Top 10

DANCE TITLE CHOREOGRAPHER MUSIC SUGGESTION P P.A. Shuffle DJ Dan & Wynette Louisville Miller P,B N R Ben Summerell, But I Do Love You Rhys Pearce & Paul Snooke PC Slide Linus Ellis Keep On Rockin' P.D.Q. John Jordan Johnny Come Lately PDX Group PJ's Breaker Breaker Jeannie Woolman Remedy Cowboy Band Runaway Train Any Way the Wind Blows Texas Tattoo P B Fever Tony Wanko Pacman Fever PHD (Pretty Hard David J. McDonagh Fever Dance) Summer Of Love PM Roll William Sevone Proud Mary PMS Express! Knox Rhine Honey, I'm Home Any Man Of Mine Hippy, Hippy Shake At The Hop P.O.P Das Paul P. O. Q. Jan Wyllie I Hear You Knocking P.P. Crazy Ria Vos Pipi P.T.S.Cha Winnie Yu Calling Your Name Crush PYT Andy Williams New Classic P.Y.T. (Pretty Dirk Kosloski Pretty Young Thing Young Thing) Johnny Cash Pow! (Pioneers Gaye Teather Owe Them More Than That Out West) P = R + C Eddie Bolton You've Got The Power P.S. Boogie Deb Sipe P.S. - Live, Linda Roberts & Live, Laugh, Love Laugh, Love John Clements P.S.E. Alan G. Birchall Somewhere In My Heart P.T.A., The Tish Cyrus Harper Valley P.T.A. PVC Helen Clarke I Want Your Love Pablo's Cha Cha Barry Porter & She's All I Ever Had Paul Hulatt Pachanga Girl Rafel Corbi Pachanga Girl Pacific Boogie Michele Perron & Boogie Till The Cows Come Home Brian Bull Arlene The Yodelin' Blues Cadillac Baby The Things You Said To Me There Goes My Heart Pack My Bags Ria Vos Old Life Goodbye Pack Up Your Maureen Bullock Pack Up Little Troubles Pack Up Your Willie Brown Pack Up Troubles Paddlefoot Bill Larson Redneck Romeo Never Too Old To Rock & Roll Paddlin In Cuba Peter Heath Cuba Libre It's All Right Paddy's Reel Joe Warren Paddy McCarthy Paid My Dues T.L.C Paid My Dues I Want To Be The First One Paid My Dues June 'The Lady Paid My Dues In Black' Paid My Dues T. Simnett Paid My Dues The Pain Of Mike O'Brien The Pain Of Loving You Loving You Paint It Black Lindsey Marsh Paint It Black Paint It Black Clare Bull Paint It Black Paint The Town Coastal New Way (To Light Up An Old Flame) Boot-Scooters Paint The Town Rick & Deborah Someday Bates That's Not Me Paint The Town Redneck Paint The Town Lois Lightfoot Lipstick, Powder & Paint Paint The Town Terry Hogan Swing Baby Painted Pony Ronnie Fortt If Wishes Were Horses Painted Windows Neville Fitzgerald Painted Windows & Julie Harris Painter Waltz Claire Gent Song Of Mira Between Now & Forever Dream On Texas Ladies Goodbye Old Paint Painting Love Michael Vera-Lobos If I Was A Painting Pa-Leeze Max Perry & Please, Please Jo Thompson Palisades Park Mark Cosenza Palisades Park Sweet Sweet Smile Palladio Crazy Chris Palladio Palomino Unknown Every Little Thing Yhden Ainoan Suudelman Pandora's Box Jackie Barber Pandora's Box Panic Station Brian Banbury Baby Don't Go Oasis Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard Paniola (Hawaiian Laura Parker Why Haven't I Heard From You Cowboy) Lifestyles of the Not So Rich & Famous Pantaloons Kate Sala Pantaloons Panther Rob Fowler Respect Pants Beverly Sprouse Pants Papa Bear Ron Wacker Papa Bear Papa Bear's Bed Jan Wyllie Papa Bear Papa Don't Ask Mark & Jan Caley Papa Don't Ask, Mama Don't Know Only You Papa Loves Mambo Yvonne Anderson Papa Loves Mambo Papa Loves Mambo Masters In Line Papa Loves Mambo Papa's Cheat Tanja Viitamäki Don't Be Stupid Papaya Samba Lyne Camerlain La Papaya Paper Angels Francien Sittrop Paper Angels Paper Dreams Ed Lawton & Scrap Piece Of Paper Allan Hocking Paper Roses Carol Penfold Paper Roses Paper Wings William Sevone Paper Wings Can't Do Right For Wrong More More More Come As You Are Paper Words Jan Wyllie How Can I Write On Paper Paperback Love Normandy Some Somebody Cha Cha Makarevich Friends In Low Places Paperback Love Pappy Chee Kiang Lim Dad Par Ti Cha Kathy Brown She Never Makes Me Cry Your Day Will Come Keep Your Cool Para Siempre Michael O' Shea Could I Have This Kiss Forever Parachute Peter & Alison Parachute Paradise Beth Webb Double Wide Paradise Paradise Irene May Paradise Paradise David Blakeley Paradise Paradise Paul Snooke Another Day In Paradise Paradise Beauty And Paradise The Beast Paradise Mike Hitchen Sexy Sexy Lover Paradise Cha Michelle & Paradice Mandy Bain We Won't Dance Paradise Cha Cha Cherryl Tonner Paradise Paradise Cha Cha John H. Robinson Paradise Hop Alison Biggs From Hell To Paradise Paradise Island Mark Cosenza Live Laugh Love Paradise Lost Pete Sewood Paradise Paradise Strut Roy Greene Even If I Tried You Gotta Love That Heads Or Tails Paradise Knife & Gun Club Paradisia Derrick & Terry Paralysed Barbara Stocks Paralysed Paralysed Vicki Hounsow Paralysed Paralyzed Charyle Hartje & Paralyzed Gary Clayton Pardon My French Michele Perron Hearing It In French & Kathy Hunyadi Paris 98 Michael John Sr & Carnaval De Paris Michael John Jr Park & Dance Matesa Tweedlee Dee Parli Italiano Harry Seddon Robert De Niro's Waiting' Parlour Medley Jenifer Reaume Parlour Medley I Still Carry You Around Rockin' This Xmas Parnell Shuffle Vicki Rader Heart's Desire Tender Moment Part-Time Lover Dee Musk Part-Time Lover Parta Me Michele Perron Part Of Me Parti 'ng' Time Stephen Sunter You'll Be Mine (Party Time) (Party Time) Believe Me Baby (I Lied) Undo The Right Absolutely Everybody Partners Waltz Val Reeves Husbands And Wives He'll Have To Go The Party Ain't Gaye Teather The Party Ain't Over Yet Over Yet Do I Do It To You Too Party Animal Roger Rod We Like To Party Party At Charlie's Charlie Milne I'm From The Country Honky Tonk Song Party