Top 10

DANCE TITLE CHOREOGRAPHER MUSIC SUGGESTION I IBM Iris M. Mooney No One But You Big Bad Beat I'm In Love With A Capitol U ICU Jamie Davis & See Ya Steve Brain A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action I.C.U. Jan Wyllie I Only See You I C U Christopher Petre, All I See John Robinson & Junior Willis I.D.S. Michel Platje, I Wanna Grow Old With You Anita Zwiers, Olga Komans I......I, I, I, Dancin' Dean & Friday Song (It's Friday) Bryan McWherter I.M.A Tara Green Cowboy Cadillac I-M-R-U? Ron Kline Treat Her Like A Lady Basic Goodbye Everybody Salsa Leap Of Faith Hot Summer Salsa I O U Rachael McEnaney Rock This Country Don't Lets Talk About Lisa Still The One I R (I Are) Carole Daugherty The Way I Are & Brian Randall I R S Val & Roger Pinion I.R.S. Just Call Me Lonesome IZE Henry Damen Eyes Like Yours I Ain't Carl Sullivan & I Ain't Rosalie Mackay I Ain't Cryin' Lana Harvey There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight Second Hand Love Easy On The Eyes Loosen Up My Strings Party Down Shut Up And Kiss Me I Ain't Fallin' Diana Dawson I Ain't Fallin' For That For That I Ain't Had Judith Campbell Ain't Had No Lovin No Lovin' I Ain't Listening David Grant If It Ain't Country (I Ain't Listening) (If It Ain't That's The Way (I Like It) Country) I Ain't Missing You Mark Simpkin Missing You I Ain't Never Deborah & Rick Some Kinda Good Kinda Hold On Me Bates I Ain't Never I Ain't Never Wrangler Wild I Ain't Never I Ain't No Quitter Yvonne Anderson I Ain't No Quitter I Ain't No Quitter Peter Metelnick I Ain't No Quitter & Alison Biggs I Ain't No Quitter Franck S. I Ain't No Quitter I Am DANCERUS I Am Who I Am (Sonia & Ric) I Am Afraid Neville Fitzgerald Because Of You I Am Australian Lorraine Deering & I Am Australian Beth Mills I Am The Bell Eva Pau The Copper Bell Hanging On The Vine I Am What I Am Chris Salter I Am What I Am I Are (I.R.) Barry Durand The Way I Are I Ask You Fay Willcox & How Many Times Linedancers Of Fay's Linedancing I Believe Alan Livett Believe Blue Boy I Believe Sally Atkinson Affirmation I Believe Crazy Chris If There's Any Justice I Believe I Believe In Love Genecia Luo WeiQi I Believe In Love I Believe In You Geri Morrison I Believe In You Love Is In The Air I Belong To You Simon Ward & I Belong To You Niels Poulsen I Brake For Rico Dorsey I Brake For Brunettes Brunettes Fish Ain't Bitin' I Break For Kathy Gurdjian Fast Girl Fast Girls Nine Eleven I Can Alison Biggs When The Wrong One Loves You Right I Can Carin B I Can I Can Be A Bitch Jo & I I Can Be A Bitch I Can-Can Wendy Pemberton Can Can No 3 I Can Dance Cindy Truelove & Now I Can Dance Simon Ward Trail Of Tears These Blue Skies I Can Do It Bill Bader I Can Do It Baby You Know Where I Am I Can Dream Jenny Walker I Can Dream I Can Feel You Neville Fitzgerald I Can Feel You & Julie Harris I Can Feel You 2 Neville Fitzgerald I Can Feel You & Julie Harris I Can Help Nancy A. Morgan I Can Help I Can Help Paulette Lindley I Can Help I Can See Lorraine Shelton I Can See Clearly Now Clearly Now I Can't Be Bothered Teresa & Vera I Can't Be Bothered I Can't Dance Maggie Gallagher I Can't Dance I Can't Explain Chris Kumre The Way You Look Tonight I Can't Get Enough Leyonee Forbes I Can't Get Enough I Can't Go For That Regina Cheung I Can't Go For That I Can't Lie Johnny Two-Step I Can't Lie I Can't Read Rebecca Ewan Don't Turn Off The Lights Your Mind I Can't Remember Noel Bradey I Can't Remember Cadillac Tears I Can't Sleep Amy Christian-Sohn Insomnia I Can't Stay Audrey Watson Getaway I Can't Stop Dancing Audrey Watson I Have To Dance I Can't Think Warren Fleming Falling Never Felt So Good I Can't Wait To Fly Wanda Heldt I'm Alive Amor De Hielo You Set My Heart On Fire I Care 4 U Masters In Line I Care For You (A Waltz 4 U) Come Back I Choose Craig Bennett I Choose Life I Could Get Mike O'Brien I Could Get Used To This Lovin' Thing Used To This I Dance Susan Puruleski Let's Dance I Dare You Michael Vera Lobos I Dare You I Did It Daniel Keshan Don't Know Why I Do It I Did It Through Luke Craig I Heard It Through The Grapevine The Grapevine I Didn't Know Tracey McIntosh I Didn't Know Mi Vida Loca I Didn't Mean To?? Henry Damen I Said I Love You I Do Carlos Betonio When I Said I Do I Do Matt Jenkins I Do I Do Yvonne Hammond I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do Britt Johnston When I Said I Do I Do Jon Peppin I Do (Cherish You) I Do......But Justine I Do But I Don't Shuttleworth I Do I Don't Kevin & Maria I Wanna Be Married I Do It, I Do It, Tom Glover Don't Know Why I Do It I Do It I Don't Believe It William Sevone Loving You Has Made Me Bananas I Don't Believe You Fay Willcox You Lied To Me I Don't Care Lisa Spangler I Don't Care I Don't Care Don Byrne I Don't Care If You Love Me Anymore My Wife Left Me For My Girlfriend Guitar Town I Don't Care Jan Wyllie I Don't Care If You Love Me Anymore I Don't Care June Hulcombe & I Don't Care Barb Willshire I Don't Care DJ Dan & Wynette I Don't Care (Just As Long As You Love Me) Miller I Don't Care Teresa, Vera & I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine (About Trouble) Karen Hunn Trouble Is A Woman I Don't Care John Stables The Sideboard Song I've Got My Sideboards 'Ere I Don't Cucaracha Joey Prieur Senoritas I Don'f Dance Marie Crater I Don't Dance With Strangers With Strangers I Don't Feel Amy Christian-Sohn I Don't Feel Like Dancing Like Dancin' I Don't Give A Durn! Sylvia Schell What Do Ya Think About That I Don't Know Jodi Page Kiss Me Where I Stand I Don't Know Mike Salas Man, I Feel Like A Woman I Don't Know Warren Fleming I Don't Know Why I Love You Kiss Me Where I Stand I Don't Know Wendy Anne Redpath I Don't Even Know Your Name I Don't Know Chris Power I Don't Know Why I Love You (But I Do) I Don't Know Michael L. Salas I Don't Know What She Said What She Said I Don't Know Why! Thomas Worth Grown Men Don't Cry I Don't Know Why Val 'B' Just Want To See You Cry I Don't Know Why Nancy Lee Don't Know Why I Don't Look Back Paul Snooke I Don't Look Back I Don't Need A Man Kevin & Maria I Don't Need A Man To Live With I Don't "No" Bill Morgan Cowboy Love Just Like A Rodeo She Never Lets It Go To Her Heart I Like It, I Love It I Don't Remember Juanjo Casas Hollywood She's Walking Away I Don't Want A Lover Alan G. Birchall I Don't Want A Lover Only In America I Dont Want To Miss Daniel Whittaker I Don't Want To Miss A Thing A Thing I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Evergreen I Dream Off Dancing Mark Hood I Have A Dream I Drove All Night Carl Sullivan I Drove All Night I Eat Cannibals! Mike Yoong I Eat Cannibals! I Fall Alan G. Birchall I Fall (A Ronde Corner) I Fall In Love Sylvie Roy I Fell In Love I Fall To Pieces Paul M. Sutton I Fall To Pieces I Feel A Heartache Jan Brookfield I Feel A Heartache My Guy I Feel Better Lars Soderstrom I Feel Better (Since You're Gone) I Feel Fine Today Lorraine Turner I Feel Fine Today I Feel It Jill Babcock Versions Of Violence I Feel Like Laughing Andre Paule Feel Like Crying I Feel Lucky Unknown I Feel Lucky I Feel The Mona Puente I Feel The Earth Move Earth Move I Feel The Julie Molkner I Feel The Earth Move Earth Move I Fly Away Jan Wyllie I Fly Away I Fool 4 U Susanne Mose Tall Tall Trees Nielsen Hello Walls I4C Fun Push Helen O'Malley & Fun Fun Fun Rob Fowler I Gave You My Heart Diane Kale Last Christmas I Might Hate Myself In The Morning Mockingbird I Get Lifted Myrtle Guice I Get Lifted By Kem Summertime I Get So... DJ Dan & Wynette (I Get So) Sentimental Sentimental Miller I Give It To You Laura K. I Owe It All To You Give Me The Music I Give You My Word Ms. Charlie Milne I Give You My Word I Go To Rio Michael Vera-Lobos I Go To Rio I Got A Feelin' David Sinfield I Got A Feelin' I Got A Feeling Mark Simpkin I Got A Feelin' I Got A Girl Teresa Lawrence I Got A Girl & Vera Fisher Except For Monday You're Gonna Miss Me I Got A Woman Pim van Grootel & I Got A Woman Daniel Trepat I Got Everything Kevin & Maria I Got Everything I Got