Top 10

DANCE TITLE CHOREOGRAPHER MUSIC SUGGESTION T TBD Knox Rhine New Kid In Town Oh, Girl Tequila Sunrise TB's Fifty-Fifty Su Swanson Fifty-Fifty Love T.C. Electric Slide Unknown T & C Shuffle Tony & Carol 29 Nights Rimmer T. C. B. (Takin' William Sevone Takin' Care Of Business Care Of Business) T.C.R. Shuffle Carolann Jerkovic Two Of A Kind Workin' On A Full House T.D.F. Alan Livett Come And Get Your Love (Too Damn Funky) This Kiss TFG (Taken For William Sevone If You Don't Wanna Love Me Granted) Walking On The Water Paper Wings River Of You Blame The Vain Baby, Don't You Want Me T.F.M. Cha Cha Thomas O'Dwyer Loved Too Much T & G Hurricane Sal Gonzalez Hurricane TGIF Dawne Dragger One Step Forward T.G.I.F. Michele Perron & Just Got Paid Jo Thompson Working Day And Night She's A Bad Mama Jama Never Make Your Move Too Soon Finally I'm Outta Love Fever The Hustle Pop That Koochie TGIF Stomp Steven Griffiths Friday At Five Home Sweet Home I Feel Lucky A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action TJ Cha Raymond Sarlemijn She's The One T & J Shuffle Unknown I Can't Help It TJ Shuffle David & Jean If Tomorrow Never Comes Eddison Sometimes She Forgets Have Myself A Party A Little Bluer Than That T & J Stomp Tom Mattox I'm A Cowboy Love For Love T. K. Turn Around Mark Killough Love's Got A Hold Of Me TLC Ronald Hoyez TLC ASAP Janie Bakers Love Slave T.L.C. Kevin & Maria Home Improvements T.L.C. Shuffle Robert Weaver When I Come Back If Bubba Can Dance T.L.C. A.S.A.P. Honky Tonk Attitude Pickup Man She's In Love With The Boy Tunica Motel T.L. Shake Donna Wasnick If The Good Die Young T.M. Shuffle Bob Hashman I Like It, I Love It T.M.T. Kathy "K" & Liquid Dreams (Too Much 'Tude) Ron Kline Being With You Un Momento Alla TN Rock Cinta Larrotcha I'm Outta Here Boogie Woogie Fiddle My Baby Plays Me Just Like A Fiddle T.N.T (There's Elaine & Paula There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight No Teardrops) Boogie Woogie Baltimore Rockin' Pneumonia TNT Tom Khoury Shortenin' Bread T-N-T Terri Kellerman Let Me Into Your Heart Betty's Got a Bass Boat TNT Jasmin Oetzel Dangerous TNT Love (Tis' Tommy TNT Bailey Put Your Arms Around Someone Nice To Love) Groovy Little Summer Song TOM Frankie Cull Think Of Me I Fall To Pieces T.O.P. Neville Fitzgerald Top Of The World & Julie Harris T-R-O-U-B-L-E Unknown T-R-O-U-B-L-E Born To Boogie T-R-O-U-B-L-E Charles Bowring T-R-O-U-B-L-E TS 1 Unknown T-S One (Two-Step James O. Kellerman Should've Asked Her Faster For One) Summer's Comin' TTS Boogie Michael Barr Boogie Till The Cows Come Home TTTT (Takes Two Chris Peel Takes Two To Tango To Tango) "T" Bird Charles Bowring You're The One That I Want T-Bone Shuffle Peter Metelnick T-Bone Shuffle Billy B. Bad "T Brook" Shuffle Rose Grant I Saw You First T City Boogie Unknown A Little Less Talk Little Miss Honky Tonk T Foot Boogie Robert B. Wagner Tryin' To Get To New Orleans Any Way the Wind Blows T-Girl Christine Bass & Tennessee Girl Terry Pournelle Dangerous Man T-Shirt Candy Tan T-Shirt T-Time Jo Thompson Country Down To My Soul Fever T-Tyme Shuffle Maryann Ziegler Tulsa Shuffle Deep Down Me Too Ta Babes Harold Grimshaw Thank You, Baby Tabasco Sole Chris Cleevely Tabasco Sole A Table Away Bastiaan From A Table Away van Leeuwen & Arne Stakkestad Tag William Sevone 9 To 5 Taggin' Along Jan Wyllie Look What Followed Me Home Tahoe Kick Unknown Bobby Sue High School Confidential I Got Stung Say the Word Down At the Twist and Shout Tahoe Twist Unknown Start All Over Again I Feel Lucky My Arms Stay Open All Night All Is Fair In Love And War Tail Lights Mary Kelly Nothing But Tail Lights She Does Tail Lights Derek Robinson Nothing But The Tail Lights Work In Progress Take Good Care Of My Baby Tail On A Tailgate Nancy Morgan Tailgate Tailfeathers Bill Morgan Put Some Drive In Your Country I Am Just A Rebel Tailgate Dan Albro Tailgate Tailgate Party Gloria Johnson Tailgate Tailgate Shuffle! Jim & Robbie Pickup Man Wendrickx Tail-Gating Jim Krywko Fat Sally Lee Down In Muddy Water Everytime She Passes By Daddy's Money Tailg8er Michael W. Diven Tailgate Taillight Two Step Jeff VerVoort, Nothin' But The Taillights Sue Gerrits & Sonja Palmer Tailspin Lana Harvey Daniel's Boys 634-5789 One Way Ticket Givin' Water To A Drownin' Man T'aint Whatcha Do Jules Langstaff Taint Whatcha Do Shamey Shamey Shame Baby Keep Smilin' Taipan Jacqui & Will Some Kind Of Woman Clough If It Don't Take Two Takamaan Tyttö Arja Vyyryläinen & Takamaan Tyttö Marjo Kohtaniemi He's Got You Ribbon Of Highway Take A Bite Peter Metelnick Forbidden Fruit & Alison Biggs Take A Break Knox Rhine Take A Breather Maggie Gallagher I Need A Breather Take A Chance Kathy Verkamp Settlin' Take A Chance Geri Morrison Take A Chance On Me Take A Leave Guyton Mundy Live Your Dreams Take A Letter Donna Marie Take A Letter, Maria Bilodeau Take A Letter Dr. Grant Longley Livin On Love Kawliga Rock & Roll, Part 2 Waiting For Tonight Take A Letter Maria Take A Little Note David Hoyn Write This Down Take A Little Note Shelley Stevenson Write This Down Take A Little Walk Jerry Colley Walkin' The Country Take A Look Evelyn Khinoo I Don't Care If You Love Me Any More It Doesn't Matter Anymore Cow Town If That's The Way You Want It Take A Ride Kathy Hunyadi & Magic Carpet Ride Jo Thompson Take A Risk Lea McKenzie The Devil Made Me Do It Take A Walk Michael Haigh Hillbillyville Take A Walk Double D Walk In The Country Take An Easier Ride Jo Thompson & Magic Carpet Ride AT Kinson Take Control Dee Musk Take Control Take Control Robert DeLong Slow Dance Take Da Train Nancy A. Morgan C'mon N' Ride It (The Train) Take It Geri Morrison Here Is My Heart You Know Me Take It Away Max Perry & Take It From Me Joanne Brady Take It Back Donna Aiken Take It Back Take It Back John Jordan Take It Back Little Drops Of My Heart Third Rock From The Sun Take It Back Laurel Curtiss Take It Back Take It Down Bev Kerins No One Else On Earth I'm Outta Here Take It Easy Unknown Take It Easy Take It Easy Diane & John Hard On The Ticker Benton Hello Lou, Goodbye Heart Take It Easy Emma Dale Live A Little Take It Easy Linda Burgess I'm The One Take It Easy Sho Botham It Don't Get Better Than This Memphis Women & Chicken If You're Not In It For Love Take It Easy Kevin & Maria Take It Easy On Yourself Take It Easy Maggie Gallagher Take It Easy Take It Easy Terry Mandzuk All My Exes Live In Texas Take It Easy The Girls (Maureen There's Something In The Air & Michelle) Relax (Take It Easy) One In A Million The Last Waltz Take It EZ Mike Y L Ng Take It Easy I Love You Take It From Jason Donna Laurin & Take It From Me Crystal Edwards Take It From Me Matt Jenkins Take It From Me Take It From Me Laura Dyas & No Strings Attached Rachel Gaylard Tu Amor Holiday Ain't It Funny Take It Slow Sue Denomme If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask Steam Heart's Desire Give A Little Love Have Mercy Take It Slow Rep Ghazali Run The Show Take It To Da House! Scott Blevins Take It To Da House Take It To Heart Peter Metelnick Take It To Heart 455 Rocket Take It To The Floor Yvonne Anderson & Take It To The Floor Bryan McWherter Take It To The River Kevin & Maria Gonna Take A Lot Of River Take Me Lynne Flanders Take Me In Your Heart Tonight Take Me Back Phil Carpenter Where The Poor Boys Dance Take Me Back Sheryl & Lisa Mi Chico Latino Newman Take Me Back Dee Musk & Take Me Back Debbie Ellis Take Me Down Gerald Biggs Take Me Down Take Me Higher Barrie Marshall Don't Stop The Music Take Me Home Joan Cobey Long Black Train Take Me Home Carole Daugherty Country Roads Take Me Home Dynamite Dot Take Me Home Country Roads Take Me Home Brett Johnston Take Me Home Take Me Home Michael Doulin & Take Me Home Darren Young Take Me Home DJ Dan & Wynette Take Me Home Miller Take Me Home Harry Seddon Country Roads Country Roads He's Driving Me Out Of Your Mind Take Me Home William Ambrose Country Roads Country Roads Take Me Home Maggie Charles Stewart Country Roads Take Me In Your Arms Jos Slijpen Make Love To Me Take Me To Heaven Luke Vandermeer Cowboy Take Me Away Take Me To Heaven Kevin & Maria Take Me To Heaven Take Me To Paradise The Lady In Black Take Me To Paradise Take Me To Paradise Gordon Elliott Isle Of Paradise Take Me To The Terry McHugh Teach Me To Dance Dance Floor Take Me To The Lochs Michael John Snr. Lochs Around Inchnadamph Take Me To Michael Vera-Lobos Take Me To Your Heart Your Heart Take Me To Chris Hodgson Take Me To Your Heart Your Heart Take Me To Your Karen Tripp Take Me To Your Heart Again Heart Again A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation) Old Hands Love Letters In The Sand Take Me To Mrs J L Wyatt Take Me To Your Heaven Your Heaven Take Me To Glynn Holt Take Me To Your Heaven Your Heaven Take Me Up Lorraine Spirit In The Sky Susan Taylor Country Club Take Me With You Jon Peppin Take Me To Heaven Take Me With You Dave Morgan & If You Ever Leave Me Lesley Brown Take My Advice Debra Jacobs Take My Advice Take My Breath Ian St Leon Take My Breath Away Take My Breath Away Debbie Feasey Hero Take My Breath Away Michael Vera-Lobos Take My Breath Away & Robert Fletcher Take My Breath Away Lorraine Harvey Take My Breath Away Take My Breath Away Brandon Zahorsky Naturally & Mishi Ziminski Take My Heart Marg Jones Take My Heart Away She Bangs Take No Prisoners Beverly D'Angelo Addicted To Love Take Note Michael Vera-Lobos Write This Down Take Note Ronnie Fortt Write This Down What Do I Have To Do Take On Me Gerard Murphy, Take On Me Jo & John Kinser Take Out Kirsten Carry Out Matthiessen & Jannie Tofte Andersen Take That Away Noel Bradey Love Ain't Here Anymore Take The Chance William Sevone Taking A Chance On Love Take The First Step Alan Robinson Every Little Thing Take The Plunge Sadiah Heggernes Chapel Of Love That's How Country Boys Roll Rivers Of Gold Take These Chains Julie Humphreys Take These Chains From My Heart Take These Chains Pete Harkness Take These Chains From My Heart Take This Moment Hazel Pace Evergreen Anything Is Possible Take This Moment Phil Marson, Evergreen Tina & Colin Townsend Take-Two Deb Crew If It Don't Take Two Take Two Janis Pratt If It Don't Take Two You Win My Love Time Marches On Even If I Tried Driving At Night Take Two Joanne American Pie Taylor Smith Love Is In The Air Take You Higher Carol Clements I Was Made For Lovin' You Take You There Niels Poulsen Take You There Take Your Chance Francien Sittrop On The Line Take Your Memory Lyne Camerlain Take Your Memory With You Take Your Pick Wanda Heldt The Fame Echa Pa' Lante Women Rule The World Take Your Time Rachael McEnaney & This Time Ed Lawton Take Your Time The Big Hobo This Time I'm Taking My Time Sometimes She Forgets Taken Aback Genevieve Quinton Dance The Night Away Takes A Fool Michele Perron Takes A Fool To Love A Fool Takes Time Dianne Joseph South Of Round Rock Texas From A Jack To A King Takes Two To Tango Lynda Dean Takes Two To Tango Taking Back My Brave Holly Ruschman Taking Back My Brave Takin' Back My Heart Dan Morrison Takin' Back My Heart Taking Back My Love Alan Haywood Takin' Back My Love Dancin Cowboys Men Buy The Drinks Taking Care Of Susan Brooks Taking Care of Business Business Takin' Care Caroline Rankin Takin' Care Of Business Of Business Takin' Care Gerald Biggs Lightning Does All The Work Of Business Taken For Granted Kevin & Maria They Look Better When They're Leaving Taking Chances Fran Cleary I Will If You Will Taking Chances Paul J Badrick What About Now I Saw The Light Takin' It Easy Julie Weith & Take It Easy Geoffrey Small Takin It Easy Nancy A. Morgan All She Ever Want Is More Time To Get Crazy Redneck Romeo Good Woman Bad Mr. Blue More Bounce (In California) Someday Hog Wild Takin' My Time Larry Bass This Time I'm Taking My Time South Of Santa Fe Takin My Time Gene Morrill This Time I'm Takin' My Time Taking Texas Leonard Hage Taking Texas To The Country To The Country Taking The Hiss Jane Smee Hiss-on-U Taking Time Lynne Flanders Taking Time What Happens In Vegas Freedom (If I Wanna Hear) A Cheatin' Song Holy Water Gone When I Think About Cheating Taking Time Vickie Schermbeck The Time That It Would Take Takin' Up Space Ray Graham (You're Just) Takin' Up Space Takin' Up Space Lisa Johns-Grose Takin' Up Space Tale Of Thoughts The Cookie Girls If You Could Read My Mind aka: Kathy K & Cathy M Talk About Love Jules Langstaff Chain Reaction What's On My Mind Talk About Me Jeff Joslin I Just Wanna Talk About Me Talk About Me Jamie Marshall I Wanna Talk About Me Talk About Me Kim Swan I Wanna Talk About Me Talk About Things Linda Burgess Things Talk About Us Kim Swan Let's Talk About Us Talk Dirty Michelle Ireland He Drinks Tequila Talk of the Town Yvonne Hammond Talk Of The Town Talk Of The Town Margaret Murphy Talk Of The Town Talk On Corners Liam Hrycan Queen Of Hollywood Talk, Talk, Talk Phil Stubbs I Wanna Talk About Me Talk to Me Bubs Jewell Talk To Me The Light In Your Eyes One Way Ticket Talk To Me Johnny Alang She Bangs Talk To Me Rozanne Wild She Bangs Don't Make Me Come Over There And Love You Talk To Me Michael Vera-Lobos Everybody's Confidante Talk To Me Gary Lafferty You've Got To Talk To Me Talk To The Sea Sue Lawlor Talk To The Sea Talkin' About Rita Kyle I'm Just Talking About Tonight Tonight Talkin' Big Talk Walt & Linda Long On Talk, Short On Love Woolbright & Kim Jackson Talkin Bout Tonight Bryan Elliott Talking Bout Tonight Tear One Talkin Dirty Jan Wyllie He Drinks Tequila Talking Dirty Jay Floyd He Drinks Tequila Talkin' Dirty Joyce Warren He Drinks Tequila Cha Cha Talking Optimistic Fran Girvan Talking Optimist Blues Talking Tequila Jan Wyllie It Was Just The Tequila Talking Talkin To The Moon Joey