CHOREOGRAPHER: Carol Dooley-Wilson
TYPE: 4 Wall Line Dance
MUSIC: Blue To The Bone by Sweethearts Of The Rodeo
	Let The Heartache Ride by Restless Heart
	Cumberland Road by Shenandoah

1	Right heel front
2	Feet together
3	Left heel front
4	Feet together
5	Right heel front, tap
6	Right toe back, tap
7	Right heel front
8	Touch together
9	Right heel front
10	Right toe to right side
11	Cross right foot behind left
12	Step down on right foot
13	Step down on left
14	Step down on right
15&16	Back, ball, change Right, Left, Right
17	Left heel front
18	Feet together
19	Right heel front
20	Feet together
21	Left heel front, tap
22	Left toe back, tap
23	Left heel front
24	Touch together
25	Left heel front
26	Left toe to left side
27	Cross left foot behind right
28	Step down on left foot
29	Step down on right
30	Step down on left
31&32	Back, ball, change Left, Right, Left
33	Right heel front
34	Hook over left knee
35	Right heel front
36	Touch together
37-39	Grapevine right (Right, Left, Right)
40	Stomp on left foot
41	Left heel front
42	Hook over right knee
43	Left heel front
44	Touch together
45-47	Grapevine left (Left, Right, Left)
48	Stomp on right foot
49	Step front with right foot
50	Pivot 1/2 turn to the left
51	Step front with right foot
52	Pivot 1/4 turn to the left
	(feet are apart)
53-54	Hips to the right (count 1,2)
55-56	Hips to the left (count 1,2)
57	Rock back on right foot
58	Step forward on left foot
59	Slide right foot forward
60	Slide left foot up behind right
61	Slide right foot forward
62	Slide left foot up behind right
63	Slide right foot forward
64	Bring left foot up beside right and stomp on Left
65	Heels right (pivot on balls of feet)
66	Heels center
67	Heels left
68	Heels center

Reformatted for display on web site
Dancing Deep In the Heart of Texas
by Don & Patti Brown

Step sheet presentation copyright 1997 by Don & Patti Brown. All rights reserved. Copyright for the dance remains with the original choreographer. This step sheet may be copied, however, please retain all copyright credits.