Everything Jules Langstaff I Got Everything I Got It Anna Balaguer Some Beach When Lovely Met Love I Got Mexico Trish Davies I Got Mexico I Got Mexico Yvonne Niekerk I Got Mexico I Got Mexico Rafel Corbi I Got Mexico I Got My Baby David Grant I Got My Baby Goodbye Earl Rock This Country Man, I Feel Like A Woman I Got My Baby Andrew Blackwood I Got My Baby I Got My Game On Dancin' Terry & I Got My Game On Sylvia Schell I Got Soul Sandra Mailman Soul Man I Got The Blues Tricia Bell She's Got The Rhythm Men I Got The Blues Daniel Trepat & I Got The Blues Nicole Griehsler I Got The Cure Tom West Get Up Hold Me Now I Got The Lot William Sevone I Got Everything Honky Tonk Attitude A Real Good Way To Wind Up Lonesome I Ain't Never I Got Trouble Carol Clements Some Kind Of Trouble I Got You Dawn Dennell Life Is Good Long As I Got You I Got You Lorraine Shelton I Got My Baby I Got You Bryan Elliott Long As I Got You I Gotta Be There Jackie Brennan Gotta Be There I Gotta Girl And Linda Pink Cripple Creek She's So Pretty I Gotta Have It Peter Jones & I Gotta Have It Anna Lockwood I Gotta Learn Stella Cabeca I Gotta Learn How To Dance How To Dance I Gotta Roll Sue Bergeron She Wants To Rock I Gotta Roll! Liam Hrycan She Wants To Rock I Hate Rap Garry Saline I Hate Rap I Hate This Part Michael Lynn I Hate This Part I Hate Your Rep Ghazali Boyfriend Boyfriend El Rey Del Dancing I Have Been Lonely Dave Munro I Have Been Lonely I Have It All Mark Hood Because You Love Me I Have Nothing Val Parry I Have Nothing I Have To Dance Max Perry, I Have To Dance Kathy Hunyadi & Ase Hansson I Have Your Love Alan Haywood I Have The Love I Hear The Music Wrangler Wild What A Feeling I Hear Ya Honkin' Carol A. Lopez Honk If You Honky Tonk I Hear You Knockin' Jo Thompson, I Hear You Knockin' Barry & Dari Anne Amato & John Robinson I Heard It Craig Bennett & I Heard It Through The Grapevine Shelley Lindsay I Heard It Through Barry Durand I Heard It Through The Grapevine The Grapevine I Held Your Hand Merete Sevel & My Immortal Niels B. Poulsen I Hold On Stephen Rutter & Hold On Claire Butterworth I Hope You Dance John Dembiec I Hope You Dance You Sang To Me I Hope You Dance Dave Morgan I Hope You Dance Colours Of The Wind I Hope You Dance Tracy Brown I Hope You Dance I Hope You Dance Alice Lim I Hope You Dance I Just Called... Lana Harvey Wilson I Just Called To Say I Love You Everything's Gonna Be Alright Wherever You Are I Just Called Joan O'Gorman I Just Called (To Say I Love You) Refried Dreams Cold Outside I Just Do Jan Wyllie I Don't Know Why I Just Wanna Janet Billington I Just Wanna Be Happy Be Happy I Just Wanna Know Daniel Trepat I Just Wanna Know I Just Want Charlotte Williams I Just Want To Dance With You To Dance! I Just Wanna Be Happy I Keep Dreaming Alan Haywood Better Chance Of Finding Life On Mars I Kissed Ya Martin Ritchie & Till I Kissed You Dawn Sherlock I Knew Pam Pike I Knew I Loved You Do I Do It To You Too I Know Islands Anita McNab I Need To Know Islands In The Stream I Know You Want Me Kenny Teh I Know You Want Me Song I Left My Heart Vinni Skjoldbaek & I Left My Heart Henning Rasmussen I Lied Rob Bradley & Believe Me Baby I Lied Abi Finedon I Like It! Bob Davis Dust On The Bottle I Like It, I Love It I Like It Gordon Elliott I Like It, I Love It I Like It! Rita Archer Man, I Feel Like A Woman I'm From The Country Happy Girl I Like It Terry Dunbar Skinny Genes I Like It Raymond Sarlemijn, I Like It Daniel Trepat, Pim van Grootel & Jose Miquel Belloque Vane I Like It, I Love It Jim & Tina Ray I Like It, I Love It I Like It, I Love It Nancy De Moss I Like It, I Love It I Like It Like That Luce Scott I Like It Dance The Night Away I Hope You Want Me Too I Like It Loud Doug Miranda & Let's Get Loud Jackie Snyder I Like My lindy Bowers, (I Like My) Cowboys Dirty Cowboys Dirty Janis Graves & Sue Ann Ehmann I Like Short Shorts Sue Ann Ehmann Purple People Eater I Like That HoST We No Speak Americano (I Like That) I Like To Boogie Phil Dennington I Like To Boogie I Like To Move It Frank Cooper & Sweat Of Your Brow Move It Carole Daugherty I Like You Kenny Teh I Like You I Look To You Helen Conroy I Look To You Noonan I Love A Rainy Night Unknown I Love A Rainy Night I Love A Rainy Night Iris M. Mooney I Love A Rainy Night I Love Beer John Robinson I Love Beer I Love It Michael Barr I Like It, I Love It I Love It Lee Curtis I Like It, I Love It I Love Lucy Maurice Rowe Dance Tonight I Love Rock 'N' Roll Peter Ng I Love Rock 'N' Roll I Love Samba Ann Kang Que Tu Tienes I Love The Senoritas Keith & Senoritas The Senoritas I Love This Bar Ellie & Floyd I Love This Bar Meerman I Love This Bar Cathleen Bossaller I Love This Bar & Robin McCracken I Love This Bar Paula Baker I Love This Bar I Love This Town Maria Wick I Love This Town I Love To Boogie Rosalie Mackay I Love To Boogie Tic Toc I Love To Boogie Peter Heath I Love To Boogie I Love To Love Glynn Holt I Love To Love Dance Little Lady Dance I Love U Eilla Kay I Love You I Love U Stephen Rutter Somebody Loves You Something Stupid What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted I Love U Boogie Holly Ruschman Surely (I Love You) I Love You! Steve Mason I Can Love You Better I Love You Something Stupid Mustang Sally Hot Stuff Rockin Pneumonia I Saw The Light Can't Smile Without You I Like It Like That If I Never Stop Loving You Shipwrecked I Love You Bernard Williams I Love You I Can't Get Over You I Love You Carmel & Ernie Something Stupid Hutchinson Will You Love Me Tomorrow I Love You Neil Smith Something Stupid I Love You Because Jeanette Robson Jim Reeves Medley 2 I Love You 2 Ray & Tina Yeoman I Love You Too I Loved Her First Alan G. Birchall I Loved Her First I Loved Her First Norman Gifford I Loved Her First I May Be Country Gary Jameson I've Been To Town I Miss Back When Audrey Watson Back When I Miss You David J. McDonagh I'll Be Missing You Walkin' On Me I Miss You Dynamite Dot I Miss You I Miss You Niels B. Poulsen When You're Gone I Miss You Bastiaan Miss You van Leeuwen I Need A Break Allan & Ashleigh I Need A Break Watson I Need Help Alan Haywood Crazy Chick I Need Jah Ron Kline I Want Heaven I Need Time Lesley Johnston Til I Can Make It On My Own I Need To Dance Too Neville Proctor Goin' Swingin' Tonight A Little Boogie Woogie Bring It Down To My House Big Balls In Cow Town I Need To Know Roz Morgan I Need To Know I Need To Know Amy Christian-Sohn I Need To Know I Need To Know Pedro Machado & I Need To Know (Amore) James Gregory Dove l'Amore I Need You Now Ria Vos I Need You Now Nothing To Lose I Need Your Love Andy Chumbley Unchained Melody I Never Knew Grandma Evelyn Khinoo Been There Done That Could Rollerblade! Take It Back Little Deuce Coupe I Only Dream Audrey Watson When I Dream At Night At Night I Only See You John & Bonnie I Only See You Newcomer Tropical Christmas Young Man's Town You Are No Angel I Only Want To Be Vera Bates I Only Want To Be With You With You I Only Want Bill Bader I Only Want To Be With You To Be With You I Only Want Todd Lescarbeau I Only Want To Be With You To Be With You & Patty Mancuso I Pick My Party Levera Mejia I Pick My Parties I Play Chicken With Barry Amato, I Play Chicken With The Train The Train Guyton Mundy & Robert Royston I Play Chicken With Barry Amato, I Play Chicken With The Train The Train Guyton Mundy & Robert Royston I Play Harder Gerald Biggs Work Hard, Play Harder I Promise Christopher Spicer You Won't Ever Be Lonely I Promise You William Brown I Shall Return I Promise You Craig Bennett This I Promise You I Reckon Lynne Morley I Reckon I Will I Remember Tracie Lee Remember When I Ride A Horse Edward Lawton I Ride A Horse I Run To You Rachael McEnaney I Run To You I Said A Prayer Paula Baker I Said A Prayer I Said I Love You Teresa Lawrence & I Said I Love You Vera Fisher I Said It's O.K. N Fitzgerald It's Ok I Say I Love You Jenifer Reaume I Said I Love You I Say, You Say Diann Adams I Say, You Say I See Heaven Wrangler Wild I See Heaven I See It Now