Warren Talking To The Moon Talking With Angels Maggie Gallagher Everything I Ain't Talk'n Jeans 2005 Jean Edwards Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk Talk'n To Myself Raema Kent When I'm Drinking Tall, Dark, And Shannon Finnegan No One Needs To Know Handsome Tall T Thom Branton Tall, Tall Trees Adalida All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down Tall, Tall Trees Chris Sepper Tall, Tall Trees Tall Tall Trees Pascal Siereveld Tall Tall Trees Tall Trees Sandy Plummer Don't Go Near The Water Tall, Tall Trees Tamale Ridge David Spencer Tamale Ridge My Heart Is Lost To You Tamed Sharon K. Lamb I Can't Be Tamed Tampico Bay Rep Ghazali Down In Mexico Tamworth Taillights Sal Gonzalez Nothing But The Tail Lights Fais Do Do Tangle Foot Terry Hogan Live A Little Tangled Allan Hocking Tangled Up In Texas Broken Heart Attack Tangled Mary Kelly Fishers Hornpipe La Mucara All I Get Tangled Dreams Nicky Glenc Radio Tangled Sheets Violet Ray Nothin' On But The Radio Tangled Wheels Knox Rhine Tangled Up In You Lucky Me, Lucky You I Will....But Should've Been Born With Wheels Tangle'n Two-Step Marlene Rutherford Say You Love Me If I Could Bottle This Up Tanglefoot Trevor Smith Talk Of The Town Tango Argentino Connie van den Bos El Choclo (El Choclo) Tango Cha Jo Thompson Tango Szymanski & Deborah Szekely Tango Del Rio Linda Parker Hey Sexy Lady Tango Hustle Max Perry & You're Gonna Miss Me (Line Dance) Jo Thompson Fever Love Almost Faded More Than A Woman Tango In Hawaii Doris J. Kalal Perfect Love Hernando's Hideaway I Love Him & So Does He Tango In Line George Wong La Cumparsita Hernando's Hideaway Tango Nel Fango Jenifer Wolf Tango Nel Fango Hernando's Hideaway Dance With Me Blue Tango James Tango Thyme Jenifer Wolf Jealousy Tango Together George Wong Don't Cry For Me Argentina Tango Tonight Kathy Chang & Tango Tango Sue Hsu Tango Twirl Chris Hodgson Party At The End Of The World Tango With Adrian Churm Cha Tango The Sheriff Tangoed (Tango With Adrian Churm Tango! Tango! The Sheriff 2) Tank Full Of Destiny Peter Brotsch She Was Born To Run Tansila Liz Clarke Tansila Tantara Lynne Russell Linda Lou Oh Lonesome Tap'n Clap'n Monte Higgins Shortnin' Bread Tap & Go Rosie Multari Whiskey Girl Don't Leave, I Think I Love You Here For The Party Sweet Home New Orleans Suds In The Bucket Sing A Song Boogie Wonderland Tap Dat Todd Lescarbeau Tap That Tap'N'Time Bill Larson She's Got A Mind Of Her Own Tap Room Boogie Robbie McGowan Maxine's Tap Room Boogie Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson Tap Some Boogie Annemaree Sleeth Maxine's Tap Room Boogie Tap That Boogie! Linda Wolfe Maxine's Tap Room Boogie Tap Your Toes! Carolyn Robinson Round & Round Tapped Out Deb Crew & You Got It Dan Morrison Tartin' Around Jan Wyllie Girls Night Out Tarzan Love Cha Anita Ludlow You'll Be In My Heart Tassie Devil Gordon Elliott No News Hangin' On Tassie's Got It All Taste It Crazy Chris Taste It A Taste Of Calypso Jenifer Wolf Caribbean Calypso Swing Engine Taste Of Love, A Roy Hadisubroto Strawberry Wine Tasty Dougie D. Back For A Taste Of Your Love Tattoo Ong May Wah Tattoo Tattoos Of Life Colleen Archer Tattoos Of Life Tatu's Cha Cha Margaret Detior & Fantasy Island Lynne Reist Taxi Cha Maria Louise Carino Tayside Jig, The Lesley Clark Warriors Te Quiero Carl Edwards One Night Te Voy A Olvidar Lyne Camerlain Te Voy A Olvidar (Tu Ne M'Oublieras Jamais) Teach Me To Dance Dawn Sherlock Teach Me To Dance Teach Me To Waltz Gordon Elliott Teach Me To Dance Teach Me Tonight Jann Rattley Teach Me To Dance Teach Me Tonight Mel Fisher Teach Me Tonight Teach The World Stephen Rutter & I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (To Dance) Claire Butterworth Teacher And The Trish Boesel Bible Belt Preacher, The Teachers Pet Stephen Sunter To Sir With Love Crush Cadillac Tears Teachers Pet Bill James Teachers Pet Teacher’s Pet Anne Herd Teachers Pet Tear Drops Delwyn Swaisland Two Tear Drops Tear It Up Terry Dunbar Tear It Up Tear One Gaye Teather Tear One Playboy Tear Stained Letters Steve Mason Tear Stained Letter Down At The Twist & Shout High Test Love Lay Down Sally Teardrop Waltz Lance Marr Amanda Teardrops Brenda Nuttall Before The Next Teardrop Falls Okie From Muskogee Teardrops Liam Hrycan Teardrops, Teardrops Teardrops Angie Shirley & Teardrops Robbie Hicks Teardrops Carl Edwards Teardrops Will Fall Teardrops Judith Campbell Before The Next Teardrop Falls Inspired Heart Shaped World Broken Heart For Sale Teardrops Hazel Scott Before The Next Tear Drop Falls Teardrops Kim Ray Every Little Teardrop Teardrops & Pennies Mike O'Brien If Teardrops Were Pennies Teardrops & Whispers Chris Cleevely Teardrops Tearin' It Up Brian Codrey Tearin' It Up Tearin' Up Jack Rick & Deborah Tearin' Up Jack Bates Runaround Sue She's Killin' Me Jailhouse Rock Tears Sherry, Kerry One Solitary Tear & Jayo Tears 4 You Red Russell I've Cried My Last Tear For You The Quittin' Kind Tears I Cry Kate Sala Hello How Are You Tears Of Joy Jan Wyllie My Girl And Boy Tears On My Pillow Wanda Heldt Tears On My Pillow Tears On The Jukebox Nicole George Let's Fall To Pieces Together Tease, The David A. West One Dance With You Think It Over Tease Me Heather Frye Breathless The Way You Love Me Tease Me Andrew, Simon Please Don't Tease & Sheila Bad Case Of Loving You Give Me One More Shot Teased John Sharman Tempted Tech Remedy Barry Watson Everybody Get Up Technicolor Gary Lafferty Any Dream Will Do Teddy Bear Squeeze Dan Albro Somebody Needs A Hug Teddy Stroll Barbara Lowe Teddy Bear Picnic TEe tOTaL Liam Hrycan The End Of The Line Beatin' My Head Against The Wall You're The One That I Want Teen Idol Andy Chumbley Teenage Idol Teenage Boogie Bastiaan Teenage Boogie van Leeuwen Teenage Dreams Mike Hitchen Teenage Dreams Teenage Kicks William Sevone Teenage Kicks Teezer Heather Gurney & Longneck Bottle Justine Shuttleworth Telepathy Chris Hodgson You Can't Read My Mind Telephone, The Ann Thomson-Buhler Stop Calling Me Tell Her! Michael John Sr. Someone Should Tell Her Tell Her Anita Ludlow Someone Should Tell Her Tell Her Alice-May Hynam If Tomorrow Never Comes Tell Him Brenda Nuttall Tell Him Girl In A Pick Up Truck Tell Him Marg Jones Tell Him Tell Him Kerry Hughes Tell Him Tell It Like It Is Malene Jakobsen Tell It Like It Is Tell It To My Heart Rebecca Ewan Tell It To My Heart Tell Mama Mark Simpkin & Tell Mama Robin Imms Tell Me Maureen & Tell Me, Mama Michelle Jones Tell Me Lorraine Harvey I Can Tell By The Way You Dance Tell Me Jo Myers Tell Me How Tell Me Michelle Holt & Is There Something I Should Know Dawn Taylor How Am I Supposed To Live Without You Tell Me!!! Zandra Varnham Tell Me How You Feel Tell Me Niels B. Poulsen Tell Me Tell Me Andrew & Sheila Tell Me Tell Me A Lie Chris Peel If The Truth Hurts Tell Me Baby Ellen Hirvela I Need To Know Russell & Pat Potter Tell Me Bout It Maria Louise Tell Me Bout It Tell Me 'Bout It Joey Warren Tell Me 'Bout It Tell Me 'Bout It Jan Hanway & JV Tell Me 'Bout It Tell Me Cha Knox Rhine Take Me Tell Me More Tell Me How Linda Brooks How Am I Supposed To Live Without You Tell Me Ma Tom Glover Tell Me Ma Tell Me Ma Peter Giam Tell Me Ma Tell Me Mama Rick & Tell Me Mama Deborah Bates Before You Accuse Me Take These Chains From My Heart Tell Me Now James "JP" Potter Gotta Tell You Tell Me That Gordon Elliott When You Tell Me That You Love Me You Love Me Tell Me The Truth Yvonne van Baalen Tell Me The Truth Tell Me What You Got Louise Elfvengren Now That We've Found Love Tell Me What You See Mark Hood When You Look At Me Tell Me When Mark Simpkin & What's The Matter With You Baby Robin Imms Quando, Quando, Quando Tell Me When Nancy Lee Quando-Quando-Quando Tell Me Why David Millington Why Haven't I Heard From You A Little Less Talk Tell Me Why Dianne Joseph Oh Me, Oh My, Sweet Baby Tell Me Why Dawn Wheat I Want It That Way Tell Me Why Tracy Brown Tell Me Why Tell Me Why Debra Jacobs Still In Love With You Tell Me Why Katy Quail Why Haven't I Heard From You Tell Me Why Hazel Pace I See You Now I Need More Of You Tell Me Why Tom Selzler Still In Love With You Next Thing Smokin' Is It Still Over Doctor Jones Tell Me Why Dancin' Dean Tell Me Why Tell Me Why Wanda Heldt Tell Me Why Tell Me Why ! Diana Bishop Tell Me Tell Me Why Mambo Valerie Lee Tell Me Why All That Heaven Will Allow Tell Me Why Not? Tom Selzler Still In Love With You Next Thing Smokin' Is It Still Over Doctor Jones Tell On You Gary Lafferty Your Cheatin' Heart Tell Ya What! Bryan McWherter I'll Tell You What & Wanda Holbert Tellin' Tales Kelly Anderson That's My Story Telluride Keith Rye & Telluride Shirlea Alexandra Telluride Red Hot & Country Telluride & Electric Linedancers Telluride Allan Kenny, Telluride Paul Snooke, Take It Back Kelvin Dale, Put Your Heart Into It Pam & Bill Monsieur Temperature Rising Chris Watson & It's Raining Men Leanne Leis Temptation Ann Emslie You Know Where I Am Temptation Rachael McEnaney Temptation Temptation Barry Amato, Temptation Dari Anne Amato, Max Perry & Kathy Hunyadi Temptation #9 Dixie Sharett & Temptation #9 Connie Chikildin Temptation Tango Max Perry Temptation Temptation Walk Ron Kline My Girl Stay Boy You Knock Me Out Tempted Patrick Fleming Temptation #9 Tempted In Line Pam & Tony Tempted Flintoff You Better Think Twice Tempted Tonight Michele Burton Some Bridges Need Burning Tempting Norma Jean Fuller Sugar & Judy Smith If You're Gonna Straighten Up Dirty Hot Temptation Temptin' Henry Costa I'm Here Get Ready My Girl I'm Keepin' My Boots On Yellow Rose Of Texas Polka It's A Love Thing 10-41 Linda C. Heaven (Ten - Forty One) Everybody Knows 1,2,3 Ten Four Buddy Leonie Smallwood Cadillac Cowboy Ten I See Gloria Johnson Beer Bottle Brown 10 Miles Michael Lynn Ten Miles I Think I Will I Put A Spell On You 10 - 0'Clock Rock Alan G. Birchall Don't Let Go Ten Out Of Ten Jan Wyllie Ten Guitars Ten Out Of 10 Maggie Gallagher Ten Out Of Ten 10 Rocks Mark Cosenza 10 Rocks 10 Rocks Terry Dunbar 10 Rocks Ten Rounds Audrey Higgins Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo Ten Rounds Terry Hogan Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo Ten Rounds Y&G 'Fun For Feet' Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo Where I Come From Wild Turkey And 7 Up Respect Lady Marmalade Play Ten Rounds With Kim Swan Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo Jose Cuervo Ten Step Atlanta Unknown Bible Belt Fever Ten Thousand Angels Esmeralda Ten Thousand Angels van de Pol Ten Years After William Sevone Rhythm Of The Blues 10 Years Of My Life Jos Slijpen Three Words, Two Heart, One Night Tender Hands Joan Squizz Curtis Tender Hands Tender Heart The Dynamic Duo Tender Heart Here Is My Heart You're More Than A Number Tender Heart Alison Austerberry Tender Heart Tender Moment Reba Denny Tender Moment Tenderfoot Bob & Genevieve Tenderfoot Quinton Tenderfoot Ray In Worn Boots Singin In The Rain Love Me Tender Tenderfoot Polka Jim & Judy Wells Are You Gettin' Tired Of Me Honky Tonk Night Time Man I Ain't Never Seen No One Like You Tenderfoot Stomp Knox Rhine Honky Tonk Walkin' Homesick Daddy Laid The Blues On Me Tennessee Derrick Mulford Tennessee Tennessee Boot Phyllis Stevens Scootin' Boogie Tennessee Dreams David Cheshire Tennessee In My Windshield Tennessee Express Mike Davis Dance Orange Blossom Special Stop On A Dime Home Sweet Home Crazy Heart Crash Course In The Blues Life's Too Long Since I Started Drinkin'Again Next Thing Smokin' Restless Tennessee Girl Rita Kyle Tennessee Girl Tennessee Homesick Harold Grimshaw Tennessee Homesick Blues Tennessee Hopscotch Gaye Teather Memphis Tennessee Tennessee Line Lana Harvey Calling Tennessee Mile Out Of Memphis Gonna Walk That Line Tennessee River Run Ramon Busqué Tennessee River Run Standin' Still Rock The Boat Tennessee Star Mike O'Brien Tennessee Flat Top Box Tennessee Swing James Gregory & Jean Garr Tennessee Tango Unknown Islands In The Stream Tennessee Tornado Unknown Burning Love Tennessee Turnaround Montana Western Someone Had To Teach You Dancers Honky Tonk Tennessee Twister Linda DeFord That's Just About Right Young Love Rockin' Pneumonia Get Over It When You Walk In the Room Half A Million Teardrops Tennessee Waltz Jo Thompson Tennessee Waltz Tennessee Waltz Norman Dery Tennessee Waltz Tennessee Waltz Tennessee Waltz Terry Mandzuk Tennessee Waltz Tennessee Waltz Maria Tao Tennessee Waltz Tennessee Waltz Andy Chumbley Tennessee Waltz Surprise Tequila Pam Peterson One In A Row Tequila Judi Overman Tequila Tequila David Cheshire One In A Row Tequila Luke Craig Tequila Tequila Doug & Jackie Tequila Miranda Tequila Blues Terry Hogan Straight Tequila Tequila Cha Cha Gloria Johnson Tequila Talkin' Tequila Cha Cha Val Reeves Straight Tequila Tequila Cha Cha Kathy Brown He Drinks Tequila Tequila Cha-Cha Mark Cosenza Straight Tequila Tequila Crazy Kathy Brown Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off Tequila Heartache Bill Larson One Heartache At A Time Tequila Loves Me David & Jean Tequila Loves Me Eddison Tequila Makes Her Linda Kalinowski Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off Clothes Fall Off Tequila Rose Cha Cha Rosaline Chapman Tequila Sunrise Tequila Slammer Barry Watson Tequila Tequila Sunrise Eddie Ainsworth & Crime Of Passion Saul Murphy Tequila Sunrise Bobby Curtis Tequila Sunrise Tequila Sunrise Daniel Keshan & One More Shot Of Tequila Warren Mitchell Tequila Sunrise Lisa Ferguson Tequila Sunrise Lyin' Eyes Senorita Margarita Mr. Right Tequila Sunset Jill Palmer Straight Tequila Tequila Sunshine Sheila Towers You Are My Sunshine Tequila Talk Jan Brookfield He Drinks Tequila Dance All Night Tequila Tears Tom Wildhaber Tequila Tears