TYPE: 4 Wall Line Dance
MUSIC: Ready To Fly by Richard Marx
	Time In A Bottle by Jim Croce
	Under Your Spell by Ana Victoria

1-3	Left step to left side, Right slide beside left, Right toe touch beside left

4-6	Right turn right, Left step beside right, Right step beside left

7-9	Left step forward, Right toe touch to right side, Hold

10-12	Right step forward, Pivot turn left, Right step forward

13-15	Left basic waltz step forward

16-18	Right basic waltz step back

19-21	Left cross twinkle

22-24	Right weave to left side

*********************************BEGIN AGAIN************************************

From: "Julie Cole" 

Reformatted for display on web site
Dancing Deep In the Heart of Texas
by Don & Patti Brown

Step sheet presentation copyright 2004 by Don & Patti Brown. All rights reserved. Copyright for the dance remains with the original choreographer. This step sheet may be copied, however, please retain all copyright credits.