Gwenda & Terry I See It Now Rooke I See It Now Michele Burton Stars Over Texas I See It Now I See It Now Annette Latimer I See It Now I See It Now Warren Fleming I See It Now I See You Chris Peel I See You He Was Mine I Shall Be There David J. McDonagh I Shall Be There I Should Be So Lucky Alison Austerberry I Should Be So Lucky I Should Have Anita McNab Pretend Pretended I Should Have Been True I Should Jive Phyllis Should I Do It Paulantonio I Should Know Ann Napier I Should Know I Shoulda Maddison Glover, It's A Little Too Late Tom Glover & Ian Dunn I Slipped Karen Spencer I Slipped And Fell In Love I Slipped And Kim Swan I Slipped And Fell In Love Fell In Love I Slipped In Love Julie Eaton I Slipped And Fell In Love I Spy Hank & Mary Dahl That Girl's Been Sypin' On Me Down To Your Last One More I Spy Paul McAdam Checkin On Me I Still Believe Gordon Elliott I Still Believe I Still Believe Nicola Glenc I Still Believe Husbands And Wives I Still Believe Gordon Timms I Still Believe I Still Believe Anita McNab I Still Believe Waltz I Still Recall Mike O'Brien Fourteen Carat Mind I Stole All 4 Gytal High Maintenence Woman Wrapped I Surrender Alison Austerberry I Surrender I Surrender Dee Musk Damn I Surrender - Yvonne Anderson I Surrender To The Power I Swear David F. Roberts What Love Looks Like Drink, Swear, Steal & Lie I Swear Ian StLeon I Swear I Swear Dee & Lauren I Swear I Swear Kenny Teh Swear I Think About Angels Lana Harvey When I Think About Angels I Think I Do Jan Wyllie Baby I Think I Love You I Think I DJ Dan & Wynette I Think I Like It Here Like It Here Miller Rockin' Little Christmas Two Step 'Round The Christmas Tree If We Make It Through December Sure Won't Seem Like Christmas The Best Christmas Of Them All Christmas Wish Merry Christmas Strait To You Christmas Cookies Christmas Time's A Comin' Because It's Christmas Time I Think I Love You Ross Carlin I Think I Love You I Think I Love You! Shaz! Walton I Think I Love You Ooh Eee!! I Told You So! Gayle Melonson I Told You So I Told You So Holly Ruschman I Told You So I Told You So Holly Ruschman I Told You So Shuffle I Try Raine Webb I Try I Turn To You Julie Rhodes I Turn To You I Walk The Hill Alan Haywood I Walk The Hill I Walk The Line Ree Patterson I Walk The Line (Revisited) I Wanna Tony Vanderheyden I Wanna Fall In Love I Wanna Talya Chatman Inside Out I Wanna Dance Virginia Tsui I Wanna Dance With Somebody With Somebody I Wanna Hold Merete Sevel I Want To Hold Your Hand Your Hand I Wanna Kiss Mike O'Brien Kiss A Girl I Wanna Know Tracie Lee I Want To Know (Everything There Is To Know About You) I Wanna Know Maggie Gallagher I Wanna Know I Wanna Little More Andrew Palmer & I Want A Little More Simon J. Cox I Wanna Love Again DJ Dan & Wynette I Wanna Love Again Miller I Wanna Rock Carol Thibeault Unbelievable She Wants To Rock I Wanna Talk Linda Burgess I Wanna Talk About Me About Me I Wanna Touch You... Neville Fitzgerald I Wanna Touch You There I Want A Cowboy Jamie Marshall I Want A Cowboy I Want Candy Jackie Barber I Want Candy I Want It All Anthony Horrobin Before You Love Me I Want It All Anne Herd I Want It That Way I Want Love Paula Bilby I Want Love I Want Love ! Karen Hunn I Just Want Love I Want More Rene C I Want A Little More My Guy I Want My Baby Back Kevin & Maria I Want My Baby Back I Want (Never Gets) Tina Argyle I Want A Man She Does I Want That Man Simon Ward, I Want That Man Jo & John Kinser I Want To Fiona Garvie I Love You 'Cause I Want To I Want To Be Loved Pepper Siquieros I Want To Be Loved I Want To Fly John Rowell Fly I Want To Know Mark Paton Is The Magic Still There I Want To Live Sherry Kenyon The Animal Song I Want 2 B Chris Cleevely Scared Like That Money Don't Matter 2 Night I Want You Lina Choi I Want You Burn This Disco Out I Want You Back Edward Lawton I Want You Back I Want You Bad Ian St Leon I Want You Bad I Want Your Lovin' Lorraine Brown I Want Your Love I Will... Lou Ecken I Will...But I Will Always William Ambrose I Will Always Love You Love You I Will Always Love U John Warnars I Will Always Love You Feel So Bad I Will Be Junior Willis I Will Be I Will Be Dee Musk I Will Be I Will Be Free Esmeralda v.d. Pol I Will Be Free I Will Be There Anita Ludlow I Will Be There I Will...But Alex Taylor I Will...But I Will Love Again Wrangler Wild I Will Love Again I Will Survive Ann Napier Sob Revivre (I Will Survive) (Sob Revivre) Love And Affection I Will Survive The Challengers I Will Survive (Tracey & Dave) I Will Survive Lizzy North I Will Survive I Will Survive Phil Carpenter I Will Survive I Will Survive Phil Dennington I Will Survive I Will Wait For You Ira Weisburd I Will Wait For You I Wish Rosalie Mackay I Wish You Were More Like Your Memory I Wish Warren Fleming You've Taken Me Places I Wish I've Never Been I Wish Helen D'Aguiar Free (I Wish I Knew) The Way You Love Me I Wish Diana Dawson Don't You Wish It Was True I Wish Jose Miguel I Wish Belloque Vane & Roy Verdonk I Wonder Why Niels B. Poulsen I Wonder Why I Won't Be Crying Teresa & Vera I Wont Be Crying I Won't Cry Ree Patterson I Won't Cry I Won't Cry Robyn Dale Not Me, Not I I Won't Stop Brett Jackson I Won't Stop I Would Gitta & Tomas I Would Die For You I Wrote This For You Rhiannon Fry I Wrote This For You I Wrote You A Teresa & Vera Love Letter Love Letter Ibiza Arriva Jenny Rockett We're Going To Ibiza Hello Mr. Heartache Ain't That The Way Ibiza Style Dancemaker We're Going To Ibiza Trouble Ibiza Sway Jean Thorpe We're Going To Ibiza Ice Shaz Walton Ice Ice Baby Ice Baby Judy Rodgers Ice Ice Baby Love Sex Magic All I Want To Do Ice Breaker Mary Kelly Hold Your Horses He's Your Problem Now Ice Breaker Moses Bourassa Jr. Popsicles And Icicles & Barbara Frechette Ice Breaking Jennifer Choo In The Heat Of The Night & Wendee Chen Ice Cream Castles Rep Ghazali Both Sides Now In The Air Ice Cream Freeze Celia Stevens Ice Cream Freeze Ice Cream Mambo Martin Ritchie Icecream I Hope You Want Me Too Ice On The Move Sam & Ruth Ice On The Move Armstrong Icecream Corner Ed White Icecream Down On The Corner Iced Tea, Baby Winnie Yu Rusputin Ring My Bell I'd Do Anything Hazel Pace Just To See You Smile Silver Stallion I'd Leave Me Too Warren Fleming I'd Leave Me Too I'd Love To Love You BJ The DJ I'd Love To Love You Idaho Unknown I Try To Think About Elvis Idlewild Blue Junior Willis & Idlewild Blue Joey Warren Idol Fire Carole Daugherty Ring Of Fire & Brian Randall If Kimberley Chaffey Thank God I Kissed You If Harold Grimshaw If Tomorrow Never Comes If Bubba Can Dance Marie Crater If Bubba Can Dance If Ever Jan Wyllie If I Ever Fall In Love Again If I The Taz If I Fall You're Going Down With Me Let Your Love Flow If I Ain't Got You Neville Fitzgerald If I Ain't Got You If I Can't Dance Mike & Betty Weeks If I Don't Dance (I'll Go Crazy) Here For The Party If I Can't Have You Larry Bass If I Can't Have You If I Could Steve Knowles Back In Your Arms Again If I Could John Warnars If I Could (I Would Then) If I Could Bottle Pauline Bell If I Could Bottle This Up This Up! If I Could Change Ruben Luna Change The World If I Didn't Piet Meulendijks If I Didn't Have A Dime Have A Dime If I Do Esmeralda v.d. Pol Could Be You If I Don't Dance Sofie Johnson If I Don't Dance If I Don't Dance Dale & Tiny Curry If I Don't Dance (I Will Go Crazy) If You Wanna Touch Her Ask If I Don't Look Back Tom Clemons Don't Look Back If I Feel Your Hand Wrangler Wild If I Feel Your Hand If I Fell Alan G. Birchall If I Fell Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This If I Had Your Lover Anita Ludlow If I Lied Jan Wyllie Would You Believe Me If I Lied If I Only Had Time Piet Meulendijks If I Only Had Time If I Walked Away Stephen Sunter If I Walked Away Where Does It Hurt If I Walked Away Bill Larson If I Walked Away If I Was The Girls (Maureen If I Was Jesus & Michelle) See Jane Dance Up! If I Was The Devil Bill Ray If I Was The Devil If I Were You Margaret Warren If I Were You If I'm Gonna Sink DJ Dan & Wynette If