Tequila Time Ernie & Carmel More Than A Margarita Hutchinson Tequila Town Tequila Troubles Michael Diven Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off Tequilla Robyn Buller Tequila Town Tequila Sunrise Teresa Teng Rep Ghazali Where To Look For Your Love (Ai De Ni A He Chu Xun) Terlingua Sky Tom Glover Terlingua Sky Termination! Sue Lipscomb Fire When Ready Terracotta Michele Perron Havana Club Mambo, Mambo Baby I'm Burnin' Gravity Storm Viamos A Bailar Best Friends Lola, Lola Melbourne Mambo Live, Laugh, Love Terrible Toes Johnny S' Terrible Twos Ribbon Of Highway Test Your Might David J. McDonagh Mortal Kombat Hands Clean Texaco Love Cindy Truelove I Don't Wanna Talk About Love Fastest Healing Broken Heart Texaco Star, The Pollie Evans Two Pump Texaco Texan Angel!!! Rebecca Unger Heaven Texas QLD 4385 Texan Cha Cha Unknown That Don't Impress Me Much Texan In A Stetson Jenifer Reaume I Don't Want Your Honey, Honey Delores Texan Waltz Val Reeves She's Over You Texarkana Lynn Gannon Baton Rouge Bring It On Down To My House Should've Asked Her Faster Don't Tell Me What To Do Texarkana Mary Kelly Texarkana One Good Woman Texas Stella Wilden Trouble My Old Flame Is Out Burning Another Honky Tonk Down Texas Rocking Pneumonia Texas Max Perry Texas Texas Barefootin' Jo Thompson & Barefootin Rita Thompson Texas Blue Pip Hodge Two Steppin' Texas Blue Ribbon Of Highway How A Cowgirl Says Goodbye Texas Blue Maria Hennings Two Steppin' Texas Blue Hunt Texas Blue Vince O'Regan I Got Sunshine Texas Blue Eyes Kathy Hunyadi & The Bluest Eyes In Texas Max Perry Texas Blues Shuffle Unknown Everybody Knows Texas Bullet, The Billy Tart & Renegrades, Rebels and Rogues Pattie Jones Texas Bump-Kins Jackie Santo, Cold Outside Kristen Mortimer & Christine Sweetman Texas Cha Cha Unknown Texas Cha Cha Mildred Holloway O What A Thrill Texas Crossing Don Kaneski Down Came A Blackbird Texas Eight Corner Virginia Graham High Horse Texas Every Time Clare Cash Honey I'll Take Texas Texas Four Corners Unknown The Race Is On The Fireman Queen Of Memphis Texas 4385 Joyce Rollinson Texas Queensland 4385 Texas Freeze Unknown Church on Cumberland Road Texas Girl Jane Schomas That Girl's Been Spying On Me Don't Stop In My World Texas Girl Shame About That Texas Hold'Em Terry Dunbar Texas Hold'em Texas Is Where Gordon Elliott Texas Is Where It's At It's At Texas Jam Nancy A. Morgan Misty Morning Texas Lone Star Unknown Texas Maze James Caldwell Amazed Texas Moon Trevor Green & I'll Take Texas Kathy Smith Texas Moon Veda Holder I'll Take Texas Don't Come Crying To Me Texas 101 Carole Daugherty Texas 101 Texas Promenade Unknown Any Good Stretch Of Blacktop Dance Against The Grain Texas Qld Lu Olsen Texas Qld 4385 Texas, Queensland Kay Eastaway & Texas QLD 4385 Dawn Charles Texas Rose Anna Balaguer Margaritaville Texas Samba Gaye Teather Texus Samba Texas Shuffle Unknown Play Ruby Play Texas Shuffle Unknown Beer & Bones Some Girls Do Texas Sidestep, The Barry Amato There's a Girl in Texas Texas Star Unknown Be My Baby Tonight Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye Texas Stars David Cheshire Stars Over Texas Texas Stars Linda & Colin Stars Over Texas Chester You Waltzed Yourself Right Into My Life Texas Stomp Jim Ferrazzano You've Got a Lock On My Love Texas Stomp Ruth Elias Alright Already I'm From The Country Geronimo Dancin' Shoes Texas Stomp Unknown Just Like The Weather Blame It On Your Heart Texas Storm Chris "Spinner" Calm Before the Storm Woods Get In Line Rock My World Texas Swing Rob Fowler Texas Swing Texas Swing Jenny Leigh Texas Swing Texas Tattoo Bryan S. Christy, Texas Tattoo Dean Craft & God Blessed Texas Lee Ann Hollis Texas Tea A. Marie & Redneck Games Joan Giorgi Hillbilly Rap Texas Tornado Richard Tymko Mercury Blues American Honky Tonk Bar Association Texas Twist Unknown Gonna Take A Lot Of River In The Mood Texas Twister Missy Rainey Dance Texas Waltz Jim Ferrazzano Waltz Across Texas Texas Waltz Mildred Holloway Stars Over Texas I See It Now Texas Waltz Unknown Texas Women Peggi Sue Wood Texas Women Thai Hati Kenny Teh Si Jantung Hati Thank God I'm Toshio Suzuki Thank God I'm A Country Boy A Country Boy Thank God The Irene Groundwater Tiki Bar Tiki Bar Is Open The Tiki Bar Is Open Thank You Maggie Gallagher Thank You Thank You John Huffman Thank You Thank You Baby Mark Hood & Thank You Baby (For Makin Someday Come So Soon) Douglas Semple Thank You Baby! Diana Bishop Thank You Baby (For Making Someday Come So Soon) Thank You Baby Nancy A. Morgan Thank You Baby! (For Makin' Someday Come So Soon) Thank You For Brett Johnston & Thank You Being There Aaran Carmichel Thank You For Brett Johnston You're My Angel Getting Me Through Thanks A Lot Trevor Wood Close Up The Honky Tonks No One Needs To Know Who's That Man Thanks A Lot Helen Conroy Thanks A Lot Noonan Thanks For The Ian Dunn Thanks For The G Chord G Chord Thanks For Jan Wyllie Our Song The Waltz! That A Way Dan Albro You Made Me That Way That Ain't Gonna Fly Michèle Godard That Ain't Gonna Fly That Ain't Good Jill Argus I Want You Bad (And That Ain't Good) Blue Clear Sky That Ain't The Jenny Constantine That Ain't The Way I Heard It Way I Heard It That Bluegrass NTA Members Feeling the Feeling Feeling That Buckin' Jacqui May That Buckin' Song Baby Dance That Cat Is High Bob Izral That Cat Is High That Crazy Song Ray & Gail Garvin That Song Is Driving Me Crazy That Don't Impress Rosalie Mackay That Don't Impress Me Much Me Much That Feeling Kay Greig & I've Got A Feelin' For You Janice Hoy Be With You I Need To Know I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues That Feeling Again Chris Peel Loving You Feeling That Girl Nancy A. Morgan That Girl That Girl Kerry Hughes That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me That Good, That Bad Terry Dunbar That Good That Bad That Happy Feeling Peter Heath That Happy Feeling That Kind Of Girl Bill McGee That Girl That Kind Of Man Jan Wyllie You're My Kind Of Woman That Little Ron Kline Mama Likes To Reggae Latin Thing!! Get Into Reggae Cowboy Miami I Ain't Running Anymore That Look, Rick Walsh The Other Side Those Eyes That Magic Moment Jeff Gardner Could I Have This Dance That Man Ria Vos That Man That Much Noise Michael Longan Cooler Than Me That N' This John Rowell After All That, This That Old Soft Shoe Phil Johnson Quality Shoe That Old Swing Bill Bader The Swing That Thang Michael Diven That Thang That Thang Michael Diven That Thang That Thing Mona Puente Steam Two Good Reasons That Thing You Do! Dance The Night Away All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down That Thing You Do Tim Gauci Do I Do It To You Too That Thing You Do! Robin Sin That Thing You Do! That Time Of Michele Perron Baby Don't Go The Night I Don't Understand My Girlfriend Land Of Living Lie To Me When Will I Be Loved Winter Wonderland That Was Then Scott Schrank That Was Then That Was Us Kathy Heller That Was Us Ready When It Comes That Wasn't My Chair Evelyn Khinoo The Chair That Way Pam Pike I Want It That Way Just Like A Rodeo That Way Jenny Leebetter I Want It That Way That Will Be The Day Louise Hodson That Will Be The Day That Will Be The Day Raymond Sarlemijn That Will Be The Day Thataway Lana Harvey Tell Me Lover Trouble A Little More Love Bad Love Gone Good That'd Be Alright John Holman That'd Be Alright That'd Be Alright Marilyn Ericson That'd Be Alright That'd Be Alright Gerald Biggs That'd Be Alright My Next Broken Heart Off My Rocker That'll Be The Day Chris Ingle That'll Be The Day If You're Not In It For Love That'll Be The Day Patricia E. Stott That'll Be The Day That'll Work Mary Drew Live Close By And Visit Often That'll Work Cha Cha Kerry Harlen Islands In The Stream If I Can Find A Clean Shirt That'll Work For Me Cindy Smith & Live Close By, Visit Often Vikki Bondurant That's A Lie Carl Sullivan That's A Lie That's A Switch Larry Bass Going The Distance This Time Around That's A Woman Steve Lescarbeau That's A Woman That's A Woman Brett Jenkins That's A Woman That's All Kevin & Maria I Love You That's All That's All Bud & Diane Martin You Don't, You Won't Trouble Is A Woman She's So Hot That's All Neville Fitzgerald Style That's All She Said David Kopcych Sorry Stray Cat Strut That's All She Wrote Charles Bowring That's All She Wrote Well Oiled Lovin Machine That's All She Wrote Michele Burton If The Devil Danced In Empty Pockets A-11 That's Alright Mama Louise Elfvengren That's Alright Mama Olatoye That's Alright Sally Tipping If That's The Way You Want It With Me That's Amore Pauline Mason That's Amore (That's Love) That's Amore Tim Gauci That's Amore That's Amore Kim Swan That's Amore Lucille Children 911 That's Amore Pamela Smith That's Amore That's Enough Deb Sass That's Enough Of That That's How Much Lana Harvey Wilson That's How Much You Mean To Me Missing You That's Irish! Jan Wyllie Beautiful Meath That's Just Love Larry & Tracey Love Sneakin' Up On You Harmon That's Just That Leonie Smallwood That's Just That That's Life Terry Dunbar C'est La Vie That's Life Johanna Barnes C'est la Vie (C'est la Vie) That's Living Louise Hodson If You Ain't Lovin' That's Love Dianne Joseph Under The Influence That's Love Pepper Siquieros That's Love That's Love Joy Alan That's Love For You That's Love Delwyn Swaisland You Still Do It For Me Love Love That's Me Christine Blinker That's Me That's Me Lesley Johnston That's Me (Every Chance I Get) That's Me Larry Bass Somebody Love's You (That's Me) That's My Baby Max Perry That's My Baby Eugene You Genius That's My Girl Tim Gauci Evangeline That's My Girl Ian Dunn My Girlfriend Might That's My Hat Evelyn Khinoo Going Back To Louisiana I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome That's My Story Claude Rose That's My Story That's My Story Gary & Cheryl The Story Of My Life Parker That's Nice Peter Fry Angel Of No Mercy That's Not How It Is The Girls (Maureen That's Not How It Is & Michelle) That's Okay June Hulcombe & That's Okay Barb Willshire Louisiana Saturday Night That's Okay DJ Dan & Wynette That's Okay Miller Where The Sidewalk Ends Another Good Reason It's A Little Too Late That's Something Darren Schrader It's Always Something That's The Deal Bruce Tau Whenever, Wherever That's The Reason Phil Carpenter Let Your Love Flow That's The Thang Rob Fowler That's The Thing About Love That's The Truth Barb Addeo The Truth About Men That's The Way! Thomas O'Dwyer That's The Way You Make An X That's The Way Liam Hrycan That's The Way Remember The Time That's The Way Nicky Glenc That's The Way A Woman Feels The Way You Love Me That's The Way Michelle Warner That's The Way It Is That's The Way! Chris Hodgson The Way She Loves Me That's The Way Robin Sin Can't Help Falling In Love With You It Goes That's The Way The Judith Campbell That's The Way The World Goes World Goes Round That's What I Like Colleen Archer That's What I Like About You On A Night Like This That's What I Like Maureen Reynolds That's What I Like About You About You That's What Mikael Mölsä These Days I'm Doing That's What They Do Sheila Halligan He Drinks Tequila That's When Dee Musk That's When I Love You That's Where Laura Alberico That's Where I Belong I Belong That's Where I'll Be Chris Peel That's Where I'll Be That's Who I Am Fay Willcox Meat And Potato Man That's Why Gerda Klein That's Why God Made Mexico The Beat The Girls (Maureen Doctor Pressure & Michelle) Para Toda La Vida Maria (Un, Dos, Tres) A Rockin' Good Way (To Mess Around And Fall In Love) The Best Than! Rep Ghazali Baby Don't You Let Go The Big One Bill Larson The Big One The Blues, Baby Rick & Deborah Blues About You Baby Bates The Boss Joanne Dancing In The Dark Taylor Smith The End Jan Wyllie 'Til The End The Feelin' Jan Wyllie Feelin' The Feelin' The Gamble Anne Hewitt The Gambler Freeky Girl The Key Ian Dunn Music Is The Key The One That Fay Willcox The One That Got Away, Got Away With My Heart Got Away The One With... Gary Lafferty I'll Be There For You The Only Way The Girls (Maureen I Still Believe & Michelle) The Other Way Rainy Dae My Kind Of Music Until The End Of Time The Race Jan van den Bos The Race Is On The River Jennifer Hughes The River The Road William Sevone On The Road Again The Ryman Carles Llebot There Stands The Glass Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down The Shade Teresa & Vera The Shade The Sign Violet Ray The Sign The Swing Mark Simpkin & The Swing Jessica Hall The Waltz Fay Willcox The Waltz The Way Jan Svensen Cowboy Movies The Way I Mate Country As A Boy Can Be The Way Ron Kline All In The Way Free The Way Bill McGee Just The Way You Are The Way Gerard Murphy The Way The Way That... Noel Bradey The Way The Wedding Winnie Yu The Wedding Song The Word Chris Hodgson Grease The World Maggie Gallagher The World Their Hearts Rosalie Mackay Their Hearts Are Dancing Are Dancing Thelma Lou Sonny & Linda It's Alright To Be A Redneck Klemm Theme For Bratz William Sevone Ooooh Fashion Them's The Rules Terry Hogan Swing Then I Saw Her Face Big Bad John I'm A Believer (Jan van den Bos) Then She Kissed Me Warren & Jean Then She Kissed Me O'Leary Then There's Me Kenneth Nilsson Then There's Me Then They Do! Chris Watson Then They Do Then What Kathy Hunyadi Then What? Therapy Bracken Potter & Therapy Linda Ellis There 4 U Gaye Teather That's Where I'll Be There Goes Wayne Beckett There Goes There Goes Trish Davies There Goes There Goes Coral & Ivan There Goes Burton There Goes Rita Kyle There Goes My Everything My Everything You Look So Good In Love There Goes My Heart James Gregory & There Goes My Heart Jean Garr There Goes My Heart Lyn Abbott Whoops There Goes My Heart There He Goes Jan Wyllie There Goes My Baby