Bones Calamity Jane Drinkin' Bone Newhard Celebrity Everyday Girl Party Crowd Jorma Leitzinger Party Crowd Bill's Laundromat, Bar And Grill Party Crowd Charyle Hartje & Party Crowd Gary Clayton Party Doll Bobbie Ann Whitt When Boy Meets Girl Kiss Me In The Car Party Doll Mary E. Richardson Party Doll Party Down! Max Perry Party Down Party Down Kathy Brackett Party Down Party Down...... Gerard Murphy Absolutely Everybody Under Let's Go All Night Party For Two Helen Born & Party For Two Nita Lindley Party For 2 Maureen Reynolds Party For Two Party-4-2 Peter Metelnick Party For Two & Alison Biggs Party Freak Kate Sala On The Dance Floor Party Guest Jo Thompson Be My Guest Szymanski Baby You Know Where I Am Party In Pink Jamie Marshall Get The Party Started Party In The USA Amy Christian-Sohn Party In The USA & Jane Boyd Party Like Cowboys Sue Ann Ehmann Country Done Come To Town (Country Done Come To Town) Party Line Sue Pachico & It Ain't A Party Sharon Mello Party "N" Line Glenda Harney & County Line Patrick Fleming Too Much Blood In My Alcohol Level Party Night Marg Jones S Club Party Party Of One Maggie Gallagher Party Of One Party Of One Tom Knight Party Of One Party On Cindi Talbot Let's Go All Night Jump On It Give Me Just One Night Dance Come Baby Come Party On Garth Bock Until The Moon Is Gone Party On Dude Brenda Rowsell Party For Two There's Goin' Be A Heartache Tonight I Should Be So Lucky Party Shuffle Glennis Robb Party Zone Party Time Bill Larson Up To Feeling Down Party Time! Peter Metelnick You'll Be Mine That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me Eat & Run I Like It Party Time! Kathy Hunyadi We Like To Party Hey Operator Come On Over Party Time Nicky Capper Two Of A Kind, Workin On A Full House Party Time Maureen & Party Down Michelle Jones Party Time Adrian Lefebour Here For The Party Party Time Bill Ray Party Time Party Time Express Kathy Brown Get This Party Started Party-Time In Dixie Andrew, Simon Southern Boy & Sheila Party Time Tonight Suzanne Wilson Party Time & Guyton Mundy Party Train Ed White Party Train Just You And Me Upside Down Leap Of Faith Party Up Judy McDonald Get This Party Started Party Up!!! M.T.Groove Shake Up The Party Party Zone Ros Brander- Fame Stephenson Party Zone Party Zone Violet Ray Party Zone Partytime Helen A. Walker Inside Out My Kinda Party Velvet Sky Partytime Express Kathy Brown Getting Ready To Party Pasadena Cianne D. McGinnis Lost & Found Heart Of Stone Bop I Wanna Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart Midnight Highway Guitars And Cadillacs Pasadena Mary Hoedman Guitars, Cadillacs Pase'o Cha Cha Alan Livett Mucho Mambo Por Arriba, Por Abajo Lady Marmalade Mr. Right Paso Por Paso Peter Metelnick Que Si, Que No Pass Me A Cold One Suzanne Wilson Cold Beer Pass Me By Matt Jenkins Pass Me By If You're Only Passing Through Pass That Bottle Julie Peacock Man Is Not A Camel Round Passenger Seat Charlie Mifsud Passenger Seat Passing Through Group Pass Me By Passing Through Raymond Howell Pass Me By Passing Through Hazel Pace Passing Through Good Ole Texas Girl Passion Ron Kline More Love Under The Boardwalk Here We Go Passion Tom Mickers Pasion Passport To Party! Peter Metelnick & Dance Dance Dance Alison Biggs Past Love As A Dream Winnie Yu Dream Of Past Happy Times Past Tense Bill McGee & Never Zac Detweiller Pata Pata Roy Hadisubroto Pata Pata Pata Pata Cha Cha Irene Groundwater Pata, Pata Patchouli Country Mary Kelly Does Your Daddy Know About Me Let's Do Something If You Want To Touch Her-Ask Patchouli Reel Mary Kelly Reel To Reel Abha na Sead Patience William Sevone Patience Patient Heart Michael Vera-Lobos Patient Heart & Lisa Foord Patricia Unknown Killing Time Patrizio's Rumba Max Perry A Man Without Love Patsy And Me Gail Wilson A Bottle Of Wine And Patsy Cline Pattycake Polka Dick & Geneva How Do Matteis Amarillo Sunday Drive That's What I Like About You Pattycake Waltz Crystal Lee The Doggie In The Window How Much Is That Doggie In The Window Pattycakes Knox Rhine How Do Amarillo Sunday Drive That's What I Like About You Patty's Whip Le & De Dokken War Paint Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine Patum! Diana Fort & Lewis Boogie Jordi Garrit Paulo's Pencil Chris Cleevely Pencil Full Of Lead Pauls Dance Unknown Paunchy - Train Michael A. Beall Love Is Free Pay Bo Diddley Denny Hengen My Little Jalapeno Pay Bo Diddley Pay Roo Michele Perron & Dance Me To The End Of Love Terry Hogan Medley Winter Wonderland/Sleigh Ride Payback Cliff Holland Cadillac Tears Blue Roses Payback Jenn Manfra Payback Love Rollercoaster What You Waiting For Paycheck Mike O'Brien Friday Paycheck Payday Chris Goodyear I Can't Wait For Payday Paying The Price The Girls (Maureen How Am I Supposed To Live Without You & Michelle) Peabody Scoot Glenda Ortiz There Ain't Nothing Wrong With The Radio Walk Softly Peace Of Mind Trevor Smith Don't Worry Baby Peace Of Mind Carl Sullivan Peace Of Mind Peace Train Gloria Johnson & Peace Train Dusty Miller Peace Train Julie Molkner Peace Train Peaceful Easy Dianne Joseph Peaceful Easy Feeling Feeling Peaceful Easy Glennis Robb Peaceful Easy Feeling Feeling Peaceful Steppin' Ronnie Ann What If Marchand Peacepipe Mark A Smith Easy Come, Easy Go Peanut's Mambo Jodi Wittman Here Comes My Baby I Got A Girl Pearl Jammin' Barry Amato & Sold Scott Lanius The Ballad of Jed Clampett Pearl Snaps Fulvio Durazza Pearl Snaps Pearls Jan Wyllie Pearls Of Wisdom Peas In A Pod KC Douglas Me And