CHOREOGRAPHER: Stewart Gimson AIDTA March 98
TYPE: 2 Wall Line Dance
MUSIC: To Be With You by The Mavericks

1	Left foot cross over right
2	Unwind 1/2 turn right
3&4	Left cha cha cha

5	Right foot cross over left
6	Unwind 1/2 turn left
7&8	Right cha cha cha

9	Left foot step forward
10	Right foot step forward
11&12	Left cha cha cha

13	Right foot step forward
14	Pivot 1/2 turn left
15&16	Right cha cha cha

17	Left foot cross over right
18	Unwind 1/2 turn right
19&20	Left cha cha cha

21	Right foot cross over left
22	Unwind 1/2 turn left
23&24	Right cha cha cha

25	Left foot step forward
26	Right foot step forward
27&28	Left cha cha cha

29	Right foot step forward
30	Pivot 1/2 turn left
31&32	Right cha cha cha

33-35	Left vine
36	End with a touch

37-40	Right monterey turn

41-43	Left vine
44	End with a touch

45-48	Right monterey turn

49	Left foot step forward
50	Pivot 1/4 turn right
51&52	Left cha cha cha
53	Right foot step forward
54	Pivot 1/2 turn left
55&56	Right cha cha cha

57	Left foot step forward
58	Pivot 1/4 turn right
59&60	Left cha cha cha
61	Right foot step forward
62	Pivot 1/2 turn left
63&64	Right cha cha cha


Karen Sturmey & Anita Charles Qualified Instructors BWDA

Prepared by Anita Charles QBWDA (Sheet approved by choreographer)
From:	trotters.wd@diamond.co.uk (karen sturmey)

Reformatted for display on web site
Dancing Deep In the Heart of Texas
by Don & Patti Brown

Step sheet presentation copyright 1997 by Don & Patti Brown. All rights reserved. Copyright for the dance remains with the original choreographer. This step sheet may be copied, however, please retain all copyright credits.