There Is A Party Roland Gutzwiller There Is A Party Everybody Burn One Down (There Is No) Duane Richards There Is No Arizona Arizona There It Goes Jan Wyllie There Goes The Neighborhood There It Goes Trish Boesel There Goes The Neighborhood There She Goes Beverly Cartwright There Goes My Love There She Was Dare To Be Red Hot Doo Wah Diddy There Ya Go Pete Cranwell & That's The Way Love Goes John Sharman There Ya Go The Girls (Maureen There Ya Go & Michelle) I'm Ready For Love There You Go Steve Lustgraaf Makin' Me Fall In Love Again There You Go Again Sue Partridge Can't Win For Losing You There You Have It Ken Staley There You Have It There's A Reason Cindy Truelove Let Your Love Flow There's No Place Frank Cooper Comin' Home Baby Like Home There's Not Much Leonard Hage There's Not Much Love Here Anymore Love Here Anymore There's Your Trouble Michael Vera-Lobos There's Your Trouble There's Your Trouble Leonie Smallwood There's Your Trouble There's Your Trouble Jackie Snyder There's Your Trouble Thermalmoves Jo Everhart Lola, Lola True To Your Heart Dreaming (Now You See Me) Now You Don't Larger Than Life Dreamlover These Arms Gabrielle Hancock These Arms These Arms Of Mine Carmela Saliba These Arma Of Mine These Boots! Harold Grimshaw These Boots Are Made For Walking These Boots Are Jacqui & Graham These Boots Are Made For Walkin' Made For Walkin' Scales, Mark Pullen, Diane Murphy These Boots Are Made Amanda Conn These Boots Are Made For Walkin' For Walkin These Days Mikael Mölsä These Days These Days!!! Paul Snooke These Days These Days Diana Bishop These Days These Nights William Sevone Nights Like These They All Know Kirsten Jorgensen Sig det er løgn (Say It's A Lie) & Ole Rodtnes Last Night Steppin' Out They Don't Break Em Margaret & Ross They Don't Break 'Em Like They Used To Storrar & Should I Do It Sue Myers They Gone...Country William Sevone Gone Country They Try Steve Lescarbeau They Try They're Back! Kathy Heller The Boys Are Back In Town Thick Smoke Rick & Deborah You're The Ticket Bates Dim Lights, Thick Smoke Sold Thicker Than Blood "PJ" Badrick Thicker Than Blood Dancing With A Rich Man Out Go The Lights Thigh Slappin Cowboy Frank Higginson Today Thin Sole Shoes Sue Hollingsworth High Tech Redneck Thing-a-ma-Jig Norm Gifford You Turn Me On Thing-A-Mi-Gig Trevor Green Dumaflache Every Little Thing She Does Thing About Love Derek Robinson That's The Thing About Love Thing Called Love Tonya C Moore Crazy Little Thing Called Love Things Johnny S' Things Things Change Julia Jackson Things Change This Town Is Yours All That Heaven Will Allow Things Change Jim Krohe Things Change Things Have Changed Lynda Dean Things Have Changed Things I Believe Scott Schrank Things I Believe Things I Anita Ludlow Things I Cannot Change Cannot Change Things That Make Claire Thomson What You Got You Hot, The Things To Say Jamie Marshall Things I Should've Said Thing's We Said! Dave "The Rave" Things We Said Today Think! Jo Thompson Think You Better Think Twice Think About Angels Max Perry When I Think About Angels Think About Cheating Kathy Heller When I Think About Cheating Think About It Trevor Eaton Something To Think About Think About You Robyn Thurston Think About You Think Again Lana Harvey When I Think About Angels Think Again Gerald Biggs You Better Think Twice Think Freedom Cindi Talbot Think (Freedom) Think I'd Ronnie Think I'd Better Leave Right Now Better Leave Fortt-Mitchell Think I'm Falling Justine Brown I Think I'm Falling In Love Think It Over John & Bonnie Think It Over Newcomer Think It Over Andrew Blackwood Think It Over Think Of Me Pearl De Marco Think Of Me Think Of Me David J. Woods Think Of Me (When Your Lonely) Think Of Me David Cheshire Think Of Me (When Your Lonely) Think Of Me Dennis & Verity Think Of Me Think Of Me Anita Ludlow Think Of Me Think Of Me Debra Jacobs Think Of Me Think Of Me Margaret Think Of Me (When You're Lonely) Barnes-Golden Think Of Us Jos Slijpen Think Of Me (When You're Lonely) Think Quick Terry Hogan Who Did You Call Darlin' Think Twice Jenny Bounds Sooner Or Later Think We're Alone Raymond Townsend I Think We're Alone Now Thinking Lori Pung What Was I Thinking Thinking About Ann Wood Don't Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow) Tomorrow Thinking About You Peter Fry Singin' My Song For You Thinkin' About You Michele Thinking About You Etherington I Feel Forever Thinkin' About You Mark Hood & Thinkin' About You Douglas Semple Thinking It Over Kim Ray Knee Deep In The Blues Thinkin' Of A Peter Thijssen Thinkin' Of A Rendezvous Rendezvous Thinking Of Me Julie Carr Track Thinking Of U Wanda Heldt Thinking Of You Thinking Of You Steve Mason Thinking Of You Thinking Of You Gordon Gillespie Think Of Me Thinking Of You Paul Miles Think Of Me Thinkin' Of You Neville Fitzgerald Thinking Of You Thinkin' Thing Melinda Conrad This One's Gonna Hurt You Thinkin' Thing Third Of June Joe Green Ode To Billy Jo 3rd Rate Romance Val Reeves Third Rate Romance Let's Have An Affair Third Rock Gretchen Kramer 3rd Rock From the Sun Third Rock Gordon Elliott Third Rock From The Sun Third Rock From Marie Noe Third Rock From The Sun The Sun Third Rock Walk Unknown Third Rock From The Sun Third Time Lucky Nathan Easey What Ever You Do, Don't Perfect Love 3rd Time Lucky Karl Cregeen Lucky Me-Lonesome You Third Time Lucky Marianne Bergman & Love You Too Much Camilla Brunfeldt Thirsty Roland (Gutz) Thirsty Gutzwiller Oh What It Did To Me Strong Heart You're So Cool The Key Of Love Red Wine Valentine The Fine Art Of Holding A Woman Simon Papa Tara La Voix Des Sages/No More Fighting Thirsty Work Chris Peel He Drinks Tequila Thirteen Women And Unknown One Old Man 30 Something William Sevone & That Old Time Feeling 'Scorpio' Linda Wine, Women And Song Powerful Thing I Wouldn't Lay My Guitar Down 31 Candles Kash Bane Something's Gotta Give 32 Below Mike Salerno Cold Outside Dark Horse Monkey Around 32 Cent Dance Alan M. Kohn You Keep Me Hanging On Three Nickels & A Dime Love Stopped On A Dime 38 Step Unknown Born To Boogie I Didn't Know My Own Strength This Ain't No Peter & Alison Do The Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha This & That The Buffalo Girls It's A Little Too Late Shes Out Of Control This & That Kathy Stearns A Man With 10 Wheels That's The Way I Like It The Hustle Monkey Around This & That David Cheshire Should Have Done This, Should Have Done That This And That Nicky Capper Fun Fun Fun Love On The Loose, Heart On The Run This & That Ron Kline Move It Like This This & That Gary Lafferty Woman This Broken Heart Tracy Brown A Real Good Place To Start This Dance Rocks Kay Amburn Baby Rocks This Empty Chair Doug Miranda The Chair This Feeling Kurt Glover I've Got This Feeling This Feeling David Camm The Way You Make Me Feel This Fire Lana Harvey Wilson This Woman Burn One Down This Game Heidi Angelika I Surrender Called Love Scott This Girl Michael A. Repko Love That Women But For The Grace Of God This Heart William Sevone This Heart This Heart Helen Loguch This Heart This Heart Of Mine DJ Dan & Wynette Crazy Arms Miller Honky Tonk Christmas Winter Wonderland Jingle Bell Rock Christmas Long Ago All I Want For Christmas Dear Is You Blue Christmas Tree Winter Wonderland This I Promise You Hana Smyth This I Promise You This I Promise You Nicola Glenc This I Promise You No Me Ames Chains This I Promise You Sally Atkinson This I Promise You This I Swear Lu Olsen This I Swear This Is Amy Quim Aymerich This Is The Life This Is How We Do It Paulette Hylands This Is How We Do It Hot In Herre Work It Out Now This Is It !!! Rachael Pugh The Time Of My Life Couldn't Last A Moment This Is It Hazel Pace I Finally Found Someone The Long Goodbye Looking Through Your Eyes I Only Want To See You Again This Is It! Max Perry This Is It This Is The Moment Irene Groundwater Hawaiian Wedding Song This Is The Way Aimee Reynolds That's The Way I Like It We Do It This Is Us Paul Alderson This Is Us This Is Us Gaye Teather This Is Us Go To Sleep Big Bertha This Is Us Yvonne & Dyka This Is Us Holland This Is Us Paul Farrugia & This Is Us Sharon Kendrick This Is What Matters Charlie Mifsud This Is What Matters This Kiss Margaret Stuckey This Kiss This Kiss Peta Ryner & This Kiss Holly Smith This Kiss Carol Clements This Kiss This Kiss Fulvio Durazza This Kiss This Kiss XXXXX Michelle Richards This Kiss This Kiss/Baby One Kelly Hinds This Kiss More Time Baby One More Time This Kiss Cha Cha Unknown This Kiss This Little Light Jo Thompson & This Little Light Of Mine Rita Thompson This Love Steve Mason This Love This Love Sooz Goodes This Love This Love Is Real Danny Smith Real To Me To Me This Love Of Ours Suzanne Wilson This Love Of Ours This Man Jan Brookfield This Man I Love This Man, This Woman Michael Barr & This Woman Needs Michele Burton This Masquerade Sobrielo This Masquerade Philip Gene & Yeo Yu Puay This Moment Jenny Rockett Stay In This Moment Their Hearts Are Dancing Dream On Texas Ladies This Must Be...Pop? Chris Williams Pop Dance For Me This Must Look Bad Teea & Hanne Two More Pairs Of Feet Riihuhta This N' That John Rowell After All That, This This Ol' Car Jenny Bounds Big Old Car This Old Heart Kate Sala & This Old Heart Of Mine Dee Musk This Old Heart Anita Ludlow This Old Heart Of Mine Of Mine This Ole Boy Anne Herd This Ole Boy This One Irene Groundwater This One This One's For Lisa Ferguson This One's For The Girls The Girls Independence Day This One's For Willie Brown This One's For The Girls The Girls This Side Of Heaven Sue Coats I'll Leave This World Loving You This Spanish Love Karen Hunn Baila Baila Magic Carpet Ride Bailamos She's Sure Taking It Well This, That & Matt Jenkins That Was Then The Other This Thing Nancy A. Morgan Crazy Little Thing Called Love This Thing Karen Tripp This Thing Called Love Called Love This Time Maleah Green This Time This Time Susanne Oates Got It Right This Time This Time For Africa Helen Conroy Waka Waka (Its Time For Africa) Noonan This Way Robin Madeley & Show Me The Way Jan Madeley This Way That Robert Rice I've Been Thinkin' 'Bout You This Way, That Away Michael Scoggins Back In Your Arms Again Jingle Bell Rock This Way, That Way Janet Hardinge, Hot Stuff Sue McCusker & The Way You Love Me Marigold Brown This Will Be Max Perry This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) This Will Be... Giles Redpath This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) (Easier) This Woman Needs Gordon Elliott This Woman Needs This Woman, This Man Michael Barr & This Woman Needs Michele Burton Thisaway Thataway Claire Liney & Back In Your Arms Again Andy McGrath (This'll) Ruffle Kathy Forrest Rockin' Goose Your Feathers Thong! Helen Morton Thong Song Sitting Down Here Man! Feel Like A Woman If It Don't Take Two No One Needs To Know Thong Dance, The Charlotte Williams Thong Song Do The Dance No Scrubs (You Drive Me) Crazy I Can Love You Better Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On Thong Song Adam J. Dymock Thong Song Thorn Danny LeClerc Thorn Those Applebottom Joey Warren Low Jeans Those Eyes Pauline Mason What Do You Wanna Make Those Eyes At Me For Those Girls Alan Haywood Everybody Loves South African Girls You Still Got It Teardrops I Need More Of You Playin Every Honky Tonk In Town I'll Be There If You Ever Want Me Those Lazy Hazy Jean Rowe Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer Crazy Days Of Summer Those Magnificent Tracey Vince & Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines Men In Their Trish Arena Flying Machines Those Were The Days Rebecca Armstrong Back To The 80's Thought Of You, The Geoff Langford When The Thought Of You Catches Up With Me 1,000 Miles Shelley Lindsay A Thousand Miles 1000 Miles From Joseph A. Mazut 1000 Miles From Nowhere Nowhere 1,000 Miles June Wilson 1,000 Miles From Nowhere From Nowhere The Heart That You Own A 1000 Miles Karen Hunn A Thousand Miles From Nowhere (From Nowhere) A Thousand Times DJ Dan & A Thousand Times Wynette Miller 1000 Years (Or More) Martin Ritchie A Love Worth Waiting For My Heart Is Lost To You All Outta Love Senorita Margarita 3 Steve Lescarbeau 3 Three A.M. Jan Wyllie & The Bye Bye Baby Matilda Marathon Survivors 3AM Guyton Mundy, Put Your Hands Together Cody Stevens, Joey Warren Three and Four Dan Fishback Fearless Heart Neon Moon Three Blind Mice Tom & Jerry & 3 Blind Mice Mice In Line Three By Two Lance Marr Talking To A Stranger Cha Cha 3X4 Cha Cha John McFarland We Dared The Lightning Three Cats Cha Cha Michele Perron Corazon Espinado Stay I See A Boat On The River Somebody's Fool 3 Chord Rock Aggie Marler 3 Chord Country And American Rock And Roll Three Chords Charles Thornhill Three Chords & The Truth Walk Away Joe 3 Crazy Gals Linda Burgess, A Little Bit Crazy Bree & Kelly Sarkies 3 Down, 4 More To Go Kerry Hughes Three Down 3-4-1 The Girls (Maureen & Elvis Medley Michelle) Three Good Reasons Geoff Langford Three Good Reasons I'm Country 3 Good Reasons William Sevone Three Good Reasons Three Hickory Nuts Leslie Getz, Let's Do It Again Candy Darling & Music Marvin Elford Follow Me 365 Degrees! Chris Williams Burning Down The House Three Lane Highway Michele Perron Strike It Up Pump Up The Volume Cowboys Are My Weakness Take It From Me Sexual Healing Three Little Words Larry Bass A Simple I Love You Three Minute Maureen & Three Minute Positive 47 Michelle Jones Count Up-Tempo Line Dance Three Minutes Dennis Dryden Three Minute Positive Not Too Country Up-Tempo Love Song 303 From Tennessee Joey McCauley One Love Three Of A Kind Peter Metelnick Kind Of Like It's Love Getting In The Mood Three Pennies David Cheshire Three Pennies Three R's, The Jan Wyllie Renegades, Rebels