God Daddy's Gone To Knoxville Got To Get To Louisiana Small Y'all Pecos Valley Diamond Michael Seurer Better Call a Preacher Mi Vida Loca Pedal To The Metal Peter Metelnick Lucky Arms Little Deuce Coupe Peek A Boo Bill McGee Peek-A-Boo Peek A Boo Maggie Gallagher Peek A Boo Peep Show Lawrence Allen Peep Show Peepin' Shelli Blake & Whatchulookinat John H. Robinson Peggy Sue Unknown Pencil Thin Mustache Charlotte Skeeters Pencil Thin Mustache Dance! Shout! Bubba Hyde Pencil Thin What??? Unknown Pencil Thin Moustache Penfold's Dream Carol Penfold Baby Love Pennsylvania 6-5000 Rachael McEnaney Pennsylvania 6-5000 Penny Arcade Rachael Barber Penny Arcade Even When I Don't Feel Like It Burning Ring Of Fire Penny Farthing Lea Ballantyne Just Once Penny Love Ed Lawton Penny Love Penny Rock Penny & Joe Parker I'm That Kind Of Girl Cadillac Style I Hear You Knockin' Penguin Gerry Haga Penguin Penguin, The Roy East From Where I Stand I'll Think Of A Reason Later People "SanDee" Skelton Deep River Blues Migra Salty Dog Blues People Like Me Robbie McGowan People Like Me Hickie People Like Us Anonymous People Like Us People Like Us Cindy Smith & People Like Us Vikki Bondurant Pepiti Pepito Debbie Small Pepito Pepper Pod Kathy Stearns Crazy Nights Saddle My Dreams You Walked In Barrel Racing Angel Don't Laugh At Me I Fell Everything's Changed Pepper Shaker Pepper Siquieros Twist And Shout Who Says You Can't Go Home Peppy Toe Jan Wyllie Pepito Per Chance Jackie Lincoln Dance With My Father Per Sempre Amore Gaye Teather Sempre Amore Per Sempre Amore Paul O'Connor Per Sempre Amore Perdido En Ti Karl Cregeen My Heart Is Lost To You (Lost To You) Perez Prez Maoliosa Bond Guaglione Perfabot Frederick Williams Que Si Que No Perfect Megan Hart Perfect Love Perfect Colleen Archer Perfect Perfect Jos Slijpen Perfect Perfect! Guyton Mundy *** Perfect Perfect Bliss Raymond Townsend Perfect Bliss Penny Lane Perfect Bliss Sarah Massey Perfect Bliss Perfect Christmas Jennifer Choo Perfect Christmas Sue Chin Perfect Day David J. McDonagh Perfect Day Perfect Day Daniëlla Deckers Perfect Day A Perfect Day Simon Ward Stay The Night Perfect Love Eric Sellers Perfect Love Perfect Love Birgitta Schoultz Perfect Love -Ekblad & Terhi Tuononen Perfect Love Michelle Denney Perfect Love Walkin' On Me Perfect Love Andrew, Sheila Perfect Love & Simon Perfect Man Paul Clifton This Man I Love Love Me A Little Bit Longer The Perfect Man Ellen Kiernan Perfect Man The Perfect Man Michele Perron Hate 2 Love Her Perfect Match Ann Napier How Do I Live Perfect Match Alan Robinson As Long As You Belong To Me The Way You Love Me Western Stars Come A Little Closer Men Will Be Boys I've Been Better Perfect Memory Alan Robinson I'm Not That Easy To Forget Perfect Moment Mark & Jan Caley Perfect Moment No Time At All In A Letter To You Heartbreak School Perfect Moment Dynamite Dot Perfect Moment Baby Don't Go A Perfect Night Niels Poulsen Stay The Night Perfect Paradise Angie Shirley Paradise Perfect Passion Heather Frye & Ain't Nothing 'Bout You Derek Steele Perfect Silence Jan Wyllie You Have The Right To Remain Silent Perfect Storm Calamity Jane Hurricane Jane Newhard Will You Go With Me Perfect Time Stephen Sunter I Don't Want This Song To End Perfect Time Gaby Neumann Life At The Perfect Time A Perfect View Roy Verdonk & In Another Eyes Wil Bos Perfect Wings Bill Larson Don't Laugh At Me Perfection Zoe Ruston Perfect Love Perhaps Chris Kumre Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps To Be With You Perhaps Anne Herd Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps John H. Robinson Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps, Perhaps, Tam Pearce & Perhaps Perhaps Sam Edwards Personal Touch Gloria Johnson Where I Come From All Wrapped Up Personality Karen Jones (You've Got) "Personality" Personality Irene Groundwater Personality King Tim III Persuasion Diana Dawson Cajun Persuasion Down At The Twist And Shout Perth Push Cindy Truelove All Shook Up Rockin' Pneumonia Petal To The Metal Barry Amato Speed It Up Peter Push Unknown Petite Fleur Jos Slijpen Petite Fleur Petite Si Bon Jenifer Wolf C'est Si Bon Phase Two Tonya C Moore Lady Marmalade Let's Get Loud Can't Fight The Moonlight Philomath Rodeo Connie Shell Rodeo Rock Stomp Bobbie Ann Mason Big Hair When and Where Phloor Philla Bryan McWherter Floor Filler & Cody Stevens Phoenix, The William Sevone My Heart Will Never Break This Way Again Phoenix Waltz Patricia E. Stott Are You Wasting My Time Phone-A-Phobia Simon Ward Why Haven't I Heard From You Phoney Creases Charlie Milner Guys Do It All The Time Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind Phonographic Memory DJ Dan & Phonographic Memory Wynette Miller Phunk Phoolin' Masters In Line Lulu and Ker Phunk Around Physical Attraction David Morgan If You Wanna Touch Her Ask Piano Man David Camm Piano Man Picana-Boogie Brian & Ann When You Move That Way Bambury Pick A Pocket Jan Wyllie Too Many Pockets Pick Me Marie! Jan Wyllie Me Marie Pick Me Nigel Craig Cooke Pure And Simple Pick Me Up Susan Byrne I'd Rather Ride Around With You Pick Up Man Unknown Pick Up Man Pick Up The Phone Liam Hrycan Pick Up The Phone Pick Up The Pieces Mark & Jan Caley Pick Up The Pieces Pick Up Truck Anna Balaguer Love Without Question The World Pickin' Trash Ulrika Rapp Mama Take Me Home Pickup Man Nico Bijkerke Pickup Man Picnic Polka, The David Paden I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart Picture Jodie & Katie