I'm Gonna Sink (I Might As Well Go To The Bottom) Miller If It Ain't Broke Beryl Bradley If It Ain't Broke (Don't Fix It) If It Ain't One Steve Hatley Wild One Thing, Honey, I'm Home It's Another If It Will It Will Maggie Hicks If It Will It Will If It's Over Simon Ward If It's Over If It's Real Opal Webb Come On Over If Love Was . . . Lana Harvey Wilson If Love Was A River If Love Was A River The Girls (Maureen If Love Was A River & Michelle) Who's Cheatin' Who If My Friends Evelyn Khinoo Singin' The Blues Could See Me Now Thirty Days If My Heart Gordon Elliott If My Heart Had Wings Had Wings If My Heart Carina Slijters If My Heart Had Wings Had Wings If Only Cherine Stiller Wild At Heart Cut Me Off If Only.... Alan Robinson I Wish That I Could Fall In Love Today Go Down Swinging If Only.. Anne Harris If She Only Knew If Only Gaye Teather That'd Be Alright Down Louisiana Way If Only!!!! Barry Cook Mrs. Steven Rudy If Only Christopher Spicer If I Had Legs (Like Alan Jackson) If Only I Could Dougie D. If Only I Could If Promises Wrangler Wild If Promises Were Gold Were Gold If She Knew Malene Jakobsen If She Knew If That Ain't Tres Amigos If That Ain't Country Country If The Going Lorraine Burrell When The Going Gets Tough Gets Tough & Iris Felton If The Phone Ginny Graham If The Phone Don't Ring Don't Ring Let's Chase Each Other Round The Room Tonight Walking Shoes Rockin' Pneumonia If The Shoe Fits Michele Burton If I Had No Loot What Goes Around Comes Around If This Is How Maggie Hicks Take It Back You Act If I Could Bottle This Up If This Is Love Neville Fitzgerald If This Is Love & Julie Harris If Tomorrow David Cheshire If Tomorrow Never Comes If Tomorrow Geri Morrison If Tomorrow Never Comes Never Comes If Tomorrow Michael Vera-Lobos If Tomorrow Never Comes Never Comes If U Tim Allen If You Come Back If We Ever Regina Cheung If We Ever Meet Again Meet Again If We Ever Shaz Walton If We Ever Meet Again Meet Again If Wishes Mark Hood If Wishes Were Horses Were Horses If You Could Michael Vera-Lobos If You Could Only See Only See If You Could See Audrey Watson The Other Side Of Me If You Ever DJ Dan & If You Ever Want My Lovin' Wynette Miller If You Ever Saw Her Peter Heath If You Ever Saw Her If You Ever Saw Her Kat Chesney If You Ever Saw Her If You Feel Love Christine Bass Real Love If You Had My Love Sande Webb If You Had My Love If You Knew David Bendle If You Knew What I Knew What I Knew If You Like Jan Wyllie If You'd Like Some Loving If You Love Gordon Elliott If You Love Me If You Love Country Bonnie Newcomer Honky Tonk If You Love Country No Love Have I If You Love Me Iris M. Mooney If You Love Me If You Love Me Ros Brander- If You Love Me Stephenson If You Love Me DJ Dan & Wynette Give My Heart A Rest Miller If You Need Me Peter Jones & If You Need Me Anna Lockwood If You Only Knew Maureen Ash If You Only Knew If You Say Kim Ray If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful If You Smile M.T. Groove Like I Love You If You Think John & Phyllis Fool (If You Think It's Over) It's Over Whipple If You Want Me Lisa Foord & If You Want Me Yvonne Hammond If You Want Me Teresa & Vera I'll Make Love To You If You Want My Alan & Barb Truth Hurts Love - Ya Got It Heighway If You Would! Leane McKenzie Sure Feels Real Good If Your Gonna Tara Green Put Your Heart In To It Love Me If You're Going Holly Ruschman If You're Going Through Hell Through Hell If You're Lookin' Marie Crater Playing Every Honky Tonk In Town For Me If You're Not Rhian Watkins If You're Not In It For Love (I'm Outta Here) You Don't Fool Me If You're Not Paulette Hylands If You're Not The One The One If You've Got Love Vikki Morris If You've Got Love Ignition Toni Leigh Stevens What's It Gonna Take Ignition Jane Boyd Ignition Iko Iko Hedy McAdams Iko Iko Dance And Show Off Iko Iko Johnny Montana Iko Iko Down On The Corner Then What? Iko Iko Pascal Siereveld Iko Iko Iko Iko Linda Sansoucy Iko Iko Iko, Iko Irene Groundwater Iko, Iko I'll Be Stephen Sunter Goodbye's (The Saddest Word) I'll Be Around Kathy Hunyadi I'll Be Around I'll Be Back Michel Cabana Tornero (I'll Be Back) I'll Be Home Soon Fay Willcox I'll Be Home Soon I'll Be Okay Susan Byrne I'll Be Okay I'll Be Ready Tim Gauci When Love Comes Around I'll Be Ready Lyn Abbott When Love Comes Around Wine, Women And Song You've Got What It Takes I'll Be The One Gerry Morrison The One I'll Be The One Irene & Amy Fast As You Williams I'll Be There Anita Ludlow I'll Be There I'll Be There Tiffany Armstrong Whenever, Wherever I'll Be There Pat Laming & Pure & Simple Barbara Lowe Let Your Love Flow I'll Come Running Forty Arroyo Snap Your Fingers I'll Die Trying Rep Ghazali I'll Die Trying I'll Fly Away Linda Burgess I' I'll Get Over You Jim Turner When I Get Over You I'll Have What Andrew, Sheila I'll Have What She's Having She's Having! & Gaye I'll Make You Dance Neville Fitzgerald I'll Make You Dance & Julie Harris I'll Never Be Free Arthur J, Fate I'll Never Be Free I'll Never Find Winnie Yu I'll Never Find Another You Another You I'll Never Forget Brett Jenkins Nights I Can't Remember, Friends I'll Never Forget I'll Never Forget Brett Jenkins Nights I Can't Remember, Friends I'll Never Forget I'll Second That ! William Sevone I'll Second That Emotion I'll Stand By You Peter Metelnick I'll Stand By You & Alison Biggs I'll Survive Keith Davies While The Wife's Away I'll Take Texas Frankie Cull I'll Take Texas I'll Take Texas Gwen Pearce-Bubb I'll Take Texas Dancin' Cowboys I'll Tell You What Scott Blevins I'll Tell You What I'll Tell You What The Taz I'll Tell You What I'll Think Of Jenny Sharp I'll Think Of A Reason Later A Reason Better Things To Do I'll Two Step Alone Max Perry Two Step Alone Down At The Twist And Shout You Feel The Same Way Too Illegal Lisa Johns-Grose Illegal & Bill McGee Illegal Maneuver Michael Seurer The Things You Said To Me Should've Asked Her Faster Working For The Weekend Illegal Procedure Vicki Rader If The Fish Ain't Bitin' She Never Looks Back No News Country Crazy Illusion Mary Kelly One Night Hollywood Nocturne Illusion Marjorie It's Just An Illusion Barnabas-Shaw Illusions Justine Two Pina Coladas Shuttleworth I'm A Believer Leonie Smallwood I'm A Believer I'm A Believer Ian Eccleston I'm A Believer I'm A Country Man Randy Pelletier Country Man I'm A Cowboy Unknown I'm A Cowboy I'm A Cowboy Nancy Morgan I'm A Cowboy Rockin Pneumonia I'm A Gypsy Francien Sittrop Gipsy I'm A Little Pat Doyle I'm A Little Bit Lonely Bit Lonely I'm A Star Jo & John Kinser I'm A Star I'm A Wildflower Knox Rhine Wildflower I'm A Woman David J. McDonagh Fool, I'm A Woman & Klaire Bullock The Fire I'm Alive Keith Strode I'm Alive I'm Alive Bob Bonett I'm Alive I'm Alive David Scott & I'm Alive Evelyn Scott I'm Alive Kitty de Brouwer I'm Alive I'm Alive Simon Tustin I'm Alive I'm Alive Trish Arena I'm Alive I'm Alive Gordon Elliott I'm Alive I'm Alive Kevin & Rena Ward I'm Alive I'm Alive Ellie Meerman I'm Alive Why Why Why I'm Alright Martie Papendorf Crystal Bowersox I'm American Michael Diven American By God's Amazing Grace I'm An Island Dave Munro Alone I'm Back! KC Douglas You Can't Count Me Out Yet I'm Back! KC Douglas You Can't Count Me Out Yet I'm Back Again Guyton Mundy You Can't Count Me Out Yet I'm Blue David J. McDonagh Blue (Da Ba Dee) I'm Blue Norman Dery Blue (Da Ba Dee) I'm Colour Blind! Double D Colourblind I'm Coming Home Vivienne Scott I'm Coming Home I'm Country Michael Diven I'm Country I'm Crazy Barbara R. K. I'm Crazy Wallace I'm Dancing Mike Sliter She's Cool I'm Diggin' It Veronica Klein I'm Doing Alright Kathy Brackett I'm Doing Alright I'm Down Jeff Allen All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down I'm Dreamin' Jan Wyllie Dreaming Out Loud I'm Fallin For You Donnie Allen Fallin For You I'm Free Patricia E. Stott Electricity I Still Do I'm From The Country Rita M. Kyle I'm From The Country I'm From The Country Lyn Yost I'm From The Country Country Conscience I'm Gettin' Out Jan Pratt