And Rogues Three Rebels, The Brett Jenkins Renegades, Rebels, And Rogues 3 Simple Words Leong Mei Ling Grazie, Prego, Scusi Three Step Boogie Unknown Three Things Kristina Beeby The Millennium Prayer Three Times Diane Kale It's Been A Long Long Time 3 Times You Susanne Mose You You You Nielsen 3*2*1 Dan Albro Good Little Girls Three Wishes Gerard Murphy Tres Deseos (Three Wishes) Three Wishes Angie Shirley Tres Deseos Three Words Unknown Three Words, Two Hearts, One Night 3 Words DJ Dan & Wynette Three Words, Two Hearts, One Night Miller Three-Alarm John Elliott Where's The Fire Three-Quarter Time Barry Amato You Can't Have It All Three's A Crowd Jan Wyllie One & One & One Three's A Crowd? Johnny J. Ménage à Trois Thrill Chasin' Shaz Walton Chasing A Thrill Thrill Me Laura & Becky Hold Me Michaels Thrill Me (Or Else!) Terry Hogan & Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me Roxanne Kumre Thriller Jane Newhard Thriller Move This You Can't Go By That See Rock City Thriller Carolyn Robinson Thriller Loosen My Strings Thrilling Cha Cha Dion Thomas Oh What A Thrill Thrive Henry Costa I Just Want To Be Happy C'est La Vie [You Never Can Tell] Mama Don't Get Dressed For Nothing Through The Benster Gettin' You Home Front Door Through The Gaye Teather I Heard It Through The Grapevine Grapevine Through The Marcia Ray I Heard It Through The Grapevine Grapevine Through The Karl-Harry Winson I Heard It Through The Grapevine Grapevine Throw A Shoe Larry Bass As Long As You Belong To Me Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time Wake Up And Smell The Whiskey Throw Away Sho Botham I Ain't Never Even If It's Wrong Throwdown John H. Robinson Ain't Livin' Long Like This Thru The Roof The Wanderer Steam Black Velvet Apache Three Wishes Thump Gloria Johnson Thump Factor Thump Factor Roxy Sheehan Thump Factor Thump Factor Charles Bowring Thump Factor Thump Therapy Bill Bader Thump Factor Boogie Till The Cows Come Home Mercury Blues Thump This !! Joe White & Thump Factor Pepper Walling Everytime I Roll The Dice Thumper Bobby Horn Thump Factor Get Over It It Takes Two Thunder Ria Vos Thunder Thunder & Lightning Mike Cook Lightning Does The Work Thunder And William Sevone Thunder And Lightning Lightnin' I Love A Rainy Night Hard On The Ticker Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On Thunder And Martin Ritchie Pick 'Em Up And Lay 'Em Down Lightning Watch Me Breaking Hearts And Taking Names Thunder On Phil Johnson Thunder On The Mountain The Mountain Thunder Rock Michael Repko How Long Gone True Coming Back For You Nothing New Under The Moon Thunder Thump Tabatha Wood Thump Factor Thunder 2000 Daniel Whittaker How Can I Miss You? Love & Affection Thunderbird Slide Mark Wilson Silver Thunderbird Thunderbolt Bill Bader Lovin' All Night All Is Fair In Love and War Thunderfoot Adelaide & Joe I'll Never Forgive My Heart Avila The Sad Cafe Time In Love The Sound of Your Goodbye Cadillac Style Heart Trouble Some Girls Do Thunderfoot Unknown Hillbilly Rock Fireman Thursday Night Jane Newhard Flowers On The Wall Special Thursday's Cha Cha Terry Hogan Where Is My Baby Tonight Ti Amo Allan & Karen Burr Ti Amo Ti Amo Ann Spano Everytime That You Walk In The Room You Still Shake Me Ti Amo Colleen Archer Ti Amo Tic Tac Toe Unknown Tic Tac Toe Dancin' Shoes Tic Toc Rosalie Mackay Tic Toc (& Bill Bader) Tic-Toc Adrian Lefebour Tic Toc Tic Toc Mat Peper Tic Toc Tick Tock Eddie Harper Tick Tock Time Marches On Funny How Time Slips Away Bluest Eyes In Texas Tic Tok Don't Stop Rob Fowler Tic Tok Tic Tok Drop Guyton Mundy, Tic Tok Rob Glover & Will Craig Ticket Home Yvonne Hammond A Bible & A Bus Ticket Home Ticket To Heaven Terry Dunbar Ticket To Heaven Ticket To Ride Jo Thompson Heartbreak Express A Ticket To Martie Papendorf One Way Ticket The Blues Ticket To Vegas Kate Sala & Viva Las Vegas Kate Smith Tickled Pink Crazy Chris & Toss The Feathers Katie Adams Ticky Tacky "Hillbilly" Rick Tic Tic Tac! & Maureen Ticks Moses Bourassa Jr. Ticks & Barbara Frechette Ticks In The Holly Ruschman Ticks Moonlight Tico Tico Gaye Teather Tico Tico Tico Tico Peter Metelnick Tico Tico Tico-Toc Maureen & Tico Tico Michelle Jones Tico Toc Kim Ray Tico Tico Tidal Wave Kate Priestley & Miami Sharon Harrison Tidal Wave Lynne Breakwell The Tide Is High Tidal Waves Jenna Barber What's The Matter With You Baby I Can Love You Better Easy On The Eyes Catch 22 Lucky In Love Just Enough Rope Tide Is High, The Steffi The Tide Is High Tide Is High, The Wesley Cowie The Tide Is High (Get The Feeling) Tide Is High, The Double D The Tide Is High (Get The Feeling) Tide Is High Hanne Ekknud The Tide Is High Pedersen Tide Is High, The Jenna Nelson The Tide Is High Tide Is Right, The Sandra Johns The Tide Is High Tide Up Gaye Teather The Tide Is High Men Tie A Yellow Ribbon William Ambrose Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Ole Oak Tree Tie The Knot Tom Glover Chapel Of Love Tiff's Hip Hop Andy Chumbley With Love Tiger By The Tail John H. Robinson Breathless Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing Back In My Arms Again WhyDon'tCha On A Good Night Dirt Track Cowboys Tiger By The Tail Wrangler Wild Breathless Tiger By The Tail Jan Wyllie I've Got A Tiger By The Tail Tiger Feet Alison Austerberry Tiger Feet Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go Swing The Mood Dancin Party The Cat Crept In Tiger Feet Lauren Peacock & Tiger Feet Lorrin Evans Tiger Run Sal Gonzalez Run Through The Jungle Tigger Tom Glover Tiggerific Birthday Party Tiggerific! Doug & Jackie Tiggerific Birthday Party Miranda Tight Fitting Jeans Joan O'Gorman I Ain't Knock Yourself Out Tight Fitting Jeans Sandy Zook Tight Fitting Jeans Tight Rope Dancing Barry Amato Boom Tight Squeeze Sonny Klemm Squeeze Me In Tight Squeeze Karl Cregeen Squeeze Me In Let's Go Crazy Tightrope Carl Sullivan You'll Always Be Loved By Me Tightrope Rona Kaye Tightrope Tijuana Cha Gail Smith Down In Mexico (Down In Mexico) Tijuana Shuffle Dee Russell Blue Baby Likes To Rock It Tijuana Sunrise Gordon Timms Rise Tijuana Tequila DJ Dan & Wynette All The Tequila In Tijuana Miller Tijuana Waltz Jan Wyllie Tijuana Rose Tik Tok Too Neville Fitzgerald What You Waiting For Til Dance Do Us Part Peter Metelnick There Goes The Bride 'Til I Stop Dancing Jan Wyllie Until I Stop Dancing 'Til Summer Rita Arnett 'Til Summer Comes Around Comes 'Round Till A Tear Drops Margaret Warren Till A Tear Drops Till I Die Ros Brander- Sometimes When We Touch Stephenson Till It Snows Rosalie Mackay Till It Snows In Mexico In Mexico Till Sun Up Sue Coats Baila-Baila Till U Love Me Martin Tradewell Till You Love Me Tilt-a-Whirl Janelle The Real Thing Wallingford Tilton Dancin' Dean A Soldier's Joy Timbale Mambo Susan Hancock I Should Know Timber Trish Davies Timber I'm Falling In Love Timbucktoo Nancy A. Morgan Mustang Sally If It's The Last Thing I Do Goes Good With Beer The Way You Make Me Feel Time Sally Blair Let Me Into Your Heart Time Marches On Time Combo Baby One More Time Time Maggie Gallagher By The Time Time After Time Barbara Hile Time After Time Time And A Half Ronni Booth I Wanna Fall In Love Come Cryin' To Me Put Your Heart Into It Time & Change Annette Latimer Rockin' Pneumonia Time And Time Again John Dembiec Last Thing On My Mind Time Changes John King Time Marches On Time For A Change Jan Wyllie I'm Gonna Change Everything Time For A Good Time Sharlene Sipple Good Time Time For Miracles Henrik Juul Time For Miracles Sorensen Time Goes By John Dembiec Days Go By Time Has Come, The Jan Wyllie I Think It's Time We Fell In Love Time In A Bottle Colleen Archer Time In A Bottle Time Is Tight William Sevone Time Is Tight Time Is Tight Diane Kale Snowflake Boogie Time Marches On Peter Metelnick Time Marches On Time Marches On Rosalie Mackay Time Marches On Time Marches On Buckskin Joe Time Marches On Time Missing You Norman Dery Time Spent Missing You Time Of My Life Charlie Milne Time Of My Life Every Little Thing Time Of My Life Michael Vera-Lobos Time Of My Life Time Of My Life DJ Dan & Wynette Time Of My Life Miller Time Of Our Lives Juliet Hauser Rendezvous At Sunset No More Protecting My Heart Time Of Your Life Dougie D Tonight Time On Your Feet Harold Grimshaw Tulsa Time Ollie Austin Time Out Stephen Sunter Wait A Minute John Roland Wood The Things We Do Time Out Mark & Jan Caley Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps Can't Get Enough I Know You Time That It lindy Bowers & Time That It Would Take Would Take Janis Graves Time To Boogie Pepper Siquieros Time To Boogie Time To Cha Cha Amanda Everything's Changed Harvey-Tench Begin The Beguine Time To Dance Chris Er Some Broken Hearts Time To Dream Jan Wyllie Time To Dream Time To Play Darren Mitchell Were Not Here For A Long Time Time 2 Get Down Kathy Hunyadi & To Get Down John H. Robinson Time To Get Up Guyton Mundy It's A Party Time To Live David J. McDonagh (I've Had) The Time Of My Life Your Life..! Time To Party Lance Marr Party Time Time To Play Robert DeLong I Can't Wait Time To Ride Masters In Line Watcha Doin Tonight Crazy In Love Mesmerize Time To Spend Jill Richmond & God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You Stuart Woods Single White Female Missing You Time To Swing Andrew & Sheila Time To Swing Time To Swing Garth Bock Time To Swing Time To Swing Boogie Debbie Small Time To Swing Time 2 Boogie! Daniel Whittaker Time After Time T.R.O.U.B.L.E. Time Warp Warren Mitchell & Time Warp Julie Shaw Time Warp Two Step Terry Hogan Sioux City Sue Time Will Tell Chris Peel What I Used To Do All Night Timeless Patricia E. Stott Love You Every Second Timeless Michael Vera-Lobos Time In A Bottle Timeless Winnie Yu Timeless Timeless Johnny S Old Time Rock 'n' Roll Rock 'N' Roll Timeless Carousel Maggie Gallagher Time Carousel Timeless Waltz Stewart Gimson Till You Love Me Timeless Waltz Elle Jay A Kiss From A Rose Times Like These Larry Schmidt In Times Like These Times Like These Anne Herd In Times Like These Times Out Li, Malaysia & Unknown William Sevone Times 2 Sara Preston 2 Times Timezone Gary Lafferty It's 5:00 Somewhere Timmy The Dog Group If Ya Gettin' Down The Tin Man Karen Hunn The Tin Man Tina, The Harrison Setzler Steamy Windows Tina Time Tina Marchant If That's The Way You Want It Trying To Get To New Orleans Tina's Waltz Russ & Wilma You're The One Collier Their Hearts Are Dancing Tinhorn Swing Knox Rhine Same Ol Me Trouble Tinito David J. McDonagh Tinito Tinsley Turn-About Page Harding No News All I Wanted Find Out What's Happening The Fever Tiny Ed Lawton Hey Baby Tiny Bubbles Irene Groundwater Tiny Bubbles Tiny Town Michael Vera-Lobos Tiny Town & Noel Bradey Tip Of My Tongue Sally Graham It Must Be Love Tippe Toes Deb Crew It's Just Love Tipperary Girls Chris Hodgson Tipperary Girl Tippin' It Teree DeSarro I Got It Honest Tiptoe Round Francien Sittrop Pack Up Tired Of Being Sorry Cato Larsen Tired Of Being Sorry Tired Of Talking Lois Lightfoot A Little Less Conversation Sing It Back Think Of Me Tit-For-Tat Tony Wilson Wine Women And Song Titanic Simon Ward My Heart Will Go On Titanic Craig Cooke My Heart Will Go On Tjitji Sunrise Hedy McAdams Sun Arise To All The Girls Duma Kristina To All The Girls I Loved Before I Loved Before To Be A Woman! Sandra Speck Sometimes It Takes Balls To Be A Woman To Be Loved William Sevone When Will I Be Loved To Be Loved By You Jan Brookfield To Be Loved By You No Matter What This Time To Be Or Not To Be Robin Sin I Hope You Want Me Too To Be With You Tony Wilson To Be With You Come Hell Or High Water To Be With You Mark Hood & To Be With You Douglas Semple To Be Your Man Rita Kyle To Be Your Man Who's Your Daddy Work In Progress Designated Drinker To Daddy Alison Johnstone To Daddy To Dance Or Peter Metelnick & Shakespeare's (Way With) Words Not To Dance Alison Biggs To Die For Jan Wyllie Living In A Moment To Have & To Hold Lesley Johnston To Have & To Hold Husbands & Wives To Knoxville Ib Larsen Daddy's Gone To Knoxville Oh Julie All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down First Love To Love A Woman Geri Morrison & To Love A Woman Kiley Evans Feat Sing To Love Again Dee Musk To Love Again To Love Somebody William Sevone To Love Somebody To Love You More Neville Fitzgerald In Your Eyes To Sir With Love Noel Bradey To Sir With Love To The Back Ria Vos Back It Up To The Limit Doug & Jackie Take It To The Limit Miranda To The Limit Jace Andrus Push It To The Limit To The Rock Rosie Multari I Go To The Rock To The Top Andrew, Simon To The Top & Sheila Toad Sucker Stomp Jan Brown Any Swing Rhythm Tobacco Boogie Jim & Martie Feelin' Good Train Ferrazzano Tobacco Road Tobermory Swing Gail Tako The Swing Toby's Bar Connie Frendt I Love This Bar Toby's Cha Cha Don Deyne He Ain't Worth Missing Mexican Minutes A Little Less Talk Should've Been a Cowboy Today Dennis Dryden Today Today The Lady In Black, Today Mark Cook, Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher Today Chris Peel Today Today Sho Botham Today Today Andy Chumbley Today Today Mike Hitchen Today Today I Started Steve Mason Today I Started Loving You Again Loving You Again Magic Carpet Ride Una Momento Alla Gulf Of Mexico Today's The Day Stephen Rutter That Awful Day Today's Waltz Jan Wyllie Today All Over Again Toe/Heel Boogie George Lewis Cherokee Boogie Learn Ain't Never Toe Heel Rhythm Bev Costantino It's Chitlin' Time Heartland Toe Tappin' Larry Bass 1-900-Bubba Keep It In The Middle Of The Road Longneck Bottle Toe Tappin' Sharon K. Davis That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me Toe Tappin' Jacqui Cargill Toe Tappin' Countryman Toe-Tappin' Judy Lee Too Much Cocoa Gravy Where I Come From Toe Tappin' Derrick