Picture Picture Book Ron Kline Picture Book Picture Of Love Brett Jenkins & She Was Thomas Worth Picture Of You Michael Vera-Lobos Picture Of You & Rhiannon Fry Absolutely Everybody Picture Perfect Brad Skinner In Anothers Eyes Picture Perfect Kathy Hunyadi Picture Perfect Picture Perfect Day Judith Campbell Beautiful Day For Goodbye Pictures David Cheshire A Picture Of You Pictures Trevor Green Hold That Thought Honky Tonk Badonkadonk Marshmallow World Piece A Cake Sonny & Linda All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Klemm Piece Of A Dream Max Perry I Belong To You Piece Of Cake Rob Fowler Six Days On The Road Piece Of Garbage Dancin' Mamas Thrown Out Of Love Piece Of My Heart Tracey Carter, Piece Of My Heart Andrew Pember & Graham Nuttall Piece Of My Heart Emma Thompson Piece Of My Heart Piece Of My Heart Simon Ward Piece Of My Heart Piece Of My Heart Masters In Line Piece Of My Heart Piece Of Paradise Carol Cotherman Trailerhood Piece Of The Pie Delma & Denny Marry For Money Rhett Pieces Errol Colomb I Fall To Pieces Pieces H & Mad Cat The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore The Pieces Don't Helen D'Aguiar The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore Fit Anymore Pieces Of Eight Bobby Joe Meadows Lovey Dovey Pier Strut, The Sho Botham Don't Take Her She's All I Got Memphis Tennessee Pierrette's Waltz DJ Dan & Wynette What If I Say Goodbye Miller Pig Bag Bill Sloane Reach Up Swamp Thing Pii Pii Niels Poulsen Pii Pii Pin Drop William Sevone Tonight The Heartaches On Me Broken Heart For Sale Back With A Heart Why Haven't I Heard From You Back In Your Arms Again Little Drops Of My Heart 634-5789 Tonight The Heartaches On Me These Arms Someone Could Lose A Heart Tonight Honky Tonk World Pina Co-Cha Cha Jeannette Birch & Two Pina Coladas Chuck Hagan Just Like A Rodeo Pina Colada (In Bed) Johann Olafsson Two Pina Coladas Pina Colada Cha Judy McDonald Two Pina Coladas Pina Coladas Cha Cha Lynette Griffin Two Pina Coladas Pine Ridge Boogie Stella Wilden Poor Boy Shuffle Single Jam The Way She's Looking Rocking Pneumonia Pinehurst Shuffle Phil from the New Train Pinehurst Dance Club Ping Pong/Cooties Moses Bourassa Jr. Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song) & Barbara Cooties Frechette Mom's Apple Pie Every Man Needs A Good Woman Pink Champagne Waltz Jenifer Reaume Last Cheaters Waltz Captured Husbands And Wives Pink '55 Caddy! Dawn Snyder Pink Cadillac Pink Flamingos Lisa Burns Pink Flamingo Pink Guitar Kevin Richards Pink Guitar Pink Panther Erja Piitulainen The Pink Panther Theme Pink Pyjamas Lynn Gannon He Drinks Tequila Pink Shoelaces Michael W. Diven Pink Shoelaces Pink Sisters Chris Salter In The Mood Stop, Look, Listen Burning Love You Need A Man Around Here Pink Toenails Terry Hogan Pink Toenails Pins & Needles Dean Gambino Jagged Edge Of A Broken Heart Pinto Pal Polka Jaschenka Okhuysen Give Me A Pinto Pal & Adriana Stomphorst Pioneers Waltz Trevor Smith The Dance Pipeliner Tina Argyle The Old Pipeliner Pirate On The Run Vivienne Scott Pirate On The Run & Kim Ray When I Said I Do Pirates Of Dance Peg-Leg Pete & Pirates Of Dance Ahoy Alison Pirates Of The The Girls (Maureen Up Is Down Caribbean & Michelle) Pismo Push Lori Wong Just Like a Rodeo Pitiful Me Allan Hocking Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me Pitiful Me Gordon Elliott Poor, Poor Pitiful Me Pitter Patter Derek Robinson Have You Ever Seen The Rain Pivotal Moment Justine This Kiss Shuttleworth Pizzimambo Dave Casey Here Comes My Baby Pizziricco Pizziricco Megan Boxwell Pizziricco Pizziricco Dynamite Dot Pizziricco Pizziricco Gene Morrill Pizziricco Pizziricco Bryan McWherter Pizziricco & Wanda Holbert Pizzi's Dance Jan Wyllie Pizziricco A Place In The Sun Maria Tao A Place In The Sun The Place To Be Helen Walker & Down At The Place To Be Larry Bass Place Your Bets Gaye Teather Gambling Man Plagiarism Peely The Kid Rock My World We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This Uncle Hickory's General Store Little Bitty Plain Jane Kathy Blasen Plain Jane Plain Jane Jane Newhard Plain Jane Cotton County Queen Plain Spanish Mark & Jan Caley Spanish Eyes Ave Maria Plane Waltz Dave Munro If Love Was A Plane Planet Country Kathryn Sloan & Planet Country Kelvin Dale Planet Janet Jam Janet Humphrey Bury The Shovel Rocky Top '96 Planet Rock David Cheshire Rock The Planet Planet Rock Edward Lawton Rock This Planet Plank 'Er Down Gerard Murphy Haul Her Along Faill-ill é (Òran Luadhaidh) I Heard It Through The Grapevine Plant Your Fields Allan Kenny Plant Your Fields Planter's Twist Unknown On A Summer's Night Heart Of Stone High On A Mountain Top Seminole Wind Long Shot Planting Fields Ken Newman You Plant Your Fields Plastered Mare Dodd 18 Wheels & A Crowbar Platanos Adam Berman, Feel It Roberto Corporan & Amy Spencer Plattler, The Helmuth Hartl Play Jan-A Play Play Cindi Talbot Play Liquid Dreams Get Yer Party On Dust On The Bottle Just Got Paid Play Raymond Sarlemijn Play & Tom Mickers Play For Keeps Neville Fitzgerald Russian Roulette & Julie Harris Play It! Kate Sala Play Foolish Heart The Woman He Loves Play It Again Jane Newhard Call Me Claus Two Of A Kind, Working On A Full House Play It Again Sam Stella Wilden Crying Again If You Can Find Love She's Everything To Me Play It Again, Sam Ria Vos Hey Mr DJ Play It Cool Bob Sykes I'm Gone Play It Loud! Gloria Johnson Play It Loud Play Me Songs (PMS) Carole Daugherty Real Bad Mood Play Misty