CLUB NAME               LOCATION       DAYS              TYPE

Brazos Valley Cloggers  Waco           Tuesday           Clogging
Central Texas Lonestars Temple         1st/3rd Thursday  MS/Plus
Comanche Flutterwheels	Brownwood      2nd Saturday      MS/Plus
Coryell County Squares  Gatesville     2nd/4th Thursday  
Double C's		Copperas Cove  2nd/4th Friday    MS/Plus
Easy Level Clogging	Waco	       Thursday          Clogging
Grand Squares/
Thunderbirds		Waco	       1st/3rd Saturday  MS/Plus
H.O.T. Camping Squares	Schedule       			 MS/Plus
H.O.T. Promenaders/
Square Eights           Waco	       2nd/4th Saturday  MS/Plus
Killeen Kickers		Killeen	       1st/3rd Friday    MS/Plus
Pecan Valley Swingers	Brownwood      3rd Saturday      MS/Plus
Recyclers		Brownwood      1st Saturday      MS/Plus
Salado Creekside        Salado         Wednesday         Clogging
Square Angels		Copperas Cove  2nd/4th Saturday  Plus
Texas Cut-A-Rounders	Killeen        Tuesday           Rounds
Waco Singles		Waco           1st/3rd Friday    MS/Plus

*This club also dances on 5th Thursdays

All information is unofficial. Information has been taken from the bi-monthly publication for the Heart of Texas Square and Round Dance Association, the Maverick.

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