Goh Toe Tappin' Country Man Country Man Toe The Line Lana Harvey Twang Thing Something In The Water That's Enough Of That Toe The Line Lois Sturgeon Tired of Toein' The Line Toe The Line Stella Wilden I Can Love You Better Don't Love Make A Diamond Shine Toein' The Line Steve West Tired Of Toein' The Line Toes Rachael McEnaney Toes Toes (Fun In The Patricia Flaherty Toes Carribbean) Together Debbie Wood & Together Again Marilynne Delurey Together Brenda Whipp I Wanna Be Your Man Forever Louisiana Saturday Night Together Stephen Gell Together Together William Sevone Let's Stay Together Together After All Jan Wyllie After All Together Again Leigh Huckel With You What A Crying Shame Together Again Michele Perron Together Again Being With You Dancefloor Together Forever Kevin & Maria Could I Have This Dance Together, Forever, Dynamite Dot & Together, Forever, Always Always Rob Fowler Together 4 Ever Tracie Lee Survivors Together We Are One Geri Morrison Together We Are One Together We Are One Simon Ward Together We Are One Togetherness Henry Costa Uptown Girl Never Loved Before Hey Baby Little Miss Honky Tonk Me & My Baby I Knew The Bride Sunshine Homeboy The More Love, The Better Togoneo Cha Chris Hodgson The Call Margarita Told You So The Girls (Maureen I Told You So & Michelle) Toledo Janet Kane I Like It, I Love It What The Cowgirls Do Tom Tom Tooray Colin & Sandy Different Drums Smith Tomahawk Unknown I Want My Goodbye Back Tomato Patch Shuffle Rob Grady Never Alone Never Had It So Good Born To Be Blue Tomball Shuffle Terry Mandzuk My Guy Dancing Queen Tombstone Slap Sophie Turner Cold Hearted Woman Tomorrow Lisa Foord & Will You Love Me Tomorrow Yvonne Hammond Tomorrow "PJ" Badrick If Tomorrow Never Comes Who Needs Pictures Unanswered Prayers When You Come Back To Me Again Tomorrow Genecia Luo WeiQi Always Tomorrow Tomorrow Dougie D. Don't Stop Tomorrow Never Comes Karl Cregeen If Tomorrow Never Comes Tomorrow Will You William Ambrose Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Still Love Me? Tomorrow's Here Steve Willeter A New Day Has Come Tomorrows Love Lisa Firth & Will You Love Me Tomorrow Janet Halls Tomorrow's Love Pauline Evans If Tomorrow Never Comes Tomorrow's Question Jan Wyllie If Tomorrow Never Comes Ton Of Love Anita Ludlow Ton Of Love Breathe Tongoneo Unknown El Tongoneo Tonight 'Lainey' Staines Tonight I've Been To Town Tonight Lisa Ferguson Tonight Downtime Tonight Kevin S. Ward Angel Tonight Karen Tripp Tonight Tonight & Tomorrow Maureen & Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Michelle Jones Tonight & Tomorrow Jan Yates Hole In The World Black Betty Tonight Cowboy Jos Slijpen Tonight Cowboy You're Mine You're Mine Tonight I'm Ria Vos Tonight Loving You Tonight We Dance Don Deyne Bailamos Missing You Rub It In Tonight We Dance Sho Botham Bailamos Man! I Feel Like A Woman Tonight You're Mine Chris Hodgson & Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Dynamite Dot My Girl Tonights The Night! Linda Burgess Lonely Out Tonite Tonight's The Night Robbie McGowan I Need Your Love Tonight Hickie Don't Make Me Beg Tony's Strut Antony Tombs We Bury The Hatchet Too Big For Sam & Ruth What About Now Our Boots! Armstrong Daddy's Money Too Blue Marg Jones Blue (Da Ba Dee) True Blue Smokey Places Whatever You Do, Don't Too Busy Being Karrie Stang Too Busy Being In Love In Love Too Close 'Lainey' Staines Too Close Middlesex Too Close Dee Musk Disturbia For Comfort Too Confused Warren Mitchell Sinkin' In Too Darn Funky Cindi Talbot Play That Funky Music Back To The Island Too Funky Too Darn Nice Nigel & Barbara Too Darn Nice Payne Stuck On You Too Easy Shuffle Terry Hogan Bad Day For The Blues Too Far Gone Ian Dunn It's A Little Too Late Too Funky For Me Yvonne Anderson, Too Funky Mark Cosenza & Glen Pospieszny Too Good Kevin Stanley Does Your Daddy Know About Me Too Good Parry Spence Too Good To Be True Too Good Roxanne Smith Too Good To Be True Too Good To Be Bad lindylou Bowers & Softer The Touch Sandy Albano Made For Lovin' You That's Love Too Good To Be True Ian St. Leon Too Good To Be True Too Good To Be True Terry Hogan I Didn't Know Too Good To Be True Patricia E. Stott Can't Take My Eyes Off You Too Hip, Gotta' Go Charlotte Skeeters Too Hip, Gotta' Go Rompin' Stompin' Too Hot Dion Thomas Too Hot Too Hot Michel Platje, Too Hot Anita Zwiers, Switch Satu Ketellapper Too Kiss Glennys Croston It's Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night Too Late Phyllis Born Too Late Paulantoni Too Late Mate Jan Wyllie It's A Little Too Late Too Late Now Terry Hogan They Always Look Better When They're Leaving Too Lazy The Kids Too Lazy To Work, Too Lazy To Steal Too Lazy To Work Kay Blakeley Too Lazy To Work, Too Nervous To Steal Too Long Pretending Alison Carrington The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore Too Lost In You Kathy Robinson Too Lost In You You Don't Know A Thing About Me Too Many Pockets Kevin & Maria Too Many Pockets Smith Too Many Pockets Teresa & Vera Too Many Pockets Too Many Rivers Charyle Hartje & Too Many Rivers Gary Clayton Too Many Rivers Toshio Suzuki Too Many Rivers To Cross To Cross Too Many Stomps Deborah Lenzi All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight Guitars & Cadillacs Too Many Tears Wil Bos & 9,999,999 Tears Roy Verdonk Too Much Dion Thomas That Don't Impress Me Much Too Much! Marg Jones Love You Too Much There's Your Trouble Too Much Rick & Deborah Too Much Bates The Wanderer A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action Too Much Lynne Martino Love You Too Much Too Much Booty Sue Ann Ehmann Too Much Booty Shakin' (Up In Here) Shakin' Too Much Eggnog Peter Metelnick Xmas In Jail Too Much For Me Dynamite Dot Too Much For Me Too Much For Me Jan Wyllie Love You Too Much Too Much Fun Gloria Johnson Too Much Fun Too Much Fun Terry Hogan Wine, Women & Song Too Much Love Alan Dixon Love You Too Much Too Much Of A Bob Sykes Too Much Of A Good Thing Good Thing Too Much Stuff Carol McKee Two Much Stuff Too Much Trouble Michael McChord Bury The Shovel Too Proud Doug & Jackie Ain't Too Proud To Beg Miranda Too Stinkin' Hot Gerard Murphy Cruel Summer Too Strong To Break Rosalie Mackay Too Strong To Break Too Stupid Pam Ebner Too Stupid Too Sweet Wes Smith How Sweet It Is Too, Too Hip Ardi Lawrence West of Crazy What If I Do? Big Time Too Young To Care Larry Bass Old Enough To Know Better On A Good Night Toon Town Party!!! Brett Jenkins Cartoon Heroes Top A Pop Phil Carpenter Top A Pop Top Cat Dave Munro Every Dog Has Its Day You Can't Read My Mind Top Gear William Sevone Kick It Into Gear Sweet Happiness Top Gun Mary Kelly All Out Of Love Whole Lotta Hurt Top Notch Stephen Rutter Telluride Top Notch The Girls (Maureen We Should Be Together & Michelle) Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good Top Of The Hill Irene Groundwater Top Of The Hill No More Doggin' One Dance With You Top Of The World Lisa & Janyne Celtic Rock Rodriguez Toss The Feathers Duelling Violins Dance Above The Rainbow Mull River Shuffle I'm A Cowboy Paddy McCarthy Top Of The World John Bishop & Top Of The World Karen Wilkinson Top Of The World Sharon Hutchinson Top Of The World Top Rail Boogie Warren Welch Tempted Eighteen Wheels & A Dozen Roses Blame It On Texas Top Secret Shuffle Peter Metelnick Little Drops Of My Heart You Gotta Love That No One Needs To Know Top This Carol Tavener Rocky Top '96 Championship Mix Rocky Top '96 Radio Mix Topeka Touch Bruce Kurth Topsy Turvy Marina Girardi Topsy Turvy Topsy Turvy Sandra Speck Upside Down Tore Up Lisa Thunstrom & Tore Up From The Floor Up Ben Kelly Tore Up Leonie Smallwood Tore Up From The Floor Up Toreador Jan Wyllie Maria Torero Jos Slijpen Torero Torn Danny LeClerc Torn How Do I Live Torn Apart Liam Hrycan Mixed Up Mess Of A Heart Tornado Michelle Stremche I Love A Rainy Night Stuck In The Middle With You Ain't No Money I Will Be There Tornado William Sevone All I Want Is Everything I'm Outta Love You Need Love Like I Do Fast As You Made For Each Other On A Night Like This Singing The Blues Tornado Unknown Torque Everything Daniel Fournier I'll Be Your Everything I Ain't Missing You Torrance Trot Carol R. Miller Two Car Garage Wine Torrance Twist Carol R. Miller The Twist Hillbilly Rock Smooth Wine Tossed Feathers Linda Dube Toss the Feathers Tossin' Bones Gloria Johnson Toss A Little Bone Total Chaos Nicole Parsons Love Train Total Eclipse Margo Kennedy, Total Eclipse of the Heart Mike Kokiw & Anita Swirsky Total Eclipse Geri Morrison Total Eclipse Of The Heart Totally Awwwesome Alison Austerberry Flashdance...What A Feeling Totally Crazy Carl Allford Man! I Feel Like A Woman Totally Crazy Amanda Brown Man I Feel Like A Woman Totally Criminal Su Marshall Crime Of The Century Totally Impossible Daniel Whittaker We Can Touch And Go David Trimble Happy Girl There You Have It Touch & Go Dave Ingram Love Potion #9 Touch & Go Maggie Gdula & Would You...? Kevin Winn Touch-And-Go Todd Lescarbeau So Young When The Lights Go Out Who Is He? Touch It Lucy Love Jam Up & Jelly Tight Touch Me Wanda M. Gray I Get So Rattled I'm From The Country Touch Me Linda Hegarty Dame (Touch Me) Touch Me Marjorie How To Touch A Girl Barnabas-Shaw Touch Me! Amy Christian-Sohn Dame' Touch Me Like That Maggie Gallagher Touch Me Like That Touch Me Tonight John H. Robinson Oyeme If You Had My Love Touch 'N' Go Phil Carpenter Sometimes When We Touch A Touch Of Chemistry Robert Lindsay Chemistry Touch Of Country, A Don McRitchie Blame It On Your Heart Listen To A Country Song Touch Of Heaven Vera & Teresa Heaven's What I Feel I Get So Rattled Touch Of Irish Rita Kyle Chattahoochee A Touch Of Rumba Juliet Lam It's Now Or Never Touch The Sky Peter Metelnick Breakaway & Alison Biggs Touche' Ed White Go Away There Goes Keeping The Faith Somebody Slap Me Touché R. J. Walker Love Gets Me Every Time Go Away Whose Baby Will You Be Tonight Ooh Boy Touché Trevor Smith Go Away Touched By An Angel Michelle Warner A New Day Has Come Touched By Angels The Angels A New Day Has Come (Slick-Chick, Wacky-Jackie & Raunchy-Rachel) Touchers Shuffle Ted Bowring Swinging On My Babys Chain Touchy! Niels Poulsen Sentimental Steam Tough! Louise Taylor & When The Going Gets Tough Sharon Walton Tough Cookie Sue Pachico Do You Wanna Make Somethin' Of It Tough Enough Unknown The Boys And Me Good Girls Love Bad Boys Cherokee Boogie Tough Enough!!! Chris Brocklesby When The Going Get Tough Tough Enough? Ari Salonen Ain't Goin' Down Tough Going Charles Bowring When The Going Gets Tough Tough Love Dianne Joseph Tough Love Tough Lover M. Vasquez Tough Lover Tough Stuff Bill Ray The Tough Get Going Toughen Up Sheila Vee When The Going Gets Tough Tougher Than Nails Charlie Mifsud Tougher Than Nails Tour De Country Robert Weaver Back In Your Arms Again Catch 22 The Wanderer Walk On A Girl's Gotta Do What a Girl's Gotta Do Living In A Bullseye Land Of The Living Believe Me Baby (I Lied) Towards Zero Alan Robinson Going Nowhere Fast Toxic Joey Warren Toxic Toy Boy Bethany, Carol, Toyboy Barb, Rachel, Geri, Angela, Ginny & Doris Toy Soldier Barry Amato & Toy Soldier Bryan McWherter Toy Soldier Michael Lynn Toy Soldier Toy Trains Nancy A. Morgan Old Toy Trains Toyboy The Lady In Black Yo-Yo Boy Fountain Of Middle Age Summertime Tracce Di Amore Gordon Timms Traces (Of Love) Trace, The Gloria Johnson Big Time Trace Of Doubt Jenny Leigh I'm A Believer Traces Cha Cha Janet Humphrey Traces Traces Cha Cha Kate Sala Traces Remix Traces Of Love Thomas C. Tam Traces Traces Of Time Janet Jolliffe A Bad Way To Say Goodbye Track 4 Trevor Smith & Honky Tonk Habits Jill Ager Trackin' Noki Trackin' Trackin' Country Warren Fleming Fountain Of Youth Tracking Linda Lou Nancy Morgan Linda Lou Tracks-2-10-S-E Chris Hodgson On The Tracks To Tennessee Tractor Darla Maynard She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy Tractor Burn Floyd & Ellie Guilty Of The Crime Meerman The Elvis Thing When Mama Ain't Happy That's The Way I Like It Tractor Pull Bob & Shelly Myers Kiss Me In The Car Jukebox Junkie Baby Likes To Rock It Tractorology Gloria Johnson Shortnin' Bread I Wouldn't Tell You No Lie Tracy Byrd Boogie Kevin Richards I'm From The Country Tracy's Shimmy Hans Kurt I'm From The Country Mortensen Trade Winds Jane Newhard Wake Up And Smell The Whiskey Cowboy Cadillac A Whole World Of Trouble Honey You Drive Me Crazy Hittin The Hay Traffic Jam Sam & Ruth Six Days On The Road Armstrong Road To Nowhere Trail, The Judy McDonald Trail Of Tears Tragedia Andrew, Simon Tragedia & Sheila Tragedy Kathy Liskow Tragedy Tragedy Ed Cunningham Tragedy Tragedy John Dembiec Tragedy The Middle Of Nowhere Tragic David J. McDonagh Tragedy Tragic Tragedy '98 Simon Whincup Tragedy If I Never Stop Loving You Trail, The Steve & Alison The Old Chisholm Trail Cooper Trail, The Judy McDonald Trail Of Tears Trail, The Wild Bill Trail Of Tears (Wheelchair McKechnie Honky Tonk Habit Version) Trail Of Friends Karla & Paul Somebody Loves Me Dornstedt Four Walls I Don't Want This Song To End Trail Of Love Jenifer You Made A Believer Of Me (Reaume) Wolf Falling In Love Only We Can Stop This Now Trail Of Teardrops Eddie McIntosh Trail Of Tears Trail Of Tears David Cheshire Trail Of Tears Trail Of Tears Charles Thornhill Trail Of Tears Girls Like That Trail Of Vines Nancy A. Morgan Trail Of Tears Trail Walk Dawn Dennell Trail Of Tears Trailblazer Joey McCaulry & I'm Outta Here Denis Philpott Walk On He Will Be Mine Trailblazer Malcolm Russell A Little Bit Is Better Than Nada Trailblazer Mary Kelly Swinging On My Baby's Chain Thump Factor Electric Reel Trailer Tom Glover Will You Love Me In A Trailer Trailer Park Woman George Deves