For Me Angie Shirley Misty Play On Scott Schrank Play On Play Something Dan Albro Play Something Country Country Play Somethin' Linda Kalinowski Play Something Country For Me Country Play Something Tyra Farris Play Something Country Country Play The Game Jan Brookfield Cryin' Game He Will Be Mine Play The Game Stephen Rutter & Games People Play Claire Butterworth Play The Music Kathy Hunyadi Let The Music Play Play The Song Vivienne Scott Play The Song Play The Song William Sevone Play The Song Play Your Annette Maidment Ace In The Hole Cards Right Cowboy Blues Playa Guyton Mundy Playa Playa Blanca Leong Mei Ling Playa Blanca Playa Latino Gaye Teather Te Quiero Mas Que La Detengan Playa Loca Andrew, Simon Una Noche Loca & Sheila That's How Much You Mean To Me Playa Silencio John & Janette Playa Silencio Sandham Playboy, The Dianne Joseph Playboy Playboy Michael Lynn Play It For The Girls Playboy's Blues DJ Dan & Playboy Wynette Miller Played Karen Hedges & Played Paige Reiter Playin' Around Maureen Ash Playin' Every Honky Tonk In Town Playing Around Rob Francis Playing Every Honky Tonk In Town Your Guess Is Good As Mine Love You Too Much Playing Away Ron & Grace Who Did You Call Darlin' Coleman Playin' Chicken Bob Davies I Play Chicken With The Train Playing For Change Stella Cabeca Stand By Me Playing For Keeps Tessa Lane I Want To Be The One Playin Honky Tonks Owen Williams Playing Every Honky Tonk In Town Playin' It Cool Peter Metelnick Summertime Girls Down Came A Blackbird Coco Jamboo It's All In Your Head She's Going Home With Me Playing It Strait Ann Cripps Maria Nothin' But Taillights Playing Lost Bastiaan Just Be Your Tear And Found van Leeuwen Playing Possum Don Moore Playing Possum Playing With Fire Caroline Robson Cold Hearted Playing With Fire Terry Hogan Fighting Fire With Fire Pleasant Shade Wendy Drumm Darkness On The Delta Shuffle Please Behave Gary Lafferty Sweet Miss Behavin Please Come Back Mike O'Brien. Lover Please, Please Come Back Please Come Home Ann Napier Baby, Please Come Home Please Don't Go Daniel Keshan Please Don't Go Please Don't Go William Sevone Please Don't Go Jeans On Born With A Smile On My Face Dancing In The Street The Boy From New York City Jimmy Jimmy Please Don't Go Sadiah Heggernes Please Don't Go Please Don't Ian Dunn Please Don't Make Me Beg Make Me Beg Please Don't Stop Ree Patterson Please Don't Stop Loving Me Please Don't Stop David Spencer Don't Stop The Music Please Don't Tease Yeo Yu Puay Please Don't Tease Please Explain Maree Brown If You Love Me Please Hang Up Karen Asplen I'll Never Stop Please Jolie R.W. Hawke Jolie Please Me Right Junior Willis & Give It To Me Right Scott Schrank Please, Please Babe Anita McNab Please, Please Babe Juke Joint Jumpin' Please Remember Gordon Elliott Please Remember Please Remember Me Liam Hrycan Please Remember Me Please Stay Sam & Ruth Please Stay Armstrong Pleased To Meet You Group Pleased To Meet You Pleased To Meet You John Bishop & Pleased To Meet You Karen Wilkinson Pleased To Meet You David Camm Pleased To Meet You Pleasures Of Mark Simpkin & I'll Go On Loving You The Flesh Robin Imms Pledge Of Love Donna Frankel & Love Me With All Of Your Heart Maria Tao Plug My Heart Into Rita Kyle Plug My Heart Into The Jukebox The Jukebox Plug Nickel Jim Bare Jukebox With A Country Sound The Whiskey Ain't Working Plum Crazy Jim Williams Doreen Bring It On Down To My House Settin' the Woods On Fire Pocket Two Step David Spencer Too Many Pockets Fourteen Carat Mind Poco Latte Lynda Taylor, La Chiqui Big Band Dee Cresdee, Jenifer (Reaume) Wolf Poco Pelo Kenny Teh Poco Pelo Podabe Guyton Mundy Vibrate Poetry Janice Hoy Poetry In Motion Cool To Be A Fool It's My Party Poetry In Motion Sarah Massey Poetry In Motion Dance Dance Dance Poetry In Motion Master In Line The Poet Poetry Of Life Maureen & Tattoos Of Life Michelle Jones Point Of No Return DJ Dan & Burning Bridges Wynette Miller Poison Rep Ghazali Poison Poisoned Thorn The Phoenix Night Train Pokarekare Ana Judith Campbell Pokarekare Ana Poker Face Jo & John Kinser Poker Face Poker Face Enrico Poker Face Poker Face Craig Bennett Poker Face Pokerface Smile Andy Williams Pokerface And Baby Smile Political Sidestep Monte Higgins Hot, Hot, Hot Heartache Tonight Politically Ray & Trish Graham Politically Uncorrect Uncorrect Polk Salad William Sevone Polk Salad Annie Polk Salad Annie Eric Toth Polk Salad Annie Cruisin' Polk Salad Annie Maggie Gallagher Polk Salad Annie & Patricia Stott Polka Dot Shuffle Jane Newhard Good-bye, Maria Hale-Bopp Boogie Having A Good Time Tonight Momma Ain't Home Tonight I'll Give You Something To Miss Polka Stomp Jim & Judy Wells Are You Getting Gettin' Tired of Me I Ain't Ever Seen No One Like You Polkaplay Forty Arroyo and Jambalaya The Hayloft Gang Polys-Filla Alan G. Birchall Yakety Axe Stranger In My Mirror When Love Starts Talking Ohh Ahh Hole Hearted True To Be Loved By You Pommelommel Gaby Neumann Chew Tobacco Rag Pon Pon's Polka Lana Harvey Wilson Bayou Pon Pon I'll Go Crazy I Could Love A Man Like That Me Neither Ponderosa, The Trevor Smith Ponderosa Dance Ponderosa Strut Donna Smith I've Got It Bad For You Life's Highway Highway Blues Ponte Loca! Tajali Hall Whine On You Pony Express Loretta, Marty, & Overnight Male Jeff Brausewetter Long Legged Hannah Cowboy Boogie I'm Moving On Pink Flamingos Take It Easy The First Step What's Your Name Pony Express Lana Harvey 634-5789 Rock The Boat Rowdy Pony Polka Betty Clarke E.I.O. Riding