I'm Outta Here Im Glarnerland Roland Gutzwiller Det Wo Jed Jed Knnt Gebore I'm Goin' Out Donna Beard & Boots On Sue Minnick Coming Back for You Billy Jean I'm Gone William Sevone Long Time Gone I'm Gone, Ron Walton I'm Gone I'm History I'm Gonna... Lana Harvey Wilson I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door Big River Hearts And Flowers I'm Gonna Fly Geri Morrison I'm Gonna Fly Unbreak My Heart I'm Gonna Getcha Sandra Johns I'm Gonna Getcha I'm Gonna' David J. McDonagh I'm Gonna' Getcha Good! Getcha Good I'm Gonna Hlne Lancup I'm Gonna Getcha Good Getcha Good I'm Gonna Miss Her Jim Allen I'm Gonna Miss Her I'm Gonna Smile Sam & Ruth Smile Armstrong I'm Gonna Smile Maureen & Smile Michelle Jones I'm Good Joey Warren I'm Good I'm Happy Warren Fleming Amazing I'm Here Jo & I Estoy Aqui I'm Home Glenda (Ortiz) Honey, I'm Home Harney I'm In A Hurry John Elliott I'm In A Hurry I'm In A Hurry Andy Ross I'm In A Hurry To Get Things Done I'm In A Spin Sheila Towers I'm In A Spin I'm In Chains Irene Groundwater Chains Lyin' To My Heart I'm In Love Maggie Muir Feels Like I'm In Love I'm Just A Gigolo Linda Burgess I'm Just A Gigolo I'm Just A Marjorie Goodnight Moon Little Baby Barnabas-Shaw I'm Just Kevin & Maria I'm Just Talking About Tonight Talkin' About I'm Like A Bird Gerard Murphy I'm Like A Bird I'm Livin' For You Rosalie Mackay I'm Livin' For You I'm Lost Without You Geri Morrison Lost Without You Misfit I'm Moving Along Linda Burgess I'm Moving Along I'm Movin' On Debbie O'Hara Movin' On I'm Movin On Craig Bennett I'm Moving On I'm Moving On Lucy Davies & I'm Movin' On Charlotte Oulton Strawberry Wine My Hats Off To Him I'm Never Wrong! Terry McHugh Don't Get Me Wrong I'm No Good Rachael McEnaney I'm No Good (For Ya Baby) I'm Not A Boy Scott & A.J. If I Were A Boy Herbert, Mike Easley I'm Not Afraid Audrey Watson Brave Cowboy & A Dancer I'm Not Giving Esmeralda v.d. Pol I'm Not Giving You Up You Up I'm Not In The Mood David J. McDonagh I'm Not In The Mood (To Say No) I'm Not Lisa Terry Dunbar I'm Not Lisa I'm Not Ready Hubert & Monique Rescue Me Aubin Love Gets Me Every Time I'm Not So Tough Ton van Dieren I'm Not So Tough I'm Not Thru...... William Sevone I'm Not Through Loving You Yet Corine, Corine Restless Cryin' Over You A Little Bit In Love I'm Not Your Baby Dougie D. Don't Call Me Baby Anymore I'm Off To Party GYTAL Off My Rocker Here For The Party Show Me Yours There's A Party At The End Of The World She Lays It On The Line I'm On Fire Roy Verdonk I'm On Fire & Wil Bos I'm On My Way Larry Bass Come On Over (All I Want Is You) Rub It In I'm On My Way Linda & Mitch I'm On My Way Burgess I'm On My Way Julie Molkner I'm On My Way I'm On My Way Shrek Geoff Langford I'm On My Way I'm Onto You Henry Costa I'm Onto You I'm Out Of Love Amy Whitehead I'm Out Of Love I'm Outta Here Hayley Kennedy I'm Outta Here I'm Outta Here Nigel Payne I'm Outta Here I'm Outta Love Amy Hughes & I'm Outta Love Friends I'm Over You Alan Haywood You're No Good I'm Pretending DJ Dan & Wynette I'm Pretending Miller I'm Ready William Sevone Bring It On Even If I Tried I Can Help Never Let Her Slip Away I'm Ready Nancy A. I'm Ready! Morgan-Fletcher I'm Right Here !! Charlotte Macari I'm Right Here I'm Rock Steady Andrew, Simon All Saints & Sheila I'm Satisfied Matthew Jacobs Betty's Apple Pie I'm So Excited Maggie Gallagher I'm So Excited I'm Sowin' Love Ike & Virginia Po Sowin' Love I'm Staying Alan Haywood Where The Sidewalk Ends I'm Still Here Esmeralda I'm Still Here van de Pol I'm Still Standing Linda Brooks I'm Still Standing I'm Sure Missing You Lana Wilson You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma I'm The Fella Maureen Reynolds Cunnamulla Fella I'm The One Dee Musk I Could Be The One I'm Tougher DJ Dan & Wynette Tougher Than The Rest Than The Rest Miller I'm Waiting Audrey Watson Right Here Waiting I'm Walkin' William Sevone I'm Walkin' It's All Over Now My Dixie Darlin' Never Ending Love For You Ruby, Dont Take Your Love To Town I'm Walking Yvonne Anderson I'm Walking I'm Walkin' In Saara Kaunonen & Walkin' In Ari Ahrapalo I'm Way Too Cool Marjorie Beautiful Girls For Ya Boy Barnabas-Shaw I'm Wit'cha Jim & Judy Wells Goodbye Is The Wrong Way To Go Land Of Enchantment Longer Letter Later I'm With You Daniel Wilcox I'm With You I'm With You Lorraine Hillard I'm With You I'm Wondering Dynamite Dot I'm Wondering I'm Wrapped! Sylvia Schell Wrapped I'm Wrapped Lynne Flanders Wrapped I'm Your Baby Kim Rolls I'm Your Baby Tonight Tonight I'm Your Man Karen Bluff Why Haven't I Heard From You I'm Your Man Glynn Holt I'm Your Man I'm Your Man Pim van Grootel, Jose Miquel Belloque Vane & Jonas Dahlgren I'm Your Man I'm Your Puppet Gerald Biggs I'm Your Puppet (I'm Your) Zandra Varnham Redneck Girl Redneck Girl I'm Yours Lucy & Neville Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours) Fitzgerald I'm Yours Niels B. Poulsen I'm Yours Imagination Bill Bader I've Got To Use My Imagination Paradise Tonight Imagination Cha Cha Susan Brooks Committment To Be With You One Night Imagine Bryan McWherter Just My Imagination Imagine Rainy Dae I Can Only Imagine Imagine William Sevone Imagine Imelda's Man Kim Ray Big Bad Handsome Man Imma Be 523 "Guyton Mundy, Imma Be Pim van Grootel, Will Craig, Daniel Trepat & Ryan Lindsey" Immortal Sarah Nicholson My Immortal Impact The Girls (Maureen Drive It On Home & Michelle) Implication Louise Elfvengren Implication Olatoye Impossible Andy Chumbley Somos Novios Impossible Dream Karen Hunn The Impossible Impress Me Debbie That Don't Impress Me Much Myers-Higgins Impress Me Becky Neale That Don't Impress Me Much Impress Me Peter Heath That Don't Impress Me Much One Night At A Time Impress Me Matt Barrett That Don't Impress Me Much Impressions Chris & Richard That Don't Impress Me Much Hodgson Impressions Sarah Byrne That Don't Impress Me Much Road Runner Impulse Mary Kelly I Feel Bad She Came To Dance Outta Control Impulse Lee Birks & Horse To Mexico Lisa Mooney In A Dancing Mood Max Perry I'm In The Mood For Dancing In A Flash Fiona McChristie Wastin' Time With You In A Heartbeat Kevin & Maria In A Heartbeat In A Hicktown Harlan Curtis Hicktown In A Million Words Brett Jenkins Million Words In A Moment Thomas O'Dwyer Living In A Moment In A Moment Larry Bass For A Moment There Grandpa In A New York Second Leonie Smallwood In A New York Second In A Second Thomas O'Dwyer One Day Left To Live In A Snap Deborah Bates Best Of Me The Way She's Looking Monkey Around In A Trance Lesley Johnston Pit Bulls & Chainsaws In & Out Kelly Kaylin You Walked In In Any Given Moment Wrangler Wild In Any Given Moment In Between Denise Mitchell & High, Low & In Between Justin Goodwin In Between Lynda Dean If You Want Me I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried World Of Blue In Blue Nicky Glenc Give Me A Reason For The Love Of Him In Cabo Debbie Grimshire Cabo San Lucas In-Cahoot Scoot Unknown Help I'm White and Can't Get Down In Control Andrew, Simon Up & Sheila In Da Dancehall Toni Holmes In Da Dancehall In Full Swing Esme Wolfson Knock Yourself Out In God's Hands Francien Sittrop, In God's Hands Iris van Heesch, Katrin Gbler In Good Shape Diana Dawson The Shape I'm In This Time Why Me In Harmony Peter Metelnick That's Where I'll Be In Her Eyes (There Andy Chumbley Rope The Moon Is Nothing I Can't Do) In His Hands Theresa Needham He's Got The Whole World In His Hands In It For Love A1C In It For Love In It To Win It Craig Bennett & Push It To The Limit Catrina Farnell In Line Waltz Judy Rice San Antonio Rose To You In Love Francien Sittrop Cuando Me Enamoro In Love With Mitchell Burgess First Love My Ford!! In Love With You Tracie Lee I'm In Love With You In Loving Memory Luc Vandermeer God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You In Mexico Robbie McGowan Down In Mexico Hickie In My Car Maggie Gallagher In My Car (I'm The Driver) In My Car Linda Burgess In My Car In My Dreams Margaret Gough Crazy Dreams In My Dreams