Trailer Park Woman Trailerhood Peter & Alison Trailerhood Trailerhood Lisa Johns-Grose Trailerhood Trailerhood The Girls (Maureen Trailerhood & Michelle) Trailing The Range Neil McGregor Kimberley Moon Such As I Trail's End Waltz Andy Chumbley Long Hard Ride Train, The Barbara Porter Baby Likes To Rock It Any Way the Wind Blows The Train Unknown C'mon And Ride It (The Train) Train In Motion Kathy K Wabash Cannonball Train Wreck Kathy Hunyadi Party Train Trains Jenny Bounds Trains Trama Twist Mark Simpkin & The Night I Called The Old Man Out Tracie Lee Transcanada Trail Marg Jones Happy Trails 2000 Stroll Transformation Jan Wyllie 'Til A Tear Becomes A Rose Transported Jan Wyllie Trains And Boats And Planes Trash Ronnie Landolfi Trashy Women Trash Can Do Jan Smith No Trash In My Trailer Trashin' The Camp Jodi Wittman Trashin' The Camp Trashy Tricks Jan Wyllie Trashy Women Trashy Women Unknown Trashy Women Trashy Women Pat Eodice Trashy Women Why Haven't I Heard From You Janie Baker's Love Slave Lost & Found Heartbreak Out Of My Mind House Hunting Travel & Touch Lucy Love King Of The Road Travel To The Beat Henry Costa There's Your Trouble Different Drum Dancin' Shoes Reggae Cowboy Blood On The Dance Floor Coming Up Your Imagination (Do You Wanna) Spend The Night Traveler, The Christine Bartlett I'm Not Running Any More Locomotion Things Change Traveler Three Ganean DeLa Grange Honey & Cianne McGinnis Turn It Loose Those Memories Rocking In A Brand New Cradle Traveling Jane Newhard Stars Over Texas Across Texas Travelin' Band William Sevone Travelin' Band Traveling Cowboy Andy Williams & Travelling Cowboy Henry Costa Traveling 4 Corners Unknown Traveling Macarena Roy East Macarena Traveling Man Anne Herd Travelling Man Travelin' Music Roy Verdonk & Travelin' Music Wil Bos Traveling Wonder Unknown Boot Scootin' Boogie Travelling Cowboy Ian St Leon Friday Arvo Travelling Nowhere Jon Peppin Shes A Lady Another Sleepless Night Travellin' On Jacqui & Will Little Miss Honky Tonk Clough She's Not The Cheatin' Kind Travellin' Soldier Maddison Glover & Travellin' Soldier Simon Ward Travelin Tritt Nancy Morgan Still In Love With You Travelsphere Boogie Jan Brookfield Travel Along Treadin' The Wire Peter Fry A Fine Line Treason Fred Knopp He Will Be Mine Treasurer's Tin Jeffery Loulias The Old Man's Gone This Road Cabin Fever Heartaches By The Number Would I Treasures Gaye Teather Richest Man On Earth I'll Take Texas Tico Tico Treat Me Diana Dawson Why Do You Treat Me This Way? I Can Help Straight Tequila Bigger Than The Beatles Treat Me Like Charyle Hartje & Treat Me Like A Fool A Fool Gary Clayton Treat Me Nice Lois Lightfoot Elvis Medley Treat Me Nice Dianne Evans Elvis Medley Treated Bad Bracken Ellis Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed Shut Up Tree Frog Steve Pacewicz & Tree Frog Melissa Greene You Walked In How Forever Feels Treetops Stomp Ray Denham Tall, Tall Trees Shortening Bread Trembling Lips Rosalie Mackay Talk Back Trembling Lips Tremor Steve Hinerman Earthquake Tremor Katharine Daley Earthquake Trenant Cha Teresa Stephens & I Just Want To Dance With You Marlene Wilks Tri State Waltz Bob & Marlene Which Bridge To Cross (Which Bridge To Burn) Peyre-Ferry Stars Over Texas 4 Minus 3 Equals Zero Triangle Waltz Elaine Cosenza A New Moon, An Old Flame, And You Trick Or Treat Paula Bilby Trick Or Treat Trickle Trickle Michael Barr & Trickle Trickle Michele Burton Sea Of Cowboy Hats Midnight Cinderella Long Neck Bottle Trickster! Ken Henley Tricky Tricky Tricky B*tch Cha Cha W.P.M. Sanders Donna Laurin & I Want It That Way Bev Cornish What's The Matter With You Baby Write This Down Tricky Moon Kathy Hunyadi Tricky Moon Bigger Than The Beatles Tricky Moon Hans & Will Tricky Moon Verhaegh Tricky Moon Claire Gent Tricky Moon Take It From Me Tricky Moon Maureen Ash Tricky Moon Tricky, Tricky Pedro Machado & Tricky Tricky James Gregory Tricky Vicky Tony Wanko Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine T.L.C. A.S.A.P. Get In Line Where Was I Trilogy Rob Ingenthron, Faded Ginger Pickerel & Tom Mickers Trinidad Twist Leslie Eden Clare Montego Bay La Colegiala El Meneito Dance Dis Dance Trip And Stumble Michelle Weller Honey, I'm Home Trip Around The Sun David Pytka Trip Around The Sun Trip The Trigger Michael O'Shea You Turn Me On Triple "B" Gloria Johnson Big Bad Beat Triple C Jam Crystalettes Girls With Guitars Dance Team Be My Baby Tonight Triple D Rock It Harry & Norie Baby Likes To Rock It Raymos Triple M Maureen & Lady (Hear Me Tonight) Michelle Jones Tulsa Time Triple "T" Michelle Stremche Domino Theory Of Love Tell Me Why Black Sheep Triple Blue Jan Wyllie Blue California Triple Bonded Trio Dan Morrison Let The Picture Paint Itself Lisa Brown Triple Cross Peggy Phillips I Love A Rainy Night Cha Cha Triple-Digit Dancin' Janet Humphrey If This Is Love Triple Digit Summer Margaret Stuckey If This Is Love Triple Digit Summer Eilla Kay If This Is Love Triple J Triple M Max Perry, You Keep Me Hanging On Michele Perron, Maurice Rowe Triple R (RRR) Eddie & Nancy Heaven Help My Heart (Royersford Lightkep Hearts Desire Rolling Rock) Triple SSS Alan Spence Paddy McCarthy Triple Steppin' Home Phyllis I Want To Walk You Home Paulantonio Triple This & John & Bonnie Country Til I Die Triple That Newcomer Little Red Ridinghood Blue Finger Lou Triple Threat Michael Barr Triple Threat Triple Trick Jorma Leitzinger Call Me Pretend Teardrops Will Fall Another Perfect Day Triple 12 Unavailable Honky Tonk Attitude Triple Up John Rowell Up! Triple X Patricia Soran Holiday Get Over You Lovin' Is Easy Hot In Herre Triplerock Alan Robinson Another Chance At Love Turnaround Hello, She Lied Triples Sandy Jones Never Giving Up On Love Neon Moon As Long As I'm Rockin' Triples Barry Durand Heaven Trippin' Neville Fitzgerald Wait A Minute Trippin' Carolyn Robinson Wait A Minute Trippin' Up Sonny & Linda Foot Stomp Stomping Klemm Trolley Dolly Malcolm White & I Am What I Am Aunty Mo Tropical Breeze Chris Hodgson Straight Tequila I Can Help Tropical Colada Chris Hodgson Tropical Colada Tropical Depression Bill Ray Tropical Depression Mexican Minutes Tropical Dream Dawn Dennell Voila An American Dream Tequila Tells I Got Mexico Tropical Depression Island Time Tropical Love Megan Hume Tropical Love Oasis Tropical Moment Sue Gupwell Oasis Tropical Sway Raelene Brown Begin The Beguine My Heart Will Go On Tropicali Ian Dunn Tropicali Tropicana Cha Cha Daniel Whittaker Me And Maxine Bailando Hey Baby Copacabana Tropicana Knox Rhine Cupid's Got a Gun Chris Cross City Put the Country Back In Me Be My Baby Tonight Tropicana Parking Patrick W. Riley Third Rock From The Sun Lot You're Taking Too Long Fifty Fifty Love Take It Back Fast As You Go Away Tropicano Shirley Oasis Trot The Fox Hayley Kennedy Trot The Fox Troubador 9 Leigh Moss Make Her Fall In Love With Me Trouble Libby Allen Some Kind Of Trouble What Part Of No Trouble Angela Pinnington Trouble To Be With You I Should Know Trouble Ivonne Verhagen Trouble Is A Woman With A Man On Her Mind Trouble Free Norma Jean Fuller Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me Trouble In Paradise Julie Dowse Trouble In Paradise Trouble Is Scott Blevins Trouble Is Trouble Is A Woman Leonie Smallwood Trouble Is A Woman The Faint Of Heart Love Without A Doubt Trouble On The Line Barry Amato Ease My Troubled Mind Trouble Tonight Terry Dunbar Trouble Tonight Trouble Trouble Kathy Brown Can't Let Go Trouble With Angels Tony Cross Things I Cannot Change The Trouble Ross Carlin The Trouble With Love Is With Love Trouble With Love Is William Plain Trouble With Love Is Troubled Cindy Truelove Some Kinda Trouble Trouble Troubled Ty Barton T-R-O-U-B-L-E Troubled Mind Gordon Elliott Ease My Troubled Mind Troublemaker Will Craig Troublemaker Troubles I Helen Hargnett Two Pina Coladas Forgot 'Em Trough Creek Affair Michael Diven Family Affair Whenever, Wherever Strictly Business It Rocked Truck Drivin' Alan Spence Truck Drivin Song Trucker's Dance, The Angie Clements The Truck Driving Song Truckers Delight Barry Godfrey Truckin' Man Truckin' Justine I Refuse To Sing The Blues Shuttleworth Truckin' Jacqui & Will I'm Coming Through Clough Leaving True Believer Joe Lozano True Believer True Believer Peter Metelnick Believe True Blood Vikki Morris Bad Things True Blue Jo Thompson The Power of Love I'm Still Dancin' With You What Mattered Most Stay Forever True Blue Yvonne Hammond Don't Change Australia True Blue Jan Wyllie She's Not The Cheatin' Kind True Blue Irene Groundwater True Blue True Colors Scott Schrank True Colors True Country Lisa Foord & True Country Yvonne Hammond True Country Love Knox Rhine True Love Kick Ass Country True Friends Barbara Lowe Mildred Madalyn Johnson True Grit Alan Robinson The Salt In My Tears He's Your Problem Now I Want To Fall In Love (So Hard It Hurts) True Home Scott Schrank Home True Love Chris Shiells Valentine's Waltz True Love Neal Mifsud If I Never Stop Loving You True Love Ken & Jan True Love True Love Derek Robinson True Love 29 Nights True Love Charlotte Oulton True Love True Love William Sevone True Love I'll Go On Loving You A Soft Place To Fall Everytime True Love Terry Hogan You Still Do It For Me True Love Nigel & Barbara When I Said I Do Payne Waltz Of A Lifetime Captured (By Loves Melody) A True Love Mary Frances Chua What Is True Love? True Love Is Tony Wilson True Love Is A Golden Ring (A Golden Ring) True Love David Sinfield True Love Lasts Longer Love Me Just A Little Bit Longer Never Let Her Slip Away True Love Two Step Jo Thompson True Love Szymanski, Michael Barr & Michele Burton True Man Dynamite Dot Den Enda Sanna Mannen [The Only True Man] True To You Andrew Chalk Always True True 2 U Steve Mason So Young True To You Don't Go Out Tonight Twang Thang True 2 U The Girls (Maureen True To Your Love & Michelle) Truly Madly Deeply Karen Hunn Truly, Madly, Deeply Trundling Cowboy Zandra Varnham I'm A Cowboy Trust In Me Paul Farrugia Don't Be Stupid Trust Me Marilyn Griffin If You Had My Love Trust Me Robin Sin Can't Take My Eyes Off You Trust Me! Geri Morrison Vincero Trust Me A Little Gitte Vincero Kristoffersen Trust Yourself Sylvia Priestley Trust Yourself I Love You 'Cause I Want To Passionate Kisses Truth About Men, The Lotus Bailes That's The Truth About Men Try Bree Sarkies Born To Try Try Again Kate Sala & I'll Try Again Robbie McGowan Hickie Try It Sandy Flower Spirit In The Sky Don't Try That At Home Try It! Lynn Mackenzie Why Don't Cha Heartaches & Honky Tonks Made For Each Other Try Me! Liam Hrycan Try Me Again Try Me William Sevone Try Me Try This One Diana Dawson Girls Night Out Life Is Good Big River The Monster Mash/The Rogers Mash Try To Remember Maria Tao Try To Remember Trying To Get To You Judy McDonald Trying To Get To You Trying To Groove Kurt Glover Why Me Real Deal Tryin' To Matter Linda Burgess Tryin' To Matter Tsunami (Tidal Wave) Larry Bass It Must Be Love Go On Tu Amor Cherryl Tonner Tu Amor Tu Amor Michael W. Diven Tu Amor Tu Amor Esmeralda v.d. Pol Tu Amor Tu Compañia Rafel Corbí Tu Compañia Tu Es Fotu Jackie Jacotine Tu Es Fotu Every Time That You Walk In The Room Tub, The G Redpath Tellytubbies Say "Eh-Oh!" Tubthumper Joe Warren Tubthumping Forgiven Not Forgotten Tucker'd Out Alan G. Birchall You Just Watch Me Thump Factor Tucker's Lane Dianne Joseph Tucker's Lane Hillbilly Highway I Can't Dance Tucson Waltz Peter Heath Tucson Too Soon Leave Me A Picture Of You The Tuesday Blues The Beckton It's A Heartache Globe Girls Holla Keep On Dancing Tuesday's Cha Cha Donna Laurin Everything's Changed Keeping My Distance 26 Cents I'll Be Okay Tuesday's Strut Esella Thompson & Down To My Last Tear Drop Kathleen Burger When Love Starts Talkin' Tuff E'nuff Nancy A. Morgan Tuff Enuff Tuff E Nuff Charles Bowring Tuff E Nuff Tuff Enuff Larry Bass She's Tuff Just Between You & Me Tuff Stuff Judy McDonald Tuff E Nuff Tui's Dance Warren Fleming Wild Ones Tukwila Twist Knox Rhine Girls With Guitars The Twist Tulsa Hip Swing April Rywotycki Tulsa Shuffle Tulsa Moon Angie Shirley Tulsa Moon Tulsa Scoot Peter Donnely, Jr. White Lightning Tulsa Shuffle Linda Burrage & 40 Days And 40 Nights Denny Hengen Tulsa Shuffle Tulsa Shuffle Lorraine Shelton Don't Make Me Come To Tulsa Tulsa Shuffle Bobby Curtis The Tulsa Shuffle Tulsa Shuffle Nancy A. Morgan Tulsa Shuffle Hey Baby We Dare The Lightning Tulsa Shuffle Unknown Tulsa Shuffle The Tulsa Shuffle Johnny Montana The Tulsa Shuffle -Revisited The Tulsa Shuffle-Revisited Now That's Country Some Kinda Good Kinda Hold On Me Tulsa Slide Terry Hogan Don't Make Me Come To Tulsa Tulsa Swing Knox Rhine Swing Tulsa Time Calvin Cross Tulsa Time William Sevone Tulsa Time Swingin' The Bad Touch The Boys And Me Tulsa Time Tony Stanton Tulsa Time Tulsa Time Shirley S. Tulsa Time McCoy-Babcock Borderline I'm A One Woman Man Tulsa Time Toshio Suzuki Tulsa Time Take Me Back To Tulsa Tulsa Time Jan Wyllie Living On Tulsa Time Tulsa Time Mixer Ronnie Landolfi Skinny Little Girl Tulsa Tumbleweed Unknown Blame It On Your Heart Tumbleweed Unknown Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under Tumbleweed Unknown This One's Gonna Hurt You Thank God For You Leona Hey Baby Timber, I'm Falling In Love Oh Pretty Woman Tumbleweed Unknown High Hopes & Empty Pockets Cotton Eyed Joe Tumbleweed Unknown Tumbleweed Valerie Lee Summer Is Coming Kiss Me In The Car Tumbleweed Unknown Trying To Get To New Orleans Tumbleweed 2 Bill Bader Tumbleweed Red Lips, Blue Eyes, Little White Lies If It Will, It Will Why Haven't I Heard From You Tumbleweed 99 David Dickson Hot, Country & Single Tumblin' Down Michele Perron Tumblin' Down Tuned In Jan Wyllie Stay Tuned Tunnel