Alone All Over Me Pony Shuffle Ernie & Carmel Southern Streamline Hutchinson It's A Little Too Late Pony Time Johnny Montana Just Like A Rodeo These Chains Honky Tonk Song Poor Boy Blues Michael John Poor Boy Blues Billy B Bad Poor Boy Blues Shane Alasi-Jones Poor Boy Blues Poor Boy Shuffle Vicki E. Rader Poor Boy Shuffle Poor Boy Shuffle Monte Higgins Poor Boy Shuffle Poor Boy Shuffle Jerry Colley Poor Boy Shuffle Poor Boy Shuffle Kevin Richards Poor Boy Shuffle Poor Boy's Dance Marilyn Lambarth Poor Boys Dance Derek Robinson Where The Poor Boys Dance Poor, Heartbroken Pierre Nyström Mixed Up Mess Of A Heart Mess Poor Little Fool The Girls (Maureen Poor Little Fool & Michelle) Why Me? We Should Be Together Poor Little Maggie Gallagher Rich Girl Rich Girl Poor Poor Me Annemaree Sleeth Poor Poor Pitiful Me Poor Willy Kurt Glover Down On The Corner Pop Judy McDonald Dirty Pop Pop A Top Kathie Wharton Pop A Top Pop A Top Pam Peterson Pop A Top Pop A Top Kelvin Elvidge Pop A Top Pop Cowboy Gina Paul & Thump Factor Taylor Poarch Pop In An Oak Kevin Ward Old Pop In An Oak Pop It Jan Wyllie Pop A Top Pop MagiK "Boots" & If The Four Winds Don't Change MagiK in Motion Love Potion #9 Rhythm Is The Dancer Pop Versus Country Helen Clark I Want Your Love Pop Ya Collar Lorenzo Pop Ya Collar Belloque-Vane Pop Ya Collar Guyton Mundy Pop Ya Collar Popcorn Unknown Crazy Over You Say the Word Copperhead Road Popcorn Dynamite Dot Saturday Night At The Movies Popcorn William Sevone Popcorn You Spin Me Round Jolene Party Zone Singing The Blues Respectable Never Gonna Give You Up Can You Feel The Force YMCA Popeye Ronnie Fortt Tall Ships Popeye's Ride Brenton Talbot The Hitchhiker Poppin' Bev Carpenter Get It Poppin Poppin William Sevone Shake And Finger Pop Popsicle Rob Fowler Daytona Nights Dance! Shout! Population 1 Lee Crooks & Rock Bottom Glad Jackson Por Arriba Andrew, Simon Por Arriba, Por Abajo & Sheila Por Ti Sere Jo Thompson Por Ti Sere (4 U I Will Be) (4 U I Will Be) Por Tu Amor Emily Woo & Por Tu Amor Thomas C. Tam Porch Swing John Elliott Black Coffee Till The Coast Is Clear Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain Porkie Pies Clare Beagan Red Lips, Blue Eyes, Little White Lies Porqué DJ Dan & Wynette Porqué Miller Porushka Poranya Gary Lafferty Porushka Poranya Pose Rachael McEnaney Pose Posh Pop Michele Perron If I Can't Dance Positively Pink Maureen The Pink Panther Theme McGregor Smith Posse Strut, The Vera Brown Meant To Be Out of the Blue Clear Sky Whiskey Under the Bridge Honky Tonk Healing Adalida Posse's Pursuit The Posse Outlaw Of The Heart When You Move That Way Hearts Of Fire Cajun Strut Possession Jan Wyllie Baby I'm Yours Possibilities Michael Vera-Lobos (I've Got To) Believe Possibility Foxtrot Max Perry You've Got Possibilities Possum Strut Don Deyne Lay Around and Love You All Night You Will That's My Story Life #9 Radio Active Sea of Cowboy Hats Want You Bad Boogie Til the Cows Come Home Life's Highway Possum Trot Barry Amato I'm From the Country Postage Due Jodi Wittman Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours Postcard Hawaii Karlein Postcard To Hawaii Postman Yvonne Hammond Please Mr. Postman Postmarked Erica Weppler Take A Letter Maria Pot Of Gold Liam Hrycan Dance Above The Rainbow Celtic Fire Pound Sign Knox Rhine Pound Sign Pound Sign- A.J. & Scott Pound Sign Question Mark Herbert Pour Down That Juice Jacky Waymouth I'll Give You Something To Drink About Pour Me Amanda Pour Me Harvey-Tench Pour Me Rob Fowler Pour Me Pour Me Brenda Curran Pour Me Pour Me A Cold One Dolly Cady Honey, I'm Home Pour Out The Rain Ray Cadden Help Pour Out The Rain Powder Puff Strut Kelvin Elvidge & She's Tough Sue Evans Power Mark Hood The Power Power, The Simon Ward The Power Of Love Power Jam Lynn Bryan Fast As You Piece of My Own Heart Mercury Blues Gonna Make You Sweat Jam Put Some Drive In Your Country I Like It, I Love It Power Of Life, The Heather Frye Around The World Power Of One, The Dee Musk Love Is All We Need The Power Of One Harvey & Diana Power Of One Cameron Power Surge Stephen Sunter Tres Deseas (Three Wishes) (Now You See Me) Now You Don't It's Only Cause You're Lonely Power Surge Gerald Biggs Overload Power Up Kathy Gurdjian More Power To Handle Crazy Bout' You Baby All Night Long Red Neckin' Love Makin' Night Powerade Simon Ward The Power Powered Up Warren Mitchell The Power Powerful Stuff Knox Rhine Powerful Stuff Go Ugly Early Beach Weekend Powerful Thing Nic Arkley Powerful Thing Powerfull Thing Mike Marshall Powerful Thing Wrong Night Powerless Phill Morris Watching My Baby Not Coming Back Powerless Powersurge Carl Edwards Sometimes When We Touch All Out Of Love Practice Makes Helen Hargnett One Night At A Time Perfect Practice Makes Deb Crew Hey Baby Perfect Practice What Simon Whincup Long Sermon You Preach Prairie Chicken Norman Gifford Prairie Dog Sal April Overworked And Underpaid Prop Me Up Prairie Rock Val Reeves I Wish That I Could Fall In Love Today Prairie Storm Val Thomas Prairie Town Prairie Strut Hedy McAdams Cherokee Boogie I Am A Simple Man Here's Hopin' Praise You Jenny Constantine Praise You Prancing Pony Neil Hale & I'm Tired Charlotte Skeeters I'm Gonna Get You Crime of Passion Honey Pray For Love Teresa Lawrence & Pray For Love Vera Fisher & Men The Lady In Black Free (I Wish I Knew) Pray For The Fish Suzanne Wilson & Pray For The Fish Crystal Collinsworth A Prayer For All Thomas C. Tam Pray Praying For Daylight Marg Jones