Mark & Jan Caley In My Dreams In My Dreams Luke Craig & In My Dreams Deana Randle In My Head Louise Elfvengren Just In My Head In My Heart Jan Wyllie I'll Hold You In My Arms In My Heart Gordon Timms A Place In My Heart In My Heart Jos Slijpen You'll Be In My Heart In My Pocket Billie Vee In My Pocket In My Pocket June Hulcombe & I've Got A Quarter In My Pocket Barb Willshire In My Shirt Sooz Goodes You Look Good In My Shirt In My Shirt Jan Wyllie You Look Good In My Shirt In One Piece Brian Holland Whole Again In Private Rep Ghazali In Private In Private Too Rep Ghazali In Private In Sync Sensation Tanya Curry If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask Just Wanna Be With You Here We Go In The 'A' Guyton Mundy & How We Do It In The 'A' Carey Parson In The Air Alan G. Birchall Love Is In The Air The Yodelin' Blues In The Air Tonight Jo & John Kinser Feel It (In The Air Tonight) In The Army Cindy Truelove & I'm A Soldier Jeff Frisina In The Ayer Vickie Schermbeck In The Ayer In The Bush Barbara Jagusch Me, Too I Don't Want To Be The One In The Country Gordon Elliott Way Out In The Country In The Dog House Fran Girvan Move It On Over In The Dog House Jan Wyllie Aussie Dog House Blues In The Doghouse Alan Haywood Doghouse Little Man Chicks Dig It In The Driving Seat Alan G. & Ann Dancing In The Drivers Seat Birchall In The Evening Lee Palmer I'd Rather Ride Around With You In The Gap Robyn Hardeman For A Change Crazy Little Thing Called Love In The Genes Alan Robinson Daddy Laid The Blues On Me Honky Tonk Habits In The Groove Marg Jones Cypress Grove In The Jungle Sobrielo Philip The Lion Sleeps Tonight Gene In The Key Of EH! Michele Perron Moving On Up The Shape I'm In I Will Always Love You Never Going To Say I'm Sorry I Will Not Be Denied In The Line Of Fire Liam Hrycan Strings Of Fire Celtic Fire (In The) Line zgr & Mrvvet Settin' The Woods On Fire Of Fire Taka, Steve & Denise Bisson In The Middle Dave & Di Doyle Stuck In The Middle With You In The Middle Lou Ecken Right In The Middle Of My Broken Heart In The Middle Teresa & Vera In The Middle In The Middle Roy Thompson In The Middle In The Middle The Girls (Maureen Stuck In The Middle & Michelle) One More Broken Hearted Man In The Middle Esteve Mir & Middle Of The Line Of The Night Rosa Prat In The Mood Giles Redpath Gettin' In The Mood In The Mood Gaye Teather Pennsylvania 6-5000 Gettin' In The Mood In The Mood Irene Groundwater In The Mood In The Mood Angie Sloane Gettin' In the Mood In The Mood Unknown In The Mood In The Mood Louise Hodson In The Mood In The Mood Beverley Crane & In The Mood Glen Pospieszny In The Mood - Jan Wyllie I'm In The Mood For Dancing For Dancing In The Morning Alan Haywood In The Morning In The Name Of Love Jo Thompson In The Name Of Love In The Navy Ian St Leon In The Navy In The Pale Janet Jolliffe Save The Last Dance For Me Moonlight In The Party Bracken Ellis In the Party Potter In The Pink Paulette Lindley Pink Cadillac In The Rain Rhian Watkins Howdy I Brake For Brunettes Cinco de Mayo A Little More Love In The Rain Diana Dawson Singing In The Rain You've Got What It Takes Yessireebob In The Rain Jill & Dan Merlo Sunshine In The Rain In The Right Ways Chontelle Brown Wrong Reasons In The Saddle C. Ann Bates Just Like A Rodeo There Goes In the Saddle Peter Metelnick Just Like A Rodeo In The Shade Tony Wilson I Ain't Goin' Peacefully In The Shadows Geri Morrison In The Shadows Here For The Party In The Spirit The Girls (Maureen Thriller & Michelle) In The Zone Joey Warren Me Against The Music In Thee Siu Selfridge In Thee In These Shoes? DANCE R US In These Shoes (Sonia & Ric Darquea) In This Life Daniel Whittaker In This Life Born To Try In This World Mike Sliter Here In This World In Time Cherie Johnson The Time Of Our Lives I'm In In Too Deep Liam Hrycan (You Drive Me) Crazy In Too Deep Rob Fowler Way Too Deep In 2 Jazz Lana Harvey & Meat And Potatoes Man Tony Wilson Mixed Up Mess Of A Heart Confessin My Love Wabash Cannonball Wear My Ring Around Your Neck Rex The Robot In Your Arms Vera & Teresa Back In Your Arms Again Heaven's What I Feel I Get So Rattled In Your Arms Sue Coats Make Love To Me In Your Arms R12 In Your Arms In Your "Dreams" Charles Thornhill Dreams Just Enough Rope In Your Eyes Neville Fitzgerald In Your Eyes In Your Eyes Chris Brocklesby In Your Eyes In Your Eyes Brian & Angela It's In Your Eyes Woodford In Your Eyes Wendy Anne Redpath In Your Eyes In Your Eyez Jo & John Kinser In Your Eyes In Your Heart Malene Jakobsen Without You In Your Shadow Wanda Heldt Shady Lady Mercy Disco Inferno Billie Jean Ina Waltz Tony Wilson You Make The Moonlight Inception Gaye Teather On The Floor Inclination For Paul McAdam Remember The Time Syncopation Inclined To Line! June Wilson I Fall To Pieces Born To Lose Incredible David Cheshire I Hope You Want Me Too Independence Sara Preston Living On My Own Breathless Independence Day Unknown Independence Day Independence Day 95 Kitty Hunsaker Independence Day Independent Heart Jan Wyllie My Heart Has A Mind Of It's Own Indestructible Gaye Teather It Ain't Killed Me Yet Indian Boogie Gloria Johnson Cherokee Boogie Indian Boogie Sandee Skelton Cherokee Boogie Indian Circle Cors Whisper Running Bear Indian Lake Rita Kyle Indian Lake Indian Outlaw Scott Elkins Indian Outlaw Kawliga Indian Outlaw Maryann Ziegler Indian Outlaw Come Here You Good Friends, Good Whiskey, Good Lovin' Indian Runner Julie L. Weith Indian Outlaw Indian Summer Jan Wyllie Indian Summer Indian Summer Jim & Judy Wells Hard On The Ticker Shuffle Big Time Indian Summer, Gwen Walker Indian Summer Wonder Getting You Home Indian Summers Yvonne Tielemans & Indian Summer With You Pascal Siereveld Indigo Joanne Knee Deep In The Blues Taylor Smith Indigo Moon DJ Dan & Wynette Indigo Moon Miller Indigo Moon Robbie McGowan Indigo Moon Hickie & Karen Hunn Indigo Shuffle Peter Metelnick Hello Mr. Heartache Memphis Women & Chicken If I Fall You're Going Down With Me I Just Wanna Make Love To You Crazy World Of Love Someday What About Now I Will...But Individuality Nadine Hema Bring It All Back Infamous Ibiza The Infamous Five We're Going To Ibiza Infatuation Johanna Barnes Infatuation Something Worth Leaving Behind Infatuation Teresa & Vera Infatuation Infectious Adoration Zandra Varnham Under Your Skin Inferno Henry Costa If I Fall You're Going Down With Me That's The Way I Like It Wild West Hero! Standing On The Top-Part 1 Dancing Queen Whatsupwitu Infinity The Girls (Maureen Always & Michelle) Inflated Ego Matt Barrett Inflate My Ego Inline-Outline Tom Glover Inline, Outline Inner Circle, The Dan Testa The Inner Light Inner Smile Mare Dodd Inner Smile Inner Voice Dee Musk Nobody Knows Innis Lake Waltz Robert Young Meanwhile Amanda Innocence William Brown Pour Out The Rain Innocent Julia Wetzel No Me Enseaste Innuendo Jennifer Choo Belaian Jiwa Sue Chin Insanity Charles Bowring Insanity Insatiable Shaz! Walton Insatiable Insatiable Noel Bradey Insatiable Insatiable Anne Herd Insatiable Insatiably Yours Karen Hunn Insatiable Insensatez Gordon Timms Insensatez Inside Out Deb Crew Inside Out Inside Out The Girls (Maureen Papa Don't Ask, Mama Don't Know & Michelle) Inside, Out Klaire E. Bullock Seems Like Inside Out Yvonne Anderson Inside Out Inside Your Heaven Rep Ghazali Inside Your Heaven Insommania Zoe Ruston & Self Control CW John Rowell Insomnia Dion & Val Thomas All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Insomnia Shaz Walton Insomnia Insomnia Annie Bradbury You're The Reason Inspect This Kiss Ramona Davis Inspector Gadget This Kiss It's Always Something Inspector-G Mark Cook Inspector Gadget Inspiration Claire Thomson Christmas Inspirations Inspiration Cha Cha Dee Cresdee Island Moonshadow Road Easy Come Easy Go Land Of Enchantment Inspirations Sam & Ruth Christmas Inspirations Armstrong Dance The Night Away Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Inspired By Design Barry Watson The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You