up On Top Nancy A. Morgan Up On The House Top Up The Creek Jan Wyllie 40 Days And 40 Nights Up To My Neck In Red John H. Robinson Up To My Neck In Red Up To No Good Peter Metelnick Down In Mississippi Up To You Phil Carpenter Walk On Up Town Girl Robert Walker Up Town Girl Up Up Up! Wesley Cowie Up! Up! Up! Up! Nancy A. Morgan Up! Up Up Up The Kidz Up Up Up Up Peter & Alison The Sky's The Limit Up Your Alley Christy Fox Always Keep An Edge On Your Knife Ups And Downs Jan Wyllie Life's Little Ups And Downs Upside Down Masters In Line Upside Down Upside Down Kate Sala & Robbie Upside Down McGowan Hickie Upside Down Sho Botham Upside Down Upside Down Sho Botham Upside Down For Starters Upside Down Darren Tubridy Upside Down If You're Not In It For Love (I'm Outta Here) Upside Down Anne Herd Upside Down Upside Down Blues Delwyn Swaisland Bad Day For The Blues Upside Inside Out Nicola McQuillan Yes La Vida Loca Now I Can Dance Get On Your Feet Upside Inside Out Zoe Laugharne & Livin' La Vida Loca Neil Langford Uptown Girl Anita Ludlow Uptown Girl Uptown Girl Michael Vera-Lobos Uptown Girl If You Ever Saw Her Uptown Girl Sarah & Myra Uptown Girl Massey Uptown Boogie Angie Shirley Uptown Girl Uptown Rock A. Russell Blue To The Bone Bop Uptown Sally Lesley Johnston Uptown Girl UR Gruve Thang Ron Kline Shake Your Groove Thing UR My M8 William Ambrose You're My Mate Country Roads Ur Tears R Comin Jo Conroy Your Tears Are Comin Urban Country Shane Alasi-Jones Hip Square Dance Urban Daze Karen Bourbonnais, Days Go By Karen Brigdon & Peter Brotsch Urban Grace Masters In Line But For The Grace Of God Urban Hit Michelle Risley Hit The Ground Runnin' Urban Life A. Joven Better Life Urban Lifestyle Jan Wyllie Better Life Urban Living Val Myers Live To Love Another Day Days Go By Lower East Side Urban Nights Linda Burgess Dance The Night Away Urban Renewal Alana Clancy Homespun Love Urban Ride Sandi Brooks It's A Love Thing Baby, I Love You That's The Kind Of Mood I'm In Urban Style Kash Bane The Call (Complete!) Urban Style Kash Bane The Call (Pts 1,2,3) Use Somebody Jo & I Use Somebody Used Heart For Sale DJ Dan & Wynette Used Heart For Sale Miller Used To Be Warren Mitchell 1-800 Used To Be Used To Be A Time Jill Babinec & Don't Happen No More Joanne Brady Used To The Pain Thomas Wagner Used To The Pain U-Turn The Girls (Maureen Where You Think You're Goin? & Michelle) What A Way To Wanna Be Waiting For Tonight Fast As You

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