Praying For Daylight Pre-Party! Maurice Rowe All The Way Sugar (Gimme Some) Preacher Man Judy Cain Son Of A Preacher Man Preacher Man William Sevone Preachin' To The Choir Home Of The Blues All Night Long Baby Don't Change Your Mind Turn Around Jump To The Beat I Hear You Knockin' Landslide Green Door Preacher Man Rachael McEnaney Son Of A Preacher Man Miss Kiss Kiss Bang Precious Simon, Sheila, Precious Time Andrew, Fay & Lynn Precious Rose William Sevone Me And The Wildwood Rose Precious Time The Lady In Black Precious Time Precious Time Jim O'Neill Precious Time Precious Time Pam Pike Precious Time Precious Time Beth Webb Precious Time Million Dollar Cowboy Precious Time Helen Oastler Precious Time Every Breath You Take Don't Stop The Music Predictable Lu Olsen Predictable Prefab Cowboy Johnny S' Cowboy Dreams Premonitions Noel Bradey I Knew I Loved You The More I Love You President's Choice Dale Wall & Fever Mike Stoble Press Play Michele Perron Precious Thing Oughta Be A Law Pretend Ed Lawton Pretend Pretend Jenifer Pretend (Reaume) Wolf Can't Get You Out Of My Head Pretend "2000" Edward Lawton & Pretend "2000" Allan Hocking Pretender Allan Kenny So Much For Pretending Pretty Baby Al & Peg Zettek Whiskey Love At First Sight That Don't Impress Me Much Part Of Me Ain't Got Nothin' On Us Pretty Baby Bill McGee & No More Pain And Lies The Lady In Black Make This A Special Night When I Think About Angels Pretty Baby Kathy Dula Baby Don't Go Pretty Blue Eyes Anne Herd Pretty Blue Eyes Pretty Cool Jan Brookfield Little Bitty Pretty One Rockin' Robin Pretty Face Maggie Gallagher Pretty Face Pretty Fly For Ben & Lorraine Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) A Cowboy Summerell Pretty Good Brian & Arlene Lee Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer Pretty Good At Benster Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer Drinkin' Beer Pretty Good At Jeanie Lindsey Pretty Good At Drinkin Beer Drinkin' Beer Pretty Good (At Gail Craddock Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer Drinkin' Beer) Pretty Good Start!! Cathryn Proudfoot Add 'Em All Up Pretty Little Baby Jessica Guu Pretty Little Baby Pretty Little Finger Karla & Paul Wrapped Dornstedt Pretty Little Rob Fowler Stalker Stalker Pretty Little Thing Maria & Kevin I Wanna Be Your Man Pretty Mamma Shirley Batson Pretty One Robin Sin Little Bitty Pretty One Pretty Paper Norma Jean Fuller Pretty Paper Pretty Please Maria Maag Perfect Pretty Woman David 'Taz' Morgan Fallen Pretty Woman Hayley Kennedy Oh Pretty Woman Pretty Woman Jan Wyllie Pretty Woman Pretty Woman Lesley Clark Pretty Woman Pretty Woman Cha Cha J. Short Pretty Woman Pretty Women Jennifer Choo Pretty Woman Sue Chin Price Of Love William Sevone The Price Of Love Price Of Love Ann Young The Price Of Love Priceless Gaye Teather Can't Buy Me Love Prickly Cactus, The Betty Clarke Don't Be No Rock & Roll Star The Losing Side Of Me Trail Of Tears Pride Mark Simpkin & Husbands & Wives Robin Imms Pride And Joy Boogie Barry Durand Pride And Joy Prik Khee Noo Chen Kuo-Wei Prik Khee Noo Prime Stomp, The Wayne Barnard Move Your Body Prime Time Deb Crew Day Off No News Prime Time Cha Cha Robert Weaver Dust On The Bottle Bigger Than The Beatles There's A Girl In Texas Check Yes Or No Even If I Tried Learning As You Go Primrose Rose Grant Addicted To A Dollar Primrose Lane Princess & Cowboy Kelli Haugen A Woman Like You Princess Waltz, The Barry Durand & The Flower That Shattered The Stone Stella Wilden Princetown Pistol Daniel Testa Devil's Right Hand Prisoner Stewart Gibbs & Prisoner Johnny S' Prisoners Tears, A Kirsteen Warren A Prisoners Tears Country Music Made Me Do It How Long Is Goodbye Singin The Blues Roadside Attraction Private Dancer Regina Cheung Private Dancer Private Dancer Scott Blevins Slow Dance Private Emotion Martin Ritchie Private Emotion Stay Forever Probably.. Anne Harris Probably Wouldn't Be This Way Probably On Thursday Gerard Murphy Probably On A Thursday Proceed With Kate Priestley & Outside Caution! Sharon Harrison Prodissy Michelle Fowler & When My Baby Sally Nugent Progress Val Work In Progress Progressive Cha Cha Karen Hedges & Ken Snow Progressive Cowboy Curtiss "Hoss" Tribal Dance Marting I'm a Cowboy Working For The Weekend Promise, The Liz Clarke The Promise Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Promise Me Mambo Nancy Morgan Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song) Ti Amo Rhythm Divine Promise This Carmela Saliba Promise This Promised Land, The Johnny S' The Promised Land Elvis Medley Promises Sue and Jane Lipstick Promises (Bossy Boots) Promises Chris Hodgson Time For Letting Go Down To My Last Teardrop Promises Terry Hogan Stars Over Texas Promises Jos Slijpen Promises Promises, Promises Dougie D. Promises Promises Promises Jo & I Promises Promises The Proof Is Out GYTAL Proof Prop Me Up Beside Jo Ann Hilbish Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox The Jukebox Protect My Heart Michael Vera-Lobos No More Protecting My Heart Protect Your Heart Dee Musk Dangerous Proud Moments Alan Haywood Ain't Nobody Gonna Take That From Me Provocame Michael W. Diven Provocame Psychabilly Boogie Peter Metelnick Natural Born Thriller One Foot On The Pedal Psychic Lady The Girls (Maureen Psychic Lady & Michelle) Psychic Lady Chris Peel Psychic Lady Psychic Lady Stephen Rutter Psychic Lady Psycho Cowboy Kathy J. Dubois High Tech Redneck Psycho Cowboy Pucker Up Rick & Deborah Jason Sellers Bates