Instant Attraction Alan Robinson One Dance With You I Feel A Heartache Coming On Instant Radiation Andrew Palmer & Chain Reaction Simon J. Cox Instant Replay Linda Brown Instant Replay I Love A Rainy Night Instant Replay Holly Ruschman Instant Replay Intensity Jan Wyllie Young Love Intentional Jeanette Robson Intentional Heartache Heartache Intentions Colleen Archer Best Of Intentions Inter-City Swing Angie Shirley Sometimes She Will Interactive Unknown Sold Interceptor, The Stephen Sunter Don't Be Stupid I Can Love You Better Put Your Heart Into It Intermission Carrie Wilkinson What I've Got In Mind & Dave Trouman Saturday Night At The Movies International Rescue A C Clarke In Your Arms (Rescue Me) Interstate 65 Maggie Gallagher Tennessee In My Windshield Never Can Tell Into Action Larry Hayden Into Action Into The Arena Michael Vera-Lobos Now I Can Dance Into The Fire Angie Shirley Duelling Violins Baton Rouge Into The Fire Debra Siquieros Closing In On The Fire Into The Groove Alison Biggs & R & B Junkie Peter Metelnick Into The Sunset C. S. Richards Ride On In To The Sunset Intoxicated Neville Fitzgerald Toxic Intoxicated Love Dan Albro & Drunk Chicks Christopher Petre Intoxicating You Neville Fitzgerald Step Into My World Introduce The Blues Rita Kyle Proper Introduction To The Blues Intuition Fred Knopp I Knew I Loved You Invincible John H. Robinson, Don't Wanna Let You Go Derek Steele & Can't Keep My Hands Off You Debi Bodven In-Vince-Ible Peter Metelnick & Young Man's Town Alison Biggs Invisibility Jan Wyllie Invisible Tears Invisible Junior Willis & Invisible Donald Buckner Invisible Johnny S' Invisible Invisible Terry Dunbar Invisible Invisible Girl Maggie Gallagher Invisible Girl Invisible Touch Mark & Jan Caley Invisible Touch Even If I Tried Watch Me Go Invitation To Party Michele Perron Won't Get Up Ipi Tombia Val Cronin & Ipi Tombia Nancy Mawdsley Irene's Waltz Timothy To & Memories Theresina Tam I Still Believe Irish Challenge Mikael Mls Deanie Celtic Mix Irish Country Beats Mary Frances Chua Irish Stew Irish Heart Beat Eddie McIntosh What Makes The Irish Heart Beat Irish Jig Daniel Whittaker Las Temporados Irish Stew Irish Lady Julie Peacock My Sweet Irish Lady Irish Love Pauline Mason & I Know My Love Youth Rhythm Remix Alex Jay Irish Star Peter Heath Whirl-Y-Reel Irish Tap Trent & Mary Get In Line Cummings Irish Waltz Simon Ward Erin's Shore Irish Waltz Joseph Yip Irish Waltz Iron Horse Maureen Ash Iron Horse Ironical Sooz Goodes Love Is All We Need Irresistible Warren Mitchell & Irresistible Michael Papier Irresistible Vikki Morris Irresistible Irresistible! Peter Metelnick & Surrender Alison Biggs Te Quiero Mas Is Baby's GYTAL Turn On The Radio Radio's On? Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing I's 4 U William Sevone Don't Want Nobody To Have My Love But You (Eyes For You) Someone Could Lose A Heart Tonight Do I Do It To You Too Neck Of The Woods Tulsa Time Swingin' Is It Love? Sarah Drake It Must Be Love Is It Love Yet? Carl Sullivan Is It Love Yet? Is The Magic Norman Dery Is The Magic Still There Still There Is The Magic June & Barb Is The Magic Still There Still There Is The Magic Kevin & Maria Is The Magic Still There Still There Is There Love Jenny Rockett I Don't Know Is This Love? Patricia E. Stott If This Is Love Is You Is Or Rick & Deborah Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens Is You Ain't Bates Lipstick, Powder & Paint With A Body Like That Isla Bonita Wesley Cowie La Isla Bonita Island Beat Susan Brooks Cannibal Hot, Hot, Hot Dry Bread Island Cha Cha Vicki Rader Island Easy Come, Easy Go Ghost In the House No One Else On Earth Tropical Depression Neon Moon Two Good Reasons I'm Outta Here Take It From Me Island Cha-Cha Johnny Montana Island Tequila Talking Rain Through The Roof Island Dream Val Harrison & Island Of Lost Souls Norman Gifford Island Dreams Debbie Hurm Shift Work Island Girl Peter & Alison Island Girl Coco Jambo Island Hopping Gerard Murphy Back To The Island Island In The Sun Vivienne Scott Happy To Be On An Island In The Sun Island Rhythm Sylvia Schell Al Ritmo De Le Vida Somebody Needs You Island Sweetheart Carol Green Cheryl Moana Marie Island Track Michael Vera-Lobos Rain Islands In Karen Jones Islands In The Stream The Stream Islands In Adam Pepper Islands In The Stream The Stream Isle' Of Romance Jenifer & 26 Miles Larry Wolf Isn't She Lovely Denise Boyle Isn't She Lovely Iso Kampong Toh Agnes Sipula Vun Iso Kampong Toh Isolated Debbie McLaughlin Light On Israelite Paulette Hylands The Israelites Israelites Judy McDonald Israelites Issues Maggie Gallagher Issues It Ain't A Party Leonie Smallwood It Ain't A Party It Ain't Ova' Michael A. Beall It Ain't Ova' It Ain't True Love Kathy Hunyadi It Ain't True Love Never Dies Never Dies It Ain't What Karen Looker Hit The Road Jack You Do It Ain't What You Do (It's The Way That You Do It) Guitars And Cadillacs It Ain't You Terry Hogan It Ain't You It Already Hurts Peter Fry It Already Hurts It Bangs! Matthew Dewsbury She Bangs! It Couldn't Peter Thijssen It Couldn't Have Been Any Better Been Better It Don't Get Better Ron Hitchen It Don't Get Better Than This Than This It Don't Steve Knowles Let The Picture Paint Itself Mean Nothin' If I Aint Got You It Don't Take Two Larry Bass Keep It In The Middle Of The Road Two Steppin' Texas Blue It Feels Good Ilona Tessmer-Willis It Feels Good It Feels Like A T Kinson It Feels Like I'm In Love I'm In Love It Feels So Right Andy Chumbley Feels So Right It Fits, Alright! Janice Hoy I'm Alright Melbourne Mambo I Hope You Want Me Too It Had To Be You William Sevone It Had To Be You It Had To Be You Roz & Nat Morgan It Had To Be You It Had To Be You Denise Boyle It Had To Be You It Happens Bob Sykes Some Kind Of Trouble It Happens Kathy Brackett It Happens It Hurts Kathy Chang It Hurts & Sue Hsu It Isn't Fair Joy Alan What About Me It Isn't So Michael Vera-Lobos Say It Isn't So It Just Has To Be Julie Dowse It Just Has To Be This Way This Way It Kills Me Alan Haywood Why Can't I Leave Her Alone Mildred Madalyn Johnson Husbands And Wives Till You Love Me It Makes No Sense Mick Herbert Nothin' 'Bout Love Makes Sense It Matters To Me Gordon Timms It Matter's To Me It Means A Lot Johnny S. That's What Your Love Means To Me It Must Be Love Kristina Beeby It Must Be Love It Must Be Love Irene May It Must Be Love Rock This Country Shine On It Must Be Love Bob Sykes It Must Be Love It Must Be Love John Bowen It Must Be Love It Must Be Love James Madden & It Must Be Love Karl Madden It Must Have Kurt Weber It Must Have Been Love Been Love It Never Rains Carmel Hutchinson It Never Rains In Southern California It Never Rains Saundra Binney It Never Rains In Southern California In California It Rocks! Peter Metelnick He Rocks It Should Be Ria Vos It It Takes Balls Glenda Harney Sometimes It Takes Balls To Be A Woman It Takes Faith! John & Bonnie The Way You Love Me Newcomer I Love You Been There It Takes More Dee Musk & It Takes More Lauren Caulfield It Takes Two Elspeth Allen If It Don't Take Two It Takes 2 Ed Lawton & It Takes Two Tina Argyle (It Took Us) Ian & Dorelle All Night Long All Night Long Dunn, Cheryl Atkins It Turns Me On Chris Cleevely Everything It Was Chris Jones It Was It Was Mark Hood & It Was Douglas Semple It Was Me Michelle Warner It Wasn't Me It Was Me Hazel Pace It Was Me It Was Only A Irene Groundwater Paper Moon Paper Moon Don't Get Around Much Anymore It Wasn't Me Johnny S' It Wasn't ME It's A Love Thing It Wasn't Me!! J.T. Deny, Deny, Deny It Wasn't Me S. Plummer, It Wasn't Me (Or Was It?) D. Winchell, For A Little While V. Voorhees It Won't Be Me Lois Lightfoot It Won't Be Me It Works Edward Lawton Just One Kiss Italian Waltz Harry Seddon Maledetta Primavera Itchy & Scratchy Tim Gauci Poison Ivy Itchy Feet Jan Wyllie Baby Please Don't Go It's A Beautiful Andy Chumbley It Don't Get Better Than This World It's A Country Thing Tim Hand I'm From The Country It's A Cracker! Stephen