Strut, The David Pytka Your Love Don't Take A Backseat To Nothing Tupelo Honey Barbara Mendelsohn Cotton County Queen Tura-Line Dance Bornita & Borne Kom Doe De Turbo Sixteen Step Unknown Dance Turbo Style Ray & Tina Yoeman Turbo Twang James Gregory & Turbo Twang Jean Garr Turbo Twang Jamie Marshall Turbo Twang Turbo Twang Max Perry & Turbo Twang Peter Metelnick Turkey Trot Mare Dodd Turkey In The Straw (Bluegrass Banjo Music) Turn About Peter Bishop Love On The Loose Heart On The Run Everytime I Get Around You Turn Around Jane Newhard Turn The Beat Around Cowboy's Sweetheart Turn Around Mark & Jan Caley Turn Around All Out Of Love That's My Story Red Lips, Blue Eyes, Little White Lies Cloud 8 Turn Around Michael Vera-Lobos Total Eclipse Of The Heart Turn Around Cowboy Sheila Still Billy B Bad Turn Around Time Linus Ellis & Live A Little Cherie Belle It's Always Something Harclerode Take A Letter Maria Turn Down The Lights Paul & Karla Turn Down The Lights Dornstedt Turn 'Em Down Jan Wyllie Turn It Around Liam Hrycan Turn The Beat Around Turn It On Ed White If You Had My Love Go To Pieces Desperate Man Lets Get Loud Turn It Up Larry Bass You Win My Love I Got A Love Turn It Up! Tracey McIntosh Rockin' The Country Turn It Up Paul O'Connor & Play That Song Dianne Ferrington Turn It Up John Dembiec Ladies Love Country Boys Turn It Up Ria Vos Turn It Up Turn Me Around June Hulcombe & Like You Always Could Do Barb Willshire Turn Me Loose! Peter Metelnick The Jock Jam Fire To The Devil Hard On The Ticker You Turn Me On Living In A Bullseye Turn Me Loose! Cathy Falconer & Lot Of Leavin' Left To Do Danita Dohmer Honky Tonk Badonkadonk Turn Me Loose Simon Ward Turn Me Loose Turn Me On Sheri Gay The Shake Rattlesnake Shake Turn Me On Lynn Dodge You Turn Me On Hard On The Ticker Super Love Turn Me On Ian Dunn & She Thinks My Tractors Sexy Gai Davies Turn Me On Mark Cook You Turn Me On Precious Time Turn Me On Vivienne Scott Sexbomb Man! I Feel Like A Woman Turn Of A Card Nancy A. Cry Myself To Sleep Morgan-Fletcher Turn Off The Lights Jo & John Kinser Turn Off The Lights Turn On, A Judy Cain San Antonio Girl A Turn On The Tessa Lane Wild Horses Dance Floor Bop Bop Baby Liquid Dreams All My Love For Christmas Turn On The Radio Bertha Arseneau Turn On The Radio Turn On To Country Peter Metelnick I'm From The Country Turn The Beat Around Unknown Turn The Beat Around Turn The Earth Bob Watters Bury The Shovel Turn To Me Lynn Stokoe Le Click: Tonight Is The Night Turn To Me Warren Mitchell Turn To Me & Paul Snooke Turn, Turn, Turn Rick & Deborah Double Trouble Bates I'm From The Country You're Too Good Lookin' Turn 2 Me Andrew, Simon Turn To Me & Sheila Turn Up The Heat Zandra Varnham Summer Of Love Turn Up The Heat Anne Herd For Your Entertainment Turn Up The Rhythm Neil Hale Put Your Heart Into It Turn You On Joe Steele What Turns You On Turn Your Neville Fitzgerald Turn Your Love Around Love Around Turnabout Max King Wink You Win My Love Turnaround Denise Bartle Blue Rodeo My Maria My Girl Turnaround Paul J Badrick Brown Eyed Girl In The Summertime Turnaround Sandra Speck Total Eclipse Of The Heart (With Westlife) Turnaround Cha Cha Lana Harvey Live, Laugh, Love Turned On David Cheshire I Left Something Turned On At Home Turned On Kathy Dressel I Left Something Turned On At Home Fresh Coat Of Paint Turned On Joyce Howard I Left Something Turned On At Home Turner, The Margaret I Hope You Want Me Too Transmeier To Be With You To Have You Back Again Dance The Night Away Turning Raymond Sarlemijn Turning Over New Leaves & Daniel Trepat Turning Away Alison Carrington Turning Away Turning Away Philip Masters Turning Away From Love From Love Turnin' Cowboy Tiffany & Honky Tonk Mona Lisa Kimberley Tangled Up In Texas Sculthorpe Turnin' Me On Michael Thompson The Way You Make Me Feel Turning Point Ann Spano Turn Me Loose Ain't That Love Turning Point Christy Stevenson Whenever Wherever Turning 60 Birgit og Laila Third Rate Romance Kjerside Turnin' 30 Hope Bigelow Turning Top Unknown She's In Love With The Boy Turning Up The Heat Peter Metelnick Spin Turnstile Scott C. Hucks Gimme Some Love Tush Pepper Siquieros Tush Tush Push Jim Ferrazzano Boot Scootin' Boogie Tutti Frutti Sharon Davies Tutti Frutti Tuxedo Blue Ben Summerell A Little Bluer Than That Twain Twax Silke Henke Any Man of Mine Twang Dust Dancing L.D.C Twang Town Twang Town Jennifer & Twang Town Kevin Day, Shanon Dickson Tweedle Dee Sobrielo Philip Tweedle Dee Gene Tweet, Tweet, Tweet! Jo Thompson Rockin' Robin 12 Bar Blues Timothy Regester 12 Bar Blues 12 Ounces Junior Willis One Beer Away From Loving You 12 Street Rag Don C. Lamb 12 Street Rag Happy Sounds Calahan Truck Stop Tennessee Saturday Night 12th Street Rag Unknown 12th Street Rag 12th Street Rag Unknown (American) 20th Century Glide Judy Festa Love Train 24 Carat Cha Cha Michele Perron I Can See Clearly Now Up On The Roof Blue Rodeo California Girls Feel Free 24 Hours Of Shirley Barnett It's Love Baby The Day Blues Stay Away From Me Heaven Bound Ain't Slept In Our Bed 24/7 William Sevone I Will Always Love You Loving Arms How Do I Live 24-7 Kinda Love James O. Kellerman Nickajack When Love Starts Talking She's The Kinda Trouble Honky Tonk Truth Twenty Four Seven David Mee 24-7-365 Twenty-Five Miles Doug Kirsch Twenty-Five Miles 29 Nights Michael John Sr & 29 Nights Michael John Jr Duelling Banjos Please Release Me Twenty Questions Trish Davies Help Pour Out The Rain (Lacey's Song) 20 Seconds John H. Robinson Crawlin' Again One & Only Twenty Thousand Susan Amacker Return Of The Grievous Angel Roads Twice Tracey D'Angelo Two Times Twice Nude Roy Greene Nude Bootscootin' One Way Ticket Ten Feet Tall And Bulletproof Everytime My Heart Calls Your Name Do I Ever Cross Your Mind Twice The Deal Brita Walker Better Think Twice Twilight William Sevone Twilight Time Twilight 2 William Sevone La Hora del Crepusculo (Twilight Time) Twilight Waltz Knox Rhine I'd Rather Miss You The Best I Can Say Twilight Waltz Jim & Judy Wells All In My Heart Stars Over Texas Twilight Zone Robyn Menerey When I Sleep With You Twinkle In Your Eyes Kitty de Brouwer From A Jack To A King TwinkleToes Barbara Lowe Edelweiss Twist, The Richard Munden The Twist The Twist Nancy A. The Twist Morgan-Fletcher The Twist Unknown The Twist Twist & Kick Barbara Stocks Cut Me Off Twist & Shout Jenny Rockett Down At The Twist & Shout Twist And Shout Unknown Down At The Twist And Shout Twist & Shout Kirsteen Warren Down At The Twist & Shout Twist And Shout Jan Barrus Twist And Shout Twist And Shout Crime Of The Century Twist And Shout Unknown Down At The Twist And Shout (Variation) Twist And Shout Jan Barrus Twist And Shout (2010) Twist And Shout Twist & Slide Bill Strong Cowboy Cadillac Twist-Em Jo Thompson The Twist Twisting The Night Away Twist 'N' Stomp Vicki Rader Twist And Shout The Twist The House Is A-Rockin' Twist Of Fate Tim Gauci Ain't It Funny Twist Of Line Barry Amato Rodeo Man Cold Outside Twist With The Roy Verdonk & The Twist Fat Boys Wil Bos Twisted Guyton Mundy & I Don't Know What You Came To Do Carey Parson Twisted Sally Graham Twisted Twisted Love Michael Vera-Lobos Love Has Finally Found Its Way To You Twister Elicia Roberts Wildman T-R-O-U-B-L-E Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain Twister, The Robert Hocking Excuses & Lies If You Want To Touch Her Brain In A Jar Don't Be Stupid What If I Do Twister Terry Hogan Doin' Hard Time In The Doghouse Twister Alley Unknown Dance Twistin' Steve Lescarbeau The Twist Twistinatcha! Liam Hrycan He Just Wants To Cha Cha Twistin' The Line Charles Thornhill Perfect Love Loveburst Twistin' The Truth Pollie Evans Me Too Hillbilly Rap The Shake Honky Tonk Truth Twisting Country Debra Guard Twisting The Max Perry Twisting The Night Away Night Away Twitter Shanthie De Mel Rockin' Robin 2 AM Malene Jakobsen 2 AM 2 AM Shuffle Dianne Bishop & Oh, Lonesome You Gloria Kirchner The City Put The Country Back In Me 2 1/2 Cha Ed Lawton & Something Stupid Charlotte Oulton Macari 2 As 1 Johnny S' As One All Shook Up Two Balls Of Sandy Kerrigan Fools Fall In Love Star Dust!! 2B Or Not 2B Stephen Rutter Maybe 2B With U Katharine Daley To Be With You Two Bottles Of Beer Gaye Teather Two Bottles Of Beer 2 Busy Phil Carpenter Too Busy Thinking About My Baby Playin' Every Honky Tonk In Town Two By Two Dianne Joseph All American Country Boy Two By Two Derek Robinson Somebody Like You Down At The Twist & Shout 2 X 4 Shuffle Kathy Brown Bring In Da Noise Just Got Paid Hurricane Come Here You Calling Baton Rouge 2X Trouble Guyton Mundy & Michele Perron Trouble 2CU Cry Peter Jones Love To See You Cry Two Chili Dogs Vicky McCulloch Two Chili Dogs Two Cool Sal Gonzalez & Hey Baby Donna Wasnick Two Country Bumps Sharon Peavler Why Haven't I Heard From You I've Got A Date What A Way To Go Two Country Twister Roy East Honky Tonk Man Two Crazy Feet Ramon Busqué Two Feet Of Topsoil First Love 2 Different Tears John Ng 2 Different Tears Two Dollars In Trish Davies Two Dollars In The Jukebox The Jukebox Two Doors Down Jakki Brady Two Doors Down 284 (UDC) Breakdown Chris Hookie Everything That You Want Blackberry Blossom Sold The Big One 2 FF Boogie, The April Rywotycki Baby Likes To Rock It Two Faces In A Moon Bill Larson Two Faces In A Texas Moon 2 Far Away Craig Griffiths Deeper Shade Of Blue Have Fun Go Mad Love And Affection 2-4-U Cindy Truelove All She Wants To Do Is Dance Ghost Riders Two In L.O.V.E. Bill Larson L.O.V.E. 2 Good Reasons Bill Pastorok Two Good Reasons 2 Good 2B True Andrew Palmer & Can't Take My Eye's Off You Simon J. Cox 2 Good 2 B Wrong Steve Knowles All Out Of Love 2 Happy Ingrind Kan TW Happy Hour Two Hearts Vicky McCulloch Buicks To The Moon Two Hearts Judith Campbell You Bring Out The Best In Me The Only Way I Know Cry To Me 2 Hearts Peter Metelnick Two Hearts 2 Hearts Shuffle Lyn Abbott In A Heartbeat My Heart Has A History 2 Hell And Back Rob Fowler If You're Going Through Hell 2 Hot Judy Rice Don't Be Stupid Nothing But The Taillights 2 Hot 2 Handle Peter Metelnick Are You Jimmy Ray Can't Keep My Hands Off You Ain't No Justice Something In The Water Go Deep 2 Hot 2 Sleep Gaye Teather Too Hot To Sleep I'm Ready For Love Too Much Candy For A Dime 2 In A Million Katie Bailey 2 In A Million Two In The Moon Bill Larson Two Faces In A Texas Moon Two Kewl Aiden Montgomery Save The Last Dance For Me Two Left Feet Ray & Gail Garvin Why Don't We Just Dance 2 Lonely Arms & Lips John Warnars Two Arms, Two Lips, Too Lonely, Too Long Two Margaritas John Dowling Two Margaritas Two Minute Waltz Bill Bader & What If I Said Goodbye Jan Wyllie Two Moons Jenny Rockett Two Moons By The Time I Get To Phoenix 2 Much DJ Dan & Wynette Too Much Blood In My Alcohol Level Miller 2 Much Fun Mark & Jan Caley Too Much Fun To Be Loved By You Nobody Knows Two Of A Kind Unknown Super Love Two Of A Kind Two Of A Kind Boot Breakers Two Of A Kind, Workin' On A Full House Two Of A Kind Phil Partridge Two Of A Kind, Workin' On A Full House Two Of A Kind Joanne Harris Two Of A Kind Workin' On A Full House Callin' Baton Rouge 2 Of Us Maggie Gallagher Ben Two Pina Coladas Veda Holder Two Pina Coladas (Two Scoops) Brown Clifford Angelias Helena Rice & Gravy (& Hold The Mac) Two Shades Of Blue Terry Hogan Two Shades Of Blue 2 Smooth 2 Move William Sevone Movin' On Back With A Heart I'm From The Country Two Song Break Judy Rice I Like It, I Love It You Don't Mess With Jim Too Much Fun Two Step Unknown Two Step Alone Joanne Brady & I'll Two Step Alone Gordon Elliott Two Step For Tony Bev Kerins You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone The Trouble With Love If The World Had A Front Porch Two Step Line Dance Unknown 2 Step Synco Pearl De Marco Blanket On The Ground Two-Step Too Joanne Brady Walk On By Louisiana Man Where's Hank Williams 2 Steppin' Again Max Perry Never Gonna Feel Like That Again Two-Steppin' Cato Larsen Two-Steppin' Around The Christmas Tree Christmas Two Stepping Honky Lesley Lawrence Honky Tonk, Two Stepping, Beer Drinking Satuday Night Tonk Stomp Two-Steppin' Jerry Cope Brother Jukebox Turnabout If The World Had A Front Porch Two Tear Drops Jan Wyllie & Two Tear Drops Michael Vera-Lobos Two Teardrops Barrie Godfrey Two Teardrops 2000 Fireman Jo Coleman/Kinser Heart's Desire & John Kinser That's My Story The Fireman 2000 Zero Zero Julie Arnett 1999 - The New Master Lola, Lola Be Bop A Lula That Don't Impress Me Much 2000-0-0 Party John & Bonnie 1999 Newcomer Back In Your Arms Again Hooked On Country 2001 Bill Bader Sold (The B.C Coaster) Two Time Trick Scott Blevins Trick Me Two Timer Tracey Lister You Don't Know Her Two Timer David Cheshire Who Did You Call Darling 2 Times Phil Carpenter 2 Times Playin' Every Honky Tonk In Town Party Zone 2 Times Ed Cunningham 2 Times Two Times Phil Barber 2 Times 2 Times Paul J Badrick 2 Times Two Times Peter Giam 2 Times Two Timing, Judith Campbell Two Steppin' Fool Two Steppin' Fool 2 To Party William Sevone It Takes Two Two Can Have A Party How Sweet It Is Heaven Must Have Sent You Something About You I Can't Help Myself 2 Way Cha Cha William Sevone How Do I Live She Just Started Likin' Cheatin' Songs To Tell The Truth Tell Me Why 2 Way Cha Cha William Sevone How Do I Live (Extended Version) She Just Started Likin' Cheatin' Songs Tell Me Why To Tell The Truth Two's Company Jan Brookfield The Two Of Us Two's Company Alan G. Birchall Tu Compañía Tymiester Larry Burnett You Ain't Much Fun Typical Karen Hedges Typical American Boy Hurricane Live Close By, Visit Often Tyre Tracks & Nicola McQuillan Tyre Tracks & Broken Hearts Broken Hearts Holding Out For A Hero

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