Red Lips, Blue Eyes, Little White Lies She Wants To Drive My Truck Pucker Up Tim Hand Long Wet Kiss Pucker Up Terry Hogan Kiss This Pucker Up ! Scott Blevins Kiss Pudsey, The Cheryl Parker Fast As You Pudsey's Palava Ted Bowring Mama Puff Of Smoke John H. Robinson It Took Us All Night Long To Say Goodbye Salty Dog Blues Big Hair If You're Ever Down In Dallas Do You Wanna Make Something Of It Body & Soul Pull Michele Perron Hey! (So What) Pull My Chain Bracken & Pull My Chain Linda Ellis Pull My Chain The Girls (Maureen Pull My Chain & Michelle) Pull Up Winnie Yu Pull Up Pump It Vicki Whitley Darned If I Don't, Danged If I Do Pump It Rob Fowler Pump It Pump It Masters In Line Pump It Pump Jack Bastiaan Pump Jack van Leeuwen & Arne Stakkestad Pump Up The Jam Mark Furnell Pump Up The Jam Pumpkin Patch Cassandra Thomas Monster Mash It's Midnight Cinderella Pumpkin Patch Stomp Ann Emslie Elvis & Andy Queen Of Memphis Pump-N-Stuff Vicki Rader Flowers After The Fact She Drew A Broken Heart Just Enough Rope Still Standin' Tall Who's Cheatin' Who? Pumpin' For Love Neville Fitzgerald From Paris To Berlin Punch My Ticket Bob Sykes Heartbreak Express Punishment Daniel Whittaker Punishment Mustang Sally Puppy Love Kristina Beeby I Wanna Get To Ya Pura Passion Yvonne Anderson Pura Passion Pure & Simple Maureen & Pure & Simple Michelle Jones Pure & Simple Chris Taylor Pure & Simple Pure Blue Heartache John Warnars Pure Blue Heartache Pure Blue Paradise Dave Munro My Old Friend The Blues Hine e Hine Pastime Paradise Pure Chemistry Alan Robinson Made For Each Other Put Your Heart Into It Right Plan, Wrong Man Pure Country Charles Thornhill Happy Girl Snowball In El Paso Pure Country Darren Mitchell & She Lays It All On The Line Cathryn Proudfoot Pure Country Cha Cha Unknown She's Not The Cheatin' Kind My Maria Pure Fantasy Stephen Sunter The Way You Love Me Pure Fun Peter Metelnick La Parranda Pure Harmony Ty Barton You Could've Heard A Heartbreak Pure Indulgence Thomas O'Dwyer When You Say Nothing At All Pure Intuition Marijke Remkes Pure Intuition Pure Love Kath Dickens Pure Love Dream Lover Pure Love Gerard Murphy 100% Pure Love Pure Love Cha Cha Norman Dery Pure Love Pure Movies Michele Perron The Way You Make Me Feel A Fine Romance Round Of Blues Perfect Pure Passion Henry Costa Scott & Fran's Paso Doble Pure Shores Cherrie Pure Shores Pure Shores Abbey Bayford Pure Shores Purely Fun Carole Daugherty When Mama Ain't Happy Kiss This The Way You Love Me I Think I'm In Love With You Get Up Love Roller Coaster It Wasn't Me Freaky Girl Purely Speculation Nancy Morgan Purple Beach Ball Kate Sala Conky Tonkin' Purple Banana Louise Woodcock Let's Go Crazy Purple Pearl, The Rob Fowler Pearls In An Oyster Shell Purple People Eater Annette Wright Purple People Eater Purple Rain Daniel Whittaker It's OK Purrfect Tracey McIntosh This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof Call Me The Breeze Little Miss Hollywood Purrrr.......fect Celeste Chee It's Got To Be Perfect Push Michele Perron Push Wait Til I Get Home Push It Dion Thomas Daddy Laid The Blues On Me Push It Kate Sala, Ingemar You Rock Me & Marianne Kardeskog Push It To The Limit Mark Cosenza Push It To The Limit Push It Up.. Neville Fitzgerald Push It Up & Julie Harris Push N' Pull David R. Kopcych Livin' La Vida Loca Push Play John Dembiec Please Don't Stop The Music Push The Button Peter Metelnick Push The Button & Alison Biggs Push 2 Shove Paul Mitchell Stand Push Up Adrian Lefebour Push Up Push Upon It Mark Furnell, Push Jo & John Kinser Pushed & Shoved Terry Hogan Thrown Out Of Love Pushing Buttons Anne Harris Push The Button Where You Gonna Go Pushin Me Ryan Wareing Pushin Me Out Puss In Boots Ruth Roscoe & What's It To You Gordon Houlden Chattahoochee Pussy Footin' Maggie Gallagher Tiger Feet Pussycat Doll Winnie Yu Don't Cha Put A Cork In It Lorraine Hillard If I Could Bottle This Up & Friends Put A Girl In It Sylvia Schell Put A Girl In It Put A Little Love Jo Thompson Put A Little Love In Your Heart In Your Heart Szymanski Put It Away David R. Kopcych Live, Laugh, Love Put It Down!! William Sevone I Wouldn't Lay My Guitar Down Female Bonding Dumas Walker It Sure Was Better Back Then Chain Reaction Blue Bonnet Blue Natural Born Lovers No Excuses, No Regrets Oh Lonesome Me Never Wear Mascara Leap Of Faith Pride And Joy Put It Up Ron Kline Slam Dunk (Da Funk) Put On, Put On Nancy A. Dancin' Shoes Morgan-Fletcher Put On Your Jo Thompson Put On Your Dancin' Boots Dancin' Boots Put The Western KC Douglas Put The Western (Back In Country) Back In Country Creedance Song Put You In A Song Peter & Alison Put You In A Song Put Your Arms Lisa Salomon Put Your Arms Around Me Around Me Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard Bailamos Put Your Best Charlotte Frazier Why Don't We Just Dance Dress On Put Your Feet Peter Metelnick Tired Of Toein' The Line To The Beat Put Your Hands On Amy Christian Get Mine, Get Yours My Waistline Put Your Heart Sheri Gay Put Your Heart In To It In To It Put Your Record On Craig Bennett Put Your Record On Put Your Records On Dave Munro Put Your Records On Puttin' On The Ritz Jo Thompson & Puttin' On The Ritz Rita Thompson Pride And Joy Steam Puttin' The Lindy Bowers Puttin' The Hammer Down Hammer Down Puzzler Su Marshall This Ole Heart Pyramids Of Sand Amy Spencer & Incense & Candles Roberto Corporan Pyromania Jo & John Kinser, Pyromania Mark Furnell

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