Rutter Mentiroso It's A Crime Bob & Marlene Crime Of The Century Peyre-Ferry It's A Crime Sadiah Heggernes Obsessed It's A Guitar Boogie Alan Haywood Guitar Boogie Shuffle Born To Boogie It's A Holi-Holiday John Warnars Hooray Hooray, It's A Holi-Holiday It's A Holiday! Lisa Ferguson Holiday It's A Hot One Gemma Harrison Smooth & Amy Lemkey It's A Hot One! Jacquie Berkhout Smooth & Lisa Foord It's A Long Jump David Sinfield & Jump (For My Love) Zandra Varnham It's A Love Thing Rob Fowler It's A Love Thing Single White Female It's A Love Thing Diana Bishop It's A Love Thing It's A Mess Bill Coombs Mambo Italiano (Of A Mambo) It's A Runaround Teresa Lawrence & Roundaround Sue Vera Fisher It's A Small World Maria Tao It's A Small World It's A Tradition Larry Bass You Won't Ever Be Lonely Nights Like These It's A Tragedy! Andrew Palmer & Tragedy Simon J. Cox It's A Wild Rep Ghazali Wild World Wild World It's A Winner Clive Drew You Win My Love It's A Wrap! Steve Yoxall Wrapped Up In You It's About Time Mike Salerno Big Time Take It Back It's About Time Carl Sullivan Two Steppin' Texas Blue It's About Time It's About Time DJ Dan & It Starts With "L" Wynette Miller It's All About You Andrew & Sheila It's All About You It's All Good Janet Jolliffe It's All Good It's All Good Bill McGee Bump Bright Lights Big Cities Double Dutch Bus It's All Heels Lesley Clark Paralyzed She's My Saturday Night Special It's All Or Nothing Toni Holmes All Or Nothing It's All Over Andrew Chalk Don't Come Crying To Me It's All Over Johnny S It's All Over But The Shouting (But The Shouting) It's All Over Sin Grima All Over Bar The Shouting Somebody Like You It's All Over William Sevone It's All Over Now It's All Over Now Alan G. Birchall It's All Over Now It's All Right Fulvio Durazza & I'm Holdin' On To Love Gai Allomes It's Allright Rachael McEnaney It's Alright It's Alright Dee Cresdee, It's Alright Ember Schira, & S Smith It's Alright To Be Norman Dery It's Alright To Be A Red Neck A Red Neck It's Amazing Michael Barr It's Amazing It's America Gaye Teather It's America It's Bad Weather Irene Groundwater Tender Years Bad Weather It's Christmas! Leong Mei Ling It's Christmas It's Christmas Time Anita McNab It's Christmas Time ll Fly Away It's Country Time GYTAL Country Done Come To Town It's Crazy Jerry Colley Crazy Little Thing Called Love It's Down To You Alan Robinson I Feel A Heartache Weren't You The One? It's Easy Geoff Langford You Lied To Me It's Enough Cinta Larrotcha Trashy Woman Cotton Fields Honky Tonk It's EZ Believe Me Dave Marsh Believe It's Fine Alan Haywood It's Alright It's For You Gordon Elliott It's For You It's Free William Sevone All Right Now ...All Rig It's Glorious Terry Cullingham Glorious It's Goin Joey Warren Right Round Round Round It's Gone Eldridge Meeler There Goes The Neighborhood Bad Day To Let You Go There's Your Trouble Papa Bear It's Gonna Take GYTAL Gonna Take A Lot Of River It's Good To Be Us Lynne Martino It's Good To Be Us It's Good To Be Us Linda Wolfe, It's Good To Be Us Robyn Groot, Gary & Cheryl Parker It's Hard To Kiss Gytal It's Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night, That Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long It's Heaven! Sandra Le Brocq Heaven In My Woman's Eyes It's Here!!! Y2K Joy Hinkle Will 2K It's Hot Gill Knight Steam It's Hot Hot Hot Val Reeves Hot, Hot, Hot Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under It's Istanbul Jo & John Kinser Instanbul It's Jailhouse Irene Groundwater Jailhouse Rock Rock Time It's Just Like DJ Dan & Wynette I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter Make-Believe Miller It's Just No Good Zac Detweiller The Music's No Good Without You It's Just Who I Am Anne Chew Meat And Potato Man It's Line Dance Day Michele Burton Nicest Kids In Town It's MA!!! Cowboy Maggie Gallagher & Rhinestone Cowboy (Giddy Up, Giddy Up) Alan G. Birchall It's Magic Kath Fidler It's A Kind Of Magic It's Me Delwyn Swaisland I'm The One It's Me Again DJ Dan & Wynette It's Me Again Miller It's Murda Neville Fitzgerald Hip Hop Police & Julie Harris It's My Heart Adelaide & Graham Price To Pay It's My Life Pete McCreery It's My Life It's My Life Barry Amato It's My Life It's My Party Joey Prieur It's My Party It's My Thing Rose-Mary Fournier Hey Baby Heart's Desire It's My Way Larry & Carol Bass I Want It That Way It's My World Liz Clarke I Am What I Am It's Not Fair Chris Hodgson Not Fair It's Not Impossible Jacquie Winchester The Impossible It's Not Over Bob Boesel It's Not Over It's Not The Moon Kathy Hunyadi It's Not The Moon That Cries That Cries It's Not Unusual Hsiu-Fang Liu It's Not Unusual It's Now Or Never Eva Pau It's Now Or Never It's Okay David J. McDonagh It's Okay It's Ok Margaret Murphy It's OK It's Only Love Max Perry It's Only Love It's Only Tracie Lee It's Only Make Believe Make Believe It's Only Natural Margaret Warren Why Did It Have To Be Me It's Over Matt Barrett Party's Over It's Over DJ Dan & Wynette It's Over Miller It's Over Chris Cleevely It's Over It's Party Time Diane Spark A Christmas Kiss It's Raining Men Gina Mello It's Raining Men Hot Stuff It's Raining Men Charlotte Oulton It's Raining Men & Chris Taylor It's Shame On You Irene Groundwater Shame Shame Shame Shame Shame Shame Shame It's So Amazing Joey Prieur Amazing It's So Easy Peter Metelnick It's So Easy & Alison Biggs In My Car It's Supernatural Terri Alexander Supernatural Gimme That It's The Way Sharon Walton It's The Way You Make Me Feel It's The Way Judi Overman This Kiss It's The Way You Charles Bowring This Kiss Love Me It's The Way Stuart Collier & The Way You Love Me You Love Me Mary Carter It's The Way You David McDonagh & It's The Way You Make Me Feel Make Me Feel Richard McDonagh Before Me And You It's Time - Africa Marie Srensen It's Time It's Time To Begin Knox Rhine 5,6,7,8 It's Time To Go Susan Clark, Goodnight Sweetheart (It's Time To Go) Bonnie King & Bridget MacCallum Its Too Late Michael Vera-Lobos It's Too Late Margaret Parrish It's Too Late Theresa Needham Too Late To Be Drinking That Ain't My Truck It's Too Late Now Avril James Don't Tell Me What To Do It's Unbelievable Curtis Marting Country Til I Die Unbelievable It's What Y'Gotta Do Donna Lawrie & Do What You Gotta Do Gemma Cook Just Between You And Me Hard On The Ticker It's Worth It William Sevone Something Worth Leaving Behind It's You Sylvia Priestley You Are The One I Should Have Been True It's You Brett Jenkins If It Ain't One Thing (It's You) It's You For Me Alan Haywood Skinny Genes It's Your Love Michael Vera-Lobos It's Your Love It's Your Love Kim Ray It's Your Love It's Your Love Joyce Nicholas It's Your Love It's Your World Mae Neihouse It's Your World Now It's Your World Daniel Trepat & It's Your World Craig Bennett Itsy Bitsy Spider Mare Dodd Itsy Bitsy Spider Itsy Bitsy Barbara Lowe Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Dot Bikini Teeny Weeny Itty Bitty Dance Silke Henke Little Bitty Who's Cheatin' Who Emotional Girl I've Arrived Diana Riley Get The Party Started I've Been Better Dave & Di Doyle I've Been Better Cuba I've Been Better Beth Brydon I've Been Better I've Been Lost Christien Loving You Makes Me A Better Man van Londen I've Been Sylvia Schell Watching You Watching You I've Bin Looking Andrew Palmer & Mary Lopez Simon J. Cox I've Fallen And John Dembiec I Slipped And Fell In Love Can't Get Up I've Found You! Phil & Caroline Baby, Now That I've Found You Dewsbury I've Found You Joseph Yip Baby, Now That I've Found You I've Got A Girl Ian St Leon I've Got A Girl I've Got Life Wrangler Wild Life I've Got Mexico Yvonne Niekerk I've Got Mexico I've Got The Nac Nicia Williams & I Say You Say Joe Carter Bury The Shovel Mambo #5 I've Got You Tiffany Armstrong I've Got You I've Got You Mae Neihouse I've Got You It Must Be Love I've Got Your Number Chris Cleevely What's Your Name I've Lost C & K @ Double C I've Loved & Lost Again Stompers

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